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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 21, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> look at my hair. >> oh, god. >> static cling. >> oh, my gosh. >> you got to get out of here. >> okay, don't forget to set your dvrs so you never miss an episode or a hug on "the five." "special report" is next. >> a fux new alert. i'm bret baier in washington. the proverbial other shoe has fallen in the federal case against former virginia governor bob mcdonnell for accepting gifts from a wealthy businessman. the republican, mcdonnell, and his wife, were charged today in federal court with illegally taking loans, clothes, vacations, and other items from a richmond man who wanted special teammate for his struggling company. late this afternoon, mcdonnell released a statement saying, quote, i deeply regret accepting legal gifts and loans from mr. williams, all of which have been repaid with interest and i have apologized for my poor judgment, for which i take full responsibility. however, i repeat emphatically,
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i did nothing illegal for mr. williams in exchange for what i believed was his personal generosity and friendship. i never promised and mr. will m mr. williams and his company never received any government benefit of any kind from me or my administration. we did not violate the law. joining me now to discuss this case, the host of on the record, greta van susteren. good evening. i have been looking over this detailed indictment. 14 counts. it seems pretty serious. >> well, you know, if i were the defense lawyer, i would feel sick in the pit of my stomach having read this. this is just one side, just the government's version, however it's very detailed in what they say the governor's wife did, which is accept a number of gifts. the gifts are quite extraordinary. whether it's lending a ferrari to the governor or a rolex watch or trips or designer dresses. there's a whole list of things. the governor says, well, he thought he was getting that out of generosity and friendship. if you read the indictment, you know he met the man six months before he was actually elected as governor.
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the fact he paid it back, that's not going to get him off the hook. what he's got to show, and of course, he doesn't have the burden of proof, but what the jury has to believe in the state of virginia beyond a reasonable doubt is that the man, the businessman got something of value from the governor, quid pro quo, for all the gifts. >> how this is structured as you read it, is that laid out in detail in here? do you think the prosecutors are ready to go into exactly what he got, what that company got? >> as i said, if i were the defense lawyer, and i have read a lot of indictments, i would feel sick in the pit of my stomach reading this indictment. if they can prove what's in this indictment, it's not very hard because a lot of it is a paper trail, has to do with signatures, a lot has to do with event. they can place these people together on these particular days that they allege things happened, whether it's an event at the governor's mansion or whatever. it's pretty detailed and it's not that difficult, i don't think, assuming this isn't all fiction, and i assume it's not all fiction, but the government says it can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, and that will
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be the test. >> governor mcdonnell and his wife are set to be arraigned january 24th in richmond. as always, thank you. more on the record at the top of the hour. the supreme court heard arguments on a case that could radically alter the way labor unions are able to force themselves on the labor force in the country. it involved home care workers in illinois, but the broader ramifications could be wider. >> every individual should have the freedom to choose exactly what special interest group if any they want to support. >> william messenger, for the workers who say their constitution al rights are violated because they're forced to pay dues to a union they don't want anything to do with, is hopeful the supreme court is going to make a change, just as elena kagan said, quote, would radically restructure the way workplaces across this country are run. in 2003, the state of illinois amended its public relations act
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to name them as state employees for the purchase of bargaining. home health workers who refused to join still have to pay dues. they're stabilizing industry in illinois. >> wages have increases, benefits have increases, and therefore, we're able to provide a situation where people with disabilities and people who are aging can still remain in their homes where they want to be. they can still remain independent. >> but workers like suzy watts, who is a home attendant solely so she can care for her disabled daughter, say they shouldn't have to pay a dime backing a union message they don't agree with. >> she's not able to walk or talk. she's had 79 surgeries. i love her to death. she's my daughter. i don't need the interference of a union. i am angry that i'm considered a public employee. it was not by chose. >> today, the justices spa s sp over watts' and the other people's rights are being violated. asking, quote, where is the first amendment abridgment?
