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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 20, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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over intervening in a civil war eventually head out the khyber pass with their tails between their legs. welcome to 2014. neil cavuto is coming up. i'll see you if something weird happens. >> from russia without a whole lot of love but with a whole lot of worry. with the olympic games nearing the terror threat is fast rising. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. a surprise package for sochi ahead of the winter olympics. this video by purported suicide bombers cropping occupy an chechen extremist web site, warning tourists they will have a surprise for everyone. following two terror attacks in russia, one targeting this bus and another this train station. it is a threat that u.s. officials are taking very seriously. >> they have publicly stated they want to target the games. they have already targeted
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security in the region. >> i know the state department has issued a travel warning. that's something to take seriously. >> i would not go and i don't think i would send my family. >> with only a few dozen fbi agents expected to be in russia for the big games keeping america safe is alonging dicey. authorities ruling out a rescue operation should things turn violent, and russian president vladimir putin says no need to worry. tried to assure the west the athletes and visitors will be safe. >> translator: we'll do whatever it takes. >> he may have to because right now there are reports of a black widow, the wife of a dead terrorist, that she may already have been planted inside the massive security zone around sochi. that despite the presence of more than 30,000 russian troops ringing the perimeter. that bulletin just issued bit the security force.
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mike. what do you make of this? >> first of all, nobody wants the security situation to overshadow the olympic games. we'll all rather be talking about curling. but the threat is real. they are in a high-threat environment. the islamists, fundamentalists, who basically are the face of this concern, are really in the backyard of sochi, and we're talking about dagestan, chechneya, all the areas that people recognize from the years and years of brutal conflict that have taken place between the islamists and the russian forces. so, this is happening right there. and it's not just the olympic zone that we have to worry about. the russians have taken extraordinary precautions already in terms of putting a perimeter security around the olympic zone. but then you have all the transit points coming into sochi. so, this is a very serious threat. >> obviously putin has done everything he can to sort of lock that whole area down, but
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obviously this is well telegraphed the olympics were coming to sochi. so plenty of time to get ready. >> plenty of time and plenty of motivation. putin has staked his personal reputation, and national pride, on these olympics, and he's basically pegged total he resurgence of russia. they've spent an ungodly amount of money. $50 billion on this winter olympics alone, and so as a result of that, when you think about the islamists who have been waging this brutal campaign against the russian forces all these years, they look at this almost as -- this is the ultimate opportunity. they can embarrass putin while the entire world is watching, and from their perspective, doesn't necessarily have to be in the olympic zone. they're going to look for the softest, most accessible target. >> what do you think of the senator from maine and others who said better part of valor, i wouldn't go. what do you make of that? >> well, i mean, i think he is
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being honest. frankly, if you asked me, would you take your family to sochi? the answer would be no, of course not. you have to do a risk verse gain. and when you talk about yourself going or executives from a corporation that are sponsoring the olympics, or an official delegation, well, sure, you're going to have to show up. that's what you do and take precautions you can. when you talk about bringing your family into an environment like that? it's unnecessary. why do it. so i understand what the senator is saying. we have a problem here in the sense that, it's the russians. it's their services and they are very nationalistic. the idea that somehow they're going share everything with us? you talked about the black widow alert, possibly for one potential suicide bomber who may already be in this ring of seal. i guarantee you that list is much longer. they're not sharing everything about the current threat streams with us. >> but they're clearly telegraphing there could be trouble just in case, don't say we didn't warn you.
