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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 15, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

7:00 pm and there are thoughts on there how i changed my life and got to a very, very happy place. thank you, everybody for watching. this is "the kelly file." see you tomorrow. and this is a fox news alert, the senate intelligence committee releases its explosive report about what the obama administration knew and when about the benghazi terror attack that left four americans dead back in september of 2012. the key finding, this tragic event was indeed preventible. and in just a few moments, senator marco rubio, a member of that committee will be here to weigh in on this revelation. but first, that is just part of what you can expect on tonight's jam-packed edition of "hannity". >> that is outrageous. it is contrary to our traditions. people have to be held accountable. >> the president vows to get to the bottom of the irs targeting
7:01 pm
scandal. >> i have no paitience with it. i won't tolerate it. >> but 247 days later, the justice department claims there is no evidence to warrant criminal charges. >> it only leads us to guess about their motives, why are they protecting the irs? why won't they get to the bottom of it? >> could this be another obama administration cover-up in the making. plus, the panel tackles today's most outrageous videos. and jimmy kimmel tees off on obamacare in an epic rant that you don't want to miss. >> you know, if you want young people to sign up, maybe you shouldn't have made the law that you can stay on your parents' plans until your 26? what kid is going to say no, thanks, i got my mom and dad's plan. and the most hateful tweets sent their way. so tonight, the obama
7:02 pm
administration has a lot of explaining to do. the senate report reveals the intelligence community knew almost immediately the attack that left four americans dead had absolutely nothing to do with the youtube video. now on page 23, it reads, eyewitness statements by personnel indicates there were no protests at the start of the attacks. the report goes on to read on september 15th, the chief of staff sent an e-mail detailing the attacks were not because of quote, an escalation of protests. that is september the 15th. and do you remember what happened that same day? well, this administration made a mockery of this man, remember the filmmaker responsible for the youtube video? well, they paraded him for all the world to see in cuffs as if he were the guy responsible. well, guess what? his amateur video was not the blame and the administration knew it and knew it at the time. and this is where things get worse for them. the very next day, susan rice,
7:03 pm
ambassador, went on five different shows, spewing these lies. >> this was not a pre-planned attack, what happened was this was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a result of the video. and later, the cia reviewed the close circuit video, and it showed there were no protests prior to the attacks. and so by this point on september 18th, no one should be blaming the youtube video, right? oh, but of course, that didn't stop the president from making these unfounded claims several days later. take a look. >> that is what we saw play out in the last two weeks is a crude and disgusting video, sparking outrage throughout the muslim world. now, i have made it clear that the united states government had nothing to do with this video. >> all right, it is exhausting
7:04 pm
just trying to explain the white house's stupidity on this. and this is why it is i infuriating when hillary clinton said this. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> senator clinton, makes a huge difference, especially since on page 40 of the report it says that quote, individuals affiliated with the terrorist groups, including s hharia network, participated in the 2012 attacks. these were not guys out on a walk, madam secretary, they were al-qaeda-related terrorists. joining me now, marco rubio on the intelligence committee. good evening, sir. >> hi, sean, how are you? >> i can't help but conclude that everybody knew the truth, knew it from the get-go and
7:05 pm
purposely lied. do you make any other conclusion. >> three things, one you illustrated. there is a narrative on al-qaeda, al-qaeda is in retreat and incapable of carrying out an attack like this. not only do they do this in libya, we see them reforming in africa and syria and iraq. it shows a blind spot that the administration has and in this case, perhaps withholding information from the american public when they knew better. here are two points, number one, there was a steady stream of reporting that this facility in benghazi was in grave danger. that this was a very dangerous place. there were attacks against the facility before. the u.k. had already pulled out. the red cross pulled out. they didn't have enough security. maybe they shouldn't have been there in this process, who is responsible for that? the buck stops with hillary clinton. here is the other thing i would say, there is no plan in place,
7:06 pm
not enough military assets ready to deploy if they needed to rescue people. so you have this dangerous place, they knew it was dangerous, they didn't provide security and didn't have a plan to extract people, and people need to be held accountable. >> this could have been prevented if they listened to ambassador stevens, is that fair? >> it could have been prevented if they provided more security or potentially closed down this facility. >> and what about as we learned, fox news's james rosen's comment on this, that as relates to benghazi, the president's military people, the day of the attack while the attack was going on were informed this was a terrorist attack. that is what they were told and that is what they believed as they were going to see the president. so isn't it logical we can conclude the president knew while the attack was going on it was a terror attack? >> i think it is clear even after they knew it was linked to terrorist elements, and people linked to terrorists, they still
7:07 pm
continued to stay say it was an attack. from the very beginning that never made any sense. you don't bring shoulder-fired rockets, the kind of armaments -- >> you don't have shoulder-fired missiles when you go into a protest. good point. >> they knew it was a dangerous place, they had a steady stream of intelligence telling them this facility in benghazi is a very dangerous place. from that, they should have done one or two things, close it down like the brits had done, or provide more security, they didn't have military assets to rescue these people. >> so they could have prevented it before. and could have helped during, and the big cover-up afterwards, susan rice, hillary clinton, and barack obama lied. do you have any doubt in your mind when they blamed this guy for the youtube video, they knew within days it didn't happen.