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they can do whatever they want, speak however they want in support of or in opposition to absolutely anything the union is doing. within seconds, on antonin scal said i suppose the fact that you're entitled to speak against abortion would not justify the government requiring you to give money to planned parenthood. >> scalia had tough questions for both sides. he could wind up being the key in the case. to wipe out the ability of states to put these union-friendly policies in plaplace, the court would have to overturn one of its precedents of fair share public union dues. we'll get a decision by june. bret. >> shannon, thank you. more on this with the panel. stocks were mixed today. the dow lost 44. the s&p 500 gains 5. the nasdaq was up 28. >> washington is the center of the abortion rights debate for the next tew day as the
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anniversary of roe v. wade nears. masses of pro-life demonstrators are descending on the flagz's capital, all bbeit a snowy one tonight. >> outside the white house, a pro-life group held this die-in demonstration featuring young people in a fetal position on pennsylvania avenue and red blankets placed over them protesting oburgz. this is just one of the events related to the march for life rally, marking 41 years since the landmark roe v. wade supreme court ruling. there's clearly an effort to energize youth support of anti-abortion. >> these are people who could have been my friends. a third of my generation that's missing because of the great violence of abortion. >> planned parenthood also had its eyes on young people, telling fox, quote, this year, planned parenthood generation action programs already on more than 200 campuses across the country, are focused on harnessing the power, energy, and enthusiasm of young people to fight for reproductive
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freedom and for fundamental justice for all. >> wake up this generation, father god. it is time we bring an end to the bloodshed. >> the days marked for life event started with t front of a washington, d.c. planned parenthood. organizers say they hope those attending the march will be inspired by the movement. >> there's no doubt we're gaining supporters, not only among the young, among every age group. one reason is those who had abortions are learning from experience it doesn't solve any problems. it only creates more. >> a fux nows poll before the 2012 election showed pro-choice voters outnumbering pro-life voters. and then the gruesome trial of dr. kermit gosnell in philadelphia. a fox news poll taken during the trial showed the gap had closed to nine points, 50% to 41%. and those involved in the pro-life movement say those stories have an impact. >> that causes them to think
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about this because what kermit gosnell was doing for the most part was legal. the state of pennsylvania never bothered to inspect his abortion facility and they weren't required to. and this is how he was serving women. >> organizers say the goal is to mobilize and encourage those who participate and to send a message to the government that they're not going away until unborn children are protected. bret. >> and we'll have full coverage of the march tomorrow. mike, thank you. a follow-up tonight on a story we brought you in monday's grapevine about how one of the democratic party's rising stars may have padded her rags to riches origins story. chief washington correspondent james rosen with the fact and fiction behind wendy davis. >> after a filibuster against pro-life legislation in texas last summer vaulted her to the front ranks of pro-choice politicians in the democratic party, state senator wendy davis launched a gubernatorial bid facing off against greg abbott. >> she married young and by 19 was divorced and was raising me
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as a single mother. >> she's kind of capitalized on her harrowing story of the single mother struggling through law school and raising her daughters. and a lot of people have kind of sympathized with her over that, and now that it's come to light that, well, some of the details may not be totally correct, i think some voters or some people who were thinking of voting for her are going to have a problem with that. >> indeed, the dallas morning news disclosed on saturday that davis was 21 when she was officially divorced from the first of her two husbands, the second husband received custody of her daughters and paid for most of her college at harvard law. she said, my language should have been tighter. later, she issued a statement saying we're not surprised by greg abbott's campaign attacks on the story of my life as a single mother who worked hard to get ahead, but they won't work, she said, because my story is the story of millions of texas women. abbott reported to enjoy a $20 million war chest said through a spokesman, it's disappointing a candidate would so cavalierly
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deceive voters about the most basic aspects of their life. if voters can't trust what senator davis says, how can they trust her to leave? >> if you're going to run on your nar tfrb, you ought to make sure your narrative is accurate. her much larger problem is texas is still heavily republican and she's still a very significant underdog. >> late today, the davis campaign blasted out a feisty letter in the senator's defense and asking recipients to sign it as a show of support. there was no direct appeal for money, but campaign aides would not rule out future solicitations directed at those who sign the letter. >> thank you. >> louisiana republican senator david vitter said he will run for governor next year. he said in an e-mail to supporters he thinks he can have a bigger impact for the people of his state. bobby jindal cannot run again because of term limits. up next, what to expect from the big winter storm in the northeast. >> first, here's what some of our fox affiliates across the
