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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 23, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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suddenly they can't see. go to megyn kelly, follow me on twitter, and let me know what you think. be careful! and welcome to "hannity" tonight, we have a jam-packed edition of the show, america, let's roll. >> the naacp calls senator tim scott a ventriloquist dummy for the gop. >> for them to attack me, if you have conservative principles and ideas that actually work, why bother to even try those? >> it was only a matter of time. >> approaching the car, he opened up the window and confronted mr. bieber, he smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverage. >> justin bieber arrested in miami, we have the very latest.
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and the end is near for the undisputed king of late night. >> i probably would have stayed if we didn't have such an extremely qualified young guy ready to jump in. >> jay leno explains why he thinks nbc's absurd decision to give him the boot actually makes sense? "hannity" starts right now. our top story tonight, african-american conservatives and tea party members once again under attack by the left. their latest target, south carolina senator tim scott. now, the quote, a ventriliqist can always find a good dummy, he claims he is the first good black since reconstruction, he articulates the agenda of the tea party. pretty unbelievable, last night, senator scott responded. >> instead of looking for an agenda of opportunity, what we're hearing is baseless rhetoric about the same old
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things that have not worked so far. so for him to attack me, if you have conservative principles and ideas that actually work, why bother to even try those? >> all right, we want you to join the discussion tonight, log onto our facebook page and share your thoughts, also you can trend at 10, and sound off using the hash tag @seanhannity." and former congressional candidate star, carl parker, good to see you both. we discussed this issue a lot. colonel west, i am really fed up. senator scott represents my values. and the values of many of americans. and the people of south carolina. and for the naacp to do this and seemingly get away with this in the media is unconscionable to me, i want to get your reaction. >> well, of course, it is unconscionable, but what you have to understand as a black conservative, not only do you have to take on the white
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liberal media establishment but also you have to fight within the community. when you think about the tim scott story that is a great american story. when you think about the story of clarence thomas, another great story, when you look at the origprinciples of booker t. washington, that talked about education, entrepreneurship, and reliance, those are really the base of what allows them to do well. >> tell me what you think. >> i'm glad you added just today. you're absolutely right, they have taken the culture war to a whole new level. half this country agrees with the conservative tea party, including many african-americans. but what the naacp does is four things, they promote abortion, and homosexuality, they sue parents who want to take their children out of this chaos and
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then they mock anyone who disagrees with their liberal agenda. >> all right, let's go through three quick examples. let's talk about the nfl, we're all focused on the super bowl right now. you had the interview with richard sherman after the game. here is what he played. >> the final play, take me through it. >> i'm the best corner of the game. when you try me with a sorry receiver like crabtree, that is what you get. don't you talk about me. >> who was talking about you? >> crabtree, don't you open your mouth or i will shut it for you. >> all right, before -- and joe, back over to you. >> all right, yesterday at the press conference he said if you use the word "thug" that is the equivalent of the n word. i'll get your reaction. >> of all the back lash, does that bother you more than anything? >> the only reason it bothers me is because it seems like it is the accepted way of calling somebody the n word, everybody says n word, and they say thug,
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and oh, that is fine. it kind of takes me aback. it is kind of disappointing because they know what is the definition of a thug, really? >> your reaction, colonel west? >> well, i think the whole situation around richard sherman has somewhat been blown out of proportion. look, i grew up watching muhammad ali, and everybody knows about him, the things he said and his boisterous nature. and no one attacked him for that. when you go on to the field and ask him immediately about an incredible play that richard sherman did. and he responded with adrenalin and the heat of the moment. i think we've taken it a little too far. but now i'm very sad we see that we're trying to delve again into that realm of racism. >> this is what happens, sean, that is what happens when you get away from traditional values and away from limiting the role of government.