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>> absolutely. and we have to deal with that, what if? right now the u.s. officials that are dealing with security for our team, they're playing a huge what-if game. >> michael, thank you very much. mike baker, former cia operative. >> how limited is the u.s. in protecting citizens in a foreign government. this translator at the memorial for nelson mandela. he was not a translator at all but got close to the president of the united states and other leaders. he says the u.s. needs more than the 40 security personnel the russians are limiting we bring to the game. dan is the author of best seller, live inside the bubble. dan, what do you make another it and whether the russians are deliberately putting. thes in control of this at our own people's expense. >> it's troubling. we've done these operations where we bring the president to russia and the cooperation has always been pretty good. actually given up some
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information that would be considered sensitive in order to not be embarrassed to have the president of the united states hurt in their country. the fact they're engaging in deliberate obstruction here. 40 fbi agents is a joke. not going to make a dent into the problems they have and holes in their security plan now. >> what's the normal number we would send in. >> i can tell you on a presidential trip it could easily number ten times that. that's on a presidential trip in one or two venues. we're lookinged at a massive operation and multiple venues, and mike brought it up. the transportation networks are the soft target. anytime i hear this ring of steel, cringe. they have a ring of steel in the hotel in snow ya story indonesia as well. the bribed the florist to let the sedess -- suicide bomb
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efforts in. they're not engaging in the proper counterintelligence or the collaborative international effort they need to make this a truly secure games. i wouldn't go. >> when you say you wouldn't go lat of hour athletes are going and are set to go. so, i'm wondering, what would change your mind they would be in better shape going? if we had more security personnel going or what? >> you brought up a good nailing between the translator in south africa and the united states. we can pull the trip for the president. we can't dot that here. there's private citizens and free to go. what we could do is demand -- and i mean demand -- a full security audit with our secret services, our diplomatic security service, people have down this win. was in salt lake. demand a full and open security audit and vladimir putin on the spot. they've been cooperative before
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on other operations. >> we have been toll about the 30-thousand troop ring around the sochi area, but we were raising with mike baker, that assumes the bad guys aren't already in sochi. right? >> neil, you have to clean, sweep and post. you have to clean the area out completely of people, sweep it for everything you want out, and then post it with agents. you can't do that in an entire stich this place was completely unprepared and i win people would stop confusing access, control, with security. they're going to do a good job at access control but a ticket is an access control device. not a security device. >> do you think something bad could happen? >> i hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but if something doesn't change quickly, i think something bad is going to happen. i think the people that are playing with over there are playing for keeps and they're some really deranged individuals. >> thank you, dan. i hope you're wrong on that.
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in washington, dc. >> so do i. >> i want to let you in on an announcement from the united nations. withdrawn an invitation for iran to attend their the syrian peace talks. caused controversy because iran has its own checkered past. on the same day the $4 billion worth of sanctions on oil-related supplies have been lifted and now iran is sort of a global shopping spree. claudia, says these two might be tied closer and more than you know. of course she has uncovered more abuse of the united nations than anyone i no at great risk to herself. claudia, what do you make of this the u.n. chief saying, not so fast, rescind it. >> the u.s. actually really leaned on him over this. it was a terrible, stupid idea he put forward to invite iran. iran eagerly accepted and this was wrong. it would legitimatized iran and
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they have been a major cause of the trouble. it's good he reversed it. but it was terrible he invited iran in the first place, neil. >> he said the timing in the first place had to do with iran agreeing to sort of police itself on its open nuclear operations. this is day one of that. they've got the first access to $4 billion of cash to go on a shopping supreme aodd, the timing, what do you make of it? >> i make that the u.n. loves iran. iran is -- sits on a whole slew of u.n. agency executive boards, it is chairing the second largest voting bloc in the general asemi, it's all othe miss at the u.n. and as the u.s. makes any move towards offering legitimacy to iran, the u.n. jumps on it. ban can i mon was off and running, and kofi an nap visited
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iran. he was the former envoy for syria before the current problem -- he was a disaster. the u.n. is eager to jump on these things. the u.n. has no moral compass whatsoever and the u.s. is displaying, i'm sorry to say, very little practical compass in this iran deal. this is the first good news on that front in a while. >> what do you make of iran now in keeping to this agreement where it's going rein in the nuclear intentions? some have argued it just buys iran time. the u.n. knows it. >> neil, this is a replay at large of the north korea deal in 2005, where the u.s. easted up on very painful sanctions on north korea and what happened? north korea conducted its first nuclear test, and that's the path we're going down right now, which is sanctions in the best of times are a leaky seive.