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country are covering. fox32 in chicago will have the third largest archdiocese in the country reportedly move priests accused of child sex abuse from parish to parish while hiding their history from the public. they released a statement saying they're working on regaining trust. >> in indianapolis, a fatal shooting on a purdue lafayette campus. thorts say one person was killed and a suspect is in custody. >> this is a live look at diamond head and wikiki beach from khon in honolulu where it is almost a perfect 80 degrees right now. the big story there tonight is preparation for the nfl's pro bowl this sunday from aloha stadium, and well, we just wanted to show you 80 degree hawaii. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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live look at a snowy north lawn there at the white house. millions up and down the east coast are bracing themselves right now for a long winter night. a major snowstorm complete with frigid temperatures is under way. peter is live on capitol hill. >> good evening, bret. northwest washington looks a little like the north pole this evening. you look around, there is powdery snow covering many of the busy streets and intersections. and there's hardy anybody around because the federal government gave most of their workers the day off, making this a four-day weekend for them, since yesterday was a holiday. now, this morning, the house did gaveling in very briefly, but they didn't take up any kind of official business. somehow, the supreme court did hear arguments today, and all nine justices showed up on time. but the white house canceled their daily press briefing. schools were closed. the smithsonian museums closed
3:16 pm
earlier, and service advisories are in effect for commuters traveling metro trains and buses in the area. some of the ugliest images, the departure boards at airports in the area hit by the storm. new york area airports, more than 500 cancellations. philly international, more than 200 cancellations. baltimore, more than 100 canceled takeoffs, and here at d.c., regan and dulles, about 300 combined canceled takeoffs. arrivals are obviously impacted by that as well, and we are already starting to see some wind gusts blowing this really, really light snow around. and something else that wind is starting to do is drive the temperature, at least keep the temperature really low. in fact, the national weather service is predicting the wind schil could get as cloe as 15 degrees below zero here in d.c. the conditions are so bad, in fact, that there is concern congress might not be able to meet again on thursday, which would violate a rule in the constitution, so not only is the big storm creating problems for
3:17 pm
commuters, bret, but for congress, too. >> all right, we have to acknowledge that everybody in minnesota and illinois and other places like that laugh at the nation's capital with a little dusting like we have. >> and we will laugh, too, as long as everybody makes it home safe tonight. >> exactly. peter, thank you. let's go to new york and janice dean for a look at the forecast. hi, janice. >> hi, bret. you're right. i think you've gotten close to 3 inches in d.c. maybe an inch more, but that's more snow than you have seen in three years. so taking a look at it right now, still getting light snow in d.c., up towards philadelphia, and new york, you haven't seen this snow this hard all day. so we're getting an inch, even 2 inches an hour here in new york city. so light snow in d.c. 25. 18 in philadelphia, and the heavy snow we have seen thus far in new york city. all the way up to boston, and wind gusts as you can see, 20, 30 miles per hour. cancellations, delays at the airport. that's going to continue overnight tonight and even into
3:18 pm
tomorrow, even though the storm is going to be offshore. let's take a look at 7:00 p.m. on tuesday. as we go further out in time, still sticking around, 3:00 a.m. wednesday. there's coastal new jersey. coastal new jersey, long island as well as coastal massachusetts, bret, those are the bull's eye where we could get over 14 inches of snow, and places north of d.c., already over 8 inches in that area. this is a blockbuster event, certainly, for some folks. >> thank you. still ahead, a weapon that could cripple the entire country in the blink of an eye. fantasy or fact? keep it here. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreli down i-95. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had thpower to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories.
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what was supposed to be a
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celebration for second term new jersey governor chris christie is muted tonight. somewhat by the weather, but mostly by the political climate. senior correspondent eric shawn has the story from new york. >> chris christie's second term begins with uncertainty. >> so help me god -- >> congratulations, governor. >> despite the hugs, kisses, and warm wishes, he took the oath of office as the new jersey legislature ramped up its investigation of his tenure. the overwhelmingly democratic senate and assembly merged two investigative committees into one joint committee to look into the bridge scandal and allegations christie's administration abused its power. the governor did not directly address the scandal but alluded to what he called disasters of a natural sort, noting the heavy snow that had canceled his inauguration party tonight. >> it's only fitting that in his administration, with more hurricanes, snowstorms,
3:23 pm
flooding, and disaster of the natural sort, that of any administration i can remember in my lifetime, that we begin the second term in the same way. >> the new committee will have double the number of democrats, eight, than republicans, four. nearly 20 officials have been subpoenaed. among them, christie's now fired deputy chief of staff, bridget anne kelly whose e-mail ordered the lane closings. >> we have a major question out there. who ordered bridget kelly to issue her e-mail and why? >> governor christie did touch on some national themes in his speech. he called for a bipartisanship and tax cuts for the middle class. but all the attention in trenton will soon turn to the committee's public hearings, expected to start some time after the committee reviews all of the subpoenaed documents it has demanded by february 3rd. bret.
