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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 22, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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begins right now. fox news alert. reports of shots fired in the university of oklahoma. norman, oklahoma. students were given a sheltener place order. police are on campus and setting up a perimeter and we saw moments ago a swat team arrive and go inside of the building in gould hall. they started to sweep the area and it is a fluid situation. it is not known if there is a victim or location of the shooter or how many shooters there may have been. and we are working to confirm this. those nearby suggesting they heard two shots when the story first broke. >> we are looking at earlier video now. and we'll bring you the live shots as soon as we have it. this is where the swat team is going to enter the building. we know that all students on
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campus are given a shelter in place. bill, this is happening too many times. it was just yesterday 24 hours ago, we reported on purdue university where shots were fired and one person killed. and people are saying what's wrong? we are reporting on this too often. >> that's the swat team entering the building. they are still inside and have no reason to think otherwise. the fox team roached out to officials on catchus a few moments ago. and their response to the inquiry, we have no information to add and we don't know what is happening on gould hall. it is in the south oval and southern side of the university of oklahoma. there was orth hall near by that also had been locked down and sweeping that as well. we are working on this information together as we go.
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>> we'll go to kyle margion the edutter in chief of the daily and that is the university's newspaper. kyle, what do you know? >> i don't know too much. the building is secure and swat is searching. >> how did you get the information that the university was looked down? >> the university has awe mass text system approximately five minutes after the reported shooting happenment >> what time did that happen? >> around 11:30. >> you got i mass text what did that read? >> there was a shooting in gould hall and they are clearing the area. >> what did you do when you got the text? >> i was in the newsroom and immediately dispatched people to the scene and so they would be safe and photographers and editors are working on the story as we speak. >> do you upon catherine bishop.
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dow know who she is? >> yes, i do. >> who is she and what is her role in >> she is one of the press people. >> i understand. that makes sense now. we are just getting an e-mail. and kyle kyle listen to this. as of this time no evidence was found of any shots being fired and there are no injuries reported at this time both in the norman and ou police responded. and president born is at the scene and normal campus operations resumed except for gould hall where additional checking is continuing. have you heard that yet or just now. >> just heard that from you. >> there was somebody who heard two shots foured. did you hear that report? >> yes,y did. >> what more did you hear about that? or was it simply just that?
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>> it was simply just that. >> kyle, you dispatched your staff to get the story, what does that moan and where are they? >> they are in the oval in a horde of people. >> they are away from the buildings that are on lock down? >> correct. >> yeah. kyle, i don't know if you are aware of this. yesterday purdow university had a similar situation and there was a shooter who was taken into custody, how dow make sense of what is happening on the college campuses? >> i think it is crazy. >> so do we. >> kyle, thank you for your time. and looking at the website. and yet to hear from oklahoma university. there was a statement a moment ago about a shooting on campus in gould hall. beyond that we don't have information. we'll monitor this and back to norman, oklahoma here on hq
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where the facts warrant. >> we hope there will be an all clear given soon and we hope it was nothing as it appears right now. that's one breaking news and here is another one. a terrorist plot in the u.s. embassy is breaking at this hour. i am bill hemmer. >> and i am alisyn camerota. israel broke up an al-qaeda plan to attack our embassy in tel aviv. and leland joins us live from jerusalem. what have you learned. joishgs one of the other targets. the building here over my left shoulder allegedly the plot was to send three suicide bombers there and followed by a truck bomb in the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. there were going to be two suicide bombers to blow themselves up at the entrance in the u.s. embassy in tel aviv and fortified structure and on the
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beach line of the mediterranean there. there is no evidence that the plot got as far as internet chatter and those how throw men arrested here in israel were communitying with a handler vifacebook and skype. that handler went by the name of outstanding one of syria and heavenly connected to the al-qaeda groups operate inside of syria there was discussion of dispatching not only the folks from israel to syria from training, but having them come back with additional forces from people in syria working with al-qaeda to carry out the alleged plot inside of israel against the u.s. embassy. these folks were rolled up a couple of weeks ago. and we are learning the details of the plots. in washington wes reached out with our chief washington correspondent to see if he had insight from the state department.