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we start getting into these fights of political correctness. this is not about race and him being called a thug or the n word, we're purging ourselves, this is why the conservative world view with a limited role of government and free markets work for this country and no longer work because we have reduced ourselves because of liberals. >> let me go to two other examples, more in the political realm, one from the reverend jeremiah wright, who likens the tea party to the lynch mob. he blasts the tea party to sexist, and gay. i'll play back-to-back, ask you both if this will work as a tactic in this election year. >> with one branch of the tea party being nothing more than a 2.0 upgrade of the lynch party. on the agenda, some folks doing everything they can to get that
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black hand under their white house. >> tea party, see in america that is not re reflective of themselves and the america they have known and they just don't like it. the distribution of power is changing. women are still under-represented. but far, far better represented in both the house and senate. and african-american sitting the oval office. latinos running for office more than ever before. marriage equality in a very short time has gone to accepted, in state after state. yes, things have changed. white anglo saxon men are exclusively not running the country anymore. >> tea party, nothing more than a 2.0 upgrade to lynch party, and then you heard the comments of sherman, reaction, colonel. >> well, i think the left is very concerned about the impact the tea party can have in the mid-term elections coming up, just the same they saw in 2010.
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so you have to go to the tactic of demonizing them and showing them as extremists. but look what you have on your show tonight. star parker and myself, we definitely are not white anglo-saxon males, and we spoke at many events. just because you stand up for limited government, free market and a strong national defense should not make you someone that should be attacked. but they are afraid of those principles. >> star, how should conservatives counter this narrative, which is almost repeated every day, every day i could probably pull up cuts just like we just played here. >> well, i'm glad that you pull them up. because it energizes us. what the tea party is are people from just quiet communities all over this country that have had enough. we have had 50 years of liberalism controlling our schools and economies. and they have had enough. and it will impact the election. the more they do this the more people are going to turn out and change washington.
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we're going to get the senate to have some common sense again in how we did the business of this country. remember, the left is only half the country, the other half is now awake and engaged. >> all right, good to see you both. and coming up, i could be a resident of his state in three short years. florida governor rick scott who will react to governor cuomo's comments that extreme conservatives are not welcome in new york. and by the way, the mayor of new york doubling down on those comments. and justin bieber, all coming up next. you say men are superior drivers?
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female announcer: for the new mattress models, but sleep train's huge year end clearance sale ends sunday. get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets, at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set up and removal of your old set. don't wait! sleep train's year end clearance sale ends sunday. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . and welcome back to "hannity," so after new york governor andrew cuomo revealed
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his true colors when he said conservatives like me have no place in the united states, and places like new york, i told the governor no problem, next couple of years i'll move out. and one of the states lots of americans and i are fleeing to, no state income tax, water, warm weather is beautiful florida. joining me now, governor of the sunshine state, good to see you, rick scott. good to see you. >> sean, come on down, look at our weather, you probably have to have a jacket today, we're in short sleeves, the fishing capital of the world. no income tax -- >> was it fun did you have a good time? >> yes, i had a great time. you know, on a serious note if there can be one here, to me this has provided much bigger opportunity to compare and contrast. governors like yourself, i have spoken to you, to the lieutenant governor of north carolina today. the governor, lieutenant
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governor of texas, here you get to see 10% state income tax for me in new york, no state income tax in florida, let me put up on the screen, the unemployment rate when you took office was 11.1%, now down 6%, well below the national average. new jersey, for example, they lost $70 billion in household wealth. what is happening in states that have historically been run by liberals and states where there are no income tax? why is there such a despairty? >> look, you get to keep your money, we love people, we have all of these national treasures, great lakes, beaches, people are moving their businesses here because they can solve their customer needs better. lower income tax, less regulation, all of these things mean we'll have more business. approximately $100 billion of
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income has moved to our state. $100 billion, that is bigger than our state budget. sean, new york state budget is almost double ours for the same number of people. why would new yorkers pay for that? come down here, get a pay raise and enjoy our great weather. >> all right, so i looked at the latest census that we had. do you know 3 and a half million new yorkers left new york. and i put up the number of new jersey billionaires, 7% leaving in terms of wealth. how many people came to florida during that time, do you know? >> well, it looks like somewhere between 2 and 300 thousand people here a year are moving here. they're moving their wealth here, it helps our charities and social services. and they're moving here for a lot of reasons, lower taxes, less regulation. you can get a job. i have 285,000 job openings in the state right now. 285,000.