3:24 pm
>> eric, thank you. president obama took his second oath of office one year ago. now, as he entered his sixth year on the job, the political landscape is much different than 12 months ago. here's ed henry. barely a couple of inches of snow today canceled president obama's public schedule. an interesting symbol for a man trying to revive a presidency that critics believe has become frozen. >> this has effectively been a d do-nothing presidency. republicans don't want to work with him because he's so far left and democrats don't want to work with him. >> he'll go around when necessary by using executive power. even democrats acknowledge the window of opportunity is closing fast and there's a lot on the line at next week's state of the uni union. >> the steakes are very high. he's either a lame duck or will be one quickly unless he can get am of the agenda items back on
3:25 pm
the table and challenge the republicans in a way that forces them to take action. >> today's storm came on the first anniversary of the president's second inaugural, a day when his prospects seemed far brighter. riding high in the polls and pushing an aggressive agenda. >> my fellow americans, we are made for this moment and we will seize it so long as we seize it together. >> since that soaring speech, the president's approval rating has dipped from 52% to just under according to the real clear politics average of polls. republicans believe the drop is tied to broken promises on his signature issue, health care. >> the fact is not as many young people are signing up as was expected, about 25% of the folks who signed up, versus the 40% goal. that means that the premiums are far higher than expected. >> white house allies say the health care sign-ups are finally starting to get better, and neck week's speech will give him one last shot at other big-ticket items like immigration reform. >> the speech is critical to sort of put these issues out
3:26 pm
there, try to hold the party, but also put the republicans in the position of either voting no and being the problem or working with him to be part of the solution on his agenda. >> now, the president was working behind the scenes today. a phone call with russian president vladimir putin. aides say they spoke about iran, syria, and olympic security. a reminder, while the state of the union may be mostly about domestic policy, there are a range of national security measures that could dominate the second term. >> ed henry live on the snowy north lawn. two iranian war ships have started moving, heading for the atlantic ocean. it's the iranian navy's first ever mission to that part of the world. a destroyer and a logistic helicopter carrier are on a three-month mission. iran has said it aims to put war ships in international waters off the u.s. coast within the next few years. >> russian security officials are hunting for three potential female suicide bombers. one of whom is believed to be in
3:27 pm
sochi, the site of next month's olympics. police materials include pictures of the suspects and warn they are probably among us. the so-called black widows are believed to be wives of deceased islamic militants. also today, troops shot the leader of a group wanted on terror charges. the u.s. has offered the russians high-tech equipment used to detect ieds in afghanistan and iraq for use at the olympics in sochi. another chapter of stupid criminals on social media coming up. and if you think the tsa is bad. in one country, when they find a bomb in your luggage, they let you keep it. the grapevine is next.
