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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 31, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> meaty, cheesy nachos with lots of jalapenos and ice cold beer. what time do you want me over. >> mike says wings slowly simmered over bbq. >> gary says is beer a snack? >> it is on sunday. >> it is now. thanks for watching i'm alisyn camerota. >> have a great weekend. here is gretchen. >> i'm gretchen carlson, and this is "the real story." new jersey police investigating several letters with white powder sent to the stadium where the super bowl will be held on sunday. ambulances and hazmat responded to renaissance meadowlands in rutherford, new jersey right near the stadium. another hotel an econlodge in rutherford. both sites under investigation. no injuries at this time. there are reports two other suspicious envelopes discovered at nearby post offices and
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possibly other hotels received packages that had this apparent white substance involved. the hazmat team are on the scene. you can see from aerials right now. obviously high intensity as this is unfolding two days now before the hugest game of the season. now you're going to have a situation where you're going to have police on high alert and people wondering exactly what this entails. once again, as many as six hotels have apparently received these packages that have some sort of a white substance in them. also other reports saying two other suspicious envelopes discovered at nearby post offices, renaissance hotel, econo lodge. new jersey state police saying at this time no injuries have been reported. now in another fox news alert, we have more suspicious to tell you about. at this time a suspicious envelope sent to mayor rudy
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giuliani's office in manhattan, new york. not saying what's in the envelope or if it's related to the new jersey hotel incident. keep it on fox. we're going to continue to develop this breaking news as it's happening right here on "the real story." meantime obamacare back front and center. house republicans huddling. they are trying to draw up an alternative plan to the president. meantime if anyone knows why obamacare failed so miserably wouldn't it be those that signed the bill into law? watch what happens when house minority leader faces that question from daly show host jon stewart. >> why is it so hard to get a company to execute that competently. >> i don't know. no, that's my question. >> let me get the house minority leader here. what do you mean you don't know.
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>> it's not my responsibility. >> republicans are working on an alternative plan to obamacare, so what would that be? illinois deputy whip my guest today. great to see you. >> thank you, gretchen. glad to be with you. >> helpfully you can answer my question. what would the alternative house plan be? >> the house is focusing on a solution that tries to reconnect patients and physicians and to get bureaucrats out. what does that look like? one of the things we need to do is break down the artificial barriers that prohibit competition for health insurance companies in states. you know how you're able to buy auto insurance or home owner's insurance across the country. >> right. >> you can't do that. lets change the law so you can, so health insurers are competing. pitching for business as opposed to being able to dominate a marketplace. >> so is this a response to what the administration continually
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said, well, republicans aren't doing anything to help obamacare and, in fact, they don't have their own plan. >> there's an old straw man argument the president uses. either you're for obamacare or no change at all. the speaker ig saying and making a good point, we need to make sure we're the alternative party and not just the opposition party. getting back to how it is you lower health care cost, another area is improve defensive medicine. right now physicians are in a situation where they are going to order more tests because of a possibility of lawsuits that are frivolous. it drives cost up. lets look how to reframe and recalibrate medical liability laws so they make more sense and get healthier outcomes but don't just order tests that are unnecessary. expanding what are known as health savings accounts. in other words, tax-free savings that allow folks to control their own health spending. some of these things very common
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sense. the president falls into this trap, you either like my approach or you don't want to do anything at all. most folks are seeing through that. >> the house is apparently coming up with this alternative plan. three senators have come up with their own alternative plan. i've got to bring you back to the top of the newscast where you had nancy pelosi saying she had no idea how this whole thing went wrong. and your response would be? >> that is so pathetic on so many levels i'm almost speechless. it follows on president obama's statement last december in a press conference when he was basically asked the same thing. hey, your campaign website was so fantastic and is such a disaster, what's going on? the president said that the federal government is outdated and complicated and cumbersome. it was like a revelation to him. i think what's happening is most folks who gave the president the benefit of the doubt on the health care discussion are now completely over it and turned the page.
