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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 13, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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set your dvr, because tomorrow night, marcus set your dvr because tomorrow night, marcus la trel on whom lone survivor is based joins me here. hope to see you. goodnight. a new vo, dick morris is he with reaction to the hillary hit list. more trouble for new jersey governor chris christie. first there was bridge gate. now he's facing a probe over sandy relief funds. we'll have the ongoing story of alex rodriguez. >> at times he would ask me to inject. >> a-rod's attorney is here to
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respond. >> it's all about fun. some people may ride the train in their underwear. plus we tackle the most outrageous videos. you do not want to get on her bad side. a brand new book exposes how hillary clinton keeps a naughty and nice list and don't forget those who have wronged her. dick morris will be here to shine light on these latest revelations. they read in part, quote, almost six years later, most clinton aides can still rattle off names of traitors and the favors that have been done for them and provide details of ju.
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there was a special circle of clinton hell reserved for people who had endorsed obama or stayed on the fence after bill and hillary had raised money for them or appointed them to a political post or written an application to ice. each member of congress was assigned a numerical grade from one to seven with the most helpful earning a one and the most treacherous drawing sevens. now the set of sevens included kerry, rockefeller, leahy as well as chris van holland and baron hill and ron andrews. and it's time to trend at 10. first we check in with former clinton adviser, on wpht, how are you? >> from one to ten on an enemy's
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list, went to seven, i'm very proud to be a ten. >> i think you're closer to 10,000. you have a whole category unto yourself at this point. this describes the clintons that you have talked about and wrote about for years, the secret police and whatnot. >> eileen and i have always said that there is a trend to hillary clinton, there is a keeping score score, being on top of an enemies list. one is she's set up this bimbo list. and develop blackmail material on them so they could be cowed into silence. the other is a story that stands out so vividly in my mind, difference between bill and hillary. bill had a birthday party at rockefeller center, and was disrupted by some gay
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demonstrato demonstrators. and i met with hillary a day or two later, and she said did you see those demonstrators? and i said yeah. she said those tickets were a thousand dollars each. they couldn't pay for them themselves, i want tickets, social security numbers, background checks on every single person in the galleries at our convention, otherwise they're going to do that to us. i knew enough by then not to argue. i just smiled and the next morning i mentioned it to bill. he said we're not going to do that kind of stuff. but that's a trait to hillary. >> look at the media reaction. and we'll get into more detail with david limbaugh in the next section. but chris christie. he did something dynamic and boxed himself in, fired the people responsible and left no wiggle room for himself. you compare the media reaction
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to this, and she's got an enemies list and you get graded one through seven. >> and they sat on the story, they let christie wipe it off the front page. here you have a potential candidate for president saying she allowed her political -- when i used to meet with clinton, he would always tell me, you can never give me advice on foreign policy in person. always do it behind closed doors, just you and me, because he didn't want anyone to think he was injecting politics into foreign affairs. here hillary puts it front and center. >> we know there's a built in double standard. standard operating procedure in the mainstream media. i get it. what are her biggest obstacles? she appears to be the anointsed nominee for the democratic party. i don't think anybody's going to
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care what happened in the clinton years, do you at this point? >> no, i don't think so. but the nice thing about the clintons is that the scandals keep updating themselves. we've had two in the last few weeks. i think obviously in the general, obama will have terrible ratings and obamacare and her identification of it through hillary care will be her big obstacle, but there is a real chance that a left wing challenger like elizabeth warren could derail her in the democratic primary. there is a new fine iets left wing of the democratic party that is emerging. elizabeth warren is probably the prime example, bill de blasio. they want to raise social security benefits, reduce the retirement age, limit ceo salaries, and those are not positions hillary will support, and with hillary's corporate contributions, she's really
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vulnerable to a left wing challenge just like she was in 2008. >> why am i hearing whispers that she had health issues that were far more severe than what was publicly revealed? you heard the same things or? ? >> no, i don't have any info. but i'll tell you one of her big liabilities. the minute she left as secretary of state, the first things she did was speeches for goldman sachs at 200 thousand dollars each. the left wing of the democratic party is not going to be happy about that. and hillary's close connections with wall street, i think, are going to really hurt her with the left wing of the party. we could see a replay of '08. >> and you have no down she's running. none whatsoever. >> if she's breathing, she's running, sean. >> if she's breathing, she's running? >> that's my line. the pollsters of candidacy.
