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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 15, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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have the accident, the driver did, your dumb blond life flashed? ha. i've got news for you, this isn't the first time i have heard a dumb blond joke. i hope you had a great time joining us today on the real story. i'm gretchen carlson and now it's time for shepard smith. >> gretchen, proof of life, the first video in years of an american soldier held captive by enemy forces, let's get to it. >> breaking news, first this hour, at 3:00 in new york city, officials of the united states now say they have what they believe is proof of life video of the only known american service member currently held in captivity. his name, srlgt beau berdahl. he disappeared in twine.
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now they have a new video of him. this video reportedly shows srlgt bergdahl looking frail and talking about the death of nelson mandela. we knew he was held, we hadn't seen any proof that he was alive in years. >> held since 2009, but this is actually, if corroborated, the first proof of life since 2011. so on the face of it, good news for family and friends, but there are serious complexities because proof of life doesn't necessarily mean an imminent release. >> you wonder what the motivation is here and if he is alive, what this means for the future. >> it's a great question, shep, and i think what we have to do now is kind of look at the circumstances, what we are hearing is actually it's not the taliban that have got bowe, it's actually a network that works
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underneath the taliban, but they're pakistan based, they actually operate on the afghan pakistan border. what they're trying to do is fight the insurgency from pakistan. the network have links to the pakistan military authorities. and the pakistan military have refused even though we know that the senior al qaeda leadership have refused to go in and conduct operations. it's a complex situation. >> usually when someone holds someone captive, you want something. these people, have they made demands? >> apparently so, shep, what the taliban is saying is they want the release of five taliban prisoners from guantanamo bay bay. one of the big things here is the mistrust that now exists since the discovery of ubl in pakistan. the isi which is the pakistan
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equivalent of the cia they have tentacles that run all through the networks and it's absolutely essential to have the host nation on board. but there's a mistrust there because of the osama bin laden piece. so it's going to be difficult. >> can't help thinking about this man's family. >> just into the fox news desk. a drug and cheating investigation at the united states air force just got a lot bigger. a defense official now says 37 nuclear missile launch officers were involved. officials say they caught three officers with recreational drugs. these officers are responsible for overseeing our nuclear armed missiles. the air force also admits that 34 officers cheated on a recent nuclear missile certification test. the newspaper reports all of the affected service members from that area will be retested by the end of the day tomorrow. meantime in texas, a court
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could decide the fate of this brain dead woman's unborn baby, now that her husband is suing to have her removed from the machines that keep the fetus alive. according to the woman's family, doctors declared her brain dead after she collapsed nearly two months ago. at the time she was 14 weeks pregnant. officials say the law in texas is perfectly clear, and i quote, a person may not withdraw or withhold life sustaining treatment from a pregnant patient. but the family's lawsuit claims that breathing machines are not life sustaining because the patient is all right dead and has been dead for months. that's the difference between brain death and a so-called persistent vegetative state. remember the terri schiavo case in 2005. doctors said she was in a persistent vegetative state. but when doctors diagnose a
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patient as brain dead, there is zero chance by definition that he or she will ever live again, one does not rise from the dead. so in this case, legal experts say it could come down to the rights of the fetus, the condition of which is not clear to anyone. the woman's family says it may have gone without oxygen when she passed out. and her husband says he's doing what his wife would have wanted. hospital officials say they are simply following the law. casey steegal is following the story live in our dallas newsroom. did doctors say this baby could be born healthy? >> shepard, yes it k i talked to dr. mark siegel earlier today, he's a member of the fox medical aid team, and he tells me if those doctors at john peter smith hospital in fundamentalist worth where it is all playing out wait a few more weeks until the fetus is at a viable state at around 24 to 26 weeks, it's possible that babe could be delivered by cesarean and live. right now the mother is at 21
