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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 24, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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ship in england. she was raised in michigan. thank you for joining us, have a great week. i'm megyn kelly. and welcome back to "hannity" tonight, tonight, we have a jam-packed edition of the show, america, are you ready? let's roll. news reports that justin bieber cried like a baby after yesterday's court appearance in miami. so how will the biebs stack up against other infamous celebrity meltdowns? winning. >> more evidence that an obama administration hit list does in fact exist. a new documentary shows mitt romney like you have never seen him. >> i just can't believe you're going to lose. >> yeah. >> would a glimpse at the real
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mitt have changed the 2012 election? >> they finally arrested justin bieber, folks, we don't have to live in fear anymore! >> all of that, weighing in on the best of late night laughs, we begin tonight as more details about justin bieber's arrest in florida are now starting to trickle out. according to people magazine, the pop star quote, cried his little eyes out after the judge set his bond at $2500 yesterday. but it appeared it didn't have much effect on him. the daily mail showed that justin bieber was pictured partying with his father in miami after his release. even though his manager and team had a jet standing by for him, they reportedly wanted to get him out of miami so they could have a heart to heart with him. as always, log onto our facebook page. and don't forget, time to trend at 10. we welcome our friday studio audience, how much is everybody?
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all right, culture, teens gone wild. to be expected? >> you know, justin bieber, miley cyrus, the list goes on and on. what i really feel sorry for is parents trying to raise girls who are following the individuals, they want t be like them. that is who i feel sorry for. >> his father was out there partying with him, he should be whipping his you know what. >> don't we see this with all the celebrities, look at this. >> the most important thing is justin bieber's mom chose life. she was pregnant at 17. raised him as a single mom and now justin is turning around saying his mom gave him these prescription drugs when he was pulled over for his dwi. it is like i hope that justin bieber chooses life. this is a path to death, he is so young. he is such a role model. he was caught in brazil -- >> the media is obsessed.
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an entire industry built around him. amy? >> you're looking at this man, too much, too soon, this is the young man who wrote in the anne frank guest log "she would have been a belieber." this is not a serious man. >> this is just -- we -- we the wild kids. >> we the what? >> you're not going to remember this. >> you are not going to remember you [ bleep ] in a rainstorm, everybody does that. wild kids! >> what did you say? >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> i'm looking at this -- all of
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these -- i don't think fame is healthy. now, i say that as somebody that is on tv. okay? >> no, but you make a great point. there is takeaway here, that is really important. takeaway for teenagers, if these are the values that you aspire to, the fame and fortune, maybe it will cause teens to evaluate what is important. for people who are in the limelight like everybody here, it is time to say this guy surrounded himself with yes men. >> i think the person who handles fame the best is tamra. >> yes, because i have so many people and paparazzi coming up to me wanting my autograph. they really like me. but sean, i find this really weird because -- there is a problem with authority here. where is the discussion about the kids smuggling a monkey into another country.
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renting a lamborghini, riding through the streets. forget the conversation, he totally dismisses the authority and the rules and law of the land. >> his father is allowing him to drink alcohol and then if he drives and kills somebody, is he going to say he suffers from affluenza? >> you go back to elvis presley, and janis joplin, and michael jackson, anybody more messed up than michael jackson? let's look at other celebrities just absolutely losing it because of fame. >> what the [ bleep ] you think. look at these guys, look at them. >> it wasn't a vacation, some sort of a joke. and i respect -- taking me seriously. >> you better be ready, friday, the 20th.
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to meet with me to let you know just how i feel about what a rogue little pig you really are. >> you judge me, condemn me. >> not anymore. >> winning. >> i'm really happy for you, i'm going to let you finish. but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> this, and this. yeah. >> sean, what we don't know and need the answer to, was justin bieber one of those few young people who signed up for his obamacare so he can get the health care help he needs and will he get to see the doctor he wants to choose? >> that is right, todd stearns, you like to write about the cultures? >> yes, american culture, i wonder if this is a great time
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to have debate on immigration policies. what does a guy have to do to get deported from this country? but also the family, we have an absent dad now a part of the picture. he was allegedly there. and then we have the mom who was apparently or allegedly giving the kid these drugs. this is like a jerry springer family. >> amber? >> what this comes down to is when these young kids have that much fame, they get detached from reality is what it is. so when they have the spotlight, the money, you mix the drugs and alcohol and parents who -- are partying with you? that is not okay. >> the partridge family, remember danny bonaduce? >> i have to comment on the fact he is canadian. because if you look at his arrest report, the people having the last laugh at this are the canadians, because while we have been focusing on rob ford, they shoved bieber across the border.
