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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 24, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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all right. what is your pregame ritual. >> anthony, i don't wash my jersey if my team gets a win. >> a twelve-pack of heineken is a good tradition. >> never wear the team's shirt i want to win. i pace the floor. here is gretchen. bye-bye. >> thanks, guys. today on "the real story," hillary clinton like you've never seen her before, the center of the universe as fox shows she deserves more blame for the benghi attack. ted cruz, what he thinks should be the focus of next week's state of the union address. one clothing company making a statement with new ads showing models for real, no air brushing. supermodel will give us her take on these ads. a bear of a surprise just feet away. how old should you have to be to hunt one of those things?
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one state's push to reduce the minimum hunting age. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story." the white house touting an obamacare milestone, now saying 3 million americans signed up since the october launch, marking steady growth but behind pace to sign up 7 million by the ended of march. we're learning only 11% of those who bought obamacare didn't have health care before, so-called uninsured. most people shopped for a plan but didn't buy said it was due to the cost. chief white house correspondent ed henry live at the white house. ed, these numbers don't tell the full story, do they? >> they don't. what's interesting, though, from the white house perspective, they are trying to put out positive news ahead of the state of the union address. they are saying 800,000 have enrolled in private insurance in the month of january alone. they know that.
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but remember in previous months they will wait a bit longer before releasing data. they have a big speech, it would not make sure they are turning the tide. the big pick, what i pressed jay carney oranges the data they have not released yet is very important data. how many folks who enrolled have actually paid some premiums. now is all this going to add up. here is jay carney. >> when will you release the data? where are you in terms of how many people paid into the system? >> i think the issue here is the contract is not with the government. the contract if you ed henry would enroll in in the marketplace, pick a plan, you are engaging in a contract with a private insurance company. so it's something that the insurance company knows if and when. >> information eventually comes from insurance companies but important data to tell us whether or not all of this is
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bending the so-called cost curve whether money is being saved as the president promised all along, gretchen. >> working with republicans going to have to be part of his agenda on health care for sure. for that matter everything else. how are things shaping up ahead of that. >> jay carney asked about that as well. it's a balancing act. the president in recent days said he has a phone and a pen because he can call republicans and democrats to try to work with them. also has a pen and might do expect tiff action, might undermine the state of the union to work with the other side to go on his own unilaterally with executive actions. john boehner saying he not only has a pen and phone but constitution and will be reading that closely. last night on "the tonight show" with jay len okay, boehner added this. >> he and i get along fine. we get along fine. we come at our jobs electric a very differ perspective. >> okay. >> i'm right of center, i think
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he's way left of center. >> they are saying they think the president is left of center. a little news from john boehner saying he's not running for president in 2016. why? he likes to mow his own lawn, he likes to drink red wine and smoke cigarettes and he's not going to change any of that. >> that's interesting. people might like knowing that side of him, might make him more popular. ed, have a great weekend. thanks so much. a relationship with the media, this time coming from the executive editor of the "new york times." jill abramson calling is the most secret white house she's ever covered in her 20 some years as a journalist. senior editor and columnist for "fortune" magazine, fox news contributor. i'm glad sees in the studio. >> great to be here today. >> what do you make of this? i think when people see "new york times" saying something highly critical of this administration, they go, whoa, we've got to really look at this one.
