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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 18, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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guns. one has to wonder why he is talking out of his substantial behind. second amendment is here to stay. "cashin' in" here to protect your constitutional rights week in and week out. two americans are among the victims in a deadly afghan terror attack. most of those killed are civilians. is this the latest suicide bombing indication that enemy is changing its tactics? we will check in with lieutenant colonel oliver north. president obama tries to reassure the american people their privacy won't be abuse and he continues to say he won't compromise on intelligence aimed to protect the u.s. terror threat. governor mike huckabee will weigh in with his reaction. you are going to hear from the former c.i.a. operative mike baker who tells us more about the country's famous secrets unveiled in a new television show. and an nfl phenom in the spotlight. we will talk to his mom who
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helped her boy who has been deaf since childhood beat the odds. hello; everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju. america's news headquarters live from the capital starts right now. we begin with this breaking story. it's the deadly yast attack against the foreign civilians of afghanistan since we went to war against the taliban nearly 13 years ago. a team of attackers storming afghan restaurant in kabul, as a suicide bomber at the entrance blows himself up at one of the buildings. those gunman then bursting through the restaurant and begin firing on patrons there. 21 people mostly civilians are now dead. including two americans. connor powell has the latest as he monitors the events. >> uma, restaurant that was popular with afghans and the international expats living in kabul in a place i went to many times when i was living there. it was considered to have both good food and good security.
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friday night, people were sitting down to dinner. suicide bomber blew himself up at the front door, while gunmen slipped in through the back and shooting people at point blank. u.s. officials confirming two americans were among 21 killed last night. both of the americans were employees of the american university of afghanistan. i'm told one of them just joined the school in recent weeks and had only been in kabul for the past few days. the names are not released as the families are still notified but a smokesman for afghanistan interior ministry says the attack shows the taliban true colors. there was no army, there was no police at that restaurant. so it shows they are the enemy of the civilians and defense people. >> also among the dead are several afghan workers and four u.n. employees and the lebanese owner of the restaurant who reportedly had a gun and tried to bat the attackers to try to end the
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attack. uma, violence has been decreasing. but the security situation is still very fragile there. in the past, the taliban had always attacked harder military targets. things like police check points and military convoys. they stayed away from the soft targets like restaurants. the fear is that that tactic may be changing. they may be attacking civilians more and more regularly. what it will mean for the country going forward is anyone's guess. but it probably isn't a good thing for afghanistan or the afghan people. the internationals working there. uma? >> thank you so much for that update. colonel oliver north, host of "war stories" is joining us now with his reaction to what has happened. could this be an indication that we are going to see more of the attack against the civilian targets? >> i think so. connor's report we saw, he knows firsthand what that is like out there. i was down country, down range as they say, down south. when his neighborhood was attacked in a similar event. a few years back when he was inabul.
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look, what we are facing, largely is a consequence of the administration, uncertainty they left among the allies. we do have friends in that part of the world. it's an attitude of how are we going to do this without the help of the americans? what you are seeing now is consequence of the phase-down. we are already pulling troops out, getting ready for the "end of hostilities." we are not going to fight. but apparently the bad guys have decided they are. we didn't start this war. they are going to continue it. and unfortunately, civilians are caught in this all the time. this is what you would call a soft target. that restaurant was the favorite among diplomats. western news, ngo. university student and disturbed professors. people who work at the university. you will see that chaos in kabul and elsewhere. as a consequence of what we failed to do.
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militarily but politically in the administration. >> it will get worse before it gets better? >> i don't see how it gets better because the administration is half-hearted, frankly incompetent. to set aside what their real intentions were. to cut and run when there is a biliteral agreement negotiated by the previous administration. sitting there waiting to be signed. instead, he chose to use a nit to say that's it, we're gone. southern interior all of the stuff in green zone left. >> malaiki is asking for u.s. aid. he wants equipment and talking
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about getting troops on the ground. >> not many troops in iraq. >> who wants them most is sunnis, the anbar province who liked the americans and join with us in 2006 and 2007. with what have came to be called awakening. i was there for that. multiple trips. over 20 embeds out there. most of them that watched it happen and watched affection for americans. that pull-out left them bereft of any support except from the embassy. the embassy is a long ways en route michigan as it is called. that is a road that runs all the way across anbar to the syrian border. the people who most want that road, route michigan as we call it -- >> showing the videos as you are talking about it. >> the people who want that opened most are the folks running tehran.