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he is a national citizen, his nationality is united states. he is in here. >> yeah, you're a teacher, do you see a lot of this in school? >> well, my students are not at all interested in justin bieber. >> i'm sure none of your students drink. >> of course not. there is a petition to get him deported. he is here on a special visa for people who excel and gives something to the united states. >> and if i say something about msnbc, probably leave your website. >> you should say something about msnbc right now. >> they're awful, just awful, they're an extension of the obama white house press office. >> really? >> they are, they are. >> one of the things that this
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conversation centered on is how terrible this is. nobody is glamorous -- saying this is glamorous. every time something like this happens, people say oh, gosh, society is coming apart. >> let me ask cary, she is in the media, too, the media love to build people up and tear them down, right? >> yeah, absolutely, you mentioned this is what fame does to people. but there also has been good cases of people. people like ron howard, for example. >> but isn't that the exception? >> no, but you see, there were other exceptions, as well, but there are people also not famous who also have messed up lives, as well. i think this has to do with what happens when people end up becoming extraordinarily successful and how they end up happening themselves, and people, whether they're famous or not. >> i have to stand in solidarity with my sister, amber, because i agree with her. i mean, this is solidarity,
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sister. number one, where the hell are the authorities that are allowing this kid to get away with it? number two, this just proves the fact that hillary clinton's ridiculous it takes a village is total bs. you need parents. it is not fame that did this. it is that you don't have a mother and father kicking your a double scribble. all right, i got that. is well a left wing conspiracy against all of obama -- and we have a person who thinks the attack on the conservatives was directly pointed at him, we'll be here to explain why. and our legendary coach will weigh in on the nfl mania, to see if he agrees with my super bowl prediction. straight ahead.
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and welcome back to "hannity" now, the administration's list of enemies seems to be growing day by day, and the latest victim, denesh e d'souza, this comes after the harass of the groups last year, we learned they have placed extra scrutiny on an extra group of conservatives in hollywood. you may not have known they existed. and joining us now, legendary entertainer, pat boone himself, how are you sir? >> i'm doing great. i don't know about that legendary part. but i may have to come move in with you in florida, sean. >> well, you know, i'll never
7:15 pm
forget, andrew brightbart, i was talking to cary picket, who was the first person to tell me about the conservative group in hollywood. he said you're not going to believe it. friends of abe but you can't tell anybody. he told me some of the members, you were a member of this group, right? >> right, have been for years. and when there was about 30 people meeting in the little restaurant, and now the last meetings we had of all of our membership was over 2,000, and these are people on every level of the entertainment industry who are conservative and have been conservative right along, but have been intimidated in saying anything or even voicing their views. and so friends of abe after abraham lincoln was simply created to give us a place for fellowship, to share our views without intimidation, and in many cases, without fear of losing employment. >> real quick, tell me how the group was organized, and how it
7:16 pm
was targeted. and what the irs has said to the organization. >> now, i'm not privy to what the irs said, but i do know they stonewalled the application for status, which they are entitled to. and it has been three years in which they have been targeted and may be prohibited if this administration can have their way. because only because -- not because they launch campaigns. not because they produce films or tv. they meet and talk together. they fellowship. we do, and we have speakers come in and talk to us. we really are trying to come to our own independent conclusions about what is best for the country. we have every right and liberty to do that. but the irs has become the thought police. and if we are in any way dissenting, they want to shut us down or not give us exempt
7:17 pm
status. meanwhile, others do fine although they're a far more political action committee, which foa is not or doesn't intend to be. >> all right, pat, you indeed or legendary, and always will be, thank you for setting the table to us. and your first time on the show? >> absolutely. >> i don't know if you're a liberal or conservative. but did you hear about the irs targeting tea party groups, conservatives, now friends of abe, there seems to be a pattern emerging. >> well, actually i don't think there is anything new. because when you're a person who is conservative or has any kind of moral base. what is going to happen is simply you're not going to be accepted. so it really doesn't matter whether or not you're a republican, independent, or democrat. what matters is that you do the right thing. and what is happening is, it is like the slippery slope, we're starting to do things that are not right, not acceptable. and we're targeting those people
7:18 pm
that choose to continue to have a moral base. >> david, you and i disagree on a lot of politics. we've known each other a long time, we have had a few debates, some heated. i would be pretty angry if liberals were targeted by a republican or conservative president. why isn't there more outrage from the left? >> well, there were democrats and others that spoke out about the irs, congressman issa has investigated this. >> you and i both know it was systemat systematic, many groups, a concerted effort to intimidate. >> there is a certain difference between malfeasance, what is missing here is evidence to suggest that this was done by the white house or members by the administration, one political party. there were mistakes made. but there is a difference.
