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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 22, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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don't miss charles krauthammerer with us tomorrow night. see you then. and welcome to "hannity" tonight, we have a jam-packed show, a special "hannity" investigation tonight into governor andrew cuomo and some slurs he has made in the past that you probably don't know about and the media won't talk about. also, the march for life event in washington, and our very own ainsley earhardt has more on the tribute. and first, we begin with the fox alert, we're short days away from super bowl 48, and the state of emergency after
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yesterday's massive snowstorm left parts of the region covered in more than a foot of snow. and before we bring in our football efforts to talk about the challenges they face as the super bowl approaches and the temperatures drop. we go to new york city, in times square, which by the way is now known as super bowl boulevard. sir, sorry, rick to put you out there. freezing. >> reporter: yes, incredible temperatures, sean, temperatures in the teens now and not going to change much. a big snowstorm happened yesterday, in fact, the biggest snowstorm we've seen so far this season. take a look so far at some of the totals, 11 and a half inches right here in new york city, the same at met life stadium, just across the river into jersey. and the temperatures are rising, take a look at the current wind chills. cold across the area. i can tell you it will remain cold. ever since they announced the super bowl, that will be in new york and new jersey, in an open
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stadium, we wonder what the weather is going to be like. anybody who tells you about the forecast 11 days from now, honestly, we don't know. no indications of things warming up at all. we'll deal with temperatures below freezing in this area for about the next week, at least. and ten days of temperatures very cold. possibly a little warmup right around game day but we can't say for sure. what we do know is any kind of icing on the roads will cause big problems. this is the stadium that about 40% of the people will get to based off of public transportation and buses. so any of the roads with snow and ice on them will cause major problems. that is what the security officials are concerned about here. and with temperatures not getting much warmer in the next ten days it certainly is a big concern and something that people will be watching. >> thank you so much, by the way, i'm glad you're not in fargo, or minneapolis, which by the way, is very cold. this will be the coldest super
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bowl played. so as met life clears the way, and the denver broncos prepare to take on the seattle seahawks, well, what do the frigid temperatures in the snow mean for each member of the game? here is our forecaster, jim gray, who will broadcast the super bowl game, and also sportscaster, joe theisman, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> all right, joe, i was a fan of yours for many, many years. if it is ten degrees below, and you're the quarterback, what does it mean for the game? >> unpredictable? >> well, it isunpredictable. first of all i would like to congratulate you on the two participants, i would be remiss on the last, if i didn't pick new england and san francisco. >> i wasn't even going to bring it in. >> i know you weren't, but
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congratulations on good choices. the players deal with it when it is cold. it is wind for the quarterbacks, i don't care who you are, the wind affects you, so the players can deal with it. my concern is that the fans who have looked so forward to this great event and not be able to really enjoy it but to worry about exactly what they need to wear. what they can and can't take and all the logistical nightmares that go around this game. >> all right, we're showing pictures here. we have had some incidents at stadiums where snow balls are being thrown at the players. i guess they have to worry about that. we have a picture of tom brady on the ground after being sacked in the famous snow tuck rule. remember that came in there? you know, so what do you think? mr. gray? do you think this will be a big issue? come, if it is cold, if it is snowy. >> i don't think it is going to be an issue at all. they're going to play. but the stadium, as joe just said, it is a very windy place.
