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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 10, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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dea do you agree with tucker that fathers should not be doing their daughter's hair? he thinks it is perilous. my husband does our daughter's hair. and does it great. have a great weekend, thank you for joining us. and happy friday, welcome to "hannity." tonight, the liberal main stream media is having a field day with the news that chris christie's former aide was involved with having the lane closures on the george washington bridge in september, allegedly for some sort of political revenge. but the journalists are caref carefully glossing over what it means to be a real decisive leader. and shortly after it was found out, governor christie has the moral character to let heads
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roll. when it comes to the botched obamacare rollout, the irs scandal, president obama and his team, nobody has been fired or held accountable. now, we put together a few examples to help to prove our point here. take a look. >> i come out here today to apologize to the people of new jersey. i am embarrassed. and humiliated by the conduct of some of the people on my team. >> we were anxious to get the website up and running and functional, which we clearly have failed to do. >> i think kathleen sebelius, under tremendously difficult circumstances over the last four and a half years, has done a great job. >> this morning i have terminated the employment of bridget anne kelly, effective immediately. i terminated her employment because she lied to me. >> what happened initially, it
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was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> susan is the finest representative of leadership and diplomacy, so thank you, susan, for being willing to take on this next assignment. >> i am responsible for what happened, we fell short of the expectations that we have created for the past four years for the type of excellence in government they should expect from this office. >> the president doesn't know everything that is going on in this government. >> you can't have somebody at the top of your political operation who you do not have confidence in. as a result, i have instructed bill step i an to not place his name in nomination for state party chair. >> i have complete confidence in attorney general holder. >> but to be clear you're not stepping down now. >> no, have no intention of doing so now. >> all i can do is apologize for
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the conduct of people who work for me, i'm the governor, and the things that happen on my watch are my responsibility, both good and bad. >> what a contrast, tonight, we have bad economic news to report to you. in the month of december, according to the labor department only 7,000 jobs were added. and the department is trying to spin the figures. they failed to mention and the media fails to mention to you is that the low numbers are because more people have stopped looking for a job. in this case, 347,000 americans now, and 92 million total have left the work place. joining me now with reaction to this, new york congressman michael grim, and democratic congressman john garimindi, thank you for joining us. all right, you're a democrat, how do you feel chris christie handled that yesterday? laid everything on the line and did it in a short period of time, and basically left no wiggle room for himself. if in fact he is telling the
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truth, if he is not telling the truth he is in trouble. >> he handled it as well as you could under the circumstances that he was faced with. and we'll see how it all plays out. there are ongoing investigations, we'll see how it plays out. but yesterday he had a pretty good press conference. >> now, i point out the difference and the distinction here, and it is pretty glaring. let me ask you, have you ever called for kathleen sebelius, lois lerner, clapper, anybody involved in benghazi, should any of them resign or be fired for those reasons? >> well, i think no, she has a lot of work to do. she is in the best position to get that thing done and a lot of progress has been made since the big stumble that took place since the big outset. and it is running now, they also had had a very short period of time to get it done.