7:19 pm
>> big government is a bully, is evil and will target those who are critical of anything that is going on in this current administration, from nuns to world war ii vets, to banks and the coal industry. even banks are being targeted. jamie diamond, they were hit with a million dollar fine, a settlement, s&p downgraded the country. they were threatened by tim geithner. >> let me expand that out, and hadleigh, don't forget, everybody here and everybody watching at home is being spied on by the government and that is not what we were told would happen when the law was written. >> what is sad about the story, i believe in free market and the free marketplace of ideas. some people are open minded, trying to decide who is right, what to believe, who is the truth? we get closer to the truth when we have everybody involved in the conversation. when we hear that groups are intimidated to even speak what
7:20 pm
they believe? >> kesha? >> i believe that people should be able to voice their views whether they're popular or not. most people don't know if i'm liberal or conservative, because i share both views. i feel no group should be targeted. but then again, no law should be broken, as well. >> amy, real quick, we have to go. >> i've been to a friend of abe events, you see these hollywood folks coming out of the woodwork, you're one too? you're one too? what the irs is asking for is basically a government black list, they want the names of the friends of abe, that is government bullying. >> that is the insidious nature of it. >> pat didn't help his case, he doesn't understand what a 501(c)(4) is -- >> i tell you what, we have to pick it up. we'll come back, coming up next, my next guest claims he was the person that governor cuomo was
7:21 pm
talking about when he said extreme conservatives are not welcome in new york. plus, as we appr sunday, my friend, legendary coach, lou holtz is here with predictions and weighs in as "hannity" continues. [ male announcer ] what's different about eating? th our today's fresh fish menu, you can always catch fish fresh every day! wood-fe grilled, blackened, or roasted. eatingetter never tasted so gd! sea quality, s variety, sea food differently at red lobster.
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life? pro assault weapon? anti-gay? is that who they are? because if that is who they are, and if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of new york. because that is not who new yorkers are. >> that was governor andrew cuomo of new york, arrogantly stating that pro life, pro traditional marriage, and conservatives are not welcome in his state of new york. my next guest claims that cuomo was actually talking about him, specifically, joining me now, westchester county, that is rob astorino, how are you doing? >> what cuomo said was extremely disconcerts and disappointing and extremely disrespectful to the millions of people in new york state who differ with him on these personal issues. and so they is saying that they are unwelcome in new york is simply outrageous.
7:26 pm
you know, i think everybody should be welcome in new york. and the last thing governor cuomo should be doing is bullying out millions more people out of new york state, which according to the census bureau has had the biggest out-flow of migration than any other state. 300,000 people left since cuomo in three years, because it is the highest tax state, we're losing by every metric available. so the last thing he should be doing is telling a large segment of the population to scram because he is so divisive. >> are you planning to run against him? >> this governor should be beaten, new york is not a loser, we can be a winner again. i would ask people around the country and certainly around the country, join me on facebook, follow me on twitter and donate. that is the way we would beat
7:27 pm
governor cuomo by putting forth bold ideas. all right, rob astorino, thank you. if you're pro life, pro second amendment, and rick, if you have barack obama's position on marriage two years ago, i know he flipped and flopped. the cardinal dolan, st. patrick's in new york, he now spoke out about it for the first time today. here is what he said. >> most unfortunate at best, inflammatory and outrageous, at worst. the extremists are really on the other side, the extremists are those who want to radically expand abortion, are not happy with the way things are. resist the constitutional restraints that have been legally placed upon abortion. deny the fact that abortion on demand up until the last moment of -- right before birth, funded by the government.