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out there in the meadow lands, that has always been the issue and will harm, anyone, the offense of the denver broncos, because they rely on the passing. it is an old game with peyton manning, he set all sorts of records this year. nfl records that may not ever be broken, they're so far out there and i think it will hurt him. as far as the seahawks are concerned, they play in the rain, the broncos play in the snow. the teams are used to it. it will be a big, big factor, as far as the fans, it can snow, and snow, there wouldn't be snowballs thrown in that stadium. >> how does peyton manning wear a glove on his throwing hand? that seems to be more difficult. >> we saw andy dalton wear it and tom brady wear it. they have come so far. i never wore a glove. they came so far in the
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development of the tackiness of the glove, they're very uncomfortable if they don't use it. so it has a stickiness to it, a tackiness to it, with the football, especially when you're throwing it around in the stadium. as jim mentioned i think wind will be the biggest key. you hate to see weather be an issue. and guys play in it all the time as i said. but from a glove standpoint. we see receivers wearing it. it started with the receivers. now, many of the quarterbacks in the inclement weather decide to use it because you can hold on to the football a little bit better. >> and you had a career-ending injury that was caught on television. so now let's say there is snow or ice and it makes slick conditions for runningbacks, quarterbacks, risk of injury, is that something they need to be concerned about? >> i don't think the risk of injury is any greater than it is normally in a game. take the philadelphia, detroit
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lions game, where sean mccoy set a rushing record. but it does cause the players to be more cautious, you basically have to run with your feet underneath you. so basically you have to be a bit more cautious. i think think they have an advantage, defense has to react to it. they can't react to it quite as quickly. from an injury factor you probably are not moving as fast and can't put as much impact into the hits. so i think it is a moot point when it comes to the injury factor. >> all right, jim, let's talk a bit about as we move forward with this game. and what about your thoughts on the injury side of this? are you concerned? >> i don't think so. i think that these guys, this is the biggest game of their life. they're going to play all out. the injuries happened in football. there was an injury in virtually almost every play. the guys are going down, laying
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it on the line. i don't think it will be any different because of the weather, there is a little more caution you have to use, if the ground is slick, icy, snowing, because the footing is not just quite the same. that may just take a little edge off some of the speed. >> we have to be fair here, there are heated benches, there are -- there is heat on the sideline, right? so these guys have a chance to warm up if they want to, right? i'm not sure -- >> sean, they had coils in the stadium in denver, there are coils that heat it up. like when they play golf, some of the drainage and so forth. i'm not exactly sure of the meadowland, but whoever handles the field for the nfl. they have it exactly right. there won't be an issue unless there is a huge storm that day. >> by the way, joe, i'm going to be there. i get criticized for my throwing
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and my football, because i don't come back over here, you going to be there and show me how to throw a little better? >> i'll work with you sean, as much as i can. i'll get and chance to improve. >> i'll go with the broncos first, who do you got? >> i have got seattle. i think the weather is going to be a factor. seattle was the number two team in the league when it comes to throwing the fewest passes. i don't think a lot are going to be thrown. and i agree with jim. he said if there is an issue with weather and wind it is a problem with denver, so i'm going to lean with seattle. >> all right, jim, who do you have? >> well, the top position, they have won the stop 17 times that defense has been. i grew up in denver, i'm from denver, my dad was an original season ticket holder, they still have their seat but my heart says the broncos. but i think it is going to be a great game. i think you have the number one offense against the number one defense, so we'll see. >> we'll see, joe, bets on, and
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i get a free lesson in throwing, here, just in case. there you go. so we'll be watching. thank you, guys, appreciate it. all right, coming up, i have no idea what is going to happen next in the program. geraldo rivera, we'll get their reaction of the double standard by the main stream media. and particularly, the coverage of wendy davis and governor chris christie. and richard sherman's latest rant as he made comments today. we'll play those for you. also, we have ask you, our viewers on facebook and twitter to show us pictures of the snow. and we'll show them throughout the hour on the show as "hannity" continues.
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. welcome back to "hannity," in light of recent reports that texas state senator and democratic gubernatorial candidate wendy davis, blatantly lied about her past. now, you may recall last summer she staged a filibuster in support of the partial birth abortions, and became a media star overnight. now, she graduated from harvard law and launched a successful political career all on her own. but as we now know, that heartwarming tale is unraveling. and the glor glori -- glorified. >> davis came ready with comfortable pink sneakers. at times, she was passionate,
7:15 pm
her message struck a chord, with the topic "stand with wendy," trending on twitter throughout the night. >> we told you about wendy davis who became a folk hero to her supporters. >> the marathon filibuster that went viral turning a little known texas lawmaker into a national political star. >> all right, now, that is how a mainstream media handles a democrat who has no problem lying about her personal life. but on the other hand, claws come out. >> we begin with a story about what some are calling an abuse of power and an act of political retribution by one of the most powerful politicians in the country. >> one new jersey democrat is using the "i" word, impeachment. >> back here at home tonight in the political fire storm, a mayor now taking on new jersey governor chris christie. >> this is not yet a watergate, but the more we learn about chris christie, he does look
7:16 pm
like richard nixon. >> and here with reaction to the glaring double standard, host of his own show, dick morris, the co-host of geraldo, andrea? double standard? >> absolutely. and it is not just with chris christie. it is with conservative females, we could go through the list, nikki haley, meg whitman, we could go on and on. they have given her a pass, not just for fudging her resume, but moving on, the more you dig and you have to have conservative sources and people like you digging, you find out this woman is not anything that should be looked up to. okay? she had her husband pay for her education, not exactly, i am woman hear me roar. more like hear me lie, and let my husband do it.