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the blame game is nothing new in the world of politics, but venezuelan president has found a new target. soap operas. he accused the popular te telenovelas of preding anti-values to young people by highlighting violence, guns, and drugs. the country's vice president held meetings with tv stations monday to review primetime lineups. to make sure they do not violate a law mandating that programming be socially responsible. critics call the message a smoke screen to hide the real causes of violence, and an excuse to censor media criticism of the government. the u.n. ranks venezuela's homicide rate as the fifth worst globally. it's grown by 400% in 15 years
3:32 pm
of socialist rule. security guards at a canadian airport found a pipe biem in a teenager's bag. sounds like good work. the problem -- the edmonton journal reports the officers not only let the traveler board his plane, but they offered to give the bomb back to him. the teenager claimed he created the device to blow up in a field for fun and had forgotten it was in his bag. skiler murphy refused to take the pipe bomb back and was cleared through to board his flight to mexico for a family vacation. he was arrested a week later upon his return to canada and pled guilty to possession of an explosive substance. some of the officers involved have been suspended. others must attend additional training. canada's transportation minister called the incident unacceptable. finally, note to criminals, if you see a police facebook post of your wanted poster, it may not be the best idea to share it on your own facebook page. according to local reporters, that's exactly what one
3:33 pm
pennsylvania man did, and 45 minutes later, he was in custody after agreeing to a facebook arranged meeting with an undercover police officer. the police shared their victory, fittingly, on their facebook page. it's the stuff of science fiction and spy stories. an eelectro magnetic pulse that can cripple everything from stoplights to computers to the defense grid. doug tells us just how real a possibility an emp is. >> it was a campaign promise iranian president rouhani made last may. quote, death to america is easy. we need to express death to america with action. the easiest way for some rogue state to do that, say some, would be by emp, or electromagnetic pulse. it's a burst of gamma rays. detonated at the right altitude over the u.s., an emp could fry the circuitry of electronics all over the country. >> that means no water. that means no food. that means no
3:34 pm
telecommunications. that means no transportation. that means no medical supplies. >> start pushing and the cops came. >> this clip from a recent national geographic special gives us a sense of what life might be like after an emp attack. if it sounds far-fetched, consider last july, a steamer owned by iran's ally was found in panama hiding nuclear capable missiles under sugar. experts believe russia has given emp technology to north korea. our sun also produced emps. a big one called the carrington event occurred in 1859. telephone offices and lines caught fire. experts say our electric grids are no better protected today than telephone lines then. >> the extremely high voltage transformers which are the heart of the system, cost several million dollars each, and last time i looked were only made in
3:35 pm
south korea and germany. it takes years standing in line to get them built. >> one official suggests that cost pays a role. quote, utilities focus on achieving minimum regulatory requirements rather than designing a comprehensive approach to security. the department of defense downplayed the threat. quote, the department is unaquer of any increase in the use of a destructive emp device. further, any reporting to the contrary is both reckless and irresponsible. even if rogue states never launch an emp, the sun likely will. all the better, say some, for the utilities to harden up the grid at a cost to consumers of only a couple dollars a year. >> thank you. a supreme court case that could deal a serious blow to organized labor. we'll talk about it, and the broader implications for unions with the fox all-stars when we come back. er great thing about all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions.
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they can't chose what to negotiate, but can watts and other providers take a fee for the bargaining? the answer is no. every individual should have the freedom to choose what special interest group if any they will support in. >> they're not required to pay fees to the union for political pea speech, but they are required to pay fair share fees so the terms of the bargaining, the terms and conditions of employment, we are requiring them to pay in. >> this specific case at the u.s. supreme court now has to deal with home-based health care workers in illinois essentially being forced into a union there. that's what the case is about. but there could be broad implications for unions throughout the u.s. what about where unions stand in this country now? let's bring in our panelists, george will, charles chout
3:40 pm
hammer, and mara. charles, what do you think of this case and the implications? >> the implications are huge for the private sector because it collapsed from 35% in the 1950s to 6.6% today. so organized labor depends entirely now for its growth on government employees, not just unionizing existing government employees, but getting governors, particularly in blue states such as the state of illinois, where the governors simply declare that these home-care workers, some of whom are parents taking care of their own children, are government employees because they're paid out of the medicaid disability funds that the people they're taking care of receive. so they get herded into this union. they're claiming in the supreme court that their first amendment rights are violated in two ways. they're forced to subsidize political speech of the union with which they disagree. the court has often held that the right to free speech includes the right not to speak.
