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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 19, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PST

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tonight. from new york, i'm mike huckabee and justice with judge jeanine pirro is next. have a great weekend. [cheers and applause] ♪ hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. you know, justice is about acouldn'tability and consequences. justice occurs when truth is put to the lie. when the facts and not the politicians tell the story. justice should always be swift and certain, but in the obama administration, it is slow and uncertain. and as we found out this week, the obama administration puts political lies over american lives. we have been waiting for benghazi justice ever since
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september 11th 2012, and this week a bipartisan senate committee joining republicans issued a scathing report blaming hillary clinton's state department for deaths that were preventable. and for the inadequate security that was provided to her friend ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. the report makes clear that in the months before the attack on benghazi. the intelligence community provided, quote, ample strategic warning that u.s. facilities and personnel were at risk in benghazi, the affiliated groups had the capacity and intent to strike u.s. interest. that's from the report. and this from the pentagon, of a infantry after con.
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security detail, stephens himself, not to mention 20 separate security incidents at that compound in the months before september 11th. we already knew, this didn't we? we knew there was protest. and everybody knew there was no protest except, of course, the "new york times" who would never let the facts get in the way of shielding the obama administration. the truth? the fbi and the cia admit they knew from the surveillance cameras, yet, two weeks later, the president goes to the united nations to blame the massacre on that despicable anti-muslim video. folks, i read this report. the word video is mentioned once. that's it. once. and that's in connection
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with with a protest in cairo. president obama and secretary clinton take out an ad to apologize to the world for this hateful i have video. and the narrative continues. susan rice is given her marching orders to talk about the anti-muslim video. think about it. they blame an unconnected video. but they had to agree to this narrative. they knew it wasn't a video or a spontaneous declaration. and, yet, the talking points, the speeches, the words whispered in the ears of the families of the dead americans were all about that despicable video. why? to mislead us just weeks before presidential election. where i come from, the manufacturer of that lie is called a conspiracy. and when the intelligence committee said that the deaths were preventable,
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they were saying that the attack was foreseeable. that the deaths did not have to happen. that they should not have happened. and, in doing so, the committee put the responsibility directly in the lap of the obama administration and hillary clinton. now, you remember her. the woman who was going to get to the bottom of this by appointing an accountability review board, that would never interview her i know you remember her. the secretary of state, the one logging all those miles, unable to appear before congressional committees because she was traveling, because she had the flu. because she fell, and because she had a concussion. and when she finally does show up, she says she never saw the cables sent to her personally, signed by the ambassador foreshadowing not only how they would die, but
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the very groups that would kill them. and then madam secretary, you show up four months later after everyone else has given their version of the facts, so that all your ducks are in a row. and your efforts that night? >> it turned out we had people getting over that wall in cairo doing damage until we got them out. we had a serious threat against our embassy -- i had to call the president of to your knowledge and beg him it unnearby shah to save our enforcement to save our embassy that could have been a disaster. >> on the phone with tunisia? what did i miss? who died in tunisia? then again, you like phones, don't you? remember this one? >> it's 3:00 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep, but there is a phone in the white house, and it's
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ringing. who do you want aping the phone? >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> but then again,. >> what difference, at this point, does it make? >> as a secretary of state, your job was to protect the people in your charge. you are responsible for their safety and there their well-being. you knew they were receiving danger pay because it was a dangerous area. you knew how dangerous this part of the world was. hell, when you went to benghazi, you had the defense department preposition assets off the libyan coast in case needed rescue. what that tells me is that i understood the danger to yourself, but ignored it when it came to others. that's called negligence. you failed to perceive a substantial and