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>> who wants it more, her or him? >> she does. he feels unless she wins, it will be like a vindication of his impeachment. >> is christie going to get out of the pickle he's in? >> christie's not home free, because he's given this airtight denial. and it's not that emis. . how did these people come up with the idea? how did they learn about the traffic configuration. why did christie hang in there saying there was a study after there obviously wasn't any. why did he wait five days to talk to his staff after they said there was no study. lots of questions there. and every one of those questions has to hurt christie. the question is how much. i think he's in trouble. it's so interesting, the two front runners both got problems right now. >> good to see you. and speaking of christie, things are not easing up for the new jersey governor. he's now being accused of misusing sandy relief funds.
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also new york yankee's slugger alex rodriguez is suing. his lawyer, the never shy joe tacopina will be with us. and a quick programming note, don't forget tomorrow night, my cable exclusive with robert gates. i'll ask him about his explosive new tell-all book. and we'll also be joined by a studio audience made up of military experts and pundits. right here on fox. i'm beth...
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tacopina, tacop . welcome back to "hannity." new jersey governor welcome back to hannity.
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new jersey governor chris christie under fire again this week. the controversy over whether he used sandy funds to make ads. what effect will these investigations have on the governor and his potential 2016 presidential run. welcome to both of you. >> good to be with you. >> kiersten, does their mean anything to you? >> the investigation about the funds? >> yeah. >> yeah, well, obviously, if he misused funds, that would be a terrible thing. i, you know, we don't know enough about it at this point. it's just been leaked that the investigation's going on. >> my recollection that new york and new jersey, they spent 60 billion or had $60 billion in
10:14 pm
relief funds. he got the approval of the administration as his office pointed out and thiey were able to prove today. where's obama saying that he has confidence and faith in his pal governor christie? doesn't seem that any democrats are so fond of saying he's the one moderate republican that they can get along with, they don't seem to be coming to his aid, why is that? >> i would count myself as being in that camp that he's a moderate governor. but that doesn't excuse what happened on his watch in this bridge closure. he says he didn't know anything about it. but these are senior people working for him. so i don't know how it doesn't reflect badly on him. >> it's interesting, david, now you've got democrats threatening to impeach christie if there's any type of smoking gun evidence that comes up in this case.
10:15 pm
you've got new jersey drove ive suing him. now where's the president just before his election with romney, and he gets the big bear hug, where is he now? >> memo to establishment gop, democrats are not your friends. you need to understand that. there's a lot of give and no take. but i agree with kiersten here. i will not defend christie on this matter. one thing that bothers me than anything is abuses of government power. and while i don't think christie was directly involved he did surround himself with people whose character led to this. but that being said, there ought to be an outrage and an outcry from the rest of us about the double standard in the mainstream media. it's one thing that christie has done on a smaller scale than the
10:16 pm
millions of things obama has done wrong, the countless abuses of power and the media doesn't even ask a question, what did you know and when did you know it about "fast & furious," about solyndra. and there's countless scandals all the way through that the media has deliberately helped to shield obama. >> the one thing about christie, he put his neck on the line. he left no wilg room. he fired people, took the heat and answered the questions, and when you compare it to fast and fewer ruuriou furious, the nsa scandal, nor has anybody been held accountable. >> you're lumping a bunch of things together that don't have anything to do with each other and have been treated radically
10:17 pm
differently. >> i said there's a double standard. >> they don't have anything to do with each other in terms of how they've been covered by the media. the fact of the matter is the nsa violations have actually got and lot of coverage by the media. and i think the president has said a lot about them. >> who's been held accountable and when has the president gone on record defending and answered questions for two hours. >> it's a much more complicated situation because the president doesn't think he did anything wrong. i think he did. but if he doesn't think he did anything wrong then why is he going to fire anybody. i want to finish this. "fast & furious," there's nothing that suggests that barak obama knew about it. that even the people, the fanatical fast and furious person. >> his staff was not held accountable. >> but you're talking about obama. you throw these things out like fast and furious and obama.