7:08 pm
do you have any doubt they consciously lied to the american people? because i have no doubt. >> yeah, their narrative was pretty clear, remember this was in the middle of the presidential campaign. and the narrative the president was putting out, osama bin laden is done and kal-qaeda is runnin. you can't say that, and then say oh, by the way, al-qaeda is attacking innocent civilians. >> so to win an election, they wanted to blame any controversy before this election. they purposely lied and go out there because they screwed up before, during and after. and by the way, now, this report wouldn't have come out without democratic support. that is interesting to me. now, what recourse do you have when the president of the united states and the white house is lying so clearly to the american people, what do we do? >> we haven't spent any time on this whatsoever. that is state department accountability.
7:09 pm
they are responsible for the diplomats stateside and abroad. the committee i serve on is the foreign relations committee. behind that one hearing last year where secretary clinton said, where it showed the clip, what difference does it make? it has done nothing on this issue. the time has come for the committee to have hearings and conduct its own investigation, as to why the state department, knowing what it knew about benghazi didn't provide security to keep these people alive and prevent this tragedy from happening. >> all right, senator, we'll continue to follow it. the families that lost loved ones and those that were injured, they deserve answers. and will we ever hear from the witnesses? will we ever be able to interview them? >> well, again, i hope we have foreign relations hearings so we can call them and testify about what happened that day. >> a lot of cover-up, by the way, if you like your plan you can keep your plan. and coming up, how can the
7:10 pm
justice department say they found no evidence to warrant criminal charges on the target scandal. and today, we reach out to other groups saying they were unfairly taxed. and to their surprise, the agency never contacted them. we have exclusive information on the cover-up for that. and more on the jersey shore, we continue to dumb down society, the new program, party down south. our great american panel will target that. that is coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] to truck guys,
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and welcome back to "hannity." the department of justice is facing a major backlash after revealing that fbi officials found no evidence warranting criminal charges in the irs targeting scandal. now, needless to say the groups who were unfairly attacked by
7:14 pm
the agency were outraged. and now we received information from the justice group. they are targeting 41 of the agents, and they saint is mindboggling how they can conclude that no charges will be brought against these people, those who faced the illegal actions by the irs have never been interviewed by the fbi. this quote says, tea party patriots nor attorneys have ever been contacted by the fbi regarding an investigation. now, one of the first steps in a possible criminal investigation is to contact the victim of the said crime. how can the fbi prevent to be thorough without actually talking to us. here with us, tucker carlson, and fox political analyst, juan williams, juan, we know for a fact that a number of conservative groups were targeted. that is not in dispute.
7:15 pm
if they're going to have an investigation don't you actually need to talk to the victims and let them tell you what they have been through? >> i think you have to look to see if there are specific violations of the code in the law here, sean. the law would say were you hunting for enemies? were you lying, did you improperly apply the law in a way to target the groups? and what they found, this was an fbi run by james comey, a republican who gave to mitt romney, what he found so far is there is no evidence. >> well, we know, tucker, from the hearings involved in this case. number one, lois lerner pled the fifth. but more particularly, this went all the way to washington. and others said they in fact testified and were getting their orders from washington who is denying that they did that. that seems like a cover-up. we don't know exactly what
7:16 pm
happened. as you noted, the justice department is not interviewed. a lot of wronged parties here, you can't imagine that happening if the targeting had been somebody in the administration. if somebody in the planned parenthood or the abortion clinic, you think there wouldn't be charges? you think every single person potentially wronged wouldn't have been interviewed by the fbi? this is the unequal application of the law, and it is scary, even if you're a liberal, you should be bothered by this. >> and juan, i'm surprised by you, this is nearly 330 groups target h targeted. if this was a liberal group, i would be just as outraged. you don't want the government trying to stop the political speech and going after the enemies. >> you're right, either side, republicans, democrats, libertarians, if the irs punished their enemies, we would be screaming from the roof tops.
