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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 16, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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. we're getting a ton of traffic on twitter about our opening segment with chris stirewalt and twitter, follow us at megynkelly, see you tomorrow night. welcome to "hannity" tonight, democrats are circling the wagons around their 2016 golden girl, hillary clinton, this comes after the senate intelligence committee released its scathing report on the benghazi terrorist attack. now, the findings are leaving many of us to question clinton's competency as a leader. and first, there is a look at what else is on tonight in this jam-packed edition of "hannity." let the cover-up begin. two victims of the irs targeting
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scandal are here tonight in regard to the committee's decision not to look into this probe. >> i'm telling my government that you have forgotten. >> a robotic devil baby terrorizes new york city. and the shocking comment of a victoria secret employee, what she told the mother. >> you can go outside to the ally. >> i was not born to have sex with a married man, if i was, i would have flirted with matt lauer when he came over to my house for the christmas party. >> the popular sitcom. the president of the media research center is here to explain why he thinks this show is too hot for tv.
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"hannity" starts right here, right now. only once, that is how many times hillary clinton's name appears on the senate intel report on benghazi, now, i find that very troubling. especially since then secretary of state hillary clinton had the nerve to make this statement about the attack that killed four americans. >> the fact is that four dead americans, was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk one night who decided they would go kill some americans. what difference at this point, does it make? >> well, guess what, senator, it does make a difference. and mrs. clinton, if you want to be the next commander in chief you better start acting like you care. now, we're not the only ones saying this, yesterday, dianne feinstein said there is clearly no evidence to suggest that h
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hillary knew about the tenuous situation on the ground in libya. >> there is no evidence that secretary clinton knew about this, there is an under-secretary for management. there are others who make these decisions, evaluate the facilities that make these decisions. rather than casting recriminations, i think the thing to do is make sure these facilities get the security. >> is she saying we need to brush this thing under the rug? well, that is not going to happen, i'm glad to see that republican lawmakers agree with me. yesterday, they made a passionate plea to dig deeper for answers, and they're asking why the secretary of state hid behind susan rice in the aftermath of this deadly assault. >> she couldn't be on tv to talk about what happened at the state department because she was distraught? i don't buy that.
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does anybody believe that about secretary clinton. and if it is true, it is something the american people need to consider. i don't believe it was true. i don't believe she was incapable of going on television as susan rice says, i believe they picked a person very loyal to the president who would say whatever that needed to be said. and what she said was so far away from the truth it needs to be investigated. >> and tonight, we always want to hear from you. you can log onto our facebook page and share your comments with us. also time to trend to ten, sound off on twitter, use the hash tag @seanhannity. that is the address here. and senator, welcome back, good to see you. >> thank you. >> we now learned this is before, during and after controversy for the democrats. before we learned in the senate intel report that had they taken
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the advice counsel and the ambassador plea -- this could have been prevented. >> right, on august 16th, ambassador stevens sent a cable to washington requesting additional security because the al-qaeda flag was flying all over benghazi. there were ten al qaeda training camps. they couldn't protect the consulate from an attack, and then the consulate had been attacked, if hillary clinton didn't know why, why not? the secretary of defense testified he was aware of the threat report coming out of benghazi, so how could the secretary of defense know about the additional request for security, the threat level, al-qaeda being in benghazi and secretary clinton not? >> now, we also learned this week, and this is probably as disturbing as anything. because it magnifies the intensity, while the raid had just begun, the top military advisers of the president were
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informed this was a terrorist attack. and they knew that going into a meeting that day, with the president when they informed him. is that all true? >> absolutely. general hamin washington, he got a report in realtime, the consulate is under attack. a terrorist attack. i have talked to my first survivor. he said he saw 16 to 20 armed people come through the gate. there was no protest outside the consulate. they were carrying a banner in arabic, later identified to be the banner of al sharia. later, they go to the embassy, on the 15th, 16th and 17th of september, the fbi in germany interviews every survivor of the attack at the consulate. not one of them mentioned a protest. they all said it was a terrorist attack and named al-qaeda affiliates involved. >> but deeper, because the cia knew within three or four days they had the video to show -- >> no, within 24 hours it was
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reported as a terrorist attackme attackmeattack. and here is my question, how could the president say days later it was a protest caused by video. remember when greg said he almost threw up, his heart was broken. he was stunned when susan rice said there was no evidence of a terrorist attack, this was a protest caused by video. why didn't somebody at the cia who knew better pick up the phone and call the white house and tell the president quit lying about benghazi? there is so much to be unearthed yet. >> all right, so they knew within 24 hours there was no protest going on, then susan rice did the five sunday shows, and then the president goes before the united nations. then we have the cover-up, before, during and after. and after the narrative emerges directly contradicts the written narrative, right? they knew it was a terrorist attack but purposefully lied to
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us. >> no one in benghazi ever reported a protest. there was no protest. the turkish ambassador left the consulate short before the attack. and the ambassador went to bed. do you think he went to bed if there were protesters outside the consulate? >> no. >> the fbi headed their investigation, on the 15th, 16th and 17th, interviews of every survivor, not one of them said there was a protest. they all said it was a terrorist attack. now, why did susan rice jump the gun? why did she tell the american people this was a protest caused by video? because if the truth had come out seven weeks before the election, you could see coming for months about where the people in benghazi were telling washington, al-qaeda is all over benghazi and nobody helped them, if hillary clinton was too distraught to heappear on television on the 15th of september, and i know she had to be distraught. is she really capable of being commander-in-chief?
