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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 9, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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i'm shepard smith. what that, criminal? we're waiting for chris christie. i forget. here comes cavuto. >> i come out here today to apologize to the people of new jersey. i am embarrassed and humiliated by the conduct of some of the people on my team. i've taken the following actions as a result. this morning i terminated the employment of bridget kelly, effective immediately. i terminated her employment because she lied to me. ultimately, i am responsible for what happens under my watch. >> okay, well, honk if you can hear a political heartbeat. a governor under fire. his presidential dreams may be up in smoke. today, fox on top of the left
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and the right trying to bring one chris christie down. welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. talk about a bridge over troubled water. chris christie stuck on expect so far no clear sign yet he can get off it. months after a traffic mess, it is clear his closest aides triggered in a political tit-for-tat, as much as the new jersey governor wants to put this to rest, that is not that. not judging from the enormous media attention this is getting. >> chris christie in crisis. calls for the feds to step in. >> firestorm brewing around new jersey governor christie. the focus is the george washington bridge. >> will a traffic jam derail chris christie's white house hopes. >> scandal surrounding 0 chris christie. >> that it was political retribution. >> and now talk of maybe federal indictments. >> some federal laws broken were the bridge act, state laws. >> at the center of it all, the
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man some called republicans' best hope, a tough-talking new jersey governor known for getting in people's faces. all that could be up in the air today and we're all overred today and why the main treatstream media seems suddenly to interested in this and only this today, and why north, surprisingly, the left is so darn giddy today. >> underhanded trickery and vengeance taking. >> a bully, mean spirited. >> hard to imagine he didn't know. >> why would they want somebody like that at president. >> why some on the far right are giddier. >> the point of the story -- this is payback you don't give him what he wants, he'll pay you back. >> christie will learn a lesson here that the rinos have not come to his defense. >> why he argues self-inflicted
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wound does not always kill. just ask. bill clinton. or richard nixon. or ronald reagan? each side, all sides, beginning with the, how did chris christie handle this opening day nearly two hour long press conference? who better to ask than our own bret. he handled all the questions. how did he do? >> almost running out of questions. it was 108 minutes for this press conference, and from a lot of accounts, left and right, they give him good marks for being conciliatory, apologetic, using the right tone, and the right tenor; there are still a lot of questions, and there are probably going to be other elements to this story. it is one of those stories that is probably going to have a lot of legs. you have talk about all of the coverage it's received so far. one of his aides pled the fifth,
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took the fifth today. in testimony up there in new jersey. you have a number of different investigations that are still going on. and whilewhile the governor insists he didn't know about it, there's still the possible aspect that there is something about the culture that his staff thought this was the right thing to do, and that's what he wanted. so, there will be a lot more to this. he did himself probably well answering all of the questions the way he did and firing the one aide immediately on the first day. >> the question then comes up, besides firing bridget anne kelly, the woman at the heard of this, that everything he had to say was truthful so he doesn't get in hot water later on. how likely is that or does this drag on and the longer it drags on, it does upset his second-term agenda, at least at the outset, and that doesn't help his cause. >> it doesn't.
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and remember, this whole thing was about democratic mayors in new jersey signing up to endorse his re-election campaign. that is what the e-mails were about. a democratic mayor in fort lee who didn't enforce him for re-election. so this image about bipartisan and reaching across and the national campaign perspective that would get broken a bit if it comes out that this is the kind of culture inside the governor's office that he allowed to sit in. he is doing a lot of things. going to fort lee, doing an apology tour. he is trying to reach out. but again, neil, as you know, these things could have many different elements and other e-mails and other people could testify. one good thing for the governor there was news from "the new york times" that the daughter of the 91-year-old woman apparently from fort lee, who died the day
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of the major traffic jam, is saying that it likely was not the inability of the ambulance to reach her mother's house as a factor in her death. but there are many factors to this and probably lawsuits to come. >> we'll see. as bret pointed out, the governor is due in fort lee in any second. he wants to meet with the city's mayor, and as well also the residents there and personally apologize. >> for those counting chris christie out, let's say watch out. and remember this... >> listen to me. i'm going to say this again. i did not have sexual relations with that woman. miss lewinski. i never told anybody to lie. not a single time. never. >> here's the thing in politics. you can be down and out one days' back on top the next, from barack obama suppose led dime
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after reverend wright, and nixon doa against jfk. andlash says it's too soon to get misty for christie. many are in the middle of the pileon saying it's going drag on and on and be such a distraction it will affect it. >> i'll be honest, last night i was very critical and suspicious and doubtful that christie could go forward with the presidential campaign. i watched every minute of that press conference. i thought it was an impressive performance, and as long as everything he said is true, he'll be fine. every candidate has distractions. every candidate has scandals of one sort or another. but you pointed to clinton and the white house. of course he was lying when he said -- i think a better example, even in 1992, go back to his campaign in 18992. i lost count of the scandals.