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hezbollah valley. if that routen't seroped they have to fly it or ship it around. around the persian gulf up to the canal. there are pro-american sunnies who will be caught in the cross fire. as devastating as is it for those who are there to see those islamist flags flying over fallugah it's deadly for americans left in lurch. >> on a personal note, you talk to veterans who fought in wars there. what are they saying to you? the fact that the flags are flying? it's got to be heart-breaking. >> uma, a lot of them liken it to what happened in the war i was first in as a young 25-year-old lieutenant. they know the young americans serving as soldiers, sailors, airman, guardsman today.
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we won every battle on the ground in vietnam. they won every battle on the ground in iraq. and they are doing the same in afghanistan. the war was lost in washington. the war i covered. for fox news. in iraq. is lost in washington. in that building and down at 1600 pennsylvania aver. most americans are focused on what is happening here. we'll see the "state of the union" address on the 28th that will be almost silent on the issue of what we do about the military. the feignest military in world was combat effective, the most combat experienced. the brightest and the best. and these are the best and bravest of the generation. being pushed out of the military because of the cuts. instead of cutting things like big projects, expensive projects, they are going to cut pay allowances and support
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for the families. it's wrong. >> sobering reality. great to have you on board thank you for joining us for the insights. >> thank you. >> we cannot unilaterally disarm the intelligence agencies. >> president obama is attempting a balancing act between right of privacy and reality of the dangerous world in wake of the snowden scandal and unveiled limited national security reforms. like a lot of compromises, this one is leading some americans unsatisfied. elizabeth prann is joining us live with more on the growing debate over surveillance. >> the president did make himself clear, he is not ending the surveillance program. he did propose a number of tweaks to name a few. the n.s.a. will need the court's permission before access stored phone records with the exception of emergencies. the u.s. will no longer monitor the communications of allied leaders. and congress will need to create privacy panel to monitor thegoing of the foreign intelligence surveillance court.
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this being a far cry from the president in campaign in township, the then senator criticized the programs, emphasizing the importance of the civil libertyies. today he says we need it. >> troubled by the programs are not interested in repeating the tragedy of 9/11. those who defend these programs are not dismissive of civil liberties. the challenge is getting the destales right. that is not similar million. >> now we reaction from that speech is mixed. on one hand, privacy activists say the new technologies are reaching too far in americans' lives. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle stand by the president's decision to leave most programs intact. the former director of the n.s.a. says there is no harm in keeping the program top secret. >> when i saw that, unnecessary step. the law doesn't require it. the fourth amendment doesn't
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require it. it's designed to create a higher comfort level in the american population. >> patriot act, section 215 pertaining to the phone metadata collection does expire in 2015, so the battle is brewing for next year. uma, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you for the update. governor mike huckabee the host of "huckabee" is joining to us weigh in. thank you for being with us. the president announcing restrictions to access domestic phone records but will the n.s.a. click and expand the collection of the personal data of billions of people around the world, do you think that the restrictions he is calling for will hurt intelligence gathering? >> no, i don't think it will hurt. what hurts is the lack of trust the american people have in our government. and what they are collecting on innocent citizens who violated no law. who have no reason to be monitored. citizens ought to have an expectation of privacy. now if there is any reason to believe that any of us are engaged in criminal activity,
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take that to a judge. get a warrant. and do the necessary search. to wholesale collect everybody's records and data, i think most of us ought to be uncomfortable with that. part of the reason we ought to be uncomfortable, uma, is agencies lied to congress. every american can't know everything the government knows. i get that. but the elected representatives of the people got to know what is going on. they don't. they were not told and lied when clapper said we weren't keeping the records when we were. that is why you have to have strong congressional oversight. >> as the president moves, they order eavesdropping on the dozen of foreign leaders and government and friendly to the u.s.
