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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 15, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the second triple digit gain in the last three months, the s&p that close to a brand-new record. we'll see how it finishes. your world with neil cavuto will fill us in, starting now. all right, fox on top of two, count them two big dramas going down right now. in the house where they are set to vote on a huge spending bill, but critics say it does not do much cutting. and in the senate, the support for marco rubio's insurance bill, remember the one that had democrats laughing before, now they're not laughing, they're fidgeting, all this drama, all your world. busy day. all right, welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto, glad to have you, first to the ruling that has republicans fuming big time,
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held insurance subsidies in 42 states covered by insurance. the judge set in motion something that taxpayers will regret. first, kate rogers, what is creating all the fuss, what is going on here? >> well, this is a huge day for obamacare, so much going on, first the federal judge ruled against the plaintiffs in the case, across six different states. now they say because their state choose not to set up an insurance exchange that their taxpayer cash should not go towards subsidizing on the federal health care exchange. they lost, they're appealing, i spoke with their attorney today, they believe it could reach as high as the supreme court. >> all right, if it does not go their way, eventually then these exchanges are not only in a heap of trouble, but the insurance companies behind them. >> that is right, as of now, the subsidies in these 34 states
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hold up the employer mandate which holds up businesses with 50 employees or more, if they don't have coverage,are held in. it is a pretty big ruling. if the supreme court, if it gets this high they could rule in their way. >> and the argument you hear for a lot of people is the obama white house, just from the number two democrat in the house yesterday, said hey, the wind has shifted and it is going in our favor and for the health care law. is there a sentiment here that more people are signing up, albeit slowly, clumsily? are there a lot of hurdles? >> people are scared of these hurdles, as you brought up, the marco rubio bill is gaining attention, young people are not signing up. so the risk corridor. >> well, they're signing up but
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not in the numbers they need. >> right, they're signing up, but the risk corridors will kick in, meaning taxpayers could be potentially on the hook to bail out the insurance companies. >> we were sitting here while shep was wrapping up his show, 40 years ago today. she was not even alive. man, oh man, that will do it for you. meanwhile, with the obama health care costs mounting, michelle bachmann, it appears that taxpayers could be the ones paying. good to have you congresswoman. the fear is we're setting ourselves up for a nasty surprise, right? >> oh, we totally are, they would not be able to fix the house rules the way obama fixed the house rules for obamacare. always for the government's favor, for the insurance company's favor, this is a total bailout for the insurance companies. it is heads, insurance companies win, tails, insurance companies
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win. and who loses, neil? not only your viewer, but the people who pay the insurance premiums. in other words, people could never win. i think the democrats are going to run away in droves. and i think charles krauthammerer was right. he suggested in the debt ceiling bill that we attach marco rubio's bill, and who in their right mind would stand for the bailout for the insurance companies, because they're the only one -- >> congresswoman, whether you're for or against, there were almost too many and too big to fail. the argument could be, whatever you feel about the health care law, it could set in motion a cascade of problems. what do you say? >> well, what the american people don't want is to have bailout fever, which is
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essentially to infinity and beyond. what this is is a hidden omission in the health care bill. they knew it would not work. that was the essence of the insurance companies was, figuring out what the cost of the risk is. and the obama administration took out the fundamental feature of insurance industry, which is costing out risk. now, there is no cost on risk. because we will all bear the risk, not the insurance companies. it is mandated profit for insurance companies to the detriment of the little guy in the united states. no self-respecting democrat or republican or independent should ever stand for that. >> do you ever fear, though, congresswoman you could be getting set up here? not you specifically, but politicians in general may be pushed into doing something that
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kills the insurance companies, maybe for perfectly valid reasons, and we the white house insurance, which is what they wanted all along? >> oh clearly it is what they have wanted all along. the flat out plan, this is what president obama said, this is his transitional plan, a semi-nationalization of the health insurance system. but the american people have seen what an absolute flop the plan is, so they want the barack obama care on steroids? >> think about what you're saying, you then push the health insurance companies to the brink, which seems very likely, then they do go on the brink, you don't rescue them, then we do have the single payer system, then we do have the government running the whole show. >> what is miraculous about the american people, we always come up with a better mouse trap.
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so there are already entrepreneurs who have come up with new and better ways of the health insurance -- >> i don't know, we came up with the tarp stuff and the bank rescues, and i don't know, stuff we come up with in the heat of the night often we regret it in the morning. >> neil, you're talking to the voice that was the loudest opposing the obamacare, and frank dodd, i was there before talking about what we needed to do next. >> all right, congresswoman, thank you for coming. all right, in north carolina, guess what prominent democrat was not there? do you begin to see a pattern here? i'm only in my 60's.