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from jennifer flowers to the military draft, and who got nominated and who got a selected president in 1992? if the circumstances are right it will happen. if they're not. it won't. but it's two years away. >> governor christie has arrived in fort lee, new jersey, where george washington bridge goes to, and one aide what been fired and one displaced from trying to get on the national governor's association. at the end of this where do you see this going? >> a lot more pieces to it but this is very smart. i've never seen an apology tour all in one day. you want to collapse it. you want to collapse it. you want to get it over with as soon as possible. how many politicians have fallen because of drip, drip, drip. a little more new information
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every day, damaging information the next week. this is the way to do it, assuming he told the truth. >> larry, thank you very much. well, governor christie says he has not started thinking about 2016. but those big money donors are. do you think it gives them pause? not that they take money away but maybe don't open the wallets up. >> they'll hold back and probably be some polling. i imagine some folks that were getting ready to write checks will hold off. it's interesting. talking about the media who are harder on him, not looking at obama with benghazi and obamacare and "fast & furious" and on and on. they're focused on that. we know the democrats are going to be against christie on this and many republicans on the right well be as well. the most important group for governor christie are the independents. independents are independents for a reason. they don't like republicans and they don't like democrats, they
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don't like politicians and it is just this sort of thing they hate politician, but you look at open primary state, 17 are independent, and democrats may come in and vote in a republican primary. those are the people that he would need if he hopes to have a shot at the nomination. so that this big wild card right now. >> i heard someone say today dish watched the entire press conference -- that he was trying to stop the freefall, the view he was doomed and -- one newspaper in the local area said has to resign. all over the top. did he do that? did he arrest the fall? >> i think so. if there are any more shoes to drop, that's why. he laid it all out. so there won't by that drip, drip-drip. going to have a rough day or two but is doing the apology tour today. he is getting it all done.
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gorging -- >> going to fort lee. the sort of -- the odd thing is if you're going over the george washington bridge to get to new york out of number, you're not necessarily from fort lee so some folks were affected but if you were caught in the traffic, you were affected, but it does come back to how hands-on a leader he is if he didn't know this was going on. this is familiar rap against republicans and democrats when a scandal pops up. how legitimate is that and how much concern do donors have over that? >> it's hard to say how legitimate it is. it happens. he did take care of it. he is not defending this people or moving them into a different job. he got rid of them. he is cite sized for using the work i a lot. today he used it in the right way, i am responsible, i'm the one going to solve this and take care of things, and i think that
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donors will look that. independent voters will like that as well. >> thank you very, very much. in in the meantime, clearly governor christie's team things the big guy put this thing behind him. later this hour two legal eagles are here to say not so fast. what he said about the folks he fired that could come back to burn him. the other scandal that is going down, and has a lot of folks targeted by the internal revenue service, really fired up. yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands?
