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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 27, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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. tomorrow, the factor willow p -- will opine about what the president should say. big state-of-the-union factor. tomorrow night, state-of-the-union reaction. welcome to "hannity" tonight, we have a jam-packed edition of the show. america, are you ready? let's roll. >> mitt romney like you have never seen him before. >> we need washington to clean up its act. >> i'm headed down to d.c. to see the state of the union tomorrow in the same room with president obama. now this should be interesting. jay leno and jimmy fallon talk for the first time about the big late-night shake-up. >> dear jay, i hope i make you proud. >> and you wouldn't believe what beckel did while we were down in florida this week.
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he is here to explain. >> he took advantage of a girl that was 20 years old. >> plus, the most controversial question of the day, is bill clinton a sexual predator? ann coulter will examine this evidence. "hannity" starts right now. and in less than 24 hours president obama will lay out his agenda next year during his annual state-of-the-union address. and more on what we should expect, with fox's own ed henry. what do you have? >> good to see you, sean, the president's top aides signal to us this speech will be a bit of a power play. the president will say yes, he will be able to work with congress some issues like immigration reform. but he is prepared to bypass congress and take unilateral action. i pressed jay carney, on whether or not he would sign the pipeline reform. and republican leaders responded saying the state department
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studied that for years now. and they believe the president does not have a good report card when he pushed for immigration reform, gun control, a hike in the minimum wage. he got virtually none of that. and white house officials pushed back saying look it was republican obstructionism that prevented the president from getting any of that legislation. and they justify him moving forward with a much more aggressive executive push in the days ahead. but the bottom line as he goes into this state-of-the-union address tomorrow night, with a much weaker hand than last year's state-of-the-union address. a new washington poll out today says only 30% of the country has a strong bit of trust in the president to make the right decisions. that shows why he is pushing so hard with an executive focus agenda now. time is running out in offers. he is getting closer and closer as we get closer to the mid-term elections to being a lame duck. he wants to push forward with his agenda on as much as a base
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as possible, going around congress. >> and it sounds confrontati confrontational, but we do have acce separation of powers. if he takes other unilateral actions, not enforcing or delaying certain aspects of obamacare, it sounds like a showdown, almost. >> he has been able to do that on issues like re-writing the health care laws. we're told to expect a lot more executive action on climate change, on energy, that will frustrate republicans on the hill. so on some of this, it will be confrontational, like he has on health care, for example. he has been able to make the changes in the law. on other issues, we see him with that we can't wait initiative. at the end of the day if you don't get congress on board and actually pass laws some of these moves won't have a lot of teeth, sean. >> all right, ed henry at the white house, joining me now is the man that i wish frankly was
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giving the state-of-the-union address, former presidential candidate mitt romney is back with us. good to see you. >> thanks, sean, good to be back with you again. >> all right, you heard the report, sounding a little confrontational, the president will use executive action, unilateral action, he has done that before, changing the obama law itself. using the recess reports with they're not in recess. do you think that is a good strategy? >> well, i guess he is trying very hard to get something done. he really didn't have an agenda for his second term and he is groping to find one, frankly if there is not legislation passed it doesn't have a long life. obviously, another president can take things in a different direction, congress can step in and write a law that takes things in a different direction. you're not accomplishing anything, with a legacy if you don't accomplish anything with both parties, knock heads if
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they need to be knocked. solve the problems we have. immigration is one, work together with the republicans, come up with a compromise that can be acceptable to people in both parties. >> you know governor, it is a little over a year later, 63% of americans are not confident that he can make the right decision for the country. and more importantly, most persons do not see him as honest and trustworthy. those numbers did not exist when you were running against him in 2012. why do you think it changed so dramatically in just a little over a year. >> well, actually just during the election month or so there was a sense that the economy turned around, everything was getting better in a big hurry. and so people felt positive what was happening in the country. in the year that followed we realized the economy had not turned around as people had hoped for. and at the same time, the revelation that the president's campaign promise, that if you like your health insurance you can keep it. when they found that that was
