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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 9, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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christie slightly. he said he handled it as well as he could have. he lives to fight another day. do you agree? go to and let me know what you think. thank you for joining us everybody, i'm megyn kelly. see you tomorrow. governor chris christie accused of playing dirty politics in new jersey. >> i was told this was a traffic study. >> well, the debate on how the so-called scandal stacks up to hillary clinton's role in the benghazi cover-up. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> potential presidential candidate caught up in scandal. >> chris christie in crisis. >> a big problem for a man with big ambition. >> is this just a smoke screen to divert attention away from his new tell-all book about the president? our friends from the five drop by to respond. and this brutal knockout assault was more than harassment?
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and the white house spends your hard earned tax dollars on this global warming propaganda. >> the fact is no center can either prove or disprove the climate change. >> our great american panel tackles the most outrageous videos. >> transitional living fund. >> call these communities promise zones. >> and frank luntz goes into the framework of the lexicon of democrats. and the most outrageous examples of media bias. hint, chris matthews is on this week's list. "hannity" starts now. >> and in what they hoped would be the big lead on their stories, governor chris christie's administration and their involvement in the closure of the george washington bridge
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that led to a traffic jam does not compare to the scandals that plague the obama administration. now, you're not going to hear this in the main stream media. for example, just learning after one of his top aides was involved in the lane closures over a political revenge, governor christie came out and did what any leader should do when they discover improper behavior in their ranks. >> i come out to apologize today to the people of new jersey. i apologize to the people of ft. lee. and i apologize to the members of the state legislature. i am embarrassed and humiliated by the conduct of some of the people on my team. >> think of that. that word, those words, i apologize. now, that is a phrase that nobody in the obama administration seems to know. they never say it, for example, remember when then secretary of state hillary clinton was
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pressed for answers about what she knew and when, about the benghazi terror attack, remember, that attack left four americans dead. here was her response. >> the fact is we have four dead americans, was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night that decided they would kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make. >> it makes a big disk but that is not all. the governor had the moral courage to actually led heads roll. watch this. >> this morning i terminated the employment of bridget anne kelly effective immediately. i terminated her employment because she lied to me. >> now, that is not what happens when you work for president obama, now, after the benghazi terror attack and ambassador susan rice misled the american people, well, she went on five different talk shows to blame the attack on a youtube video, which by the way was not true.
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and this is what happened to her. >> she represents the finest tradition of american diplomacy and leadership. so thank you, susan for being willing to take on this assignment. i'm absolutely confident you will hit the ground running. >> she got promoted. and that would be like governor christie to promote the person who lied to him to be the next transportation aide. now, that is not what happens when the nsa spying scandal, they may want to re-think this attack on the new jersey governor. joining me now, former nancy pelosi and obama adviser, ellen, as we look, susan rice was not fired, nobody was fired over the "fast & furious" incident. botched rollout of obama care,
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eric holder is still there, do you think any of the people in any of these scandals should have been fired? >> well, i think it is a unique day to be on your show, sean, because usually i am debating between people who think government has a role in people's lives and a party who believes it doesn't. and today, we're seeing a top republican leader and part of his staff who actually believe that the government had had a role in shutting down -- >> i'll go one by one. should kathleen sebelius and her incompetent actions over $600 million and three and a half years in the website, is that reason enough to fire her? >> i don't think kathleen sebelius should have been fired. i think she is doing a good job. >> and the role over the "fast & furious," he shouldn't have been fired? we gave drugs and guns to the kidnappers, he shouldn't have been fired? >> no, all of these things have been investigated. >> and susan rice shouldn't have
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been fired. susan rice should not have been fired. >> susan rice reported what the bipartisan intelligence community knew at the time. >> and lois lerner should not have been fired either? >> why are we talking about lois lerner, why are we not talking about the news of the day, chris christie? >> today, the department of justice information came out that the person in the department of justice, eric holder put in charge of the investigation by the irs is a major donor to guess who? president obama, so so much for the nonpartisan review of the irs action that was targeting conservatives. so that is why we're talking about lois lerner. you know, sean there is something else, there is a difference between the way chris christie manages and the current administration manages. chris christie realizes that bad news does not get better over time. i took courses at vanderbilt,