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and a senior state department official said the united states couldn't independently verify this. we are not clear as exactly how the u.s. or u.s. intelligence may have been involved in this. they believe it is a legitimate threat and they believe the israelis have good intelligence when it comes to these matters. >> sounds like it. thank you for the update. all right. back at home, fresh criticism over the president's if you like your health care plan you can keep it. target announcing it is dropping insurance coverage for some part- time employees, that is people working under 30 hours a week. republican critics warn that a wave of consolation by private employers will be the next shoe to drop. brit hume will join us next. >> hi, ally. >> i am doing well. target will not offer any health care coverage for some of the
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part- time employees. how big of a political impact will this announcement have? >> i think it is a harbinger than a big development in itself. it show you what happened all plans have the characters that a lot of people may not need. obama care requirements have to be met by any plan that is provided, and a company like target looks to the cost of to them of providing it to not full- time workers. you have to pay the insurance cost of the additional features and they can be not a acceptsible proposition to do it and they drop. it so far it is relatively small and a certain number of part- time employees. but you suggested, earlier, ally, further down in this year,
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when employee man date begins to take affect and all plans have to be provided to people to meet the obama care standards, god knows how many more major employees will drop the coverage. >> we have heard republican's warning of that scenario and not a lot of them reminding americans that this is the president's broken promise. if you like your plan you can keep your plan. you think the republicans are backing off that line of attack? >> the line of attack, was mounted or became more pronounced when we had the wave of cancellations of people who had individual policies. if this becomes a new wave, i am sure you will hear from the critics again about this. the thing is it is unmistakenably true. that the new policies that the
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administration insists that people have will have their coverage dropped. i think you will hear about it. and the people whose policies are cancelled, we have had a million, there likely to be millions more, they are going to know it. and the people who know them will know it and the awareness of this is going to spread. >> we'll so what happens before the all- important midterms. >> still more to come for america. host of melissa francis on the fox business network. how are you doing? >> good. >> target. why are they doing this? >> this is about money and saving money. they are hanging their hat in the press release they may qualify for subsidies and they are doing them a favor by dropping the coverage. they will get subsidies and qualify for the other health care. the company is out to make
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a profit. and just like home depo and trader joes before them, they thought it was a perfect opportunity to drop the coverage and that's what they have done. >> you mention trader joes and home depo. and now target follows as well. they say ten percent of the part- time workers buy this coverage anyway. what does that mean? >> they are playing down how many people are impacted by this. it is a big issue. basically what it is saying tis a continuation of the divorce of the health care from your employer. it is a bait and switch. obama care was supposed to get people who didn't have insurance, insurance. this is another example of people who had insurance divorced from their coverage and transitioned to being dependent on the government. >> what does it mean for the overall program? >> it is good for the over all
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program. they are likely healthy for the most part and puts them in the pool to support all of the very sick people who signed up for obama carr. these people are needed in the pool. i don't know if they would appreciate that. >> cash money, baby. >> so you at 5:00 eastern time. back to norman, oklahoma. this is what we are hearing from a reporter from the oklahoma university daily newspaper. the school president came to his classroom, he reports and said a noise was created perhaps by the result of an equipment malfunction. is that it perhaps what explains the sounds that eyewitnesss heard about two shots or two sounds or two noises? a medical unit was called to the second floor of gould hall. swat is still inside and the e-mail from the police department warning students to stay away from gould hall and