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it's a very -- when you start easing up on sanctions -- it's very lucrative to get around sanctions. it signals to all sorts of players there's now lots of money to be made, and we're already seeing delegations from europe going to iran to shop around. >> it is unseemly. you're right. finish up. >> you're very welcome, neil. >> good seeing you again. in the meantime, forget target now. why new evidence will have you think can twice before you swipe. yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup. 340 grams. [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. never bitter. with olive garden's plebest 2 for $25 yet choose two melt-in-your mouth entrees like new parmesan crusted chicken or tortellini topped with velvety alfredo 3 full courses of our best 2 for $25 yet,
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over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreli down i-95. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had thpower to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ someone should fire the fire walls. here's how bad retailers' fire walls here. even kid can hack them from over there, and in the case of target, russian teen did, ironically taking advantage of the very antihacking systems big stores like target set up. morgan price says all the easier for this malware maestros to
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take down. what amazing to me, you told me this again and again -- that any tech savvied can do this. i thought, maybe, but you're taking down whole flocks of industry, but they are. it can't be that easy. >> i was fortunate enough to lead a team of people back in february of 2000. we investigated before they were even -- a launch that was the original denial of service attacks. we identified the software. that was done by a kid out of canada. this kid in 2000 took down yahoo and amazon. we have back very tech savvy. life, and people are not out there playing outside, they're hacking on their commuter, so doesn't surprise me a 17-year-old is behind this. >> can we glean anything more from the fact he is from russia he did this, that there might be
1:17 pm
others involve or more than just an attempt to disrupt things? >> hard to tell at this point. it appears once the software is created we're seeing smart people build things and then sell it so organized crime or other folks who aren't as smart to build those things. it's not uncommon for somebody to create something and then sell it. there are lot of black market exchanges on the internet where malware is bought and sold along with identities, credit card numbers and things like that. it's part of the underground economy. >> i wonder if you saw the full-page ad by target, that they're policing this, offering free credit monitoring for the next year, and i'm thinking to myself, a lot of good that's going to do. you have to check that constantly, and even credit monitoring scores are often delayed, reflecting the actions that were taken 30 or 60 or more days prior. what good does that do you? >> it's kind of an after the fact thing.
1:18 pm
to solve this, we have the get away from this 1980s mentality of putting magnetic stripes on the back of the cards and we need to follow europe, it's called the emd standard. euro pay mastercard visa. it's encrypted chip but it costs four times as much to put out the credit card and it's a chicken and egg. nobody wants to put out the new terminal because there aren't enough cards. >> what costs more, the card itself, having the card for a year, what? >> the initial issuance of the card, to physically create the card, costs four times as much because of the encrypted chip, about i'm sure target would rare invest half a billion in that rather than lawsuits. >> absolutely. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> did the president just pull the race card? while charles payne suggests he better pull it back. your race isn't the problem,
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president of the united states. barack obama and michelle obama, the first african-american president and that's part of the allure. his youth is part of the allure. >> but they're always young mavericks that come along, john kennedy, and maybe this president and -- now is the time, now is the time i can seize the moment. >> that was five years ago today. i just remember how cold it was that day. what does the president say? look what he told the new yorker. there's no doubt there's some folks who dislike me because they don't like the idea of a black president.
1:23 pm
the flip side is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt because i'm a black president. charles payne says if anything is holding this president back, it's as policies, not his race. >> what do you mean? >> the policies have been -- you have had five years, you have a report card that is a terrible report card. and you have to pay the consequences, no matter who you are or what color you are. here's the thing that really for me permanently disappointing with president obama. i thought he was uniquely positioned to take the country to the next level with respect to race relations. nobody would argue that it's not racism out there and still a ways to go. in my lifetime, i thought he was the right person to take us to the next level. one thing we all can agree on, this notion we want to be a more perfect nation, the country has worked hard toward that and that's one thing every american should be proud of.