7:17 pm
>> why did they tell us, the american people that these were rogue agents in senate and the agents in cincinnati say they were taking their orders from washington. doesn't this warrant a deeper investigation? >> apparently they did a deeper investigation, and said the people applying the law, but to occupy -- you know, it seems to me what you and tucker are doing is searching for victimhood here, there bbut there is no ev guys. >> let me give you a piece of evidence. remember the context here, it took place during the presidential campaign. and during that entire period there was not a single tea party affiliated group granted nonprofit status. not a single one. that is pima -- prima facia
7:18 pm
evidence, they should be as mad about the bridge thing in new jersey, where are they now? they should be looking a at the obama administration. >> but tucker, there are literally e-mails with the bridge in new jersey, saying let's have a traffic jam. there is no evidence here. >> you are not contending with the evidence throughout. this is a fact, not my opinion. not a single tea party group got approval. that is without precedent. that never happened. >> juan. >> you see this is -- without precedent. >> if i had a e-mail against me, because they didn't get approval. remember, a lot of these groups were starting up. as they were starting up these tea party and patriot groups a lot of them were on the edge of having legitimate political purposes. >> how about barack obama's fake charity, that received instant
7:19 pm
nonprofit status from the irs. >> if there is evidence from wrong doing there, that is a separate issue, there was no crime here, no evidence of crime -- >> juan, you're beginning to become a special pleader for the obama administration. i almost think if we had video of obama with a gun robbing a bank, you would come up with an excuse for it. >> you know, i'm surprised, sean, i think a true conservative wouldn't say oh, just on the basis of speculation, want to prosecute somebody, or you know, because overly litigious. >> you can't have a legitimate investigation if you don't interview the victims of the crime. >> i think they will sue on civil grounds, they don't need the criminal case. >> yeah, they actually do, because if the government was using oats power -- using its power to suppress. >> i'm going to send you the tape of the video of obama
7:20 pm
robbing the bank. >> i want to see it. >> you're killing the working man ♪ >> chris christie's idol, bruce springsteen takes on the bridge controversy. and friday night tikes, takes youth football to the extreme. you are not going to believe what these kids are forced to do. and tom brady riding helmetless with her 13 month-old baby on the back. and we'll check out the topics as hannity continues, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] start the engine... and shift through all eight speeds of a transmission connected to more standard horsepower
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welcome back to "hannity." our great, great american panel joining us, a political science professor, and host of geraldo at large, all right, so jimmy fallon does a pretty good bit, invites on the boss, bruce springsteen, chris christie is his biggest fan, before chris christie gets beaten up in this song. watch this. >> in the day we sweat it out ♪ stuck in trn the gwb ♪ they shut down the toll booths ♪ of glory because we didn't endorse christie ♪ the wall street master stuck
7:25 pm
cheek to cheek with blue collar truckers ♪ and man i really got to take a leak ♪ you're killing the working man ♪ stuck in the government for leading the traffic jam ♪ >> to me, as a conservative, he is hugging obama, reaching out. where are all the liberal friends, geraldo, where is obama standing up? where is bruce standing up for him. >> and let me start with springsteen. i think this satire, and fallon did a great job, and who knew that he had such chops? i think this is more hurtful to chris christie than any other. he brags being to all of these concerts and can sing along famously.