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>> this is a familiar refrain we've been hearing from the press from outlets like "new york times" for sometime now. this is secretive, difficult to access white house. i think it's pretty rich they are so angry at the white house when they really gave obama a pass in 2012. you look at 2012 campaign coverage, there's no doubt it was biased in the favor of the president. >> even their own said it was. >> it was very much mitt romney can do no right and the president can do no wrong. a lot of the hard questions we're asked about obamacare in 2012 turned out to be true. this is something the press should look at. >> what do you make of the fact she goes on and says it is highly secretive. do you expect "the new york times" to be more critical and ask more questions of the president? >> she is raising some very specific allegations and concerns about this white house, and that is there are seven
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criminal investigations under way about leaks. and in some ways -- that's more than there's ever been, twice as many as there's ever been. as she says, you didn't see this kind of behavior in the bush administration. we have to acknowledge, however, that two of those leaks were edward snowden and the army private bradley manning who did serious damage to the national security of the country. those are cases that should be investigated. what i think troubles me is when this white house starts investigating journalists including our own fox news james rosen gets caught up in that. >> conservatives in hollywood appear to be the latest target now of this irs targeting investigation. the tax agency reportedly investigated a group known as the friends of aid. this comes on the hooems of the fbi report that there aren't going to be criminal charges. >> i love there's a friend of a. as someone who covered
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hollywood, it's a lonely place for anyone conservative. it does hurt your career. people who work in the industry say it hurts your career. they describe it as fellowship, a way they can talk about conservative ideas and bring in speakers. they are applying for a very specific tax exempt status that's tougher than the other ones targeted by irs. >> they want 501 3 c. the other was 4. they got a ten-point request of questions by the irs which included the irs wanted access to the group's security protected website to reveal members names. that is what got my attention. >> looks like they have once again overstepped bounds. whether they are doing the same investigation into liberal groups, political groups with
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adjunct 501 3c, charity, education, you're not supposed to do political activities. that's what the group is applying to be so donations are tax exempt. it is a higher standard. nonetheless, to ask a group like this to revolley their members, part of the reason they have this fellowship, they want a quiet membership. >> people don't admit to being part of this group in hollywood. again, that's what caught my eye. we'll have to see how this flushes out. good to see you. >> great to see you, gretchen. brutal cold across the country, not letting up. icy conditions, this is in texas, as far east as pensacola, florida. some up north could see below zero temps to the end of the month. in atlanta a viewer woke up to this, 8 degree reading on his alarm clark. in louisiana where it snows roughly once every five years
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getting an inch on the ground today. due to cold, only ry base in essential personnel to report to duty. the fox "weather center," i don't know, some people hear the end of the month, they want to get inside their bed and pull the covers over their head. >> if you could, go to california where they desperately need cold air and aren't getting any at all. the cold air is the eastern two-thirds of the country. so far south. overnight icing and snow across south tech, not north, not places like amarillo that get it frequently but south texas along the gulf coast here. you can see that, freezing rain across coastal areas of louisiana. temperatures below freezing. rain falls and freezes on contact. mostly bridges. take a look at the drop in the last 24 hours. corpus christi, 40 degrees colder than 24 hours ago. colder air in the south.
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take a look at new york over the next seven days. cold now, cold again sunday. a bit of a spike on monday. then gretchen, even colder air moves in tuesday and wednesday for much of the northern east part of the country. again, cold we're dealing with now. >> harken back to my minnesota roots for that. rick, i hear you have experience with extreme cold and we actually have a picture to prove it. what happened to you? >> this is a scary picture. i went up to northern canada over new year's and the temperature was minus 40. incredibly cold. you see the tip of my nose that's white? i was outside for four minutes and had the beginning stages of frostbite. i ran back to my car. even someone like me that tells people be aware, you can get frostbite quickly, it happened to me. be aware over the next ten days. >> is your nose okay?
