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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 20, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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was like two different guys. depending on the subject, aggressive, and then -- and i'm not sure if that was media training or what that was, i would love to hear your thoughts. i'm megan kelly, this is "the kelly file." in addition to his radical agenda on the color of his skin, he says pot is no more dangerous than alcohol. first on the day that the president enters his sixth year in office, tonight we're asking one, only one important question. has the country benefitted under his hope and change mantra. tonight, you be the judge. >> i barack hussein obama, do
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solemnly swear -- >> they will not be met easily or in a short amount of time, but know this, america, they will be met. >> the president in the first term was unable to work across the isle. >> what a train wreck. >> unity and purpose. >> how can we tack people for not buying a product from a website that doesn't work. >> starting today, we must pick ourselves up, are dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking america. >> what happened to shovel ready jobs, the summer of recovery, what happened to the bold plan and predictions? >> let it be said by our childrens children that we refuse to let this journey end.
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>> record numbers of long you remember unemploymented, foodstamps, people losing their health care plans. >> the obama care roll out has been so disastrous. what every is talking about has been driving down the approval rating. >> with eyes fixed on the horiz horizon, we carried forth that great gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations. >> does he bear responsibility for long term unemployment? >> thank you, god bless you, and god bless the united states of america. unfortunately for the obama white house the facts are the facts and the numbers do not lie. five years later the approval rating is at 51%. those are not the numbers he has gone accustomed to. and instead of taking
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responsibility for his failures, he blames everyone else. he took this to an all time low in an interview. he said there is, quote, no doubt some folks just really don't like me and don't like the idea of a black president. ." there is some black folks and maybe some white, that give me the benefit of the doubt because i am a black president. he also shocked the country with his position on smoking pot saying, quote, as has been well documented i smoked pot as a kid and i view it as a bad habit and vice that i don't see more dangerous than the cigarettes i smoked as a young person. >> i spent the last two days of high school in a daze. i kept playing basketball, attended classes sparingly,
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drank beer heavily and smoked eagerly. it didn't matter if you were on the beach with hawaiian kids that dropped out of school. >> tonight, by the way, we want to hear from you. log on to our facebook page to sure your thoughts on this. use the hashtag hannity. joining me now is richard fowler, to believe this race issue, that the president is making here, white, black, hispanic, and asian americans that voted for him in 2008, and he carried those voting blocks himself, we're to believe that some that voted for in in 2012,
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that those same voters are now racist? the same people that put him in office. is that how he justified the latest execute. >> i think the president has taken a fair characterization of the status quo. some people that happen to hate the president because he was african-american, there is just no and or buts about it. >> 76% approval rating in 2009, now it's down to 39% -- >> whoa. >> does it have anything to do with him doubling the debt, record high labor participation lowing, doubling the number of people on foodstamps, a horrible website, broken promises about keeping your plan and doctor, none of that factors in at all? >> i'm not saying they don't factor in at all. i'm saying they do factor in. in 2008 he got about 39% of the white vote, less than that in
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2012, but george w. bush could make the same comment when he was president. >> but we have heard blame bush to the point where i can't take it any more. blame fox news, talk radio, blame kiosks and atm machines, why is he playing the race excuse. >> one little construction, i resigned from the because i'm running for congress. >> and i endorsed you. >> of course, i welcome your endorsement. i appreciate that, shawn, it means a lot to me. one of the reasons i'm running for congress here in nevada is because we're suffering under this presidency.