7:26 pm
on "the tonight show," he sang a duet. it is his idol and it is very, very, from chris christie's point of view, this is the most savage critiquable. >> i disagree, i found it follow up, and entertaining, he was complimenting him, saying i have been to 30 of his concerts. you're one of my most favorite musicians. i found -- comical. >> i believe they're happy he has fallen on his face. >> this one has to hurt hae crid at the relief concert, and he wrote his favorite song, jimmy fallon played it. it is good they didn't play thunder road, that would have been too much for him. >> i take my kids, they play
7:27 pm
tennis tournaments, i take them around the country and watch them play. half the parents are great, the other half are nuts. these issues of sports parents has become a big deal. a lot of them are crazy, i think they're living through their kids, you got a new show, friday nights, taking football to the extreme. take a quick look at this. >> we're going to talk about hitting. and we'll do some conditioning afterwards. >> extremely excited, extremely excited. get to separate the boys from the men. >> we've seen who the fastest kids are, now we see who the meanest and strongest are right now. you stop, you stop right here? don't stop. >> sometimes parents say i may be crossing a little bit of the line. are you quitting? get stronger, let's go, come on. >> i tell the kids, you see that kid that was throwing up?
7:28 pm
he never quit. >> we're just arguing here. >> that is horrible. >> that is not horrible. >> that is child abuse. >> that is not child abuse. >> please, i have an 8-year-old, if she had a coach like that, i want my captain, i was co-captain of the football team in high school. i want them to be everything they can be. sports gives them great confidence in life, helps them be a more competent person, this is abuse, it is terrible. >> and everybody gets a trophy generation, right? i have to say o-- >> that is okay. >> no, that is not okay, there is only one winner, geraldo. >> granted, when a kid vomits and pushed to the extreme where he is so dehydrated, eight years old -- >> they say they're following all safety procedures and rules and they're on to something with this idea and culture. my kids played soccer. every single kid on that team got a trophy. it is a little bit silly. but that said, 40 high school
7:29 pm
students died in the heat over the last two decades. so you do have to follow procedures. >> i agree, they have to drink and hydrate. on the other hand, we kind of have become a nation of a bunch of wimps, there is no winners, you can't play dodge ball because somebody will get hit with the ball. what if the kid wants to be a professional athlete? >> but to take that truth and extrapolate and say you can treat the 8-year-old like a 25-year-old. these parents should be called to the carpet. >> what do you want to do? arrest them? >> i want to say what in the world are you thinking? >> if anybody listening at home was involved in these sports you probably remember the high school days, and those kids pushed like this early on. they burn out and usually are not even playing anymore. >> that is the gang bangers, really. >> and the other thing the parents have to be watching. you can't just drop them off and
7:30 pm
leave them there. >> i -- eight years old, separate the boys from the men? man up, geraldo! >> all right, man up, you can do it. put away that -- let's do the tt tequila shots. >> paul ryan has such pretty blue eyes, it is sometimes easy to forget. and we are going to read some of the nasty messages they receive on twitter. by the way, you can't duplicate bechtel's. >> maybe they shouldn't have made the law so you can stay on your parent's plan, what kid is going to say no, thanks. >> jimmy kimmel eviscerates
7:31 pm
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good >> test test >> test test >> test test >> test test >> test test >> test test
7:35 pm
. as we continue on "hannity," all right, we first had jersey shore, the new show coming up is "party down." take a look. >> from the producers of jersey shore. from south carolina, baby. >> down and dirty and really, really flirty. >> i'm about to put on a show up in this house tonight. >> god gave me this body. i'm going to strut it. >> was that a cameo of you in your youth?
7:36 pm
>> we were slandered with "the jersey shore," it is only right that south carolina has that. >> as a parent, you want your kids -- this is what you're watching. it seems we're pushing it lower and lower and lower. >> although it is absolutely true. there is a study out about the show, "16 and pregnant" is leading to fewer teen pregnancies. maybe there is a silver lining. >> 16 and pregnant. >> they're going for shock value, i got to look at it, right, this is all for money, everybody wants to be shocked at people living like this? is it effective? does it sell? yeah. >> duck dynasty gets massive ratings, i love it, the kids love it. they pray at the end of the show. it is a great show. and it broke all cable records.
7:37 pm
are they going in the wrong direction? >> i say poor nickey haley, remember what chris christie had to deal with? i'm sorry, i deal with this all the time, i have a 16-year-old. if it is going to cut down on stupidity, i don't believe it though. >> i don't want to get too deep into this. the federal government spent $172 million on what is called the penis pump. >> i have a horrible visual in my mind. >> geraldo, i was going to ask you, i have no idea. 90 trillion and unfunded liabilities. not only did they spend $172 million, they paid twice what you could buy it for at a retail store. >> for what, though, what are they doing. >> i don't know, geraldo. >> i think erectile dysfunction
7:38 pm
is a name that has been placed basically on a sex aid. the publisher of playboy said, viagra is a sex drug, not an erectile dysfunction drug -- it should not get covered by the public. if you want to pump up, whatever device you want to use, that is your business, i don't want to be involved. >> geraldo. >> tom brady's wife, giselle bundchen. >> i love her. >> she is gorgeous. >> all right, she ride as bike with a 13 month-old baby and no helmet. i guess we have a video of this and a screen photo. my take is, we don't know how fast she is going. it is probably just for the photo. i doubt she is going 20 miles an hour. this, to me, is a nonissue.