10:18 pm
>> in the case of fast and furious, people are dead. >> the program was not illegal. this is what you keep conflating these things. there was incompetence. and it was -- >> who gives guns to drug dealers, drug runners, murders -- >> i now what happened. i don't need you to tell me the case. there is nothing that shows that eric holder directed them to do that. nothing. >> what's worst, the bridge incident or giving guns to drug dealers. >> on accident. they did not mean to lose the guns. that is a tactic that they used, the bush administration used, the fbi uses, and they did not mean to lose the guns. >> david. >> i'll send you a memo, kiersten. >> i know the case backwards and forwards. >> holder was directly involved. he lied twice to congress.
10:19 pm
obama invoked executive privilege to keep us from finding out. in fast and furious, obama was directly involved in sending susan rice out there. and these two cases alone, not to mention the irs, by which the administrative agency was doing obama's bidding and now the irs is doubling down. >> there's nothing that shows that obama was kicked to the irs scandal. >> is obama ever accountable to people, the mainstream media is demanding that christie maybe even be fired. and but he's fired four people and taken action obama never apologizes. christie apologized. >> david, you can't seriously be comparing, aides that directly report to christie or his like childhood friend who worked for him to -- >> holder and obama are siamese
10:20 pm
twins. >> he doesn't even know these people. >> holder, are you saying holder and obama don't have a direct relationship between each other? >> we're jumping from topic to topic. were you just talking about the irs. >> hang on. let me focus this. it's aides of christie's and their appointments of obama on this whole series of scandals. this is the same thing. >> the commonality of the the theme -- >> i don't think it's a double standard. i don't see a double standard. i think think covered the irs story. >> one at a time, david. >> there has been a deliberate ignoring of evidence and scrutiny by the media. in the first 48 hours, this
10:21 pm
christie scandal, there's more coverage than in six months of obama's irs scandal. if that isn't apples to apples, i don't know what it is. >> we've got to run. thank you. >> thank you. always fun. coming up next, right near on hannity. >> was rodriguez injecting himself with these substances? >> alex was scared of needles. at times we ask me to inject. >> you've injected them. >> yes. >> permanentlsonally. >> personally. he is here. and you won't believe what gates is saying about obama and his attitude toward the people fighting to protect your freedom. [ male announcer ] hands were made for playing.
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are you in good hands? and welcome back to hannity. breaking new tonight. alex rodriguez is tuing major league baseball. this lawsuit comes after an arbitrator reduced his suspension from 211 games to the entire 2014 season, which could mean only 162 games, and this comes just one days after anthony bosch, the founder of the biogen sis group told 60
10:26 pm
minutes details. >> once alex rodriguez was into your protocol, what were some of the banned substances that he was taking? >> testosterone, growth factor, human growth hormone. and some different forms of peptides. >> all of them bad? >> all of them bad. >> and he knew that. >> yes, he did. >> and you knew that. >> and i knew that. >> was rodriguez injecting himself with these substances? >> alex is scared of needles. so at times he would ask me to inject. >> you've injectioned him. >> yes. >> personally. >> personally. >> here to explain the case is the attorney for a-rod himself. a lot to get here .