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unemployment down to 6.4%, below the national average. so we have businesses coming here, we're the gateway to latin america. and you know what? we love people. this is a place where we're at a 42 and a half career low at our crime rate. >> you don't care that i believe in the second amendment and i have barack obama's view on marriage from two years ago. that is okay with you? >> you know what we believe in. we believe in freedom. the right to live your dream. sean, i hahave a 2-year-old who wants to be a cowboy right now. he wants to be a cowboy. but you know what? in our state you can be a cowboy, an astronaut, and have technology. that is what i want, i want the dream in our state. >> zero state income tax, governor congratulations. if you have 285,000 jobs available, that unemployment number is going lower. i look forward to hearing that story. >> come on down, one-way ticket to florida. >> appreciate it, joining me now to tell us where the left is so
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intolerant of anyone they happen to disagree with. and editor at large, jonah goldberg, let me play for you our good friend carry picket had had a chance to talk to the new mayor of new york, comrade de blasio, asked him what he thought. >> i want to get your thoughts on governor cuomo's remarks, who is actually welcomed in new york, as far as being pro life, second amendment. i want to get your thoughts on that. >> well, i agree with governor cuomo on those remarks, i believe the governor is right saying the people of the state of new jersey reject the extremist views, against the woman's wife to choose and in favor of the proliferation of guns in our society. i stand by those remarks. >> he agrees with those remarks, doubles down, what should a person take out of that? >> well, first of all it is good to be back on the show. you know, de blasio is --
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actually he is way to the left of andrew cuomo. in some ways i wouldn't be surprised if he called cuomo an extremist. what he is trying to do in new york as far as i can tell, the new york city that i grew up in, is he is trying to go back to the wonderful years of the 1970s, where new york put out movies like "death wish" and the french connection, which he is nostalgic for. in terms of intolerance, you know this as well as anybody. the left these days defines tolerance as being incredibly warm and receptive to people who completely agree with them already. you know, diversity is to have lots of people who come in lots of different shapes and sizes in colors and sexual orientation,
7:19 pm
but they have to all agree on the same thing. >> that is very well said. i don't want to interrupt you, let me ask this question, it is very interesting, i just had had governor scott on, i talked to lieutenant perry and talked to governor dewhurst of texas. look at the difference between the states. why are the republicans in congress advancing that solution had oriented agenda with a passion like considering the success of all of these governors? >> it is a great question, a mystery to me too, sometimes. something like close to half the net jobs created since obama has all been in office have been created in texas. why, if he is creating all the jobs is he putting them in george bush's texas. part of the problem, republicans are doing really well at the state level, with the state houses, part of it has to do with a psychological thing. people understand at the state level it is their money. they want to know where the tax
7:20 pm
dollars are going because it is going to their schools. their businesses, their roads. but when you get to the national level, so much about taxation and spending is all just sort of theory. people lose sight of the fact it is their money, too, at the national level and it becomes this vision thing about what the government can do for everybody and how it can solve all our problems. and everyone else thinks it is spending somebody else's money or there is such a thing as government money. there is no such thing as government money, it is all taxpayer money. >> stop being so timid, thinking you will ride the problems of obamacare until the election in 2014, it is not going to help the country solve our problems, is it? >> i certainly think obamacare is a good issue for republicans, they shouldn't let go of it. >> but they -- >> scott walker, for sure,
7:21 pm
politicians who have -- first of all have run things and second of all are figuring out ways to address the needs of their constituencies. and so it is not just going against obamacare it is actually figuring out how to fix it. >> jonah, good to see you. and income inequality is fantastic, worth celebrating, eric and kimberly from the five are here to respond. andt impersonation of michael jackson, moments after being busted. more on the insanity coming up. straight ahead. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs,
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and welcome back to "hannity," there is a new statistic about global wealth that is raising eyebrows all over the world, according to a study done by the ox fam group, just 85% of the people have as much wealth as half of the entire global population, which is 3.5 billion people. when asked about that number, kevin o 'leary said it is fantastic. >> this inspires everybody, gives them motivation to look at the 1%, i want to be one of those people. i'll fight hard to get to the top, this is fantastic news, of course i applaud it. what could be wrong with this? >> a dollar a day in africa is getting up in the morning saying i'm going to be bill gates.