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they want much more thoughtful solutions and that's what house republicans are all about. >> thank you for bringing it up to speed on what the republicans in the house are huddling on in the house today. great to see you. thanks very much. >> thanks, gretchen. department awaited report on the environmental impact of the keystone pipeline project could be released any time now. sources telling fox news it will likely disappoint the critics of the pipeline. it comes on the heels of another report from federal regulators on growing concerns over safely moving massive amounts of fuel by train. staff writer at the washington times, he is my guest today on this issue. we're getting bits and pieces on what this report is going to say. first and foremost environmentalists are not going to be happy about this. >> that's what we hear and expect. a couple of reasons, this is not the first time, the first environmental statement done on keystone. by and large all those -- all
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have been done before on different routes have shown there may be some problems you can take care of. it does not look like transporting oil through these areas through pipeline is as bad as some of the other alternatives like railways. >> the interesting thing is for those that thought this state department report would finally say yes or no to this project one way or the other jay carney was asked about this in the president's briefing and he said, hey, hold your horses. it doesn't mean the deciding is imminent. that permit apparently is going to sit on president obama's desk continually. >> real quickly, the process, they release environmental impact statement through the public comment period. look, in the he said this is a judgment call by the president. they can run through all the traps here. in the end the president will make a judgment whether he believes keystone is in the national interest of the country. essentially that's going to be a final decision, whether the president believes the economy right now still needs fossil
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fuels or he's decided we are far enough on the technology he's ready to cut off fossil fuel. an ideological argument. >> unions know it will create jobs and environmentalists who don't want it. here comes another report and the president seems to be delaying this further. thanks so much for your time today. >> my pleasure. >> another cruise cut short after passengers getting sick again. this time it's princess cruise ship forced to return to port new houston after dozens, crew members as well coming down with that same old stomach virus. this comes days after the caribbean cruise ship had to return. the cruise line says -- are you sitting down for this one? the cruise line said it's only because of fog, not any illness, that cut the cruise short. casey live in dallas. come on, are you buying that one? >> i don't know, gretchen. the cruise line says one thing,
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the passengers are saying another. picture this, cruising through the caribbean, it was supposed to be a beautiful week long cruise with stops in cozumel and belize but then people got sick. they had to turn around and head back. they couldn't reach their final port of call. now the cruise line is saying it's a noro stomach virus we know is a nasty bug and extremely contagious. the ship coming back early. news cameras flying above as they reached home early. but they stayed put 3.100 passengers and 1100 or so crew members could not disembark until this morning. some were mad saying the vacation was ruined. others thought princess cruise line, owned by carnival, did their best given the situation here. >> we're confined for three days. we didn't get to enjoy any
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meals, shows. they canceled belize, the main reason people took this cruise. >> they got on top of it quick. got servers out to make sure no one was handling food in the buffet line. >> cdc, center for disease control, investigating what went wrong. it will be scrubbed and sanitized. >> what is the cruise lane saying about this, casey. >> as you heard, they are calling it a weather incident. that's what they are saying. a company spokesperson said in addition to paying for folks accommodation in houston, they will be given a 20% discount toward another cruise, if they want to get on another ship again. princess released a statement. we truly regret having to make this change to our passengers' vacations but we hope they understand that we did not have any choice but to return to houston early, here we go, because the unusually heavy fog closed the port.
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the cruise line said from the beginning they were coming home early because of that weather and not because of the illness. >> interesting to know how many passengers take them up on that 20% discount for a future cruise. >> right. >> thanks casey. >> yes. >> the other cruise came for the big scrubdown, royal caribbean on passengers on explorer of the seas will be compensated for cut their vacation short. 700 passengers came down with stomach virus. cdc sent a team to the ship to determine the cause of the outbreak. passengers will receive a 50% refund as well as a 50% credit on a future cruise. sounds like they are giving out a better deal. brand-new security threat days before super bowl. hazmat teams investigating what we told you about at the top of the show. suspicious powder surfaced in several locations, not far from where the games will be played, including several hotels and
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possibly post offices. we are following that developing situation for you right now. a beer drone losing its buzz. why the feds are shutting this delivery service down. plus president obama and bill clinton teaming up to reenergize senate dems. why is the white house feeling the need to bring bill on board again. our political panel weighing in. the team is back toll. allen and mike. >> hello. >> all right. great to see you guys. i have the flu, i took medicine but i still have symptoms. [ sneeze ] [ male announcer ] truth is not all flu products treat all your symptoms. what? [ male announcer ] alkseltzer plus severe cold and flu speeds relief to these eight symptoms. [ breath of relief ] thanks. [ male announcer ] you're welcome. ready? go. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup.
