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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 31, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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and you have a queso recipe. >> your husband is from texas. >> thank you for joining and you say enjoy your weekend. america's new's headquarters starts right now. fox nows alert now. the state department about to release the long of awaited report on the key stone pipeline. i am bill hemmer. >> and i am alisyn camerota. what will the state department. we'll get more from gen. gen, great to see you, what will the state department concluded in the long- awaited report. >> the bus is that there is nothing environment willy imperfect and they can go ahead and that will toss the ball back to the president who will have 90 days to decide to go forward.
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>> i should mention we are looking in the exterior but inside jay carney is taking questions, he is refreshing himself with water. he is talking about the key stone poip line. obviously it is controversial and environmentalist don't like the key stone pipeline. how do we know whether the state department think the issue should go forward? >> you would think they would be happy if the government not once but twice confirm that is no environment will problem. that is what they are concerned about. but there is no amount of science or evidence that will satisfy the groups. they are going from environmentalist to it be anti- energy and antibusiness and economy people. they should be celebrating if they figured out a technology that it is not carrying dirty
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oil. we'll have resources here to exploit and become energy independent without too much difficulty and we have environmental protection here as opposed to getting our energy from places that have less protection. >> but the environmentalist think it is dirty oil. they don't think the project is dangerous, but they think what it brings in to the country will increase carbon tran mission. the company behind it implemented 50 safety measures to mollify the environment willist. but in the end of the day, environmentalist don't want more oil from ta r sands. what is the answer? >> if we figure out a project that took extraordinary steps to insure that it is environment willy clean. as a society we need to be
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responsible. there are people who don't want us to use a carbon based energy source. it is not rolistic or good for the country. we can't get by on solar power and wind these days. we'll need to use natural resources and they should be encouraged with the exacting review rather than complaining when they get an answer they don't like. >> if the state department concludes it is safe to move ahead will we see president obama? >> he would be hard pressed to do nothing. he left it out of the state of the union and he has a problem. he does have left wing environment willist who are part of the democratic party and big donors and he wants to keep them happy. but it is overwhelmingly popular and popular with big labor. i think he will have to go forward. after getting a couple of bills
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of health from his own state department he will be under a lot of pressure to move ahead. it would be a bipartisan action and good for the economy. whether he will or not, often hard to probe what goes through the minds of the white house. but even for him it is hard to say no. >> we'll see what happens this afternoon. thank you. >> an out rage, a watch dog group reported this. oh, yeah. powerful. motivating. >> and that is an eight hour web show starring richard simon promoting obama care. and the ad cost $1.4 million. and peter is a economist and former chief economist for the international trade commission. >> nice to be with you. >> nothing against richard
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simones and we like him around here. they used other celebrities to promote in california. but the cost is staggering. >> i don't know that it is a great marketing mechanism but the insurance companies should pay for this. if they have great policies that people want to buy up for the website it is up to them. not for the government to put together ads that are ineffective. >> did it work at all? >> it is to attract attention. they need to attract the young invincibles and hispanics who are having difficulty roaching those folks in california and i don't think richard simmons is the best spokesman to get my 23 year old law school sun to run down and sign up for obama care. >> maybe not. it is it highway lepersonal and
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technical information. and is the website the best idea in the first place? >> it is certainly a useful tol. but we have to face. it a lot of americans that need this coverage are not terribly sophisticated and don't spend time doing intricate work on the website and not the best place to compare policies and you need advice. it is not good place to do it in solitude. >> you have talked about bail outs for insurance companies. do you put this in that category? >> absolutely. not enough people have signed up and too many high risk people and the insurance companies are going to lose money. the way it turn it around is for them to do their own advertising. this is the down payment to correct all of the problems and accommodate the foolishness in
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obama care. >> i saw a figure earlier today. the budget in promoting health care in california alone ten was millions of dollars. one figure had 78 million. if the product is so good why dow have to spend money to promote it. >> products do need promotion and the people selling it should bear the cost. obama care, the structure is so difficult for insurance companies to provide good value. it is like the government saying to general motors, we want you to sell a particular style of chevrolet and charge 50,$000. if you do that you will not get enough buyers. >> that's true. >> and they put on an ad campaign and showing a chevrolet going through a snow storm in florida. it is it absurd. >> port, we'll so what comes of the audit in california.