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weeks. however if there are alternative situations that we don't know about like an infection or interrupted blood flow to the fetus, the chances of the baby making it will be lower. >> every day at this hospital we have patients and families who have to make difficult decisions and in every one of those cases, our position is jps and the health care system does not change. we follow the law. >> the family's lawyer is not talking right now, they tell me they're waiting for their day in court now, shep. >> and this poor family caught in the middle of this decades long running battle between pro lifers and pro-choicers. >> there's been protests outside the hospital, a contentious issue as you can imagine and a lot of people are chiming in on social media and the like, websites. they're arguing that the texas legislature created this particular law for a reason in 1989 and it was amended in 1999
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they say to protect unborn fetuses. at least 14 states have similar kinds of laws. the national director of priests for life releasing this statement to fox news channel and i'm quoting here, the lawsuit launched by eric munos is nothing more than an attempt to kill his wife and unborn child. it is a sad mockery for the meaning of fatherhood and o love, life and law. we're just going to have toand decides on this murky law, some legal experts call it. >> that's horrifying. are you kidding me? >> oh, my goodness. mercedes cohen is with us, she's a fox news analyst who's been through this storlt of thing before. i did not know this was coming. >> unbelievable. >> think of what this poor man is going through, this woman had said to her husband, please don't ever put me on life
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support. don't ever do that. this is not life support. >> no. >> this woman is dead. a dead body is carrying a fetus and has been for two months and her husband says my wife, whom i love told me don't ever do this to me under any circumstances and i'm going to fight for what my wife wanted. >> great point, shep. and it's great that you made this distinction between this mother and terri schiavo. >> this woman is dead. >> doctors are saying it's not a persistent vegetative state, this is a woman who is brain dead. that's what the lawyers are arguing. the law is very clear that you keep a pregnant patient alive, but patient means a live patient. not a dead patient. >> once u you're dead, you're not a patient, you're a corpse. it's sad, it's awful, but it's a reality. >> i have been in this situation, and i kept my mother alive, but that was my choice, that was my family's choice. >> that was your mother's choice. >> that's correct, my mother said never put me on it.
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and this is a loving husband, we see these pictures, they have a 14-month-old at home. there's no history of domestic violence, there's no history of that he wants his wife dead. that's what's so outrageous. >> this man is in the middle of a living hell. >> unfortunately for him, it's going to come down to act -- it's a 50/50 shot whether they're going to interpret the very strict language about what it means to be a patient. corpse versus patient and the judge can rule that he not have a decision and allow this? >> outside forces are really causing havoc for this man. >> and unfortunately, because the law ask not clear, it creates more activism on the judiciary. >> when are we thinking that we're going to get that decision? >> they haven't done any sort of
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ex exsi negligent circumstances. there is no indication the child is alive, there's no indication that the child has suffered any severe damage when the mother fell unconscious. >> they don't know. >> they have no idea. so it could be all for naught this child may not survive. >> you got to feel for that man and the 14-month-old at home for whom he's now caring. all right, well, do you own an iphone or an ipad? you may have heard mine ding because i'm new to television and i forget to turn it off. you could be getting some cash back from apple if you own one of those devices. why that company has just agreed to give people tens of millions of dollars in refunds and how to know whether you're going to be able to get some of that cash. we have the answers and that's coming up on the fox news desk on shepard smith reports. on oulighter fareu. enjoy fresh tossed. go fish. and try our new rosemary garlic chicken
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$30 million and some of it could be yours. apple has now agreed to refund $30 million to parents who say their kids spent money without their permission on games and other app is from the app store n some cases the games are free, but you have to pay to unlock extra items or get virtual currency or whatever, hello candy crush, the feds say they got angry mail from parents who didn't realize they were racking up these extra charges.
