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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 21, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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hope for texas after all. >> this is all i want to talk about all year. >> i can tell. >> as always, thank you for being with us. start your day with fox and friends each right now. >> who do you think is more pap larr, the president of the united states or the crack-smoking mayor of tore robert toe, rob ford? >> they wanted to get rid of this guy. they tried to get rid of this guy. they made fun of this guy. they laughed at this guy. they were all over this guy to quit, and his approval numbers are back up to 47% in toronto. and his approval numbers are higher than obama's. the smack of the crack smoking mayor of toronto's approval numbers are higher than obama's. >> all right, yes, he is it is true, a recent poll of canadians show crack-smoking
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mayor rob ford's approrating ha. and now the latest gallup poll shows president obama's approval rating, well, a mere 41%. ouch. so why is president obama less popular than a crack-smoking mayor? well, we can't explain canada. but we can tell you about president obama and his low approval rating all big raise palm. the president big promise to tax breaks for companies who ship jobs overvirginia seas, plus the promise stricter gun control. assault weapons ban and hum of these state of the union promises did president obama keep? zero. and if he had kept some of them, would his letters be
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any better or might they be worse? karl rove joins us. good evening, karl. >> >> good evening, greta. >> karl, there is something about having your approval ratings lower than rob ford. that's not the place where i would want to be. >> you would think trornted people lower expectations of his mayor. exceeding the expectations of people in the city. >> state of the union. we went back through the speech. jobs. the things that he promised, it didn't happen. you know, the things that the tax reform that he was going to implement didn't happen. >> yeah, you need to look at the president's state of the union address last year in a broader context because it was preceded by a couple of weeks by his second inaugural address. take all into consideration. in the inaugural address. he spent most of his time
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talking about climate change. he devoted three sentences of 45 words to the economy and one sentence of 19 words to deficit reduction then 155 words sphwittlements were going to be cut. the second focus was called this generation's task, equal pay for women, gay marriage, and end to voter i.d. laws. immigration reform and gun control. you are right. you take the promises in the state of the union address. and combine them with the promises in the inaugural address, which are at odds. in the inaugural address, he didn't pay any attention to the economy. by the time he spoke in the state of the union a few weeks later the criticism had been so high that the president devoted most of to the economy. most of it, however, was just language. as you say, we're going to do something about raising the minimum wage to dollars. now is he saying 10. every year raise it a dollar. 15 global centers for manufacturing. he has now got one of them in north carolina. fix it first, a fund for
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transportation annual infrastructure improvements. project rebuild. $15 billion to tear down buildings and clean up inner cities, that didn't happen thermal additional. different kind of way to fuel cars. new mortgage program. brain map which he talked about in the state of the union. then pre-kindergarten for every low and moderate income child in america. might as been as much as $100 billion a year. virtually itsy bitsy tiny things. >> the thing that sort of -- look, no doubt about it, he has opposition. but every president practically has opposition, you you know, at some point in his term. i mean, that is sort of the challenge. we elect people to work with the opposition. to overcome the opposition. to lead. you know, and so how does he possibly go into this state of the union with -- when
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log become at last year's state of the union having made all of these promises. does he repeat the same ones in hope for a better year or dose come up with different ones? >> well, i think he comes up with new ones and has as much success in getting them done as he did last year. remember, his problem is not just in 2013. his problem is 2012. he ran for re-election not by articulating a positive and optimistic agenda for the future. not by trying to bring the country together. not by extoggle what it was that he was going to do but instead basically trashing his hapless opponent mitt romney. he came into second term with relatively low approval ratings. remember, a year ago he was at a 2% approval after winning re-election. basically slightly the same, roughly the same percentage that he got for his re-election, just a little bit more. that's not normal. and then he conducted himself in a very partisan fashion. remember, just before his speech, his state of the union speech, his communications director
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tweeted out, dan pfeiffer, who is still there. tweeted out a message saying that the president had a political opposition was not worthy of the country. i mean, basically calling the republicans unamerican. he has done nothing since then or very little since then to help heal those wounds and act in a bipartisan fashion. the one thing that might get done. on his list immigration reform will get done only if he is not anywhere around the issue because the trust level in him and his people is so low republicans are going to be not inclined to try to cut a deal with the administration. they might be inclined to try and find a way to solve this problem by working with their democratic congressional colleagues, but not the administration. >> well, also the critical leadership failure was in the first week or two when he became president '09 when he said to his opponent that he won and essentially do it our way. you know, i thought to myself at the time that is like the worse thing you want to do if you are trying to sort of reach across the aisle and try to massage