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>> wait, short period of time, three and a half years, hundreds of millions of dollars in a country that has apple and silicon valley and microsoft, this was the single -- hundred million, three and a half years -- >> she actually had far less time. because the governors of every state had to stay whether they were going to build their own -- >> but they had time to prepare the website and at least build the foundations of it. >> yes, that is true, but it didn't happen in the last three months since the failure at the outset. they have been able to put it together. in those states where the governors did take responsibilities, new york included and california, it actually has gone quite well. >> we -- our government gave guns through "fast & furious" to drug runners, kidnappers, gangs and murderers. brian terry died as well as a lot of other people because our government gave them weapons. do you think somebody should
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have been fired for that? >> well, this actually started in the george bush administration. >> not the same program. >> it all ended in the new administration, and the guy that was responsible for heading up the whole organization, aft, he is gone, no longer there, new people are in place. >> is there anybody you think -- i guess there is no democrat, holder should not have been fired. clapper, kathleen sebelius, susan rice got a promotion, none of these people should have been fired the way chris christie stepped up and fired people. >> actually, susan rice didn't get the promotion she wanted. but let me just say this, mr. clapper, i think should go. >> all right, we got one out of you. >> listen, i think this is hypocrisy at the highest levels. people died, "fast & furious," how about benghazi, four americans, including an
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ambassador, dead. and i don't know of anyone that actually got fired. people have been moved around, but they still get paychecks from the federal government. now, in sharp contrast, what did the governor come out and do? number one, he owned it. he said this is my watch. i'm responsible. that is one thing this administration doesn't do, including secretary clinton when she was with this administration. he also apologized. he also said he was wrong. you know what that is? that is not just leadership. that is good character. he came out and said i was wrong. and now, he is doing somebody about it. he is not putting panels together and waiting months or years. and the very next day within 24 hours of finding out, what happened? two heads rolled. that is leadership that this entire country is -- >> congressman garamendi, here we have the unemployment rate going down 6%, but yet we lost in the labor force 347,000 people. now we have 92 million
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americans, not in the labor force. the lowest level since 1978 when jimmy carter was president. aren't these numbers -- aren't these numbers deceptive? isn't this phoney numbers, washington speak, by not counting the people who are chronically unemployed, long-term unemployed. >> well, you also want to take into account 8 million people have found jobs, adding to the labor force in the last four years and that happens to be one of the major statistics driving down unemployment. and a lot of people, particularly the baby boomers are entering the retirement area. >> no, no, we're talking about people who gave up looking for jobs, we don't count them as unempl unemployed. isn't that dishonest when we give out the unemployment number to the american people? >> there are two different statistics, the 1.67%, and the
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real unemployment, which is higher, we need to have programs that put people to work. >> what happened to five years of obama? now entering his six years, what happened to shovel ready jobs and the five years of recovery? what happened to his bold plan and predictions? >> well, that was the stimulus bill and it actually worked. >> it did work? >> oh, yes, it did. and it did right there in new york. and certainly in -- >> it worked for. >> well, that is one example and certainly was a problem. also, i broke through a brand-new tunnel linking the east bay with san francisco bay. and that was a stimulus bill. it is finished now, it is done and there are thousands of people who went to work on that and all across the country the same thing. but what we really need is an ongoing jobs program and the president suggested one. the congress has refused to enact any part of that. >> congressman grim, you get the last word.
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>> well, thank you, again, here is the bottom line, these policies are failing. and there is one program that works. it is called the free market, let's get the federal government, all of its regulations out of the way and let the private sector put people to work. because washington and the people obviously can't do it. it is the private sector that creates jobs and the liberals just can't get that through their heads that their policies have failed since carter. and by the way, we're at the lowest levels in 35 years, this is a disgrace, and obvious now. >> i don't like the numbers are phoney and deceptive. >> sean, over 8 million people in the private sector have found jobs. >> that is a talking point. we have the lowest labor participation rate, sir, in 35 years. they're not included in that 6.7 rate -- >> sean, i'm not arguing that point. what i am saying is that the facts are that over 8 million people have been added to the job force in the private sector. and the government sector is
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down by 9,000. >> thank you. >> coming up next, sitting u.s. senator, did he attempt to intimidate the colorado health care officials into lying because of obamacare? and later, if you're planning a trip to new york any time soon you and your family may not be able to get a ride on the horse-drawn carriage, all thanks to the new socialist mayor, bill de blasio. and others are not happy, about to lose their jobs. they vow to fight this and much more straight ahead. it's donut friday at the office. and i'm low man on the totem pole. so every friday morning they send me out to get the goods. but what they don't know is that i'm using my citi thankyou card at the coffee shop, so i get 2 times the points. and those points add up fast. so, sure, make me the grunt. 'cause i'll be using those points to help me get to a beach in miami.
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. and welcome back to "happ "hannity."