12:14 pm
one dad said his three kids spent $1,500 on the free game called catfish. >> my kids thought they were spending the play money the fish bucks to buy these gold coins, when in fact they were spending daddy's money instead of fish bucks. >> apple says they recently took steps to stop kids from making unauthorized purchases. there's a way to prevent these problems from happening? >> it used to be a 15-minute window in the app store where you -- you do now have to enter your password to confirm a purchase and just regular in app purchases cannot be made automatically with a couple of clicks here and there. apple is faces at least $32.5 million in refunds for consumers, depending on how many people come forward. if you're interested in getting refund, apple has spent e-mails
12:15 pm
and postcards out to people who might have been affected. >> what's the ceo saying there? >> this smacks of double jeopardy, because they have already tried to fix this previous to the ftc complaint, but they say, look, we place our children first, safety for children is very important for apple so they'll do whatever they need. and $32.5 million or whatever, it's really drop in the bucket for apple. and right now the ceo of apple is in chandlina and they're aboo have a record break -- china mobile, the largest mobile provider in the world. and they're about to make bank on that, shep. >> jolene kent live at the business desk. some breaking news now, captain sully sullenberger heading back on to the hudson deliver to mark five years after the incredible landing that saved 155 lives. you are looking live at the
12:16 pm
hudson, this is shot from new york city. sully and some of the survivors from that day are now on board. sully as well as his first officer, members of ferry crews and some of the passengers on the plane are all taking part and the media are on a boat next to them so they can get shots of this. that's the skyline over in jersey, i guess. no, not exactly. five years ago almost to this year the us airways jet went down after investigators say a flock of birds disabled both of the engines on that jet. now they're out paying tribute to this guy. we were talking yesterday about the real fact that had sully sullenberger not been able to pull this off right now five years later, we would be mourning the loss of the 155 people who died when that jet crashed into whatevers the, it very well could have been the george washington bridges. everybody probably knows by now that is the most traveled bridges in all of the world and had it hit that bridge, which it
12:17 pm
could have, we would have had a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. leah gabriel is down in the newsroom and watching this along with it. we have told you many times, leah is a pilot herself. and to this day, it is hard to pull together the miracle that he really pulled off that day. >> you know, shep, that's true, from a pilot's perspective, you're trained to perform emergencies, you're trained to be able to handle emergencies like this, but every pilot hopes they would be able to perform like he did on a day like that. in a situation like this in new york city, if you lose your engine and you need to find a place to land, you're going to look for any place that there aren't obstacles. for him the only place he could really put it down was the hudson. the important thing to me for a pilot is he was able to do everything so perfectly. if he hadn't been at the right attitude when he landed, the plane might have done something else and there's so many things that could have gone wrong here that only really a perfect
12:18 pm
landing, the landing that he made is really what saved all these people's lives and it must have been surreal for them to be back on the hudson. >> we have heard from so many of them about what this was like coming in, flying over the bridge and realizing, okay, we're about to put this in the drink, and sully up front, and we all call him captain sully, by all accounts, as cool as a cucumber. >> he's really earned being called captain sully. it's one of those things you're trained to sound calm on the radio. especially if you're carrying passengers, it's important to sound calm. but to be able to control his voice, to be able to control everything he was doing and put it down so safely to save all these people's lives, it's something that i think people will be remembering for a long, long time. >> the pictures on the left side of the monster wall there, with the media on board with sully in
12:19 pm
the next boat and they're in the center of the screen, that's file tape of captain sully himself. he was not one who wanted to receive all these platitudes but he's gotten better at it. and over on the far end, on the right side of monster wall, that was a picture of that jet. it was just a few blocks from the studio. so many people just ran down to the river with their cameras to try to get pictures. and for everyone who skau this, it is burned into their minds, this unthinkable -- we all see this river every day, it is right next to new york and new jersey, you cannot miss it, isles part of life. and to see a jet floating down it was beyond and to the -- new york, new jersey, the port authority and nearly everyone across this city and around the world who was witness to or a part of that incredible day. if we hear from him, we'll bring him to you live. we all know how an knowing