7:28 pm
the vast majority of american people don't agree with. >> three and a half million people have left the state of new york, most of them are going to southern states, low or no taxes. and on top of that, for the first time, gallup shows a change, more americans are pro life than are not pro life. what has happened? >> well, my first question is what does the governor think should happen to all the catholic churches in new york? >> great question. they have no place in the state of new york were his words. >> exactly. and this feeds into the culture that liberals is in america ar creating, it is a culture of you will be added to an enemy list if you stray from our marching orders. >> i will say the comments were very extreme. but the thing is, we have comments all the time coming from conservatives in the state that are talking about you know, that are homophobic, that are
7:29 pm
against equality. a lot of things. >> what did you say? >> that is diversity. we're here, guess what? some extreme conservatives showed up here, guess what. they're dangerous, they walk among us. but you're here, this is known for diversity. that is what the melting pot is about. >> that is what it should be about. but think of the words, if you are right to life, pro second amendment, pro traditional marriage there is no place for you in new york. >> if you look at the persecution of christians on a global level i think people are going to get more concerned about what is going on right now in our country where we're shutting down a complete population of people and telling them to stop talking. >> i think it is interesting that mayor de blasio came out to endorse it, running his campaign on eliminating a tale of two cities and creating an equal city. and to take this position where you're encouraging on some level, feeding into this device of a political narrative, is
7:30 pm
hypocritical by both of them -- >> but it is the same policy. >> he may have been talking about -- >> one at a time. >> sean, no -- >> rob as totorino -- >> if andrew cuomo wants to stand at a conservative door in school and tell kids you're not welcome here. i live among the people of brooklyn. i know how these people operate. they are very mean. and they are not tolerant. the landlord of my building says don't tell people where you work. >> quick response. >> andrew cuomo wants one thing, he wants to be reelected. this is about rob astorino, this is about politics. >> he wants to kick the conservatives out. whoa, one at a time. terry? >> as far as rob astorino is concerned, i do want to bring it
7:31 pm
up. cuomo has gone after rob astorino back in 2009, he went after him over affordable housing and actually got the federal government to go over him over affordable housing. there is a point there where he is trying to attack. but as far as these comments over saying, well, conservatives are not welcomed in new york state. that is absolutely below the belt. and frankly i think that cuomo is trying to compete with de blasio right now. >> i want to add one comment right here, if you lose 3 and a half million people, the new jersey law, $74 billion a period in wealth. and states that have no income tax, like texas and states in between, they're taking in more population than they ever dreamed of. there is a story there, a reason, and it has more to do with the weather that is better down in florida and texas. all right, when we come back, my good friend, legendary coach,
7:32 pm
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. all right, kids making fun of richard sherman's meltdown after the game with erin andrews. our good friend, lou holtz is with us, what was your reaction to that interview, if you want to call it that? >> well, when is first saw it, i had great respect for richard sherman, what he accomplished. number one, he went to stanford, and had to have good morals. however, he violated three basic rules, rule number one, if you're any good, you wouldn't have to tell people. if you have to tell people you're good, they will tell you
7:37 pm
when you're good. rule number two, it is when you receive recognition, somebody gave you the opportunity to do something. he made a great play and saved the game. but that is because ten other guys on the seattle football team did what they were supposed to do. rule number three, it is important, show respect for the other people. michael crabtree, i felt so bad for, one of the best receiver news the nfl, an individual that has been injured. i just think when you show respect. when i was on the sideline, i knew how much the other coaches worked, were away from their family. yeah, i respect what they had done, that is not right. >> all right, he had a big press conference, he is saying now if you use the word "thug" that means the n word. i look at the nfl and look at college football coach and what i see are teams like gladiators. they're battling on the field, tell each other great game,
7:38 pm
congratulations, a group of them usually gets in the middle of the field and says a prayer, that is what i see. >> absolutely, because of the respect you have for what the other person has gone through, in order to reach the nfl. not everybody can be a football player, not everybody can sacrifice, has the talent. so i think that is why you should show respect. >> all right, coach, this is the defining question of your career. who is going to win the super bowl when it comes up? you and i rarely disagree, i wonder if we're on the same team here. >> the last time there was an accurate weather forecast was when god told noah is was going to rain. but i'm picking seattle for a couple of reasons, percy will be back, that will give them down the field dimension which they're lacking. in addition to that, they're outstanding on defense, it will be a low-scoring game because it takes forever for peyton manning to snap the ball.