7:17 pm
>> she had this story of the tale that she was a single mom. >> in a trailer and did it all on her own. >> pulled herself up from her boot straps. and turns out this woman had her husband pay for her educational career, and as soon as he made the last payment, she said i'm out of here. and also said i'm out of here to her 14-year-old daughter, and gave him custody. so she deserts her kids, whether they're born or unborn. >> and that is nothing like the reality. >> the potomac river is a mile wide. as children, certainly in my generation, we were taught that george washington threw a silver coin across the potomac. politicians have been fudging their resume since the founding fathers. winston churchhill claimed he was an a student, but in fact was a b-minus too. you want to embellish your
7:18 pm
resume. richard blumenthal, the senator from connecticut, lied about being in vietnam. >> i get it. but stick to the point on this. she lied, she is -- >> you like chris christie? >> i like chris christie, i voted for him twice. i think bridgegate is a separate thing. what andrew said about wendy davis, i have to take slight umgrage. it is not like she lied about you know, i had the children and i didn't have the children. she had a pretty rough road. she did graduate from harvard law school, for goodness sake. she is impressive. i'll agree with you that most of the media is pro choice, they're pro abortion, if you will. they tend to support their heroes. the bias of the media, i'm not going to argue that point. >> well, why are we arguing whether one lie is better than the other? do you really think that is a good argument? oh, she just flubbed it here,
7:19 pm
but imagine a republican woman, lying about her resume. i mean, you have sarah palin lying about nothing and the media created their own lies. >> and dick morris, let's get your thoughts on it from philly tonight. >> obviously, when you run on your bio and the bio is flawed you will run into trouble. but i am very disturbed about chris christie. we're in a country right now where the president is usurping executive power to a point where we're damn close to a parliamentary dictatorship. and we have an area where in fort lee, really abused his power, where obama is abusing his. so i equate the two of them and frankly add to the list hillary clinton to the enemy's list, spying on diplomats, and all the things she did to her husband's women. i think you're dealing with the
7:20 pm
politician -- >> are you saying you have evidence that chris christie is involved in this? he did fire people. i haven't seen the smoking gun evidence. and geraldo -- >> well, in fort lee i have not seen the smoking gun evidence. in hoboken, we're talking about very serious charges that she took to the united states attorney's office on the housing development he has been pressing. >> is it political? >> it sure appears to be. and i don't know how this woman, kelly, had this pre-arranged plan about shutting down the bridge. how did she know about the traffic lanes? when she sent the e-mail to the port authority wildstein, regarding traffic problems in fort lee, cryptic, got it. must be more here. >> christie is in a jam, sean, as much as we admire his politics as great a candidate as he would have been. this, i said two weeks ago, is a cancer. >> i'm mad at christie. go back -- >> i think christie is great, he
7:21 pm
is the reason obama got reelected. >> i agree with dick on that point. >> i agree with dick on that point. >> put obama over the top. there is no doubt about that. >> i agree with that. >> and now he has springsteen and fallon making fun of him. here is my point about christie. he went after people like rand paul, wouldn't sit down with him. embraces obama, alienating the base, and now they have turned on him, now they're trying to crush him and destroy him. >> because he has no base to rely on anymore. wendy davis does, she has the entire female mafia in politics. >> you want to walk that back -- walk it back, geraldo, i'll save you a day of heartache. >> wendy davis actually lied and the media believes it. >> living in a trailer park for six months. >> we don't eif chris christie lied. i don't think anybody knows if chris christie lied or not.
