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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 24, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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weekend and we'll see you back here on monday. rolling out. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i was just wondering if you had an estimate on what the cost was. >> i don't. but i would refer you to the east wing. >> busy week for president obama. the expense of the first lady's birthday party, his comparison of marijuana to alcohol and the continuing problems with the obamacare rollout. tonight, white house correspondent ed henry will bring us up to date. >> women i know are outraged that the democrats think that women are nothing more than helpless and hopeless creatures. >> big controversy over mike huckabee's comments about womenly bid does and big -- women, libidos and big government. >> chris christie digging out of bridge gate. some saying he could be in
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deep -- when christie said he heard peach. >> late night jokes are back again as late night pile on chris christie. do you think it's funny? caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why americans don't like to be told what to do. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it looks like marijuana will soon become acceptable in this country. millions of americans like to use the drug and do not want to be told they are wrong to do so. on the flip side, most drug counselors will tell you pot harms children big time and many adults cannot handle it either. on this and other issues, most americans do not like to be told how to behave in
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their personal time. when the government outlawed alcohol in 1920, many americans simply disobeyed the law and prohibition was repealed in 1933. today, the primary argument for legalizing pot is that booze is legal. but when you think about harm reduction that harm is foolish. you don't add another intoxicant to the marketplace unless you have a good reason to do so and really there isn't a good reason. people who smoke pot and eat the brownies and that stuff want it they want it and that's that. the consequences be damned. i'm not antipot crusader here is what i said four years ago. i would decriminalize marijuana in the sense that i wouldn't hunt it down but i would still prosecute dealers and if anybody was in a car under the influence they would get the book thrown at them. >> simply put, the law of the land should be no public use of marijuana but, what you do in private is your business if you are an
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adult. now, the u.s.a. was founded on individualism. and that rugged tradition has taken deep route. many of us just don't want the federal government to control our lives. we want to be able to protect ourselves. that's the gun issue. we want to be able to make a living without the feds taking 50% of our pay. and we want to be able to wreckcreate in a way that pleases us. for some that means getting high. talking points is somewhat amused that the liberal agenda is prodrug and antigun and pro-nanny state. today in the "new york times" they scorched the cigarette industry telling the readers that nicotine is the devil. but the same newspaper doesn't think thc, the intoxicating agent in marijuana is so bad. last november, the "times" made all kinds of excuses why pot should be legal. so, to the avid left wing
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times cigarettes no, pot yes. believe me, the health hazards both physical and mental of using marijuana are at least as pernicious as using tobacco on a regular basis. in a perfect world, all americans would discourage the use of destructive chemicals, right? that has happened with tobacco. in 1965, more than 42% of american adults smoked, including my mother. now just 19% of americans smoke. the reason? an anticigarette campaign. an intense one. so why don't we have an antipot campaign while we decriminalize it? why do we want children to think that intoxication is a good thing? why? in my life experience, i have seen hundreds of folks get hurt. get hurt while intoxicated. it doesn't matter what the substance. you alter your state of
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consciousness, bad things can and do happen. children should hear that message over and over and over. is that too much to ask? and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. rough week for president obama, first the magazine printed comments that the president made about race and marijuana. that caused some controversy. then abc correspondent jonathan karl started asking about the first lady's birthday celebration. >> the first lady had her 50th birthday party. just -- i believe you said that the president picks up the cost for that party? >> i think we put out information -- i don't have it here. i would refer you to the east wing. >> and i was just wondering if had you an estimate on what the cost of it was. >> i don't. but i would refer you to the east wing. >> now, joining us now from the white house, chief white house correspondent ed henry. so the east wing is, excuse me, that's the domestic side of the presidency. the east wing; is that right? >> that's right. >> and west wing is the business side. >> right.