1:24 pm
>> people eluded to the fact -- >> he eluded to it also. >> not as much, so. saying i probably have many fans and many in the black community who like me because i'm african-american, but do you think he thinks this is how he feels in his core, lot of the grief he encounters, resistance, because people are racist? >> here's the thing. i can't say if i know he feels that in his core but he knows that when he says that, it energizes his base, in other words, okay, it gets them going, gets them pushing buttons, gets them making phone calls. you guys -- this handbeen a do-nothing congress, not because they don't like the ideas infront of them but because of race, and here's the thing. the president has had a lot of opportunities to come out on the other end of this, andry tell you one area he has been bad, for instance the tea party. he let the media and other poem portray the tea party as this racist coming of the klu klux
1:25 pm
klan. never once said, let me find out for myself. during the elections, when have the biden was suggesting to a group of black people that republicans want to put you all back in chains-this is despicable stuff, stuff that would be amateurish and evil to even think that the vice-president of the united states would say that to a group of people. and, yeah, the president orchestrated this in the sense he allowed it to help but this is a sense of desperation right now. mid-term a lexes, popularity sinking, not coming back. might be the only case of emergency brakes they have left. >> why is it -- you experienced this first hand, support for this president, and it's 95, 96%, election in, election out. why? >> i got to tell you, a lot of that i blame on republicans. when i talk to conservatives and
1:26 pm
they tell me they don't want to pander, i say what the hell you many? you're selling a message. by the way, if this is a great message for everyone, put it out there. you're not pandering. so you have given away this vote and not put up a legitimate challenge at all. your don't put it up every four years by visiting the naacp convention. that's not really credible, you know? so it's a message that has been put forth by the mainstream media, through mythical lore. >> ever get to parthard for your personally? >> a one of my biddies came to my house. if you listen to our conversation and you didn't know color you would think they were install the tea party. all the things they're bitching about. the job situation, growth situation, tax situation, health care situation, all the things they were complaining about, you
1:27 pm
would say this sounds leak the perfect g.o.p. candidate, but probable -- probably all of them would vote for president obama but if they had a g.o.p. candidate that spoke that made them think they liked him that, they'd get the vote. >> i guess the part about the italian sausage. >> that's enough. that's enough. charles payne. is this why folks aren't flipping for the president's healthcare law that is supposed to insure the uninsured that i isn't doing a good job in the numbers that will stun you.
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we're told more than two million signed it, but are the numbers adding up? a new sauer have i showing 11%, one out of ten, of the own barak hussein obama kaz employees never had health care coverage. but with more than 6.2 millions seeing their plans cancelled, it looks like we're getting more people losing insurance than getting insurance. to reporter who has been digging all of this much better than i. monica crowley says she is sick of this because she doesn't like
1:32 pm
where it's going. let's get the read how bad this is. the numbers are a lot worse than we're led to believe. these aren't new enrollees. these are mostly existing coverage enrollees swapping to different coverage. >> right. the administration is going to play up the number that look best for them. they're going to try to make it seem as if as maybe people as they can have signed up for insurance, but as you say, this sort of makes clear that it's not as much of the rich -- rush to the exchanges and expanded medicaid program, and we're seeing similar games with numbers in medicaid as well, we the administration touting four million signup up in, the actual number is probably 200,000. so, -- >> wait, wait, wait. how do we get from four million, their figure to the 200,000, your fig. >> sure. this is actually and calculations that sean trend at real clear politics did. impressive. he said, well, you have to only
1:33 pm
look at the states where medicaid is actually being expanded. so you go from about four million down to 1.9 million, and when you look at the scale of the expansion, we're really only talking about 200,000 people give or take. >> monica, long before these numbers were out you said this is going to be very tough for them to make the math and make up for what will be people losing their insurance. now to compound it these signing up are actually mostly those who had coverage being forced to switch to this coverage. so we're down millions of people. >> exactly right. remember when the whole obamacare policy was being sold to the american public, say said we have between 30 and 40 million who are currently uninsured. this will go a long way to covering those people. opposite it what signed into law you started getting studies and even the administration saying, gosh, golly, even after obamacare we'll still have 30 million people uninsured. so what was the point of this whole exercise except to have
1:34 pm