7:39 pm
>> wow, look, we can't guess the weather conditions, i'm going with denver, i think it is a dis year for peyton manning, coach, we love you, i'm a notre dame fan, thank you. >> thank you, but i will bet you on that game. >> there is a steak dinner on the line, all right? thanks coach. how many with seattle. >> seattle? >> oh, you're from seattle, right? >> yes, i'm rooting for my home team, i know nothing about football. >> rick is with me on denver. >> we got it right last week, both had the two winners. >> i'm six for six for the last two weekends, i'm doing pretty well. >> i'm with denver. >> that, of course, obviously, you know -- >> karl rove picked the seahawks, and we know how good he is with predictions. so -- >> oh, oh -- >> $1.6 billion stadium and there is no dome. that is crazy. >> yeah, that is kind of crazy.
7:40 pm
>> is there a mistake to put it outside? you're a football fan? >> i'm from new jersey, so we'll see how they do. but i'm just seeing if the show doesn't need to be shut off this ye year. parents are tired of dealing with that. and the go-daddy commercial, the guys like it. the females feel a little awkward, when you watch it with your dad, it is a little weird. >> bruno mars? >> i think richard sherman should try to be more classy like the philadelphia eagles are, i said it, yes, i did. go eagles, go eagles. >> and richard sherman, i saw the video, he tried to shake hands with crabtree. >> now, that is a good point. >> real quick, richard sherman is right about the term thug, it is used to demonize a community, i see it with angry black women, it is actually true. people are calling him a thug. and yes, he was rude, loud, but
7:41 pm
at the same time. just demonizing him as a thug is a certain stereotype. >> you don't think it is the same as using the n word? >> sherman, bieber, and mitt romney all have in common? >> what is that? >> they lost control of their image, each one of them did that, there was consequence. >> all right, before we break, hannity, who are you throwing the football to? we throw it to a lot of different people, here is a great person on our staff, michaela, and she is going to take this big moment.
7:42 pm
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just can't believe you're going to lose. >> yeah. >> so what do you think you would say in a concession
7:46 pm
speech? by the way, somebody have a number for the president? >> i do. >> okay. >> and if you don't win, we'll still love you. the country may think of you as a laughing stock, and we'll know the truth. and that is okay. >> he hates to disappoint. >> ouch. >> this may not end well. >> the recent poll says 43% of the americans are not even sure who you are. >> the flipping mormon. >> how did you feel? >> i would not want to do this again. it is too much. >> i have looked, by the way, at what happens to anybody in the country who loses as the nominee for their party, they are a loser for life. all right? it's over. >> oh, mitt romney is a flip-flopper, he is this or that. i go, oh man, is it worth it?
7:47 pm
>> now, that was a clip from "mitt," the documentary premiering on netflix today. the critics say the film shows a whole different side of romney, which begs the question if america saw a real look at mitt romney well, could that have changed the results of the election cycle? before we turn it over to our audience for their thoughts, i want to bring in somebody who knows about elections, that is the architect, karl rove, how are you? >> fabulous, how are you? >> are you picking seattle or denver? >> i put in the wall street journal column, seattle. >> we disagree. >> oh, we'll bet, we'll talk. >> i don't bet. >> oh, you don't bet, okay, we're not going to bet then, gentlemen's bet, i got to know your former boss, george w. bush and got to know mitt romney on the campaign trail. i would argue in the case of
7:48 pm
both men if people would have been able to see them the way i did they would have had different perceptions of them. how do you overcome that in the campaign? >> well, i haven't seen the new documentary but i've read a lot about it. and stipulate two things at the beginning, one is, it is always easy to look back and say if it only had been done this way it would have turned out differently. and secondly if you try to gauge how things may have played out, you're engaging in a retrospective way. and in 2008, and 2012, we have had republican nominees who -- private men who were private about themselves. and particular wely in the case mitt romney we had a warm and gracious and a loving father and husband, a man of great character. but a lot of that warmth and a lot of what that meant to his life and things through which people would have come to have a bigger understanding of him, were simply not shared.
