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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 23, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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fries bee. >> i don't know if there's dessert or weed or pills or a fifth of jack in here, i was told justin bieber was headed to the airport to catch a plane, but apparently they're driving around. >> the fact is we had four dead americans because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night mo decide they'd go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> one year ago today, i want you to meet the woman who says today is makes a very big difference. >> welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. after 118 congressional hearings, 23 house and nat reports, 16 months after the attack, and untold number of dollars spent, still no one fired. still, no clear answer. still so many questions. and patricia smith is looking
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for answers. her son, sean, was killed in the attack. thank you very much for coming. >> thank you. >> all those hearings, patricia, we haven't gotten any clear answer. what do you think? >> well, asked all the questions. they're just not doing answers and they're letting it go by. they don't care. >> do you think that this win very high up, there was a deliberate look of clear oversight and they just botched it and just not admitting it? >> that could be. don't know the reasons hind it. you guys should find out. i do know that they asked for help, they did not receive help. i would like to know the reason why didn't get help. what is the reasoning behind that? there's got to be a reason why no help was sent after eight requests.
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and then the only person that could answer this is hillary, and she won't talk, and nobody will make her, and then she is going to run for president. whoopee. >> what do you think of that? >> well, i do not want her to be president. she makes terrible decisions and then doesn't explain why she tide what she did, and apologize for it, and have somebody be responsible. claim responsibility. i won't be happy. my son is dead. >> patricia, she said a year ago today, what difference does it make? at this point rehashing all of this, what happened, the whole details behind the tragedy, what difference does it make? what do you say to that? >> well, it makes a big difference, but not to her, obviously. if it was her child, she would find out.
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she just -- i'm just totally frustrated because everything i say is turned around, it is not answered, i'm not getting any answers. it's been a year and i'm not getting answers. i get told ridiculous things by the administration, that -- i dent know. i'm just frustrated. very frustrated. me son is dead and the government doesn't care. >> do you think -- >> it does make a difference. >> patricia, too you think that -- i know you said that you were concern that if we don't get to the bottom of this it could and will likely happen again. others have echoed that view. what is your biggest fear sniff we do not get to the bottom of this and everyone says everybody is playing politics, democrats ignoring it, republicans wanting to get to the bottom of it, it will happen between. what do you think?
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>> absolutely. it's probably been happening all along and nobody has paid any attention because what difference does it make? i hear of all kind of people getting killed and murdered and molested and everything out there in the other -- in the araban lands and all those people getting killed and murdered and chopped up and everything, and my son was there trying to do something for what the government wanted. he was there, he was doing his job, and he got killed. he was with the ambassador. he was the only one with the ambassador when all this started. don't know why he was the only one, i don't know why but they were together, doing their job, and somebody ought to tell hillary who was supposedly the boss, it does make a difference. >> did that ever get explained
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to you? i wondered, too, whether your son had been assigned to the ambassador on prior occasions or just on that fateful night, but it was never really answered as to how he ended up essentially alone with the ambassador in the middle of all this. >> i don't know the reason. nobody told me. i didn't ask. >> right. so, looking at this, did your son -- if i bring up something unpleasant going back in the timeline -- i apologize and you can tell me to toe shut up. >> i'm okay. >> did your son ever convey to you how dicey things are getting there or it was a secret and he didn't relay that to you, your conversation was letter or correspondens from him? >> it was awkward because he was always questioning someplace -- always going someplace.
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as far is a know he was in "the hague" but he was always sent out on -- he was good at what he did, and obviously they wanted him there i don't know why he was there. they haven't told me. i haven't asked. because that was his job, and he laughed at me and said, mom, if i told you i'd have to shoot you. >> never wanted you to get worried, did he? >> no. but there's been -- when he was in iraq he told me he was living in a trailer and working in a castle, in a palace. and then he sent me this tape or whatever it was of a bomb going off, and owl -- all you heard was, boom, and then he came back on the line and said, you hear that, mom? yes, i did. yes, i did. >> patricia, i'm so sorry, and thank you for taking the time.