the entire thing eventually implode on itself to get to us singing-payer, which we about in some form university coverage but socialized medicine. >> amazing. another number i see bandied about, this argument we had 48 million uninsured-not 30 million. but by making that number bigger you can say, well, we brought that number down when in fact -- i department know how we upped it from 30 to 48 million in the first place. >> that was going back to the usual healthcare debate in 2009-2010. the point of contention who should and should not qualify. i'm not sure if the administration is playing with that number but in any case there's going to be a very large number of people who continue to be uninsured even if the law is implemented exactly as planned. you talking maybe 20-25 million. so just from the perspective of the administration's own central objective, seems to not quite go as far as we were led to
1:35 pm
believe. >> we have given everything to ensure more people. now we have a lot more uninsured people. >> yes. you could have dealt with the problems in the healthcare system, rising costs, competitiveness, the rising costs of miamium and deductibles and so on, all of which were real problems. you could have dealt with that without nationalizing a sixth of the u.s. economy. you have to look at the real modification of obamacare. it had nothing to do with addressing healthcare or rising costs or health insurance, none of that came into play. this is a purely ideological move by the administration in order to game control over one-sixth of the u.s. economy because the healthcare sector is the largest lever to move the entire american economy away from a free market based economy toward a european style socialist system. they've done it in other aspects of the economy as well, in energy, the industrial base and so on, the financial sector, but the healthcare sector was the
1:36 pm
biggest of them all and that's why they went for it. they don't care about your health insurance or health care because that was not the ultimate objective. >> right now we're at the ultimate irony that less people are insured. >> you don't care who wins the super bowl? you should. it could do super things for your 401k if the right team wins, which team? and think chris christie survives all this? did yourself why so many republicans are going crazy to make sure he does.
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the pain started up and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergencroom recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor. there was concern about my eyesight. when i had shingles the music stopped. >> denver and seattle riding high. teams are going to the super bowl, and riding high is more than just an expression. their states legalizing smoking pretty much anything else having to do with recreational pot.
1:40 pm
the president says he doesn't encourage marijuana use, he told the new yorker that potes no more dangerous than alcohol, but dr. karen ruskin differences agree. >> this is a subjective opinion based on his own experience. his experience is not what many people experience. there are so many who become literally dependent and addicted to marijuana. marijuana leads so many people to more drugs, and this is a statement he is making? oh, yeah, compared to alcohol -- >> isn't he saying that alcohol harms far more lives? >> yes, he is saying that. and so how is he making this evaluation? we're comparing apples to oranges. both problems, alcohol and marijuana. we all seep to forget it truly affects the cognitive functioning of the human brain. especially when it comes to the youth cull culture.
1:41 pm
teenagers, it affects their functioning. >> jack daniels doesn't? >> yes, exactly. and -- >> to be fair to you you're against both. >> i'm against both. absolutely. but when it comes to marijuana and the youth culture, think about their memory, they're cognitive understanding, their ability to make decisions and coping? so instead, how are they coping? they're using escapism through marijuana. how about adults? how are they coping? isolating through marijuana? if we as a culture become believers this is accessible and okay, we're going to become a culture of further addiction, of further dependency -- >> you think just getting the pot out of this legalizing it, means we ramp it up to the next big addiction and the next big addiction. >> the next level, exactly. now we're become agriculture who is saying, oh, this is okay. and we as a culture change with
1:42 pm
everything we say is okay. what is going to happen to our children? our children's children? our children's children's children? >> maybe what we are also saying not going to waste money going after those who smoke a joint and safe it for the bad. >> that's a whole nuther issue to talk about in terms of what happens to people then if they are using. should they go to jail? what happens? we need to talk about that. what should happen to them? that issue in and of itself should not be what is forcing a decision to affect the culture of our functioning in an unhealthy way. more than just unhealthy. i'm smoking cigarettes. this is where our brians are declining. people can be more than they are today and more than they are tomorrow if they have a clear mind. i believe we are well too misinch. i write on a blog with regard to what really marijuana does to you, and if people really want to research this, you can find
1:43 pm
material that shows studies that talks about addiction, that talks about this is a gateway drug. i think it's far too often that people find the other side of the story, you know? >> very pel put. doctor, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> meantime, back to the super bowl. bringing big money to your 401k? something called the super bowl predictor, some call it indicator. a win by seattle means a win for the s&p for the year. if denver wins, the s&pill probably close lower. it's a theory that has been right 80% of the time. our money guy is buying it. dominic, it's based on the idea the nfc team wins it's generally better for the market versus the afc team when it's generally not good for the markets. >> that's the theory. statistically 'er right. if the nfc wins the market has better odds.