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if that is true, and susan rice said this twice, if hillary didn't talk about what happened in benghazi, she is in charge of the consulate, not susan rice, she is too distraught. now, does that make sense? if it does, should she be running for president? >> all right, that brings me to the last and final question. because this request was given to the state department. was never given -- the support they asked for, no help was sent. and the lie and cover-up, and yet in the senate intelligence report they mentioned hillary one time. dianne feinstein said any culpability for hillary is false, is this designed to protect her for a 2016 run? >> i don't know what it is designed to do, but i can tell you what it did not do. it did not shed any light on how she could not have known it was a death trap. how could she have not known what was going on in her own consulate. and let me tell you this, if in
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fact the defense secretary told the white house this was a terrorist attack and if the fbi told him it was a terrorist attack, how could the president for two weeks tell the world it was a protest caused by video seven weeks before the election. we're just starting on benghazi. >> are we ever going to hear from the people that were there? what about susan rice? >> i want to hear from the people on the ground, why can't we hear from them? >> they won't give us the witnesses, i finally got one witness almost two years after the attack. and i tell you, my friend, the story of benghazi is penetrating. chris christie is taking accountability for what went wrong on his watch. name one person who has been fired for benghazi, name one person fired for the nsa and lying to the people about what happened to the four brave americans. >> all right, senator, we'll stay on it. somebody has to investigate. got to get to the truth or else you can't fix it. >> amen. coming up, two victims of
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the irs targeting scandal who made headlines last year. they will join me to respond to the the fbi's decision. the fbi decided not to file any criminal complaints. and then later tonight here. your vagina fell on the floor and tried to crawl up his leg. >> yes, but i scooped it up and snapped it back on. >> the hit cbs show, "two broke girls" under fire because of the sexually explicit jokes. now people are taking their complaints to the fcc, and why our guest thinks the show is too hot for prime time. by the way, tomorrow night, 10 eastern, live studio edition of "hannity." talking about america's cultural decline. what is happening in america. parents going wild. and we'll even get in some nfl predictions, tomorrow, 10:00 eastern on "hannity." [ dennis' voice ] allstate quickfoto claim.
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welcome back to "hannity," there is major fallout after the department of justice recently announced it found no evidence warranting criminal charges in the irs targeting scandal of conservatives. now, in just a moment i'll be joined by congressman jim jordan, who is the one republican of many calling for an additional investigation regarding the cover-up of the harassment of these conservative groups. but first, outrage, and they have yet to be contacted on this case. now, my next guest is one of them, you may remember becky garrison who delivered this emotional testimony back on capitol hill in june. >> we don't understand why the government tried to stop us. i'm not here as a surf, i'm not
7:16 pm
begging my lords for mercy, i'm a born free american wife, and american citizen. and i'm telling my government that you have forgotten your place. i'm not interested in scoring political points. i want to protect and preserve the america that i grew up in. the america that people cross oceans and risk their lives to become a part of. and i'm terrified it is slipping away. >> joining me now, ohio congressman jim jordan, also here, the woman you just heard from, becky garrettson, and both were targeted by the irs. you know, when you said, becky, my government, you know, i'm telling my government that you have forgotten your place. very telling, do you any nthink with what we realize the fbi is not going forward with it, what was your reaction? >> well, it got me teared up
7:17 pm
again, i feel like a silly child. i'm scared, because i feel like this is going to be the new normal. and i'm -- from hearing your guests earlier, this seems like this administration is getting away with everything. including murder. and it terrifies me. it really does. >> you know, they targeted your group. >> please excuse me. >> no, that is okay, katherine, they targeted your group, too. >> yes, we answered hundreds and hundreds of questions to finally get our designation. if we don't stand up to the leadership, to people like jim jordan, we're in a bad place. >> i don't understand, congressman, i'm following the news all of this week, the first thing i hear is they have an obama donor investigating, the first thing i hear is the fbi is not going to do anything about it. how does it happen in one week?