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the >> if we believe that, then we are as naive as we have been about the policies and places like libya and syria, and making deals with the nuclear hungry iranians at the expense of the relationships of everybody in the middle east. this administration plays the game by what is best for the security of the country but by the political moment. that is what we're seeing yet once again. >> a former c.i.a. analyst says the president is setting the way for the program can be abuse and al-qaeda and the affiliates are growing stronger. you don't want to take a chance if you're the president. how do you strike the balance there knowing that these are two real realities he is facing now? >> there is no doubt we need to have clear effective monitoring of al-qaeda traffic and activities. that is a far step from monitoring americans' phone call, e-mail and text messages. one of the challenges we keep
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hearing, well, but we have to find the needle in the haystack. here is the problem, if we make the haystack that big we won't find the needle. that's what one of the effects is. we didn't catch the boston bombers though we had clear, not medadata we had clear intelligence from russians and we did nothing with it. human intelligence is still our best friend and best weapon. >> valid point. on a political note, though, do you think the president was bowing to pressure on the left to come one these restrictions on the n.s.a.? >> it was pressure not only from left but the right. not that the president cares a thing about the pressure from the right. but i do think he was certainly yielding to some of the pressure that he is getting from his strongest supporters who didn't support him so that their lives, the private lives could be snooped in. i do think americans should be uncomfortable and unhappy about that. intelligence gathering is one thing. looking after bad guys is one thing. but having information of an
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"nth" degree on every american citizen. one rogue employee, edward snowden, not even an employee. he was a contractor. one of those people get access to individual record and begins to use it, for blackmail or publish it somewhere, that is information nobody should have access to. >> there are no record of abuses of the private citizens having the data collected and having it stored in a facility to access the medadata if they needed to. >> that is nice to say but edward snowden did get information that was supposedly secure. they can't actually point to any particular terrorist threat that was solved by the data they collected. times square bomber was somed by a hot dog vendor. i don't think it's a high-tech operation. if a hot dog vendor has a better track record than the billions of dollars of whizbang material we gathered
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it's time to make sure whatever material we're gathering meets the constitutional demands that does not go and provide some unwarranted and unnecessary and illegal serge on private lives of americans. >> i know you will follow the story as well. you have a lot to talk about tonight on the show coming up this evening. who is on? mitch mcconnell is one of your guests, i understand. >> senator mcconnell is with us and we'll talk about his challenge to the epa. what the e.p.a. is doing that is draconian to workers in his state and others. we also -- >> i apologize for that. we lost the signal from the governor. we urge all of you to watch his show tonight coming up on fox news channel at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. still to come, a new senate intel report says the attack in benghazi was preventable. that is unwelcome news for former secretary of state hillary clinton.
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senator angus king will join us live. there is nothing like a good mystery. who better to solve it than a former c.i.a. operative? we'll talk to a man who is hunting for answers, in famous conspiracies. and incredible story of mother's love and devotion. how one woman and her son overcame his disability and made it all the way to the nfl. maybe even to the super bowl. and washington baby panda says hello to the world. we're there for the big welcome. take a look. that is bao bao. ♪ driving rock music
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welcome back. one of obamacare main goal is provide health coverage to uninsured americans. a new survey shows so far it's falling far short of that mark. it turns out majority of americans who signed up under the affordable care act were already ensured by other plans. doug mckelway is joining us now with more details. hi, doug. >> uma, of all the problems we have seen and read about, the demonstrable problem may be the one that poses a large threat in terms of the americans dissatisfaction. they are denied denied the prive
9:22 am
insurance they had and they wanted. the new enrollment figures that the administration have been touting do not present an entirely accurate picture. >> if i were in charge of the healthcare roll out and 6 million americans were losing coverage, millions more seeing the out-of-pocket expenses going up, i wouldn't cook the numbers. >> on top of that, the "wall street journal" is reporting 11% of the consumers who purchase new coverage under obamacare have been uninsured. that is a remarkable figure. there is a perception, one of the repeated mon tra is 30 million uninsured living in the country is great injustice. it appears that those with the
9:23 am
law most intended to serve are not enrolling. the new h.h.s. numbers show 24% of the enrollees were between 18 and 34. that is the group that is vital to offset the biggers cost of the older enrollees who need healthcare. this is a reason that the obamacare critics are pushing alternatives. >> our bill hr-2300 the pomerring pow -- empowering patients first, makes it every american has the ability for coverage. tax credits, refundable advance credits or coupons makes it so every american has financial incentive to purchase the coverage they want and for themselves and the family. not that the government forces them to buy. >> the spanish language
9:24 am
website is slower than the english languagem website. transgender person serving life for murder can get a sex change and your tax dollars will pay for it. a man found guilty of killing his wife and court upheld previous ruling that the department of correction must pay for the sex change surgery saying it's constitutional right despite its unorthodox nature. we want to ask you, should the taxpayers foot the bill for this operation? andy says -- >> i saw the -- thank you for giving us the twitter resons.