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all right, i want to take a look at something here, we were just having fun before. it was the president's event, i want you to look close, a lot of people there but guess who is missing? probably none other than north carolina democratic senator kay hagen, who is in a tough fight, polls show her lead is slipping. maybe others because of obama care are trying to keep their distance from the president. seems pretty odd, we're seeing more and more of it. what do you make of it? >> well, i think this is definitely a sign where they see the general electioni ending up down the road. kay hagen, the vote is split, a couple of months later much
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because of obamacare implementation she is now trailing all of those guys in a recent poll out of north carolina about this race. so that is certainly dangerous for her. and the big drag is obamacare, people do not approve of it in north carolina, it has never been popular. but at 42% approval rating among independents, much lower, i believe in the high 30s or low 30s so it is very bad for her. and her approval level is falling with it. >> you know, we were told give it time, give it six months and you will have a very, very different feel for obamacare, what he calls affordable care act, i guess obamacare is so yesterday. do you agree they're sort of ironing out a lot of the problems and the trend could be their friend? >> i think there is merit that people could end up liking the entitlements, we've seen that in other government care products.
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but the problem with this it sort of blew up on the launch pad. they said since 2009, people are going to love it. every year when something goes bad and blows up, they say just wait, 2014 will be the time, everybody will love it. i'm afraid for them not getting any better before november because these are going to be -- it is like the world's worst jinga tower, so everything that fails makes something else fail. the interesting thing today is hagen is trying to stay away from the president and he goes down there and gives a speech and says i want to make a point, thank you, senator hagen, for all the great work you're doing. she has to be in a hotel, wherever she is, face palming, we're very polite people in north carolina, that is where i'm from. she may want to send him a no
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thank you, note -- >> catherine hamm, thank you very much. as we were chatting, looks like that spending bill, it was that omnibus bill, it is just so big, keeping the government open, doors open, lights on, looks like it did pass, but a lot of critics say it really is not worth the fuss because it doesn't do much in terms of cutting. switching gears a little, senator to address that. what do you think of this spending measure? most everybody wanted to avoid a government shutdown or any soap opera or drama. but a lot of conservatives in your party are saying if this is the best we can do, no thank you. >> yes, we just got it about 24 hours ago, as you can imagine i have issues with it. it uses what i think are gimmicks taking some of these mandatory programs assuming savings that are not really going to be there.
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we're looking at it. good we're not shutting down government. it is good there are restraints in spending, that is true. by some accounts we've made progress keeping spending in place and keeping it on the domestic discretionary side of the budget. but i also see some concerns with it. >> you know there is some divide with the republicans, and i am just trying to make sense of the numbers. they did say the republicans really have to fight the good fight here and that by just trying to avoid the government shutdowns, not getting too vitriolic, or on the main stream, all would be good. they argue in the longer term it will not. so you're kind of selling your soul. what do you make of that? >> well, the big problem is not what we're talking about right now. the big problem is two thirds of the budget not being appropriated, you and i talked about this a number of times. let's face it, one third of the budget we're arguing about, we
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ought to restrain that as much as possible. i would like to have the lower numbers. the reality is that has been flat in the past few years, the projection includes the department of defense, by the way. two thirds of the budget that is not being appropriated that is on auto pilot is called mandatory spending. that is the part that is growing the fastest, obviously the biggest part of government. the health care entitlements alone, which is the biggest part of that are projected to grow 100% in the next ten years while the discretionary spending limit is supposed to be flat. so that is where there is a lack of political courage. you and i talked about this before, if you don't get to the unsustainable spending on the entitlement programs -- >> yeah, but we never do. every talks a good game, but they never do. and sometimes the adjustments are minor, like inflation, and they just can't agree.