7:22 pm
so until we know. i don't think anyone can call him just as bad as president obama -- >> yeah, go ahead. >> wendy davis has a lot in common with barack obama, they both ran on identity politics. you're black, vote for me, i'm black. vote for me, i'm a single white woman. it is this identity politics. don't look at the window of the candidate, look in the mirror and vote for your genre. >> all right, stay right there, our panel will be right back. and we'll show you this only on "hannity," we have new york city mayor ed koch, explaining in his own words, just how intolerant the liberal governor cuomo is in new york. his past is about to come back to haunt him. and that, and much more as "hannity" continues. at panera bread,
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(dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what mas a subaru, a subaru. welcome back to "hannity," new york governor andrew cuomo has shown his true colors after saying pro life, traditional americans are not welcome in his state. but what mr. cuomo doesn't want you to know is that he has a dark past that shows just how intolerant he is. let's go back to 1997, his father ran a vicious campaign
7:27 pm
against ed koch, and in "the new york times," mayor koch said this about the mayor and his actions. >> some of his supporters started going around saying vote for cuomo, not the homo. they started to put up signs, i said this is shocking. i said mario, you got to do something about that. it is not right. he said i'll try, i don't believe he did anything. now, that matter has affected our relationship from '77 through this year. we get along. and we got along as mayor and governor. but i always held it against him. i also held it against his son, andy cuomo. >> against his son, andrew cuomo. now, pretty unbelievable. now today we reached out to the governor's office asking for a statement, and once again, no response. and here to react, geraldo, dick
7:28 pm
morris, you were there at the time. >> i was, and it was awful, they sliced ed koch in little pieces. and it was really shocking, new york is two states, it is the blue new york city area and then the red upstate. down here, you know, we were shocked to look at what they were doing because it really played up in the conservative areas of new york state. where a homosexual gay man running for office was death for ed koch in that race. it was terrible. >> do you believe he was involved? >> he was the tough as nails campaign manager, as i recall, andrew was. this was an awful thing that he said. working at fox, i'm not a person who is pro-life, and anti-gay, but i come to understand there are people who have deeply held beliefs. >> you will put up with me. >> in other words, he -- >> i'm not wanted in my own state where i grew up in.
7:29 pm
yeah. >> sean, it is like the statue of liberty welcoming people to new york. instead of giving me your hungry and poor and huddled masses, it is give me those who are pro choice, pro gun control, and pro gay marriage and all others stay out. >> he is trying to back that off. i don't see how you back off that comment. >> i don't see how you back it off. he is basically saying turn into a bunch of sheep. fall in line with me. conservatives live in new york state, they're going to take their wallets with them, that is what bloomberg figured out because he needs them to fund the welfare state for people like cuomo. >> let's remember that andrew cuomo, more than any other human being is responsible for the sub-prime mortgage crisis. in was there in the clinton administration. he was secretary of hud. he was pushing the home ownership agenda. and as a result of cuomo's efforts, he increased the quota
7:30 pm
of fannie mae mortgages that had to go to low income people from 41% to 49%. and to get that you had to be sure that almost all the new mortgages were low income. and that flood, the people who had gotten mortgages they couldn't afford. >> we could all argue about chris christie in the last block, the original bully for somebody who has been a bully for 25 years is andrew cuomo. all right, let me move on, super bowl, big game, you going? >> you're going to go? did you pay 20 grand for two tickets? >> i paid a lot of money. >> but don't believe new york, we need you -- >> sean, i'm not going to go because i'm worried about the bridge traffic. >> yeah, that is probably true, too. richard sherman loses it after the game. with erin andrews. >> the finally play, take me through it. >> i'm in best corner in the game, when you pair me with a
7:31 pm
bad person like crabtree, don't you talk about me. >> what was talking about you? >> crabtree, i'm going to tell it for you real quick. >> and joe, back over to you. >> all right, sherman has a press conference today blaming race. let's play some of his comments. >> of all the back lash, the word "thug" does it bother you more than any other word? >> the only reason it bothers me, it seems like it is the accepted word to call somebody instead of the n word, and it kind of takes me aback and it is kind of disappointing, because they know what is the definition of a thug, are really? >> thug, does that equal the n word? >> all i know is that is the most low class thing i heard a stanford graduate to shout out? it was really classless.
7:32 pm
it took the great elan, the spirit out of the underdogs, the seahawks. that is something that will haunt them for forever. >> and one of the things about football, the players, all sides of the game, shaking hands, some of them go into the middle of the field and pray. there is a comfriendship -- >> they could have had kaepernick throw that ball to anybody at the end of the game, they tried, and he got a little too hyper. >> the broncos? >> broncos. >> peyton manning. >> seattle. >> dick? >> well, i would close this segment -- >> tell me who you got, we're running out of time. >> politics is like coaching football. i got to be smart enough to know
7:33 pm
how the game is played and dumb enough to think it is important. >> all right, dick morris, football is important. you will get a lot of hate mail owner th on that. coming up, we sent our good friend, kate pavlich to the rally. if they only knew how much money was being funded to planned parenthood. coming up next. constantly putti. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! [ male announcer ] to truck guys, the truck is everything.