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>> uh-huh. >> patricia smith. your son. >> i want an answer, please, get me an answer, why? >> good question. >> why? just why? >> patricia, thank you. this is something i want to step back and ask you a question. why? for all you viewers. i'm going to show you two different things. and i want you to just take it in. first i want you to watch coverage of this. >> in the past few weeks alone she has fought illness injury including hospitalization, she leaves her post as the most admired woman in the world and the gallup poll for the 11th 11th year in a row. today hillary clinton was under fire and at times fired back. >> after a fall, concussion and a blood clot. hillary clinton showed rare public emotion. reflecting the toll benghazi has taken on her. >> showed her indignation and
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emotion as she ends this tenure on the public stage. today this woman who traveled the world as america's top diplomat, came to the hill ready for a fight. >> i want to talk about the hearings this week. you have had a very long day. how is your health? >> okay. now i'd like you to watch this coverage. >> call for the feds to step in, investigate the explosive e-mails that show christie's aides closing highway lanes on america's busiest bridge. >> a story of what some are calling an abuse of power and an act of political retribution. >> a potential presidential candidate caught up in scandal. >> damn, man, i'm governor. just shut up for a second. >> caught up in a scandal he says he is humiliated. >> i come out here today, i'm sad. >> and sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> it's a far cry from his usual. >> i have no interest in answering your questions. >> people did.
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people caught in traffic. two different series of coverage. notice anything? tim graham of the media research center, and katy. >> i think the most telling line in that package you just ran was when they said, showing the toll that benghazi has taken on hillary clinton. the media has -- outside of fox news and a couple other outlets have been more concern about protecting the reputation of hillary clinton for 2016 than getting the answers that people like patricia smith want. this is about accountability, and i hope, i hope that someone will hold hillary clinton accountable for her lack of accountability when it comes to this issue. >> just hope someone holds someone account enable the media for its disparate coverage.
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>> a year ago she gave this testimony, and we waited months for it, and you saw the way they treated her. the package really illustrates it. after the testimony then she did interviews, like you showed, steve kroft, an interview with nightline, an interview with andrea mitchell. in every case it was just like this. how are you? how do you feel? none of the requests the victims families would ask about this, and that is how could this happen? the media here is not supposed to care about who is running in 2016. none of us know whether chris christie or hillary clinton are going to run. none of us knows with we'll be alive in 2016. focus on what happened here and that is, why did they fail to provide security to these embassies? we have been asked this question over and over again. that's what all the time has been spent on in congress.
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heat not the question our media seems to care about. all they take about is, can anybody stop hillary? the latest cover o"time magazine." can anybody stop the media from being this biased. >> or just tilted. katy, i'm not dismissing the investigation into chris christie regarding the traffic jam. that story is about ultimate accountability, certainly the same should be applied to what happened in benghazi, whether it's hillary clinton desk or higher or in between. but that accountability, and the media demanding accountability they do of a governor in a state regarding a traffic jam, they do not seem to be applying to lives lost in a disaster. that's what i'm saying. that consistency was and is in order. >> i couldn't agree more. i think the example with the chris christie situation is how the media should behave. they she about asking questions. shouldn't go on a witch hunt but
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should ask questions about the account ability, and it's coming down to this idea we have four dead americans and no answers exhibiter isn't necessarily because hillary clinton isn't giving them. it's because, just like you showed, these people in the media sit down for this event or this interview with the former secretary of state, and then they're more concerned about how she is feeling or how her day is going, how long her days have been or what she has been doing since she left the office of secretary of state. rather than asking the hard questions, what happened there and why hasn't the government been forthcoming talking about how this could have been prevented. >> you're right. in the case of the secretary, and in the case of the governor, it's not about them and how they're feeling and how they're holding up. >> shouldn't be. >> it's about actions conducted under their auspices, and in benghazi, four losing their
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live. big difference in coverage, big difference in severity, big bad on the media. thank you both. >> absolutely. thank you, neil. >> already hearing that the president is fixing his state sf the union address to fix income inequality. dr. carson has seen his fixes and is fixing to tell the president what he can do with his fixes. the good door with some pretty good advice, next. which 4g lte map has the most coverage? this isn't real difficult... pretty obvious to me. i'm going to have to verizon. verin. that's right! the choi is obvious. verizon's superfast 4g lte network is over three times larger than any other 4g lteetwork. now get one, two, or even three-hundred dollars off a new smartphone depending on the smartphone you trade in on america's largest, most reliable 4g lte network. that's powerful. verizon. now get a free lg g2, with a 13-megapixel camera.