3:41 pm
and the rights of association are violated. they have held that association also involved the right not to be associated. all of this comes down to unions gathering from medicaid fees, dues that then go to democratic candidates. >> mara? >> well, i agree with george that this would be a big blow to organized labor, which has been dwindling in its representation for years and now faces a new assault in the public sector. the problem for unions is they bargain for these people, bargain for everybody, and get everybody the same wages, but so who is going to pay for that service? now maybe that service doesn't cost the same amount as the dues. maybe the dues subsidize other things. but those people, even the ones that don't like the union, are represented by them. and their benefits and their wages are increased sometimes by the work of those unions, so who has to pay for that? >> the mandatory element of this, charles, is the thing
3:42 pm
that's so potentially threatening. >> right. i mean, it's the old definition of a liberal. he doesn't care what you do as long as it's mandatory. i think this would be a blow to organized labor, from which they would not recover. unless you force people to these unions, and they generally don't go. as we saw in wisconsin, as we saw in indiana, once you release government workers from the obligation to actually pay into a union in indiana, for example, the government stopped collecting dues on behalf of the unions. membership collapsed by 80%, 90%. so they know that it's the power of the state that keeps them going. and in the absence of it, there's -- they really are looking at ruin. which is probably why i would guess the supreme court is not going to overturn this. it is really quite loathe to overturn a long hp standing arrangement, and this is a long-standing arrangement. it would require overturning a fairly venerable supreme court
3:43 pm
precedent. so i suspect there are ways in which it could rule in a less radical way. for example, it could say that these workers don't have to be deemed state workers, which would be slightly different from saying you are a state worker. you now have to pay into a union. so i suspect they're going to look for a way to be less sweeping in their ruling. >> aside from this case, unions have been taking blows, as you mentioned, just by their membership across the board. also you have the boeing case out in washington. that doesn't seem to bode well for them, as you look at video to essentially s out there and stand with the company. >> capital can move, and in this country, it can move from states that are inhospitable to capital to states that welcome it. usually that means to right to work states, such as south carolina, where if you fly into the airport in south carolina, you'll fly for it seems like a half an hour over a huge boeing plant, which has moved there
3:44 pm
because it's friendly. >> so as you look at 2014, does the impact of unions diminish? >> i think the impact -- you mean politically? i think it has. they couldn't recall scott walker. that was a big, big fight for the public sector unions. and they failed in a lot of their attempts. and they just don't have as much clout as they used to. not just membership is dwindling, but when we are in a time of austerity and you're trying to figure out how to shrink government spending, everybody is going to have to take a hit, and the public sector unions are a big target. >> it's kind of a death spiral because as happened in wisconsin, you're right, in fact, the unions lost three times different election attempts to undo what scott walker had done. once they lose, then they lose membership because the state no longer is using its heavy hand to force people into the unions, which reduces the strength and the dues and the money that the union has, which reduces its influence over politicians.
3:45 pm
in the end they really are looking at a situation in which they're going to be on their own. i mean, michigan is now a right to work state, which is astonishing. when workers have a choice, they generally, as we have been seeing over the last 50 years, are choosing not to join. >> what about the workers who say they're worried if they don't have the union protection? they're worried about, you know, not having the unions negotiating on their behalf? >> it's understandable that they would worry. but there's a rationalality in people who choose not to have unions because often the unions increase the cost of work. as we saw in detroit, they could end up contributing to the bankruptcy of the company. so if unions overreach as unions did in the fat days of the '50s and '60s when there was no overseas competition because europe and japan were in ruin, then you build in work rules and other conditions that ultimately kill the golden goose.
3:46 pm
so it's not irrational to stay out of a union, and that's why a lot of workers are doing that. >> next up, a rising politician tripped up by her own exaggerations. ♪ with an innovative showerhead plus wireless speaker, kohler is the proud sponsor of singing in the shower. still runnng in the morning? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
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by the time i was 19, i was already on my way to a divorce, living in a tiny trailer with my daughter amber. i was barely making ends meet and sometimes they didn't. now, i'm not sharing that story because it's unique or special. i'm sharing it precisely because it's not. >> i saw her filibuster and then i know she has capitalized on her, you know, harrowing story of
3:50 pm
being a single mother that was struggling through law school and raising her daughters and a lot of people have kind of sympathized with her over that now it's come to light that well some of those details may not be totally correct, i think some voters or people that were thinking of voting for her are going to have a problem with that. >> her filibuster against some pro-life legislation in the state house in texas really volted her in the democratic party. the dallas morning news did an extensive story in which she has acknowledged some chronological errors in her bios. she acknowledged chronological errors and incomplete details in what she and her aides have said about her life. quote, my language should have been tighter, she said. i'm learning about using broader, looser language. i need to be more focus canned on the detail. jeff davis said that was right around the time the final payment on their harvard law school loan was
3:51 pm
due. it was ironic jeff davis is her ex-husband. he said i made the last payment and it was the next day that she left. wendy davis said that as a lawyer she contributed too. the situation is evolving but it seems that the story is as well. we are back with the panel. charles? >> well, look, everybody tries to create, especially in america, tries to create a log cabin story. this is her log cabin story. the problem was larry sabato says if you are going to create a narrative that's perfectly okay but make sure it's a real narrative. and she says her problem is a lack of tightness. it's an odd word. it's really a lack of truth. and there are parts of the story that aren't -- that are simply are wrong and there are parts that are left out. look, when her ex-husband who was apparently supporting her all through her days as an undergraduate and then through law school and looking after the
3:52 pm
children and gets custody afterwards, when he makes the last payment for harvard law school, and she leaves the next day, you know, what are the odds? that's a hell of a coincidence. now, i'm not going to interpret it, but i think she has to explain it and interpret it. the worst part that she then attacks her opponent as attacking her story. is attacking the veracity of her story which is different than attacking her story. i think it requires an explanation. >> march ranchts wendy is an underdog in this state. she was a rising star and her goal was to make a credible race, raise a lot of the money, keep democrats active there. this is a blow to her, no doubt about it however, as she says when she was 19 she was on her way to a divorce, that's true. she lived in a trailer park, true, but not for very long and she left out the part about how her husband helped pay for her law school. i don't think that he she has made this up out of whole cloth.