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the republicans are sick. the justice department is having an obama supporter to lead the criminal probe into the irs targeting of conservatives. to the "washington times," steve ven dine unanimous, who broke the story. who is this person. >> barbara boxerman, career lawyer for the justice department and her record show
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she corrected $6,000 in the last two presidential campaigns to president obama, and as you said, this has republican investigators, who have been trying to find out about this fbi investigation, they finally -- had to do a lot of digging to come up with the name of bosserman as the lead of this investigation, and they're furious. they can't believe the justice department would put somebody who is an avowed obama supporter in charge of an investigation where the president and his actions and the actions of an administration are at stake and under investigation. >> you know what's kind of weird, steve, the justice department was asked to comment. they said we don't look at political afailation, but the whole scandal is about targeting political groups so me thinks that should come up in the selection process to make sure this person, whoever it is, will be as apolitical as possible. >> a couple of options. one is that the justice -- i can understand him that saying we can't go out and say you're an obama supporter and we can't have you, but they could say, do
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you think you're qualified for this? is there anything no your history that means maybe you shouldn't do this? let the person re accuse him or herself. so it's really touchy situation. a reason why the president said, i want my justice department to investigate this. that's the sort of thing where you think they'd take extra steps to make sure the investigation was as clean as possible. the main problem is whatever the investigation comes up with -- so far eight months in and we haven't seen anything -- whatever they come come up with, the republicans are saying it's tainted even before we see any conclusions. >> amazing, thank you very much. great reporting at all. we're going to be looking at this as fallout from all of this. what if i toldow obamacare is have nothing real effect on hiring. that's coming up. someone whose group is affected by this decision today. represents a lot of these groups that have been the target of the
1:18 pm
irs and i guess on looking at this, now probably is less cooperative, not quite so keen to be cooperative an investigation? what? >> well, neil, it's good to be with you again. happy new year. this is a thing your viewers have to understand. this thing has a life of its own. it's been since may 13 enemy when president obama said he was outraginged and would hold accountable anybody who antibioticked in anything but a neutral or nonpartisan way. so a highly political precision, they put a party hack in charge of it. >> she's not a hack. a lot of presidential appoint es like the person who is appointing them. that isn't flying with you. would you be cooperative or your people will be cooperative with this investigation if you feel that the really the fox in charge of the hen house?
1:19 pm
>> she may not be a party hack but it doesn't make sense they go not just to the justice department to find this person but appoint an attorney in the civil rights division, which is one of the most politicized parts of the justice department. when jim jordan was asking mueller who was in charge of the investigation, he didn't know. we thought it was this guy. we thought he was in charge of the investigation, because for eight months he couldn't find me, neil. you finally called me -- call neil cavuto. >> i talked to these groups saying -- by -- one of the things they keep telling me is their phone has not been ringing. they have not gotten calls or even inquiries or mailings or e-mails about what they knew and when they knew and it who was targeting them and asking them questions. me thinks this might all be a charade. >> neil, that's exactly the
1:20 pm
point. the yellow tape on this crime scene is so old it's turn to dust. there's no action and so the only action you see is what? the treasury department coming out with new ideas for rules to just basically institutionalize what the irs did to us illegal illegally. they're not trying to fix it. they're trying to cover it up. and this next step witch grossman, and i'm supposed to expect i'll get justice? when you send a guy to the justice department and chisel in "no justice." >> or bring the clues cluso picture which is funny. >> you have heard all of this bemoaning about obamacare and it's costing businesses. but quite the opposite. our charles payne was looking at this study and say, are you kidding me? charles had a few more
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>> apparently we're told no obama scare for jobs because if this report is right, the president's healthcare law is having very little impact on hiring. they're hiring anyway. charles payne is not buying this, but rick is saying -- why don't you believe this? >> eight% it wouldn't have any impact on hiring, and four percent said no part-time. they're reluctant to say this. nothing yet but we're looking. about a year ago and everybody said this is going to impact us, they got hit hard. the public relations was a disaster. bus this -- >> they're responding as a group >> as a gruesome here's the
1:25 pm
thing found more troublesome. the same survey, 60% say they have either raised or will bev raising employees financial responsibility for these kansass. 13's have already reduced earnings estimates because of the healthcare act and this out of the gate. >> i think charles could be right about the eight percent number being wrong but in the wrong direction. there's an old saying about pbs. take a survey of people do you watch pbs? they say, yes i do, but if everybody who -- they think it makes them smart. if everybody who said they watched pbs really watched it -- >> have you been in fargo, north dakota? >> absolutely. >> never been to fargo. >> everybody here -- they're giving you the answer they think they should give. actually that 13% figure was huge. >> what they're collectively saying as a group -- as a group -- these are the finance guys. they crunch the numbers and they go to the boss and say here's what we can and can't do they're
1:26 pm
saying as a group, we feel inclined to still hire, we think we can still hire, and they must see the head winds of the law. you're saying it's not -- >> i'm not saying it's as much as a head win. >> we know that right out of the gate it's a head win. >> i'm telling you. >> also survey last among by duke university in cfo mowing, and 44% they were contemplating cut in coverage. all of these guys are taking different aim. a lot of these businesses, the public relations fiasco of saying we're going to put everybody on part-time. whether it was a restaurant or papa john's are o or whatever bit the people who run the companies will pay significantly, either -- >> i'm thinking if they know that with this healthcare law their costs could go down because their going to shovel it off to their workers, a cruel
1:27 pm
and dalous. >> i loved the way charles said cfo magazine. he must read. i. >> fargo is number one. >> ever seen his reading pile when he comes in? it's scary. >> i don't knoll how he would have time. he's on every single show on this network. if you're looking for ways to cut cost, what business isn't, what great thing to do? use obamacare as the excuse to push more of the healthcare cos on to employees. watch -- >> these guys have way out now if they can throw this on an exchange or neglect but what they're paying are -- or anything but what they're paying for and throw higher deductibles on workers, what would stop them from hiring? of course. i got you there. >> he is on my side. >> i'm -- >> one of the first thing that popped. it would make sense to push a worker on there, take a small
1:28 pm
fine, as opposed to paying 13,000 a year. but that gets back to the heart of the law. most people end up with something a lot -- >> but they're not doing it. why? >> they are doing it. >> they're not. >> job numbers come out, watch the part-time component. going to be huge. >> the part-time component -- >> people coming back, -- not to change the subject but participation will go up in the jobs unemployment number will go up. >> the part-time component has been huge, but everybody leaves out the next level, the majority of the part-time jobs are people want to work part-time. >> another top rick we should hit some day. -- another topic we should hit some day. [laughter] >> he's good. governor christie let -- by the way, supposed to speak in fort lee, new jersey, any moment now.