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i'm gonna call. i'm calling. i'm calling. i'm calling. call the hartford at the number on you screen to request your free quote. we'll even send you this free calculator. call: now. why wait? >> the white house where the president's "state of the union" address -- they're getting ready for it. income inequality is going to be a big folk cushion but is anyone listening? a new fox news poll out showing that the vast majority of americans say it's not an issue and it's not the government's job to fix it if it is. dr. ben carson agrees. the argument will be that there has been a growing disparatey
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between the wealthiest among us and the least us. that's picked up the steam in his presidency. he point will be the government has to do something to bridge this gap. does it? >> well, you know, the big problem is the government. if they would get out of the way, the gap would naturally be bridged. first of all, i think maybe it could use the "state of the union" address to educate people on the difference between capitalism and communism and then ask them which system would they like? i think that might be eye-opening to him. need to recognize what we need to concentrate on is equality of opportunity, equality of education, and let's look at some positive things we can do. right now, schools and wealthy areas get more money because of the way millage is assigned. we need to even that out so that schools provide equal opportunities, because all of
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those young people are resources for our country, and if we develop them appropriately, we'll all be much stronger, rather than trying to teach them that they're victims, somebody else is keeping them down, they don't have potential. we need to get rid of this, what can you do for me, attitude, and recapture the can-do attitude of the nation. >> the president is probably going to say that's all fine, doctor, but you have to do something to slow what has been the spiraling out of control growth of the one percent. one idea by liberals is, tax this rich even more, and raise by way of a minimum wage hike, even a doubling of the minimum wage, that for the lowest rung so you can force the two together. what do you think of that? >> i think that it's a typical big government solution for everything, which doesn't work.
1:19 pm
some people call them progressives. i'm starting to call them the regresssives because it's been tried before in many places and it never works. what does work and what has worked and what led this country to its pinnacle status was a free market economy. we are a capitalist nation. we're not a socialist nation. where the government controls everything, and it was never intended that way, and those people who think it's that way should go become and read the constitution. >> they're going to come back at you and say, well, then hough did the rich get so damn rich and so much richer than those elsewhere in the spectrum? >> they should say, why has that gap been growing under the obama administration? i'll tell you. for one thing, all the regulations. things that prevent building of things like the keystone pipeline, and many other projects.
1:20 pm
the rich people can take their money and stick into it an interest-bearing account. the poor, who are waiting for projects so they can get to work and build their wallet, -- their wealth and are draping their own resources. that's a simple solution. and that is just one of many things. get out of the way and let the economy work. >> are you going to run for president? >> i have no desire to do so. i'll put it that way. i, as a patriotic american citizen, will do whatever needs to be done, but it's not my intention. >> i'm going to keep asking. you know that. doctor, thank you very much. >> absolutely. >> the president will be promising action, and action costs money. we'll have coverage at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, through 11:00 p.m., and getting the
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republican response and the power players that be simultaneous global market reaction, how you and your money are faring, us as all of these s are speaking. you only get one with the other ones. you get everything with fox business earthquakes is brady being evading? >> tom brady says, can't play no watching. fair game or superlame? fighting constipation by eating healthier, drinking plenty of water, but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets.
