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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 24, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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and hit songs like "rock the kaz kaz kaz beau." today,; the law always wins. dow doing bad things, sorry. >> stocks rocking and finishing at such a low as wall street finishes a horrible week, well into thefully. dow now become below 16,000. the biggest drop in more than two years. off about 4% this year but as we try to do here, put this in perspective, we're still up 15% from this time last year, but it's all that stuff in between that gets a lot of attention, and what's going on right now is getting even more attention. sandra smith on what has really got folks rattled today. >> it's the aggression story out of china 0, lack thereof. a lot of people had hopes and were buying the stock market
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based on stories being told overseas and some of them not coming to fruition. we saul the stock market selloff exacerbate in the last 48 hours bases on manufacturing numbers from china. this is the world residents second largest economy and their manufacturing sector showed contraction in january. that led to some jitters in the stock market. and this came only a couple days after we got their growth numbers that indicated china's economy slowed in the last three months of 2013. so that's really what spurred a lot of the most recent selling, but overall this is a lot of confusion, a lot of concern from u.s. investors about possibly entering in a correction mode for the stock market. we saw record after record in 2013. a correction would be a 10% or more selloff from the recent highs, and there are some analysts warning that could possibly happen, and lastly there's a lot of uncertainty, a lot of volatility out there. i was looking at the volatility
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index, the fear gauge for the market. up 25% today. so, a lot of folks just nervous about the direction the market is going, and by the way, big fed meeting next week. what are they going to do with the big tape center that's a big question. and by the way, neil, one other thing hear from analysts, looking at the stock market, there's just not a lot of catalyst to buy the stock market right now. earnings have been okay but not spectacular. so that's all playing into this recent selloff. >> just to clarify, as you were speaking we showed a chart. when we refer to the dow up 15%, that's over the past year, not this yearful right now we're down four percent on the year. we had a great runup and a lot of people will use any excuse to sell and take some profits here. but it always depends on whether these earnings go up in smoke. they're been holding their own, not much to write home about. companies have so-so activity
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abroads. >> procterprocter gamble reportg profits were done. starbucks missed sales expectations. so have the been disappointments and has given investors some reason to sell the market. >> thank you very much. we like to put this in context and don't often go with market news unless we feel we should pass it along in perspective here. we're still up appreciably over the year. sometimes anchors just have to shut up and let the news speak for itself. or to goh to a videotape. a tape of two stories. the first one you know quite well. >> call for the fed to step in. investigate the explosive e-mails that show christie's aides closing highways on the world's busiest bridge. >> calling an abuse of power and
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act of political retribution. >> a potential presidential candidate caught up in scandals. >> tonight on nightline, the boss. >> i'm governor. just shut up for a second. >> caught up in a scandal. he says he is humiliated. >> i come out here today, i'm sad. >> and sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> it's far cry from his usual. >> i have no interest in answering your question. >> compare that once again to this. >> in the past few weeks alone she has fought illness and injury, including hospitalization. she leaves her post as the most admired woman in the world, and the gallup poll for the 11th 11th year in a row. well, today hillary clinton was under fire, and at times fired back. >> after a fall, a concussion and a blood clot, hillary clinton showed rare public emotion, reflecting the toll ben gas si has been taking on her. >> her indig nation emotion as she end this tenure on the public stage. >> but today this woman who traveled the world's america's
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top diplomat came to the hill ready for a fight. >> i want to talk about the hearings this week you had a very long day. how is your health? >> a lot of you asked to see that again. so we showed it to you again. don't think there's any need to show it anymore or say it anymore. a tieup at a bridge would appear to be four dead in benghazi. hillary clinton still a victim? chris christie still a bully, and patricia smith's son still dead and still no answers why he is dead. i. >> been a year and i'm not getting answers. i get told ridiculous things by the administration. that -- i don't know i'm very frustrated. my son is dead and the government doesn't care. i want an answer, please, get me an answer. why? why? just why? >> no issues we covered this
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week framed the bias media world in which we live like these two stories and the way in which they are covered of research department did some digging and found out this. in the days immediately following hillary clinton's testimony there were 71 headlines in the top 50 newspapers. and the days following the christie bridge controversy, 184 headlines in the same top 50 newspapers. left or right no one can take an unbiased look at the numbers and come away and say, that's not right and let's just say no issue came close to generating as much heat over the sheer unfairness of it, aaron tweets people that compare people caught in traffic makes you sick with all the media bias and agenda driven news. austin, wow, media on christie and hillary is obvious and horrible. >> alexander, thank you for finally exposing the craziness of the media coverage of the bridge scandal compared to the death of people ben gads --