7:39 pm
>> yeah, for me it is a nonissue. i know you have a baby girl. i live in a patriot's household -- >> oh, a patriot. >> we're new england patriots fans, so i can't speak ill. >> they are beautiful -- >> i used to take my little kids and throw them up and i would catch them. they were laughing their heads off. my wife went nuts. >> and imagine if there were still cameras following you they would say you abused your kids. >> one of the problems, she has not been without controversy through year breast feeding stage, she thinks it should be law that women should breast feed their women, she calls women human garbage disposals, but i think she should do whatever she thinks is right. this is a long time coming on
7:40 pm
the criticism. >> i'm wondering how many months that is going to last. >> i think that it is exaggerated. and i don't believe that she was being reckless. >> well, she hit the rock, it looked like she was breast feeding on the rock -- >> it did, it did. >> i was like wow. >> you make a crack about it. if you were 13 months old. >> it is tom brady's wife. they can't do anything. sorry. all right, we'll be right back, much more coming up a after the break, straight up. and also tonight. you know, if you want young people to sign up, maybe you shouldn't have made the law so you could stay on your parent's plan until you're 26? what kid is going to say no, thanks, mom and dad, i got the premium covered. also, we'll explain why nba legend magic johnson is being brought in to help try to sell the disastrous health care law
7:41 pm
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7:45 pm
and welcome back to "hannity." now, i'm sure the white house didn't find it too funny, but jimmy kimmel skewered the whole obamacare rollout. >> they expect them to buy obamacare the same week playstation comes out? you know if you want your kids to be on the plan, maybe you shouldn't make it where they can
7:46 pm
be on their plans until 26, what kid is going to say no, thanks, we'll be on the premium plan. if you want kids to do something, just tell them specifically not to do something, or give candy crush. richard, the best part of this we didn't show. but you actually have old people and they're paying for all of this crazy stuff. we want to thank all of you young people for being so stupid. just eviscerating it. that is what the health care law is, young people paying for policies they don't need, to help to finance the old, the sick and uninsured. it is a great ponzi scheme. >> i don't know about that one, sean, i think it is funny for jimmy kimmel to make fun of it, it is a slow writer's week. but either way, that neither being here or there, the truth of the matter is we're seeing
7:47 pm
young people enroll in the law because young people understand you never know when you're going to get sick. or get cancer, you never know when you need to go to the hospital. >> but a young person, generally speaking, would be better off with a high deductible and a catastrophic plan and they should not be funding the older. >> that is absolutely true. and more may wake up now that it is on the cu -- late night circuit. young people have been taken advantage of, when you think about them subsidizing the sick, the elderly, and as they find out more, maybe they will try to repeal this monster, and put in free market ideas. those that are to this advantage while they're at this age, to where they have the catastrophic care and they pay for the only
7:48 pm
little things that they need. >> kay hagan, up for re-election, red state, senate democrat. and these ads are popping up all over the country and they're devastating. watch this ad. >> these trends often do and say the same things, take barack obama and kay hagan, in washington, senator hagan votes with barack obama 90% of the time. 90% of the time. they even talk alike. >> if you like your health care plan you will be able to keep it. >> if you have got health insurance now, you're happy with it, you can keep it. >> they're demanding answers but senator hanging is nowhere to be found. while her buddy, obama, is back in north carolina, she is in washington hiding up. >> you got mary landrieu, nowhere to be found, you see a pattern here, richard? >> not at all, sean, i think
7:49 pm
they're here because the senate is in session. the senate had votes today. kay hagan was here because she had to vote. but i want to go back to a point that star made about the free market. if you think of the idea about the exchange, the fact that insurance companies compete for your business out of market place, i don't understand what is not free market about it. >> what is not free market, the government decides who will participate, how much they spend. >> if their plan qualifies. >> no, the government decides who, and let's look at the current debate about what product is even sold. >> if your product meets o-- >> drawn into this debate because -- okay, full standard, you're absolutely right. this administration -- >> and the government doesn't help by giving them a tax credit on top of it? >> this is not free market. i think you missed that course in class. obviously you missed the course in free market. free market.