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your opponent to go your way. start out by saying tough luck,i won, you are out. >> it wasn't just i won. it was like shut up because i won and i'm not going to pay any attention to your ideas. the president needs to establish a tone. he did it on the same on healthcare reform. he, in february of 2009, said to the republicans i'm going to make this a big issue. and the next time he talked to him was 51 weeks later when he invited the republican leadership over to the blair house and in front of television cameras tried to bludgeon them into a bill they had no input on and serious doubts about. the president, unlike most presidents who tend to learn things in their time in office. this president when it comes to dealing with his republican opposition seems to have learned very little. bush who had a very tough re-election battle and in the midst of an unpopular war none the less got a major piece of energy policy
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approved and reauthorization of the patriot act and worked with republicans and democrats alike on immigration reform because he was working across party lines and trying to achieve big things for the country. this president finds it hard to hard to do anything except berate opposition and ignore those in the congress. >> we now know that mike lee will deliver the tea party response to president obama's state of the union address next week. in 2011 they started giving their response starting with representative michele bachmann she gave the first one. the following year herman cain and senator rand paul have all given tea party responses. karl, is there a schism or problem in the republican party. we will have a republican party response and tea party response. >> look, i think that's fine. this is not, quote, the tea party. this is the tea party express. one group among several different national groups. this is not a necessarily a
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consensus of all the major tea party groups. tea party tends to be very decentralized and very localized but there are four or five national groups that have sort of put them sfrls on the landscape and this the selection of one. to the degree that it gets attention. it gets attention to a healthy new strand in american politics. i think that's productive. i said last year that, you know, i thought it was very smart to put forward rand paul. he is a different thinker. he is an out-of-the-box way of looking at things. is he a very strong proponent of a new approach. and i think that's healthy for political parties. you cannot stagnate. have you got to continue to look for new answers. new ideas. new blood. new leadership. and that is a healthy thing. >> but it does say, the republican party has given its response and tea party is saying we don't quite agree so we have our own response. >> that's fine. >> typically think of tea party voters as being a division of the republican party. it's not going to be fine come election time if the two are at odds with each other. >> two things. one is most tea party
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members that i come to would bridle at the suggestion that they are an adjunct to the republican party. they want to keep the feet of people in both parties to the flames on big issues that they care about. the second issue is that a lot of tea party members at the end of the day will find themselves far more in agreement with the republican can dated in their district or state than when the democratic candidate. that's what it is all about. we saw that in 2010. we saw it again in 2012. when self-identified tea party members and people who are not tea party members but identify with the movement or support the movement or applaud the movement voted overwhelmingly for republican candidates. i think we are lakely to see that again this year because of the big issues. are you in favor of obamacare or do you want to repeal and replace it? are you concerned about the deficit and debt and do you want to do something to reign in government spending particularly entitlements. very little difference between most tea party members and most republican. a lot of difference between those two groups and the democrats. >> karl, thank you. always nice to sigh. straight ahead, sean hannity has a message for governor
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andrew cuomo. hannity says he can't wait to get out of new york. is he going to tell you about it next. dangerous snow storm slamming a giant chunk of the country. thousands of flights cancelled nationwide. the latest on the storm's path coming up.
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telling extreme conservative candidates to get out of his state. that comment making many conservatives furious. sean hannity saying he can't wait to get out of new york. get this: texas is already putting out the welcome mat for hannity. >> you were smart you got out a long time ago. >> what's the story, are you leaving new york? >> look, it's funny because the news picked this up -- got picked up by breitbart last night comments i made on my radio show. i think people might have interpreted it like i'm leaving the next day. if i could, i probably. would but i would like to consider myself a responsible person. and by my count there is probably over 100 people that count on me between radio and television for their jobs and they have got mortgages and car payments and leases and rents and all this stuff. but i went home last night and my wife and i talked about this seriously.