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benghazi. latina tweets: the bias and hypocrisy showing with hillary and benghazi, and christie and bridgegate. >> you're the best. thank you for benghazi coverage and noncoverage. still, someone else, smm, bigger disgrace than any politician. job of the media is to keep politicians honest, not be more corrupt. and bob says if christie is guilty he should suffer the consequences, but this media bias must stop that obama and hillary should also pay if they're guilty. also via twitter, this: loved how team cavuto talking about how the media has not been hunting ans for the benghazi attack. they should do better, and this from kevin, wondering if chris christie should have used hilary's hash tag, what difference does make? and then this text, bieber got
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more coverage than benghazi has in the last 16 months. now that we have heard from you. let's hear from our panel on this. we just wanted to look at the coverage of this and maybe the blatant unfair nature of the coverage. jacob mcdonald, kennedy, democratic strategist, rick unger, and political maestro larry. kennedy, you first mitchell argument is, go after chris christie was a horrible thing, stupid thing, especially being a tough guy and trying to exact revenge, but every bit as zealous going against in the benghazi story. >> especially when you're dealing with two people who possibly be president. they both have big faults for different reasons. i think chris christie is a bully and have doubts whether he would be a good president and he doesn't like libertarians. he came out in favor of
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legalizing marijuana, and hillary rodham clinton couldn't go on morning talk shows because she was too exhausted and give a thorough and accessible explanation what happened and where she was. if someone is so tired they can't be president. if you're so tired after a scandal how can you possibly be the commander in chief and possibly leave -- lead the executive branch. >> my issue with both candidates, wasn't about him and hillary, or governor christie. it was about the underlying scandals, the underlying mess. so, i put them aside and how they're feeling and how they're holding up. >> but the press, after hillary clinton's testimony, did not put it aside. it was about her and her health. that was a valentine, if nothing exemplifies a love affair that media outlets have with her. it was not only -- sympathetic, it was cloying to hear and that is part of what is so disturbing about the way this issue is
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covered. in the clip it says, the toll it has taken on her. what about the four people who are dead? and what about the fact that we still don't have answers and you want to talk about a bully. how about how she talked to senator ron johnson? why didn't shut she get more hate for speaking that way? what difference does it make. >> quoting smith lyrics? that is such an offensive response to any tragedy. what difference is makes? it makes a big difference when the person you love most is dead because you want answers and consequences and you want something. you want some form of justice. and so do the american people. that's what they should want. and the media allowing this to to go to bed quietly, shows how we abandon our troops. >> larry, the way the scandals are covered, a sign that one is more northworthy than the other. i'm just saying if you're going after one go off the other will fun abandon. that's fine, but be very, very aggressive to me, at least,
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though i same to be a classic case of them picking and choosing who they want to go after. >> neil, you asked the question, what was the subtext in each of the scandals that were covered? for hillary clinton, remember, this came up in september of 2012, right in the middle of the most intense part of the presidential campaign when it was very close. now, i think just about every study has shown the vast majority of key media people vote democratic, and i'm sure that was true in 2012. i have not seen it applied to 2012 but i think we can reasonably assume that was the case. so, the -- what was going on with hillary clinton and benghazi in a sense contradicted the subtext, which was the presidential campaign. for chris christie, one of your guests just said it. the subtext of chris christie's narrative is, he is a bully. this scandal fits that subtext perfectly, and so that was one
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reason why it got more coverage than the other, though i'll predict to you flatly, if hillary does run for president, and during the democratic nomination process, and if she is the nominee during the general election process, you're going to see far more on benghazi in 2016 than you ever saw in 2012. >> i don't know about that. i don't know. but you could be right. rick, what do you think? >> i think larry just nailed it, said exactly what was on my mind you have to put some reference to the timing here. when benghazi happened, obviously there was heavy coverage, not focused on hillary because it was right smack in the middle of the election. if hillary runs for president, larry has got it right. you're going to hear benghazi like you wouldn't believe. >> who are you hearings from? >> all the papers. >> no way. no way. you might not -- do you think the "washington post" and "new york times" are going redig that issue? i don't. >> i do.