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we're suffering under seven years under president, of leadership by harry reid. we have the worst unemployment rate in the nation. the black unemployment rate is 16%. among latinos, it's among 14%. >> and black teenagers it's 50%. >> candidate obama got 43% of the white vote in 2008 which was the highest mark, as high or higher than any other democratic presidential candidate since 1976. >> i hear that point, but let's talk about your candidacy and making a decision to run. do you think some people will not vote for you because you're black or or will vote for you because you're black? >> i think that america was really rooting for president obama. voted for him or not. >> i hear that, but some people made the decision because he was
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african-american. >> i think it is a healthy moment in 2008. his approval rating was approaching 80%. he had super majorities. >> and he got things done. >> here is what -- >> we can argue that he blew that. >> let me run over the numbers. it's the sixth year of his presidency, it is now $17 trillion in the deficit. the people on food stamps has doubled. labor participation rate at a 30-year low. he made very special promises. are minority americans, black americans, are hispanic americans, are you making the case they're better off as he enters their sixth year of the presidency, are you going to make that case? >> are minorities better off? >> i argue that we had a rough
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economy, we created 49 million jobs already. >> but it's a net loss. >> but the economy will not recover overnight. >> five years, how many do you need? >> how many do you need for the great depression. >> he said we would have shovel ready jobs. >> richard, he, i will agree with you hear, the president has been, and his policies have been very effective economically for wall street. waums wall street is making record profits right now. the income inequality has grown exponentially under the leadership of president obama, harry reid, and the man i'm running against. the problem is -- >> wait a minute now. >> for those of us on main street, we're not do well. we're losing wealth. >> the reason we're not doing well is because we have not seen this congress pass one bill that
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would create one job. the president said the american's job act to congress that would have created 1.9 million jobs, this congress, john boehner has not even taken the bill up. >> he said 9 trillion was unpatriotic, do you blame him for the debt that has gone up 7 billion? do you blame him? does he take any responsibility for anything? >> the president takes responsibility -- the buck stops with the president, he wants to rebuild the economy. >> he blames kiosks and atm machines for the fact there is no jobs. i have to go. huge breaking security developments out of sochi. the u.s. is helping russia track down it woman. we'll get into that and more. more on that story, plus, tonight -- >> chris stevens, brave guy,
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great guy, great diplomat, gutsy, he has some responsibility. i'm sorry. he put the trust in the local maliciom militias. >> blaming the victims in the benghazi attacks to save their golden girl hillary. yesterday was championship sunday in the nfl, my prediction was spot dead on. the big games are not the only things people are talking about. richard sherman had an on camera melt down. >> i'm the best one in the game, when you're a receiver like crabtree, that's what you're going to get. that's what you're going to get, don't talk about me. >> we'll play the rest later as hannity continues, glad you're with us. at 06 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall
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liberals are now spewing a new story about the benghazi attack. the left is now blaming one of the victims of the attack, u.s. ambassador chris stevens for his own death, watch this madness. >> why were they not properly defended, chris stevens who was the ambassador killed, a brave and honorable man, was still falible. >> one of the people that may be most to blame, despite being urged to repeatedly was the ambassador himself. and you don't want to speak ill of a man that was killed in such
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appalling circumstances, but is it fair to say that he should have done more to react to direct warnings he was giving on many occasions. >> he said chris stevens, brave guy, great diplomat, gutsy, he bears some responsibility. i'm sorry. he put the trust in the local militias and they turned on him. you should probably not trust local militias in libya. mr. giuliani, the report said if they listened to the question for support, they could have prevented this. i'm not sure what they're interpretation is. >> i don't understand this trying to rewrite history. numerous other questions over a six or seven month period from
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other personnel connected to that mission and embassy. there was numerous questireques specific acts of terrorism. there was one in june where they blew a whole in the ball of the mission. >> numerous requests by many people. >> yeah, i don't know what you need to wake you up other than having a hole blown in the wall. obviously the secretary of state was asleep at the switch. not paying attention, trying to create a narrative of everything working there, everything is fine, al qaeda is no real problem. she wants libya to be a success. she had no successes as secretary of state. >> what we also learned last week, mr. mayor, is that while the attack was going on, we learned that the military people that were meeting with the president knew it was a
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terrorist attack while it was happening. so, you know, that whole narrative was one big lie that it was youtube related, right? >> yes, the questions here have never been answered and they're dramatic. it was about six months of questions. specific acts of terrorism against the mission. the british move out, nothing done. a terrorist act clearly starts that day, and no reaction on the part of the secretary of the president the way he would react if he were really acknowledging that a terrorist attack was going on. and inexplicable to me, we don't try to end our forces there, and the explanation is that there wasn't enough time. how would you know when the incident is go on. you don't know if it will be four hours or 24 hours or 50 hours. there are so many unanswered
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questions. no press conference, no answering questions, complete cover up, and nobody has been held accountable for the deaths of four brave americans, and now they want to blame one of those americans, they want to blame the victim. >> mr. mayor, we will get into the issue of gofer vernor cuomo comments. >> who are they? are they extreme conservatives that are right to life? pro assault weapon? anti- anti-gay? is that who they are. if that's who they are, and they are extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of new york. that's not who new yorkers are.
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>> i think the governor will regret those remarks. i'm surprised because he has not really acted that way, he has really been a moderate. i think maybe he is trying to define himself as left wing. people who are pro life are not extremists, that is a perfectly legitimate point of view. people who are pro second amendment are not extremists. and you don't have to agree with them, but they have every right to be in the state. we're now going to throw people out of the state because they're conservatives? i'm pro second amendment, pro-life, and i believe in traditional marriage, and i have to go. you'll have to move with me to florida, but i have to run, mr. mayor. >> talk to you soon, sean. >> a busy night tonight coming up next on hannity. [ male announcer ] this is betsy.
