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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 16, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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"hannity" we'll talk about a wide range of topics. is america in a decline? start your day 5:00 to 9:00 with fox and friends. we'll see you back here, tomorrow.
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one of hollywood's bhitionest producers targeting the nra. harvey wine stein working on a movie project about guns that would wish the nra was not alive. >> do you have guns. >> i don't want to ever have a gun. i don't think we need guns in this country. i hate it. i think the nra is a disaster movie. i am actually going to make a movie. i shouldn't say this but i will tell you, howard. i am going to make a movie with merrill veep. they are going to wish they weren't alive when i'm done with them. >> hold it, weinstein is behind hollywood's most violent films.
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for decades he has been cashing in on movies like this. [gunfire] >> third avenue is burning down. >> >> [gunfire] so commodities will harvey weinstein be accepting the biggest hypocrite of the year 2014 award? we are back with senator ted cruz, that's unbelievable, isn't it? >> you know, hollywood liberal elites, they have their view of things. i have to say that first clip, my daughters would be very dismayed to see frosty getting shot. >> i think we probably tonight it down a tad bit because we didn't want to
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show people getting their head blown off on the air. car tunes. >> and the final clip from kill bill, i mean, you know, some of the -- one of the most epically violent scenes when uma thurman with a sword sefers the severs the limbs of the crazy 88. you don't see people wanting to ban knives. >> what i don't get -- i don't understand why harvey weinstein wants to get caught being a hypocrite. this is an easy one. no sort of self-preservation on this one. >> the great thing is the market will take care of this. because these left wing propaganda films that people like weinstein like to put out. they never sell any tickets. if he wants to lose some money preaching and, look, the hypocrisy of a rich hollywood producer that lives in a fancy neighborhood with all sorts of police protection and he says he doesn't own a gun but i bet you there is a good odds that he has armed security around him. >> i have read that he has private security detail.
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>> his answer is for the single mom who lives in the inner city who has to ride a subway works two jobs and has a real threat of violence, he is telling her she can't protect herself. and, listen, that's not a message the american people agree with. we have a right to protect ourselves. it's protected in the constitution. even if liberal hollywood types want to take it away. didn't go anywhere. >> i look at it a little bit differently like the death sort of shame. here is a guy who doesn't even right now by probably getting a lot of attention. probably getting attention here. someone is going to download one of his movies in washington tonight. who is harvey weinstein? he did "kill bill." now evolved so the more shameful thing do you over the biggest hypocrisy you could put out there draws you you attention and actually in a perverse way lines your pocket with more cash. >> it's the same pattern we see in washington. it's a double standard.
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it's one rule for thee and one rule for me. so liberals love to live by special rules so. al gore complains about people using carbon and then flies around on private jets. he consumes more carbon than entire neighborhoods i'm willing to bet. they want different rules for hard working americans. >> i can imagine the talk around some dinner table in hollywood tonight as they are all hollywood talking about. this that's what gets me. >> they are very happy to try to control the american people. and, listen, you see the elites on both coasts. look down on the american people. they consider most of this country flyover country. and they don't -- it's the same problem we see in washington. we see it with career politicians in washington. they look down on their
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constituents as gullable rubes and they don't listen. >> it would be more potent to handle violence if they didn't make it so cool. senator, always nice to see you. thank you, sir. >> it's great to be with you. greta. >> you heard hhs secretary kathleen sebelius admit it. convicted felon could be working as navigators. now new evidence shows she got that one right is it true? the disturbing news next.
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looks like hhs secretary kathleen sebelius was right about one thing. >> convicted felon could be a navigator and could acquire sensitive personal information from an individual unbeknownst to
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them. >> that is possible. >> turns out dozens of obamacare navigators in the state of new mexico turned up in a federal crime database. how do you like that? and how did that happen? and is that going on maybe in your state with your exchange? national review's jillian k. melcher joins us. nice to see you, jillian. >> thanks for having me. >> what's the story in swhand? >> all right. so in new mexico, about one in seven of the navigators actually popped up in the fbi's criminal database. now, that doesn't necessarily mean that they have a equal conviction. it can include things like arrest records, other stuff like that. but it does raise some serious questions about who is handling your really personal confidential data. and i think there is a lot more questions to be had state by state. >> all right. in terms of the ones in new mexico did you identify out of curiosity what types of crimes those are whether they were arrested, found guilty, or even arrested and found not guilty? >> you know, i couldn't find out the conviction data.