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we're in the middle of earnings season and i don't go through all of these but the ones i consider to be big parameters. microsoft. sales numbers that boat the
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street -- beat the street. and bill gates has indicated he won't be coming back. the company telegraphed that abroad things looked pretty good, like abm, not off the charts but not bad either. steady also she goes in technology land. in the meantime, tom brady did not win so now tom has to whine? according to the three-time super bowl champ he will not, will not be watching this year's big game. >> our season is over. i could care less about watching the game. that's pretty much how i feel. >> was he just being honest or sour grapes? what do you say, howard? >> well, neil, he is not a baby it's not sour grapes.
1:26 pm
it's what football players do. i don't think joe public -- and obviously i'm closer to it by covering sports -- they don't watch the games. they don't watch the games. i would bet you, if you polled 50% of the players on every football team, you take out the guys who have only been in the league one or two years, you'll barely get 50% of the players watching the game. here's tom brady, been in football 24/7 since august. does he really need to watch the game? let's be real here. >> you don't think the fact he lost and is upset entered into that answer at all, that it had anything to do with it? >> zero. i would say zero entered into it. because i imagine he hasn't watched probably half of the super bowls he hasn't been in, early in his career he probably watched some. i'm going to ask you a question. if you had the opportunity to
1:27 pm
watch the super bowl or be sittingy in a beach with his wife, what would you do? >> this is a family show. >> okay. >> you make a very good point. i think it comes at a time when we have seen some kind of weird behavior out of athletes, and i guess what i'm asking is given the skater who gave the double bird? and sherman of the seahawks, the rapt at the end zone, maybe that's all expected. i always thing sometimes things come in threes, and did that combination or that trifecta of maybe tried and just besides themselves athletes have any message for us? >> i agree things come in threes but this is not the third thing. the figure skater with the
1:28 pm
double bird, he is an idiot. >> he was a creative idiot. normally somebody gives you the single bird to do the double one, and on ice. >> i could do it, too, but it's a family show. >> and you're a gentleman. >> exactly right. but richard sherman, here's the difference. you get a financial player, -- football player right after a game, caught up in a moment. he was on the cover of sports illustrated. he has been that type of guy for a while. a stanford grad with tremendous -- i mean, very intelligent guy but emotional, and to play the game of football you have to be emotional. so i'll take that out of the mix in the case of tom brady, on the east coast, especially in philadelphia, we don't like tom brady because all they do is win up there. i get that. but he is a really good guy. it's not being a sore loser. it's just, i got better things to do i don't need to watch the super bowl, and i honestly don't think it's sour grapes at all.
1:29 pm
football players just don't watch games. >> enough i know. i'm going to tell you something, i'm not going to watch bill o'reilly. just not. because he is on opposite me. >> make it at 3:00. >> i'm not watching it. thank you very good having you. meanwhile, retailers are demanding an act of congress to fight these credit card hacks. if they're that worried, i have a feeling we all should be worried. and forget whooping it up. try luring it up. why some nfl cheerleaders are chanting ndamukong sue, sue, su.