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and you know how i feel about this. when it comes to media, it is what sells much more than what the politics are. when you get into this campaign and people start bringing up the word benghazi, the media is going for it because it's going to sell the newspapers and -- >> well, bit that definition should have sold before and didn't. it was brought up and dropped. my issue, kennedy, is that i hope these gentlemen are right and that comes to pass. history tells me they're much more zealous covering stories that might affect a conservative they don't like and that's showing their liberal bias. to me that's very obvious. >> they also treated her like an eler statesman who is retiring from politics completely and this was her swan song. >> being abused and picked on by the republicans. >> will she withstrand the scrutiny to complete the job running for president? >> she needn't worry. i just don't think it will happen. >> i think it will come back to haunt her, number one. but sadly, covering the christie scandal was just easier.
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piling on to him. it was like something a screen writer writes. he is across the river from new york city, and it's why do we get wall-to-wall justin bieber coverage because he is popped in miami? it's easy. >> who is ju step bieber? >> exactly. but benghazi is 5,000 miles away and we cat let people forget we still don't have answers but it's a lazy media. >> i want to thank you. i wanted to show the comparison just to bring this up, and everyone has their set opinions on this issue. some i respect that. but again, you cannot look at the coverage, you cannot look at the stat is raised or the amount of hours that were devoted to each story come away without concluding, wait a minute, that's a bias media. maybe it rights itself. i don't see it righting itself yet. in the meantime, do any of you see this olympic year, amid mount can terror fires in russian, american athletes are being told by the state
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androgel 1.62%. after the traveling, the target is getting scary now. the state department warning american olympic athletes to avoid wearing team colors while out and about in russia. the memo comes amid growing fears and threats targeting the sochi olympics. katie says it's not so much sochi that is the concern. it's everything else in russia. when you're starting to tell people in the case of americans, kind of downplay the outfit. >> i think right now, probably the safest place in russia is inside the ring of steel in sochi. putin has made his career killing chechens. it's personal with him. he doesn't want to have anything happen. obviously this is russia's big moment, showing they're a superpower again, it's his moment on the world stage. his credibility, legacy. they're not going to let
1:19 pm
anything happen there. to the point where they have sent troops. people door-to-door in chechneya, to women, and have taken the a cheek swab to get a dna sample to have on record in case there's any kind suicide bombers and they'll compare body parts and dna. so there's going to be every effort that can possibly be made to make the place safe. i'm worried about outside the ring of steel. russia is a big country. >> the 40,000 troops circling the city, the advice is, don't leave. >> yeah. >> don't go outside. >> and also, for anybody who is going to the olympics, how do you get there? you're flying, and then traveling into the olympic city, and to the village, and the hotel. it's getting there and getting back from there that i'm worried about.