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>> take care. another big story. she is ready for a fight and vows she will not go back. brand new reaction from amanda knox after an italian court finds her guilty again of killing her roommate. knox giving an emotional interview as she faces a possible extradition request. what is the latest johnathon. >> reporter: ally, it was a dramatic interview that amanda gave to abc's good morning earlier today. she seemed stunned at this verdict and explained once again, that she in her view is a victim here. listen. >> i really hope that people try to understand that like what you have over zealous prosecutors and a bised investigation and course of interrogations like these happen.
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i am not crazy. it puts you in a position where you feel like, >> reporter: knox could be extradited or the request could come from the italian authorities once the italian supreme court rules on the case. she said she would have to be dragged back kicking and screaming. >> i will never deputy willingly back to the place where i. i am going to fight this to the very end and it is not right. and it is not fair. and i am going to do everything i can. granted i need a lot of help. i can't do this on my own. >> reporter: the brother and sister of the murdered meredith kercher were in court to hear the verdict. they clearly believe that the
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united states should now extradite amanda knox. >> i imagine it is a difficult process in a country such as the u.s. didn't choose to go along the laws they themselves uphold and extraditing convicted criminals and leaves them in a position not to. >> reporter: an interesting development with amanda knox's exby friend raffelle sollecito. he was discovered in a hotel just six miles from italy's border withaustria. his lawyer said he was not trying to do that. his passport has been seized and he will find out if he is headed to jail when the supreme court of italy rules on this in 12 month's time. >> what a long ordeal for all of
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the family members involved. >> we have new reaction on the death penalty sought in the boston bomber. victims and families expressing satisfaction with that. one of the last to leave the hospital in boston. >> you know, which i go back and forthwith that. the death pen alley is a little to easy. i rather have him suffer, you know. >> wyou. >> tort our. >> mark lost his right leg and has severe burns on his left leg and has to wear a hearing aid. >> nancy pelosi has plenty to say about tea party but when it is on obama care not so. why her response to jon stewart is raising eyebrow. >> and this video is sparking
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outrage after it went viral and we showed you this on hq yesterday. that is a toddler pulled from the rubble in syria after her government launched an air strike on her neighborhood. the same regime used chemical weapons. and now concerns that the raging civil war is a breeding ground for terrorist who want to harm us. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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wait until you so the video, an elderly victim penned down in a both by a man on the rampage. and the first instinct was to take video of the attack instead of helping.
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oh, boy, several other people inside that salt lake city restaurant stood by and watched. this is a case of bystander affect. the victim ran into the restaurant to escape the attacker and the man posted the video to facebook and it is shared hundreds of time and many critized that man for not stepping in to help. >> fox news alert. the white house said no, syria can't move weapons to a sea port. and report that assad's government turned over less than five percent of the chemical stock pile. ralph peters is with us. cornell good day to you. four percent of the stock poil doesn't get it done. >> no, it is not. why on earth should assad give
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us anything? obama's threats weather against syria or stan tan, they are all totally empty. you have assad has both hands and obama trying to forge. i mean, we have a president who made no end to the empty threats and not followed up on a single one. if you were assad, would you take him seriously? >> i don't know the context and why that question came up. that must be a concern. the possibility of loading chemical weapons on a ship and where does it go from there? iran? in intelligence you look for patterns. what pattern do you see with the way our administration is trying to deal with syria?