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. and welcome back to "hannity," now, earlier today, tens of thousands of pro life activists took to the streets to march for the rally in the march for life. and what you may not know, since the decision back in 1973, there have been nearly 56 million abortions performed in this country, now, thanks at least in part to planned parenthood, and we can now report that for every 149 abortion it performs, only
7:38 pm
one adoption referral is made. and guess what? you footed the bill. $540 million went to this taxpayer-funded organization. and this afternoon, we sent our participant, katie pavlich out to monitor the debates. >> reporter: hey, sean, we were here on the national march for life at the mall. it feels like 40 negative, but as you can see it is not keeping the protesters away. >> this is like my 14th time. i'm the father of six. i think all life is precious and a gift from god. that is why we're here. she asked me, why are we here? will it make a difference? i'm like we have to keep doing it until the law changes. because otherwise, people will think it is okay. >> you guys are marching all the way to the capital. what is the goal today? >> to love everyone.
7:39 pm
i just think that these unborn children don't have a voice and i'm here to support athem. >> we all know that planned parenthood gets taxpayer money. can anybody tell me the amount they get every year? >> two million. >> four. >> i'm going to say in the million. >> hundreds of thousands or a million, some where in there. >> $549 million in taxpayer money. >> that is crazy. >> for every 149 abortions that planned parenthood does, how many adoption referrals do they do? >> i'm not sure about that. >> five? >> bingo, the answer is one. >> all right, katie joins us now with the fox news contributor, $540 million to the planned parenthood organization. why should taxpayers be spending that much money when of course we have record deficits and are
7:40 pm
robbing from future generations. why, do you support that? >> thanks for having me, sean, and i think we have to start with the fact that women make decisions about having abortions for many different reasons. >> we don't have a lot of time. >> okay, sean, do you support $549 million paying for abortions? >> federal law has prohibited any federal funds from going to abortions since when i was 5 years old. before katie was even born, for almost four decades. planned parenthood operates like any hospital does. they get reimbursed for the health services, let's talk about those, life saving cancer screenings, testing, affordable birth control, they're being reimbursed for those services. this is a complex issue and we can disagree or agree on those reasons. >> but when you give 540 million taxpayer dollars, that is money
7:41 pm
that could be sent elsewhere for other services, but that enables to do this. >> this is subsidizing an abortion giant. you can say it doesn't necessarily go to abortions, but it enables and promotes the entire business that is based on the money that comes from abortions. it is arguable to say that planned parenthood provides all of these other services, which really their services are centered on abortions, which is why they get so rabid when asked about these questions. >> and supreme court justice ruth ginsburg says that they are dedicated to under mine. and the poll shows more people today, pro life, it would have surprised them if you asked that question at 48%, why are things changing? do you think it is related to
7:42 pm
sonograms and technology? >> i think it has to do with the sonograms and science that promotes technology. what is really interesting today talking about the people who go about the change. it is not necessarily even through legislation, they're doing it through love, and changing minds. the last 26 years, the statistics on pro life have switched. more people now see themselves as pro life more than pro choice. and the most compelling number is that young people ages 18 to 29, overwhelmingly, two thirds of them support strict restrictions on abortion, which is really where it is going to matter going forward in the future on this issue. >> all right, thanks guys, on that issue in the very cold weather. appreciate it. and coming up, critics claim it is one of the best movies of
7:43 pm
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and welcome back to "hannity," now, the oscar nomination nominations have been announced. which means two things, both snubs and surprises, and one of the most talked about controversial movies of the season. "lone survivor" received no nominations, sparking conversation about why it received no awards. and it is about a mission in afghanistan, in which only one s.e.a.l. survives and comes out
7:48 pm
alive. here is a reaction on social media, and an up date about what they're saying. ainsley earhardt, a lot of chatter. >> yeah, we asked people throughout the day, on facebook and twitter. and chuck said yes, it is pro american and hollywood will never let any movie like this win. hip ouse of representative i win. john dorse said anybody remember passion of the christ? that should have been an all-time winner for the oscars, when religion or patriotism proves to be the winner a at the box office, the left steps in to right the wrong. ed says hollywood put politics against honor.