1:20 pm
>> excuse me. are they doing enough, though? are they -- >> don't know. you don't want to know. whenever they're doing, probably keeping it quite secret. we havered our help. chances are they don't want the strings that come with that help. i look at the chechens, the most -- before there was al qaeda there was chip chen terrorist. they're the ones that said in sigh beera, the only people who never broke under the stalinist regime were the chechens and the dagestanis, they have killed children before, don't have any problem with that they've shown they can move all around russia. they put a dirty bomb, the only dirty boom we have ever seen in the world in a park in moscow 20 years ago. >> how do we know they're there? >> that's they're home town. >> they knew the olympics were coming so i don't know when he brought the 30 or 40,000 troops but i imagine a lot of the bad guys are --
1:21 pm
>> already there. they live there. now, they build a home -- it's a -- i saw the deputy prime minister of russia several weeks ago and he said that in sochi for the last 30 years, nothing going on, sense stalin, but they fixed it up a lot. put a lot ofert in. so you have two worries -- >> no problem. thank you. let me actually speak. i apologize for that. things go wrong and democrats use the f-word, not that f-word. this one. why? we chip away. making t colors of earth and sunset skies into rich interi accents. or putting the beauty of a forest in the palm of your hands... it will take you to another place... whereverou happen to be. this is the new 2014 jeep grand cherokee. it is the best of what we're made of.
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>> an argument no family wants to make but in this this case the family says it's their opt
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option, take the woman off life support. she is a pregnant wife and mom hooked up life support. the hospital is refusing to disconnect the machines. a judge is now hearing the case. casey? >> reporter: the court hearing underway right now and this comes at a time, frankly, when new and graphic information about this unbeen baby is emerging. all of this coming to us from a statement made by the attorneys representing the munoz family. we want to show it to you. it reads in part, i'm quoting. ment according to medical records we have been provided, the fetus is distinctly an abnormal. the lower extremities are deformed to the extent that the gender cannot be determined. >> now, also describes possible heart problems. for back story, 33-year-old woman seen here with her husband and other child, has been braindead since thanksgiving.
1:26 pm
according to her family, after collapsing from a blood clot in her lung. she is 22 weeks pregnant and hooked up to machines, but this issue is certainly heated and sparking a national debate. protesters have gathered outside the hospital in forth worth. some pro life groups said the husband's attempt, they call it, is to kill his wife and unborn child, bold statements. others have not been as harsh but are trying to speak for the mother. >> i really believe if she could speak, she would say, i want my baby to survive if i cannot. >> so that brings us to today. her family is suing the hospital, saying that she is already dead, and that being kept on life support is against her wishes. but doctors at jps hospital in fort worth cite a texas law that prohibits withdrawing life support from a pregnant patient while a decision is expected at any time today, it's also
1:27 pm
possible, neil, this judge could gather some of the evidence and material and make a decision at a later time. we republic keel you posted. >> thank you, casey. a very tough case, igniting parks on both sides. but in the eyes of the law who has it right? >> i think the family is right in this case. although there's a law that states they can't remove life support when the mother is carrying a baby, i think what the court is going to do is look at the intent of the law, which is preserve life and when you look at the circumstances in this case, the baby has heart problems, i think it's a boy, he -- they can't even tell because of the deformities. so i don't think that in this case the court is going to say, let this child live with a poor quality of life. >> i want to stress the shots we're showing are the couple's other child, not the baby in
1:28 pm
question. of course, still in the mother's womb. stacy, where does this go? >> well, it's going to be a battle over the hospital defending its position because they are claiming they're following the law, and it's the texas advance directive act, and the lawyers can say we can look at the intent of the legislature behind the law. the problem with the law is there was no forsythe into situations where pregnancies might not be viable, the unborn fetus or baby might not be born with significant health issues, as in this case. nothing was considered. the law is, parent shall not withdraw life support on a pregnant patient. and that is a problem. what is the definition of pregnancy? there are all kinds of problems not contemplated by the legislature when they put this law on the books and now the hospital's hands are tied because if they don't follow the law, they can have criminal liability, they can lose their
1:29 pm
licensing. so, they're -- >> they're stuck. the time to have saved the baby was some time ago, right? the problems have compounded, the baby's heart, lungs, other -- >> the lack of oxygen. >> so maybe the time to have done this to rescue the fetus, would have been back then. and now it's too late for that. but where does this go? they can argue, well, the baby's health might appear compromised but it's still a living being. >> i had my daughter at 26 weeks so i've seen babies who are born premature that can still survive. so, if it was matter of just keeping the baby in the mother's womb -- >> but you were not in a coma. >> right. i know that most people say this law is geared towards -- the mother could get the baby to a higher gestational week and the baby could be fine, which is true. but in this case, there's so hasn't health issues and --