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>> all right. so do we know how much the birthday bash costs? >> we haven't gotten an estimate. john karl is a great correspondent often asks very fair tough questions. in this case it's hard to get an answer, frankly because the president did pick up the cost of his wife's 50th birthday party. every person in the country whether it's first lady or not is entitled to a birthday party. if taxpayer dollars had been used for the party, obviously there would be a lot more reason for us to really press the administration on this. in this case the president took the money out of his own pocket. it was his wife's birthday so it's probably the end of the story. >> okay. but i would like to know how much it costs. i'm just curious about it. >> there is a lot of. >> i don't know if it's my business or not. >> taxpayer dollars -- if the hard earned tax dollars of our viewers. >> i know. >> then it's a big story. >> aren't you curious about how much it costs? >> i'm curious. >> yeah, beyonce was there. i think beyonce probably did it for free. i don't think she charged a million bucks she charged
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dictator. >> al roker was here distance dancing by the way. >> did they have a jar like to throw money in to help? the president what did he make 240,000? that's not a lot. >> 400,000. >> 400,000. i'm living in the stone age. that's a good salary but this looked like a pretty big bash. we're probably not going to find out. that's okay. i didn't think the pot comment was that big a deal and the race comment i said was fine. it was accurate. that the feeling of the realm? >> they feel inside the white house that the president's comments on marijuana are reflective of the fact that the country is changing much as it has on same sex marriage and that you see from fox news polling and elsewhere that there is clear growing majority of the public that believes marijuana should be legalized. and you see it now in colorado and washington state and the president was pivoting off that. where he may run into more trouble though is when in that new yorker magazine interview he said that he doesn't believe marijuana is any worse than alcohol.
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his own drugs are office here within the administration still classifies if you check the web site. >> contradicted. >> marijuana as a dangerous drug. that's contradictory. he have to wrestle with is he creating new policy? >> yeah, as you point out most of the folks just want it legalized now. in the magazine interview that contained the comments on marijuana and race, they also, this comment i want to quote and get your opinion on it. >> um-huh. >> the issue has been my inability of my message to penetrate the republican base so that they feel persuaded that i'm not the caricature that you see on fox news or rush women law but somebody who is interested in solving problems and pretty practical and a lot of things put into place work better than people might think. taking a shot at limbaugh and fox news. you know, i don't know why he continues to do that. do you? >> i think a lot of politicians in both parties like to shoot the messenger. and if they don't like what they see on a certain channel nor a certain newspaper they like to fire away. they often end up finding
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out in the long run that it doesn't really move the ball forward for their agenda. >> he could have said look, people who don't like me, no matter what i do, they don't like it blah blah blah. okay. so, on that note then, i'm showing up henry and throwing you out of your little chair there in the white house. >> what's the deal? >> you are gone. >> i do want for you to give me your pocket hankie so can i go in there and really look dapper. >> i'm giving this to you. >> do you have any advice for me going into the big house? >> you know. >> live. >> i thought long and hard about this because far be it for me a mere correspondent to give the great one advice before a big interview. i thought about it some more and i got three tips. one, open-ended questions that's when the president, rather than always pinning him down, open-ended question he ruminates a little bit more might open up a bit. secondly i would ask about olympic security. big issue coming up. great concern about american athletes and thousands of americans will be there. finally, bill, can you see that? >> keep it pithy? >> keep it pithy. >> i don't have much time.
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so, you know, that's what i'm saying. >> not a lot of time. super bowl. a lot of pressure. >> yeah. >> keep it pithy. >> who is the great one though? you refer to the great one. i was confused is that kilmeade in the morning? who are you referring to there? >> i was referring to william o'reilly. >> is that right? >> yeah. >> the great one. >> we have got to use you more on the factor. >> we have got to use you more. >> keep it pithy. and keep henry on the factor. >> all right. next on the rundown, mike huckabee causing big controversy mentioning women and libidos, uh-oh. take a look at it gutfeld and mcguirk on the return of the chris christie fat jokes and the factor is coming right back.
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outraged that democrats think that women are nothing more than helpless and hopeless careers whose only goal in life is to have the government provide for them birth control medication. women i know are smart, educated, intelligent, capable of doing anything that anyone else can do. and if the democrats want to insult the women of america by making them believe that they are helpless without uncle sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it. >> well, that has caused all kinds of controversy. joining us from washington penny nantz, president of the concerned women. and joining news studio alexus magill. >> did that offend you. >> how could that not offend me. he is talking about women that can't control their libido we are so promiscuous go to uncle sugar daddy though help with needs.