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>> it is the same as in benghazi, dealing with iran and afghanistan. president obama and the rest of the unholy trinitiy, bide boyd and kerry, they make threats. kerry saying assad must go and bide boyd with his various pronouncements, but we never fol through. i am not a warmonger and i don't think war is the answer to everything. but when the president of the united states threatened armed intervention to it end a massacre and does essentially nothing, united states credibility is on the line. with chemical weapons. what a deal. the russians and the syrians put on obama. he wanted them to put it over on him. the concern with syria initially was the slaughter of civilians and we ended up not doing anything about that but simply accepting the fact that if chemical weapons massacres are
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bad and if you give up chemical weapons you can basically slaughter anybody you want. i don't explain it powerfully. we made ourselves accomplices to mass cower. in syria, i trowely believe that there is nothing wrong with our enemies killing open other. but the credibility of the united states is on the line, and i would personally and i say this reluctantly support air strikes against assad's air force and air defenses, but with that you can't empower al-qaeda. you have to hit them. >> if you go in against assad you help al-qaeda and against al-qaeda you help assad. the two-year-old girl pulled from the rubble and the video. and you look at it and see it. one side can play it for propaganda and the little girl is alive and this is what is happening in that country time
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and again. you believe whether it is assad and syria and putin in moscow. they are playing us well. >> not only putin and assad, the iranians, and even hammid karzi is the crazy uncle of sprl affairs, they are -- international affairs they are all playing us. bottom line for obama. negotiations. he believes it can be solved with words. there are times when you must defend yourself and humanity with force. >> wow. thank you for your input today. >> thank you. house minority leader nancy pelosi taking shots in the tea party and calling its members anti- everything and saying they have no agenda. >> and a tone ager plunging to earth from 3,000 foot in the hair. her incredible story of
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survival. >> wow. we know that there is no such thing of a free lunch. is that any reason to throw lunches from students away? we'll show you where that happen. >> we want lunch! we want lunch. we want lunch! we want lunch! too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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times square, new york city. denver and settle on sunday. check out fox on the gachlt did you know there was a game? >> yes, i went down there for the radio show onro row.
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it was exciting and all sort was celebrities. >> do you carry about the game, it is okay not to in >> i care about the snacks and nachos and commercials. >> we want to know what is your favorite super bowl snack. >> and finally something that i have a speciality in. >> okay, send me a tweet at bill hemmer. >> and to me at alisyn camerota. >> get hung row. the family of a texas teen ager surviving a 3500 foot free fall surviving. mackenzy is leaving the hospital and moved to a rehab center. her family said the parachute malfunctioned and the sky diving company said that is not true. here are her parents describing her progress today. >> she is in a lot of pain, of course and still is not
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communicating verbally a whole lot. so we are, that's why we are speaking for her right at this time. and she's just amazing all of us with her progress. >> she is progressing every time. that is her own goal and her moind set. >> the doctors said her survival is a miracle. she had broken bones and a lacerated liver and kidney. >> there is outreasonabling over a ca feteria crack down. parents say the school lunches were thrown in the garbage because they owed money on the food accounts. we have more from this. explain this, william. >> reporter: well, parents are furious and law makers call it bullying, and the district is sorry but the incident is not
10:27 am
over. after 40 kids in salt lake city had lunches taken away because their accounts were allegedly not paid up. unlike some districts which check accounts monthly. they do it in the point of sale. tuesday, some kids received food and officials checked the books and took the food away. crying and humiliated, they got got milk and an orange. >> my daughter called me croiing and saying she couldn't eat lunch over $4 and i was not notified she was in the negative. >> and parents say they signed up for e-mail if balances were low and not notified. the manager is now on leave and the district is considering discipline for others. >> we are getting a lot of feed back locally and nationally on this story and we say it was a mistake and it was wrong and