1:30 pm
>> this case is significant because the families lawyer is arguing the mother is not alive, is technically brain dead. they'll say she is not a patient, and they're calling her body decaying tissue. schuss being oxygenated. >> to the longer they talk about it the more the baby's health is compromised. >> right. the mother's condition is worsening. >> a law that didn't consider circumstances like this. >> very tragic case. we'll have more. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreli down i-95. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had thpower to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment
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you know, even i wanted to upchuck when i heard this. >> how will the message machine led by fox news, the drudge report and the rush limbaughs that can broadcast the same exaggerated and even false messages instantly are all means that the tea party has used to gain ascendancy. >> now, that seems to ring a bell. it should the president telling the "the new yorker" and i quote, the issue has been the inability of my message to penetrate the republican base to -- that i'm somebody somebody interested in solving problems and that a lot of the things we put in place work better than people might think so. fox is responsible, i guess, by that, for everything is going wrong in d.c., including the gridlock.
1:35 pm
bret bayer, what do you make of this? >> always interesting. when fox news is inserted into the political dialogue here -- and it happens now and again -- this is the number three democrat in the senate, using -- and he is responsible for a lot of the messaging that comes out of there -- saying that fox news and rush limbaugh and others responsible for a lot of messaging for the republican party. the message coincides with the president mentioning fox news and rush limbaugh and others in that "the new yorker" addendum. actually a quote that was added to that long "the new yorker" piece you saw before. this is something that messaging people do. they talk between the house and the white house and the senate and the white house, and we have seen it before. >> you cover this stuff all the time. i'm told it sort of jazzes debate and i guess by that they mean the base must not be a fan
1:36 pm
of fox news. although you get plenty of independent democratic viewers, as do i. but be that as it may, maybe that is the sentiment that this will rally the troops to sort of say, it's our poor president, our poor agenda being ripped apart by i guess these neanderthals. >> that is what we're seeing from the white house and everybody that is looking at the white house, from capitol hill, believes the "state of the union" address on tuesday will hit a love another themes in part to rally the base. we have seen some things being talk about that are specifically aimed at that, and remember, this is 2014. this is a mid-term election year. and they believe politically that they need to do this. this is one way perhaps to do that. we'll just point out there are lot of other news organizations with a lot of other polling organizations that the president is not faring to well on a
1:37 pm
number of fronts. >> i wish we had half the power people think we do. as much as the president bemoans fox, we have no control over'm companies jettisoning employ questions over the healthcare issue. i wonder if speaker boehner is feeding the beast, on jay leno, saying i thought it was nuts. what's going on there? >> there's no doubt that there's a split, neil in the republican party, and there's a fight, and speaker boehner is dealing with it, and he is trying to get things across the finish line. he believes are good for the party, but there is a big faction inside the house that doesn't believe that's true. i think you're going to see this battle in immigration reform coming up. probably be a number of other battles he is trying to corral. it's a challenge because there
1:38 pm
are a lot of issues that conservatives believe into go the other way. the deal win paul ryan and patty murray made it across the finish line. >> that's what we hope. brett, always a pressure. look forward to seeing your show tonight. brett baier in washington. to conservatives under attack. souza targeted. a group of supporters like gary sinise, and bill deblasio backing cuomo's comments that extremists have no place in new york state. >> i think it's become acceptable or encouraged to tar and feather anyone who questions
1:39 pm
government overreach today. unfortunately this fear mongering and pitting americans against one another, whether it's the consecutives or wealthy or women, has been common practice among democrats and progressives. >> ill know there might be different dot us but i connect them just the same, between going after conservatives in california. post all of the dustup and going after tea party conservatives, that great investigation that has yet to bear any heads on a spike, but leaving that aside, there does seem to be a weird kind of a pattern to this stuff, and -- i don't see it going the other way. >> you're absolutely right. it's definitely concerning. to look at something from the war on women rhetoric rescuer to irs targeting conservative groups, and it trickles down. even today, this mornings, there was a debate, an attack on quit ter, against conservative columnist kathlyn lopez.