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there is a major concern in colorado after allegations surfaced about liberal senator udall and telling officials to cook the books on obamacare. and at the division of insurance, they felt pressured when the insurance offers pushed back on the number of people in colorado who had their health policies cancelled. and there is more than enough to prove it. the administrator wrote, quote, senator udall, the numbers are not wrong. the cancellations affected more than 200,000 people. they want to trash our numbers i'm holding strong while we get more details. many have already done early renewals. regardless, they received cancellation notices. now earlier today we did in fact reach out to the senator's offers for a comment. we've yet to hear back, shocker. democratic strategist rick unger, and mark, i have known you for 20 years. >> hi, sam. >> thanks a lot. >> how are you doing? >> he is one of my friend -- all
7:16 pm
right, i would think this is something we all agree on here. i don't like to be lied to. i don't like accounting practices where they say social security is there. or budget gimmicks and tricks where they tax now and ten years later we'll cut our spending. we know that is a lie. or if you like your plan keep your plan, like your doctor, keep your doctor, or not liking the unemployment numbers, don't we agree here? we don't like to be lied to by our government? >> and don't we agree when an elected official is pushing this hard and intimidated into thinking the numbers are something they're not? listen, the media is going to pounds away at bridge gate morning, noon and night but these kind of stories are happening morning, noon and night. how about this bill that would make the administration provide weekly public reports about how the federal exchanges are going?
7:17 pm
and the obama administration opposes that. why would they -- why would they oppose that? mr. transparent? >> i don't like to be lied to. i'll answer your question. >> thank you. >> are we lied to? are the unemployment numbers today a lie? that is a good question. >> no, it is not a lie to me and i understand what they mean, you're right when you say it is because of the chronic leaving the market -- >> so the unemployment numbers, that is dishonest. >> but are they not saying otherwise? where are they saying something different? >> why don't we just do it the right way. >> i want to stick on udall, you guys are trying to frame it as something dishonest. you know the senator went to the paper. he did, come on, he did, he went and lodged this complaint before he went to the -- the insurance department. >> that is where it belongs.
7:18 pm
>> he knows that the administrator that took this hard position, guess what? she was only the one dealing with it because her boss, the commissioner was out of town. and what did the commissioner say when she came back? she said oh, i get what is going on. >> you got kathleen sebelius saying one day we'll hit our goal by the end of march. i didn't really mean march, that was not a real number. kudos to the hannity show for bringing up the udall story. >> the denver post. >> you wouldn't see it in the washington post or denver post. >> that is being lied to. >> it is dishonest. >> since when is disagreeing a lie? >> i'm going to tell you something, the latest poll came out this week, 42% of americans don't identify as republican or democrat. i've had it with both parties, i'm going to tell you why, they know they're being lied to.
7:19 pm
phoney accounting and health care numbers and phoney promises. i'm sick of it. they lie. >> who is they? >> but this is real world stuff, indulge me to share a text, he said thanks mike, our health care went up just over $700 per month last month, i don't know what we're going to do, something has to break. this is not a guy with an agenda, apolitical. >> is he a friend of yours? >> he is a friend of mine, his back is being broken. >> a buddy of mine this week got a letter. he has 30 employees, he is a brilliant surgeon and he lost coverage -- he had a cadillac plan for his office. >> i can also bring you all the stories of the good stories. and if you don't believe it is a good one, mine is one of them. i'm saving 50% -- >> the rich get richer. >> that may be the case, i'm
7:20 pm
still saving money. >> we all have kids, none of our kids are perfect, except maybe mike's. >> no -- >> our kids are not perfect. all right, so the kids do something wrong. what are you more mad at, the dumb thing they did or if they lie? the lie. why do politicians get away with this? >> i do not support that, but i'll be one of the people to say they all lie on both sides. >> i'm agreeing with the phoney accounting and the unemployment scheme. >> suggesting that udall lied here is not fair. >> but there is so much apathy, everybody accepts the lies. many uninsured haven't even bothered to sign up. they're never going to sign up because they are going to pay the fine. the whole thing is a debacle. >> a ponzi scheme. >> and yet the latest research, and i'm not making a big fuss
7:21 pm
out of this, because it is early. showing that probably more young people are signing up. >> i'll take that bet. >> i'm not taking it -- >> let's see you get the 7 million -- >> 7 million is a relevant number. i criticize the white house for making that projection. i would rather have 700,000. >> happy new year. even liberal unger, and coming up next, you don't want to miss ainsl ainsl ainsley airhardt, with the liberal mayor bill de blasio, who is getting rid of carriages. >> first of all it is called the affordable care act, if that is what you're referencing. >> wow, don't say obamacare in front of nancy pelosi, we'll show you the rest of her remarks. >> well, you know why today it is so cold? it is because of global warming. >> is it frozen? >> good grief, you can't make it up.