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one thing about hackers, they're not dumb. in fact they're getting really smart. retailers say it's time we get smart. the national retail federation wants to replace all credit cards and debit cards and use the ones like in europe. they don't have a magnetic strip. export experts say that's why they're hard to tack. the use a chip. but the argument is it costs four times as much to produce. would you be willing to pay to get that card? matthew, you're arguing it's high time we get up to speed
1:34 pm
with the europeans. >> good afternoon. what we're saying is -- what we told congress earlier this weeks what we have been saying since this has been in the news, but for years and that is that protecting the consumer data and their private information is our most important priority. secondly, that all of the stakeholders have to play a role. so the retailers, the card issuers, the banks, financial institutions, and, third, at a minimum, we ought to move forward on this technology that we know exists and works very, very well, and in the uk and europe reduced fraud losses by 70%. >> how does it do that? makes it tougher to crack? just when we get this, someone finds a way to crack this. how does it work. >> there's no question we have to do -- work every day to stay ahead of these guys because they're sophisticated, innovated, devoting millions of
1:35 pm
dollars to crack the systems. the basic difference is the card's carry in our wallets today have a magnetic strip and that contains all the data about the consumer and that's the same thing as an eight-track tape from 1960s or 1970s 1970s and and is easy to copy, and the signatures all there is. in europe they have a card that has a microchip in the card that protects the bank and makes sure the bank knows that is our card, not a counterfeit card, and then as an added measure to protect consumers, they require you to enter an encrypted pin that cannot be dupe preliminary -- duplicated or companied, and we made a mistake in the letter we sent to capitol hill weapon said we should adopt pin and chip as the next generation technology. the truth is it's last
1:36 pm
generation or currents generation technology. we need to look beyond thought but we need to do pin and chip in the short term. >> amazing. people will complain about having to punch in a number, they'll argue it's not worth it. >> that's the conversation we're having, it's going to cost money and retailers are going continue vest billions in new point of sales -- >> going to cost a lot of money if we don't. >> that's right. and card issuers will invest in the card but it's a shared responsibility and and we want to be part of the solution. >> thank you very much. this just in. cold snap is going to linger on. single digit temps the rule for the mission through much of next week. so how is that global warming going? and how is it those who push fixing, pick whichs could the weather conditions they say prove it governments that get hot and bothered now want to let
1:37 pm
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skates on ice, bitter cold weather gripping much of the nation. portions of some 25 states under severe weather watches or warnings. whatever happened to this? >> melting away, there is new and dramatic evidence -- >> the world is heating up fast and we have ourselves to blame. >> global warming is real and we humans are almost certainly the cause. >> we're living climate change in real-time. >> taking an in-depth look at the problem of global warming. >> globe warming is happening. >> is underway. >> new information that reveals just how fast the world's ice sheets are melting. >> melting ice and rising seas at record levels. >> no proof that it's because of man and no known proof -- >> is there any political -- >> no known proof in god either. >> they're all off on this issue.
1:41 pm
that was bad, wasn't it? mark says they're all wet on this. the founder of climate depot. we got into this before and i'm no expert and i did he ever to -- hi defer to guys like you've. these guys were saying pretty soon you'll be a wearing bermuda ships and viewers were scared. and now i'm thinking, it's cold out and i'm not wearing bermuda shorts. since then we have called it crime change and you can have your cake and eat it too, and me thinks someone is playing fast and loose with this whole subject. >> they are. basically global warming causes less snow kept when global warming causes more snow and causes less cold when it caused more sold. they need on this in 2011, barbara boxer, dianne feinstein, took to the senate floor and talked about the lack of snow
1:42 pm
that winter as proof of manmade global warming. every heat wave is proof of global warming now we have record cold, the east coast seeing one over the snowest deck indicates and the new theory is, bundle up, it's global warming. al gore says record snow is continue with global warming -- >> but prior to that, the vice-president -- former president said we'll start seeing warmer winters. i remember that. now we're told that global warming encompasses all these manifestations and do not dismiss the fact that global temperatures have risen. i debate whether man is the sole cause and whether man can fix it. i worry about this push to say something and base something on swings of mood and demanding the world spend trillions of dollars to fix the problem that, a., man may not be the cause of slowly,
1:43 pm
or anyones of -- the means of fixing cleatsly. >> the eu client commissioner says we're doing the right thing by policy. this is about policy. the record cold proves one thing. that the global warming activists and scientists are willing to basically say any weather event is now consistent with global warming. >> we changed the terminology. they're going to go from global warming and make climate change the new buzz word because climate changes, it changes. it's cold, hot. >> it's global weirding now, and they're trying to say all this is unusual weather, and they -- the worst p.r. of this week, they're trying to claim it's one of the hottest years on record global lyric not just the united states. the problem is it's a fancy way of saying there has been no global warming for at least 15 years because they're arguing about hundredels of a degree.