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>> turning to other news. they are releasing a new report. about the benghazi attacks. senator king will join us with his reaction. the show won't go on for luke brian after a stage collapse injures four people. we'll show you what happened next. stay with us. ♪ ♪ welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise?
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9:30 am
the same restaurant to begin shooting at patrons. the two americans were killed work with the american university of afghanistan. police searching for a third suspect in philadelphia high school shooting that injured two students. the suspected suspect turning himself in last night and another question has been questioned and later released. thousands of evacuees from the southern california wildfire are returning home now, after the fire destroyed five homes and damaged more than a dozen others in the foothills northeast of los angeles. dry conditions are expected to continue increasing the fire danger. as the firefighters battled flare-ups, the governor is declaring a drought emergency from the state of california. chemicals blame for a chemical spill that caused widespread spill filed for bankruptcy. those are a quick look at the top stories in today's fox news flash.
9:31 am
we'll get to fox news alert to you. the western back syrian opposition coalition has reportedly agreed to the international peace talks. the coalition has been under increasing pressure from western and arab allies to attend the talks. syrian rebels have snubbed peace conferences in the past. the internationally sponsored talks are set to be held next week in switzerland. all right. who doesn't love a good conspiracy? there are many places in america throughouted in seb regulationsy, unmarked buildings, compounds, now scientific tests, a forensic tools and state-of-the-art surveillance is used to get to the bottom of the mystery. this is all on the show "america declassified." joining us is the most, c.i.a. operative mike baker, a friend to the fox news channel. welcome. great to see you. >> happy new year. >> you, too. what makes the series interesting you tackle
9:32 am
subjects rife with intrigue. for example, you take to us the n.s.a. data center in utah that houses tons of personal data but you say it goes beyond that. the you story is relevant. what do you know about it? >> absolutely. this is a great thing about the show. we wrapped up the first season. we are excited to find out we have a second season coming up, even bigger. more episodes, a lot of stories that are coming down the pike. one great thing about this, with the n.s.a. episode it's timely stuff. not look at the historical issues and conspiracy. we are wrapping in issues that frankly are in the headlines at this point. when they started the show, the whole idea with the travel channel and indigo films, the production company, let's take the viewers to interesting places. let's go to places they couldn't normally see or for whatever reason won't get to it. there is restricted access.
9:33 am
whatever it may be. or places that are wrapped up in a form of conspiracy or mystery. opaqueness. we're not trying to solve the issues. not trying to solve everything but trying to present new information. find witness. conduct a new -- >> what do you know about the building in utah for example? >> well, we know that it's still, there is still some mystery surrounding it. at the end of the day, it's exactly what we anticipate now from the snowden breach of national security. we know how me mefadata collected. we have to put it somewhere. that takes away mystery why are they building an enormous facility. it's to store information. you have a to put it some place, somewhere secure. that's where it goes. >> i know that you tackle other stories as you point out, other mysteries that are currently in the news. we recently marked the 50th anniversary of j.f.k.'s assassination. even though there have been so many stories about that as is nation, you are coming up with
9:34 am
interesting information through some investigation on your own, in terms of what happened. the concerns about a second shooter. >> right. uncovering, you know, coming one a new witness. woman in the book depository, made her way down the stairwell. roughly in the same time frame, supposedly that lee harry oswald the shooter was making his way down from the perch where he took the shot allegedly to, you know, get refreshment in the cafeteria area. talking to her, also doing something which was fascinating, was examining the idea of a second shooter. we went in behind there and we did firing. we took a long rifle and off we went. firing a few rounds from behind the picket fence. now, if you want to have a surreal experience go to plaza -- i'm not recommending you do this. don't do this. we have authority from the local police. and we started firing off some shots. and the reaction from the
9:35 am
pedestrians was insane. but it was a fascinating part of the exercise. the idea to try to present the viewer, make a smart and entertaining show but don't take the viewers for granted. give them something hopefully they walk away with and they thought i learned something new here today. >> the folks on the plaza learned something new when they started to hear the shots being fired. i can't believe you did that. >> well, i can't believe nobody returned fire. it's texas. so that was one of my concerns anyway, hey once we start pulling the trigger what are the odds that somebody here is carrying and may return fire, thinking there is an active shooter on site? it was a fantastic experience. so many good stories the first season. we have got a second season coming. we have terrific, terrific stories to tell. it's been exciting opportunity. >> good to see you. thank you. good luck with the series. i know you are having fun with it. we are having fun seeing you on the air. >> thank you.