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not true, that the president had been dishonest on that point, the american people, i think, saw him in a very different light. and it is a very difficult thing to try to reestablish a reputation for integrity and honesty if you lost it in such a dramatic way as those promises demonstrated. >> you had a unique perspective running against him that i guess only john mccain had had before you. but you got to spend more time with him and see him up close and personal. my impression early on, it was he was a rigid idealogue, which remains today, which means he didn't have the bill clinton pivotal approach to try something different. when you were with him, up close, what did you see? >> well, i'm not going to describe what he said to me. but we had a meeting together in the white house after the election and i laid out the
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things i thought were important for the country and for him. my own view is, look, this guy is the president of the greatest country of the earth at a time when america is sliding nationally and economically. where people are hurting. there are more poor in this country. the number of people on food stamps has exploded. the number of people in the middle class having a hard time making things meet. all of these things are happening under his watch. >> you know, it is interesting you made a lot of comments, comparing him to putin over the weekend. what did you mean by that? >> well, what i said, with regards to syria, putin has out-maneuvered president obama. on the national issues, putin not only dealt with syria in a way that made the president take second fiddle, but the new start treaty, that the president signed and heralded, russia ends up with two to three times as many nuclear warheads as we do.
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the president has been out-maneuvered on the world stage by president putin. but by the way, president putin is a terrible president. he is a thug. he has killed, from what we can tell, i don't know what i want to accuse him of killing. but there are members of the media that disappeared and opposition voices that disappear, put in jail. this is not a good guy. our president is a lot better president than president putin but it breaks my heart to watch president putin out-maneuver him on the world stage. >> well, it is happening there, and in the middle east, russia has a foothold in the middle east that they haven't had for decades. certainly it is troubling the alliance with iran. and a lot of people wrote me own the weekend. they released this movie. you were followed for a considerable period of time throughout the campaign. and more than a few people said why didn't we see this side of mitt romney before the election? and i want to play a small part
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of it when you got news that you were not going to be the next president. and everybody had the same feeling, would you have won if people had seen another side of you. let me air this for you. >> i just can't believe we're going to lose. >> yeah. yeah. >> so what do you think you say in a concession speech? by the way, somebody have a number for the president? >> you know, does anybody have the number for the president. but its shows you with your family in the snow, rolling around, and the boys, and the fun all of these different things. is it hard during the campaign to maybe show that side of yourself because of the environment that you're in? >> well, you know, there is no question but that we failed as a campaign to do that as effectively as we would have liked to have. we had at the convention, for instance, a ten-minute film showing me with my family. many of the kinds of clips that
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frankly made it into the movie. and of course, there were people in the convention that stepped forward and talked about our relationship in the past. but not a lot of people watch conventions. but in this case, the networks decided to cut back on the coverage of conventions. so people didn't see the film or the testimonials. it is getting harder and harder i think, to see behind if you will just the debates and to see behind the attacks of various campaigns to see who the person really is. and frankly, i wish we would have done a better job at that. and i hope that the next guy or gal coming along in our party is able to find a way to communicate who they are so the american people are not going to be led astray by the mischaracterization mischaracterizations that are often a part of the campaign. >> all right, one thing, i have a film of you with jimmy fallon, and i want to get your reaction. >> i have heard of sloppy seconds but i ain't never heard of sloppy thirds. >> jimmy, i'm not running again,
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there are a lot of great candidates for 2016. and i'll be supporting the republican nominee 100%. >> don't you mean 47%? >> that is a low blow, but it is pretty funny. >> you like doing stuff like that? >> i sure do. i must admit over the last few years, it has been an absolute thrill to sit down with jay leno, also with dave letterman a couple of times. jimmy fallon is a very funny guy and really easy to be interviewed by. i'm going to miss jay leno, i got to tell you, though. he has been a remarkable friend, and i don't know what his politics are, but just a really good guy. that is part of the fun of running for president. you get to meet some of these extraordinarily famous people, see how tall they are, see what they're like in real life. i have met you, for instance, we spent time together. that is a lot of fun. >> you know what. it just shows another side. i'm with you, i am a big leno fan, i wish he was not leaving
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late night. but fallon is really good, i like leno the best, i'm going to be there and suffer there through it and report on it wednesday night. thank you so much for being back with us, hopefully we'll see you soon. >> thank you so much. and coming up tomorrow, i'll have the front row seat for the president's state-of-the-union address. all thanks to this man, congressman louis gomer, who is here to give me the rundown of what i need to know before i personally attend the speech. and with bob beckel, things did not go smoothly. let me give you a hint. it involved a golf cart and a squirrel. coming up. ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design...