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resume normal school october testify. is it possible that it turned out to be nothing at all? we certainly hope that is the case. but it goes to the level paranora. >> and we'll reach out and bring updates to you momentarily here. >> very good. >> the hunt for three potential suicide bombers is securing the olympics games really possible? ralph peters has a lot of thoughts on this and we'll ask him. >> now reaction to the fire storm. andrew cuomo created a fire storm when she said conservative had no business running for office in his state. will we hear an apology as called for from the governor? >> he ought to go out and simply apologize and he hasn't done that yet. he doesn't want to disown that remark. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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another fox news alert. the story changes bite hour. the olympics community said they received terrorist threats and raising the concern about security in sochi. russian security forces hunting for three black widow suicide bombers including one that could be in the city. and this troubling video as well. roll this. (gunshots) >> that is new video that we saw for the first time of an incident over the weekend with ongoing gunfire when russian forces locked in a entense gun fight with the islamic terrorist east of the site of the olympics games. >> hey, bill. early this morning, we got word that seven european nations received e-mails that they
10:18 am
deemed threatening and over an hour ago, we broke the news that the united states olympics committee received the same e-mail deemed disturbing enough that they sent it to u.s. security agencies. the ceo of the u.s. olympics committee issued this statement and i quote. we received the e-mail in question and we have forded the message to the appropriate authorities. the safety and security of team usa is our top priority. we are working with the u.s. department of state. local organize, and the relevant law enforcement agencies in an effort to insure that our delegation and other americans travelling to sochi are safe. it is worth pointing out the international olympics committee backed president vladimar putin's claims that all will be fine and there will be no terrorist attack. the ioc may have an eye 300,000
10:19 am
tickets that remain unsolid. as they down play the e-mails sent to eight countries. the head of media relation in ioc sent me an e-mail which read in part. it would be totally wrong to describe this as a threat. the e-mail is one person's opinion about security and terrorism and not a threat from a terrorist. but clearly everybody is concerned and for that reason, president obama was on the phone with president putin and directly talking about the security threat and offering all u.s. assistance necessary. >> we'll see if putun takes him up on that. >> so with the security concerns in sochi, will the olympics games be safe. ralph peters is the fox news analyst. you have been to russia countless times and sochi and
10:20 am
how confident knowing as you do about the ring of steel around the town and keeping terrorist out? >> well, russia security services are brutal and ruthless and generally effective and not always efficient. but this is a real grudge match between the islamic terrorist and valentine putin personally. it was a act of arrogance for putin to put the olympics down in the terrorist heartland and terrorist home land. and sochi in the sea side resort is a pit that is glitzy. and the area around it is willed and beautiful with the emphasis on wild. alisyn, none of us can say with any certainty whether or not the terrorist will suck sowed pulling off an attack. but they are going to try. they will try everything from the suicide bombers and lone gunmen and ia d with the routes.
10:21 am
and they may not succeed. the russians are flooding the area with 80,000 security personnel. i worry. >> you are worried. it is interested they are flooding with security purposele and not talking about it. you speak russian and you checked the russian newspaper and there is no mention of the terrorist threats? >> the website is a slightly different paper in moscow paper, i couldn't find anything about the olympics or terrorist danger. and putin controls the media and even though president obama offered help with security, it is really tough for put you know, the old kg-man to accept security from the u.s. that would be a blow to his eg. this is putin's monument to himself. his pyramid and his future and reputation in russia is tied up.
10:22 am
>> he is redoubling his efforts. cornell ralph peters thank you for your insight in that part of the world. >> another notification from the university of oklahoma. the website of the school is saying after this. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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good news from oklahoma now. this is what we are hearing from the university in the statement at this time. no evidence was found of any shots being fired. there are no injuries reported and both the police at the school and the town of norman quickly responding to this and the emergency personnel. campus operations resumed to normal except for gould hall. you can imagine the level of
10:26 am