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>> my nose is fine. >> good to know. we'll see you on "fox & friends." the price of natural gas soaring 25 in two weeks. right now hitting the highest level in four years. tens of millions of people affected because half the country uses natural gas. any economic pain is staying with us because prices are expected to rise in the coming months. horrifying crash on a major highway in indiana. cleanup continues as we learn more about how many vehicles were involved. plus a new warning to retailers. why the fbi says target's massive credit card security breach was just a warm-up. the buzz around hillary clinton, is the white house hers for the taking? could the unanswered question around benghazi sink her presidential run? our panel is here and they are going to take a look at that. come on over, guys. if you wear a denture,
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welcome back everyone. the fbi warning nation's retailers massive credit card breaches like the ones that hit target and neiman marcus are far from over. that's bad news. malware effects the cash register and steals credit card information moments after the card is swiped making the problem hard to combat. hackers stole personal information from as much as 70 million target customers last month. texas governor rick perry perhaps channeling his inner cheech and chong. while he still opposes legalizing pot, he's taking a more mellow view on the drug it's receiver. at an economic forum in switzerland. as governor i've begun to implement policies that start us
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toward decriminalization. fox news contributors, our guests today. wow, we have a republican now saying decriminalization. that is a step toward legalization of pot? is this a step for republicans to get younger voters? >> perry is a conservative. i don't think he's in favor of legalization but decriminalization is a good policy. with having the pot you face jail time. it adds to jail expenses, makes it harder for them to get job opportunities. i don't think it's good for young voters that this is going to work on perry's behalf if he decides to run in 2015. >> i'm envisioning democratic candidate, correct me if i'm wrong, instead of going to a bar and pushing back a beer like we've seen in the past, he may be going to these pot shops.
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>> light up with rick. >> is this going to be a political push? >> i think so. not a joke but in terms of public policy. i'm for legalization, i think we should have legalization, there's a strain of libertarian republicans who believe in not just decriminalization but legalization is very good public policy from an economic standpoint? >> why? >> first of all, you save a lot more money by not incarcerating people. they still do incarcerate people for marijuana, $33,000 a year, $35,000 a year to incarcerate somebody and about $8,000 for helping them. >> a real issue 2014, 2016, young people want jobs. they want to be employed. unemployment for young people is still really high. perry, if he's going to run should be focused on the good things going on in texas. low unemployment. it's at 6%. for five consecutive months unemployment has gone down in texas. look at the job opportunity.
11:18 am
that should be focused on. >> sometimes older white male republican, they believe that's the whole party. maybe this would be a hip thing. i'm not saying i agree with it one way or another but interesting to watch the politics of it. fixation on hillary clinton out of this world quite literally. the magazine portraying hillary as her own planet hovering in the universe. that is a good -- i'm all for women looking good, i just don't think that is a good depiction of her. are we supposed to get a greater meaning, people will gravitate toward her for christmas. >> they will. in 2008 we thought she was heir apparent and barack obama arrived seemingly out of nowhere, short-term senator and he becomes nominee. we can't take anything for granted. she hasn't announced she will run, although we believe she wants to. >> i think americans are tired of the clintons, they are tired
11:19 am
of the inside washington politics. the phrase from her, what difference does it make when it comes to benghazi, that will resonate from the day she made it to if she does decide to run. >> that's interesting. the poll we showed says people think she should take more blame. >> responsibility for what happened. don't have any answers. >> we don't even know if she's running. >> that phrase taken out of context and will continue to take out of context to harm hillary clinton going forward. >> trust me, it will go in both directions. that's a good prediction. have a good weekend. the government coming out with a serious warning to our olympic athletes. what they are saying right now about what could happen in sochi. check out this moose taking on a hunter. >> as i came up on him, i could still he was still alive. when i went to finish him off, my rifle didn't fire. >> oh, my god. >> oh, boy.