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i live in new york, greta. i pay 40% taxes, the highest rated federal level that doesn't include fike carks social carks -- f.i.c.a., social security. i live in the second highest property tax county in the country which is nassau county. about 62% is my taxable rate of every dollar that i make. and, you know what? it's too much. it's almost like i am facilitating the robbery of the hard-earned money that i'm making. i'm not going to do it anymore. as soon as i am able, some time probably when my son graduates from high school, i'm getting out of here as quick as i can. >> all right. well, it sounds like andrew cuomo would like to see you go. it was interesting though. he was talking about extreme candidates was what he says was. but the interesting thing is he says there is no place for extreme candidates in new york state. candidates. yet, angela davis, who is a communist is in new york at
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a martin luther king holiday and no one is objecting to her. >> the new mayor of new york is right there. it the united socialist state of new york. there is no higher tax state. greta, if you you own a restaurant in new york, forget about getting a large coke which they now banned, if you want salt, they are not allowed to put it on the table. you have to request salt separately because the nanny state of new york and new york city they decide what's best for you. but what he said is -- and this is really important, we are going to get into this tonight at 10:00 because when he he goes on to say those that are right to -- right-to-life pro-assault weapons and anti-gay. >> i'm pro-life and i am pro-second amendment and i have barack obama's position two years ago on the issue of traditional marriage. so does that mean that the cardinal of new york at saint patrick's he is not welcome here? every priest? every brother? every nun? every catholic? every christian that's pro-life in new york?
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is he insulting everybody that's a person of faith now? there is no free, open exchange of ideas and ideals and opinions? that is a sad state of affairs. liberals are not the tolerant people that they proclaim to be, greta. this is a sad moment. >> in the press release that came out of his office in response to the "new york post" article, his counsel said the governor has never demonized the opposition to his gun law nor stance of protecting choice or marriage equality. the governor is a gun owner and a catholic. >> it's not the position of the catholic church. his father did this when he spoke at notre dame in the 1980s and tried to say i'm pro-life but i can't impose that on people. i will let him take that up with his priest, his bishop and maybe the cardinal himself. but that is not the position of the church. on the issue of guns, greta, it's so restrictive in new york, i have carried -- i was a marksman since i'm 12 years old because my parents were in law enforcement.
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i carried guns in new york, rhode island, california, alabama, and georgia, more than half of my adult life. this governor actually passed a law where you couldn't have more than 7 bullets in a gun because he said nobody in new york city needs 10 bullets to shoot a dea, as he says. there aren't many deer in new york city the last time i have seen. maybe in upstate, maybe in long island. is he very restrictive. it's their way or 00 highway. how does texas have a 12 billion-dollar surplus and they are in debt in their eyeballs in albany when they have a 10% state income tax? >> quick question. donald trump, is he going to run for governor in new york and would you support him? >> i would support donald trump for governor. i would support mayor rudy giuliani for governor. i know the donald is really thinking about it i hope he does it because i think he understands how to create a positive business climate. you know, i have some
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numbers here. real quick, i know you have got it run. in the last census, greta, 3.4 million residents of new york, they left the state. the highest exodus of any state in the country and if you look at new jersey, they have similar tax situation there, $70 billion in wealth left the state of new jersey in a five year period. that's people making their money, they are going to the carolinas, florida, texas, they are going anywhere where there is less bureaucratic regulation, government interference and high taxes. they are leaving. >> sean, thank you very much. i will see you at 10:00 p.m. for hannity. tonight our viewers will get their chance to ask you questions about anything that they want. no topic is off limits. that's tonight with sean, 10:00 p.m. right here on fox news channel. thank you, sean. and, coming up next, another war, and is this one waged by the obama administration against young people? the same young people who helped get the president elected. we have a panel of young americans here to talk just about that you will hear from them next.