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>> we have to start, as you know i made a proposal a few weeks ago in the context of the budget to say okay, let's just say under medicare that there would be means testing under part b, which is hospitalization and doctors -- it is doctor's visits. and also under part d, which is prescription drugs. if you increase that means testing slightly you can save about $56 billion over the next ten years based on the president's own budget. but in the next ten years you save about $450 billion. so that is what you have to do. some slight changes now, medicare means testing should be something that democrats and republicans should agree on, at a time with $17 trillion debt. and actually i think that number is low because it doesn't take into effect all the unfunded government programs, so that is what we're talking about. i don't blame kay hagen for not going down to see president obama. we now have the lowest
1:18 pm
participation rate in years, 7 347,000 people left the work force last month, we're told. it is not only that we have this debt that we're not addressing, but we also have a weaker economy that leads to other issues. we have real problems in washington, the president needs to lead and leadership means working with us on this entitlement reform issue. and also working with us to try to get the economy moving. >> both of you have to make the tough decisions on the entitlements. hope springs eternal, as you say, senator. >> we have to do it, neil, with the deficit, thank you for having me on, buddy. >> senator rob portman. will the senate crackdown intelligence operations leave the land well cracked. and a list that may have you ticked off. ♪
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well, ahead of the president's big change in plans for the national security ages, a report that the nsa is spawning nearly 100,000 computers around the world, implanting software to help defend the u.s. against cyber attacks, security analysts are aware of the crackdown that could put us at even more risk. so you're of the prevailing view that they're going too far. you say you don't want to go. reverse this, explain. >> well, i think that the bottom line is we're in the middle of a war. and i believe that war is not going particularly well, and this is a bad time to be wrecking what is possibly one of the most important if not the most important means we have of
1:23 pm
trying to discern what people who are increasingly tech savvy, what are very much determined adversaries, they're security conscious and they're relentless in their efforts to kill americans, i think it is not a good time to be -- >> but frank, if you're going to collect over 100 million americans' phone records or you know, one out of three e-mails, you know, whatever you're going to do. and it has been proven up to this point there is very little spying bang for the buck here. then i'm beginning to wonder if we're doing this this -- this the wrong way. >> well, neil, i think it is a question of insurance, you talked about michele bachmann earlier. i believe that they have become increasi
1:24 pm
increasingly adept what our capabilities are, especially with help from areas like "the new york times," and edward snowden. i'm not sure we're staying ahead of it. i think it is a very high probability that we'll find enemies of this country taking advantage of capabilities that we have lost through one way or another. and by the way, these are not the sorts of things, the disclosure in the new york city times today. and that is 100 million computers offshore. those are not american computers in this country. and that is the kind of thing that i think they should be able to monitor -- we're losing our capabilities. >> chinese computers, russian computers, bad guys, presumably, we have to keep on top of that but i just wonder if there is a middle ground here, when even the author of the patriot act says well, we could kind of pull back here, you say no? >> no, i'm saying there is a middle ground, that is what my
1:25 pm
sense is. i think that at the moment we have private protections constitutional rights. we have oversight of the government. i think the question is are we going to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water. that is what the president will talk about tomorrow, we'll have principles that will stay the course in terms of the middle ground that balances privacy and national security. >> frank, thank you very much, interesting stuff. and in the meantime, the government not stopping, we're dropping. bumped out of the top ten three economies of the world, hong kong, singapore, australia, don't even get me started on t estonia. we should own this list. >> we were just ahead of bahrain, i've been there, freedom was not the thing that came to my mind. we're right next to them on the
1:26 pm
list. i mean, when you go to social studies class they have the long span and it shows you freedom on one end and equality on the other. i think that is what this is all about. we moved in this direction towards economic equality, equality outcome, and we have sacrificed our freedom for that. and you have to wonder what that means. i think it means a less productive society. if there was going to be equality outcome, why would i be here? i am sorry, i'll stay home and take a nap. >> you know, charles, i wanted to cut to the chase with this survey, what it says. i call it the where can i go that is the least pain in the ass, we are 12 on the list as the most attractive places to go. do you buy that? >> i do buy that, i got to tell you if you want to get into the list, government size is one of the biggest reasons why.
1:27 pm
physical freedom we rng ank 154. even the polls show that americans think that is outrageous, government cannot be 40% of gdp, that is where we are when you take in all governments. >> but the rules and regulations are a big part of it. even people coming to this country say it is such a hassle in your country, such a hassle and when that is a frenchman telling you that, that is not good. >> yeah, it is about regulations, about how hard it is to start 70 business, to borrow money, how much taxes you pay and how much you get to keep. and it takes away the incentive of people to go out and do things like hire other people. i mean, you don't want to take this away from folks because that is why our economy is not growing like it used to. that is why it is meaningful? >> to use the word "incentive." i mean if you push the reward --
1:28 pm
indifference, it is a serious witches' brew. >> and when everything else hits the sand, money doesn't go to them, it goes to us. >> it goes to our treasury, you have to remember, $16 trillion economy, we're talking about growing the economy. i tell you what, a lot of money is going to hong kong and singapore and going to the places on this list ahead of us right now. and that is where we're talking about, our kids, we're the economic opportunities for all the kids in this world right now. we keep making it harder for ours. >> but you also argue we were sending the wrong message out there, right? i mean, it is a little bit -- >> it is about -- i mean, we're human beings, after all. we're motivated by our own self interests. you can't get away from that. if we tell folks we're going to make sure the outcome is the same for everyone. i am going to stay home with my kids and take a nap.