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and welcome back to "hannity," now, tomorrow night i will attend the state-of-the-union address in washington, d.c. all thanks to my next guest, texas congressman louis gomer is representative and invited me a couple of weeks ago and i graciously accepted. all right, congressman, what do i expect here? will i get booed by the democrats? >> well, as i told you, when you're about to enjoy something as pleasurable as the state-of-the-union address, you just kind of want to share it with people you like. i tell you one of the things i'm not expecting to be in, as people are saying he is going to talk about the income disparity between the rich and the poor. well, now that we know that 95% of the income between 2009 and 2012 went to the upper 1%, and we know that 80% of the people,
7:17 pm
executives on wall street, donate to this president over his opponents, we kind of figured out where he is going there. so he is probably going to have to talk about something besides income distribution. >> look, i have a spy, i can't show the other side of this paper. but i have the white house state-of-the-union talking points in front of me. one of the issues that is going to be big news as of tomorrow, and that is the president who is saying when american jobs and livelihoods depend on getting something done he is not going to wait for congress. now, i look at the constitution, i see something known as separation of powers, co-equal branches of government. there has been a little lawlessness in years gone by, recess appointments when they're not in recess, immigration issues. is there lawlessness going on here? >> well, there certainly is, when you just ignore the constitution, and say i don't like this law, i don't like this
7:18 pm
law, i don't like the immigration law, i mean, that is what kings do. i tell you, as far as just doing things on his own, when we also see the numbers, sean, let's see that he has helped 12.5 million out of poverty since he has been president. but he has pushed 13.5, something like that in, i mean, he has pushed nearly a million more into poverty than he has helped get out. that is not a good record to talk about. so he needs to talk about something else. >> 50 million americans on food stamps, nearly a doubling of that number and the largest number in decades, and the lowest participation rate in terms of numbers that we have had. should he apologize -- over obama care and like your doctor, keep your doctor, like your plan, keep your plan? >> well, absolutely he should. i mean, that is what you are supposed to do when you're caught in something that is not true.
7:19 pm
and of course, you know on the hill it is against the rules for us to say somebody lied. but whoever put obviously the words in his teleprompter did, because i didn't get to keep my insurance or my doctors. so obviously, that was not true. seems like somebody tried to set the record straight some years back when he was talking about those kind of things. >> all right, last thing, i just want you to know, you mentioned the joe wilson incident, just to remind people, i'm going to be your guest. remember when he said this into there are also those that claim that our reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. this too, is false. the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> boo! >> not true. >> i just want know, i'm not a crazy guest, i will behave myself. you have my word of honor on
7:20 pm
that. >> well, i'm not worried about you. i'm worried more about the speaker than i am about you, sean, that is why i invited you. >> all right, louis gohmert, thank you so much. >> thank you, sean. this week, i hit the links with bob beckel, things got really ugly when there was a minor altercation with a squirrel and a tree. bob will explain the details when we get back. and will the obamas approve of their pal, beyonce's outfit last night at the grammys? much more when we continue. she loves a lot of the same things you do.