1:44 pm
it's the silly is argument that nasa is a is not important. the media keep trying to say the earth is heating and it it has not. all elementally school kids have experienced a slight global cooling in their lifetime. so they've gone beyond cold weather and are now saying increase in crime, prostitution, trying to throw everytng in the mix saying if they get worse it's because of global warming and academics doing real study. this has ceased to become a science. >> but it is cold outside. just when you think the tea party is dead, chucky brings them back to life. only this chuck ain't a doll. but the tea parties just as ugly. hey mom. yeah?
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just another way the pain started up and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergency room recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor. there was concern about my eyesight. when i had shingles the music stopped.
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i want to compare two things for you. what is the difference between this? [screaming] and this. >> the ability of legislatures to jerrymander with reckless abandon. the power of the message machine led by fox news, the drum report and the rush limbaughs they that can broadcast the same false messages instantly are all means that the tea party has used to
1:49 pm
gain ascendancy. >> two chucks scaring the hell out of you. we did that on our own here. to make a point. with also humor. really? really? jennifer, what do you think? >> i mean, what does that -- people that made good and we got a new york senator quaking in his boots because people like me have taken over the speed ya, people like you have taken over the media? i think it's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard in my life. this guy hat the bully pulpit of the white house, has the-or-investigating political opposition, spying an every american and every other country, and they think we're the ones in power? i think that's rich. >> they're using people like you, have a lot -- using you to
1:50 pm
say make the tea party to the focus by mentioning fox news, rush limbaugh, anyone who can take the attention off all the problems with the all the probl all the problems health care is having, at the irs and justice department so we can rearrange the guns and fire on these people and hopefully distract them. >> sure. it's a classic liberal approach. number one, isolate the target. number two, make it very personal about them. number three, marginalize them so they no longer have a voice. that's a classic democratic playbook. they do it every time. you know what it doesn't distract from, the fact that obamacare is ruining people's lives, that we're all suffering under it, neil, and that they need to come up with a solution because the american people are turning on them. they made a lot of promises, the democratic party, and people went with them, not just in '08 and in '12, and now they are falling down, they are failing, and no matter what they want to talk about in 2014, i am
1:51 pm
bringing it back to one subject and that is obamacare which every democrat in office voted for and supported. >> and by the way -- >> that's all we have to talk about. >> we are not trying to say that an esteemed new york senator whose first name is chuck bears any resemblance to a murderous doll. >> first of all -- >> i do not see new york senators being tough. >> i've got to say, a scare tactic is a scare tactic is a scare tactic. i mean, it's very simple. >> right. it's complete hysteria, and you need to apologize to little chucky after you've done that. malign that poor little move star, comparing him to a senator, a new york senator. honestly -- >> he'll get another movie again, i'm telling you. >> you ruined it, you see. fox news and tea party conspiracy, but, neil, this is classic. it is to isolate the opposition, people like me, the tea party, and it is to really fundamentally undercut their
1:52 pm
political voice by making them out to be sinister and evil and that it's okay to personally attack and abuse individuals. >> that's why it would be very tacky to respond tit for tat with something childish like a murdering rampaging doll. >> that would be so beneath us. >> exactly. >> so beneath us, neil. >> senator schumer, i mean, you're no chucky. >> god forbid. i've got -- did you just call me chuck schumer. >> jennifer, it was a layup. >> this could be a wonderful relationship. >> okay. when we come back, rah, rah, sish cumba. these cheerleaders are about to give the nflhell. iobvious. verizon's superfast 4g lte network
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open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and ows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at all right. well, these beauties have apparently met their beast and it turns out it's their own team. the oakland raiders cheerleaders