7:26 pm
only thing between me and that guy is motivation, i just need to pull up my socks, oh, wait, i don't have socks. >> don't tell me you want to redistribute wealth. >> this is neither good or bad, it is a sack. >> it is a celebration, i'm excited about it. >> and here with reaction, much more, the co-host of "the five," kimberly, fox says only 13% of people care about it. why should anyone care about these 85 people, should they? >> the more important appoint, why is the president focusing on this, this is not something the country is really thinking about. it is because he wants to engage in the political reform, this ideology that is so prevalent within his administration of trying to do the redistribution of wealth. >> what about the guy, o 'leary,
7:27 pm
we got people struggling on food stamps, this guy is saying 85 people have as much wealth as three and a half billion -- >> it is not charming. >> the point he was trying to make was rather than let's take president obama's term, at least the first four years of his term. over the first four years, income in equality, the top 5% in america have gone up around $11,000 per year. the bottom 5% have actually gone down. so the income inequality gap under president obama is widening. that is after we spend, i don't know, 4 or $5 trillion to try to make the gap shrink, it is not shrinking, it is widening. i think what he is saying, you want people to aspire to make more, maybe produce more, maybe become more inventive, invent things. >> he did it in an inartful way,
7:28 pm
what he should have done is articulate points, talking about free markets and stimulate the businesses, growth in economy, not about shrinking the economy, that is the direction we shooting in. >> people have to stop comparing themselves to other people. when i was a contractor i worked on very expensive honest homes could never think about affording, and i never thought i had a right to that home. but some people do. all right, brit hume, comments on yesterday's "march for life" got a lot of viral hits, listen. >> this is the first day that the supreme court found that the general right, invented that a woman has the right to enough out an unborn life, a human being without a heart. that is what a fetus is at six weeks. and they refer to themselves as planned parenthood. in 2012, they say they carried
7:29 pm
out abortion procedures, 329,445 times. whatever that number represents it is not parenthood. these protesters here today understand there is something deeply false and wrong about all of this. they come each year to remind the rest of us. >> here is the shock on us. i like the commentary a lot. more americans according to gallup are pro life than they have been in years. i think it is technology. >> i think people are getting an awareness of yes, when life beg begins, when life is conceived. i thought that was important, when i sat in on the horrific trial with the doctor in philadelphia. if you really arm yourself, you see life, really changes you. >> you know, if you look at these new sonograms, my son is 15, nowhere near the clarity. you can see the finger nails of these kids.
7:30 pm
>> kimberly points out the trial she covered. we have a greater awareness of what an abortion clinic looks looking probably changing people's views. maybe throw this out there. the
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and welcome back to "hannity" tonight, now earlier, one of my guests extended a special invitation to president obama and senator harry reid. in the letter he said i'm writing to you both to thank you for your comments on the shifting legalization of marijuana. i would like to extend an invitation to both of you to visit colorado and visit a legal dispensary and growth operation. i'm confident when you see colorado's work to implement the law, well, we can begin to make similar efforts on a federal level. joining me, democratic congressman, jared polis, do you smoke pot? >> i never have, no. >> recreationally, you think it is good for people to smoke. >> well, it is obviously
7:36 pm
unhealthy, like alcohol, the president said it is a vice, do you put people in jail and fine them orde deal with it as a heah issue. >> there is a difference between decriminalization. >> frankly, whether it is a civil fine, as many towns in our state of colorado, many towns have fines for it. i think it is an appropriate discussion at the municipal level, the county level, the federal government ought to get out of it. we have to remove the federal ban. >> and congressman patrick kennedy, when he had some issues i defended him on this program, hoped that he would go out and get help. he said these things, he knows more about drugs than i do, so maybe you should hear it from him. and i want you to respond to this. >> i think the president needs to speak to see nih director in charge of drug abuse, because
7:37 pm
they would tell the president that today's genetically modified marijuana, the higher level thc levels far surpass the marijuana that the president smoked when he was young, he was wrong, because the new marijuana is not the old marijuana. and of course, the president is making his decision upon his anecdotal experience, we need to have the decisions made on the public health and sound science that the federal government has invested in. >> he is making his case. he struggled with substance abuse. many other people i met in my life, struggled with substance abuse, started with marijuana, moving on to harder drugs. there are competing studies about it. how do you respond to that, if it is availability now it will be all over your state. >> you know, patrick kennedy is a friend of mine, i don't know why he is trying to speak for