10:28 am
shouldn't happen that way. >> how many schools is this happening quietly and subtly and we are not feeding children or giving them a lesser mole or on on >> now, another neighboring district said it is in the red 40,000 and it gives kids a snack and others in this district, 11 percent qualify for free subsidized lunch. the salt lake city tribune. said the practice is sad and not uncommon. at lost it is out in the open and it did not involve nachos. >> you can't punish the kids. you have to call the parents and say pay up. it seems easy. >> reporter: i agree with you. districts notify the parents and listen pay up and don't embarrass the kids, especially a kindergartener or first
10:29 am
grader. >> what you need to know about a security breach with a second largest e-mail provider. remember this comment. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> that is nancy pelosi talking about obama care in 2010. and now the democrat leader with controversial new comments about obama care and the tea party. we'll debate it fair and balanced. >> how about this for a from bowl party. a local beer company wants to deliver beer by a drone. will the feds let it fly. >> it is the wave of the future. u. are coming to
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breaking news. figuring out what is true and not. law enforcement telling us the new jersey state police responded to several hotels in the area where the super bowl will be played because of seven envelopes with white powder delivered to the hotels. rick is reporting to us from the scene and sources said they have gotten negative results on the first envelope that they have tested according to the state police. they say it is harm and wills they believe all of the envelopes likely came from the
10:34 am
same source and have the same substance in sdmem ultimately will not be dangerous. but we have yet to be able to say. that >> we'll get you updates on that when we get them here. in the meantime, a quick check of the headlines. yahoo announcing a data breach and user names have been stolen. they will contact affected users. yahoo had 270 million. caribbean princess dock with 200 sick passengers hit with a stomach bug. cvc report symptoms reported include severe vomiting and diarrhea. the highly contagious noro virus suspected in both cases. >> check it out, the beer drone, from a company in wisconsin. it is, i guess this is a problem
10:35 am
with this. there are laws and the fa a said you can't fly. you can't deliver the beer with a drone. it is against the law. >> party pooper. nmaybe be years from now. we designed it to deliver in a lake where people are fishing so we don't have to hit anything. smart advice. >> dealing with people who have no agenda and nothing nothing is their agenda and never is our time table. it is hard to negotiate with them. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi on the daily show blaming the tea party for the unproductive congress in decade. >> that's not all she said. she called the tea party anti- government and anti- science and anti- obama faction bent on rocking anything that the president wants to get done. so how dow really feel? >> guy benson. and julie is a democrat
10:36 am
strategist and fox contributors. >> happy friday. guy, is there a kernel of truth to what nancy pelosi said about the tea party. they stand for taxed enough already. what they are trying to is slow down big government and federal spending. that is their agenda and they are slowing down the plans that somebody else has, your thoughts? >> of course they have an agenda. the gop has an agenda and nancy pelosi doesn't like it. and that is different than not having one. >> what is the tea party. reducing the tax burden and reforming the tax code and entitlement programs to make them sustainable. and that is three things that nancy pelosi opposes which is separate from not having a agenda. that was paint by numbers stuff from her. i want to give her a little leeway in fairness, i think her
10:37 am
orbit has to have low morale and top allies on the hill are retire and this democrats came out and said we are giving up on winning back the house. she is lashing out the tea party. fine. >> julie, do you agree? >> you know who else trashed the tea party was john boehner. by the way the speaker of the republican house. and so it is not just nancy pelosi. even people like john boehner said they have an unproductive shut down. >> it is open season not just nancy pelosi saying this. the leader of the house republicans think that the tea party has no credibility and going no where. >> the other thing she was asked about obama care. it was like crickets in the room. watch. >> we are going to set up a health care website that is an
10:38 am