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what to do when this happens? we'll ask the guy in the video in our mantle coming up. clothing brand saying good-bye to photo shopping. supermodel here to talk about retouching photos and beauty standards. what do you think about their ban on touching photos. tweet me and use #therealstory and we'll use your comments at the end of the show. oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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extreme weather and whiteout conditions causing this pileup. it took days to remove all these vehicles. the state police described what
11:24 am
happened. >> we have approximately 46 vehicles involved, 18 of those were semi, two were straight trucks, the rest of them were passenger cars, suvs and pickups. three were confirmed dead. two were critically injured, and 20 were injured. >> this happened when a sudden burst of snow happened yesterday, shutting down the highways in both directions and backing up traffic for miles. a popular clothing brand sending a pureful message about realistic beauty standards. american eagle's lingerie line featuring a new ad campaign without air brushing. they are young and beautiful but also freckled, scarred and tattooed. here to talk about it, emmy. perfect guest. you are about body image,
11:25 am
self-awareness, especially for young girls. you see this as a positive. >> absolutely. >> what is it that makes it so important that people are coming to the forefront and saying, look, i want to be seen as i am. i want to be real. >> it's important corporate america -- that decision came from the conference room table and trick he would down into the art department. everyone inclusive on the project should be really proud of them, of themselves and what they are projecting out there. it's a huge statement to young girls to see images of beauty that, yes, have freckles, have a fold. yes, are real. they are beautiful. they are images to look up to. it's not the unrealistic prepubescent standard of ultra, ultrathin. you saw the images. they are great. >> it just looks like what my daughter is going to look like i hope. >> that's right. that's right. >> so i think it's just so important, though, because young women, even when you and i were
11:26 am
growing up, we were starting to see the effects of what can happen with eating disorders and self-image problems. >> absolutely, gretchen. there's a big problem with eating disorders. all the clinics are full. more boys going in. women have always gone in. women going in in droves. it doesn't help when you see images of beauty in singular, prepubescent, not really what you see reflected in your every day life. when you see something a little more normalized, this kind of relaxes everybody. >> wow, i look like that, you know. >> you might and you might not, but at least it's not so far. >> exactly. >> the photo shopping takes it so far. >> i want to draw your attention to the vogue cover, "fame of girls. she's known for being very real. then people found out, jezebel magazine found out some of these
11:27 am
photos were not as they were. they were touched up. here is the before and after where they did some work. this is the before. lets take a look at the after. okay. that is the after. what do you make of that? do you find a problem with that? >> i have to say single magazine going out into the public, every cover is definitely going to be touched here and there. now, i think there's going to be changes going through different companies how heavy that photo shopping hand is going to be. because women in social media in droves are letting the magazine know we need to see a little more realistic image of my icon. could you please not change her body and shape and proportion and all that. i don't like seeing a person i know personally -- i don't know leah but some people on the covers, celebrities and people we see, when i see them in person, they really do not look
11:28 am
like the covers of the magazine. that's wrong. however, having a lighter hand on the photo shopping -- a little photo shopping here and there is not bad. but when it takes a person away from who they really are, i don't think that serves the magazine or the industry. >> great to get your thoughts. republican senator ted cruz is having visions of going to the circus and seeing clouds juggling things on fire. what the heck is he referring to? plus a bear of a problem when a couple is approached by a grizzly on their front porch. they didn't even know it was there. look at them. nonchalant. how young is too young to start hunting animals like these? >> there's a chance to flirt with this fellow. >> or shoot them and fire up the grill? our panel taking on the minimum age for hunting. what do you think it should be?
11:29 am
should be a fiery debate. be right back. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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the state department issuing a warning to american athletes going to sochi telling them not to wear the team gear outside olympic venues. they are advised not to wear red, white, blue outside of a so-called ring of steel security perimeter. this morning coming amid heightened security concerns ahead of the games.