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back to greta in a moment. news desk in new york. snow apocalypse they call it here. serious from the east coast down to washington new york tri-state region new england and areas west. show you what's happened over here. this is the satellite loop, it takes us up to right now. below virginia beach it's looking like rain now. ice just north of that from washington up through new york, all to the northeast corridor, down to as far as almost greensboro, just disastrous. look at the big camera out on sixth avenue and 48th street. in new york city. the streets were so cold this morning, when this snow started about 11:00, that we
11:25 pm
never had that slushy mess you so often see in new york city. instead of the slushy mess what we had was ice. there is a whole layer of ice down at the bottom. hundreds of car crashes reported in the tri-state region. subway and train delays throughout the system. airport delays as well although they are all open. here is janice dean over here. i was going to show you this map over here. we decided to go to janice dean instead. >> can i move out of the way. >> no, no. no yesterday what i was going to say in the afternoon prediction 1 maybe 3 inches. something changed, what was it. >> the storm is intensifying along the coast. it's becoming a full fledge nor'easter. breaking news, new york city has just been up to 14 inches. so we are in that state of now casting, meaning that this storm is stronger than we originally predicted. just outside the new york city area, unofficial report of a foot of snow. philadelphia, you're going to surpass that as well of over a foot of snow.
11:26 pm
coastal new jersey as well. parts of massachusetts, coastal connecticut, and rhode island this is quite an event shepard. one we weren't prepared for. dumped a couple of inches of snow as you mentioned. this one is different it is expleading across the coast. warmer waters of the atlantic. storm is hovering and really expanding its winfield as well as tightening up that low pressure field. we are going to see wind gusts 30, 40, 50 miles per hour. blizzard conditions all along long island. we have blizzard warnings up towards massachusetts and the temperatures are dropping. so light snow still being reported for d.c. we think five to six inches here. philadelphia certainly over a foot possible. i know north of philadelphia, we have already received close to 10 inches here new york they have just upped the snow
11:27 pm
totals 10 to 14 inches. then we are going to continue to see this storm strengthen over the next couple of hours. look at the wind gusts already, shepard, as the system moves offshore. 20, 30 miles per hour, back to you. >> janice dean thanks. we'll be back to you. midtown manhattan in new york. the original projection was that the snow would start snow all the way to midnight. creating problems overnight here in the big city. especially out on long island where on 00 eastern end of long island, new york, he they are now suggesting that the snow may not stop completely until the sun begins to come up in the morning. so what might you imagine for the northeast corridor from washington all the way up to the morning commute, you might imagine unmitigated disaster. they have the plows out. but the plows only take care of the two inches above two inches on the ground. and below that is now ice. low temperatures in some areas around here in the
11:28 pm
single digits. the highs are not expected to go above freezing for at to go above freezing for at least six days. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: where does the united states get most of its energy? is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.? the answer is... the u.s. ♪ most of america's energy comes from right here at home. take the energy quiz. energy lives here.
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being carried in your arms... but after a morning spent in the caribbean, playing pirates with you in secret coves, an afternoon swimming with dolphins, finished with a movie watched against the setting n...
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shwon't exactly be short on memories. princess cruises, come back w. ♪ the obama administration waging war on young people. voters under 30 really helped president obama get to the white house but now many young americans are becoming disenchanted with the president. now why is that? we have a panel of young people are from around the country joining us tonight in austin, texas, julia in lansing michigan lana and washington brian jackson greene. you were a supporter of the president in 2008? >> yes, i was. >> and in 2012, what? >> by then i had become somewhat disillusioned so i was -- two major candidates at that point. >> why disallusioned. >> i voted for him in 2008. i was pro-rhetoric and
11:32 pm
scaling back war on terror and that didn't go as well as we hoped it did. guantanamo bay is still open. later on when we started having to go into the job market and start, you know, to work, a lot of my friends and i felt that the jobs that we thought we would have once we got out of college weren't actually there. so many people were struggling to find their first entry level job once they graduated. >> julia, your thought on the president is he helpful to young people or not? >> >> i think it's a tough question. >> he was struggling to find a job after college. yeah, that's my opinion. >> >> are you disenchanted or satisfied that the president is, you know, is aware of and working out problems that meet your age group? >> i came on this show to talk about my experience as a millennial and i'm not
11:33 pm
quite sure i know how to answer that. >> all right. well, let me go to hannah. your thoughts in terms of the president. is the support still there, young people, millennials for the president or do you find that it's waning a little bit or is it growing? >> i definitely think that the tides are turning for the president. i think it's more the millennials to adjust their expectations at this point. the policies that the president has supported completely undermine our hopes for employment on graduation day. >> what would you like the president to do, hannah? >> i would like for him to stop meddle ling. maybe take a step back, especially i think a perfect example of this would be the affordable care act. obamacare. his little brainchild it has created a definite sense of insecurity with employers.