7:38 pm
the nih director there. there is some truth. when it is in the black market, you don't know what was in it. just as when alcohol was illegal in the '20s, moon shine killed people because it was tainted. no question, on the black market it was killing folks, in a regulated market like with alcohol, it can be a lot safer. is marijuana dangerous? absolutely, the dangers are comparable to alcohol -- >> when you smoke pot, you get high. i can drink a beer or two and i don't really feel anything, but you can't smoke a joint and not feel anything. >> look, i represent a district that has a couple of colleges, every year, tragically kids die from alcohol overdose. >> you didn't answer my question, i said you can drink and beer and not get high. if you smoke pot you will get high. >> look, you can use anything in
7:39 pm
moderation or excess. >> but if you smoke any marijuana you're going to get high. you can drink a beer, with dinner or have a glass of wine with dinner and don't feel anything. >> so the question is do you want to arrest people for it? >> no, i didn't say that. i'm not making the case for that. but recreational legalization is going to open the door. i believe that -- conflicting studies for sure, but it is a gate way drug. let me get your reaction to this. >> i spent the last two years of high school in a daze. locking away the questions that life seemed insisting to impose. i kept attending classes, dried drugs and beer discovered it di difference when you smoked reefer in the van or dorm room of some brother you met down at the gym, or on the beach with a couple of hawaiian kids looking for an excuse to brawl. >> here is the question, with
7:40 pm
the new availability that you're support that probably will be the life of a lot of kids, what barack obama is saying there. is that a problem for you? >> part of the reason that colorado voters and myself support moving in this direction is to keep marijuana out of the hands of kids. the drug dealer that he bought from, that drug dealer didn't care if he was 15 years old. >> he's admitted he smoked cocaine in the book. but legally when you put the legal name upon this, are you not saying it is safe? even though you're saying it is unsafe, there is a certain implication that is saying it is safe. >> well, it helps to keep it out of the hands of kids, that is one of the reasons we're doing it. >> making it legal does not keep it out of the hands of kids. >> sure it ask -- >> if anything it is more available. congressman, don't be that
7:41 pm
naive. >> it went long ago when you were 18 and could drink alcohol. >> a kid will pay an older person to go buy them beer. if it is legal it is more available to kids. there are a lot of bad arguments for you, don't use that one. >> if you're under the illusion that having it illegal keeps it from kids. >> the legal makes it more available. but yeah, it is readily available now, nobody is disputing it. >> this is a way to regulate it like alcohol, keep it out of the hands of kids and put the cartel out of of the hands of gangs and businesses. we got to keep it out of their hands. all right, justin bieber busted, put behind bars in miami. our great american panel will weigh in. and later, jay leno speaking out about his successor, he only has about two weeks left. and why he says the move makes perfect sense, stay with us. [ male announcer ] there is no substitute for experience.
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welcome back to "hannity" tonight, tonight on the great american panel we have joining us fox news analyst peter johnson. and you know her, monica crowley, good to see you guys. >> hi, sean. >> i'm not a big -- i like to watch the tmz show, i admit i watch it. i go to their website, it is a fun show. all right, so you have a picture of justin bieber, busted, drunk and driving, treating the police like garbage. we'll put it up on the screen, this is what his mug shots look like. now, we'll run a montage of his antics, the smile is a little
7:47 pm
scary to me, this is some of the scary moments. >> you know, you forever will remember that. >> we the what? >> everybody does that. >> what are we --? [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] we are the wild kids yo! what did you say? [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> get back. >> you know what strikes me about this is that the media build these guys up and they love taking him down. and he is going down fast. >> yeah, it is unfortunate. i watched this and my heart goes out to him. it's very, very sad. >> no, my heart doesn't go out to that. i am not as loving and compassionate as you.
7:48 pm
>> well, a teen star out of control, we've seen so many of them -- you look at his mug shot. he has no remorse what of so. that was a mug shot when he was arrested for driving under the influence in a residential area. can you imagine if he had hit somebody or killed somebody? there is nothing funny. >> no, this will end in a tragedy unless somebody intervenes. >> hollywood is replete of these kind of examples with children who get lot of fame and fortune early. lindsay lohan, in her case, the mother wanted to be her friend. so she was downtown in manhattan partying with her, drinking, doing the drugs. this is not the role of the parent. they're not there to be your friends. we're there to be your parents and kick your butt. he has to have somebody ground him. >> i watched the kids grow up, and -- >> i'm very lucky.
