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tv   A Healthy You Carol Alt  FOX News  January 19, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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you." i'm carol alt. i have a quiz for you. which of the following foods has fat in it? american avocados or french fries? give up? you know the answer. it is all of them. it is just some fats are better than others. today we have an expert to help explain which fats are bad to eat and which are actually essential for maintaining good health. plus, you've probably seen the commercials for the ab carver pro. it is the agents ball that is supposed to help us get the washboard abs. the creator of the ab carver pro is here to convince me that his product really works. we'll see.
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first, what is it about hemp that is so controversial? why is it always in the news lately? is it only because it is tied to medical marijuana? can it be good? i'll leave the legal discussion to the lawyers. what i'm interested in are potential health benefits. you know, hemp, cannibus, that plant that can be legally grown all over the world and is often used in marijuana production. with all this news i decided to do a little digging and to try to figure out why hemp is so controversial. i mean, hard liquor is legal and it has no redeeming health qualities whatsoever. does hemp have any redeeming qualities? we'll find out. with us is the author of "cancer, step outside the box" tybollinger. thank you for joining us. tell us the history of hemp. i found this quite unusual.
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>> hemp has a reputation of being an evil weed. the medicinal history is fascinating. as far back as the 1930s there were hemp teachers in every pharmacy in the united states. >> i want to go further back. didn't you write that washington and jefferson and lincoln and all of these presidents grew hemp and they could use it as they wanted to use it? >> yes. some farmers in the colony of virginia were required to grow hemp. it is a good fiber and good for making clothes. a lot of industrial uses. >> ford thought it was strong enough to make a car out of. >> one of the first model-t's was made from hemp and ran on hemp fuel. >> and the end was william randolph the first. >> with paper. in one acre of hemp you can do 10 times the amount of paper than one acre of trees. >> why did he want it outlawed? >> he owned thousands of acres of fore rest. he wanted newspaper.
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>> so it was a political thing and nothing to do with hemp itself? >> it was more about the money and more about eliminating the competition. that's why hemp was demonized and thought of as an evil weed and they put up propaganda to make people afraid of hemp. when in reality that's one small use of hemp. we call it marijuana. it was a slang term to make people afraid of it. >> mary jane, dubies and there are a lot of slang terms. in the 1930s they made tinkshers? what were they for? >> we can talk about the cancer effects, but it is anti-inflammatory and helps with ptsd for those soldiers coming back with post traumatic stress disorder. it is an anti-inflammatory and the uses of hemp for cancer because of what i studied in "cancer step outside the box"
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there are a dozen can aer ises ises -- cancers studied with the medicinal marijuana. from brain cancer to prostate cancer and uterine cancer and prostate cancer it is amazing. >> what is in hemp. is it the thc? >> thc is for canivinol. >> that's the only time i will get it right. >> that's the one -- thc is the one thing they are familiar with. that's the one that is psycho active and it gets you high. one is called cbd. it is very medicinal. there is no psycho active component. >> what do they do, extract them and make tea? >> you can make tea and you can eat it. it is a great super food. a lot of people use raw hemp. >> can you get high off of hemp? >> you have to heat the thc.
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people that eat the plant and they put in a smoothie. you are not getting high off of that. >> then if you put it in a smoothie is it a good prevention to cancer? >> it is an omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and you are well aware of the important fats in your diet. it is a perfect super food to eat and it is medicinal. >> i never understood why hemp had a bad wrap. i understand it was politically motivated by somebody who owned basically trees and didn't want to be in competition with hemp to make paper. yet throughout the years after that so many people suffered because of that. >> yeah. >> i guess it is actually a good thing that people are coming around a little bit. >> i the different legislation in states trying to legalize medicinal hemp. it is so good. it is not just a super food. it is not just great for industrial uses as we have
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there is so much controversy about fats lately. are they bad? are they good? do they make you fat? do they clog your arteries? trans fats have been around for a very longtime, but only a few months ago the fda created guidelines on trans fats to make the headlines. while trans fats may be lousy, not all fats are bad for you. more importantly, some fats are actually needed in order to keep your body healthy. joining us is one of the leading authorities on fats. he is the author of fats that heal, fats that kill and the creator of udo's choice oil.
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udo, finally we meet. i will ask you the question i asked you the moment i first spoke with you. udo's choice oil. why did you create it? >> well, two reasons. i learned how much damage is done to cooking oils when they are processed. they do this for shelf life. in that process in a tablespoon of oil that is made the way we make oils, there is a million and a half damaged molecules for every one of the body's 60 trillion cells. that's a lot of damaged molecules that interfere with health. and more problems -- more health problems come from bad fats or bad oils than any other part of nutrition. and so i learned that. the second thing i learned is omega-3s are essential. 99% of the population doesn't get enough of those for optimum health. what happens then is your health goes down.