7:49 pm
and i think this documentary is going to show a lot of people a side of mitt romney that they will find appealing and attractive. and they're to say why didn't we see that guy out on the campaign trail? >> yeah, i think that is a good point. is there any way a candidate in the future can counter the narratives, the demonizing conservatives in particular? >> well, the american people need to recognize, they need to know who they are, it is essential they need to get to know you better. when you know somebody and think you know what makes them tick, you have a greater confidence level in them and are more likely to trust them. people say mitt romney didn't defend himself on bain, and why didn't he? and when he went to london, they asked him about his wife's horse, he said that is her thing, i'm not even going to be here when he performs. because he was afraid of looking like a rich guy.
7:50 pm
what if he said i don't care what happens here, a long time ago we awarded the gold medal to the horse because my wife sometime was diagnosed with ms. it was a horrible moment for me, the >> doctors is he this sounds great but get her up on a horse we think there is a stimulator system that helps it ward it off. that is why she's up on that horse. i love that horse. they want -- would it have been a powerful moment. we needed to see more that have to understand who he was and what he was about and to get a comfort level with him. >> all right. karl rove, thank you. we bring back our studio audience, jennifer stefano i saw a decent, honorable good man, father, husband i don't know in the country saw that because of the way he was
7:51 pm
beaten up. >> people who believe in our values of freedom have to recognize it's 2013. humility they think they're showing is false you've got to show the country who you are. we're a nation that bases political decisions on emotion and feeling not the same country of 100 years ago. you've got to show you're like us. >> no? >> that is right, and the film maker said that and reveals that mitt romney never likes to talk about himself he likes to talk about policy he hated biography. that is something you can cannot do and win a presidential race. >> if we would have saw the mitt romney where he completely destroyed obama, he was confident and saw it in polls afterwards, numbers surged and then afterwards he seemed to not
7:52 pm
to have the presence he previously did. >> i don't think it had anything to do with his family issues or anything. what it was that president obama offered was change. everybody was looking for a change. because he was able to meet the needs, the thought of sympathy what was in someone's heart. >> we got a change. no jobs and more people on food stamps. lowest labor participation rate in decades. >> coming up as jay leno prepares to sign off on nbc we want to know which late-night host has the best one liners? that, coming up next. i ys say be thman with the plan
7:53 pm
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president obama now saying
7:57 pm
america's number one domestic terrorist has been apprehended they finally arrested justin beiber. he is in custody we don't have to live in fear anymore. >> authorities released his mug shot. take a look at this, i don't know if i'm looking at a mug shot or pro active commercial. >> we need someone to talk some sense into justin beiber. maybe this guy? how about guy? >> he did admit he drank alcohol, smoked drugs and took prescription drugs that night. that convinces me he's running for mayor of toronto. >> justin beiber giving the late night some material to work w who likes fallon?
7:58 pm
>> what? >> ray ferguson. >> jimmy kimmel. >> kimmel? what? who? >> kimmel? who likes kimmel? who likes david letterman? he was great. he's become a cranky liberal. right? >> what is that? >> you like craig ferguson? who thinks when fallon did the bit with spring stein who thought that was maze something right? >> jimmy fallon. his weekend updates solidify it. he's just great. jimmy kimmel is a close second. >> unnecessary censorship? you can't beat that. that is prime. one of my favorite things. >> you like mean tweets? >> i think the panel should record a series of their own.
7:59 pm
>> who do you like, andy? >> is 10:00 late night? because that would be you. >> there we are. >> jay leno set the standard others are following. jay leno >> it's also johnny carson. >> tamara? who does tamara like? >> i like all of them they're talented comedians with great staff amazing writers. >> you're doing stand snup >> i am doing stand up. >> do you have a joke? >> all of them you said i can't say. >> jimmy. >> kimmel is hilarious. >> thank you for coming. that is the time we have left. before we go it's time, don't wait. set your dvr. record "hannity" 10:00 eastern fox news channel. fox and friends first. have a great
8:00 pm
weekend and we'll see you back here on monday. rolling out. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i was just wondering if you had an estimate on what the cost was. >> i don't. but i would refer you to the east wing. >> busy week for president obama. the expense of the first lady's birthday party, his comparison of marijuana to alcohol and the continuing problems with the obamacare rollout. tonight, white house correspondent ed henry will bring us up to date. >> women i know are outraged that the democrats think that women are nothing more than helpless and hopeless creatures. >> big controversy over mike huckabee's comments about womenly bid does and big -- women, libidos and big government. >> chris christie digging out of bridge g


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