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welcome back, everyone. alarming new details on the gunman who went on the shooting rampage at washington's navy yard in september. medical records showing weeks before it happened he lied about his mental state to a v.a. doctor treating him for
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insomnia. the doctor writes this, denies drugs, denies si, suicidal ideation or hi, homicidal ideation. he works in the defense department, no problem there. alexis, a defense contractor and former navy reservist killed 12 people before he died in the shoot-out with police. to politics now, president obama offering some harsh words for republicans saying they would have a hard time getting on board with any agenda, let alone his. defending his state of the union promise to act alone to get things done. >> the house republicans in particular have had difficulty rallying around any agenda, much less mine. in that kind of environment what i don't want is the american people to think that the only way for us to make big change is through legislation. we've all got to work together to continue to provide opportunity for the next
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generation. >> allen combs fox news contributor, mike gallagher syndicated radio host and fox news contributor. all right, allen. apparently the pen and the paper is going to be out in full action and it's congress's fault nothing can get done. >> you've got this guy randy webber calling obama a socialist dictator, got steve walking out. how do you work with these people. he's got a problem with republican party, not barack obama. they can't seem to get their act together. >> will you support calling him a communist dictator. >> a new lifestyle. >> so both parties probably have elements -- >> they don't all. >> you're not talking about the entire republican party. >> talk about what's representative of them. this the kind of attitude, whether you lie or calling them a liar on twitter. this is the behavior. >> a lot of pen and paper.
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>> when there are extreme examples of democrats, you guys don't want to say that's representative of democrats. you can't do, that can't play that game. this pen and paper stuff is chilling. even democrats are taking note of executive order trumping congressional legislation will that's not the way the country works. >> this president has the fewest number of executive orders in 100 years. why is there a double standard for this president when -- every other president leading up to him has had more. >> he's promising to finish his term saying i can't get anything done with congress. >> he has done any other executive orders than any other president in 100 years. >> he has three years left and threatened pencil and paper. meanwhile teaming up with president clinton. the question, why bring president clinton back again? is there a secret deal so this little cozying up together. first of all, president obama
11:19 am
probably needs president clinton because he's much more popular. is this a secret deal, he'll endorse hillary instead of biden. >> congress has 13% approval rating. president clinton did a very good job. he closed the deal for obama at dnc. >> he said even i couldn't solve this crisis. >> among politicians, good to have. >> is there some sort of secret deal that clinton comes back to help obama because then obama will endorse hillary over biden. >> could be. i didn't get that phone call. sorry. >> if anyone can help hillary try to unspool benghazi, maybe it's slick willy. this is the guy who wagd his finger at us and said he didn't have sex with that woman. maybe he can wag his finger and say hillary didn't have anything to do with benghazi. she has a yeoman's task of slithering out from benghazi.
11:20 am
>> listen to your language. you want to bring up lewinsky from 15 years ago. >> all i know, president clinton must be on president obama's speed dial. >> why not? >> have a fantastic weekend. dozens of students involved in a food fight. a school, remember their story, they took their lunches away. we have an update to the outrageous story we told you yesterday. imagine your very first day on the job going something like this. >> good evening -- >> that got aj clemente fired. he's back. what do you think about a person's height. does it affect your impression of them? tweet me @gretchen carlson.