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the executive in governorance, that is what they say, move quickly, take immediate action. the president, his response is to promote the people. that is the difference. >> and governor christie took action after e-mails revealed how culpable his administration was. >> yeah, well, as soon as he found out, within 24 hours, boom, done. >> if he didn't get response, he took action, vanderbilt would say texting while driving book perfect. >> i have been critical both on radio and tv of governor christie, jay. he fired people here, and i bring up the other scandals because it is so partisan in washington right now. benghazi, "fast & furious," the nsa, the irs, nobody fired. he went out and held nearly a two-hour press conference today. i don't see obama ever doing something like that. he left himself no wiggle room
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so if an e-mail pops up that he was cc 'd on, he is finished. i thought it was a pretty ballsy move and really refreshing to see a politician take responsibility. isn't that what defines the difference here? >> of course, chris christie, we shouldn't forget, he was governor of new jersey and a u.s. attorney. he understands when you say i'm taking responsibility for holding those accountable but i was not aware of what was going on. he knows the consequences of that. but i would be stunned if something becomes a new revelation on chris christie, i doubted it. you may agree or disagree with his policies but this was a swift, decisive action, but to compare what difference does it make, secretary clinton to what chris christie did, i can't imagine that was in the same discussion. that takes all the focus off of guess what, the book criticizing the administration's policy. >> will you not give any credit
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for him today? >> i refreshing. he is an interesting politician. democrats do feel worried about him or conversely like him. so i hope it is refreshing. but i can tell you i worked in government longer than i worked on the political side and i can't imagine a moment where one or more employees together would decide that it is okay to shut down lanes on a bridge that ended in -- there was a 91-year-old woman who passed away because emergency responders couldn't get to her. >> the daughter of that woman said she didn't believe it had anything to do with her mother's death. and that broke in "the new york times". >> we hope. >> one last question for jay. maybe there is a lesson here for christie, he positioned himself as a go along, get along, bipartisan, big hug of barack obama, i can't think of one democrat that he reached out to that he tried to work with, have any of them given him the
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benefit of the doubt or worked with him? do you think there is a lesson here? >> i think there is, you know who your friends are and who disagrees with you politically. as you said, sean, the policy disagreements, those are to be debated and discussed in the marketplace. but the reality, no democrat that i know of said to him you took decisive swift action and apologize, a word that you never hear out of this administration in real contention. they always initially apologize, but then back out and call it phoney scandals. but chris christie took a direct punch and responded the way he should. he took swift action against the senior staff he felt were responsible for this. he took it on his shoulders. so this is exactly how you make a tough decision when you have a situation like this. he did it textbook perfect. he wouldn't get any act -- accolades, well, he did, but guess why?
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we're not talking about guess who's book. >> and the three major networks devoted 17 more times to the traffic scandal with governor christie than they allowed in the last six months for the irs targeting of conservatives. so coming back, why is the media so obsessed with the traffic jam scandal surrounding christie? is it because they don't want the american people to hear the truth that is being told today by the former defense secretary, robert gates? our friends from the five will join us, and then later tonight here from "hannity". it could mean another war, wars that achieved nothing but the deaths of americans and the growing hatred of people we claim to be saving. >> chris matthews losing it, playing the race card, more on the media mash, and disturbing video tonight of an elderly woman being attacked in a knockout assault. but police in upstate new york
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let me tell you, everybody, i was blindsided yesterday. i had no knowledge of this issue, in its planning or its execution. and i am stunned by the abject stupidity that was shown here, regardless of what the facts ultimately uncover. >> now, even though the new jersey governor chris christie said he was blindsided by the so-called bridge-gate scandals surrounding the administration of his it is not stopping the media from obsessing over this, or the left of accusing him of
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playing political games. now, while all the eyes and ears are now on the republican governor it seems just a bit ironic that it comes just days after a much more serious accusation, in this case involving president obama and his former secretary of state hillary clinton surfaced by their own admissions of playing politics. now, in former secretary of defense robert gate's memoir, he said that hillary clinton's opposition had been political because she had been facing president obama in the primary. the president conceded vaguely that opposition to the iraq surge had been political, as well. now, to hear the two of them making admissions was surprising as well as dismaying. and given that tomorrow, january 10th, marks the seventh anniversary since president bush announced the surge in iraq. it pains me that the country is more interested in traffic jams on a bridge in new jersey. here is reaction from the five,
7:17 pm
first quick question, do you think that this is a distraction in any way? >> you know, i do think it is a distraction. it is really conspicuous timing, as well, and also no surprise how the way the media has chosen to handle the two very differently in terms of its newsworthiness. sure, is it newsworthy with governor christie and the bridge? sure, but is it more newsworthy than what we heard from gates? i don't think so, i think the two pale in comparison. >> when you hear from the secretary of defense that their vote was political when it comes to the lives of our soldiers, that is how i interpret it. >> hillary said my opinion on the surge in iraq was based on politics, and president obama said yeah, you know what, i sent 30,000 troops into harm's way, and i'm not sure that was even the right thing to do or if i trust the military.