7:18 pm
>> well, sean, the whole context, four weeks into the criminal investigation, then director mueller couldn't answer, we asked him the three lead agents, have you interviewed any of the victims groups. his answers were i don't know, i don't know, i don't know, so not instilling any credibility at the start. now we learn it was not even the fbi doing the investigation. it is some lawyer in the civil rights division, lawyer in the civil rights division who gave $6,000 to the obama campaign. and they tell us, oh, no one has been criminally responsible. no one did anything wrong here. it is just an outrage and a joke of an investigation. >> you know, becky i spoke with the representative for the law center. they didn't talk to a single witness. now, you talk about your fear. what do you -- explain to people who didn't live through what you lived through, being targeted by the irs. what specifically do you fear is
7:19 pm
going to happen? >> what i fear, it is one thing -- i'm a stay at home mom when this happened. and the government came after me. that is scary enough. but what i'm scared for is our country, the freedoms that we have are just being shirked out from underneath us. and it is becoming very real. and i am sad because i don't think any of the other media outlets are playing this story. it is happening right under our noses. and people are just not even paying attention. >> the abuse of power, the intimidation by the government. you have experienced the same thing. >> the weaponizing of the government against the private citizen. if you are an enemy of the administration or perceived to be such you are going to be single singled out and silenced. >> congressman jordan, last question, what could be done now that they pretty much have said it is not going anywhere. what happens next? >> well, we're going to investigate the investigation. yesterday in the committee we
7:20 pm
had michael horowitz, the inspector general for the justice department and we said we want you to investigate the circumstances surrounding the investigation. she came from the civil rights division. michael horowitz spent 12 years at the justice department in the criminal division. i asked him, in that 12 years do you ever recall a lawyer in the civil rights division heading up this type of investigation. never happened, this is completely out of the ordinary, that is why it needs to be investigated. >> all right, thank you all for being here, coming up next on "hannity." >> to get me another girl. >> shoot on my chest and you're done with me. >> all right, so those jokes, are they appropriate to air on cbs during the 8:00 p.m. hour? well, some groups don't think so. they're voicing their concerns about the hit show "two broke
7:21 pm
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became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. and welcome back to "hannity," now, the fcc is getting an earful from concerned
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parents and critics on the hit show "two broke girls." the main complaint is that it is sexually explicit. >> oh, trust it, all that surprises me is penises on a hot dog bun. >> and one meat lover. >> hi, tom, give her the max, get me another girl. >> shoot on my chest and you're done with me. >> plus, i understand, you can't always help who you're attracted to. it is like me and nicholas. >> it is not the same as you and frenchy. the first time you met nicholas, your vagina tried to crawl over the floor and crawl up his leg. >> yes, because i was not born to have sex with a married man, if i was i would have flirted
7:26 pm
with matt lauer when he came over to my house for the christmas tree lighting. >> can't you put your phones on vibrate? >> i don't like to mix business with pleasure. >> how much are your cup cakes? >> four dollars. >> no, four. >> we both called them a [ bleep ]. >> that is so good for business. >> all right, so does this go too far? joining me now with reaction, the president of the media center, brent bozel, how are you? >> good, sean, how are you? >> you know, i'm a little bit torn compared to where i was years ago on this. i know it is network television. network television doesn't have the same impact that it used to have. and you can get anything you want on cable. and most people do. your reaction? >> i'm not torn at all. sean. look, you watch that and i suspect you find it disgusting. >> i wouldn't watch it.