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i want to say one thing to the american people. i want you to listen to me, i'm going to say this again. i did not have sexual relations with that woman. ms. lewinsky. i never told anybody to lie, not a single time. never. these allegations are false. and i need to go back to work for the american people. all right, that was president bill clinton's infamous press conference in 1998 during the height of that conference. and yesterday in an interview, senator rand paul compared president clinton to a sexual predator. >> the media seems to have given
7:25 pm
him a pass on this. he took advantage of a 20-year-old girl in his office, there is no excuse for that. that is a predator-like behavior. we shouldn't want to associate with somebody who took advantage of a young girl. >> all right, author of "never trust a liberal under three." and ann coulter, well, the narrative is, conservative republicans don't care about women. which is just a lie. and then these incidents are ignored, why? >> i know, this is a point i make in my book. i'm glad rand paul is making it. as i constantly tell the republicans please go on the offense and go on the defense, instead of trying to defend yourself, to defending the constitution, to giving out people contraception. you have bowl filner -- bob
7:26 pm
filner, and edwards cheating on his cancer-stricken wife. and anthony weiner, and of course bill clinton, and we are supposed to be the ones who are anti-women. it is not like any woman who was going to vote for obama after seeing that ad for the first time, the girl who is always taking her clothes off on hbo. anybody who would vote for bill clinton just for that is not gettab gettable, republicans, point out -- all of these socialists, they're always cheating on their wives. >> the conservatives that see that we bankrupt our grand kids and rob them blind, we cracked open the piggy bank, now we're stealing their retirement. why is it if they say women ought to pay for their birth
7:27 pm
control, why is that a war on women? most americans don't care what others are doing, but nine dollars a month doesn't seem like something taxpayers should pay for. >> also it would be like forcing auto insurers to cover oil changes because otherwise society is saying that oil changes are not important. it really has nothing to do with insurance, unless you hear somebody say that family down the street went bankrupt because they couldn't afford birth control. insurance is for catastrophes, an encounter with bill clinton. it is not day by day behavior. >> it is kathleen willy. >> and i know he is a rock star, and people love him, he couldn't even get his vice president elected. ronald reagan served two terms and got that boob of his
7:28 pm
reelected -- >> oh, boy, go ahead. >> solely on his own magnetism, and al gore's own pollster told "vanity fare" bill clinton hurt his chances. >> all right, so the woman who testified before congress did nothing before, during or after the attack. she screwed up royally on benghazi. what difference does it make? now, obviously, she is running for president because she said this now about benghazi. >> yeah, my biggest you know, regret is what happened in benghazi. it was a terrible tragedy, losing four americans, two diplomats, now it is public, i can say two cia operatives.
7:29 pm
>> i have a question, what difference does it matter she is saying that now? >> i love it that she says it on msnbc, where the viewers have no idea what she is talking about. they have not mentioned benghazi. biggest regret, what is that, one of bill's bimbos? they have no idea what she is talking about. i don't think we need to keep bringing it up. any democrat that runs against her is going to bring up benghazi, a similarly, when andrew cuomo was head of hud, he is the one responsible for this financial crisis. he was the one forcing banks to make suicidal loans to poor people, including forcing them to accept unemployment benefits as collateral. that is not ann coulter hyperbole, and you have all of these bad mortgages, the financial system explodes all
7:30 pm
because of cuomo's work as head of hud, forcing loans given to poor people. >> before you go, time to set your dvr, and the series, "hannity," so record it each and every week night, 10 eastern on the fox news channel, do it right now. don't forget, and start your day with "fox and friends" as always, we'll see you on friday, special program. thank you for joining us. i'll behave. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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visit and ask i cthis year aloneore places offi hit new and texas! see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day... so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ and welcome back to "hannity," and kicking off tonight's great, great american panel, the host of in the fox light, caught up with some people at the grammys last night. >> justin bieber is very much in the news tonight. you have had a great career, any advice for someone like him or people coming into the business?