7:18 pm
i can't believe it lasted one day and now we're distracted by the incident on the bridge. >> they tried to tie it to the death of a 90-year-old woman, and they spoke to her daughter. >> turns out it was not true. it was not related to the bridge or the ambulance, that was not the cause of the death. there is the real facts there if you want to equip yourself outside wristband them around them, or go with the main stream media who just likes to cover up when it is stuff with liberals, and when it is conservatives, blow it up. >> i've been critical in the past of governor christie. i thought today it was kind of refreshing, take full responsibility. >> no, i'm giving you the look because for the first hour or so it was apologetic, heartfelt, he had me for an hour, and then one reporter asked him the right question, what about this traffic study, governor? why do you need to shut down two
7:19 pm
of the lanes of the biggest bridge to do a traffic study? at that point he should have said i'm going to find out who did it. instead, he defended the traffic study. >> too much in the weeds. >> there was no defense of the traffic study, sean. >> he is throwing out the baby with the bath water -- >> here is my take, he better not have had knowledge of it. there better not be a cc with his name on it. >> that was the gutsy part of it. that is what made it really gutsy to it. >> maybe because he knows the truth and that he didn't do it. >> like eric said if there was an e-mail to come forward. >> last question, what about the double standard, the nsa, the irs -- why are you laughing? >> president obama said i learned about these things in the media. you know, it is just a common theme of the president, i just didn't know about it. i just didn't know about it. chris christie has a little bit
7:20 pm
of the same thing going on right here. >> kim, last word. >> yeah, both of them is troubling, somebody who wants to be in the white house in 2016, right now we're looking at christie and hillary clinton, both with conduct and actions and scandals that are unbecoming. >> all right, great to see you both, coming up here next on hannity. >> the return to something like jim crow days, literacy tests and all the rest. >> all right, chris matthew playing the race card, once again, when we come back, weighing in on the latest rant. and later, the propaganda on global warming, weighing in on that as hannity continues tonight. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state.
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welcome back to hannity, time for media mash, the round up of how they put their liberal spin in the news. the president of the media research center. how are you, sir, good to see you, happy new year. >> happy new year, to you brother hannity, how are you? >> all right, so nbc has been having a lot of problems, alec baldwin, bashir, melissa harris-perry, crying, you got al sharp turner, all controversial comments on a regular basis. the one guy that seems to escape
7:25 pm
scrutiny now has played the race card more than ever and more recently this week is chris matthews. let me play it. >> the return to something like jim crow days, literacy tests, the goal will be to eliminate obama, so that nobody should even think of being president. >> jim crow, literacy tests, he is talking about tea party, that to me is so outrageous and over the top. why no scrutiny for him? >> and look if you were to ask chris matthews to cite a single example of anybody who ever said this to him, he can't do it. if you had him cite an example of anybody who wrote this to anybody else, he can't do it. in the same day he also said the republicans were going to take us to war. so he is playing the lbj daisy
7:26 pm
commercial all over again. what is going on at msnbc? obviously they're being told at comcast to push the envelope, push it, push it, push it. and what happens on the insults, you end up making insults like defecating in sarah palin's mouth. and they can't debate us, sean, they can't debate the conservative movement. they're left with only personal attacks. >> all right, let me go to cnn now, and candy crowley, raising the question, why would anyone under employed or making minimum wage want to be a republican? well, i have a question for her after this. >> if i am an unemployed american and i hear from republicans that yeah, you know, we should go ahead and do that, provided we do the following three things. that it is a caveat of approval of extending those benefits. or if i am a minimum wage
7:27 pm
worker, and i find -- i see republicans that say you know what? it is artificial. it is a message with the marketplace. it might mean some teens can't get into the job market. why would i republican? >> all right -- >> why would one in six americans in poverty, the lowest labor participation rate in decades, the highest debt and deficits of any president ever, why would anyone want this guy to be president if you're in that position now in the sixth year of his presidency, isn't that the real question? >> there is another way of asking that question, sean hannity. she could have said given that president obama has proven that he as summarily incapable of having a policy that creates jobs why would anyone want to be a democrat? but the way she asked that question was directly through the prism of a democrat. a democrat sees government as
7:28 pm