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we could be wmgsing the end of the internet as we know it. a major ruling which could influence how much we have to pay to get online and what sites we can visit. interpr
12:24 pm
interpret providers are free to block or slow down access to any website. last year time-warner blacked out new york city for several weeks because of a dispute over fees. annal irss say that same thing could happen between time-warner verizon or comcast or even google. another scenario, you might have to pay more for specific websites, the same way you have to pay more for specific tv channels in bundles. you click through to fox and you might have to pay more to get our videos quickly. you might have to pay for more, there are a million different ways that you might have to pay. the ruling was net neutrality said the internet the equal. no matter what's there, it's all treated the same. no matter what you want, you can get it. they say that this would make for better online service. opponents say it will eventually limit our access to the internet a and could cost all of us a lot
12:25 pm
more money. joining us now is tech guru larry fisherson, he's the ceo of the telecommunications company dinah link. we preinterview all our best guests so we have a little bit of knowledge of what your position is. you said this is good for the companies and the consumers? >> absolutely. this was a terrible piece of legislation and it was a wonderful court ruling yesterday. the best thing going out there right now is the internet. the internet right now is free and open. so to call net neutrally free and open, it's not free and it's of the open. >> you sound like corporate shield. the internet is that you can use anything on the internet. so what the government is trying to do is to get in and tax it and regulate it. the carriers got to build out networks and broad banged so everybody gets that service. >> so now people with money will
12:26 pm
have more access than people without money and the whole idea about the internet in the first place was that everybody have equal access. it's not just for rich people this shoots a hole in that there. >> there are businesses that are taking up 20%, 30% of the bandwidth to -- it's a business, just like the cable business is a business. you have to get, you know, people that go ahead and advertise on the business for it to go on. what's really going to happen here is i don't think anything's going to happen, because before net neutrality, the internet's been thriving. so i don't think there's going to be any changes, i don't think there's going to be any extra charges, i think that's just a scare tactic. >> the whole internet disagrees with you, and everything you read about net neutrality and what the internet is and what it's designed to do flies in the face. who pays you? >> i have my own business, so nobody's paying, there's no
12:27 pm
conflict of interest, i'm in the telecome business over 20 years. >> why it's great for the consumer is, you have all these other businesses, google, facebo facebook, amazon that spawned from the internet. so if the internet stays open, you're going to have more entrepreneurs, you're going to have more creation of wealth around the whole country. >> the ones that are monopolizing the internet now are going to start charges more. the amazons and the googlings of the world can charge for what right now is free. people who have one will have access to that and people who don't will not. suspected that true? is that a yes or a no? >> but in the whole world, it's a profit business. if you can't afford to get a certain product and you don't make the money to get that product. then you can't get that product. this is a free market. >> but right now you can. >> it's a free market society that works. >> it's working right now just fine, isn't it? >> it is working right now. so what the government's trying
12:28 pm
to do here, is nationalize it, come in so they can tax it and regulate it and they can control it. this is the whole redistribution of wealth and getting control. it's a free market thing where a capitalist society -- >> the whole world is not a capitalize society. and i would recommend to our viewers that our viewers read about this. because it's about to change. everything is about to change. net neutrality is very near its end. if you care about the internet, google it why it's still free. we have breaking news that's come in during the course of this conversation and that is we're investigating what we believe is a military crash. i don't have many details, i'll get them at the commercial break and bring them to you right after this. well another great thing about all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars.