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unjustifiable risk that the danger of death existed to the people in your charge. your conduct was a gross deviation from the standard of care that any reasonable secretary of state would observe. you disregarded the grave risks and lives of americans. you you knew it, that's why you didn't go on the sunday shows. you knew it, whichs why you waited until everyone else had spoken so you could get your ducks in a row. and you knew it because of the cables from your friend and the deteriorating security situation in benghazi. you knew it, which is why you appointed your friends to an accountability review board, which friends never even called you to testify. you knew it, which is why no one was ever fired in your department. you knew it because the only one who suffered consequences was a whistleblower who went against your dictates. so which is it? if you didn't know, then you're incompetent. and if you did know, you're
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guilty of criminal negligence. people though are so afraid of you that your name is not even mentioned in the review by the senate intelligence committee. and, yet, you say that you take responsibility. but how do you take responsibility when there are no consequences or anyone in your department like susan rice. everyone on the conspiracy was promoted. but what happened in benghazi was foreseeable. you you had a duty and a responsibility and they relied on you. they asked you for safety and security. and you breached not only that duty, but you breached the public trust that we have in our government. i i am a prosecutor. i spent my career in the assignment of blame. and i know you won't be
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prosecuted for any of this and your boss won't be impeached. but, remember this: justice is about accountability and consequences. the facts have now been told. the consequences have yet to be determined. and, in the meantime, we continue to wait for justice. coming up, how the obama administration could have prevented the benghazi massacre. vote in tonight's insta poll. if benghazi was preventable should it result in a;ñ;ñ;ñ
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we now know that the benghazi attack could and
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should have been prevented. but here we are 16 months later with an administration that still continues to skirt the truth. with me, fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland and former cia operations mike baker. all right, k.t., you have been an assistant secretary of defense. you have been involved in some of these meetings where people are prepared before they go on television and you have been involved before someone goes out and makes a statement for the administration like susan rice. >> yeah. >> on something this big. what do you make of the fact that now we know that there was no spontaneous demonstration, that there was no video, that prompted this to happen? >> well, we know that the president knew. i think even more importantly, because the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, within minutes of the attack, within hours, they went to see the president. now, it's inconceivable that they didn't say,
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mr. president, we're under attack in benghazi. we're worried we can't find the ambassador. they told the president that they were under attack and that there was likely al qaeda affiliates doing the attack. >> but let's go back to the preparation of the statement. i mean, if there was no connection, and i read every word of this intelligence report. >> right, i did too, yeah. >> if there is no connection between a video, this anti-muslim video and the attack, who comes up with the idea, how many people have to be involved for the manufacturer and proliferation of a lie so that everybody is on the same page? >> okay. well, the fairy tale would have been written presumably probably the lead would have been at the white house, the national security council. they would have vetted it. they would have had cia officers state, defense, in on the conference call. they would have sent the emails back and forth to make sure that everybody sort of was signed on to that a and then it would have been given to secretary rice i mean then to ambassador rice. i said then at the time the fact that hillary didn't
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come out on those sunday talk shows, i smelled a rat because hillary, as you just pointed out, she walls way too smart to do that. she knew there would be a problem. so susan rice, who was the secretary of state in waiting, she went out, she was going to prove her bona fides to the administration. she was going to carry their water. the problem is she didn't vet her own talking points. well, and you know, mike, you you were k.t. was talking. i mean, you know. you were in the cia. i imagine there was talk meetings occur and a lot of people in these meetings. everybody is kept to the narrative of this fantasy anti-muslim video. i mean how in line can this administration keep these people? >> right. it's incredible. first of all, judge, and i have said this before, but you your willingness, your desire to keep benghazi in the spotlight is incredibly appreciated by the intel and military communities. second. never before frankly in the
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washington review groups panels or committees have we waited longer for a report to tell us what we already knew. the attack was avoidable warning signs were woefully ignored and the story about the video from the white house was complete crap. the sad part about all of this is that i do disagree with those people who think somehow this news, this report is going to somehow negatively impact hillary clinton's run for 2016. i don't think it's going to have any result. no the sad part of this. >> what does that tell you? >> it tells me we have all v. attention deficit disorder in this nation it tells me we all chase the next shiny object. frankly, the white house has been very successful in their block delay tactics. i think this was a political calculation by the democrats to say look, that's it, the story is not going away. here is what we are going to do be bipartisan on this committee report.