1:29 pm
what is the incentive? i happen to like my children for now, they're still young. >> all right, melissa, thank you very much. if she doesn't take a nap on her show. there you go, and charles, he is on everything. meanwhile, i don't know if these guys remember this. five years ago on this very show, do you remember what was on this very screen? it was a u.s. airplane that went down tonight. a u.s. air flight bound for charlotte, north carolina. there's a saying around here, you stand behind what you say. around here you don't make excuses. you make commitments. and when you can't live up to them, you own up, and make it right. so people think the kind of accountability has gone missing in e placesets where it's needemost. but i know you'll still find it when you know where to look.
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well, someone has some explaining to do. two republicans want some answers, they want to know how an obama donor ended up with the conservatives? she has given thousands to the re-election campaign to say nothing of the democratic national party, as well. enter becky garrison, who said she was targeted by the irs, becky, good to have you. now, the argument for the irs turning a blind eye to some political affiliation or donations, that should not matter here. i think you and other lawyers have argued, well that is the whole issue is that the irs has deliberately targeted folks because of their affiliation, and so putting a woman in charge of the investigation given all of her affiliations smacks of
1:34 pm
hypocrisy, right? >> absolutely, and i think this is just an out and out phoney investigation. how can they say they're investigating -- how can they say that no criminal charges are going to be filed when they haven't even interviewed the victims? >> now, apparently drawn on the list of folks they want to talk to, i don't know if you're among those. i talked to some of the colleagues and lawyers who say no date and time has been set but that they are going to talk to them. my immediate reaction was wow, i thought all of that happened a long time ago. >> well, here we are eight months later. out of the 41 clients from the aclj, which we're a part of, only three have been contacted so far. and our group was not contacted. >> do you know any of the reason for that? or has anyone at the irs said we're overwhelmed? we have a lot going on, anything? >> no, i don't know the reason but it seems like it is pretty obvious when they're putting the
1:35 pm
head investigator who is quite a significant financial supporter to this president that there really is no intention of getting to the bottom of it. >> you know, becky, i've been thinking of you this week, where we have been fascinated with governor chris christie and what he knew regarding the bridge closures. and there are some senators that think maybe this warrants some federal attention and investigation. and i didn't see and don't see the same zeal when it comes to things like what happened to you and folks at the irs? seems like there might be a double standard. >> yes, when you look at some organizations, like the national organization for marriage, they testified when i testified back in june, the irs leaked their confidential donor information to their opposition group. that is a felony right there. and that just seems to be sweat under the rug. >> it is not worthy of a criminal examination which already lowers the bar for how
1:36 pm
big a deal it is. >> and lois lerner, some of the applications that were targeted were not even sent to ncinnati. under her direction, they were sent to washington, yet she comes out publicly and says it is rogue agents in cincinnati. that was a bald-faced lie. >> i just say be consistent to your point, such as with chris christie, the administration would have known about these targets. but becky, good to have you on again. >> thank you. well, do any of you remember this? five years ago today, the u.s. airways flight bound for charlotte, north carolina, came down within minutes, but apparently intact. >> may have hit a bird in flight. >> i don't know who the pilot was on board this flight but this pilot is a walking miracle himself. >> the pilot warned them to brace for a hard impact. >> looks like it is sinking
1:37 pm
rather quickly right now. >> it is so cold here today, if you can only imagine what the people are going through. >> the rescue boats got there very, very quickly. within a couple of minutes people scrambled out of their seats, got onto life rafts. >> reminds you that money matters, but for the 151 survivors on this flight i have a feeling that something else matters a little more. five years, captain sullenberger went on to become a hero that day. today, he was meeting with, well, the rescuers and the surviv survivors who owe their lives, at least as survivors stand, to him. and this wine, not that one, can they do that? we report. you go ahead and cry. >> therefore, they they have a
1:38 pm
right to deny or allow whoever they want in. >> just think about it. no matter the type of restaurant, kids got to eat, too. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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well, imagine you're at a very fancy, pricey restaurant and there is a baby at the table next to you. the baby starts to scream. that is what happened to customers over at chicago's restaurant, apparently, the average price of an item on the menu, about $210 per person, and the chef is deciding on a ban against kids, we asked you if that will fly. >> if people want to go out to fancy restaurants then they should get a baby-sitter. >> if we don't teach them manners on how to behave in public, when will they learn? >> people expect a certain quality in a restaurant, they should be able to be free of noise and disruption. >> well, some think it will not