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but i think the charges speak for themselves. you have got about 8 domestic violence charges. you have got two larceny charges. two child abuse charges. a lot of very sort of disconcerting things. particularly when you consider that the navigators are going to be working with the vulnerable population. >> is this just new mexico or have you had a chance to look at other states? >> well, i'm looking at a lot of different states with the state based exching. national review is actually suing in nevada right now. nevada is withholding these records out of, among other things, a consumer protection clause is what they are citing in the law. their public information officer ended up hanging up on me because he was so upset that i was asking these questions. i really hope we get these records. i think it's within the public interest to know who is handling their data. i don't see protecting the privacy of navigators who might be felons over protecting the privacy of the public. >> what i don't get just from what you said and i haven't looked at the law consumer protection wouldn't be designed to protect the navigator. the consumer protection
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would protect the consumers. certainly the navigators would be to protect the consumers, oddly enough. >> yeah. i think you are right. one other interesting thing. at least new mexico does background checks. in massachusetts, no background checks. it's not a federal requirement. other states delegate it to the nf gator organizations to do the background checks. do we really know that due diligence is going on here? i don't think we do. >> jillian, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up another day, another threat to congress. president obama sticking to his pledge to bypass congress. senator rand paul is here to talk about that next. and 2016 news. former first lady barbara bush says she does not want her son former florida governor jeb bush to run for president. you heard right. you will hear directly from mr. bush who will tell you
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in just three days, we have this three threats. president obama insisting he does not need congress.
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>> i have got a pen and i have got a phone. and i can use that pen to sign executive orders. >> where i can act on my own without congress, i'm going to do. so. >> i'm also going to act on my own if congress is deadlocked. >> and now house speaker john boehner's office posting this response on facebook. president obama says he has a pen and a phone he can use to bypass congress. pens and phones are nice but we have the constitution. senator rand paul joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> your thoughts on what speaker boehner has posted on his facebook page? >> i couldn't think of a more appropriate response. you know, i think there is a certain amount of arrogance to the president saying hey, i'm in charge here. i'm going to do what i want. i have got a pen. i have got a phone. you know, really though, there is something really profound about the way we set our government up with checks and balances and with these three branches of government. it works for one to check the other so you don't get an abuse of power. but what we have seen under this president i think is a
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great abuse of power. first an overreach with obamacare with the irs, with benghazi and now with the nsa. so i think really we can't sort of trust this president just to go it alone. >> what are you going to do about if indeed you are right. i hear so many -- i hear so many on your side of the aisle complain about the president. all i hear is people talking about it. is there anything you intend to do. >> it takes a little while. we did fight him in the court on the recess appointments. he said he gets to decide when the senate is in recess. he can appoint anyone any time he wants. the court rebuked him and he said no you don't. the supreme court is going to it agree with that the president you can't just decide to do whatever you want. that's essentially what they are going to say to him. we are also suing him over the nsa. one warrant can't apply to hundreds of millions of phone records. it takes a while to go through court. we also need to sue over the idea of obamacare that he thinks he can amend it. he says he has got his pen and he just changes it wily nilly whenever he's.
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i -- whenever he wants. it's illegal unconstitutional. we can't change it unless we get to the third branch of government the supreme court will hear it. >> it certainly isn't a surprise viewpoint on it he is quoted back january 23rd, 2009, right when he became president first term he said i won so i think on that one i trump you. this is sort of -- it has always been the viewpoint he has communicated to republicans on the hill. >> well, you know the danger to majority rule to him sort of thinking the majority voted for me now i'm the majority, i can do whatever i want and that there are no rules that restrain me, that's what gave us jim crow. that's what gave us the internment of the japanese that the majority said you didn't don't have individual rights and individual rights don't come by creator and not guaranteed by the constitution just whatever the majority wants there is a real danger to that viewpoint. it's consistent with progressive viewpoint. it's been going on 100 years. progressives believe in majority rule not