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that's it. that's going it put a cap on it and we are done with it. >> no. >> go ahead, k.t.,. >> i think what the committee show is what happened. >> these are the facts. >> these are the fax. it doesn't say why and it doesn't say. who at this point it is time for good old judge jeanine pirro and her prosecutorial role to call for a special prosecutor. we need a special prosecutor. we need a select committee. congressman and senators have called for that i was in the white house during watergate. that watergate committee didn't start hearings until almost a year after the watergate break. in it is not too late to have those hearings. the reason to have them and the reason to have a prosecutor is subpoena power ability to cut a dial and whistle whistleblower. people have total truth. >> exactly. people have to tell it the truth. now everything is behind closed doors. you know, mike, it's interesting. i remember from the beginning of this that there was talk that the intelligence agency let us
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town down and all that hogwash. they then say that the cia and the intel community or whomever were not talking. what i found interesting in the report itself, is that benghazi was severely underresourced with regards to weapon, ammunition, safety masks. they refer to the things that would have helped in the blaze. they say in contrast the cia, in response to the same deteriorating security situation consistently upgraded its security posture over the same period. you know what that tells me? that tell moose he that they were throwing the cia under the bus but the cia is the one who took action and tried to increase security when the state department did not. am i interpreting that wrong? >> no. you are interpreting it right. i mean, the cia -- by the way, the agency is used to be thrown under the bus. no other agency in the u.s. gets thrown under the bus more often than the agency. that's just what happens. because we are not in a
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position of definiting ourselves because of the sources and methods issue. you just turned the other cheek and you are going to get it smacked. the honest to god truth here, yes, there were some signs here. the state had paid attention to that we would have had the proper counter surveillance program in place. we would have had a very robust counter surveillance program. hardened perimeter security system. we would have had an upgrade. >> required from what happened in kenya tanzania. this is no surprise. >> no, absolutely not. >> thank you to both of you have. great idea, special prosecutor. i'm not holding my breath on that unwith. thank you, mike baker, k.t. mcfarland. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up, controversy over the new hit film lone survivor. a former navy seal who knew the heros is here. he weighs in with us in a moment.
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lone survivor is the true story of navy seals on a 2005 covert mission in afghanistan. harsh film criticism by the left, some calling it pro-war propaganda, while others are questioning the mission itself. here with his reaction is former navy seal christopher mark. all right, chris. you served in afghanistan. you were a navy seal for 10 years. you know marcus luttrell, the man who wrote the book and who is, you know, described in the movie and many of the others. what's your reaction to this left's criticism of the movie? >> judge, i believe the word that was used was jing goistic. any movie that's pro-america in any way, shape, or form on our stance around the globe can be labeled as jing goistic. i don't buy that word. it's complete b.s. that it's
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attached to this project. what people need to understand is as seals we are the nation's 911 pawns team. we are put out there on the very edges of risk. at times guide only by moral compasses. one week helping to establish u.s. foreign policy and the next week we are enforcing it with extreme prejudice. we don't get sent to build churches or to build schools or hospitals, when we are sent somewhere is to make a person, place, or a thing disappear. and lone survivor certainly plays tribute -- or pays tribute to our moral compass by evidence of the fact that they let those sheep herders go which bit us in the back side. >> when you talk about the mission and how marcus is, you know, in the book and in the movie. they say that is a mission that the type of mission that you have been involved in. and you actually know, marcus; is that correct. >> absolutely. marcus and i are friends. i'm friend with his wife melanie.
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this is a personal account of marcus' harrowing experience. he lost three really good friends on the ground with him and another eight guys in the air. it's unconscionable that anyone would even try to pick apart this story and inject any political slant to it whatsoever. >> there was so much that was written, the criticism was that the book that marcus wrote about himself and his fellow seal members, you know, didn't question the strategy in afghanistan. and they complain that the writer marcus putting his life on the line was enamored of george bush. what's wrong with that. >> there is nothing wrong with that george bush is from texas. marcus is from texas. come on o, that makes total sense to me. it's ridiculous. >> think about it, we just talked about benghazi. four civilians there with a warning no one sends. president obama doesn't send assets. he still won't answer any questions. questioning george bush when why find out secretary of
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defense gates. surge in afghanistan. why is there a double standard? >> this is on mission for one thing. that's to position hillary clinton for election in 2016. let me make something very clear. nobody that wears a navy seal trident on their chest. nobody is a fan of obama. nobody is a fan of hillary clinton, period. those four gentlemen that were killed in benghazi should be getting the congressional gold medal right now. and hopefully debbie lee with america's mighty can can make that happen. that needs to happen, period. judge, let me tell you. this me and my good friends, all former seals are working on a project right now that is going to expound upon everything that is out there right now in benghazi. >> all right. well, i will tell you, this
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country the people here are very interested in it. it's not often that we get the lies that we have been experiencing from this administration. all right, christopher mark, thank you for being with us this evening. >> thank you, judge. >> the coming up, the investigation into the irs scandal winding down. so people are being held accountable, right? no. i'm shocked. that's our next story.