11:33 am
>> the u.s. olympic committee had discussed with athletes as part of how to stay safe, part of the games, this issue about being careful about where you wear u.s. logos and things like this. this isn't unique to russia. we generally give this kind of guidance around big international events. >> this comes one day after designer ralph lauren debuted uniforms for opening games. >> here is a look at other top stories. a rough day on wall street. the dow down triple digits again today. you can see down 251 right now. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife pleading not guilty to federal corruption charges. they face a combined 14 counts after being accused of accepting gifts and loans from a prominent businessman. michigan's governor says immigrants will be a big part of rebuilding detroit. he's now asking washington for 50,000 work visas to attract
11:34 am
highly skilled workers and entrepreneurs. meantime the republican party planning major changes for 2016 presidential campaign to try to avoid what they deem a problem in 2012. changes, a new date for national convention. leaders looking at early dates, possibly late june or jewel, shaking up primaries to give gop more time to campaign against democrats. chief correspondent mike emanuel in washington. mike, what's going to be different in two years. >> gretchen, a compressed calendar starting earlier and going later, delegates to march 15th, winner take all contests after that. there will also be fewer primary debates to avoid infighting and prevent eventual nominee going into the election damaged. the rnc chair says this is all about winning. >> we have been saying for months we were no longer going to sit around and allow
11:35 am
ourselves to slice and dice for six months, participate in a circus of debates, but we were going to take hold once again of our responsibility in the republican national committee. >> one criticism we've heard is these candidates need a testing period. they should not nominate a fluke who gets hot at the time. >> republicans critiquing state of the union already before he delivers it. who is it? >> texas senator ted cruz says obama is not addressing challenges of the country and predicts he'll talk about raising minimum wage, more spending and taxes. cruz said he's going to ignore enormous harms he's going to suffer because of obamacare, suffering cuss we have the lowest workforce participation in decades because policies aren't working and certainly going to ignore scandals of irs and benghazi.
11:36 am
that a little pregame critique. the response on tuesday. gretchen. thanks. have a good weekend. something you don't want to miss. senator cruz will be our guest before the state of the union right here on "the real story." the idaho fish and game department had its sights set on lowering legal age of hunting big game to the age of 10. the current minimum is 12. the department wants to let children hunt larger animals, including elk and bear. how young is too young to hunt. michael kay, adviser to uk ministry of defense. stephen, outdoor, hunter, author and host of meat eater on the sportsman channel. i know you've been hunting most of your life. you think this is a good idea. >> i think it's a fantastic. what we're talking about is getting kids at a younger age in
11:37 am
the outdoors with mentors, family members, carrying on a tradition. it's hard to draw the line when it's too young to learn things like responsibility, firearm handling, connection to the natural world, renewable resources. >> how strong is the 10-year-old political lobby in idaho. 10 years old. what? we have to wait until 12. i will not stand for this. >> i think it's the parents, both mom and dad. apparently this stat comes out of it. the kids who participate in mentor hunting programs at age 10 and 11-year-old have better safety ratings later on. mike, what do you think about it? >> you can't drink a beer until you're 21, yet suggesting put a high-powered rifle in a bullet and take down a large target in some of the harshest conditions in a world. two reasons to take down a target with a heartbeat.
11:38 am
i can see you raising in your seat. first one if it's about to kill you, second if it's going to kill someone else, the third is if you're hungry. i think there are better things for kids at 10 years old. >> i have a sneaky suspicion this one of you. there's stephen, 10 years old doing what we're debating right now. michael, any way -- you hunted al qaeda. that's different than taking on elk or taking on a bear. but a lot of people who this is a tradition in their family, they feel like the younger the better to teach it from a safety point of view, that it's actually more safe to teach it younger. >> you're talking about a mentored program. >> let me raise a really important point. al qaeda insurgents terrorists actually shoot back at you. i mean, if you want to go to "the hunger games," hunt other people and they shoot back at you --
11:39 am
>> you think only legitimacy in using firearms if you're chasing insurgents. also remember you come from a different culture than american culture. >> let me stop you there. hunting in the uk -- >> why stop there. >> because what you just said is wrong. >> hunting culture is wrong? >> hunting is huge in the uk. >> you have to get in on this. >> there's fox, pheasant hunting, massive in the uk. i'm saying from my experience being abroad and using firearms to take down targets with heartbeats, i feel an adult hunting, if that's what you want to do as a sport, i completely respect that. i just don't think we should teach 10 years old. >> i find people who oppose lowering hunting ages are generally opposed to firearm ownership in general or generally opposed to hunting in general. by extension they don't want younger people doing it because they want to reduce the numbers. >> real quickly, are you opposed to that or not? >> i'm not opposed to firearm
11:40 am
ownership. we're talking about 10 years old. >> what age do you think is good? >> for hunting? 21. in line with beer. >> you guys will have to really debate that one afterwards. what about this, taking out the trash or picking up your mail and you see this, a bear in the neighborhood. take a look at the surveillance video, a couple from california didn't even see the bear. they were minding their own business, locking up their home. when they walked away, the bear started to follow them. so ryan, what would you do if you came across that. >> i think it's clear it would have been better if there was a 10-year-old with a gun. >> the bear traps the wife in the car and the guy runs in the house. i have friends who would pay money on super bowl weekend to do the same thing. >> first, check this out. >> oh, my god.