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welcome back to "hannity." peyton manning led the broncoing to victory defeating the patriots. last night, the seahawks, they earned their ticket to the super bowl with a 23-17 win over the 49ers, but it was the last 22 seconds of that game that had everybody talking. that's when richard sherman tipped a pass by 49ers cornerback. following the play there was a stir and conversation between sherman and crabtree. and in honor of my next guest, let's go to the video tape. >> the shove by crabtree came after richard sherman got right into the face of michael crabtree. that was the penalty on sherman.
7:26 pm
>> all right, then sherman delivered this epic rant in a post game interview with erin andrews. >> the final play, take me through it. >> i'm the best one in the game, you can try me, don't you ever talk about me. >> who was talking about you? >> crabtree, don't open your mouth. i'm going to shut it for you real quick. lob. >> okay, joe, back to you, let me get the hell out of this. with their reaction, is fox business expert robert tuckman and legendary, let's go to the video tape. i have given you -- >> thank you very much. >> what was that? what was that? >> i tell you the truth, i'm amazed it doesn't happen more. this is not bowling, tennis, or
7:27 pm
golf where you have the guys on -- these guys are keyed up, man, this is a physical game. >> that's right. i am just surprised it doesn't happen more. >> i think when they're plying with so much intensity during that game. there is a reason they don't let the reporters into the locker room until 10:00 or 15:00 after the game. the guy told the truth. that's what people want to hear. >> she was good, too. i love her. i think she is a great reporter. >> and she was listening, because she said well who said that? >> that was a good question, but somebody was noticing in her ear get back to joe. how are your predictions this week? >> 0-2. there was only two games? >> i was 0-2 as well. i have to admit. >> last week, i think -- i did
7:28 pm
get all four, but not the point spread. >> last week i was 0-4, i'm not sure why you're having me on. >> here is hannitys picks. >> i got all four last week right, i think this was a peyton manning destiny year. him, the broncos, and the seahawks. >> wow. >> yeah, why do you have rob on? >> i'm picking -- who are you picking for the super bowl? >> okay, here -- usually i say who cares about the weather, no sir. if it has 40 miles per hour winds, there goes peyton manning. >> bologna. >> it's a running game then, whoever has the best running game. depending on the weather.
7:29 pm
>> i love seattle, i love that defense. >> you will be 0-7. >> it's broncos, it's peyton manning's year. before their playoff run, a group of seattle seahawks players sat down and said this about jesus and the super bowl. >> pastor mark here with the members of the greatest football team on the earth, the seattle seahawks, and glad to hear about what jesus has done in your life. >> it's just that simple. he is better than anything, better than the super bowl, the nfl career -- >> is a coach supposed to say that? anything is better than the super bowl? >> i want to get your reaction to that. looking at it through this prism, plaxico burress, michael vick, but at the end of most nfl games, a group of players, they all shake hands, quarterbacks
7:30 pm
shake hands, and you get a group of guys praying in the middle. >> yeah, they thank god for no injuries. >> just for no injuries, or for being able to play and the great opportunity -- >> i would think nobody says let us win. i would think it is really, hey, let us come out of this hole. i don't know, these guys take a beating every week. >> walter peyton said it's like getting hit by a car. every time you take -- every time you get hit. >> oh, yeah, and you're seeing it now, so many of these players coming out that had concussions, and symptoms, and if it leads to alzheimer's or als, and it has only gotten more intense as the athletes have gotten bigger, faster, stronger, and the equipment is not that much better. >> the field is the same size as it was on 1900 but the players
7:31 pm
are 100 pounds heavier and faster. >> i'm going to this game. >> you are? >> it's exciting. >> i'll sit at home and watch it. >> and be eating your cheese dip, and -- >> i just think it's a better game on tv. >> no, it's a better game there. 0-6, hang it up this year, you're wrong, it's not seattle and i'll double down on the bet. >> everyone will take my picks and go the opposite way. >> all right, when we come back, the governor of new york has a lot of explaining to do, he wants me and people that agree with me politically to leave new york. he said this -- >> the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of new york. because that's not who new yorkers are. >> no, really, so governor cuomo, you don't want me in new york? you want me to take my tax money to another state?