paranoia in oklahoma but it looks like a false alarm. >> we are happy to report that. meanwhile fox news confirming the future of the american troops in afghanistan. the pent dpon proposing a plan to it leave 10,000 troops there and drawing that number to 0 by the time president obama leaves office. and they are penning down the details and joins us live from the pentagon. what is the latest, jennifer. >> reporter: the top u.s. commander in stan tan quietly came to washington to brief the white house national security staff about his recommended troop level for afghanistan post 2014. a senior official said that the eligible dunnford requested 10,000 troops to remain in afghanistan after 2014, the wall street reported the details of the meeting and said the u.s. would withdraw all troops to 0 option before president obama
10:27 am
leaves office in 2017. officials say it would allow the president to end both the iraq and afghan wars and represents a shorter time frame that military planners suggested u.s. troops would be needed to stabilize afghanistan. the quick return of iraq where all troops pulled out say it is a cautionary tale and the co for troops to stay in afghanistan and rests in the hands of hammid karzi who has to step down in april and refusing to sign a bilateral security agreement that would protect u.s. troops after this year. now it seems as if karzi signs, president obama may not agree to leave any troops in afghanistan. former defense secretary robert gates noted that the president was focused on getting out of afghanistan even after authorizing a surge in troops in
10:28 am
2009. >> i hear there is a large number of people in the white house who want to pull the plug on afghanistan and get the hell out and leave no residual force. i think that would be a terrible mistake. >> reporter: vice-president joe boyd boyd is a skeptic of loving and u.s. troops in afghanistan. short of 10,000 troops, general dun ford said it would be better to pull all u.s. troops out in the end of the year. >> thank you so much. there is new hope for the pakistani doctor thrown in jail after helping u.s. forces tracking down osama bin laden. who might be helping him become a free man again? >> the white house admits the ticking bomb. and details of a problem that could collapse the law. >> and andrew cuomo quiet after
10:29 am
not saying i am 0 for this. >> if they are extreme conservatives. they have no place in theitate of new york. because that is not who new yorkers are.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. the president of ukraine holding emergency talks with opsugz leaders after three people were killed in violent street clashes in kiev. >> house law makers attaching
10:33 am
strings to pakistan until after the hero doctor who helped us find osama bin laden released from jail. >> and the army looking into replacing thousands of soldiers with robots as a way to deal with budget cuts. remote ground transport vehicle and supply trains. >> and that could be the future. >> we want to know today, could a robot do for you. >> not what brown do you but a robot. >> and send it to me at bill hemmer. >> to me. critical problems with obama care coming to light. the obama administration admitting to serious issues with the website our chief national 84 respondent has seen the documents and live in washington. what did you see, jim. >> reporter: maybe robots could
10:34 am
help in this case. expressing boundless confident in the health care law, new documents she that officials fear that part of the website is so flawed it could bankrupt insurance companies and cripple obama care itself. >> week after week and month after month, the obama administration said everything was working find and there is no problem and then they fire the contractor. >> reporter: to justify a no bid contractor after firing the lead contractor, the administration released documents that offered a rare glimpse of the worst fears that the problems puts the entire health insurance industry at risk and leading to default and disrupting continued services and coverage to consumers. and then it went further, bill. if the problems are not fixed by midmarch, the entire health care
10:35 am
reform program is jeopardized. the dangers were known in december. the problem, something called the back end which the administration hadn't built when it opened enrollment. >> that information is transmitted to insurance cups and they know who you are and what policy you picked. >> but the back end is still not built and insurers are dealing with missing information on who signed up and what subsidies they get. and so officials concede, they are relying on estimates. >> here's who we think we have and the subsidy that are owed. please send us a check from the treasury. >> the honor system. >> there is no way to effectively match policies and people.
10:36 am
>> and the urgent need to fix the site by midmarch or the whole system could descend in chaos. >> i wonder what else is in the document. what you find out come on back. jim angle in washington. >> you bet. are they these extreme conservatives who are right to life, pro- assault- weapon, anti- gay? is that who they are? because if that's who they are and if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of new york. because that is not who new yorkers are. >> strong words from andrew cuomo and the state gop chairman wants an apologize. >> the governors office said he has nothing to apologize for because his words were distorted. >> david, from the xm.