11:41 am
[ bleep ]. >> all right. so what happened to you there? your gun didn't work? >> well, yeah, it's a little more complicated than that. i screwed something up. i had a series of mistakes that could have been serious consequences. >> that's like a bear following this couple to their car. what would you advise people to do in that situation? >> i think what you should do and what you would do and there's actually what you do. they are distinct. in that situation what i would have done, made myself a large presence, screaming, yelling, basically saying don't mess with me. what you don't want to do is turn and run the other direction because you change the dynamic with the animal there, where he goes, that's a prey. >> what about you? >> i think it's good the moose didn't have a gun. otherwise you'd be toast, wouldn't you? in my opinion, if i lived in an area where there was a bear, i'd
11:42 am
have an emergency stash of honey to throw. >> very different than american army. >> always be prepared with the honey, right. all right, guys. i've got to wrap it up there. very interesting debate. this has been hot on twitter with us all week long. we want to hear from you. is 10 years old the perfect age to start hunting or is it too young? go to my facebook page and weigh in there. we'll read your comments at the end of the show. time to check in with shepherd smith live from the news desk. >> i think four. if you're able to take care of yourself in the little boy's room, you ought to be able to go out and kill something. >> you're going to get a lot of fans. warning athletes not to wear too much team usa gear in sochi, at least not outside official venues because that makes you a target. wo weeks away from opening
11:43 am
ceremony and a lot of people are worried about security. we'll spoke with dawn torres about this, the only american swimmer to compete in five olympics and she has a bunch of medals. what she thinks about security concerns at the top of the hour, we'll see you then. shepard, thank you very much. monster waves, 40 feet and higher. we'll tell you why. keys to the iconic wienermobile could be yours at least for one happy day.
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. here is what america is clicking on today. headlines claiming blackberry will get a big boost from the pentagon turned out to be wrong. plans for a new mobile network sparking false rumors the agency would buy 8,000 blackberries.
11:47 am
a california teen who stole celebrity she have guy fieri's lamborghini sentenced to life behind bars and then some. despite car theft, the 19-year-old was convicted of a slew of crimes including convicted murder. mork and mindy reuniting. she's set to appear in the sitcom "the crazy one." cowabunga, massive waves in ohio, 40 feet high attracting surfers from all around the world. trace gallagher, an inside voice told me you're actually a surfer. >> i'm a little bit of a surfer, stand up paddle where the old men get on the board with the paddles. in california it was 6 feet, a little over my head so i passed. did i just hear you say cowabunga? minnesota girl saying cowabunga. >> i've lived all over the
11:48 am
place. never know what you pick up. cowabunga, baby. what do you have to tell me? >> this is a story of two different surf spots. you mentioned waves 40 feet. can you imagine riding a wave the size of a four-story building. there's some of the best wave riders in the world out there. along with the best wave riders, you also have people less experienced. lou at those waves, the lifeguards report having to go out there and guide people out of the water and in some cases pull people out of the water. in some cases even the old pros got into trouble because the waves were so steep. listen to this. >> a little dangerous. the waves are breaking a lot farther in than normal. what that does, it builds up, right when it hits reflex, it's steeper so way more dangerous. >> there's been some close calls, wipeouts. we have the jet ski ready to go on the beach here if anything happens. >> there was either a time when
11:49 am
spectators had to be pushed off the rocks because waves were crashing on rocks where they sit and watch. some of the parking lots were actually getting waves crashing on those. that's how big the waves were, gretchen. >> wow, i know that makes you want to go to hawaii. but there were pretty big waves, as you said, in california today, too. right? >> at mavericks. mavericks is really off the coast of central california below san francisco. some of the waves out there were 50 to 60 feet. this is the mavericks invitational. that's where they invite some of the best big wave surfers in the world. they get 48 hours notice to get there. easy from california. some come from brazil, south africa, australia, a long trip on short notice. 48 hours. 50 to 60 foot waves. even the best pros know their lives are in danger. listen. >> there's no denying the fact that if you fall on a 50, 60 foot face wave, even if they