1:42 pm
be a bad idea. lisa, why does it make perfect sense to you? >> look, i think it is a private enterprise, and part of the restaurant's policies. if they decide they don't want to serve children, they're better off catering to just adults, they're not breaking the law. >> and this is not the olive garden, nothing wrong with them, by the way, what do you think of this? >> well, certainly they will alienate people offended by the ban. >> well, do you think people paying that will be offended? >> well, people paying that much should be able to bring their children with them. not all children are noisy or misbehaved. >> i think most 8 month-olds are. not that that is bad. >> sometimes the babies, the little ones are the best ones
1:43 pm
because they sleep. >> if you slip them a little vodka -- >> remember, adults, they don't always behave well -- >> the parents have the responsibility to keep their kids behaving -- >> hard to do with an 8 month-old, though. >> and maybe the restaurant should have been giving them a better policy, to have a credit to come back -- really, a child, small child, even walt disney has restaurants for adults over a certain age, they're selling the ambience, most of them are high priced. >> well, why didn't the couple get a sitter. >> that is the problem, they did, the sitter cancelled last minute, and whatever the situation was with the restaurant, either they didn't accommodate or didn't ask. >> so they just came in with the baby. >> right, and we don't know what
1:44 pm
happened, maybe they asked -- >> maybe they slipped in a code. >> so really the restaurant should have done something to maybe change it around. >> all right, now of course, the restaurant has a stigma attached to it. the fear could be don't go to that restaurant, it allows screaming kids. >> this restaurant, in particular, you have to prepay, and the environment, if they chose to be that type of restaurant, similar to like a james beard in new york city, you don't expect to go there -- and i have a 6-year-old and an 11-year-old, the 6-year-old is perfectly behaved, my 11-year-old -- >> my kids are not even welcomed at ponderosa, my kids are very loud, they're very loud, go figure with me as a dad, they're very loud. anyway, ladies, thank you very much. we just heard that the house approved that trillion-dollar plus spending bill.
1:45 pm
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well, once again it looks like the government will avoid a shutdown or any disruption at all. the house just spending a trillion dollar spending bill. i say it is not all done yet because not all republicans are jazzed about it. we'll talk to senator john mccain about all of this. but you may remember it started a fight in the republican party, those who wanted to risk a government shutdown rather than have the cuts. senator, happy new year to you, are you happy about this? >> i'm -- yes, but there is still pork in it. and a lot of unnecessary projects. but overall, i guess it is about as good as you can expect.
1:49 pm
but look, it is better than shutting down the government. and hopefully, maybe when next year rolls around and we have control of the senate we can enact some really meaningful spending cuts. there is some smoke and mirrors in this one. >> yeah, it wouldn't be the first one as you reminded me senator. but a lot of tea party conservative members say we're just giving up the fight. we're just giving up the fight. what do you say? >> well, i say when we win elections we can really do what we need to do. when we're in a minority and two of the three branches of government, the presidency held by a democrat, the senate majority being democrats, it is hard for us to be as real effective. and when you shut down the government, it really is harmful to a lot of innocent citizens, particularly when there was no way we were going to succeed in de-funding obamacare.
1:50 pm
because it would have taken 67 votes in the united states senate to overturn a presidential veto. so it was a fool's errand, and it hurt my state a great deal. for example, in arizona we turned away 600,000 people from our national parks. you know, we don't want to do that to people. of people who are not government workers but who permanently lose that income. >> you mention it's a fool's errands. does it make ted cruz a fool? >> no, look, i respect ted cruz and rand paul and mike lee and these people that wanted to do that. i just think we had a disagreement about strategy and tactics. the goal is the same. we share the same goal. and so look, these are people who are representing their state. they ran saying they would do everything in their power to defund obamacare, and they're keeping their promises to their constituents.
1:51 pm
my difference with them is that this won't work and the american people hardly disapprove of it, they don't like government, but they don't want it shut down. >> let me ask you about this effort on the park of your colleague, marco rubio, out there, to not bail out insurance companies if they're up against the wall, as we do with many of the banks five years ago. are you for that? >> absolutely. i'm for it, and i appreciate marco's leadership on this. we bailed out the car companies. i believe it was chrysler that cost us, i have forgotten how many billion, now owned by an italian company, but people like cars. >> you're against italians? >> nothing, nothing, but i don't like bailing out italian companies. that's all. but the effect is, it's just people that i'm concerned about. >> his fear is, you know, that's what the administration is bucking for, and we have to stop it. do you think he's right?