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let's bet you back to the judge. news when you want it, the facts can no longer be denied. not even by the white house. the benghazi massacre could have been prevented. with me house intelligence committee member com kevin nunes. congressman, good evening, did the administration lie to us? >> well, they -- not only did they lie, judge, but they continue to lie. and, you know, we are still waiting for witnesses to show up. we are still waiting for phone records. it's getting -- it's very very frustrating. i know the american people
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are frustrated. but i really appreciate you staying on this issue. >> well, you know, congressman, it's not many of us were surprised at what happened. i mean, it just, you know, made sense, based on the pieces that americans were putting together. but this came so late in the game because the administration chose to lie over and over. the families would have gotten closure a lot sooner had they not done that. >> well, and what is sad is i think they are doing this to cover up their middle east strategy. so they don't -- their narrative was that al qaeda was on the run. i find it rather ironic that al qaeda is in syria. al qaeda is in the arabian peninsula. al qaeda is in egypt. al qaeda is in tunisia. al qaeda is now moving into boca ron and nigeria. al qaeda is everybody except, where, benghazi. unbelievable. was the fake scenario manufactured to cover up an
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incompetent or hapless foreign policy in the middle east? >> well, my guess that it is made up to cover up the entire policy from pakistan all the way to morocco. but the issue here is with benghazi, specifically they knew that night that it was al qaeda. they knew that the people on the ground knew that the state department knew that the military knew that and it seems like everybody seems to know it except for the "new york times" and the white house, and it's just not believable. >> >> com, what can we do the about the lies? you have got a committee of democrats and republicans saying this was not about a video. we have got a drone. we have got all kinds of surveillance cameras. will the american people ever see the cameras and what happened that there was no spontaneous declaration? will we ever get to the bottom of it? >> we are slowly getting there. and it's very -- remember what we have to do. we have to go to the administration and we have to ask them for the videos.
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we have to ask them for the phone records. >> what do you think the chances are? >> no, no. i just reviewed for the first time the videos in their entirety. so i was able to watch the drone feed and all the closed circuit cameras from that night. i just did that about a week ago. >> and your conclusion? >> i did not see any spontaneous protest. we have known that from the reports. i mean, the cia said that from the beginning there was no protest on behalf of the video. but, now we are still waiting for witnesses. we are waiting for key witnesses from both the military and the cia that still need to come forward. we are still waiting for phone records. you know, congressman. >> it's very frustrating. >> i have to close here in a minute. it appears that 15 libyans have been murdered who have cooperated with us in terms of getting information to us about what happened in benghazi. >> well, you bring up a very important point, and that is the killers are stillen the run. and by the way some of those killers are known al qaeda
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operatives. >> exactly. >> and they are still on the run. >> all right. congressman nunez,thank you so much for being with us this evening. >> my pleasure, janine, thank you. >> all right. moving on. remember that investigation into the irs targeting obama's political enemies? surprise surprise. no charges are going to be filed. republicans are outraged. here is congressman jim jordan. >> now we learn it wasn't even the fbi doing the investigation. it's some lawyer in the civil rights division. lawyer in the civil rights division who gave $6,000 to the obama campaign and they tell us oh, no one has been criminally responsible. no one did anything wrong here it have just an outrage and a joke of an investigation. >> so, is he right? and will this administration ever hold anyone accountable for anything? with me, republican strategist tony and democratic strategist joe trippy, both fox news contributors. good evening, gentlemen.