exchange and people come to it. why is it so hard to get a company to execute that competently? >> i don't know. and as one. on on >> no, and that is my question. >> let me get the house minority leader, i can ask her. what dow mean you don't know. >> it is not my responsibility. >> what a moment. i mean, two things in there. you have to give a better answer and you have ten months to find one. >> here is the woman who just a few seconds earlier called the tea party antiscience and shoo is by the way. the government has no spending problem. that is a stickler for that there. she was asked how has this dpn so badly and she was in charge of making sure they had the votes to pass. keep your plan and lower your premiums. i don't know not my responsibility. >> julie, she should work on
10:39 am
a better response. >> she should have staff work and comedy is not hers. and pick the sunday talk show and that was not good planning on the minority leaders part. >> few crickets hopped over the desk. see you later. >> have a good one. >>some perday for nasa honoring the fallen in arlington national cemetery. phil keating has the story live in miami. >> reporter: bill, american's astronauts are a herroric bunch. and what they do is dangerous stuff. and arlington national cemetery this morning, dozens of people laid wreaths and paid tribute to the memorials for 17 astronauts who died pursuing space and 11 years ago the break up and loss of colombia over the skies of
10:40 am
texas and lewisville as it returned to earth killed all seven. the heat shield was breached and in 1986, a cold florida morning, challenger 73 seconds in launch. a booster rocket failed due to the cold weather. we lost astronauts and the would- be first teacher in space. known 67, the explosion and fire in the apollo one capsule killed all three astronauts within a minute. xn born after 1972, they never saw an american standing on the moon, live on their television set. but the man you can see right there is gene stern an. and he said this day of remembrance is important not only for the legacy but the lesson for all of us. >> not only did we make the possible, possible. if you want to do something
10:41 am
badly enough and if you have the passion it make something happen and something important in your life and the life perhaps of your friends and family and your entire country, it doesn't come without costs. it does not come without costs. >> not only did each tragedy lead nasa to improve astronaut safety. but america and newsa persevered and kept on flying and exploring on the backs of the pioneers who made the greatest sacrifice. >> thank you, phil in miami. >> we are waiting a major report on the keystone pipeline. what impact could it have on the future? >> big deal. >> and the firefighters who did not come to the aid of a man who died. and the suspensions, what it means for justice. >> can i talk to you about what
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>>y am gretchen carlson. president obama must have president clinton on speed diechlt why he will call up to help with sant dems. and does that mean president obama might endorse hillel over joe boyd bide in 2016. and pam oliver with a presuper bowl update for us. and a j clem e. his first tv job. he accidentally let the f- bomb. you believe in second chances. >> i do, i am here in new york to prove it. nbraking news out of new jersey, live pictures over a hotel area
10:46 am
and right nor the stadium. and new jersey state police responding to several hotels because of seven envelopes with white powder delivered to the hotels. and sources say negative test on one of them x. they believe they came from the same source and will prove to be nothing. we hope that that is the case. and keep an eye on it. >> will do. >> we have new developments in a story rocking the district of klumia, a dc fire lieutenant and firefighter was put on administrative leave in investigation under way why a man who suffered a heart attack outside of the fire house did not get care for the firemen? major mills collapsed as he was walking with his daughter. several people who wanted to help ran to the fire station and
10:47 am
banged on the door and firefighters told them they could not do anything unless someone called 911. the daughter said 15 minutes for help to show up after a dc meas officer flagged down an ambulance that happen to be driving by. >> have you been told that the original dispatch went to the wrong quadrant of the city? >> no. >> they sent it to northwest instead of northeast. >> all while my daddy laid on the ground. >> so heart breaking. and we'll bring janes on and david to help us exmrin this. this story is outreasonablingous. and three times they banged on the door of the fire house and they were told by a firefighter inside that first they had to
10:48 am
call and that was protocol because there is a law that prevents emergency workers from self dispatching, explain? >> assuming that there is a law that prevents self dispatching. that law needs to be changed. resulting in a senseless death and that makes no sense. but suppose the rule is in place. when you have somebody across the street screaming for aid. that is equivalent of a 911. and maybe not every four fire out of the four house to help. but one of them could performed cpr. that would be responsible. >> they are emergency workers for a reason. they want to save people's lives. why couldn't they have saved this poor man's life. >> it is a breach public trust. but not in legal responsibility. the four fires said the woman