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welcome back to "hannity." governor cuomo did not leave any interruption on friday when he said conservatives have no place in the state of new york. >> ho are they? are they extreme conservatives who are right to life? pro assault weapon? anti-gay? is that who they are? if that's who they are, and they're extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of new york. that's not who new yorkers are. >> no a place in the state of new york? he is in major damage control
7:37 pm
and in an open letter blasted a story that ran in a paper and tried to explain away the context of the remarks. the governor went on to say it is on to be anti-gun control and anti-choice as he respects both positions. that statement is not good enough for me and all of the other conservatives in the state. that's why, tonight, in this program, i'm asking you, governor, come on this program and tell me why i don't belong in the state of my birth. i'm pro life, and i believe in the historical definition of marriage. should i pack up my bags and take my tax dollars elsewhere? a lot of people work with me, are you going to create those jobs? joining me is fox news contributors. and two weeks ago in the state of the state tamara, you want me to leave, don't you? you want me out of here?
7:38 pm
>> i think you're a terrible edition to the state, you're an embarrassment, and you need to get out of here and you should move to barbados. >> that's not so bad. >> you probably put your tax money in barbados. >> i pay a -- 10% of my salary goes to the state and i live in a county with the second highest property taxes in the entire country. >> and i know why you have me on here, you want me to defend cuomo. i'm not going to do that. i think what he said is wrong. i think he doesn't owe an explanation. to everybody, whether you make a lot of money, make a lot of money and pay a lot of taxes, i don't know. >> two weeks ago, they said talking about the race, that is the statute of liberty in the harbor, come one, come all, don't care about your skin or
7:39 pm
religion, we welcome diversity. that's what made us in the first place. >> they like to say that on the left, they like to say we're champions of diversity, and when it comes down to it, this is not tolerant or respecting people that disagree with you. he calls people who are pro life extremists. more than half of the country is pro life. if you aspire -- >> is every priest allowed to stay in new york now? is he saying -- >> what about business owners that are pro life that say i'm going to pick up and go somewhere i'm appreciated. i would not be surprised first-degree that happens. >> you're pro second amendment, right? he said and passed the bill, and they did raise the limit, that in a magazine if you carry a league gun in new york, you can only have seven bullets in the gun. his rationalization is nobody
7:40 pm
needs ten bullets to kill a deer. there was a lot of democrats that voted in favor of gun legislation and they were voted out. and the majority of american people are pro life. the majority of american people are also -- >> why does al sharpton make comments, melissa harris-perry mark mitt romney's -- why do people call laura ingram horrible names -- >> i think you owe it to the american people to stop giving them attention. >> alec baldwin can say it, melissa harris-perry but not me. >> until you show me an eviction letter. it was a stupid comment. >> if rick perry said listen, if yo you should leave, you're not welcome here,
7:41 pm
there would be massive outrage. the mainstream made ya would be going insane over that comment. and rightfully so, mind you. >> i agree with you, we're agreeing. >> why does everything have to be lumped into the liberals said this, or the democrats said this, or the republicans -- >> that's how it works. >> what he said was wrong, period, let's move forward. >> why should i move forward when my governor says there's no place for me in new york. >> and when an election comes up, people can vote. >> i'm leaving as soon as i can. governor, come on the program and tell me why i'm not welcome here. >> you are an extremists, and he says people are anti-gay. i i am pro gay marriage, but a
7:42 pm
lot of people who are pro traditional marriage are not anti-gay. and people do it because they get away with it. >> i'm an honorary texan and they have no state income tax there. i was given an honorary texan -- >> i have never heard of that before. >> there is no state income tax in texas, that's the point. you know what will happen? billions of dollars will be moving to low tax states. why? he's too stupid to realize that low taxes would benefit new york. >> why are you upset about it? you should be happy he made a stupid comment and -- >> maybe the next thing the president will say there's no place for people like him in the country. >> it's true though. >> here we go. >> you're a fear monger. >> now we have to pack up our bags and go. >> you know how you know i'm inclusive? you're sitting right there. >> conservatives in new york
7:43 pm
give people jobs, the reason that people like me are able to serve. so stop and -- >> okay, but you know what, it's not the job of the governor of any state, no matter the side of the aisle, you should not be insulting people and inviting them to leave. real new york city is divei dii of thought. >> not anywhere, the left is intolerant, and that is getting worse every day, i have to go. >> you're intolerant. >> i let you on this show. if i was intolerant you would be in the green room. >> you're intolerable. >> apologize to me, say you're sorry. >> i'm sorry, now gofer cuomo -- >> i'm sorry too. >> we have our hands on the invite list, you won't believe what left wing hollywood elites were invited to michelle obama's birthday bash.
7:44 pm
and the material girl is now insisting she is not a racist, and this one direction singer is getting a lot of backlash for supporting the robertson family.