1:52 pm
>> i'm absolutely sure he's right. already, the handwriting is on the wall. they're not going to get enough young people that are going to subsidize older people and their health care needs. we see that coming along a lot of other problems. so i think marco rubio is really ahead of the curve here, and i think we should do it. if we had snun votes in the senate, we might be able to achieve that, neil. >> you might be able to. john mccain, your italian comments not with standing, always a pleasure and an honor. be good. thank you, senator. we'll have more right after this.ekni ts are for favorites. olive garden's signature favorites now just $10. including everyone's favorite fettuccine alfredo and our classic lasagna. plus uimited soup or salad, and warm breadsticks. signature favorites nojust ten dollars, mondhrough thursday, at olive garden.
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1:56 pm
care law time, and you sprinkle it with politicians demanding higher gas taxes. folks hit a boiling point. tyler, that's it. i'm moving to canada. olymp olympia, it hit me, i have to kill myself. game over, country over. marion, cape may, everyone in or connected to politics are inherent liars. not everyone. bill offers me this advice. stay on the collective asses of these thieving you know whats. the time has come to call them to task, especially when it involves broken promises. even if steny hoyer insists when it comes to the "you can keep your doctor" show, we just didn't hear it right. shawn in new york said, is he kidding or am i the fool for believing it? ne neil, i had to put on my farm boots when steny was talking. alex, okay, he's a jerk, but caputo, you're an even bigger jerk for having him on and
1:57 pm
getting ugly with the guy. you're both what's wrong with the country. he's snide and you're stupid. well, yeah. ed via gmail, you let hoyer off the hook. he just blabbed the same bs, shame on both of you. then the conservative conservative who wants to hike am minimum wage to $12 an hour and says we'll be the better for it. as you pointed out, this guy got rich selling his company to moody's where i bet you won't fike a single worker close to minimum wage. earl in topeka, why do so many millionaires have a guilt complex about their money? they feel free to offer their nickel and dime advice to those who aren't as fortunate. rick, via yahoo, he tried to give the minimum wage hike credit for lowering unemployment in california. you caught him on that statement, properly crediting the national economic boon at the time.
1:58 pm
tex in texas, the do good ers ae so removed from reality, they saent accept the consequences of their actions. dale says maybe large companies like walmart and mckhanldonald' absorb this. as a small business, minimum wage has a larger ripple effect. i'm a small biz owner and we have no minimum wage employees, but if we had to raise to $12 an hour, we would also have to raise the manager's wages and couldn't afford the increase. i'm so angry with these lunatics, i want to slam my head into the tv and end it all, but my wife enjoys your show and we have only one tv. neil, you take 93 prisoners and suffer no fools. you make it on your brains, sorry, not on your looks. keep fighting. >> that's very nice. funny or no, my point is this. all these issues share one common worrisome thing. they know better than you.
1:59 pm
they know better what to do with your money than you know what to do your money or anybody else knows to what to do with their money. more than small business guys who are pretty good at dealing with money or average americans who are pretty good at seeing they're paying more money for health care if they still have it, or average taxpayers who are pretty good at seeing they're running out of money and don't fancy paying still more in tax money. it is taxing. it is infuriating, it is galling and insulting. what cuts us to the core are the do-gooder doofuses refusing to cut us a break. if they're not taxing with us their preaching, they're taxing us period with their spending. then they wonder why we're spent. in one single hour, we summed it up in one show, this one reality, and it's clear as a bell to me. they are not looking out for us. they keep this up, they're going to kill us. and we're going to be all over this tonight because we're going
2:00 pm
to blow apart the business show tonight, lookinga at how good intentions end up costing through through the nose, especially when we don't follow any of the mistakes that we had with corrections. we just compound the sin, tonight on fbn. hello, everyone. i'm andrea tan tearose along with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, and greg gutfield. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> well, president obama was telling americans one thick about our mission in afghanistan and telling his aides another behind closed doors in 2010. that from the former secretary of defense in his administration who just did a cable news interview with our own sean hannity last night. >> as late as december of 2010, he was still going out in front of the public and announcing the results of the latest review and saying, you know, we're moving ahead. we're doing a good job.


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