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constitutional rule. they don't believe that rights are inherent to the individuals. they think your rights are whatever the government says they are. whatever the majority says. >> unless you are the shoe is on the other foot. >> exactly. >> that's interesting thing about politics, people with different views depending on who is in power. what's being said sort of behind the scenes on capitol hill about this? i know i hear sort of the growing dissension. people growing more unhappy with it although the president does have vast power to do things. >> right. i think that even on in his side. even on the democrats' side there is a certain feeling that it's a bit arrogant and a bit of a bully that comes forward and says i don't care about congress. i wish there were more on the other side and that we could have a bipartisan uprising that says congress is going to take its power back. we're going to take our power back. we have given up too much to the president. to me this isn't a partisan issue. if this were a republican president, i would be saying the exact same thing. congress needs to assert its authority. war powers is a great example. we voted to declare war in
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iraq. it's over now. congress needs to take that back and deauthorize the war. the president actually agrees with me on that. but it's once again a separation of supports issue. congress needs to take back that authority for war and not give it up, you know, in time, you know, without any limits. >> you mentioned the nsa so i have to ask this question. snap chat apparently you are on snap chat. >> i like the idea of my chats disappearing so the nsa can't look at them. we are chatting. 10 seconds really have is plenty of time to say what you really want. >> someone wants to hear what you are saying in 10 seconds they go on the snap chat they look for senator rand paul that's your log-in. >> it disappears. i think it's novel. and, you know, i think it's fascinating. kids like it. i think it's not so much wanting to keep things secret as recognizing that what we say to each other in little snippets of 10 seconds throughout the day isn't so importants that it needs to stick around forever. it disappears and doesn't
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waste face on your phone. >> what are you expecting from the president of the united states tomorrow. >> i think he is going to say trust me, i have got my pen, i'm going it fix it the problem is i don't think you can trust the fox to guard the hen house. these abuses and these expansive use of power has happened under his watch and now we are going to trust him to fix the problems. i don't think we can do that i think congress should assert its authority to regulate, oversee and restrain the nsa. ultimately i think this has to be decided by the supreme court. because i don't think a single warrant should apply to millions of americans. i think warrants should be be specific to the person and the place and the items you are looking for. >> if you actually read the text over the fourth amendment, it's actually quite plain. it's pretty narrow but anyway. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, two basketball legends join the push to get young people to sign up for obamacare. is that really the magic the obama administration needs? our political panel is here. first, i'm going to talk to you off-the-record. president obama has a big problem that he is not talking about. so i will off-the-record, of
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. let's go off the record for a minute, just us. of course, it's no surprise that our enemies don't like us. they never do. but how about our friends? it's really bad when your friends don't like you. well right now that's the theme. look at the last six months, starting with britain. they embarrassed the president, snubsd the u.s. on the issue of syria. and, worse, it was as if
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president obama was struggling to figure out what to do in syria. >> i accept that britain can't be part and won't be part of any military action on that front. >> yes, president obama was clumsy on how he did handle syria. but we sure didn't need our friends embarrassing us. okay? now there is brazil. the brazilian president, she is so angry about our eavesdropping on her nation that he she cancelled the october state dinner at the white house with the obamas. now, that's unheard of. it's humiliating. how about german chancellor angela merkel? she dressed us down over spying allegations including her cell phone. now we even have germany lecturing us on privacy? and then there is our strongest ally, israel. their defense minister attacking secretary of state john kerry calling him obsessive and says on mess
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messianic. >> that's our friend, israel? horrible, isn't it? bottom line now our friends don't like us and so we are in big trouble. mr. president, this is on your watch. what's up? and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off the record go to and tell us about it coming up, the obama administration now turning to nba legends to sell obamacare to young people.
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braff paragraph the obama administration needs magic to get enough young people to sign up for healthcare to pay for it so that is exactly what president obama is going after with this ad. >> i remember when i took my physical and they told me i had h.i.v. over 22 years ago. if it wasn't for that quality healthcare that i have and the plan that i had, i probably would have been dead. for young people that think they are superman like nothing is ever going to
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happen to them, but trust me, one day something is going to happen and you are going to need a quality health plan. so make sure you get obamacare. >> basketball legend owe loan zoe moring also starring in obamacare ad. both ads will air during nba games. will they work? joining us is michael crowley least viebeck and byron york. is this going to work? >> i don't think they will work all that well simply because the ads don't change the facts of obamacare. if you are a young person and you need to buy coverage and you don't qualify for much of a subsidy or no subsidy at all you are still facing the possibility of higher premiums, higher deductible and narrower choices. you look admah jik johnson who when he contracted h.i.v. or when it was discovered that he had h.i.v. was a vastly wealthy nba super star. you think well, that's not me. so i don't think it really strikes with people.