7:49 pm
mark wahlberg has the clout and i hope the will to shame them. and grown men crying in the audience, god bless our veterans, hash tag, liberal losers, and one more, johnny knoxville, not the actor says a snub from hollywood is a real honor in life, hash tag god bless @lonesurvivorusa. >> and we bring in our fox contributor, good to see you both. look, this is a box office sensation. huge breakout hit. i thought one of the most compelling. for me it was up there with braveheart, gladiator, passion of the christ, movies i like on a regular basis. why the snub? >> it is such a gripping and moving film and blows me away, criticized by people on the left for being propaganda or for somehow being racist, when this
7:50 pm
is a true story is that tells the story about how noble outside great our fiercest warriors are. and some people just don't want to see it or hear it. >> it breaks your heart, these four guys are left alone. they can't radio for help. it is horrible. >> i not only have a problem with the movie i think it is a great real story. but i got to tell you, the word paranoid comes to mind. these long before this became a brewhaha. i spoke to people and they laughed in academy. >> you know them, down the middle. >> they didn't know why i was asking them. >> i'm one of them. they'd have no reason to lie to me. >> you're a liberal. >> everyone of them laughed at
7:51 pm
me and said that never would have occurred to me. >> clearly there is a critique of this movie coming from the left. places like atlantic, main stream movie publishers saying this movie depicts our soldiers as if all they care about is killing brown people. >> whatever. it's missing the point. sound guys out there? >> it's just defensive sound guy. >> mark wahlberg came on the show. he was the one survivor telling a compelling story the reason for doing this. he said something interesting to me. he said i do one movie for hollywood. if it's a success, then i get to pick a movie i like. i had more respect for this guy. he wanted to do this movie. he wanted the story told. >> understandable. hollywood doesn't. >> you're wrong. otherwise would
7:52 pm
it not have gotten made. >> i watched an interview with one of the moms. she said to mark wahlberg and to the director, she said thank you forgiving me my son back for two more hours. >> the movie got made. would it not have gotten made if liberals were against it. >> mark wahlberg was committed to it. >> i think the whole state has this movie that tells a story of what our soldiers are like based on a true story and have you people on the left attacking it. >> some people. >> i'm on the left. i'm not attacking it. >> it's man mazing movie. i hope you get a chance to see it. thank you. appreciate it. >> you may think they're healthier, but are they? a report separating fact from fiction about these e-cigarettes. and new york, of course
7:53 pm
they want to fan them everywhere. it's vapor and rick unger, as we speak is puffing on his here in the studio. >> what is that? >> e-cigarette. >> great. you're poisoning us. >> careful. >> we'll continue. if you've got copd like me... ...hey breathing's hard. know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help
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welcome back to hannity. electronic cigarettes are they healthier for you? here to set the records straight dr. mark seigel. how are you? >> that is how it works. >> it's vapor. gives you sensation of smoking. the nicotine products, patch, gum they're not like simulating smoking it works and a study shows it works at least as well as the
7:58 pm
patch. >> i enused enjoy. they said how do you feel about this? i said my parents were both smokers if they had the choice between that, today, and real cigarettes with additives, etc., pick. that right? >> because there are 7,000 in cigarettes. problem is that kids are 10% of the high schoolers are using them and 80% also smoke cigarettes. cdc is worried it's a gateway drug. but look, is nicotine bad for you? >> it's bad for some people, people who have heart problems. so it's not great for you but that is not the worst thing about cigarettes it's toxins. >> is it like caffeine? >> it's similar but also addictive. caffeine probably
7:59 pm
adirective, too. >> i can't have it without coffee. >> that is good part. so as a doctor you probably would tell someone don't do any of it. but if you're going to do it, pick electric? e-cig? >> i had people quick cigarettes using the e-cigarettes. >> and kids, same thing. don't let them do that. it's not good for them to get started, maybe a gateway? >> you never know so it's the right circumstances yes. >> dr. seigel great to see you. >> thank you so much. >> that straightens that out. that is all the time we have left this evening before we go, all right. i want you to set your dvr. why? to record this show every week night here on fox news channel. 10:00 eastern, you can do that now. don't for get. start your
8:00 pm
day with ainsley and fox and friends. 5:00 to 9:00 and thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. mons' apology, yes or no? tomorrow night, 7:00 right here. the o'reilly factor is on. >> we need your help number one to hold us accountable. >> hillary clinton has never been held accountable for anything. we'll talk about it tonight. don't you ever talk about me. >> probably shouldn't have attacked that other person. i regret doing that. >> nfl players shooting their mouth office. >> philly, i'm here. >> that should be interesting. . >> can you believe it, the mayor of t


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