1:29 pm
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chris christie is meeting with the mayor of fort lee, new jersey, trying to mend fences. he arrived a short time ago after giving a two-hour press
1:33 pm
conference. has to be a record long press conference for a politician under political duress, but he came to personally apologize to the people of fort lee, new jersey, over this political snafu and wants to apologize to the mayor, mark sokolich. one attorney says wants something else that was tucked in that press conference today. a diatribe against the focus of this, the woman the governor asked to resign, his top assistant, bridget anne kelly. look at this. >> i am stunned. by the abject stupidity. sometimes people are a mistake hire. if you ask for something and someone deceives you and tells you it doesn't exist, what's the followup. are you sure? yes. you searched your e-mails?
1:34 pm
yes. >> you don't have anything? no. bridget kelly was fired. there's no justification for ever lying to a governor. lying to me is not an exhibition of loyalty and i'm, quite frankly, not interested in the explanation at the moment. i was lied to, and for that she has been terminated. >> whatever your views on the subject, picture being bridget kelly and appearing before the state assembly in an investigation going on right now, and you're asked to talk about this, and you have heard what the governor said about you, what do you do? we have some lawyers here. michelle, look at what was said. you are bridget kelly. then what? >> then i'm looking for a way to restore my now itch peopled -- impeached character and correct. >> so go after him. >> yes. >> might he rule the day? >> i think that's a risk, but the problem is, what else is he
1:35 pm
going to do? i think this really his only move. he has to distance himself from the problem and point a finger at somebody and do it in a way that is unequivocal. >> she is now emboldened to point fingers to involve more people. you humiliated me on national tv. >> always a temptation for someone who is blamed, but i have to think in this situation, if i'm bridget kelly, i'm not going against chris christie, he's the governor, very popular, probably going to run for governor. >> you're feeding the argument he is a bully. >> according to him, he is not a bully. >> what do you think happens? legally, those who have been attacked and the port authority official was forced out, these are people whose names are going
1:36 pm
to become common and familiar, those who follow this, and they're angry, aren't they? >> the people who are being opinioned at? >> right. >> yes, they are. honestly i was impressed with the press conference. he came across as almost sympathetic. almost sympathize with -- >> i think he did a great job. >> fantastic job. >> but the question is -- >> strategically -- >> and if everything he said is truthful and we'll make the assumption it is, well, it -- it could come back to hurt him if there's lighter involvement. >> i would have liked him to have taken a little heat, at least to say, this is my staff. i should have known. i'm a micromanager. >> he said he wasn't. >> he likens himself as an every man. i do a job like everybody else and these are my people and i should have known what was going on. >> he did say that the difference between admitting you screwed something up and being
1:37 pm
liable -- >> i think in this case it's really kind of a fantasy on the part of the bridget kellies to say, and now i'm going to have my day in court and when i testify i'm going to say it was really his problem. there's a good chance that the best that they are going to come up with, the best his staff can come up with is saying, the eh created an atmosphere that made me think it was a good idea to do this. >> causeing traffic to slow -- is it like iran-contra? >> he didn't -- we don't know if it was a lie. honestly, that whole, she lied to me, she lied to me, i hope that he didn't know because the worst thing that can happen right now is somebody point out that he is a liar. that's really what we get angry at politicians for. >> let's assume he was not and he was honest. you think when she testifies,
1:38 pm
when that day comes -- the other guy was pleading the fifth all day today -- does this escalate because of the target? >> i think it could. i think he is lucky this didn't happen in new york, because intentional traffic -- that's like a sin. that's something that matters to people in a way that watergate did not -- >> doesn't know about intentional traffic? >> as a result -- >> the daughter of that grandmother said, no. >> it wasn't because of the traffic. >> she was going going to die a. >> you're already filing a lawsuit and you were wrong. ladies, we'll watch closely. we're still watching fort lee, and if he comes out -- they're having coffee. have 4,000 facebook friends? just free advice. bet old warren buffett is one of them. than its german competitors. and that is the moment that driving the lexus gs