11:34 pm
how can they make smart hiring decisions? >> brian, i know how you feel. i'm curious your friend. is your opinion something that is common amongst your friends or you alone sort of growing disenchantment? are what you finding among others. >> pretty common. everyone is enthusiastic in 2008. once we had to go into the real world and hold down real jobs. many of the complain promises -- campaign promises didn't hold out to be true. >> can he do to change that? >> that's a hard question. i have to agree with hannah. i think that obamacare has caused a lot of concern about the ability for companies to hire and take on new expenses. part of the problem is actually falls with colleges and not preparing people to gain real world skills and hit the ground running once they finish their education. so, you know, i think by loosening up restrictions on the economy, you know,
11:35 pm
promoting free enterprise, the economy should help pick up and business owners would be willing to take on more entry level workers. >> julia, do you find that millennials are getting more enthusiastic about the president's policies or less or is it just about the same in the last couple years? >> i would say young people are probably less enthusiastic he has had a challenging 2013, i would have to agree with what peers are saying. >> hanna, so what do you think the future is going to bring for your age group as we approach 2014 and 2016? what do you think that in terms of looking at candidates and what young people would be look for. >> i hope that people my age millennials we get motivated to start becoming inform. i think what happened with obama might have been misrepresentation and we bought into it. and maybe we will become more involved in political
11:36 pm
discussion and more informed about the candidates we are voting for. >> thank you to awful you for joining us. i hope y'all come back and joining up, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife under indictment. latest on the developing news and the former governor's response. that's next. barbara bush you heard what she said about her own son jeb. wait until you hear what she says about former president bill clinton. bill clinton. that's coming up. hungry for the best?
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off-the-record for just a minute. maybe it's my wisconsin upbringing, the government did it again. prediction of snow and the federal government went into usual panic mode and shut down the government for today. i thought it was overreacting. there just isn't that much snow. i was wondering today if i had it all wrong. i turned to kristen powers in the makeup room and asked her opinion. before she could answer i said never mind, kirsten. she is from alaska. she gets it a little snow doesn't scare kirsten powers. if the conditions are so bad in d.c. how come everyone here at fox news channel in d.c. managed to get here to work and on time. our commute is no different than government employees. we drive the same roads and we drive the same routes. sure some government workers may not want to travel in any snow, and i understand that that's fine. but then they should just take the day off without pay or use a vacation day.
11:40 pm
government workers are being paid for this snow day by you, the taxpayer, that's messed up. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think think should take off-the-record tell us about it urgent hunt for three black widows believed to be preparing for kill. are they already inside the sochi security ring. a live report from russia coming up.