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>> welcome back toory." remember the salt lake city school taking lunch away from kids, putting it in the trash, all because they were behind. well, the kids even protesting after their school took the lunch trace from dozens of them. the whole thing getting strong reaction from everyone from parents, schools, elected leaders. >> my daughter called me during her lunch hour crying saying she couldn't eat lunch over $4. i was never even notified she
11:25 am
was in the negative. apparently they gave her some milk and an orange. we took care of the $4 and now she can have lunch again. >> salt lake city district apologized saying they understand why parents are angry and the whole thing never should have happened. meantime faa reportedly shooting down minnesota brewery's drone delivery plan. thanks to a viral youtube commercial showing unmanned craft delivering beer to ice fishermen. live in the newsroom. chris, i grew up in minnesota, a lot of ice fishing there. this would have been a great idea for a lot of my friends. >> this is generous. the president of lake made beer was trying to stir up interest in his product and he did. the youtube you mentioned got 25,000 hits on it. it got picked up by local
11:26 am
newspaper and television stations. the unmanned craft delivering the beer miles and miles over the lake for ice fishers. it was brilliant for some but the faa did not like it a bit. they called the president of lake made beer, jack supple, and told him in so many words to knock it off. listen to him on america's newsroom. >> they said i can't do it. you're not allowed -- according to this. this is what they said. the integration of civil unmanned aircraft systems, uas in national aerospace road maps. >> how many pages is that? >> we downloaded that and printed that and it broke our printer. >> of course the president of the company was trying to one up jeff bezos,, because he said in the future he planned to ship some of his goods using the unmanned drones. >> i was going to say not the first company to do this. actually maybe he was ahead of
11:27 am
amazon. anyone else? >> a place ahead of amazon and lake made beer. what this guy was doing was dropping off your dry cleaning using unmanned drones. he said he did it because, quite frankly, the dry cleaning industry is kind of boring and he was trying to spice it up a little bit. every week they would pick a name out of the hat and have the unmanned drone deliver the goods. dominos tried this. in china they deliver cakes using unmanned zones and third trying to navigate buildings. not a big problem lake fishing in minnesota. in new york, a little more of an issue. the faa says they will decide on this sometime in early 2015. >> cool idea, though, nonetheless. trace, have a good weekend. thanks so much. >> you, too. we're keeping a close eye on a situation in new jersey where
11:28 am
several objects containing white powder have been found at metlife stadium where the super bowl will be played on sunday. we have the latest on the preliminary test coming up. plus big news for pro football players. something pam oliver knows about. what new data shows about the number of concussions suffered this season. nfl and fox sideline reporter is here to break it all down for us. the napolean complex has finally been explained what a new study says about the link between short people and paranoia. you guys just had to choose this song, too, because i'm short. ♪ don't want no short people around here ♪ get paid to do something you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it,
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isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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>> fox news alert, an update on suspicious letters found in several locations near the stadium where the super bowl will be held on sunday. so the envelopes containing a white powder, fbi telling fox news preliminary tests have come back negative and there is no indication of more. well, the bergen county bomb squad confirming econo lodge in new jersey. ambulance and hazmat responding to renaissance hotel in rutherford. both hotels not far from metlife stadium. we also have update on suspicious mail sent to former mayor rudy giuliani, sent to his office in manhattan. the letter contained nontoxic
11:33 am
substance. they haven't identified what it is or if it's related to new jersey incident. nypd said analysis will be done by department of health. amanda knox speaking out today about an italian appeals court decision to uphold murder conviction of her and her boyfriend, accused of killing roommate meredith kercher in 2007. jonathan hunt live in the newsroom. this was such an emotional interview this morning amanda knox did. obviously this is weighing on her very heavily, even though she's here in the united states. >> she was extremely emotional as she talked to robin roberts on "good morning america" on nbc. she said she was stunned at the verdict. she and frightened at the very thought of being extradited to italy. she said once again that she is a victim here. >> and i really hope that people
11:34 am
try to understand that when you have overzealous prosecutors and biased investigation and coercive investigation like these things happen, and i'm not -- i'm not crazy, it puts you in a position where you feel like -- >> a development today, too, with her ex-boyfriend also found guilty for a second time, of course, raffaele sollecito. he was discovered this morning by italian police in a hotel just six miles from italy's border with austria leading, of course, to some speculation he might be trying to flee the country. his attorney said that's not the case. he's been taken into custody by police, his passport seized. he like amanda knox is free until the italian supreme court makes a final ruling on this,
11:35 am
gretchen, probably in about 12 months' time, gretchen. >> amazing development there. jonathan, thank you so much. seems you can take almost any kind of class these days. rutgers university offering a class called politicizing beyonce which uses pop star's music and career to explore american race, gender and sexual politics. there's also a class on bruce springsteen lyrics. now a former news anchor famous for a bad first day at work is teaching a media class at a school in manhattan. watch this. >> [ bleep ]. >> good evening, you may have seen our new -- a.j. will join the team as my co-anchor. >> it still gets me. he's now a media instructor and on the panel. pete dominick, a comedian, uh-oh, sirius xm radio host.