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a fox report now, more of the headlines from the fox news desk. divers have found a body from
12:31 pm
that crewmember of that chopper that crashed last weepg. emergency workers rescued four other crewmembers but two later died in a hospital. a homeowner says his security camera caught somebody setting fire to his house as his family slept. investigators say the suspect set more than a dozen fires in a sang jose, california and he's still on the loose. and the united nations is asking donors for morning $6 billion in humanitarian aid for this year. half the population new urgently needs help. the u.s. has given a total of nearly $2 billion since the uprising began almost three years ago. and breaking news now on fox news channel, we're investigating a report that an f-18 has crashed in the last couple of hours off the coast of virginia. details right after this. and stole her hard-earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take
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f-18 jet crashed off virginia beach. it was actually 45 miles off the coast. we are now informed by the coast guard through wavy that the pilot of this jet was recovered by a rescue team, but we don't know the pilot's condition. the u.s. coast guard cutter albacore was on scene and we believe that's where the pilot was taken. this is the same location in a general sense, off the coast of virginia a chopper crashed one week ago today during a training mission, a day before that, four crewmembers died when that air force helicopter crashed off the coast of new england. this is a single digital seat, right? >> that's right, they're saying this is a single seat f-18. that is what i flew. based on the location of where this crash is reported to have happened, it's likely the pilot was flying out of the same location that i used to fly out
12:35 pm
of, the same base which is in virginia beach. >> how often does this sort of thing happen. >> as a pilot you're always concerned if you do have a eject, you're always concerned about where you're located because you do not want to eject over a populated area. that's why our training areas are actually over water. this pilot may have been doing some tactical training and may have been doing some practice landings on an aircraft carrier. >> working 45 miles off the coast is not unusual at all? >> that is not unusual. as i said, that's where a lot of our training areas are. you have to get away from the populates area to do the tactical -- there's a lot of airplaning flying now. in this case it's wonderful that we know that the pilot has been rescued, the condition unknown at this point and there's a lot
12:36 pm
of things that could go wrong in the ejection, that's what we'll be looking at in the future. >> you had to practice ejections, i'm assuming during the course of your training. describe that. >> you actually never practice ejecting. you do it in a simulator. it didn't give you all the effects of what ejection is actually like. you pull the handle so that you have kind of gone through that motion before, so that it's something that's not unusual if you ever have to actually eject. but fortunately, i never did have to eject. >> they go through -- to extraordinary lengths to explain what this is going to feel like and what a harrowing experience this is going to be? >> more than anything, you hear from other people who have had those experiences. i remember hearing from one of my instructors in flight training who was going mach 1.0 when he ejected. one of my instructor pilots in flight school, who had a lot of
12:37 pm
flail injuries, where his limbs essentially flailed around and he broke both of his legs in that ejection. >> the air you hit must be like a wall. >> that's what i have heard, but fortunately i never had to experience that. >> the national security agency has reportedly installed software and computers afternoon the world that lets the united states government monitor those machines even if the computers are not connected to the internet. they can get to you whether u you're online or not. that's according to the reporting of the new york timgs citing nsa documents, computer experts and u.s. officials. according to those sources, the secret technology could also let the nsa launch a cyber attack. but agency officials tell us the time they use it to defend against attacks. that's what it's for. not to launch them. the targets reportedly include drug cartels and the russian and chinese militaries. other newspapers reported on parts of this program
12:38 pm
previously, using documents from the former n skrks a contractor ed snowden. the technology reportedly uses radio waves and is affecti inin hundreds -- nsa spokeswoman tells fox news and i quote, nsa's activities are focused and specifically deployed against and only against valid foreign intelligence targets in response to intelligence requirements. well, fox's senior judicial analyst is with us on the fox news desk. nothing is surprising anymore. nothing. >> what's a little different about this is that there's no flat denial by the nsa. it's basically saying to us, don't worry about it, we only use this for going after the bad guys. if you trust them, then you trust them listening to all of our e-mails, all of our texts and all of our phone calls. >> they only use this technology overseas, we don't even know
12:39 pm