9:36 am
i appreciate it. >> all the best. >> television commercial turns seattle seahawks player holman in an internet sensation. why the inspirational story is touching so many of you. we have talk to the whom who knows him best. that is his mom. coming your way. stay with us. >> told me i was a lost cause. ♪ verizon innovators are creating
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welcome back, everybody. the senate bipartisan report on the benghazi found that the tragedy was preventable. joining us is senator king, member of the committee. i apologize for satellite problems we're having but great to talk to you by phone. i want to ask questions about the report. to a lot of folks this is a scathing report. we have learned that it could have been prevented. there were so many signses the ahead of that attack. we know the u.s. compound suffered damage that summer before an attack of the explosive and the british have taken their people out. have you been able to personally understand why we failed adequately to protect our folks despite the warning? >> no. there is no question that there was warning in terms of the intelligence and in terms of what was going on in benghazi that summer. there were attacks. and there was -- it was known that the facility there wasn't adequately protected. there is no question, that the
9:41 am
state department just dropped the ball. and it was just it really is inexplicable. that was the bipartisan conclusion of our committee that it was preventable. now, they were getting -- you have to remember that that week there was something like 4 0 attacks on the american facilities around the middle east because of that film, or the story about supposed anti-islamic film. so, you know, there was a lot going on that week. but still, it's pretty clear that something should have been done to shore up facility or get people out of there before tragic events unfolded. >> you note that the f.b.i. investigation is hampered inside libya and 15 people supporting the investigation were helpful to the the
9:42 am
u.s. have been killed in benghazi pvment are the deaths related to the investigation? >> the evidence is we found that there was no direct connection. it could be. it could be and unfolding investigation. it's disappointing to say the least we haven't been able to track down the people that were involved. to say people died because they were helping us. when it's 15 of them it raises questions. >> big questions, indeed. the f.b.i. could not conclude there was a connection. it's something to be concerned about. we have no suspect or arrests in the situation of the death of four americans.
9:43 am
>> no question. as one point, two or three months ago, apparently there were serious leads. it's not like the f.b.i. looking for somebody in chicago or san francisco. we're in a semi-hostile country. so it's a tough assignment. but still, given resources that have been thrown at this, most americans feel we ought to be seeing results at this point. >> as you know clearly in this town, the big blame game has been going on. as a result of the report in terms of the names of the individuals who are to account for the lapse of security or et cetera. do you blame hillary clinton's leadership at the state department for lack of the direction and the many troubling safety concerns plaguing the compound right up to the attack? >> i think that is a stretch. the state department has 25,000 employees. there is no evidence that i have seen that the question of
9:44 am
the enhanced security of benghazi got to her level. frankly, step back a minute and say that somebody goes to hillary clinton and says we have a bad security situation in benghazi do you want to do something about it? and she says no, not bother. that doesn't strike me as credible. if she is responsible for this, chris christie is responsible for the bridge. in any large organization the person at the top ultimately does bear responsibility. the question is if there was any knowledge -- >> you can blame the state department but you can't blame the leadership? >> no. you have to find out who in the state department did make this decision. they are the people that should be accountable. if you make a bad decision on the air is it roger eles' fault? the top person clearly ultimately that is where the
9:45 am
buck stops but to say that hillary clinton made a bad decision, i don't think there is any evidence of that. that it got to her level. if it did, that is another question. we are talking about the exact same question up in new jersey. about whether governor christie is responsible for what happened on the bridge. he said i wasn't, i didn't authorize it. my staff made a bad decision. so, you know, what is the old saying? sauce for the good is sauce for the gander. >> it's a comparison -- i understand where you are coming from on that, but there are those take at it step further in terms of talking about the lives and safety of the people who are at risk and particularly the fact we have four dead americans. >> i mean are you -- >> the investigation is going on for some time and people have been asking lots of questions and we still don't have anybody under arrest and nobody seems to be any closer to finding suspects tied to the investigation.