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>> elise? >> i'm interested in the optics of who they chose. obama administration has many celebrity allies that one would think they could count on to sell this law to the public. they chose nba stars that many young people are not necessarily going to identify with. these are people who are kind of from the past. i actually had to look up who owe loan zoe morning was. >> he went to georgetown. >> there are a lot of people who are not going to immediately recognize that face who are in the target audience of these ads. i'm not sure whether they will be effective. >> i spent a lot of time cursing the olonzo. i'm not the target for the ard campaigns. i there is a question mark as far as will the audience they need to respond, respond to these guys. magic has been a commentator so he is a little bit -- he stayed in the public eye after leaving the ball court. i think fundamentally will young people ever believe that they're mortal and bad things will happen' to them it goes to what byron is
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saying. i think there is a limit how much these messages will break through with people that feel like i'm healthy and i will be okay for a while. >> everyone is looking at the numbers, predicting numbers how many young people sign up. look beyond it and say even the young ones signing up, 79% of them or something are going to get subsidies. it's not like they are paying the full freight. >> don't know whether young people signing up are healthy or not. they could be young people that have illnesses that are necessitating the fact they are buying insurance. we don't know yet. >> the whole health index is the key part of this. young, generally we assume young to be healthy doesn't necessarily mean that so, the demographic mix predicted by the administration just hasn't turned -- come to pass. and the best we hear now from the administration is it will take a long time and not next month and the next month but quite a while to see whether this risk pool actually works. >> you have seen this new "time" magazine cover?
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i think you probably have seen it, the cover features the headline can anyone stop hillary? former secretary of state hillary clinton leading the pac as a 2016 presidential candidate. she ♪ even running at least not yet. michael, let me go first to you. >> it's a wonderful story and it sort of does something we do really well which captures a story that's out there that no one had fully put together and articulated which is that hillary's prospects right now for winning the nomination and the general election look about as good as a presidential candidate's ever have or at least in recent memory at this point in the cycle. it's really hard to see somebody stopping her in the democratic primaries. general election is a long way away. the republican field is still forming so it's a little harder to predict. the most interesting part is she doesn't have to actually come out and say i'm running right now. she is just so far head and shoulders bo everyone else that this machine is building up around her, waiting for her to get into the race. meanwhile she can hang back and doesn't have to deal with the press.
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side step controversies working well for her. >> people on the sidelines not necessarily on the sidelines but contenders like martin o'malley the governor of maryland, he is certainly in there. i'm still not convinced hillary clinton is going to run. and i really do think that the general election is really a more dangerous area for. even if you take something like 2008 where she talked about that 3:00 a.m. call and now you have got that bipartisan coming out. you have got it think, you any, how does she contend with that? >> o'malley is somebody who is little known nationally who if he were to run needs to be doing this t. right now something mrs. clinton doesn't have to do. the time story is correct about the democratic nomination. it's hard to see her not getting it if she wants it. the general election, i think, is a wholly different thing in part because the country does like the idea of moving forward. you know, there is a theory that politicians have a kind of a sell by date that is if they haven't become president within a dozen or so years after becoming a national figure they are probably never going to become president.
11:47 pm
mrs. clinton in 201624 years after she entered the stage as first lady. that's a long time. she will be as old as ronald reagan was when he became president. i'm not sure people will see that as looking forward. >> i'm not sure she is up for it she feels like going through the rigamarole, it's a tough race as always with all of them. thank you. former first lady barbara bush says she hopes her son jeb bush does not run for president. she is going to tell you why herself coming up. don't forget to watch hannity tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. lindsey graham will be sean's
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okay, it's time to hash it out. talk about an odd couple. larry king tweeting this photo with the caption hanging out with jim carrey and late show, no questions,
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please. hash tag throw back thursday. that photo may be even better than this next one. remember the gsa guy spending your money in a tub mismatched wine glasses? that's my favorite. and the oscar nominations are out. you have heard the buzz about the film industry best of the best. what about the worst of the worst? the 34th annual razzies nominations have also been announced. >> you are going to it like. this hi, girls. >> wash it up, extra soapy. >> 8 nominations including worse picture, worse sequel and worse actor for adam sandler. three movies are tied with six razzie. holiday comedy a madea christmas. starring will and jane smith and star studded movie 43. if you want to see the oscar nominees just go to this looks like a fun news conference. 49ers quarterback capper
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nic, tattoos big arm. nancy pelosi raving about collin capper nic -- someone think coach harr ball's ward road could make a makeover. jim harr bowl has been called out by his wife for wearing $8 khakis from wal-mart. her wish has been granted he is making the switch to a flat front khaki. >> problem solved there. well, the levis and the nike and the dickey makes a flat khaki, so happy wife, happy life. >> whatever. good call though i guess, coach. now it's your turn to hash it out with us. use #greta on all your
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tweets and posts. barbara bush says she does not want her son jeb bush to run for president. why would she say that about her own son?
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to night on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye, extreme pogo sticking and evidence suggesting this pudding sport could be responsible for global warming. >> and why doesn't the president have people working on making curling our top sport. >> it will attract the jobs that come with it. >> and are zebras making a play at replacing dogs as man's best friend? the hidden camera footage you won't sigh anywhere else. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so adorable she belches butterflies and confetti. i am here with miss new york usa.


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