what this technology is? >> no, but we understand that it is done wirelessly and it enables the nsa to hack into a computer. if they can hack into a compute never milan, italy, they can hack into a computer in hakensack, new jersey or in dallas, texas. >> the point is, if they can do it, history tells us they're going to. >> because they operate in secret t court meets in secret, the records are secret, there's no public accountability. >> and those things that are supposed to be used against terrorists also have been used against ordinary criminals and against drug dialers. >> the judge who found it constitutional said there's no evidence that it works, that the president's own appointed oversight review board that had two full-time intelligence community professionals, including a former director of
12:40 pm
the cia found that it doesn't work. >> so why are they doing it? >> they can't answer that. because -- >> does it work? >> the answer ask, we can't tell you if it works, because if we tell you whether or not it workses, we'll be spilling the beans. now that is simply not a logical argument in a free society about whether or not we're going to let the government spy on it. >> yet the number of sheeple out in this country who say oh, a allow them to do whatever they want, if they're protecting us from the bad guys, let them do whatever they want. those are going to be the ones to hold responsible when it all goes down the toilet. because if they can break ever tennant of the constitution in tramping on our lib -- >> unfortunately the majority of the congress seems to agree with the argument that you just so nicely summarized. you have on the right senator rand paul attacking it. on the left, senator bernie
12:41 pm
sanders, a socialist from vermont attacking it. but in the middle, the vast majority of both parties in both houses of congress say we got to look tough. >> got to look tough? better to be safe than sorry. >> it doesn't even work, the people have said, one has said it's unconstitutional and the president's own overseers say we don't actually think this works. and it's not effective. >> and the nsa says we can't tell you if it works because then we'll be telling you too much. look, we know this. the government has skillfully acquired the ability to destroy privacy and soon a generation of americans will come of age, children born in the past four or five years who will never know what privacy means. >> and it will be gong. >> yes. >> which it is. judge, thank you. it's our fault, specifically it's your fault if that's how you feel about it. but that's just me. a woman claims that her ex-husband held her captive in a
12:42 pm
motel and abused her for months. finally she posted a message on facebook. facebook helped police find her. thank you, facebook. i guess. bluk
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
. . a woman claims her ex-boyfriend held her against her will for months in a hotel in nevada inn. today he -- the ex-girlfriend tells police that he used threats to hold her in that motel room for six months, tlblt and beat her several times. now he faces up to 15 squeyears prison. this ex-boyfriend ordered to stay away from her among other things. >> she says that she got a restaining order against her ex-boyfriend when they lived together in minnesota. then she moved out here to
12:46 pm
california, he allegedly followed her and abducted her and he took her to a hotel about 30 miles north of las vegas. she said he would occasionally allow her to go out, but only under threat. >> he asked me to go get him beer and inge stead of going and getting the beer, i went to the library. i was scared because i didn't know who to contact or what to do at that time because i was a bit scared cthat he would kill me. >> at the library, she went on to her facebook account. she said i just want to let everyone know that i'm sorry, i want to come home but he won't let me online. the cops showed up a short time later and arrested the boyfriend. they have three children together, all of those children are in foster care because the ex-boyfriend badly abused one of them. he went to prison for that.
12:47 pm
and now sheena is now staying at that hotel working as a manager there. the place where she was held for more than six months. a tiger has killed as many as seven people and it's on the loose somewhere. that's according to government officials in india, they say the attacks happened in the last few weeks in the northern part of the country where there's a lot of forest area. now they say, thousands of villagers are staying inside while hunters search for the animal. which sounds like a very good idea. a tiger has killed seven of your neighbors so it's probably time to stay inside. chris is here, what do we got here? >> shep, they believe it's caped from the jim corbett national park, it's actually a tiger conservation. and there are about 1,400 tigers left in the wild in india, so
12:48 pm
there's one government official coming out and saying, we shouldn't kill this tiger, we should actually -- the only reason why it's going after people is because -- >> it killed seven people. >> the only reason is because its out of it's habitat. >> that would not be the argument here in the u.s. >> yeah, that's what we're hearing. >> all right, well, hopefully it doesn't kill anyone else. >> hopefully not. >> if it was one of my relatives, i would probably want to kill that tiger, just a guess. the craziest travel scams from some of the most popular destinations in all the world. think of orlando, we have specific scans that they're working out there right now. they are very clever. and we were talking about this here. like you throw a baby, but it's not really a baby. we'll show you this, hang on. thank you.