7:50 pm
>> i know what free market is. >> richard, let her talk. >> it does not include the government manipulating the market place and then demanding that certain people buy certain products and prepare them for -- we are seeing court cases now to where the christian community is under attack because of obama not over. get together point about the debate in the senate you'll be awakened into surprises about how this is going to turn out the american people are fed up with barack obama. >> coming up next, tonight, here on "hannity". >> paul ryan has pretty blue ooiz sometimes it's easy forget he's satan incarnated. >> when we come back, we'll examine the tweets and we're
7:51 pm
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sleep number. mfort individualized. welcome back to "hannity" it was started by jimmy kimmel and now spread to washington a web site got lawmakers on capitol hill to read some of the most mean spirited hateful tweets sent their way. watch this. >> paul ryan has such pretty blue eyes. sometimes, it's easy to forget he's satan incarnate. >> when was the last time you heard voices? >> it's important to take your medicine regularly. what is that? >> you're proof this country has gone to hell in a hand basket.
7:56 pm
>> pretty funny. my twitter account does see it's fair share of hate, it's safe to say my next guest faced brutal messages here to share, beckel. good to see you. >> hi. >> very well. >> you sent those? well, we didn't get to mine yet. >> okay. >> start with yours. >> let's. >> bob ask his liberal bs. >> how do you know bob is spewing liberal bs is not? thank you very much. >> you're such a fool and sound like an idiot. sounds like my ex-wife. you have drug induce brain damage based on your demeanor and facial expressions i like the show, bob because others make you look like the wrong headed moron you are. and
7:57 pm
this came from an dreea. bob is disgusting. >> i would never say -- i said that earlier. he had a disgusting comment right before we came back from commercial break. >> you're a lovely person. >> thank you. >> and i know bob doesn't care. i don't care but i don't know you if you don't care. >> i don't care. nope. okay. ready? okay. andrea you're on crack. this is jersey we're talking about, homeo snooki. nobody gives a bleep except liz. last time i checked greeks were goat herders. stupid is with andrea has to go. >> why are you laughing? it's not something to laugh at. >> it's sounds like something bob would say. >> good greeks came here. >> my uncle is a goat herder, watch it. >> and then, it says you lack
7:58 pm
rational thinking skills. and last is nasty. what is is it? >> they said i had a face for radio. >> check your glasses mr. blind person. it's not true. you're beautiful. >> one last night this we couldn't put on the show so nasty. they went off and my favorite part is that they spelled juan williams wan. they tried to call me a bimbo they spelled it bamboo. >> isn't that great? they screw up something like that? calling you stupid? >> read mine. >> sean it's a shame you've chosen based on lies and hate. sean, are you gaining weight? keep up the good work. >> i lost weight. >> okay. >> he did. >> okay. >> sean what an unmedicated farce you are. a source of misleading false, twisted and ridiculous information and
7:59 pm
always beating up on obama from the beginning to end of the show. you should listen to your good friend bob beckel who tells you it's not a good idea. >> don't forget five years ago gwb was our president you were a loser there, too. and a prevert. what it is. >> what is a prevert? >> what is a bamboo? >> i gave up reading this crap a long time ago. i don't care what liberals think. you're my friend i care what you think.. >> i used to send notes back saying was your mother married her brother or father married a sister? some idiot from kentucky said you son of a bitch my father married his cousin
8:00 pm
. >> i stand by andrea. leave her alone and attack me. we can take it. >> that is all the time we have left this evening. catch the show "the five" and start your weekday every weekday morning with "fox and friends". back here tomorrow night, see you then. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> this all right concludes benghazi was al qaeda-led event. >> that blows president obama's initial reaction out of the water. and also embarrasses the "new york times" which reported to the contrary three weeks ago so now one big question remains. why did the president not define the benghazi terror attack clearly? we will have a special report. >> not god bless america. god damn america that's in the bible. >> radical preacher jeremiah wright hired by the chicago teacher's union to give a martin luther king address. are you kidding me? we will will tell you what this is all about. >> i have never experience


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