9:46 am
>> that is a separate issue. we were talking about hillary clinton and now we're talking about the investigation. >> i'm talking about the frustration involved in this. the leadership and lapses, warning signs pointed out in your report as well. despite concerns and despite problems it seems that why leadership from the top didn't account for what was going on down there. it was not a secret there were possibles. >> as i read the report there doesn't seem to be evidence that it got to secretary clinton and she made that decision. if it had got to her would she have said don't bother? hard to believe. >> we don't know the answer obviously. >> there is no question that people, that the people screwed up, there is a lot of fault to be found. at the state department.
9:47 am
people should be held accountable. two do you hold accountable? >> thank you for your time. thank you for joining us as always. >> thank you. >> when a seahawks player takes the field tomorrow he won't hear a thing. he's deaf. but his disability have not stopped him from succeeding on and off the field. after the break you will meet the proud mom, who will share her story about her remarkable son. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry!
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>>. >> they didn't call my name, told me it was over. but i've been deaf since i was 3 so i didn't listen. >> well, it's a first for the nfl. he is the only athlete in nfl history to play offense even though he's legally deaf. now he may have a chance to play in the super bowl. seattle seahawk fullback derrick coleman is an international sensation with the ad, receiving over 4 million views in five days. to really know his story, you have to meet his mother may evans who tells us why her son's sheer determination allowed him to succeed.
9:52 am
it's great to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> when your son gets set with his team to take on the 49ers this weekend, we know that no one will be paying closer attention than derrick who says he has to be more focused than anyone else. i understand that you and derrick's father had a lot to do with his early education, telling him not to use his problems as an excuse. >> yes, we definitely reiterated the fact that everything he needs and everything he has is already instilled in him and never to ever use his disability as an excuse. >> in this ad, we hear from him. he talks about the fact that he's been deaf since he was a child and he was teased and bullied by cruel play mates. how did you convince him not to pay attention to those children? >> i pretty much with the grace of god just instilled in him that everything he is is what god wanted him to be. and that if anyone does not want to be your friend because you
9:53 am
have hearing aids on or they are saying negative things about you that is making you feel inadequate, you don't need to be around those people. you need to move on to better friends. >> that is wonderful advice to your young child. as i understand, your son relies on lip reading and his own unique way to rely on the qua quart quarterback to make his plays. >> he started lip reading in ninth grade. she would point at her lips and tell him to look at her lips. after that he got into the hang of it. he just started looking at people's mouths when they spoke. that's how he started to read lips. >> well, he's really done extremely well. i know you're so proud of him. we've got a big game this weekend. maybe he has super bowl dreams ahead of him what would you say? >> yes. i would be so -- it would be even more of a blessing. we are thanking jesus for it in advance. >> may, thank you so much and
9:54 am
all the best to your son. we wish him all the best. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. d.c.'s most famous fur ball is in the house today. the panda house. cuteness overload coming your way. meet baby bao bao next. ♪ i'm coming out ♪ ♪
9:55 am
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it's the mouthwatering recipe that keeps them coming back. stouer's. madeith care for your family. country star luke ryan postponing his next concert because a stage injuring four crew members. his show in kentucky had to be reset for february 21st. now you might just call her the youngest member of the national zoo. talking about a special edition to the panda family who is getting set to meet her fans.
9:59 am
meet d.c.'s most beloved resident bao bao. panda-mania is in high gear. today it's the height in washington. it's exciting for bao bao, her care takers and the public. >> there is nothing like the glow people get when they see her. it never gets dull for us. we are excited to share her with everybody. >> it's particularly special for her keepers who have been with bao bao since she was born. >> right now, her biggest accomplishment was walking. from there she is really going to flourish. >> the panda cub lived exclusively with her mom who has been happily helping her baby explore the exhibit. bao bao's only a few months old but she is already showing off her personality. those who know her best say she's got a bit of mom and dad in her, but there is still a lot to learn. >> her personality is going to really develop once her world opens up more. once she comes outside we are going to see the real bao bao.
10:00 am
>> boy, we can't wait. she is awfully cute. hope you have a chance to see her. that's going to do it for me in d.c. thanks for watching. make it a great day, everybody. hello, i'm kelly wright. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters." >> i'm julie banderas sitting in for jamie colby today. a terror attack in the heart of afghanistan and two american civilians are dead. a live report from the region on the search for who is responsible. new questions about whether obamacare is needed. people who signed up for coverage already had it. major changes could be


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