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>> point, click, deny. take a minute about what your
1:42 pm
share on facebook, twitter, linksin. companies are looking at that information before they loan you cash. lizzy is on it. >> yes. you have 4,000 friends on facebook, good luck getting a loan, lenders are increasingly using social media web sites to determine whether to give loans to potential borrowers and that's raise something red flag. facebook, twitter, linkedin, you name it, lenders, specially those that make loan to smaller individuals -- are combing the web site to spot possible credit concerns. a borrower posting about getting fired can now make a lender think twice. lender ares are looking at the number of likes a borrower has to determine whether to lend money because you're weighing the borrower's, quote, community
1:43 pm
ties, and critics are saying borrowers could be'emized and that federal laws are hip the types because leners do not have to disclose to borrowers that they're giving this information. that is giving borrowers little recourse. so far the consumer protection bureau says it is aware of this trend. >> in the meantime, who says housing is stumbling? mortgage applications, at least in the latest week, edging up 2.6. mortgage rates holding steady at historically low levels. reason why this realtor says, stop the gloom and doom talk. there's this notion that with the uptick in rates, going to be a slow down in people buying homes because they can't. >> i think there will be a slowdown. actually as a matter of fact, last year, recovery happened much faster than anticipated and wouldn't be health if it kept
1:44 pm
that up four 2014. what this mortgage application rates are telling us there there's people that want to participate in the housing market. as property values increase, they can refinance, and talk to people trying to buy a house. there's three buyers for every home, and there's bidding wars galore. >> bidding wars and -- all of the prices would be skyrocketing, and then at best they're inching up. >> well, that's not necessarily true, neil. if we look at it on a regional basis you have areas like vegas, california, phoenix, florida, that experienced a real overcorrection, and in the last year they gained back 30% plus in value. >> what do you see happening this year? >> well, the big issue in 2013 was scarcity, one to two months
1:45 pm
inventory. that drove prices up in 2014 we'll see that level out to a six-month supply. won't be such a seller's market and we should see prices increase 59% annually. that is a decent real estate market. >> you know, perspective is everything. and a lot of people get antsy when they see rates move up but they're still very, very low historically. >> they are. we talked about this. reminisced about the early '80s when you and could your wife were buying four your first home. we'll see into routes about 3%. >> that what i say. >> these kids today, they're going to -- kendra, you're the best. thank you very much. she is uncannily prescient on these trend. >> think the obamacare chaos and confusion is over? i want you to meet the doctor who is calling 9-1-1.
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. .
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1:49 pm
all right. governor christie just emerging from that meeting with the mayor of fort lee, using today as an opportunity to apologize to residents of fort lee, even though way beyond residents of fort lee were affected by the traffic snafu when in a political tit-for-tat whole lanes were shut down that caused four or five hours delays. but in the end the governor permanently -- personally apologizing to the mayor of fort lee, and he feels badly about what happened, and courtesy of two-hour press conference today he hopes to put this to rest. just a few minutes ago, the
1:50 pm
governor meeting with the mayor of fort lee, and hoping to get this behind him and telling residents this will never happen again. >> okay. in the meantime. to hear the white house tell it obamacare's problems are over to hear a a doctor says he's getting rolled over in it quite the opposite. gastroenterologist joins us right now. doctor, what's happening because a lot of your patients, they have to go through reams of paperwork to get covered, and that puts you behind a rock and a hard place. what do you do? >> well, the only thing we can do is just try to assist the patients and provide care to them, so patients come to the office. they may not have coverage. we refer them to the website and try to assist them at this point. >> do you ever have to turn patients away, doctor? >> we do not. that has been our policy. we like to assist the patients.