1:56 pm
are putting down their pom-poms and serving them a lawsuit claiming they are underpaid. each raiderette makes $1,250 a year so after game photos and events that works out to around $5 an hour. do they have a case? touchdown. randy zellin says not so fast. why is it a touchdown? >> first of all, you can't enter into a public that's against public policy or against the law. you have to pay people overtime as long as they are employees. number two, you can't defer payment until after the season. you're supposed to get paid i think twice a month, and if there is an issue with an hourly wage that they are not getting paid the $10 that they are required to and it's only 5, that's egregious and unfortunate. more importantly, some of the things that i was told and what i read about, that they have to pay for their expenses, all out of pocket, and if they have gained five pound they are benched and they don't get their pay. >> oh, my god. my career would have ended years ago. >> what do you make, rand? >> 2, 4, 6, 8, who don't
1:57 pm
appreciate? they are not employees! >> what? >> hold on. the pom-poms. >> you said it's very profound. they are not employees. they are independent contractors. do you really think al davis from the grave channels their dance routines? i mean, come on. >> me thinks someone is copping a tude. >> independent contractors or not, they are due a fair wage. >> they are not subject -- the raiders, if you will, the employer would not be subject to the overtime claims and the unfair whatever. it's real simple. if you're an independent contractors, you can get paid in a lump sum. >> wait, wait. even the lump sum, when it all amortizes out is chicken feed? >> hey, there are people who do work for chicken feed. >> tell me about it. i just found out the other anchors here are paid, that's true. >> oh, my god. >> it's true. >> so what happens? >> labor laws. these are employees. they executed a contract. they executed a contract. they are going to be held -- >> wait a minute, they are independent contractors for the
1:58 pm
raiders. >> no, they are employees. they are employed by the raiders. that's why they are suing the raiders. i'm saying they are. >> what about all the other cheerleaders for all the other teams, is it the same arrangement? >> that's why it's a class action suit. >> neil, let me tell you something. this is not going to trial. this will be settled. >> what's going on here now? they had a swimsuit -- so they are making money on a swimsuit shoot. >> everybody is watching this and not watching me. hold on a second. wait a second. >> you let that out. they have other money making -- >> not everyone is so attractive. they are not all making money. let's call a spade a spade. >> that's going on. >> so you're saying not being attractive is a defense. >> just because -- >> that's for the team calendar, are they getting paid for the team calendar? >> they don't work full-time for the raiders. >> part of the requirement. >> oh, see. >> and they have to pay their own expenses. >> that's an independent contractor.
1:59 pm
>> are any of them getting famous. >> possibly. >> but they are also making very little money. they are also being scrutinized obviously with the weight issue and paying for out-of-pocket expenses, not getting overtime and honestly that's a problem. the raiders, this is what's going to happen. they will give them 10,000, 20,000 a pop and be done with it. bad press. just because the raiders haven't done well, that's not a problem. >> not at 4-12. >> 2, 4, 6, 8. >> who don't appreciate, the raiderettes. >> real quick. >> neil, with the pom-poms, if they don't -- the pom-poms and the yoga mat they get penalized. >> as they should. >> oh, come on. >> a lot more coming up. we got a lot of e-mails and correspondence back and forth about chucky and whether he is going to sue with the comparisons that have been made to -- to chuck schumer. we want to make a point here, that if you're going to start
2:00 pm
playing ridiculous scary nonsensical cartoonish arguments, you better stand by them and better have proof for them, and in this case it is closer to comparing a united states senator for scare tactics resembling a doll than a network that you don't think is a doll. geez. >> tastes just like chicken. >> hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld, along with kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling, dana preen yeah, and bob beckel. this is "the five." >> after speaking pot all day and drinking beer and taking pills justin bieber landed in jail this morning. this is his mug shot which proves no matter what you do bad boys always look great at 18. later in life, not so much. it gets worse. and worse. and really worse. my point is it's probably best


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