11:50 am
pull you up quick, it doesn't matter. you're still going through that moment of being held under or just being crushed by that wave. >> you might have saw the movie chasing mavericks. you can watching mavericks invitational on mavericks it's pretty cool to watch. 50 foot waves, amazing to watch. >> next time take pictures of you on the paddleboard. i want to see it. >> will do. >> march of dimes have saved a countless number of young lives. in our greenroom is aiden and his family. he's the 2014 ambassador. we'll speak with him about the organization's landmark anniversary and what he's going to be doing this year. his first tv appearance. we'll be right back. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews.
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this year the march of dimes celebrates 75 years, and over the time the group's core mission has evolved from polio to give more babies a healthy stop by helping moms have full-term pregnancies and today i'm excited to introduce the brand new march of dimes ambassador for 2014, aiden, making his first public appearance in his new role, along with his parents. this is your first appearance, so i don't know, aiden, are you up for the job? >> yes. >> let me guess. are you five or seven or six? >> six. >> six. but the interesting thing is when you were born, you were way too small? born at three pounds. tell me what happened. >> he was born at three pounds, 16 inches long, and basically three months early. we were not expecting to have
11:55 am
our new year's baby show up on columbus day. >> you head many heartbreaking moments in the nicu but that's where the march of dimes comes in. what did they do to help you along? >> the march of dimes touched all aspects. from the research that they did on prematurity, to the research that they did in terms of the state-of-the-art nicu. the way that was designed was based on research from the march of dimes. >> aiden, i know you're going to travel throughout the year and united airlines is going to fly you all over the place and take good care of you. one thingous always do on your birthday is visit those people who took care of you. right? what do you tell them? >> what are you saying? >> [whispering] >> thank you. >> and that is the most important thing to say to thank them so much. so this year, as parents, what do you hope to accomplish?
11:56 am
>> i think the most important thing this year is spreading the message and the mission of the march of dimes torques reduce prematurity and to reduce birth defects and infant mortality. we were so very lucky, aden is happy and healthy kid and we're getting the honor of traveling around, supporting the foundation, but not every family has such a positive story. so we want to make sure we do our part to help raise money to help the foundation i have been involved in this organization so long and it's so true. i've heard the other very sad stories as well. aiden, you'll have a fantastic year, and thank you so much for the autograph you already gave me. you're going to be doings hundreds of thousands of those throughout the year. congratulations to you, and have a fantastic year. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> aiden, see you soon. >> ever wanted to ride in the weinermobile? ever seen this thing? we'll tell you how you can when we come back. first, i want a way to help minimize my blood sugar spikes.
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11:59 am
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12:00 pm
>> imagine riding one of the hottest vehicles on the road. oscar-mayer giving fans a chance to lease the weinermobile. just tweet why you think you should get to drive it. here's shep. >> thanks. we could find out today where l a judge will let the familiar live of a braindead pregnant woman take her off life support. this woman is dead but still on life support. it's also possie the judge will agree with hospital officials officials who say they have to keep the woman alive. >> colorado and washington already gone green. but some analysts say the attorney general, eric holder, just did something that could mean national changes for marijuana are on the horizon. what sort of changes you might ask? let's get to it. >> friday. first from the fox news deck this afternoon,


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