7:35 pm
>> i wish that i could get a chance to have a one-on-one conversation with justin, i have known him since he first came into show business. basically, he is a nice young man, he has nobody in his camp to say no. >> if he is an alcoholic, it means this is something you can live with, recover from, there is hope for the hopeless, if justin is one of us we're waiting for you with open arms. >> it is tough to grow up in the public eye, and excess, a lot of money, hopefully everything gets squared away. >> a great friend told me, take my advice and do what you want to. that is the best advice i can give anybody. >> all right, here to break down the highlights and low lights, the author of "george washington secret six." and george kilmeade is back, willy nelson, really?
7:36 pm
they will go to willy nelson for advice, somebody who is struggling? snow i lo. >> i love it. he is a man who over came o-- >> overcome -- he performs, you have this idea because you do drugs or drink alcohol, you're going to be a total degenerate. >> i never said that. drink plenty of beer. >> but bieber doesn't have people in his camp. he smuggled a monkey overseas. who rents a lamborghini -- >> no, we have all smuggled a monkey, we all go to anne frank -- he has alcoholism on both side of his family. his mom is extremely young, she is a really nice woman. but she looks like his older sister. and now, when you have somebody who comes from absolutely no
7:37 pm
money and the breadwinner is 15 years old, giving the orders. am i allowed to name drop at this hour? simon cowell said if any of my clients got as big as justin bieber, i would dial them back, i would say nobody needs to be this famous. >> he is partying in panama. he doesn't look unhappy. >> there is nobody around the pop celebrityies. you can go to lindsay lohan, all the celebrities who died. starting with elvis presley, and janis joplin. >> why are they going to dial him back? why would they do that? that is less money in their pocket, this is the nature of the business. whitney houston did this, miley cyrus, she is a marketing
7:38 pm
genius, creating a brand -- >> i don't even know what twerking is. all right, moving on, thenothert married, gay nuptials, what was your reaction? >> well, i couldn't have predicted it. it is the shock factor, they want people like sean hannity talking about it. i get cnn, access hollywood talking about it. shows you how they're pushing the envelope. they know more than you about society. >> it is interesting, then why is a show like "duck dynasty" such a massive hit? why did a & e get such a back lash, and then they rescinded the situation for financial reasons, it is a big hit. >> i actually like the message of one love. i thought it was a nice message. my problem with that, if you listen to the song lyrics, of the song that preceded it, that
7:39 pm
guy was going after conservative, saying things like right wing conservatives think it is a decision to be gay. that is not true for many conservatives. so in the same breath -- >> you can decide that? >> hey jude doesn't have lines like that. >> in the same breath you're talking about one love, you're saying that. >> it was awkward. we're celebrating music and dance and talent. >> i don't want to be lectured by hollywood -- >> the biggest disappointment. you get ringo starr and paul mccartney, playing a song we don't even know. can you play a beltres song, why does ringo need another drummer next to him? has he forgotten how to play? >> these are the real issues. >> the reason you should care, you should care, because unless you penetrate pop culture you're going to lose elections, you have to sort of understand how
7:40 pm
young people work, they care about these issues in the same way you should care about duck dynasty because there is a cultural issue. >> i'm not going to watch shows we -- i don't like. >> you see what they did, they got a message out there. >> this is the worst group message out here. coming up next on hannity. >> dear jay, i hope i make you proud. >> all right, the king of late night is now passing on the torch. and senator clinton, likened to a sexual predator. also, we always want to hear from you. log onto our facebook page, tell us what you think and whether you agree with the senator's claim. tell us what you think. we're gonna be late. ♪ ♪