10:27 pm
what special benefits did bosch get in testifying for major league baseball? >> he got a wonderful deal that is lucrative for him. it has the ability to keep him out of jail, and that's all the motive in the world someone wants. >> body guard? >> they spent a million dollars in bodyguards according to the deal they made. they paid his legal fees. almost a million dollars to date, nothing's happened on bosch's behalf. they've given him a pr agent, which i'm not sure why bosch needs one of those. they've taken him out of the biog biogen sis lawsuit. i can't for the life of me under league baseball could look themselves in the mirror and do this. they've agreed to go to federal prosecutors and ask that bosch
10:28 pm
be given lenience in an investigation where bosch is investigated and will be charged with dishing out steroids to children in south florida. >> in my heart, i suspect a-rod lied before. he lied to katie couric in an interview. i suspect something's up here. that's my gut after reading everything i can read about the case. my take is major league baseball has known for years, you go back to sammy sosa, barry bonds. everybody knew these guys were using it. major league baseball turned a blind eye. do you agree with that? >> oh, absolutely. capsizes were going from 7 to 7 5/8. barry bonds' head tripled in size. people hitting five home runs were hitting 40. sammy sosa, they went to his
10:29 pm
house in the dominican republic. >> if major league baseball wants to get rid of these drugs, three have a means of doing that, drug tests. and alex rodriguez passed 12 drug tests in the interim, is that correct? ? >> he's 12-0 so to speak in drug speak alex is. the one date specific that tony bosch was able to say he injected rodriguez with steroids was in october 2012 in detroit. >> he was tested. >> he was tested randomly, and guess what, he came up negative. either rodriguez is a scientific freak or his body is not susceptible to testing -- >> i have my suspicions.
10:30 pm
if they're testing and they cannot keep up with whatever mean rbsing used to cheat then they've got to change those. but in this case, if they're going to offer this guy that much money in terms of financial benefit and a deeshlgs and conditions they pay people cash money in a brown bag in a car to get records? isn't that illegal? >> there were multiple crimes committed here, paying an individual $150,000 in cash, an individual's name they didn't even know, turned out to be a guy who was a career criminal, gave him $125,000 in cash for stolen documents. is there such an agenda to get alex rodriguez? is he such a poster child for bud selig? >> they've got to get him the way. >> the right way. >> for everybody else. that's what i think of double standards. >> they suspended stine brunner
10:31 pm
for two years. >> most lawyers i talk to think that you have a big uphill battle dealing with a federal court on this. and i think with all the benefits that were given to bosch and i think that the information that was obtained potentially illegally, you might have a better case than people think. >> you're darn right we do. and there are times when federal courts are willing to intervene or overturn a reward. we weren't given the same access to any of the evidence. most importantly, you have a situation here where 162 games defies their own collectively bargained for agreements. the jda, there's no calling for 162 games. >> it's 50 and then 100. >> that's why everyone got 50.
10:32 pm
somehow they thought alex rodriguez should get 212. >> if they want to clean up the game i'm with them. but they got to clean it up where they're not handing cash in paper bags or offering buyouts to people to testify. that doesn't seem right to me. we're going to follow it. if i get in trouble, i'll get in touch with you. i'm not in trouble. >> in the unlikely event you're falsely accused. coming up next, robert gates is going to be on this program tomorrow night. he opened up about what the troops thought about the commander in chief. and guess what, everybody wants to have their picture taken with the crazy mayor that drinks and smokes crack. tell us what you think and about a-rod or any other issue we're
10:33 pm
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and welcome back t welcome to hannity, and our great, great american panel is with us. it's peyton manning's destiny year. you don't have to cross your fingers like you were doing. >> tennessee. >> they're not in the playoffs, what are you talking about? >> peyton manning. >> mississippi, indiana. >> college matters. >> if he starts losing, he's a stepchild. we have robert gates on the program tomorrow. i think the most serious charge is that he didn't believe that
10:38 pm
barack obama was supportive of the military. he said this on cbs. >> it's one thing to tell the troops that you support them. it's another to work at making them believe that you believe as president that their sacrifice is worth it, that the cause is just, that what they are doing is important for the country. and that they must succeed. president bush did that with the troops when i was secretary. i did not see president obama do that. >> he's saying that his heart isn't in the military effort as the chief. and he didn't think they were going to win. how would you feel if you were the mother or father of a service member fighting that war. >> name one quote that obama has specifically said that he didn't
10:39 pm