8:16 pm
>> that is suggesting that women are so promiscuous and so unimpowerred that what we have actually been doing is asking the state and asking our private insurers to insure that women can protect their financial stability. that's what contraception helps us do, bill. >> i don't think the governor was saying that he was saying that's what some democrats think they want the government to help them. he was saying that was the portrayal by democrats, number one. number two, i think it was obvious that sandra fluke. >> fluke. >> fluke, all right. was asking for her birth control mechanisms to be paid for by the government. i think she did that. did she not? >> absolutely. and many women, seven out of
8:17 pm
10 americans believe that contraception should be mandated in health insurance plans. you can't take it out of context. >> the record is you and i do not disagree with the record. she was asking, that young woman was asking for the taxpayers. >> she was asking not personally. >> no she was asking. >> she is a come. >> fairness and she was asking. >> that contraception be included because it helps women maintain their financial independence. >> she was asking for the taxpayer to pay for that ms. nantz, how do you see it? >> well, i am actually very relieved that governor huckabee actually spoke up. i'm tired of republicans going weak in the he knees when this issue comes up. what he said was accurate. democrats have portrayed us as weak, powerless, and dependent. that is not how women see themselves. you know, i think it's absolutely essential that the republican party step forward and create an accurate portrait of what they offer to american women. that's the idea of equal
8:18 pm
opportunity. that's the idea of jobs. that's the idea of us being -- the ability to be with our children so that we're not constantly paying higher taxes and having to spend more time in the workforce against our will, more than we want to be. governor huckabee hit it on the nose. i'm sorry if it offends you but you need to get over it he said it like it was. it's true that sandra fluke and that the left, the abortion proponents on the left have demanded that women, that we offend our own religious liberty and pay for services that we don't believe in like abortion. >> completely untrue. >> go ahead. >> it's completely untrue. that's what i say. >> what's untrue? i told the truth. >>. no what is untrue is the fact that democrats have been fighting for. >> you don't want abortions to be paid for by democrats. have you been fighting for. >> let her talk ms. nantz let her talk. >> we have the lily led better act. >> we have republicans have
8:19 pm
refused to engage on. not only engaging on the policy but doubling down on crazy. you have a party that is talking about legitimate rate, putting aspirin between your knees as contraception. we are out here demanding the fact. >> you are taking the extremist. >> i'm talking about huckabee somebody who is supporting those comments on legitimate rape. >> huckabee's point and i think you will agree with me on this is that there is a disagreement between the republican party and the democratic party. democratic party wants subsidies for the behavior of women? not only about preventing pregnancy, for many women, contraception is medically necessary. >> access, it's in the store. it's a matter hough is going to pay for it. >> birth control pill. >> let the market decide. >> ms. johnson.
8:20 pm
you are going to stop talking now and ms. nance is going to have the last 30 seconds. >> let her lie for the last 30 seconds. >> he she is going to get the last 30 seconds. >> let her lie for the last 30 seconds. >> hold it, ms. nance. >> she just called you a liar that is unacceptable. all right, ms. nance you have the last 30 seconds. >> bottom line now american women want opportunity and we want the free market choice for our healthcare, the fact that the big government, the nanny state is choosing for us is not helpful. thank you, bill for talking about this issue. we have got to stand up and portrayed women accurately. >> okay. directly ahead. do most americans resent rich people? ben stein has some thoughts. my upcoming super bowl interview with president obama. herald has some advice for me. those thoughts after these messages. ♪
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personal story segment tent. america continues to debate the rich vs. the poor. on a canadian the other night that topic was center stage. >> the combined wealth of the world's 85 richest people is equal to the 3.5 billion poorest people. >> it's fantastic. and this is a great thing because look up to the 1%. what can be wrong with this? >> joining us now from greenville, south carolina. commentator and economist ben stein. so do you applaud it? i mean, i can understand why the canadian interviewer, you know, like that. what do you say?