the solution at all times. it is government that creates jobs. if you look at it as a democrat, it is a good question, why would anyone want to be a republican? but that is her ideology coming through 100%. >> yeah, just like she helped president obama in that debate when she was moderating. you know, bob gate is going to be on this program, an explosive book, serious alleges, watch the media suggesting that him writing it is an act of betrayal. >> and former defense secretary robert gates takes on his old boss, the man who awarded him the medal of freedom. >> were you surprised gates wrote this book and attacked a sitting vice president? >> i think i was, i was surprised that he did it while the president was still in office. the president about award him the medal of freedom. after all. >> considering gate's place in history sitting in the white house situation room with mr. obama, biden and clinton during
7:29 pm
the killing of osama bin laden, the memoir seen by some critics as an act of betrayal. >> this is how they focus, but the revelation here is that the president sent our sons and daughters into the battlefield not believing they would win. and that both he and hillary voted against the surge. our brave sons and daughters fighting for us, for political reasons. shouldn't that be the focus? >> the double standard is astonishing. the reverse happens with republican presidents. when paul o'neill, the treasury secretary under george bush wrote a book denouncing george bush when he was president. he talked about things when bush was like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people. and the media called him a straight shooter. when scott mclellan wrote a book, the media were all over him praising him for that. when the reverse happens they
7:30 pm
kneecap you. it is such an astonish double standard. >> all right, good work as usual. and coming up tonight, shocking video of the latest brutal knockout assault on this elderly woman. now, why are police calling this vicious attack only harassment? >> being white in america comes with a legacy all its own. and while i may not know why i'm white i know i can help change the legacy. >> an outrageous racially charged production performed at a public university. and when we come back, our great panel will have much more on that, and don't forget, "hannity live," share your thoughts or just go to a twitter account @seanhannity. and we will continue. than its german competitors. and that is the moment that driving the lexus gs will shift your perception. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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defense attorney, and from the fox business network, laurie rothman. all right, this knockout game is back, and they're talking about what they're going to do beforehand, and we'll hear how the police characterize this after this. watch this. >> going to smack the old lady, watch this. [ bleep ]. >> the skinny bop! >> smack cam smack cam. >> all right, now they're saying that is only harassment. is that harassment to you? >> absolutely not. >> that is an assault and attack, how would you describe it? >> it is violent. intended to cause pain and hurt, and any reason for them to call
7:36 pm
it any other thing is a political agenda, and they need to be stopped. >> in new jersey where i practice law it definitely would be an assault. and i would even say it could be pushed as an aggravate the assault. he is hitting her in her face, i -- i'm outraged. >> i think they're trying to down play it, they don't want to be accused of being harsh on a union coun young person so if they just call it harassment. >> you can even say the crime has gone down, therefore they all look good, the police chief. >> and why the double standard in people's interpretation of george zimmerman, obviously in that case, somebody died. people were quick to rush to judgment, not even hear from the one witness who saw trayvon martin ground and pound. >> you know what, sean, i have
7:37 pm
to say people i spoke to who felt that zimmerman should have been prosecuted or found guilty, they are outraged about this. they don't think it should have been swept under the rug, it is violence and it is bad. it should be punished. by calling it harassment they're doing a disservice to our community, because now people wouldn't be discouraged. >> and i think the rochester police are looking at the trayvon martin affair saying we don't want a repeat of the trayvon martin situation, and let's just move on. okay, shocking video, college students playing the race card, in what is described an anti-whiteness theater performance. >> it all goes down hill after these six words, i'm not a racist, but so. >> when i got into high school, i had privilege, being frustrated i had privilege
7:38 pm
because i was white. and now because of that, i had had to feel bad about it. i didn't choose to be white. as a matter of fact, i don't even know why i'm white. being white in america comes with a legacy all its own. and while i may not know why i'm white, i know i can change the legacy. >> i mean, outside of being totally corny, why bring attention. i have two little girls six and four, and friends from all different backgrounds, all walkinwalks of life. they just care about who is the most interesting and fun to play with. when you bring to attention that person looks different than themselves. could it be a self-fulfilling prophecy that you notice their race. >> i feel that being white or whatever race that i feel bad for what happened. it is perpetuating racism.