1:44 pm
it's just as relevant whether the copy is heads or tail or a full moon that night. the reality is that most years historically the market is up, and since the nfc team has won more super bowls than the afc teams, the statistically speaking those are your oddded. i wouldn't be putting any wagers on this one. certainly not managing my client's money based on which team wins jerk the giants had a horrific year. >> i'm in new york, one of the worst years i've seen in my spire life as an aid vicar. the year after that we saw an afc team win, and you would thick get out of the market and that was true until march of that year, and then 2009 was a fantastic year for the mask. so, either way, you would have bet this theory and would have lost big. so, d. >> people play percentages, don't they? if they see something that on paper seems to work eight of ten
1:45 pm
times they do it. >> if you want to go to vegas and have a ball. but the better defense wins most of the time. 39 out of the last 45. so if you want to bet ten bucks, have a ball, office pool, enjoy yourself. your retirement and 401k plan, not happening. >> we had a great year last year regardless of who was winning wg the super bowl or since. you expect it to be repeated this year? we had a fact year and the economy did not go into a recession and continued to grow. we expect that theme to continue this year. we have already seen this year that maybe their balloon had gotten a little high in the sky and needed to come back down. so a little bit more volatility, especially in the short run. when things quiet down and we get earnings, momentum back up, i expect a positive year for the stock market, nothing repeating like last year.
1:46 pm
>> chris christie has another storm on his hands, folks. forget about the traffic jams. reports now he or his people threatened something called sandy relief jam. uh-oh. ♪ verizon innovators are creating
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air and soil sensor networks that help use water wisely, so american farms can keep growing for generations to come. because e wod's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful awers. verizon.
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from a bridge over troubled waters to now a storm over sandy money. governor christie back on defense. eric, what now? >> she's wrong. that what the christie administration said about the hoboken democratic mayor dawn zimmer. zimmer says chit's lieutenant governor threatened to withhold federal sandy fund if the mayor did not support a real estate development in hoboken and that came from the governor himself.
1:50 pm
david samson is governor cristee's top appointee to the forth authority. the chairman and has been intended in the george washington bridge establish. mayor zimmer told msnbc she wanted $127 million for her city and only got $242,000 of what the governor controls. while the christie administration said today, not so. hoboken, they say, got $70 million. there 42 million from fema's national flood insurance program, $46,000 from the state economic development authority. all this comes as governor christie gave a yahoo news interview and said the bridge scandal experience will make him, quote, readier to be president, but he did not say if he's indeed running. mr. christie also said he thinks the next republican presidential nominee will in fact be a governor, but he did not say who that would be. he's set to be inaugurated in his second term as governor of new jersey in trenton tomorrow.