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joe -- >> -- good evening, judge. >> last week i criticized the appointment of a hate crimes prosecutor who jordan was just referring to civil rights prosecutor who is an obama devoteee for investigating the irs debacle. this week it's over. what happened? >> well, they didn't say it's over. they said there is no reason yet -- that they don't see any laws that have been broken and that they don't intend it, yet, to bring any charges if no laws have been broken, which they say have not happened. you know, of all these groupings that it wasn't -- the terms that were look at were progressive, healthcare reform, tea party. it went beyond just tea party and conservative groups that ran into this problem with the irs. and it's not clear -- actually, it's becoming clear that there was no law that was broken. >> joe, are you concerned that there was a disproportionate number of tea party conservatives
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compared to the other groups? i mean, there is no question that there were a couple of progressive liberal groups but it's disproportionate. was it not? >> it was disproportionate for a couple of reasons. they were doing the same thing to marijuana reform groups medical marijuana groups. if you really look at it it, what was-o-were groups that were forming all over the country? where was this impulse coming from? with, it was much bigger tea party movement. >> you say more of the tea party were applying o, tony. >> were applying, yes. >> judge, i forgot the fact that we were arguing clearly wholesale. this is clearly proven. 200 conservative, tea party pro-family, pro-israel groups versus 8 that have progressive and some sort of other liberal agenda. >> i remember the numbers were something like that. >> i think joe may be right. if the proportion of the votes were the same. but it's not. it's obviously overwhelmingly against
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conservatives number one. number two, let's talk about barbara bosserman, the civil rights unit attorney who is a obamaega donor. >> makes 150,000 adds year and gives 6500 to obama. does that bother you, joe? i like you. does that bother you, joe? >> you know this. you know they can't look at political contributions of who they are assigning to. >> are you kidding? you don't think there is someone on the white house or on the campaign committee is going to google and find out what that person did? >> i'm asking you as a judge, would you do that? >> i wouldn't do it as a judge but i'm not running for office. i'm not a politician. >> let's go further into what joe said. >> hold on, guys. go ahead, tony. >> let's go back to what joe said. joe said that no, she didn't say there is no criminal charges yet. yes, she did. this has been leaked in the "wall street journal." the irony is they haven't even concluded the report number one. number two, she has not
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interviewed anybody. how could you conclude this without interviewing victims. >> i like jim comby the head of the fbi. he is an honorable guy. what the hell is he doing putting someone from the hate crimes unit to involve -- to do an investigation of the irs when the fbi hasn't even spoken to any of the victims? you know what? let's go on. i want you, joe, this is a clip of then senator obama talking about spying on americans. >> this administration also puts forward a false choice between the liberties we cherish and the security we provide. i will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists without undermining our constitution and our freedom. that means no more illegal wiretapping of american citizens. >> all right. we know we lied about healthcare. the senate committee now says benghazi was preventable. and when he allowed clapper to perjure himself and say we don't spy on americans, i think, you he allowed another lie or perjury to
1:40 am
occur. i mean, is he lying about this, too? the nsa stuff, joe? >> no, look. i think -- look, the fact is as president, you have got to balance national security and privacy. and i don't think there is any way any president can win on this right now on the left there are people like me on the left you get attacked because any changes he made come on they were ridiculous in terms of actually doing anything to change privacy. >> add to that. >> he is actually being defended by the right. a lot of the former bush guys, he criticized are coming out and sticking up for him. his problem is, as joe points out within the own party and the public. 75 million people are against this whole telephone program and also in his party he had 111 democratic
1:41 am
congressman out of 194 vote for an amendment to basically defund the nsa because of what happened in the ed snowden situation. >> you know what? if it weren't for snowden i have got to tell you we wouldn't know any of this stuff. yet, they hunted him down like a dog. joe trippi and tony sigh more on america's power grid.