7:39 pm
my daughter is 10, and she doesn't even think about race. >> she is awesome. >> they made these things so self conscious, kids are getting attention for it. in the past for years, race relations are perceived to be a lot worse in this country than they have been in the previous 20 years. there is a reason for that. people feel like they're supposed to be something that is racist when it is not. it is the new political correctness and very damaging, very damaging. >> when we come back, we have a youtube video where your tax dollars are being spent on a global warming propaganda video. coming up after the break, and then also tonight. >> maybe the word welfare should be changed to something to a transitional living fund, for that is what it is. >> and much more where that came from. frank lunds is here to give us more information on the language
7:40 pm
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and welcome back to "hannity" as we continue with our great, great american panel. so we have the white house spending money, global warming, you always want to be indoctrinated, watch this. >> if you have been hearing that extreme cold spells like the one that we're having in the united states now disproves global warming, don't believe it. i believe the odds are we can expect as a result of global warming to see more of this pattern of extreme cold in the mid-latitudes and some extreme warmth in the far north. >> i'm sorry, it is a hoax, i don't believe it.
7:45 pm
they fix the data. we go through peaks and valleys, and ups and downs, temperature changes. >> they can do this, fine if they want to put a video out, but don't use taxpayer money to put out something that is false. and the term, by the way, polar vortex, we first heard it in 1850-something, this didn't happen because of the new glob l warming. >> in new york, my lungs were frozen as i walked it was so cold in the past few days. >> i couldn't figure out why the white house would get involved in this. and then it occurred to me how many millions they spent on this, solyndra, the key stone pipeline. >> we spent $4.7 billion with other countries to help them with their global warming. maybe some poor people in america could use that $7.45 billion for coats. >> it is a horrible clash of science and politics.
7:46 pm
we need to leave it up to the scientists. and of course, if understand the global warming issue is affecting citizen's lives, but i don't agree with tax dollars being used on it. >> investigation, ncaa, reading levels, college athletes, below eighth grade. this is not good. watch this. >> i mean, we may as well just go to glennwood elementary school right up the street and let all the third graders and fourth graders in here. they can't read and there are no remedial options, what are the options? >> the other option is to cheat. that is correct. or to find some professor, some course of curriculum where there are professors or there is little or no work expected from the student. when they're leaving here, the athletes are leaving without education, they are significantly behind. the level of reading and writing that is required. >> all right, when you look at the actual numbers you have
7:47 pm
those reading below the fourth grade level at literally 8%. and then you have those between fourth and eighth grade at 60%. here is the bottom line, athletics mean a lot to universities. lot of dollars, especially football, basketball, and some of the -- right? >> tens of millions, there is another money angle for you, this is terrible to me, academics in this country is letting us down. right? because they're treating our student athletes like atms and turning the other way -- >> but the defense of them in spite of that statistic, every single college that i know where they have a high level athlete that is competing for that school they often offer tutors for free classes. >> they offer, how do they get the incentive? >> i mean, that is pretty generous. >> i think the college that don't have them earn their degrees, they're doing a disservice. if it was my son or daughter, we
7:48 pm
know some of them don't make it to professional sports. their careers are so short. what do they have to fall back on? >> it is the athlete's responsibility. if they're offering you free tutors, you can go the easy route. >> and they all think they're going to be pro athletes and make serious coin and even that career is going to end after a while. and if they don't have the education, when the gravy train ends there is going to be somebody around that steals the gravy. and for all the athletes, the ones that don't go pro -- >> see i was an athlete, didn't work out. i'm throwing footballs on tv. that is a good thing, i kind of half way made it except i'm not getting hit by the camera guy or the producer over here. >> let me throw, you will definitely get hit. >> up next. >> maybe the word welfare should be changed to a transitional living funds. for that is what it is. >> frank lunds is here with a
7:49 pm
vocabulary lesson with some of the language from liberal lawmakers, from re-naming welfare to the president's new promised zones. more, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. about the most track-tested is ever... but the truth is... we don't have to. the experts have spoken. now it's your move. ♪ [ mait brings ther what's dieveryone's favorite flavors, new table for two. like savory garlic herb shrimp over wood-fire grilled chicken and chili ginger salmon topped with tangy pineapple salsa nothing brings you togher like table for two. two sala...two entre.