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signing the global warming petition on the coldest day in 20 years. our great, great american panel is here to react straight ahead. [ male announcer ] what's different about eating? th our today's fresh fish menu, you can always catch fish fresh every day! wood-fe grilled, blackened, or roasted. eatingetter never tasted so gd! sea quality, s variety, sea food differently at red lobster.
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7:26 pm
investigate, take a look. >> reporter: these horse drawn carriage rides have been a tradition here in new york city since the 1850s. hundreds of employees have jobs because of these horses, and thousands of people who visit this city every year enjoy the rides through central park. but if it is up to the mayor, real estate developers and animal activists, this operation will be shut down. why after more than 150 years would this tourist tradition be going away? well, new york city has a new mayor and his mind seems pretty made up. >> let's get it right. we are going to get rid of the horse carriages, period, they're not humane, not appropriate to the year 2014. it is over. >> reporter: the mayor sides with t that said it is animal cruelty and has been lobbying for a ban since 2008. >> we feel it is cruel to force
7:27 pm
an animal to work in mid-town traffic. it would be one thing if they worked in the countryside. >> these horses are some of the most regulated, well cared for horses in the public. there are more licenses and inspections involved here than daycares. which most other horses out in the countries or cities don't get. they have mandatory vacation and go to the farm at least five or six weeks out of the year. >> our horses have comfortable homes, dental care, and earn their keep, just like me and you. >> the carriage drivers say the new york clash was co-founded by real estate developers who really have their eyes on the stables and the potential high rises that could replace them. >> the truth is, we have some of the best care for the horses here in the country. it is not really about the horses but about the real estate on the west side, the prime development that they want to get their hands on. >> they spent a lot of money on
7:28 pm
high-powered pr firms and lobbyists to get their message out to the city council, even if it is wrong. we're just working class people. this is wrong, this is the pr department here. >> the group contributed heavily to get bill de blasio elected mayor, and his opponent? defeated it. >> we all know how he got into office and the people that provided the money for his campaign. >> this would just be disastrous for all of us, including the horses. a lot of people i work with, for many of them this is the only job they have ever had. a lot of people don't know what they would do. >> the carriage opponents say the drivers can switch from horse drawn carriages to these, electric replicas of vintage cars. >> it is safe, clean, economical, it is had humane, it doesn't poop or urinate on the city streets. >> i like the horses better. it is more romantic and
7:29 pm
traditional. >> i don't think they will ever take off, the horses are here to stay, to be quite honest. >> and the drivers are not giving up. >> if you're going to put us out of business, you have to come up with a pretty good reason, if you say the industry is inhumane and the horses are being abused, prove it. >> and ainsley earhardt joins us with the policy director, tony faay, i said it right, right? i have a friend of mine who is a policeman and rides a horse for the city, his horse, just like these horses, very highly regulated. they have dental care and great facilities where they live. they're fed the best food and offered the best veterinarian care. >> christina was telling us, the lady in the piece wearing the hat. she was a wealth of information. she says it is interesting they're targeting our horses but not the horses the police
7:30 pm
officers are riding on. what are the difference? she said our horses are treated in the exact same way, we're all regulated under several different agencies, the aspca, they're regulated happily. >> why are you actively supporting this? this has been going on since the 1850s? >> yes, we can all agree it is an iconic practice. i don't think this is good for the horses. horses were not built to ride on asphalt. >> actually, horses were built to ride on that. >> they're meant to ride with vegetation, not ride in ambulances. >> do you want to make it illegal to eat a cow? >> riding cows? >> listen, i would rather be a horse ridden than a cow eaten. >> well, this is a purpose in riding the horse, too, transportation. >> i think it is clear we should move to electric. >> how about you move -- >> what happens to the horses? to the hundreds of people out of