10:37 am
and krifrten powers columnist for the daily beast. how are you to today. >> should he apologize or is this what he thinks? >> if you go back earlier in the quote, he's talking about republican party candidates that is clear. the question is, does he really think it is extreme for people to be pro-life? and i think while new york city is a liberal part of new york, a lot of upstate new york is fairly conservative. and so if he is going to describe right to life people as extreme conservatives, i think that that is probably something that could withstand explanation. i don't consider that to be extremely conservative. >> would you expect an apology? >> i don't know if he needs to apologize, but explain what he meant. he was clearly talking about
10:38 am
candidates. but it is interesting to know what is it meaning. >> and david, the governory office tried to clarify what he meant by extreme conservatives and he was talking about people running for office. and so here is what the governor's office had to say. we'll put it on the screen for everyone. he said it is chlor that the governor was making an conversation that an extreme right candidate cannot win state wide because it is it a politically moderate state, moderately republican or democrat. and his lawyer tried to clarify the remark. the extremist agenda is not politically viable statewide. david, your response to their clariction. >> frankly the clariction is typically after what they do after the governor spoke in his chosen words and whether it is
10:39 am
people clinging to boibls or guns and pro-life. they are all issues which americans have debated for years. what governor cuomo did was the playbook of the progressives. let's appellant the broadbrush for candidates and people. it is a fake retraction. who cares about his apology? i understand that ed cox calls for a apology and so should other people in the state, but let's look at the policies and what he's really doing in the state. >> what ed cox told us yesterday on the program, if you don't get an apology he believes that is what the governor thinks and feels. how many people voted for dpof goff romney. >> one- third of new yorkers voted for governor romney. and so apparently governor cuomo in a free country can't decide where americans live. it is a typicical playbook for
10:40 am
cuomo. he's simply playing to his base. he has 33 million and he wants to run for president and bill diblasio in new york city which is the anchor because of population, he is the new hero for the progressives and cuomos is playing his political cards. >> i hear you sighing? >> it is distorted by conservatives saying he was saying that anybody who believes this shouldn't live in new york state. that's not what he said. he clearly was talking about republican party candidates. >> yes, i want to ask you about. that >> it was candidates on their beliefs. >> he was talk nothing that context. but do you think that being pro gun rights and anti- gay marriage, does that make someone an extreme cappedidate. >> he said anti- gay. i consider anti- gay to be extremist and pro assault weapons and yeah, being pro
10:41 am
assault weapons to be extremist position. i worked for andrew cuomo on his first governor's race and never thought of him as a particularly someone who plays from the progressive playbook. i think he's been broad based in terms of how he leads and runs for office. he is not bill diblasio and nor claimed to be. >> dave, a quick final word here. ed cox is coming back tomorrow. and we'll so where he is then. quickly dave go ahead. >> for everyone watching. this look at it for what it is. politicians playing games rather than dealing with the real issues. new york staters, look at the economy of the state and what the policies are coming out of albany which is a dysfunctional state capitol and see what you got out of the governor. judge the policies and not the rhetoric. >> thank you. and ed cox will be back tomorrow
10:42 am
on hq. the u.s. supreme court taking on a case that could impact gun rights. >> and bob mcdonle telling his story and prosecutors are stretching the law as he fires back against the bribery charges. >> he's back and never left. toronto mayor rob ford. what he's saying about past comments that raised eye brois. >> i did not use crack cocaine and i am not an addict of crack cocaine. >> yes i have smoked crack cocaine. okay ladies, whenever you're ready.
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thank you. thank you. i got this. no, i'll get it! no, let me get this. seriously. hey, let me get it. ah, uh. i don't want you to pay for this. it's not happening, honey. let her get it. she got her safe driving bonus check from allstate last week. and it's her treat. what about a tip? oh, here's one... get an allstate agent. nice! [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call an allstate agent and get a quote now. just another way allstate is changing car insurance for good. let's check in with gretchen carlsson. >> braking news, the pentagon will relax the rules on personal religious wear and allowing service members to wear beards and turban. >> and a post pick of a nice bottom side and signs of a marketing deal.
10:46 am
and one of america's chefs from the chew weighs in on that. anda judge rules that a mom can spank her own 12-year-old daughter. do you spank your kids. >> we'll see you then 2 o'clock eastern time. thanks. and the elected official has been successfully prosouted for such conduct yet federal officials in washington in their zeal to change maureen and me decided to stretch the law to its braking point in this case. >> former governor mcdonnal and his wife after charges of accepting a hundred thousand in gifts from supporters. >> he did nothing he said different than governors before him. and bring in doug burns. and john. >> doug, i throw to you. mcdonnell and his wife, the
10:47 am
wealthy businessman was their friend and they were just accepting presents however luxurious from their friend. is that against the law? >> it might be when you host parties governor's mansion to promote your friends company. it is an outer boundary and what you call deprivation of honest service. the argument is honest services do not enclude all of the embarrassing stuff in the 40 page indictment that i looked through such as a ro lex watch and vacation stays and lot of. >> seriously, what is the cut off? he didn't host the parties and no sort of pay back. what kind of gifts can you accept from a friend. is there a dollar limit. >> you are making a good point. if you accept lavic gifts it could violate the rowels.