3:53 pm
if you are going to tell a hard luck story as charles said, you better have it be air-it tight. i do think though that, you know, the woman that was just in that clip talking about her, she is a pro-life activist and she is against wendy davis. i think this will hurt her, but the question is will it damage her so much that she comes out of this race tarnished? i don't think she had a chance to win anyway. i don't think it's going to do that i think this is a problem for her. but, because it was errors of kind not whole, i think she can survive this. >> george? >> well, her 11 hour filibuster which is what catapulted her to national attention was largely over a texas law that was restrict abortions to the 20th week. 12 is the basic week and number in france. 18 in sweden, 12 is a lot. it's well into the second trimester which we are expected to think is morally and constitutionally significant. the fact is, abortion is a funny law, funny issue as we
3:54 pm
have the right to life movement gathering here for its annual meeting. the judiciary has taken charge of that issue. and there are really only three areas where the law can can still be changed and modified. parental notification, not consent, parental notification of a minor's abortion, public funding of abortion, and late term abortions. and on all three issues, which are basically on the republican side, the public is with the republicans 70% to 80%. >> that's why she is not going to be the governor of texas. >> right. >> yeah. there is no doubt about that. but she became a liberal hero just like ted cruz did because she sat there in her sneakers or stood there in her sneakers for 11 hours. >> the filibuster on the background in which this happens this week with the pro-life march, the march for life happening tomorrow. it is interesting that it gets lost, what the numbers really are. as we talk about abortion policy as george mentions.
3:55 pm
>> look, abortion is unlike all the other social issues which appear to be headed left, gay rights, for example, gay marriage, marijuana, other intoxicants, where there has been kind of a reversal. it has not gone in the same way. it is clearly as a result of the technology. when you can visualize a fetus it has a different impact on you as when you are speaking of it as a kind of abstraction. and i do think on the issue of late-term abortion that is really where you could get a national consensus. you are never going to get consensus on early abortions, but i think there really have an issue if conservatives are serious about this and they really are, that, i think, is the tactical way to go about it and to try to get movement on this issue, which i think you can win on, which makes the wendy davis story so odd. because she was standing in favor of it, something which is not really that popular. >> quickly, george? >> it's difficult to doubt but difficult to demonstrate. that improved sonograms,
3:56 pm
which demonstrate that fetus with the moving fingers and the beating heart, is a person is changing this debate. >> this is the first march after the kermit cozumel case as well. we will have full coverage tomorrow on fox. that is it for the panel, stay tuned to see how one man's runt concerning one company's profit. ♪
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finally tonight, richard sherman's post game interview gotten a lot of attention. it was aimed at michael crabtree. one major retailer wasted no time toe capitalize. >> richard, let me ask you the final play, take me through it. >> well, i'm the best one in the game! when you -- crabtree? >> and evelyn. >> don't you ever talk about me. >> who was talking about you. >> crabtree. >> and evelyn. >> real quick crabtree. >> and evelyn.
4:00 pm
best defense against a pass. >> i don't know if that will work. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> who do you think is more pap larr, the president of the united states or the crack-smoking mayor of tore robert toe, rob ford? >> they wanted to get rid of this guy. they tried to get rid of this guy. they made fun of this guy. they laughed at this guy. they were all over this guy to quit, and his approval numbers are back up to 47% in toronto. and his approval numbers are higher than obama's. the smack of the crack smoking mayor of toronto's approval numbers are higher than obama's. >> all right, yes, he is it is true, a recent poll of canadians show crack-smoking


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