8:25 pm
>> well, i don't applaud it at all. it's always been true that a very tiny majority of the richest people in the world control enormously disproportionate amount of the wealth and poorest people can very tiny portion of the wealth. finite amount of money in the world rich people have a lot poor people have less. that's not the way it works out. if rich people got rich by starting new businesses and more technologies that gained more employment and wealth to the other people, then everybody gets richer. there is not a finite rich people getting rich does not make poor people poor. >> there is an economic issue and i agree with you that economic freedom dictates that some people are just going to go off the chart. and other people are just not going to have very much. there is also a moral issue here. with 85 of the world's richest people controlling more wealth than 3.5 billion of the world's poorest people. and that's what pope francis was talking about. what is the responsibility
8:26 pm
there of the 85 richest? i don't know. i mean, everybody has to answer that question for themselves. >> i couldn't agree more. there is a moral issue. nobody should be starving. nobody should be denied proper medical care. nobody should be denied proper housing. the fact that there are 85 very very rich people is not the cause of any of these people being very very poor unless the people got to be rich by stealing like some dictators in third world countries. that is not the issue. of the issue is how do we make the poor people better off with a combination of a safety net. >> thank you. >> it's not the fact that the people are so rich that's causing the 3.5 billion to be so poor. okay. this obamacare thing, you know, what you have now is a propaganda war of words. that's what you have. you have the supporters of obamacare saying oh, it's going fine. it's going to get better and the detractors saying it's a major disaster. today moody downgraded the insurance company's stocks. and they did it because of
8:27 pm
fear of what obamacare is going to do to profits for the insurance company. can you explain that so even i can understand it? >> well, the obamacare in a nutshell and this is oversimplifying by quite a bit is going to enforce the insurers high risk. taking patients were preexisting illnesses and all kinds of disabilities which would have kept the private insurancer frrs insuring them except at very height rates and make those private insurers and insurance them at low rates essentially compelling the insurers to lose money on a certain number of their customers. >> yes. but the insurance companies have been obamacare's biggest are supporters. >> some have and some haven't. and the idea was they were going to get a very large number of healthy, young people into their programs and they would get premiums for them and they would payment. it hasn't worked out that way. instead they are getting older and less well -- >> stocks? >> those are costing them a
8:28 pm
lot of money. it's a system of price fixing against the price -- against the insurers and that never works. >> all right. so you are for moodies, you are saying that they should be downgraded. >> of course, they were completely correct. there is a very dicey future out there for the healthcare companies, unless the government is going to guarantee them bailouts and i'm not sure america is in a mood to guarantee bailouts. >> all right. mr. stein as always. thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. geraldo has some advice for me about my upcoming interview with president obama on super bowl sunday. gutfeld and mcguirk with the pinheads of the week. some good ones tonight. and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. (vo) you are a business pro. seeker of the sublime. you can separate runway diculousness... from fashionhat flies off the shelves. and from national.