10:49 am
came over someone had tripped and fallen and she didn't say he suffered a heart attack. she probably didn't no and that is understandable. the firefighter didn't think it was a urgent matter and said call 911 or an ambulance has been called and they are on the way and they will take care of it. it was a perfect storm of screw ups. no doubt about that. but the reality is, why somebody should be disciplined internally, i don't know they will suffer legal responsibility and civil suit. but there will be a payout probably. it is a tragedy all the way around and when this happens, there are protocol procedure to follow. >> he disagrees with you. if they didn't get the right information can they sue. >> the victim's family is going to sue the district of colombia and the fire house and they will win. if they said we can't go render
10:50 am
aid unless someone dials three numbers on the telephone. and that will be ridiculous. and subject them to light. and if the protocol didn't say that. and they didn't render aid that is liability. there is way this family is going to lose that lawsuit and nor should they. if that protocol says you can't go help somebody, you physically need aid, they need to change that immediately. >> thanks so much for your expertise. david, i owe you one. john and david, thank you so much. we'll see what happens with this case. >> seattle and denver getting ready gearing up for the big beau bowl sunday. businesses are gearing up. they want to score big. but how big? is that hype or not? >> plus a small town invade by tumbleweeds. ♪ ♪ well another great thing about all this walking i've been doing is
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a small town finds itself under siege by tumbleweeds. a storm sending thousands into clovis, new mexico. city officials say the giant weeds are even covering homes and blocking streets. one man got trapped in his garage by the tumbleweeds. it is so bad people are calling it the tumbleweed invasion of 2014. they say it will take weeks to clean up the weeds. >> guy got stuck in his garage? >> yes, by ferocious tumbleweeds. >> scary. seattle and denver squaring off in the big game.
10:55 am
countless businesses hoping to cash in. is that just hype? rick leventhal on that in times square. >> depends who you ask. they say economic benefits could be 5, $600 million, some say a fraction of that, $30 million. other businesses say they are not seeing a boost, including hotels. there are 110,000 hotels rooms in new york city. that doesn't include hotels across the river in new jersey. miami has 30 to 40,000 rooms, here in new york city they have plenty of rooms and rooms available so rates are cut. in north bergen we heard one hotel was charging $1300 a night for super bowl weekend, now asking $400 a night. hotels in the city also now adjusting rates downward because of the availability. >> for a city like new york,
10:56 am
kind of a ripple in the pond, a drop in the bucket as opposed to, say, phoenix or dallas that are nowhere near have the number of hotels to absorb that many travelers. >> there are businesses benefiting, red's restaurant and bar in the shadow of metlife stadium in east rutherford, hosting a huge party on super bowl sunday feeding and providing booze to 2,000 people, then put them on buses to the stadium and host another party for the game itself. bill, you can expect after parties at many bars and restaurants around metlife where people like to go for the game. >> thank you, rick. >> i'm sure we'll be covering that. what snacks are you eating on sunday? >> you're best tweets and treats next. the conversation about his
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car loan didn't start here. it started with that overdue bill he never got. checking his experian credit report and score allowed him to identify and better address the issue. then drive off into the sunset. experian.
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♪ ♪ >> what's your favorite super bowl snack, america.
11:00 am
>> meaty, cheesy nachos with lots of jalapenos and ice cold beer. what time do you want me over. >> mike says wings slowly simmered over bbq. >> gary says is beer a snack? >> it is on sunday. >> it is now. thanks for watching i'm alisyn camerota. >> have a great weekend. here is gretchen. >> i'm gretchen carlson, and this is "the real story." new jersey police investigating several letters with white powder sent to the stadium where the super bowl will be held on sunday. ambulances and hazmat responded to renaissance meadowlands in rutherford, new jersey right near the stadium. another hotel an econlodge in rutherford. both sites under investigation. no injuries at this time. there are reports two other suspicious envelopes discovered at nearby post offices and


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