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the vulnerability of the u.s. power grid crats a danger for all of us. no one else is talking about this danger, which could send america spiraling back to the dark ages. with me now retired colonel and senior intelligence officer tony shaffer who is also a signier fellow at the london center for policy research and director on the national commission of intelligence and foreign wars. all right, colonel, thanks for being with us. >> you bet. >> we know from the past few weeks that the grid can be damaged in two ways. one natural, and the other more sinister, a terrorist nuclear device. >> right. >> you have worked on weapon niced technology for defense intelligence agency
1:46 am
as have you been mentioning they said that was preventable. preventing the damage to the grid if we play our cards correctly. there is two categories. you are talking about solar fl conditions to take out not necessarily just cities, we are talking about regions or entire countries. the same sort of thing can be done, judge, using a nuclear device of a certain class and a certain explosive effect. these are real things scientifically based and proven. we have our own weapons that can do this. should this happen? what would the consequences be? tell us. some people think just the lights go out and everybody has a party and there are more -- nine months later a lot more people are born. >> in 1977 you had riots in the street because of the grid going down. we are talking about catastrophic failure whole region where the military could not come in. the effects of sandy, the effects of city not having any power, any water, any
1:47 am
food, everybody now has food that they have to buy at the store. imagine if no food can can get in for months. we are talking about if you do this during the winter months like right now with the power going off. no power, the elderly, the young and the sick will all be dead, we are talking about a 20% reduction of population over a six month period with no power. this is not again science fiction, this is real. again, it's also preventable. >> what about the whole idea of survivalist. you would basically, if you can't get the food then you would have to be able to grow your own food, cook it. i mean, it is -- it's civilization as we know it would be over. >> this would be a civilization ending event at least for a period of time. again, judge, the military can't come to your aid if the military itself cannot function. these attacks, this electromagnetic pulse would take out anything with a computer or microelectronics, that means cars, vehicles not hardened will be down. that means those first responders and police and
1:48 am
military normally come to the aide will be trying to take care of their own issues. that's why this is so potentially catastrophic. no one could come help us. >> all right. we had the former secretary of energy bill richardson on the list. he talked about a bull can bulk niced system. you get the sense that no one is really monitoring them not working for a liability. they are work for a profit. they are the ones allowing this bulkization continue. the regulatory commission trying to do the right thing, judge. trying to regulate and make sure the standardization is made. can you standardize certain types of transformers, of standards that will prevent
1:49 am
catastrophic events. >> is that being done, tony? >> because of lobbyist's money, a lot of members of congress are not doing their job. there has been the grid acted, the shield act, both of which i have worked with members of congress to try to get past over the past few years have prevented explicitly. this is not expensive and technology necessary to prevent the catastrophic failure of our grid. again, judge, this is something that could be done, should be done. or else three or four years from now we could be having this conversation about we knew we could stop, this we failed to do it and yet we are talking about it. >> all right. the consequences, as you say, would be catastrophic. thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you, judge. thank you. >> all right. coming up, one of the most shocking videos you will ever see, terror on the streets. that one is next. and it's your last chance to vote in tonight's insta poll. if benghazi was preventable, should it derail a 2016 presidential run for hillary clinton? facebook or tweet me at judge janine.
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when i saw this next video, it scared the living daylights out of me. and then i just couldn't stop laughing. i am talking, of course, about devil baby. a remote controlled newborn from hell. no, i'm not talking about a colicky baby, but one created as a marketing stunt for the new film devil's due. the baby unleashed on the streets of new york and the reaction by new yorkers were priceless. take a look. [screams] >>
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[screams] [ laughter ] >> if i were to come across that thing, i would have freaked out. it's definitely funny. but, sorry, unsuspecting person heart attack. after being scared by the devil baby? all i know is that i'm going to think twice next time i cross the street and see a baby carriage coming down.
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we asked. if benghazi was preventable. should it derail a 2016 presidential run for hillary clinton? we had an overwhelming response from all of you. 99% of you think her run should absolutely be derailed. ken says hell yes. it's time to get people who are man and woman enough to be able to admit they are wrong and make sincere efforts both home and abroad fire the liars carla posed yes, if she wouldn't protect a few, why would she protect a country. then you can run for president from prison? jenny is is outraged saying it was her job and she didn't do it. where was she anyway? heads need to roll.
1:56 am
sabina tweets yes benghazi attacks were preventable. she knew it and it should disqualify her. who he can we elect a leader who lies to us? missy says she is a disgrace to this country. she needs to slink away and leave us the hell alone. and then, there is jerry who might some it up best. he is simply writes yes, because she won't answer that 3:00 a.m. phone call. anyway, that's it for us tonight, folks. thanks for joining us, remember to friend me on facebook or follow me on twitter at judge janine. and check out my book, clever fox, still available. everywhere and online. see you next week. same time, same place, same me in new york. maybe we will get another video. can we watch that again? [ laughter ]
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huckabee. >> tonight on huckabee. he will use his pen to sign excutive orders, the president changed his tune with the way s nsa collects issue. >> and mitch mcconnell reacts. millions of credit cards hacked. and who pays the bill? jerry wulis has the advice. plus, she had a choice, keep her unborn baby or her eye sight. her decision on huckabee tonight.


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