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fact for follow up response last night. live super bowl sunday 4:30. i am seeking advice about that interview. here now fox news anchor geraldo rivera. he was giving me jazz so everybody knows in the break about the intervw. she was wrong for calling ms. nance a liar. i think i did the wrong thing and you say? >> i'm one of the few people here that goes back far enough with you decades long that i can speak to you very frankly and i just think that given the fact that context was female
8:33 pm
empowerment, women's rights. >> i gave her a chance to apologize to ms. nance, she would not. >> i'm not suggesting you were wrong on the issue. >> hear me out. she did not deserve i am sure you will admit to be called a liar. she was presenting a point of view. she did not deserve, ms. nance to be called a liar. i gave her a chance to say i'm sorry i wouldn't do you that. she wouldn't. i'm not going to have a guest call another guest a liar on this program. >> i understand. i have never heard you raise your voice even to your own children. >> i have raised my voice in my life sometimes when it's necessary. in that case it wasn't necessary. but the words were necessary. now, what would be your first question to president obama? >> well, you know, you started the show with your rant against marijuana. i characterized it maybe a little crudely there. but you -- you know, you here is president obama saying that pot is no more dangerous to people than alcohol. ask if he has admitted to smmy first question,
8:34 pm
mr. president, i know you have struggled with cigarettes, when was the last time you smoked marijuana? >> but do you really think that's the most important question that i should be asking the president of the united states? >> you want -- do you want an opening salvo he doesn't expect. >> he expects it now. come on. >> i was wondering how this was going to help editorial there take your advice? you know. i just wanted to know where you would gone,. >> when is the last time you smoked potted. that's a good question. >> to the president. that wouldn't be disrespectful or bullying, would it? oh no. >> how do you reconcile your feelings about marijuana when you speak to your own young daughters? >> look. i don't think the marijuana issue is that important. >> i think it's huge. >> i might do it in a taped interview because we are going to tape an interview after the live interview. but i have four or five themes of the live interview that i feel everybody in the world and that's what i'm doing. i want to ask the questions
8:35 pm
the folks would ask. that's why we are having the con fedex and ask one question from you guys. >> marijuana legalization is the hottest issue. >> it might be hot but it's not that important. >> it's important to a lot -- half the country is now in favor of smoking pot. so is the president of the united states. that's extraordinary. >> collie fast times at ridgemont high but i don't know that it's important to everybody's future. can you can smoke marijuana if you want. >> how about this one? you sound, mr. president, so disillusioned and so down in your new yorker interview what happened with hope and change? it seems now you wanted to be abe lincoln and roosevelt. i have to be respectful. and as soon as i'm respectful obama haters will hate me. that's the interesting thing about this interview. as soon as i'm respectful, my questions are going to be tough people who hate him.
8:36 pm
that's what i'm trying to get rid of here. >> i just wrote a fox news latino piece. ask if he is sorry that he didn't bomb assad in syria. >> now we are getting warmer. here is geraldo, everybody. there we go. come right back, pinheads of the week and chris christie fat jokes. gutfeld and mcguirk moments away. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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poundingen new jersey chris christie continues because of the george washington bridge controversy. as you know there are two traffic lanes closed by christie's lt.. the governor says he didn't know anything about it and all along with the investigations, the fat jokes are making a combat. >> new jersey governor chris christie is still digging himself out of this scandal bridge gate. in fact some experts are saying he could be impeached. when he heard that christie said yum, peach. >> some are standing behind the governor. that's why we couldn't see him. they were standing behind -- they were behind the governor. >> it's a bummer that chris cities -- christie had to cancel inauguration gala. luckily get a hand on. so things that would have been at his party. take a look, live dj.
8:41 pm
chicken questions deal las, pigs in a blanket, pigs without blankets. hot hot dog fondue. ham and swiss sliders, ham balls, cake balls, meatball sliders, pizza rolls. banana pud pudding and something called- >> -- this would be the highlight of governor chris christie's remarks yesterday during the state of the state address. take a look. ♪ >> i shrank by over 20%. but i remain the largest human in america. >> here now to comment greg gutfeld and bernard mcguirk and gutfeld you say? >> it's easier to make jokes about fat people because you won't be accuse of racism. i don't think it matters as long as it's funny. most of that was funny. i thought letterman was pretty weak. the others were pretty clever. i am pro-fat. it means that person is less into vanity than they are
8:42 pm