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all right, as we continue with our great american panel, see you get to stay on the feel, this is your 17th super bowl, on the field. not the whole game, but you covered, you talked to the players, the most exciting thing besides playing is when the canons go off after the final snap. >> we have been friends for 18 years, i don't like you anymore. >> you could flip the coin if you wanted to. >> oh, really? i'll go out and flip a coin just like that. >> put eye black. >> all right, so you have a liberal columnist, "new york times". >> why are you pointing to me? >> if the shoe or the spike fits, so anyway, is it immoral to watch the super bowl, likens watching it to the wars in afghanistan? i'm like really? we agree on football. >> we do, this guy is a total
7:46 pm
whack job. he talks about how he is not going to watch the super bowl this year because it is such a terrible sport. and there are a lot of problems in the sport. a judge just raged the $46 million lawsuit for the players. >> it is a lot of money. >> yes, there are people who are damaged. there are questions if the nfl covered up the concussions and the knowledge that it has. >> that is a different story. >> but he is talking about how terrible the game is. >> i played ice hockey, we tried to kill each other. everyone of us lost our teeth growing up. if you don't want to play football and you can't take a hit in life, don't play football. >> no, but i think the league should disclose -- i never played croquet, tell us how it is done. >> the dart thing is a
7:47 pm
controversy, you may pierce somebody. and let's go to jay leno, sit down with matt lauer, and the super bowl, the broncos are going to win, let's roll this tape. ♪ ♪ ♪ tonight, ♪ >> what is this relationship like? >> well, i think it is a professional relationship. i think -- i really admire him as a comic, i think he is a really good performer. >> i mean, i honestly look up to jay, and we talk every couple of weeks, something like that. >> i would say don't do any joke you don't really believe in. i would say never put your personal opinion ahead of the joke. >> dear jay, i hope you make you proud. >> i think they're full of crap. i bet they hate each other. >> oh, i don't know about that. i got a much different sense from it this time. because leno said this time he was asked about it, as opposed to last time he was told. i don't know, i get a sense if nothing else they respect each
7:48 pm
other as performers. >> jay leno is not ready to leave the stage. i don't think they have a relationship, but i think they have a respectful relationship, because the whole conan thing was real, he was going to jump to fox, then jay decides he is going to stick around, whatever happens. but jimmy fallon is so talented, it is scary. >> listen, when he sang with bruce springsteen, i was stunned. he does everything. >> parents who are actually involved in their kids and their growth, his parents recorded saturday night live for him as a kid. and then he played it out, acted it out on the weekend. that is so awesome he could do it. >> all right, football predictions. broncos. >> i'm not willing to talk. >> step up, step up. let's go. >> i will say this, the crowd wants peyton manning to win. but if you watch seattle's defense i have never seen a better defense, i watched them
7:49 pm
play in person. >> give me a prediction, got to give an answer. >> tie. >> oh! >> overtime. i -- exactly, i believe -- >> i'll invite elizabeth hasselbeck, she will give me an answer. >> she wouldn't pick up your calls. >> good to see you guys. >> seattle? >> going seattle. >> coming up here next on "hannity." >> the media seems to have given president clinton a pass on this. he took advantage of a girl that was 20 years old and an intern in his office. there is no excuse for that. and that is predatory behavior. >> all right, senator rand paul, not mincing words, and coming up, ann coulter, on whether or not she thinks bill clinton is a sexual predator, coming up next. to help you power your day. start with protein-packed egg whites and savory roasted turkey for breakfast. or power up your lunch with antibiotic-free chicken
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welcome back to "hannity"
7:54 pm
tomorrow night will be the president's fifth state of the union address but obama mania is now over and his days in office are now numbed here with advice, our lame duck president, the lovable liberal from the five, bob beckel. 63% of americans say he's not competent to run the country and a majority of the people don't find him honest and trust worthy. >> it's difficult to imagine how he's going to increase his favor rate. so i think obama is in a -- >> does it bother you he wants to do this? >> i think on some of them he's getting close. i don't, i've always thought having executive orders is always the last resort as opposed to first thing to do.