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you get deficiency symptoms. everybody needs them. they are widespread symptoms all over the body. if you bring them back and optimize them all of the symptoms disappear. >> it was important to have healthy fats. it is hard to find the healthy fats anywhere because we are always cooking them. they tell you it is a cold pressed olive oil and it is not. not all oils are bad. they say there are nut oils in olive oil and that a is not good. if it is a raw oil it is okay. but you told me once that fats actually -- they turn rancid at different temperatures. and i mean once you cook an oil it no longer has enzymes and it has no nutritional value like a fatty acid and they are rancid. the body doesn't utilize this at all. tell us how the fats work in
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the body. >> the essential fatty acids, the ones we need, omega-3 and omega sex. >> omega 9 is inflammatory to the body. >> it is not essential. if you never got omega 9 in your body it would make it out of sugar and starch. it is not essential. omega-3 and 6 your body can't make. they are the most sensitive and they are with light and heat. rancidity is just one of them. they should be made with a lot of care, but they are made with the least care. there is no other food you heat to a frying temperature on a consistent basis. >> what sort of oils do you put in udo's choice? >> flaks, sunflower, sesame, oat germ, coconut, evening prim rose, vitamin e. >> people say i am crazy because i put udo's choice in
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my salad with a little oil and you can get all of the fats you need per day. you need fats every day. why is that a? >> we need them because they are essential. they are part of the cell membrane structure. the body makes hormones out of them. the brain is mostly good fats. if you take the water out it is 60% fat. half is omega-3. half of that is omega-6. it is very important for vision. it is important for skin. if you don't get enough oil your skin gets dry. if you get the right kind of oils and enough of them they make your skin soft, smooth and velvety. that's the cosmetic from the inside and then you use something more durable on the outside. but they have so many things. energy levels and they increase stamina 40 to 60%. >> when i don't eat my oils i am cold all the time and less energy. i know the body works in a hierarchy of the basically your skin is the last to get the essential nutrients it
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needs. it sends the essential knew nutrients it gets out of the cooked food and it goes to your major organs and repairs there. and then it goes to rejuvenating. the minute i look at a woman i can tell if she is on a low fat, no fat diet. it shows in her skin. the skin is the last place to get it of the. >> we use how the skin feels to measure if you are not getting enough oil. it gets it last and loses it first. the priority is the inner organs, you need those for life. you can live with dry skin so the skin gets it last. >> i coobt have said it better -- i couldn't have said it better myself. thank you for coming on our show. i am glad to finally meet you after all of these years. i love your product. coming up, it is time for the makers of the ab carver pro to convince me they will give me the six-pack abs. will it get a thumbs up or down? you will find out when we come
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you." admittedly i am one of those people who obsess over an area of the body when i can't get it the way i want. my abs are one of those areas. i have bought particularly every gimmick and product from sit up things to circular leg lifting things. i want toss bricks and it never works for me. naturally when i saw the ab carver pro i had to give it a try. to be honest, not everything i have to say about this gadget is positive, but i have to tell you that my balloon was a little deflated when i came on the set and my crew told me you look so much more slim. i don't know.
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i have some positives and negatives and here to convince me is the navy seal who created the ab carver pro. here he is of the tell me about your ab carver pro. how did you come up with this idea? >> this particular movement where you are facing down, but elongating your abs is a fantastic ab workout. the great thing is your six-pack, you have four sets of abs. what you want to do is elongate and put strain on it. the problem with the old ab wheel was -- >> have i it here. i have it it here. it is this one here. i have to tell you i bought this and i cooperate do it. -- i could not do it. my boyfriend who is an athlete could not do it. yours is different. >> there are three things we did differently. one, we made it 10 times wider than the ones out there. two, you notice how that handle goes straight out on the old ab wheel? >> yes, yours is curved. >> it is curved to get the tricep engaged.
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and we put in a spring assist. when you roll out it hes you back. >> the issues i have are a couple. i do 500 sit ups in. yoga and yoga-lates. i was always doing 500 sit ups. when i did this it was hard to do and b it hurt my shoulder and my back a little bit. so i think people have to be somewhat fit to start. and what i found was on your website i couldn't find how many times i had to do it and how many days in a row and how long i had to to get results. i found i was in a tunnel with no end. i want to know if i am diligent and work out every day and if i do how many you tell me and it will take me this long to do it. i didn't know. i was doing it faithfully. of course i did get a result. as i told you, my crew said, oh my god, you look slimmer.