think that the troops were going to win the war. >> hang on a second. >> no, hang on a second. like this charge like it's a crime, of course obama and crimes go hand in hand. this biggest charge that gates is going to make tomorrow about the commander in chief making speeches in afghanistan to the troops that he was going to get them out as soon as possible because he didn't want gates to add more troops. that makes him bad? >> the fact that he doesn't think he can win or showing them the support, what does that say? that, to me, if i were the parent of a soldier, or a so soldi soldier, i would be livid. >> this is how the president viewed this mission and all other missions, through a political lens. he embraced a political position in the campaign and then abandoned it. but another one of these revelations was that he showed passion. the most passion that he showed was in directing the justice
10:40 pm
department to not enforce don't ask/don't tell. it tells you that he's more interested in the social engineering aspects of it than fighting the war. >> are thethere's part two in t because hillary clinton admits that her vote against the surge was entirely political. are we going to play politics with the lives of our military? that's what they're saying here. i think the worst charge you could make against the politician, that they put politics against the lives of our soldier. >> i agree with you. that president obama has been the worst for our military in the history of commanders in chief. here's my issue, though. >> wow. how? have we had one terrorist attack aside from ft. hood? >> aside from terrorism within. >> how? you make these blanket.
10:41 pm
>> it's not blanket, we've reduced their pay. the worst president for the military. i wish instead of sitting here and trying to get on the new york times best seller list he would have done their when he had the option, when he had the president's ear. he was supposed to speak on behalf of our men and women, and i would publicly resign and bring these points out when they happened. how many lives would have been saved in afghanistan or in iraq. why are we doing now to sell a book? why didn't he do this when he had the chance has secretary of defense. >> and her favorite mayor is in the news. and we have records that welfare recipients are using
10:42 pm
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welcome back to "hannity," welcome back to hannity, as we continue with our great, great american panel. why do you love this toronto mayor so much? he goes into a club and everyone wants a picture taken with this guy. why do they want a picture taken with the drunken crack smoking mayor? >> didn't he say that he has more than enough to eat at home? why is he out at the club taking pictures with girls? >> he looks happy in those pictures with those babes.
10:47 pm
>> he also mst smell. if you look closely at those pictures, his suit is wet and sweaty and disgusting. i think he is like a cartoon character. >> why do people want to be close to celebrity, even if it's a crack-smoking alcoholic mayor? >> because there is nothing more reality show than politics. he was here to take picture, and where else are you going to find better non-educated voters than at a club? >> he's running and is probably going to win unless something happens. he's been stripped of almost all his powers. so toronto will essentially be running for the city council to run the city. i don't know. maybe that's a good idea. >> according to the department of health and human services, it shows welfare resip yantss are using their money in hawaii and
10:48 pm
disney. this is why obamacare can never work. >> you got a headache, tamara? >> you better take a tylenol. >> you are so full of it. the numbers are like two point million something. i didn't know if you were a welfare recipient of maine that you can't travel outside of the state. >> you can't use your card to go to disney land. >> you can go down there and buy food at disney land. >> you can go down there and buy food with it. you can go to the grocery store down there. >> so you're going to disney and get one of those big turkey legs and a funnel cake. >> they're tracking their ebt cards when they live in maine. i'm sorry, my family did not go on a vacation because we were on
10:49 pm
a budget. >> we went on a vacation to the woods for a week. my parents invested in their kids' ed case. >> i agree tamara. there's a lot of reasons you could go on a family vacation and be on welfare at the same time. just like food stamps where there is fraud, it's fair to point out both sides. >> i'm running out of time. i want to get their in. to all your liberal friends in new york, it was no pants subway ride day. this was the new york city subway system with every dejen rat left wing, that's disgusting. do i really want to see somebody's fat rear end on a subway? no. >> can you carry your own seat cushions? that scares me. would you really want to sit on there with your bare cheeks
10:50 pm
anyway. >> sean, you're sitting behind a desk. did you wear pants today? >> that's a challenge, i have my levis on. there you go. >> i wanted to be clear. it was a little concerning. >> typical liberals don't want to see the answer. >> trust me, i would want to see a man with his pants down, just not u. >> just not me. i'd love to see a man with his pants down, just not hannity. anything else you want to add to this? >> how do you follow that comment? >> how do you follow that comment? >> you're speechless. >> i'm speechless. >> that's what my job is. >> you know whose website is going to make hay of this for the next five months. >> nobody wants to see my al baster chicken legs. >> i play ten i anis and they g
10:51 pm
down to my knees. >> your viewers don't want to know that. >> have you ever seen a basketball player's shorts? your mind is in the gutter. >> you were just talking about wanting to see a man with his pants down. >> you ruined it. >> now you've got her so hot and bothered. congratulations. mike lee is here to talk about how the president is overstepping his authority on recess appointments and other things. that much and more as we continue. business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim.