1:51 pm
>> in the meantime, with allegation allegations bounding, it's time for republicans to get moving, away from chris christie. your point is whether the allegations are true or not, this obsession on the part of mainstream republicans to prop him up and defend him is a disservice to all of the other good candidates out there. explain. >> i think we need to see a debate, hear the ideas of each of the candidates who are throwing their hat into the ring for 2016 from the republican party. what men affous in the tea party movement see chris christee as is just the latest cannon fodder for democrats. we saw that with bob dole, with mitt romney, and certainly with john mccain, is that they're all cut from the same cloth. big government moderate. they're not interested in cutting spending, not interested in recuduceing the size of the
1:52 pm
government. he also believed in global warming. those are things that are not tea party fiscally responsible issues, so we have a problem with that, and quite bluntly, a lot of us are enjoying watching him squirm with the mainstream media who has him, now his friends are pulling out the long knives. >> what do you make of the fact it's rallying some people. it's not all, and certainly far in the majority, but a lot of conservatives who don't like the media, you know, bumping up and busing him up. >> well, it's interesting. usually, the left leaning media waits until their republican candidate for president of choice has won the nomination before they try to destroy him. so it's kind of interesting seeing him, the target of such vit rheeal right now, but i believe it's really they're desperate because president obama is in huge trouble with the disaster zone that is obamacare and the other scandals that have taken place, and hillary clinton has a lot to
1:53 pm
answer for with benghazi. they're basically having to play their trump card and distract themselves and the interest away from what should really being discussed, what president obama has done since he has been president and what hillary clinton did with benghazi. >> you don't think all of this is hurting him should he become the nominee? >> well, i think what's going to hurt him is i know a lot of fiscal conservatives in the tea party movement are really pretty much sick and tired of the republican party and the republican establishment, and the biggest -- where there's a war going on between fiscal conservatives and the republican national committee and the republican elite, and a lot of people are not going to support him. >> thank you very, very much. in the meantime, as he was talking, we got the current approval rating of the president. read it in black and white. may i read something? yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup.
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340 grams. [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia.
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race may play a factor in some white voters who don't flip over him. telling the new yorker, there's no doubt there are some folks who really dislike me because they don't like the idea of a black president. what is remarkable is five years into his presidency, the issue of race still comes up. and on this martin luther king day, no less, seems the latest excuse as a duck for a presidency rating that is flailing. when those ratings were soaring, i guess race was not an issue? or now that they're going the other way, they suddenly become an issue. it's remarkable to me that a man who captured the world's attention five years ago, cannot grasp this reality now. people are more prejudiced by the news around them than by the personal leading them. a health care law that leads them sick, an comak that leaves them stewing. i have no problem with the color of the president's skin, maybe
1:58 pm
just the thickness of it. he seems remarkedly worried about a news channel. that doesn't make them racist as much as realists. realists who look at the totality of the president and his performance, not based on the color of his skin, but maybe the content of his policy. let's be clear. much is better than it was five years ago in this country. housing is back. banks are back, and the markets are clearly back. the president shouldn't take all the credit for that, but he is the guy in charge. and he deserves as would any of his predecessors, the good and bad that comes with that. but just because the economy's back, doesn't mean it's off to the races. it's not, and it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with racing to do things that didn't work. remember that for the first two years of his presidency, he and democrats ran the table, and just tried to get everything they could and see what would stick. now, white men have wasted such
1:59 pm
precious resources as well when they sat in his position. it just means this president when he offers race as an excuse for not doing better in the same position. because i think martin luther king himself said i have a dream, but not once, not once do i ever recall the reverend ever saying, i have an out. all right, oh, no, cuomo. >> they are the extreme conservatives. they have no place in the place of new york. that's not who new yorkers are. >> that's the governor of new york state saying extreme conservatives have no room, no place in new york state. that's nice. tonight at fbn, at 8:00 p.m., we have conservative businessman who ran against new york's democratic governor, and he might just again, he's so fired up about this.
2:00 pm
carl could go anywhere to talk about this rage. he decided he wanted to come on fbn to really vent, and why not? where else are you going to get more bang for your buck that talking on the effort that's all about your buck, fbn. see you in three hours. >> i'm dana perino along with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, e.g. e. eric bolling and greg gutfield. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." tonight, a string of new provocative comments from president obama in a 17,000 word profile piece in new yorker magazine. the president talked about race, marijuana, terror, and more. we begin with the race remarks. the president's poll numbers have been in freefall since his re-election, especially with white voters. he has a theory as to why. he said, quote, there are no doubt there are some folks who really dislike me because they don't like the idea of a black president. now the


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