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but maybe i am doing something wrong. i will do it and you tell me what is going on with my arm and back. >> let's do it. >> here are your knee pad thingies which i was grateful for because they are -- they are skimpy, but they work. so who cares? they work well. so do tie up your hair and any loose body parts because you don't want it rolling under there. i did have my hair roll under there one day. you basically roll out and then you roll back. so what am i doing wrong? >> let's do the first thing. you mentioned you couldn't find the workouts. we don't include the workouts in the box for two things. the most important reason is we are constantly updating the workouts. we will make sure you can get to the workouts. >> yeah and i went on-line and it was hard to find it. the only reason i found it is your pr woman sent it to my producer and so we had it, but
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others don't have access to that. >> we will improve the navigation on it, but it is a 21-day workout you can find on-line. the first thing we ask people to do is because you don't know how difficult the exercise can be especially for somebody doing 500 sit ups a day, you are not going to have a strong back. when you do a sit up all you are doing is letting your back elongate, but not strengthening your back. that's one of the great things about this. we will strengthen your core girdle all the way around. >> so it is not just the front, but the back. if i do more the back will hurt less. >> and the back of the arms. >> this was more in the shoulder area. >> stop right there. let's adjust your grip. we did something different on this. we put your thumbs so you can rest comfortably on top. you can do it on the bottom. >> i don't know if i can do it. >> when you do that keep your elbows in. roll out slightly and bend your arms a little bit right
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there and then come back. you don't need to go that far out. >> i saw your ads and it had the people going all the way out and all the way back. >> and we have to sell exact vision of what people can do when they can get all the way out there. >> that's what you are aiming for. >> that is correct. if you are just starting out bring it back to your knees. >> it doesn't roll past that. >> you can pick it up and bring it back. now what we will do is put more spring load. >> so start here to roll out. don't roll all the way. >> there you go. >> you are doing it in perfect position and then come back. >> one of the other things is start next to a wall. even if the spring assist is not enough for you you have a backstop with the wall of the i found it worked good on a rug because it went slower. i could control it more. these sideways ones like this
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thing, oh my gosh, how out of shape am i to not do that pir fectly? perfectly. i felt like i was in good shape when i started this. >> you don't have to do a lot. it is the quality and not the quantity that is the most important piece. >> have i to say, i hillary pete it again -- i have to say, i will repeat when i came on everybody said you look slimmer. i can't thing of anything different i did was the ab carver pro of the i had some issues and you straightened that out. it is more unique than the other ones. you put a lot of thought into this. >> we have. we are passionate about creating products perfect for you. everybody will enter into their fitness phase at different phases. some will be flabby and some firm and some fitness models. all of this will work for your fitness level. >> even if you do a floor exercise oreo go move or
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whatever, you have to do it correctly. start out slowly, do it correctly and then build up. hopefully you will get as great results as i did. >> keep it up. looking great. >> thank you for your service to our country. i know you were a navy seal. >> it was an honor to seal. >> is that dash a dash what do they say? >> hooya. >> i had to have you do it. >> i love it. >> up next, ask carol. thanks for coming. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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you." it is time for our weekly segment "ask carol." troy asks, how do you keep your skin healthy? troy, that is a loaded question. your skin needs so many things to be healthy. it needs to be nourished by good food and cold pressed
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oils. i eat my cold pressed oils every day. and yes i use udo's choice. i eat it on my salad every day. several other things affects how your skin looks as well. how much you sleep, the water you drink, how much you are stressing, hormonal levels, et cetera,ett set uh, et cetera. don't sweat it. all of those things can be pretty much taken care of by eating a good diet. we all know what i mean about a good diet. i try to eat healthy and i drink my eight glasses of water a day and i try to get my sleep and i use raw essential skin care and rms beauty for my make up. i also make sure i rub moisturizer on my face three times a day if i am not wearing make up and twice a day when i am wearing make up. and you guys, month coping out. no coping out. you can moisturize too. it is not just for the ladies. i hope this helped. it ep hed me. if you have a question don't hesitate to ask. contact me via twitter or facebook at the addresses below. one of your questions may end
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up on our show. that's all for today. i hope you've learned a lot. i know i have. until next time, i hope you are learning to be more of a healthy you. . great to have you all here. i'm jamie colby. time now for sunday house call. >> welcome for another edition of sunday house call. chairman and professor of neurology and chief of robotics surgery there. i'm talking mark segal. he is also the author of the inner pulse with the secret code of sickness and health. we will do a lot of unlocking of secrets today. >> great to see you. >> we will start with a bold new recommendation from the fda that occurred


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