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
just minutes ago governor mcdonnell, once a rising star in the republican party public i insisting that he and his wife did nothing illegal. >> i repeat, again, emphatically, that i did nothing illegal or
11:43 pm
mr. williams, exin change for what i believed was his personal friendship and his generosity. i never promised and mr. williams and his company never received any government benefit of any kind from me or my from my administration. >> joining us, our political panel, the hill's a.b. stoddard. political director rick klein and before we get to the governor. middle of the show during the first part of the show we had to evacuate the set, shepard smith had to take over. nice to see you outside in the lobby. >> luckily no fire. >> rick klein's second time this has happened as a guest over here at fox. aside from that, we are all back. let me start with you a.b., governor mcdonnell? >> it's a remarkable story. if you read the indictment and you learn just what hoists and decisions the governor and his wife made, even if they perceived it, they never received anything
11:44 pm
illegal or did anything illegal on behalf of johnny williams ahead of scientific it all beginsen othe first page when you learn that the governor actually requested the use of johnny williams' private plane without ever having met him. and it went on from there and it's quite a dramatic tale. >> if he expected a gift in return and got a gift in return. >> there was a lot of give and take on whether or not the governor and his wife would grease the skids for university grant for virginia universities for this company to promote their product. >> rick, this was a big star in the republican party. >> that's right. he was part of this, actually chris christie elected on the same night of him in 2009. he was the guy that was maybe going to go all the way. potential presidential candidate on mitt romney's short list. if these allegations are true to throw it all away for something that is so small yet so big. so small because it's so petty, so big rolex, oscar did i lore did i live big
11:45 pm
while in the governor's office. >> although the indictment is a piece of paper and the grand jury can indict a ham sandwich it does make for an ugly read for the governor. >>this is about saving his skin. we know his political career is over. we have known that for some time now because we knew the indictment was coming. we knew some of the details of this case. today what you are hearing is the governor, former governor speaking in a way that will help save himself from jail time. and it's hard to say what's going to happen with him and his wife. when he is talking today i have done nothing illegal. is he not trying to save his political career is he trying to save himself for jail. it's it obvious we won't see him go anywhere politically. >> head of the rga and governor christie the head of the rga it puts a stink bomb in the republican party. it's distraction they have to deal with, right or not? >> the last thing the republicans need right now
11:46 pm
is to be divided up into a group of corrupted or crazy. you shut the government down or looking for rolexs or ferraris or closing lanes down in new jersey. chris christie has not admit mid to wrongdoing and maybe it's not going to be discovered. he is the great hope of many republicans still that are worried that no one in the field can beat hillary clinton. bob mcdonald, bob for jobs mcdonald just as rick said was once the great hope. real rising star in the party. someone who even held very conservative social positions didn't accentuate them. only spoke about the free market and self-empowerment and great messenger for the republican party. this is a terrible p.r. embarrassment for the party again. they are both tales if governor christie is found to be guilty of any of these allegations of real corruption. >> they're both denying it. it's a fight that they have both got to endure. now to texas. state senator and gubernatorial candidate wendy davis taking heat.
11:47 pm
accused of fudging the details of her life story on the campaign trail davis touting triumph. dallas news raising questions about some of davis' claims. your thoughts. >> the particular exaggerations that she admitted to are pretty small bore. this is a terrible story for wendy davis. she is putting herself forward. you talk about a great hope. the great hope for national democrats. potentially turn texas blue. she has been a magnet for money raising a lot of cash and this is her introduction. most people know her from pink sneakers and filibuster that happened last year. now comes into focus softened the edges of her biography. unforced error and not a good one when you are trying to get traction against a very formidable candidate. >> not expected she is likely to win the texas governor's this time around, this was her chance to really put herself out there and tell her story and position her for later. to have this happen it hurts. >> part of the issue too is that voters actually expect politicians to lie. they expect it to some
11:48 pm
degree. they flip flop all the time and we re-elect them. it's the type of law she told. it's about her personal story. i think it goes to the issue of trust. i think that's the kind of dishonesty that's hard to recover from. remember what happens with kerry when he ran for president and he was attacked for his questionable record in vietnam. that supposedly damaged his candidacy. al gore talking about his personal history, people started to make a mockery of some exaggerations there. he also lost. it hits to the core of whether a politician can be trusted when they lie about heir own personal story versus their political record. >> is it a big lie. you didn't say it was a big lie. it's just sort of -- >> -- fundamentals. >> called dry. >> changing the age that she became a single mom. talking about -- leaving the impression that she put herself through law school when it was her husband that did a lot of the actual -- >> a lot of it. >> they seem very small. again, this is her own biography. her own story. >> she didn't have to do it. she had a pretty good story.