1:40 pm
this we're seeing this come out in ways that are concerning. >> what is sit toll me -- again, i could be misreading it but the interest of this conservatives being targeted, maybe i better just stay under the radar here because everytime i pipe up, i might have the irs after me or some overzealous justice department singling me out. put you worry whether you're the victim of the next fire. >> you're absolutely right. this is intend not only to stir up political support but to muzzle anyone who is questioning big government. any candidates or lawmakers, activist, even mainstream americans who want to make their voice heard, and it's not so outside of the realm of normal. i just looked at some polls, and 42% of americans identify themselves ace fiscal conservatives. that may be some overreporting but the idea that people believe we should rein in government is not outrageous.
1:41 pm
>> or that you can intimidate those who do to make people thing there must be something to what they say because these people who i otherwise would admire are all being fingered or brought to people's attention, so they must be nuts. >> i wish we could agree this is a big country, range of different values and perspectives and policy ideas, but we have lot of serious challenges ahead of us right now. high unemployment, we have poverty issues, education crisis, health care problems. it would be nice if we could push aside the rhetoric and come to the table and have a conversation in a civilized manner. >> i take your point. i don't want to put words in your mouth. you do find the pattern of these targets disparate and different that's are to be at least intriguing. >> it is, and i definitely think it trickles down. i think there's a larger sort of message. this doesn't just pop up out of nowhere. we hear it from the president,
1:42 pm
and we were hearing it from lots of different lawmakers, schumer, cuomo. this doesn't come out of nowhere. there's a conversation how this goes about. >> amazing. sabrina, thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. >> well, this conservative, center ted cruz, is calling on the president to address the irs scandal in the state of the union speech. we're going to be all over it on fox business network. coverage kicking off tuesday. 8:00 p.m. you'll get simultaneous market reaction from here and around the world ask that's timely given the market volatility of late, with the biggest names on the right and left. there are business networks that will cover the economic stuff. only one network will mary those things and you're looking at the gee who is going to marry it for you and help you, because this speech isn't just about the state of the the undown. it's about the state of your wallet and your family.
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can't afford not to watch. if you don't, i'm going to find out who you are and i will permanently go to your house and stay and never leave. you want that? some of you do but probable 99% of you don't. so don't fork get to watch us on tuesday. >> had enough of these hackings? what if today you it's just beginning and you have to fine out what is really going on here. it's not these teenage kids or young kids they catch. it's who they're giving that stuff to. ♪
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start a tax-free business at
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the hacks will be back. the fbi telling retailers to expect nor credit card breaches as the agency discovering 20 active cases. and it's only going to get worse unless we change who we're looking at. it's not, as you say, john, it's the hacks. we're looking at the wrong
1:47 pm
folks. >> the bit players in the cybercrime system. you toe be successful. steal credentials, monetize it and launder the money. so these guys are creating a code base, that allows you or me or anybody else with the ability to buy that code base, a thousand bucks, to go take that and go execute it against point of sale systems and steal the credit card data. >> who buys it from them? >> it's global in nature. these criminal marketplaces operate all over the worlds. not a local problem. just people like to point the blame at russia. certainly they're major players in it, but all eastern european block countries all over the world participate. the scope is interesting. more profits made in the cybercrime industry than in the drug trade. >> that? >> yes. >> they sell this to a group that wants to make a lot of money breaking into mesh
1:48 pm
retailers. >> that's correct. >> for the money. >> all about the money, for sure. what they do next, they break into the retail systems, gather all the magnetic strip data. those guys are often times bit players. they then sell off the strip data, somebody buying the credit card information, they have the capability to monetize it. how do you authenticate cards and then once the get the cash, they need to get the cash home, launder he money back home. so the guys that wrote the code are a small part of the cybercrime ecosystem. >> john, to the man and woman they caught on the mexican border with these cards, were they dupes? what? >> well, they're also another piece of the criminal puzzle, which is money mules. try to get the cards out of the country just like getting cards out of the country. >> hadn't the cards long been shut down. >> depends. the victims now become disclosed
1:49 pm
and aware they're victims. what happens here is you have major criminal momentum. they bought these different peas of code. they're executing activity against these retailers. mass amounts of credit cards are being storm. not just -- stolen. not just the ones that are closed. the secret service is saying here is the technical dat to look for because you've may be a victim, and you'll see more and more discovery of people that have been breached for a long time and didn't know it. so the credit cards used there may still be active because they haven't determine they're a victim yet. that's what we are left to see as this unfolds. >> you feel a lot more retailers, a lot more bang, more target. >> no doubt. tip of the iceberg. >> john waters, we were talking to him on fox business and got a slew of e-mail, people wanting to know how this happened. >> the captain and tennelle. they're not going to be doing it one more time. what the heck happened?