7:27 pm
that is the point. i wouldn't watch it. >> okay, but i would say 99.9% of your audience watching right now finds it disgusting. now, imagine you're a 12-year-old girl. imagine that you turn on television, it is 8:30 p.m. at night and what was once known as the family hour. your parents don't know what you're watching because the parents don't watch that show. but you turn on the show and now you're hit with the very same messages, jokes about masturbation, penises, jokes about calling elderly women whores, sean, we have to be offended by that. you cannot say because of the internet this is okay. >> i'm not saying because of the internet. but i am saying that most people have cable. and with cable you have a wide variety of options. if you have cable, you have hbo,
7:28 pm
show time, cinemax, you know what is out there, i know what is out there. and i just think that television viewing has changed somewhat. and i'm not sure if an fcc complaint is going to stop it. do you think it will? >> well, let's take it to its logical extension. why don't we then put on hustler at this time of night and say you have got choices. you can go to other television stations. the reason we don't do that is because we have standards. because it doesn't matter if you have other choices, sean, there are standards of decency. and by the way, adults shouldn't be going through this either. this is not funny stuff. this is toilet humor. >> but there is a reason why duck dynasty, it is great family entertainment. and they pray at the end of every show. there is a reason they have 12 and 15 million viewers. but here is another segment from "broke girls". >> i thought it was abnormal when people took pictures of their food. >> when were you going to tell me, andy, when my vagina burst
7:29 pm
into flames and became an actual burning bush? >> wait, that is yours? >> worst selfie ever. >> wow, i didn't recognize it. >> didn't i see you already? >> oh, yeah, in the hudson, i knew i recognized you. >> wait, we've already killed you? sorry, babe, you're out. >> oh, well, you gave great head. >> your father has a small penis. >> you got to be less awkward. >> maybe i take individual responsibility too far. but, with that said, and all the cable options, isn't it really up to parents to be monitoring what their kids are watching? period, end of sentence. >> but, no, sean, of course it is up to the parents, but it is up to the industry, as well. i once asked the late great steve allen, a friend of mine, what was it that made the '50s
7:30 pm
and '60s the so-called era of television? he said it was very simple. when we we were on television, we knew we were invited into somebody's living room, and we had to behave. we did adult shows, but took it to las vegas. i might add if you listen to some of these jokes, they're not even funny. these are written by 18-year-olds. >> maybe you're making my point. if people are evaluavoting with clickers. people are not watching network television. you know the numbers, nowhere near where it was ten years ago. and you see the shows, i like to watch storage wars and duck dynasty, property brothers on hgtv, if i'm not watching news or sports. and you know what? those shows do well. people know they can watch them. >> look, it is true, once upon a
7:31 pm
time on cbs, you needed to have 25, 30 million people to call it a hit. now you get enough people in a closet and they call it a hit. they are in trouble and this is one of the reasons. but still, they should listen to the better angels of their nature and just not do this kind of garbage. >> i have zero faith they would ever do this. and i think they will continue to fall and fail because they wouldn't embrace this entire big country and the center of the country which is pretty dramatically red. and they basically appeal to new york, los angeles, washington and san francisco. that seems it is who their target is. all right, brent bozel, i don't really disagree with you, but monitor the clicker what you're kids are watching. good to see you. i'm not suing the 14-year-old, i want to make it clear, you are because i have just read the filing. and that is what you're doing. >> all right, little league coach sues a 14-year-old for
7:32 pm
half a million all because of a helmet toss that hurt his tendon? plus, this baby uproar, on the streets of new york city, we'll hear more on that next. also, follow the show, share your thoughts on this and much more, also join us on twitter @seanhannity. and we well continue. will continue. ote for flo, we'll have discounts. ice-cream discounts. multi-cookie discounts. pizza loyalty discounts! [ kids chanting "flo!" ] i also have some great ideas on car insurance. [ silence ] finding you discounts since back in the day. call or click today. i like her. you make a great team. it's been that way sincthe day you met. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow.