into other people. a guy consumed by his a.b.s cannot run a state. and a guy who is that big means is he spending more time thinking about you than his, you know, i don't know, muscular thighs. >> i don't care i don't get what you are saying around schwarzenegger ran a stanchts incredibly. >> do you call that running a state. >> that's a freaking lie, pal. >> are you going to mock me? are you going to mock me? >> absolutely not. >> i try run a program with a quorum. i guess you can blow that out of water because you two are sitting here. >> short answers as to why they do it. it's easy and it's funny. there is this movement to turn telling fat jokes into hate crimes. it's called fat shaming. and but along comes this popular republican white male chris christie and all that p.c. gibberish goes out the window. >> isn't it part of let's get christie? it's all part of he hasn't
8:43 pm
been a buddy to the factor. he doesn't come on here. okay? it looks to me like it's let get this guy and marginalize him so he can never rise again. >> especially since bridge gate. they are all turned into a bunch of captain ahabs these guys. listen, if there is hypothetically 2016, you have governor christie running against hillary clinton. they are going to have to ask themselves what's good for the moose good for the panderer. otherwise, they are sexist, patronizing or guilty of a double standard. >> that's a good point. what if it was christine christie? >> yes. >> what if it was an overweight woman? none of these jokes would be made because it would be sexist. >> that's true. you actually made a valid point. >> i made that point. >> you're lying. >> if it was -- >> -- that was my point. >> it was a woman. there is no way. >> oakland raiders are not in the super bowl and they have been pretty weak for a
8:44 pm
number of years. they are being sued by their own cheerleaders, okay? and the oakland raiders pay their cheer leaders only $1,250 for the entire season. so that's 8 regular season games and i think two preseason games. they are getting sued because that's slave wages, mcguirk, is it? >> well, it's nothing to live on but i want to commend you bill o'reilly for shining a light on the plight of the down trodden here. take the harsh working conditions at hooters? look, the team should pay them more, they are making -- >> 125 bucks a game. but you can say that they know what they're getting into, gutfeld. they sign a deal. >> from my personal experience as a raider in the 80's, it's not about pay, it's about prestige. if you actually said if one of those girls quit and said i'm not going to work for, this another beautiful girl
8:45 pm
will come in and take her place. it's not about the money. >> you can market yourself after that i want to point out gutfeld was one of the cheerleaders under the madden regime. >> when the team was good. >> we didn't see much of you because you were cheering. >> it was very -- abusive. i was terrified every day that i got there. >> all right. >> stabler, casper, less e. hayes. the things they did. >> are you done? >> i could go through the entire team. >> please don't. we have more with the boys in a moment. our pin medicines of the week segment. then, factor tip of the day something i do in the morning that you may want to do. right back. [ male announcer ] there is no substitute for experience. for what reality teaches you firsthand. the face of danger, and unr the most demanding circumstances. experience builds character.
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back of the book segment tonight, tonight, pinheads of the week, here once again gutfeld and mcguirk. have you chosen comedian sarah silverman who participated in this proabortion ad. >> jesus, when does life begin? >> um, at 40. [ laughter ] >> what? >> and he was like. >> the fertilized eggs aren't people. people are people. >> and you say? >> i say -- well, first of all, of course it's offensive, it's a manifestation of religious bigotry. the background on this chic is that snn fired. then she began kimmie's girlfriend. comedy central dumped her and so she then turned to political activism in offending politically correct targets like christians, not muslims to get attention. and that's what this is she is getting the attention. by the way, if i was jesus christ comes back down to earth, i think he decides to
8:50 pm
spend time with -- >> do you know hot actor who plays jesus christ? do you know who he is? >> ncis. >> a show i have never seen. >> i don't know why these guys do that you can make ncis. >> you know, i don't know why these guys do that. it is almost like, we're talking about the debate on mike huckabee. you don't have to do this stuff. you don't have to call people liars, if your argument is strong enough, you don't have to mock religion, but their argument is weaker. >> in their world they believe this is edgy and rebellious, and gets attention. >> sure, sure, but we have to do it because this stuff is part of the landscape in america. >> and mohammed, that would be out of the question. >> absolutely. they wouldn't do it for judaism or muslims, but they do it for
8:51 pm
christianity. and justin bieber. >> isn't that a little too easy? >> no, because people are punishing him for other reasons, not mine. you don't drag race in a car, because no one can win the pink slip. >> i don't know what that means. >> if you're going to drag race, the ownership, the pink slip, you can't drag race in a car that you don't own. and also the crime doesn't involve turpitude, his crime immigrant moral twerpitude. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, i will now be leaving? >> do you think the wind did that to his hair? >> he is unbelievably happy -- >> his father -- >> the father who should be giving him a kick in the you know what. >> he is drunk, bieber, he is speeding, drag racing in a pedestrian neighborhood. all right?