7:31 pm
jobs because of it. the guys behind it, and the men and women -- >> if you make the argument this is inhumane to the horses, let's focus on the question, what happens to the horses? will we create horse country clubs? no, they will be slaughtered and killed. >> what about the people making their living? what about them, they will have a job. >> the other aspect, this is the clearest case of crony capitalism, it is nice to know our radical progressive mayor believes in capitalism for his friends. the person lobbying the hardest for it, a mega bill de blasio donor. he is trying to procure this stable once it comes onto the market. so the only way to get it into the market is ending the practice. >> there are three stables, prime property, they overlook the hudson, they could build this huge high rise. >> so they want to kick them out
7:32 pm
because they want the property because the property is worth more to the developers? >> that is what the horse supporters are saying. >> does this sound like a good thing? >> it is a bipartisan issue, so the republican candidate who ran for mayor also ran on this ticket. >> do you eat meat? >> i don't. >> do you eat fish? >> i'm a vegetarian. do you eat leather? >> if the republicans supported it is probably because they're pro development. right? if the republicans supported it it is probably because they're pro-development. obviously we know mr. de blasio has a further agenda, and furthering this for his friend's project. remember solyndra? it is the same equivalent in new york city. >> these horses like to do this. >> i'm not sure they do, i'm
7:33 pm
glad we all brought up the issue into the economy, this is putting more money into the economy. >> now that they're electronically driven. >> nobody will go in an electronic car. >> i would do it. now they can ride all year long, because before -- >> you would pay money to ride in an electric golf cart around new york city? >> if you really think the horses are treated so poorly, prove it. i went to the stables, they were beautiful. the horses, they rotate them and send them on vacation. >> they get more vacation than i do. >> they do. >> and dental care, more than i get. >> all right, we got to go. and thank you all for being with us. coming up next, tonight, right here on "hannity". because of global warming. >> at least that is what i hear. science or something. >> kind of cold for global warming. >> no, man, this is global warming, what are you talking about. all right the coldest day in
7:34 pm
20 years but it didn't stop some americans some signing the global warming petition. and we want to hear from you, log on to our special companion site,, and much more, you can join us at twitter @ sean hannity or @ ainsleyearhardt. [ me announcer ] this is the story
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this is the ram 1500. the 2014 motor trend truck of the year. ♪ and first ever back-to-back champion. guts. glory. ram. welcome back to "hannity" and our great, great american panel, we have the co-host on the business network, matt welch is here, we welcome because a former work mate of mine, i was expressw sparring every day and got to see you. >> it was wonderful to see you in the break room. >> oh, of course, i never worked. okay, you have clueless ameri n americans signing a global
7:39 pm
warming petition on the coldest day in 20 years. you can't make this up. we've got the tape. watch this. >> we were trying to sign on for global warming, you know how everything is getting warmer. my understanding is the reason it is so cold today is because of global warming. at least that is what i here, science or something. >> this is global warming. what are you talking about? >> although today is not the day to do this. >> you know why today is so cold? it is because of global warming. >> your pen is not working. >> is it frozen? today it is so cold because of global warming. >> oh, give me a break. >> that is what they say. >> really, really. >> we broke record temperatures, lowest temperatures in 118 years. >> sean, it is not global warming, it is climate change. that is what you need to understand, if it is hot it is global warming, if it is cold it is global warming, we're told if there are tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, it is global warming. >> that is correct because you
7:40 pm