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welcome back to and welcome back to hannity. earlier today, the u.s. supreme court heard oral arguments about whether president obama overstepped his authority with three specific recess appointments. a decision is expected to come down sometime in june.
10:56 pm
more about that with senator lee. if you're going to make a recess appointment, the senate has to be in row ses to make the appointment. your reaction? >> it's a sad fact if you're the president of the united states, in order to make a recess appointment, the senate has to be in recess. unfortunately, the senate was not in recess, according to its own rules and its own journal which it's required and authorized to cope and maintain under article i of the constitution. he had no power to do that. and based on the court's reaction to the arguments today, i'm convinced the supreme court is going to reach that very conclusion. >> i know it's hard to read into what the justices may be thinking and the questions they're asking. it seemed to me like it was pretty obvious where they're going. did you get the same impression?
10:57 pm
>> absolutely. you can't always tell in every case. but in some cases you can tell where the center of gravity is. and today the center of gravity was clearly against the president. and that's for the simple reason that the text of the constitution is against the president. people complain about recess appointments all the time. but these recess appointments were different than every other recess appointment for one reason, the senate did not consider itself to be in recess. it's the president has been brazen. >> he decides he's going to delay things. they say they have the authority to do that. enforcing or not enforcing immigration law. they say they have the ability to do that. do you believe there is a systematic abuse of power and a level of lawlessness here? and if so, what do you do? >> yes, there certainly is a level of lawlessness.
10:58 pm
there is a significant rate here of this president trying to convert our government into a government of one. and it was designed, it was set up specifically to prevent that sort of thing from happening. look, this is why we are our own country. this is why we don't sa solute the union jack. we wanted to prevent the accumulation of power in the handing of the few or the hands of one person that has caused us so much suffering prior to the revolution. for this president to do this was inexcusable and unconstitutional. >> what are the examples you have? because we have co-equal branches of government, separate but equal powers. what are the examples that you see that ought to concern americans now with this white house, this executive branch. >> okay. so this president passed the dream act. congress wasn't able to get the votes to pass the dream act. so the president tried to
10:59 pm
implement the dream act on his own. the president saw that his health care law, obamacare was in real trouble. so he decided to suspend the employer mandate while leaving hardworking americans responsible for complying with the individual mandate. there are other aspects of obamacare that the president said i'm not going to implement or enforce for the first year. he does all this as though he were a law-making authority consisting of one person. and he's not. that might work in places with deck territor dictators. we vo a constitutional republic and the power of the president is limited by the constitution. he's got to follow that. >> senator. good to see you. appreciate it. we'll watch and monitor that situation closely. that is all the time we have tonight. be sure to tune in tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern for my
11:00 pm
exclusive interview with robert gates. we're going to talk about his new explosive book. a hannity you cannot afford to miss. hope you'll join us. start every morning with . they're between the ages of 18 and 34, far below the administration's goal of 38%. 79% of the people who signed up selected a plan with financial assistance. that means you, taxpayers are paying


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