7:49 pm
is he something like double dutch bust or something -- what is the language he is speaking. i understand we feel sorry for him at first, a youngster, a teen, a talented kid. we see a life going down in flames. but there is an arrogance, almost a malevolence, he needs rehab, maybe he even needs jail. maybe that would be useful for him in terms of him hitting the bottom. but he needs something. >> i have a question, moving on to another topic. there is a picture of me and lewis gomert in the "politico" today, pretty left leaning. we're conservatives, could they pick any angrier pictures?
7:50 pm
we can show you one of rand paul and president george w. bush. and mitt romney. peter, i learned a long time ago, people would just look at me and take a picture, and i would just look angry because that is the one they wanted anyway. why do they do this to conservatives? >> well, there is a mean spirited mindset that they pick, not only in the photographs they choose but in the stilted. fashion they write news stories so photos and texts taken together. >> you may get a better more-flattering picture? >> with crazy eyes they did this to nixon, reagan and george w. bush. remember, a photograph, a picture speaks a thousand words. >> mitt romney, they are doing everything they are doing to get
7:51 pm
ahead. >> he is one of the most handsome people to run for president and look at how they depicted them. >> that is bias in a picture. >> i don't think he looked that bad, i must say. >> you know -- >> put it up again. >> he's the nicest guy in the world. >> sean, you've never taken a bad picture. >> thank you, peter. but that is a bad picture. ah! >> i learned this in huntsville, alabama. a guy took a thousand photos of me the guy that showed up in the paper was... and rob bartlet and rush limbaugh talking about me moving to florida >> my good friend sean hannity or better known as rush lite so come on down, sean, no state tax. you can buy an 18-room
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welcome back to "hannity" february 6, the king of daytime tv going to air his last show on the peacock network. here is what he thinks about his soon to be former boss's decision. >> you would have liked to stay?
7:57 pm
>> it's not my decision. i think i probably would have stayed if we didn't have a qualified young guy ready to jump in. sure, i probably would have stayed longer but we have somebody, very good, very talented i think he's probably more like a young johnny than almost anyone and he's really good. so you go with the new guy. makes perfect sense to me. >> joining us now with reaction is old friend of the program, it's been too long, kim, good to see you again. >> great, thank you for having me on. >> is it extremely qualified young guy ready to jump in? yes. i probably would have stayed. they made this mistake once and it was a nightmare. how do you get rid of the number-one rated guy in every demo? >> it, everyone remembers it was a nightmare last time they did this, things are different this one clip he played from jay leno
7:58 pm
he really does respect jimmy fallon and he is right i think if you look at a lot of other young cometics jimmy fallon probably is the closest to john yoon carson in terms of impressions and skits he does. it's kind of light-hearted humor. >> i think the bit he did with bruce springsteen, singing "born to run" i was shocked at how well he's able to sing. that not taking away from his talent. my questions about nbc. they went down this road once. didn't work out. and jay, i don't think he's going to go way. >> they have said they want to keep jay in the family not the mistake last time giving him 10:00 spot competing with the tonight show. bad move but this time they're saying they maybe want to have specials or host something. he is saying he's not
7:59 pm
entertaining any offers from nbc or elsewhere until he's done with the tonight show. >> i know -- >> a lot of people are going to want him. >> people are banging down his door tonight. late nighter? or maybe something different. >> he has held that number one spot. he has an audience of fan base. >> and we're going to watch closely. >> i love him too. >> thank you so much what. do you predict in terms of fallon's ratings? >> i think they're going to be good and i think he has that viral video thing in his favor, too. young people love him he gets videos to go viral which is really important. >> early ratings will be good so that will help. >> yes. for sure. >> kim, thanks for joining us. that is all the time we have left this evening. before we go, right now this, second this is the time set your dvr to help
8:00 pm
you record "hannity" each and every week night. start fox and friends first starting at 5:00 going through 9:00 and it's a great show. we'll see you back here tomorrow night the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> what's the worse, absolute worse part of being president of the united states? >> worse part of the job is i have got the jacket on on super bowl sunday. >> guess who is interviewing the president on super bowl sunday live? your humble correspondent, that's who. how did that happen? we will tell you tonight. >> jesus, when does life begin? >> at 40. [ laughter ] >> fertilized eggs aren't people, people are people. >> thank you. >> that is unbelievablably offensive to millions of americans. so who put the ad out and why? laura ingraham is investigating. also tonight elisabeth


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