8:52 pm
it is 4:00 a.m.? and his father is with him helping him. and you don't feel sorry for this kid? >> he is going to make somebody a good girlfriend in prison, yo >> no, come on, he is not going to go to prison. >> all right, my pin head is a serious pin head. the head of the irs is a man named john karskinian, for two years, a group has been trying to get the irs to designate them as a tax-free organization because they're an advocacy group. a liberal group out in l.a., a political group founded by norman lear does advocacy on the left. and they are tax-exempt. okay? but friends of abe, they can't get tax exemption, same kind of stuff? all right. two years. so this guy, koskinian, he is a pin head of the weak, because what they're doing is they have
8:53 pm
politicalized the most powerful agency in the country, the irs. it is politicalized. and that is so dangerous, 20 seconds. >> look, first of all, this guy is probably drag racing down somewhere in d.c. also. look, it is political retribution, the same thing they're accusing governor christie of. >> i don't know if it is retributi retribution, but it is politicalizing the agency that has the final word over money. >> i participated in a number of activities, it is a fellowship, with no agenda accept to protect its members. >> a lot of people are friends of abe, who believe if their name was attached to the organization they wouldn't work. >> exactly, wouldn't work in the show biz industry. >> and this, the irs targeting them proves that point. >> all right, gentlemen, thank you, factor tip of the day. something in the morning that
8:54 pm
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koskinen, koski . factor tip of the day, something i do in the morning, you may want to consider in a moment. first, we thank all the bill o'reilly fans who grade this program, we hope nonpremium members, you guys would check out the website. and o'reilly, congratulations on landing the interview with the president. i am sure your questions will be pointed but make sure you let him finish his answers. will do, dave, if the answers are to the questions asked. that is the trick. and michigan, i submit your upcoming interview, bill, is happening because you gave him the benefit of the doubt excessively. dennis of carolina, o'reilly, thank you for the heads up. but i will not watch because you will be just as soft as the
8:57 pm
mainstream media. i got some letters, hate letters, not that many. but that is the tone of them. and bill, please don't let the president know ahead of time what the questions will be. no guests ever gets the questions, and i never read, i go with my gut. and i am really looking forward to the interview, i enjoy watching the factor, and your candid perspective, o'reilly. i'm looking forward to it, too, randall. and i thought your comments about mitt romney not being the best candidate were disgraceful. i'm sorry that you can't provide an opinion different from your own, kay, i presented plenty of facts that governor romney is a patriot but did not wage an effective campaign. and o'reilly, i agree that romney did not fight enough, obama painted him as a vampire and he could not effectively
8:58 pm
rebut that. and i can say this, periphrastic, i can say it. i can't say it. it means talking in circles, ed. periphrastic, nice word, carville sometimes dodges the question, but that is instructive if he does, is it not? that is the word. dennis mcallister. bill, my wife and i watlistened the book. glad you liked it. and we'll see you denise at the shea on saturday. pittsburgh, miller's hometown. at the arena, friday, march
8:59 pm
14th, honolulu, start, may 14th. and factor tip of the day, when i lived in london, england, everybody drank tea but me, that rhymes, no tea for me. in the morning i always drink water, once in a while some coffee. but i also read an article about the japanese culture where tea is a very big deal. so i bought some japanese tea and now i drink it every morning. it tastes terrible, terrible, but i put a little honey in it, so it is bearable. however, the japanese tea has helped me physically. it is a calming influence, i know i don't show it sometimes, but it is. all right? so i am now recommending japanese tea. it is a good thing. check it out. factor tip of the day. and now, that is it for us tonight. please check out fox news factor website, different from billo' also, spout off from anywhere in the world, name and town if you
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wish to opine, word of the day, no jejune, and m kelly is next. the spin stops here, because we're always looking out for you. did you just see that mike huckabee segment on "the factor"? well, you will want to watch what is next. that they are helpless without uncle sugar coming in and providing them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido. >> governor mike huckabee in a firestorm over women and birth control. he is here in a kelly file exclusive. and then? >> obama has a dream, a dream from his father. >> the man behind the documentary challenging president obama is now under indictment. see why his supporters think this is political


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