1:51 pm
however, going forward i think that depending on how things unfold, this is something that different practices and institutions will look at, whether they are being reimbursed or not. >> so you don't know when you're waiting or online, regardless of how long it takes to get approval for a procedure, whether that person approves or not, you'll still follow the procedure, but it's of great financial risk to you, right? >> absolutely, neil. what's going on presently is we take care of the patients. in order to try to verify whether they had coverage or not is a large undertaking at this point, and so we can't spend hours on the phone whether or not they have coverage. we're treating these patients as they come in and providing the best possible care to them, hoping that we will get reimbursed from the future, but that's a question mark, as we submit claims over the next 30, 60, 90 days and we get some feedback, as everybody gets feedback.
1:52 pm
this process will evolve. >> the administration says problems like yours are overblown. what do you say? >> well, i think -- i think there's still uncertainty. there's patients that we see every day that we saw patients yesterday that still weren't sure of how to get to the website. we're giving them information about the website, and so today we saw several patients that had no insurance that we provide care for, so there's still a tremendous amount of anxiety and uncertainty. >> all right. doctor, i respect your patients and your generosity. thank you, sir. best of luck. >> thank you for having me. >> well, ladies and gentlemen, i want to welcome to the latest gate. can we make this the last gate. you decide whether it's time we just slam all these gates shut.n . open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan --
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well, don't look now, but i think we've got our latest gate. now, i don't know where this bridgegate as they are calling it swings. i do know it won't be swinging long before another gate starts swinging. that's the thing about these gates. ever since watergate they just keep, well, gating along. but at least watergate made sense because watergate was an actual place, it was a real place based on a break-in at the watergate complex in washington, d.c. all these other gates like watergate wannabe gates and i say it's got to stop. if for no other reason a lot of the gates don't roll off the tongue. remember irangate. when the media was looking into the reagan administration selling weapons to iran and diverting the proceeds to contra rebels in nicaragua, the crisis along the gate or monicagate, when it was exploring monica lewinsky and her relationship with a certain u.s. president
1:57 pm
and memogate when the media cass covering the media and a scandal over a forged memo about george w. bush's military record that ultimately cost dan rather his job, but sometimes i think these gates just get silly, like horsegate. horsegate, involving last year's meat scare in which horse meat was found in some frozen meat products, or selfiegate, last month's fixation over president obama's famous selfie at nelson mandela's funeral or porngate against the s.e.c., that they were too busy looking at porn instead of looking at bernie madoff. don't even get me started on the foreign gates, there's muldergate, or canada's p pastagate, a montreal restaurant
1:58 pm
cracking down on an italian restaurant that did not comply with quebec's language laws. what were those words, calamari and pasta. i kid you not. how about we close all the gate, not the scandals, the gates to which we attach the scandals. we instantly trivialize them when we do them, like soap operaizing them, when we throw the same suffix on all of them, failing to distinguish them and we in the media fail to distinguish ourselves. i think we can do better because there's a big difference between a governor's staff let's say creating a traffic jam or richard nixon creating something that resembles a constitutional jam. i say open up all these investigations but shut down the gates and let us only show the facts that swing from there. that will do it with today's "your world." speaking of the gates and what
1:59 pm
they are saying, look what's going on in fort lee, new jersey today. the latest gate has the governor of new jersey, a possible presidential candidate, trying to get this crisis behind him, meeting moments ago with the mayor of fort lee and saying hunky-dory. >> governor. >> hi, how are you? >> thank you. >> you're the best. you're the best. >> i adore you. >> again, this is the governor of new jersey in fort lee earlier today reaching out to those in fort lee affected by the lane closures and massive
2:00 pm
traffic jams but it went way beyond fort lee. if you go through the george washington bridge, that's the city you go through, but many others were affected. we're told that the governor's journey through fort lee has been slowed by traffic. >> thank you very much. >> that will do it. >> hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with bob beckel, dana perino and greg gut felled. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." in a news conference that lasted nearly two hours today new jersey governor chris christie moved quickly to crush the political firestorm brewing over a series of traffic jams last september that some of his aides may have engineered as retribution against the democratic mayor. first, there was an apology. >> i come out here today to apologize to the people of new jersey. i am embarrassed and humiliated by the


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