7:55 pm
so apparently, look. it is true republic republicans don't agree with him, and they disagree with them. here is what i think objectively as i can be speaking. i think they're out of ideas i think he's going to recycle old ideas again and again a laundry list of stuff. democrats will stand, republicans will sit on their hands. >> you know interesting thing is that there is nothing new. a lot of the stuff we've dealt within this country before. we've come out of it all right. i think we can do that again. it's not groundhog day in america. you know? >> why won't you come up with some initiative? why doesn't he call a summit with boehner and leaders in the senate? >> he's introduced into congress american employee act that has
7:56 pm
gotten no wrchlt there is just fundamental differences between obama and republicans i will say one thing i'm happy about. and give being paul ryan credit for this, they did get a budget agreement two years, a glimmer of hope they better get immigration reform. because republicans will suffer and suffer badly if they don' account for something about i we had a wonderful weekend playing golf. >> we're going to get to that in just a moment. >> okay. >> now, you decided to take over the show. >> it's important. you and i and friends of ours went down to florida for the weekend my son playing in this exhibition. we spent time on the golf course. you can tell everybody you're a lousy golfer. >> you're not. you had a bet with a brain surgeon, nice guy but the most arrogant people in the world next to talk show hosts. >> i doubled down. >> then, you know as usual, you
7:57 pm
doubled down and lost by a stroke on 18th hole. now, i will say this. there are pictures of me playing golf. there is a picture of me in a cart. the cart had a problem and ran into a tree the tree got -- the cart got drunk and i ran no a tree. what did hannity do? he goes back to the club house and gets the boss out and goes all right apologize to him. like i was in third grade . >> i said i will pay for the damage. >> of course you d i don't want you pay for damage because they're lousy carts. >> just typical liberal. you are blaming the cart because you drove it into a tree. >> the cart didn't drive right. >> when i used to get drunk my car used to drive right through a liquor store. >> how did you hit a tree? >> i'm a environmentalist avoiding a squirrel. >> seriously? >> yes. >> i wanted to see how you would
7:58 pm
do it. >> i've got a picture of you hiding out in the leaves there. >> i think everybody ought to get away. i'm not married but the rest of the guys got away. >> where? >> he's close to being in the fairway, bob. you're in the weeds oochl pardon me? >> very a picture of you laying on the ground and in a yoga pose. look at the pictures and explain this to the audience >> i've god a bad back due to football i do stretch. >> what are you doing yoga on the golf course? >> it's called downward dog. i try that had the night before and it seemed to work. so you see this one here? see this here? this is, i think everybody ought to go out on a golf course i had to wait for you people to hit up. >> i just want to you know because -- >> sunshine. get sunshine. >> i have already handled cart damage. i felt bad because i knew the people that got us on the course. i was the one --
7:59 pm
>> it's your course. >> it's not my course ways a guest. >> you're a member? >> nochlt i'm a guest. >> is that right? i signed your name on everything. i told everybody you're a member. and i got my own golf clubs i can use here. >> i love you, beckel. >> love you. >> you can't make this stuff up. iet was fun. a lot of fun. and and go into this chop house in town. at this famous place. everybody knew you. most of them knew me. and hannity like he's running for office. took an hour and a half to get our meal. he was shaking hands with everybody. most of whom had had plastic surgery looked like night of the living dead. >> will you stop? get off the air. >> make me curse again. up next, tonight on "hannity" >> a good friend told me, someone asking for advice he said take my advice and do what you want tochlt best advice
8:00 pm
i can give anyone >> celebrity advice for justin bieber. our great american panel weighs in, straight ahead. i want to work with congress whenever and wherever i can. but we're not going to wait. i've got a pen and i've got a phone and that's all i need. >> looks like there's a war between the republicans and president obama and he may very well speak to that tomorrow night in the state of the union address. but does he have any power left? we'll analyze. >> the republicans are committing a war on women and i think really the media seems to have given president clinton a pass on this. >> senator rand paul calling out the democrats over the war on


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