10:48 am
let me jump ahead. the two counts that tom and i discussed briefly where he was not honest on loan applications and the percentage is not that high. he had debts in one instance of 1.2 million and doesn't list that he owed 50,000 to a person who gave a gift and he did it again, omitting 120,000. and you can say it is a weak case all day long. but the exgovernor is in harm's way. >> do you think it is a weak case and to prove it is a quid pro quo. and we did that for them. >> this is how i will handle the question. yes, the prosecution is a stretch and many respects it is it a weak case. that being said, the power of federal prosecutors to exert their will is something that is not lost on me and not on doug
10:49 am
burns either. >> why is that? sorry why in this day and age? the reality is, that rod lagorvich damaged goods made an excellent point. the power we have given federal prosecutors and former federal prosecutors in a honest moment will tell you this is overwhelming. and the reality is, if you find yourself on the receiving end of a federal indictment, the amount of leverage to expert a plea from you is tremendous. and if the governor and his wife are taking an aggressive stance right now. and usually people who take it to the mat, it doesn't end well. >> we saw what happened to rod. >> and how do you think it will end? jail time served? >>o many levels it is the second coming of the john edwards case and we'll see what happens if he
10:50 am
gets convicted. i used rod lagovich name. and he has a shot at winning the case. >> at winning this case. >> doug, tom, thank you. >> my pleasure. supreme court taking up gun rights. that case that could affect your second amendment right to legally purchase a gun. also at it yet again, toronto mayor rob ford. caught on tape, caught on camera being robford. that's who he is. i don't know. >> what's wrong with a little dancing, bill? >> maybe a little taste of what he said? >> trying to tell me -- [ rattling ] that's one smart board. what else does it do -- reverse gravity? [ chuckles ] split atoms? [ whoooosh! ] hey, how is that atom-splitting thing goin
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the mayor rob ford show again. shows him on tape, apparently drunk, in a fast-food restaurant using a bad jamaican accent to mock the investigation into his drug abuse. >> they chase me around five months. five months. then try to tell me, look, surveillance. hide here. >> is he working at mcdonald's now? it looks like he's behind the counter. ford admit to reporters he shockingly may have had too much to drink. >> jamaican accent? were you buying that? >> there's so much there. >> supreme court taking on gun rights. the question if someone legally buys a gun for someone else,
10:55 am
that is a crime. it's got to be more complex than that. live in d.c. shannon. >> comes down to a few words and how the justices are going to interpret that. in a case before the court, a former police officer bought a gun for his uncle because he could get a discount on the firearm. he checked a box attesting the gun was for him. he later legally transferred the gun to his uncle who was also legally entitled to own a gun. he was charged. the law never intended for a lawful buyer to transfer to another lawful owner to be prosecuted under this law. it was to make sure straw buyers weren't purchasing guns for those that weren't allowed to have them, those convicted of crimes or mental health issues. he violated plain language of law when he said it was for him and never gave the seller an idea he would resell to someone
10:56 am
else they wouldn't have to vet. we'll see you again by noon. >> thank you, shannon. we'll see you before then. the army is considering replacing soldiers with robots. we want to know, what could a robot do for you. >> not what could brown do for you, what could a robot do for you? your best tweets are next. óqoqú
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>> we asked what could a robot do for you. >> iron my husband's shirt. >> shovel my driveway. perfect for today. >> especially today. >> go to work for me. come on, damon. >> here is my favorite. steve hobbs said swedish massages. i like that, too. their metal fingers. >> a robot with gloves perhaps.
11:00 am
apparently they already have this in sweden. >> we have a lot of work to do. that's it for us. thanks for watching. i'm alisyn camerota. >> we'll be back at hg. "the real story" with gretchen starts right now. >> thanks, guys. today on "the real story" the hunt for russia's black widows intensifies as olympic athletes from several companies including u.s. get terror threat messages. the pentagon relaxing rules on personal religious wear making it okay to have beards and wear turbins now. right or wrong. governor cuomo said extreme conservatives aren't welcome in the empire state. the right to life march are calling for his head and questioning his tolerance. a 20-year-old sensation on social media signs with a big sports agent with no formal fitness training? how does she do it? our


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