have a lot more warm air in the atmosphere and the point about climate change is that it is making weather more extreme. so you have higher highs, you have lower lows, 97% of scientists believe that -- >> that 97% -- that is a crock. and that is global warming propaganda. it is a crock. >> and 3% of climate change deniers -- >> tornadoes -- they actually had a 40-year low. it is colder now than the roman empire. even category 4 hurricanes are taking a pause. >> this is becoming a universal religion. >> and the funny things, we have had these things happen throughout the history of man kind, now all of a sudden, first of all it was global chilling. >> we can all prove that it doesn't prove climate change here, i would like to stick up for america here on the video,
7:41 pm
the majority of people asked to sign the video told the guy to take a walk. even had the guy saying, you know, you can sign this but it is all about india and china, he was totally right, well-informed. >> i think it is clueless we're even having this conversation. >> why did the 97%, the scientists, the liberal talking point, why, the ones that manufactured the data. why did they do that if the science was so certain? >> i think that actually was the huge problem for the side of this argument. but it doesn't negate the truth. >> but if that was true they wouldn't have had to manipulate the data. >> i think it was a problem of one scientist -- >> no, a panel of scientists. >> and the temperatures haven't changed in 17 years. >> they have changed. what are you talking about? there is an extreme heat wave right now. >> for no -- >> secondly, al gore predicted
7:42 pm
there would be no polar ice cap. did you notice the ship that got stuck -- >> you have one example. but have you seen the last changes in iceberg -- >> we have to take a break, by the way, nancy pelosi doesn't want you to use the word "obamacare." she will excoriate you if you do. also coming up, we have an amazing video of what we call the lion whisperer. apparently, the lions love this guy, apparently he is part of the pack. we'll explain as our great american panel continues. ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone.
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obamacare bill on the floor of the house, some democrats have indicated they may be able to support them. how strongly are you pushing
7:47 pm
members to vote against them. >> first of all it is called affordable care act. if that is what you're referencing, they're going after the affordable care act, they're saying let's do everything we can to take away health insurance away from 9 million americans who already have it and prevent millions more americans from having it. >> take that, don't -- you know what is so funny about this. is we've actually gone out, and ainsley did this for us, asked people what do you like better, obamacare or affordable care act? nobody knows the difference. they don't know it is one and the same. >> that study has been replicated many times, they don't like obamacare and the affordable care act and everything that is in it. >> oh, i want the affordable one. >> she doesn't like obamacare -- >> if obamacare were a success, nancy pelosi would have the word tattooed on her forehead. the problem is, obamacare has high disapprovals, obama has
7:48 pm
rather low approval ratings right now. and obama himself said he would be happy for it to be called obamacare, because obama cares. now they're running like heck away from it. >> i think they should put the pre-fix so-called in front of a bill, so-called patriot act. whatever. it is just propaganda, anyways, we should always develop our other names for these. >> should we care that for the first time ever there are more millionaires in congress? the majority, who we'll put it up on screen, the ten richest members of congress and the ten poorest members of congress. oh, by the way, 8 out of 10 are democrats, i don't know what that means, should we care? >> absolutely, politicians are clou completely out of touch, stumbling around passing minimum wage jobs and where americans are. >> and i think it is
7:49 pm
structurally that campaigns are so expensive and that parties actually recruit millionaires so that they can sell funds. but when you have this huge hole between congress and the fact that the lowest work force rate, it is a problem. >> if you had 12 people to solve a problem would you choose 12 millionaires? no, even if you had a legal problem. >> if you're smart enough to become a millionaire -- >> you don't have to be millionaires, if you know any, give me their number. >> all right, this is the coolest video, you have to lion whisperer. i don't know if you saw this. apparently for some reason he has this ability to make lions in the wild love him. now, we would all think he is nuts, right? i mean, look at that. it is not just this one lion. apparently he stays with a whole pack of them at times. look, there is another one, a male lion. it is a pretty heartwarming
7:50 pm