1:50 pm
some insight into something pretty sad. that's next. female announcer: it's time to make room
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i love that song. now i hear the captain and tennille are breaking up. after 39 years of marriage, not enough love to keep them together. tony and darryl are going their separate ways. in a week of other big news, this one for some reason stuck with me. not because i really liked that song as a kid in the '70. i really liked them. maybe because they seemed to defy the flash in the pants entertainment marriages that come and go. maybe this week i'm hearing
1:54 pm
colorado is considering marriage classes before couples get licenses in their state. some find the medaling worrisome. i find the reason colorado is doing it more worrisome. emergen marriages just don't last. in fact, half still fail. that also means half do not fail. i hope you don't mind if i end this week showing you that half-full glass. whe i hope you don't mind my doing what a lot of you asked me to do after you heard me talking about another couple this week. this is that couple, my mom and dad. up until recently, i myself had not seen a lot of these pictures, but they came to light, much as these new never before seen pictures of the challenger disaster and the day of the jfk assassination recently came to light as well. by accident, out of nowhere. decades after their deaths, all of their deaths. i know what you're thinking. the photos of that couple, neil,
1:55 pm
really, they're not famous people. they're not remotely rich people, but they were good people. greatest generation people. would do anything in the world for you people. today as i'm hearing all the sad news on marriages, it got me thinking about their marriage. i remember thinking before my own marriage 30 jeers ago, asking for my parents for advice. my italian dad was quick to say, i always tell your mother she's right even when she isn't. my irish mom would quip, i always tell your father he's the boss even though he's not. now they laugh, but i understood what they were saying. marriage isn't bliss. but it is a bond. and one worth fighting for. i don't know. this much i do. despite some pretty big fights in their day, whew, when push came to shove, no one was more in the other's corner than my parents were for each other. old days, until the end of they days. they didn't quite make their 40th anniversary, but i do know
1:56 pm
my dad was planning something big. as soon as your mother tells me what it is, neil, he would say to me. trust me, they had their moments, lots of moments. what couple doesn't? then again, what couple doesn't want to strive to try and make it work and see their kids succeed? to do something that they never got a chance to do. to do better. and to fulfill their dreams. so rather than get you sad or me sad, allow me to end on a happy note. my parents, well, they did okay with those kids. and it wasn't easy. you try raising a superhero. see that? told you. yeah, that's me. too bad my parents aren't alive to see me saving the world every day now. but you know, my grandmother got it. my parents got it. still, my little brother, i don't think he ever got it. kids. super memories. super parents.
1:57 pm
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hello, everyone. i'm andrei bekh along with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, greg gutfield, and dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> for some reason, president obama just can't get us off his mind. it's almost like we live rent free in his head. >> i've got one television station entirely devoted to attacking my administration. >> just in case some of your friends or neighbors or, you know, uncle jim who is a little stubborn and been watching fox news -- >> if you talk to somebody who said, well, i don't know. i was watching fox news and they


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