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. >> why would they do that? why would they do that? i think it is a great pr stunt. >> peter, why do i expect o--
7:38 pm
that is a great situation, i didn't know -- look at the people, look at that lady, she is freaking out. >> my favorite, though, there is one sanitation worker that you see in the movie that sees it and just doesn't do anything. he is completely calm. >> looking at the baby like -- >> i guarantee you, that is a native new yorker, not surprised by anything, guarantee you. >> lot of laughs. >> 25 million views today. is that 25 today -- >> one day only, as of today. all right, let's go to john cary, this statement is ignorant on so many levels, he said poverty is the root cause of terrorism in the remarks that he made. he talked about the common interests of the pope, pope francis, in addressing extreme
7:39 pm
poverty on a global basis. the u.s. is deeply involved in parts of the world, africa, south central asia, as is the catholic church. so we have a huge common interest in dealing with the issue of poverty, which in many cases is the root cause of terrorism and the disenfranchisement of many people on the planet. excuse me, does he not know that osama bin laden was a multi billionaire, and many people are that are radical? >> it is not political correct, it serves to offend some people. it is much easier for him to talk about poverty and also pivots into the obama administration's picture of income inequality. that sort of helps their big picture. >> and it is a deeply disturbed view of what terrorism is. and it sends a horrible signal to the world that is dangerous
7:40 pm
for america. because once you get into this, the roots of economic oppression are causing you to terrorize america, causing you to take down the world trade center. so we should feel sorry for you as we're taking our buildings down. that is fundamentally sick in the head. >> but it goes a step further, does it not, peter, in as much as there is a belief system in this country that we ought to be ending poverty world wide. now, i would argue democratic policies have caused poverty in this country. >> nobody is better at america at curing through charity and good works and good deeds. people who are in trouble, no one is better than americans in doing that. we respond better than anyone in the world. but to say that ideology is not the key here, to say that hatred is not the key here. to say that bias is not the key here, to say that world supremacy is not the idea here, and to blame it on the notion of
7:41 pm
poverty that is fundamentally wrong. >> and john kerry -- >> and not based on history -- >> i'm going to make a prediction that as bad as the economic story of the obama administration is, whether any of you agree with me or not, his legacy is going to be syria, egypt, the middle east, iran, and frankly not understanding radical islamists, and the weakening of america's influence in the world. >> you talk about the domino theory, look at the middle east today. >> his domestic policy, i think, that is what people feel in their pocketbooks every day. so i think long-term people will recognize america's weakness, the fact is if we're not willing to call islamist extremism what it is, how can we tackle it. if we're not willing to call evil evil, how can we address it? we appear much weaker, long-term, absolutely, but short-term, obama care, people's wallets, job. >> you say poverty, giving
7:42 pm
people an excuse. all right, when we come back, a little league coach sues a 14-year-old for $600,000. you can't make that stuff up. and then later, liberal lawmakers now working to pass legislation that would limit how gun owners are allowed to protect their homes, families from intruders. we'll check in with eric and kimberly, and on how this is handled. on the five. glad you're with us. fighting constipation by eating healthier, drinking plenty of water, but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on. i nethat's my geico digital insurance id card -
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. back to "hannity" as we continue with our great, great american panel, so you have a little league coach suing a 14-year-old for $600,000. you're a lawyer, you can't get blood from a stone, i don't think. >> yes, number one, it is called
7:47 pm
assumption of a risk. you go in and play baseball. but you know, i don't want to say it is unamerican, but it sounds fundamentally unamerican. in that state in california, unfortunately, you can sue a kid. but you're suing the kid, the father has no insurance. it has cost him $4,000 already. get a life. >> all right, let me show, shep smith hammered this guy on his show today, and pretty interesting tape, let's listen. >> you're alleging you ruptured your achilles at the end of march and didn't have surgery on it until september. is that true? >> that is correct. >> how did you get around on a ruptured achilles, because my experience knowing people who had it, you can't do that. >> i guess i'm a little stronger than the average guy. >> you said you want your medical bills paid. but in the legal filing you say you want $100,000 in medical bills. and you just told me your medical bills amount to
7:48 pm
thousands, not even tens of thousands, and thousands in pain and suffering. >> i'm not suing the 14-year-old. >> i want to make it clear you are, because i just read the filing and that is what is your doing. >> all right, so he is going after the kid for throwing a helmet. >> and i'm ready to hire special counsel, way to go -- >> special pleader. >> absolutely. isn't it incredible. i mean, what do people think at home? i mean, you're going to sue the kid because the kid throws the helmet up in the air. this is a contact sport, you assume the risk. why would you want that guy as a coach to begin with if he starts suing the kid? >> when you look at man baby, in the dictionary, you see that guy's picture. i'm sorry, in my opinion, in my personal dictionary, i mean, come on, though, really, this is a child. i understand things happen. you can talk to the league. you can talk to kids and say you can't do that. look at the risk, look at what