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7:54 pm
well.. >> i look at the focus groups it's alarming to see just how people have tuned off to politics how recentful they are to a government that cherishes democracy and freedom the public thinks the entire government, congress, president, republicans, democrats alike, conservatives and liberals failed them. that is why independent number is high. it's not that they embrace independence. it's that they reject republicans and democrats that is a trend to reject all of politics as we know it. >> frank i've been laying out what i call conservative solution caucus 2014. i talk about the penny plan, i talk about energy and health care reform, today talking about term limits i say conservative, i'm a registered conservative. there are answers but republican party, supposed to represent conservative values seem timid they just want to ride into the next election. ride obamacare.
7:55 pm
they don't see them as a solution for the country. >> your language about solutions is what the american people want. the problem is this unnecessary viciousness. and in these focus groups, that i do for you, there are times i can't get to a commercial break because they're locked in such yelling that you can't separate them. you can't keep them quiet. it is not an -- not a feeling we can't solve the problems. they're looking for things that you raise and others raise they don't understand why washington spends more money than they take n they don't understand why we've got this energy right here in america. why we have to be depending on middle eastern oils they don't understand why we have a president who doesn't prioritize national security. so take a look at this and they say do these people hear me? are they listening? and their answer is no. >> i think the answer is an
7:56 pm
overwhelming no. i really don't expect nancy pelosi or liberal democrats or move to buy into the solutions but i do expect republicans to stand up. i almost blame them more for the condition of not educating the american people we can get out of high unemployment and dependency cycle we're creating but they're not, they don't seem to be articulating that vision. it's frustrating. the president discussed his next big government program, promise zones did you hear about this? watch this. >> we call these communities promise zones they're neighborhoods we'll help local efforts to meet one national goal. we're here today to announce 55 promise zones in america. these are america's first five promise zones. in order that the next three years we're going to help launch 20 in all. in each of the communities
7:57 pm
it's designing from bottom up. not top down, what sit they think they need we're working to make that happen. >> sounds like obamaville. that is what it sounds like to me. a perfect society the government will give you everything you need all you need to do is show up. they'll throw you the crumbs for the day. >> yes. i get the feeling that he's hoping some sort of aladdin's lamp you rub and get three wishes. that is the difference between left ask right the right would say, you don't ask for it. you get up and do it. >> i'm looking at the requests for extending unemployment insurance or raising minimum wage. do you realize the damage the health care proposal does to these working class families? instead of having 40 hour per week jobs they have 25 hours per week, whatever increase is taken away from hours they lose. >> you can keep your doctor and plan. and we have a shovel ready
7:58 pm
job. it's a joke. one last thing. capitol hill, sheila jackson-lee wants to change the language away from welfare. >> it it is important to know that there are elements, supplemental nutrition programs a huge job training and educational investment president johnson made on the war offer poverty. medicaid, medicare, huge safety nets. not hand outs. maybe the word welfare should be changed to something of a transitional living fund. for that is what it is. >> transitional living fund? >> for generations on welfare it's a government check and no matter what you say, this is something about 80% of americans would agreechlt a government check is a government check. it's a reason why i've quit my business and wanted to do
7:59 pm
something different than just traditional politics i'm fed up with that langage promising one thing and does another. that tries to what they mean. and so, i sold my company. i'm going to be doing stuff in the corporate sphere. and i did this because you can't keep telling the people that something is great when it isn't. you can't keep prom yigs them a handout when have you no money left. it doesn't work. i'm on your side, sean. but when you talk about communicating solutions. that will change dynamic in this country. in the end that will bring freedom back. >> that is my purpose it's on frank luntz we're going to drag you back in whether you like it or not. we're going to make sure you come back. all right? appreciate you being with us that is the time we have left this evening. be sure to start
8:00 pm
your day each weekday morning 5:00 to 9:00. and you don't want to miss it tomorrow morning we'll see you back here tomorrow night. thanks for joining us. hope you'll join us each week night, 10:00 eastern. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i come out here today to apologize to the people of new jersey. i am embarrassed and humiliated by the conduct of some of the people on my team. >> a scandal in the christie administration has national implications, as the "new york times" is labeling the governor of new jersey a bully. laura ingraham and i will break it down. >> maybe the word welfare should be changed to something of a transitional living fund. >> as the democratic party ramps up nanny state strategy, we will analyze the real story about why some americans are poor. >> i understand.


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