video, isn't it? >> until the documentary is narrated -- >> bad joke, any way, guys good to see you, thank you for being with us. don't forget your work at the blaze and great work you're doing. and coming up, you don't want to miss twhochlt of america's most powerful and impa impactful pundits that happen to be married. that is straight ahead. [ male announcer ] we could say a lot
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welcome back to "hannity" they're two of the most well known political strategists, one a democrat, the other, republican. they happen to be husband and wife. i got their take on the current political landscape. >> two of my favorite people in politics today. love and war, 20 years, three presidents, two daughters. you agree on lsu, right? >> yes. >> if we're two of your favorite people you know that makes you bipolar. >> so you guys talk about your life, marriage, what are some of the things you fight about most? it's not politics? >> no. we fight about the same thing you and your wife fight about. i bet every wife and
7:56 pm
husband have the same things that just tick them off. and... >> what ticks you off about him? >> this is the thing i knew for a long time. i grew up in the deep south. she would put air conditioning on and open windows. i said you can't do that! i mean, i don't know. >> two fireplaces going. >> yes. fireplace and air conditioning on. and in the animals we fight over something, too. >> he's not an animal lover. >> i'm not fond of animals. >> you love the bushes. you, i won't say don't. you fought your adult political life trying to defeat them. >> yes. i mean, i like president bush 43, fine. i like president bush 41. >> you did everything you can do to beat him.. >> i didn't know him then, you
7:57 pm
know? i would have still done everything coy for bill clinton because you run against someone doesn't mean have you to hate them. >> it's never been more divided than now. >> to some extent it s i think that there is a lot of reasons for it. but one of the things i put in one earlier book is that i used to spend time in the green room. you meet someone and go, i like them. you see them on tv. >> true. >> you're like i can't stand them. boom. boom. >> it's easy to beat up a liberal on satellite. if i like them it's hard to go after them as hard as i want. >> in real live there are republicans that are jerks and democrats who are good guys you judge by jerkiness and not jerkiness. if you stay away from politics some people can speak of nothing else. that is why we wrote the book. >> we're headed into mitt term election year. james, you still
7:58 pm
blame 80% of the world problems on republicans. >> you know this isn't a good cycle on paper. is it going to be better than maybe i think? >> i don't know. >> right. right. >> if the six-year agenda doesn't work for us very well. i think that the money would say to democrats are going to be a little come close to losing it. not pick up house seats. i might be slightly more optimistic. i do think the economy is getting better, you know? right. but certainly not going to predict a big democratic year. >> i think the economy is not getting better. everyone thinks it's dynamic. you and i have been talking about it over a decade it's constitutionalism. it's federalism. in 2010 tea party
7:59 pm
movement is not a movement. it's a philosophy. 17% of americans consider themselves liberals the rest want to limit the scope of government. >> i agree. >> i'm frustrated. even this year, i will predict republicans, play it safe. they're are not going to make any bold moves and are going to run in hopes obamacare defines the election.. >> i think we're -- i think we can be back here sometime after election. we'll know whether or not the economy got better or not. >> love and war, in bookstores everywhere. you can see more of my interview with james and mary online at fox my interview with greta you can catch it on don'ting for get my football picks i'm picking san francisco, seattle, the broncos and
8:00 pm
patriots. those are my picks for the weekend but we'll see. that is the time we have left. have a great weekend. start your weekdays with fox and friends each morning at 5:00. we'll see you back here on monday. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> you you just get to know how he operates. he runs a pair -- paramilitary organization. >> reaction to governor chris christie's traffic scandal intense across the country. >> i had no knowledge. >> no doubt the governor is a billing political star. >> i am stunned. >> we will tell what you it means with geraldo and bernie goldberg. >> is that a gun? >> back off, bud. back up. >> let's take a walk. >> shocking criminal statistics apparently half of all black males under the age of 23 have been arrested. and 40% of young white men have


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