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welcome back to "hannity." he has been with rolling stone for 30 years, and she is the news editor -- friends that live next door to you. >> yeah. >> i love history, i know you love history, so we have a recording, it's the 85th
7:49 pm
anniversary of the birthday of martin luther king jr. today. and it is very rare, it is mlk talking about jfk's role in a res lease from a prison. >> many forces work together to bring about my release. i don't think where any one force brought it about, but it's true that senator kennedy did take a specific step. he was in contact with officials in georgia during my arrest, and he called my wife, made a personal call, and expressed his concern and said to her that he was working and trying to do something to make my release possible. >> i saw today a picture of richard nixon and martin luther king jr., and they were discussing how to advance the republican party's civil rights
7:50 pm
agenda, because james fulbrite and democrats were against it. why in today's world are republicans seen as being against civil rights >> i'll never understand how tables got turned to where we're the anti-civil rights. i'll never understand that. >> me, either. >> it's extraordinary listening to that voice, isn't it? i'm still learning about the country is that martin luther king, ronald reagan brought us in. it's important. at the moment to stop and reflect. >> chuck? >> i think it's just great to see a document like that. isn't it? to turn something like that up has been hidden for a long, long time. and that marvelous voice to recreate history a little bit.. >> i know madonna is a part time
7:51 pm
resident in your country. i guess her career is over because she used the "n" word in an instagram post this weekend. paula deen admitted she did it 30 years earlier. i imagine paula deen lost her tv show, same thing to madonna, right? >> it is unacceptable for a white person to use any version of the "n" word in any context this, is a rule she broke. it was ex-orderry. then apologized and a fake apology. then started justifying herself. >> i don't think it's going to happen. what happened to paula deen is not going to happen to madonna. >> she never apologizes and she apologized immediately. >> she said she used it as a term of endearment and meant it as kind of a loving jab about
7:52 pm
her son, if you look at another tweet it was with her children beings for alcohol. she had another tweet she got reprimanded then, she does it again. so i think she needs to watch what is going out there. everybody should watch on twitter. >> double standard is what drives me insane. my guess is that, i may disagree, she's not in trouble. she's going to skate through this and nothing is going to happen. >> i bet she wishes she can take it back. i hold that up. i think it's inappropriate and unfortunate to do that. >> why is there that double standard? it's interesting a white person should never use it. i don't think anything should use it. it's a word designed to hurt and insult. to hurt people. so why should anyone use it? >> i, on some level i'm a brit she should have an american on
7:53 pm
those panels, quite frankly. inappropriate for a white person to use it. african americans have a different vuchl i'm the wrong person to x >> we live in a world everything is pc. people should know nut word out altogether. leave it alone. >> we're going to take a break. more on our great, great american panel as "hannity" continues. ♪ [ male announcer ] to truck guys, the truck is everything.
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welcome back to "hannity". extravagance when 50 million people are on food stamps, obama yaz on vacations flying separately to martha's vineyard or hawaii. can't they fly on the same plane? look at this part yes for michelle. i don't begrudge anyone, but look at the star list. gail king, gladys knight, james taylor. look at this names
7:58 pm
of people we have here. really? >> i can't figure out are they representing poor and needy or rich and elitist? i'm not going get upset about people having a party at the white house but come on. i mean these are the people that are we can do this, health care for everyone? >> come on. >> and that is why i'm asking. >> they are having a party and are in politics. >> this is what you want. you were not invited. >> i'm going to the state of the yun yivenlt i -- union. i'm going. >> you wish you can have beyonce play at your party. >> no. i would rather john rich play at my party. >> here is the problem. beyonce, these people would not play for
7:59 pm
some republican. they don't believe in it. they don't want, they don't like our politics. >> oh, man that, cuts both ways. none of these performers got paid. celebrate michelle obama. i'm seeing lots and lots of republican parties you have all kinds of stars oochl we have record debt. >> it's okay. it's a party. people are having a party. >> 50 million people are suffering and they are living the life. 160 rounds of golf, one every 11 days but nobody accumulated as much debt as him and no president creating more suffering than him. >> they fly to new york to go see a play on date night? what about the kennedy center? >> why do i actually holted this up? >> because you like it. >> yes. >> all right. thank you for
8:00 pm
being with us. that is all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. see you back here tomorrow night. flnk. the o'reilly factor is on. >> are there some people who don't like me because of my race? i'm sure there are. >> president obama reiterating that opinion in an interview with a magazine. tonight, i will analyze the president and the race factor. >> >> the more we learn about chris christie the more he does look like richard nixon. >> new jersey governor christie furious that the nbc cable operation for attacking him over the bridge controversy. brit hume will weigh in on that. >> bill o'reilly -- >> don't ask. [ laughter ] >> also tonight, jesse watters swimming with the as well swells at the sundance film festival. >> do you feel let down by the president. >> i


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