11:49 pm
she didn't have to fudge the facts. >> 100%. that, i think, is the frustrating thing for at love people watching right now. >> the other version looks better though. >> hopefully she is smart enough to fudge it to the better than to the worse. panel, thank you. thanks for enduring our fire alarm here. coming up, new information about the three black widows believed to be targeting the winter olympics. who are the black widows and what is their plan to kill? a live report from rush is female announcer: female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models, but sleep train's huge year end clearance sale ends sunday. get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets, at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set up and removal of your old set. don't wait! sleep train's year end clearance sale ends sunday. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed!
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maybe the heat will offer the first lady a contract. and talk about a bird's eye view. a bird snatching what it thinks is an egg, but it really is a hidden camera. the bird then taking off with the egg cam. result amazing video. aerial footage of a penguin colony shot by a flying bird. and a dartmouth student dancing away across china. he was in china to study mandarin. he spent 100 days dancing from channing thigh bay ching to hong kong. ♪ ♪ >> the dartmouth dancer sending a big thank you to all the people who danced with him and that's what we are watching tonight. and if you want to see more
11:53 pm
of the video we just showed you, you know where to go. coming up the three black widows on the loose. their target, the issue with the games. the latest for the desperate imagining, on expedia you can book any flight, car and hotel together to save even more. us, get an era $100 when you build yo custom trip. expedia, find yours.
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11:56 pm
past the ring of steel. new information tonight about two other black widows and their' ised terrorist plot: for the latest kevin joins from us moscow. kevin, thank you for joining us. what is the latest on these suspected suicide bombers? >> hello, good evening. the latest news which has been reported is that three women and two of them [inaudible] take place south of russia out of sochi. two men as well -- suspected suicide bombers. third of the women who is believed in sochi itself. >> kevin, do you have an increase security? can you tell increased security -- security keeps
11:57 pm
getting increased every single day because we are hearing teenager things about the danger over there? >> i'm sorry, could you say that again? the line -- >> do you get a sense that the russians are increasing the security every single day because every single day here we hear about how much more dangerous it is. >> well, i think russia has upped the security in the last month around sochi itself. [inaudible] i think within russia itself surprisingly calm that russia the fact -- >>, kevin let me stop you right there. we're having terrible audio problems with you. do i appreciate you joining us this evening, at least trying to get us this information. kevin, thank you. and you viewers get ready because you know what's up next? bill o'reilly. first, get ready to speed read your way through the news. former first lady barbara
11:58 pm
bush going in front of tv cameras again. last week she says she hopes her son jeb doesn't run for president and now mrs. bush is talking about former president bill clinton. she says that she and her husband have become good friends with president clinton. >> bill's father wasn't around, and i think that he thinks of george a little bit like the father he didn't have. and he is very loving to him. and i really appreciate that and when they went on that long tsunami trip, george told me bill insisted he stay in the bed. bill insisted that he was taken care of. that was really nice. i love bill clinton. maybe not his politics but i love bill clinton. >> mrs. bush does add they just don't talk politics. and seattle seahawks richard sherman is apologizing for his rant against the 49ers russell cab tree.
11:59 pm
>> obviously the heat of the moment everything happens like that. it is what it is. obviously i could have worded things better and could have obviously had a better reaction and done things differently, but it is what it is now. and people's reactions are what they are. >> and now after his coach gave him a little talking to, sherman says he is sorry. in a text to espn he writes: i apologize for attacking an individual and taking the attention away from the fantastic game by my teammates. that was not my intent. and now to college basketball. in the stakes for march madness getting higher. warren buffet and the cleveland cavaliers a billion dollars to anyone who can protectly predict this year's men ncaa bracket. that's right $1 billion. don't get too excited. that fea. >> it is nearly impossible. that's tonight's speed read. thanks for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow night rirt here at 7 p.m. eastern. right now go to gretawire .com see the full indictment of former
12:00 am
governor rob mcdonald. that's just the prosecutor's version. one sided. up next o'reilly factor. good night from washington. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," is the polar vortex a diversion created by aliens determined to rescue one of their own? previously captured by the government? plus, did the president agree like the death star. >> this effort will not be completed overnight. i want the people to know that the work has begun. >> and finally, is the president having second thoughts about green lighting the construction of the death star? >> as i said earlier and i hillary pete, that's something something -- i regret. >> that was my favorite one.


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