12:49 pm
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berre nine minutes before the hour, it is getting easier and easier to fall victim to scams when you're on vacation, and experts say the warning signs are popping up all over the place. they arrive at their hotel and find a pizza delivery menu at the door, so they place an order and give out their credit card numbers. and that is when they discover it is not really a pizza place at all. the person with that number now has the fast track to use the credit card or number. and her here in times square you may run into a bunch of guys who say they're budding artists, saying check out my music, and hand you a copy of a cd. never take anything from anyone in new york, walk dead ahead, it is not rude, it is right and
12:53 pm
normal, i promise. because once you get the cd in your hand ythey say it is not free, and you say no, you gave it to me, they say no, it is $50, what they will do is run screaming away, because they want to do it to everybody else. the ceo of it's your biz, happening all over the world. >> it happens all over the world. >> times square is right there, it happens. >> what upsets me, i wish these people that think of the scams could put that talent to good use and use it for something else. >> people who come here from polite land, we're not rude, we're just moving fast, when you come here from polite land, from missouri. >> i'm from missouri. >> show me, you just think i'm going to be nice to these people and they will bully the hell out of you. >> you are absolutely right, never take anything from
12:54 pm
anybody, there is no such thing as anything that is free, somebody tries to hand you something they will want something in return. >> and if there is a person at the airport saying let me take you to manhattan, they seem good, they are dressed in uniforms, do not do it. >> right, walk the other way. >> do not even look at them. don't look at anyone in new york, nobody, if you see me, don't look, keep moving. >> all new yorkers are not that bad, come on, shep, really. >> we have learned to survive by not looking at anyone, it is normal. >> even the legitimate taxi drivers in new york and las vegas -- >> las vegas is where it happens. >> you know what? if you don't know where you're going, you should call the hotel ahead of time because they will take you out of your way. i actually was scammed by a driver here in new york city, it cost me $176 to go from morning apartment to la guardia. >> uh-huh, what they're doing is, the cab driver is helping you with your bags or whatever, when you get one of your bags
12:55 pm
out the cab driver runs off with the other bag. >> what you should do is write down the taxi number and get a picture, i take a picture with my smartphone, that way i don't have to worry about losing the piece of paper. but even if it is not a scam, let's say it is a problem, you have the number. in rome, it is a fake baby scam. >> i have not seen the fake baby scam. but i have seen where the kids surround you, they try to distract you, next thing you know your wallet is gone. it happened to a business association associate of mine, what you are supposed to do when it happens is scream at the top of your lungs, that is suppose to distract the teens and they will run away. >> and like the baby, it actually -- mind the baby, mind the baby! >> let's have a little common
12:56 pm
sense here, who is really going to throw the baby, just walk on by like new york. >> last night there was a river on my street, just walked right up to the building, a nice water main break. >> i'm glad you're not my neighbor. .° like calcium supplements can help your bones, osteo bi-flex can help your joints.° osteo bi-flex... also in joint & muscle and joint & bone. if you have a buness idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reali. start your business today with legalzoom.
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. and on this day in the year 1974, the soon to be hit sitcom "happy days" first aired. and it was the letterman jacket era of the 1950s. it centered on the cunningham family, centered on the family member ritchie, played by howard. and arthur, the fonz, would eventually steal that show. happy days hung around for a while, but america first met happy days 40 years ago today. and happy days on wall street, as well, this will be
1:00 pm
the second triple digit gain in the last three months, the s&p that close to a brand-new record. we'll see how it finishes. your world with neil cavuto will fill us in, starting now. all right, fox on top of two, count them two big dramas going down right now. in the house where they are set to vote on a huge spending bill, but critics say it does not do much cutting. and in the senate, the support for marco rubio's insurance bill, remember the one that had democrats laughing before, now they're not laughing, they're fidgeting, all this drama, all your world. busy day. all right, welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto, glad to have you, first to the ruling that has republicans fuming


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