7:49 pm
can happen. i'm not saying don't talk to the parents and have a conversation bit. but you're suing a 14 yearly kid who didn't know and didn't have a malicious intent. >> yeah, it is really sad, i coached before, volunteered my time, tennis, you actually develop a relationship with them, and it is heartbreaking to see this happen. >> my son has thrown a racket. >> nobody would want to be coaching. >> real quick, video of a woman who claims victoria secret, claiming the employee told the woman to breast feed her son in an alley. is that the right thing to do. >> said no, you can't nurse your son in our sitting room but you can go out to the alley and nurse him there, nobody usually goes there. >> i didn't know what alley she was talking about, i didn't explore it. my son, if you have been around a baby, once your child is hungry, there is no going back. the posters are women showing their breasts, obviously, to
7:50 pm
victoria secret, inmy eyes, it is looked as something as a play toy, not necessarily means for nursing your child, which is why we have breasts to begin with. >> now, victoria secret, to their credit did stay
7:51 pm
in our allowed to protect your family from intruders wait until you hear the details of the law and our friends from the five are here to react to this insanity, that is next. emily's just starting out... and on a budget. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. see how much you could save with allstate. are you in good hands? and shift through all eight speeds of a transmission connected to more standard horsepower than its german competitors. and that is the moment that driving the lexus gs will shift your perception. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to cf before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade welcome back to "hannity" is the latest attempt of the left to limit your second amendment rights? now trying to change state law that allows rez don'ts protect themselves in their own home with a firearm calling for a two part are change and wants to require drug tests for anyone that shoots an intruder under
7:56 pm
the law. here with reaction to this and more our friends from the five. kimberly guilfoyle. a drug test for anybody who shoots an intruder? doesn't that sound like you're guilty until proven innocent? >> yes. this is just ridiculous, bordering on nonsense and infringing on second amendment rights. they're trying to get around it to frighten people. to exercise their second amendment rights tochlt me it's unheard of. >> what part of the law bothers you more? a threat to you what difference does it make? >> only in liberal wilderness is a person protecting his home under more scrutiny than the person, the intruder breaking
7:57 pm
into your house and maybe assaulting your family. but look. there is states handle differently. it's castle doctrine. some say use similar force being used against you. california had a case a guy broke in, assaulted the guy's son, the homeowner used a gun but wasn't allowed to use the gun because the criminal didn't have a gun himself. they're prosecuting the guy. >> good luck with that with the jury. it's just ridiculous people say someone trying to break n they have dragged a body inside of the house. not that i'm advocate that. protect your family and your home. >> your a former prosecutor. you know jurors aren't predictable. >> they are. we have someone protecting their home their child is assaulted? that is going to be jury nullification.
7:58 pm
>> it's important to note if a homeowner kills someone, then you need to define whether or not he committed a crime or not. problem is that the homeowner doesn't kill anyone, he defends his property. >> it's a constitutional killing. >> it's almost impossible in the state of new york to get a carry permit at risk of being assaulted or killed or carry a lot of money. there is a lot of restrictions and if you have a carry permit in new york you can't put more than seven bullets in the gun. >> you can't leave new york. new york city is harder than new york state. where i live, i will tell you you want to break into my house you can deal with the business end of my browning over under. >> you may have a bigger white board than rove but i've got a bigger gun collection than you.
7:59 pm
>> i thought that is hilarious. >> yes. >> eb 2016. >> snap chat is for kids that text each other. >> no. rand paul is defining the new way to become political now. goits -- sean -- >> he was with senator rand paul. >> the ads say with senate chap it go as way in five seconds. >> that is not true. i have a 15-year-old you can save it. >> he is -- >> he's a 15-year-old? >> he has one, too. >> you're snap chatting is your new thing? >> and instagram. >> you've lost it. >> do you see how he is? >> i have to manage beckel. that is full time. >> it's a full-time job. >> that is all the time we have left. don'ting for get live studio audience edition of
8:00 pm
"hannity" we'll talk about a wide range of topics. is america in a decline? start your day 5:00 to 9:00 with fox and friends. we'll see you back here, tomorrow. the bill o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> my point and i'm not the only one making it is there is a certain amount of politics involved to try to make her the story here bill bill the white house defending hillary clinton after a senate investigation showed she was derelict in providing security to protect the slain american ambassador in libya. we'll have the latest on this explosive story. >> placing blame. a scathing new report about what really happened in benghazi. >> so how did the network news and cable news cover the benghazi situation this week? well, the did not mention obama. we'll analyze that with laura ingraham and james carville. also tonight megyn kelly on colorado saying it's okay


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