11:36 am
they make up the panel today. good to see you, gentleman. >> aj, my goodness, that was your first day on the job. now you're teaching media class. >> it's renner international. we're teaching actually what not to do. they are interested in the broadcast area and i'm just giving them the tools of the trade. >> so pete -- >> i don't like this, and i'll tell you why. first of all i've done standup comedy for years and i've never gotten own letterman. aj was on letterman. if i knew all you had to do was curse on national television it would enhance your career. which is why on your program i'm going to say every terrible word i can. i'm jealous of aj. >> what does it say about the fact america believes in second
11:37 am
chances. here is aj doing something different. i assume you still want to be in tv. what about this idea you have all these different classes out here. you like it? >> i don't have a problem with it. the beyonce class, one of the things, he's going to compare beyonce's lyrics and writings to an unbelievable heroic abolitionists and human rights advocate. getting kids to eat veg tables by mixing them in with mashed potatoes. what's wrong with that. springsteen, theological underpinnings, that sounds interesting to me. >> the idea is to make money. if i offer a course on bald white punditry at a university where i got a full ride to play at, and that course has demand. >> are the classes sold out because the students want to hear what you're going to say? >> the classes are sold out. we have plenty of kids that want
11:38 am
to come over. maybe not what i want to say. >> do you just curse the whole course? >> the whole time. >> i want to move onto the next thing. pete, sorry. sorry about this topic. there's a new study out that says feeling small makes people more paranoid. what happened is they put women in the subway in london, then they put them in the second time and virtually lowered their height. they had all these feelings of paranoia. >> is that why you have me here, because i'm a small man? >> i just want to show the height differentials amongst all of us. i'm shorter than you are. i'm 5'3". >> i have quite the swagger. >> you have a better knee kick. there he goes. >> i have an issue with this right off the bat i can tell you, it's harder for a man -- the one thing women have on men, it's the only thing i was always
11:39 am
insecure about was dating a woman who was just a little, if not a lot, taller than me. >> that's why you have a big personality. >> yes, to make up for this -- my small -- >> women in heels, something to think about. every woman i've met wants to date a tall -- >> i have heels on now. >> andy, is there something to be said for self-esteem and the rest just because you're short. >> anything pete says is completely invalid for obvious reasons. i'm on red eye, the host, your viewers may know him on that daytime talk show. >> in my pocket. >> he's on "the view" or whatever that show is called. he's 5'2", in sling backs, maybe 5'5". >> you are no longer a friend. >> a great and wonderful human being with no hang-ups whatsoever. he did not tell me to say that. that's something i came up with on my own. >> i'm glad to know that's original material. >> we do have to try harder.
11:40 am
>> it brings out a better quality in people when they feel at a disadvantage. although, i've never felt at a disadvantage. >> lowering by 10 inches, that's alet. >> thanks so much. time to check in with the very tall shepard smith at the news desk. >> i was channeling my inner. >> better you than me. >> he does have a big personality. >> he does. >> if you're tired of the super bowl stories, this is one you might like. one of seattle seahawks cheerleader doing more than supporting her team, also supporting our country. she's an air force first lieutenant. yeah, this woman. leah gabrielle spoke to her and has her story coming up. shepard smith reporting. it's friday. see you. >> one of the most popular e-mail services hit by hackers. could you be a victim? we'll tell you what you want to
11:41 am
know. as top teams ready for the super bowl, things you want to know about safety. super bowl extraordinaire pam oliver will explain. come on over and see the guys.
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i bet they are psyched. more football news, concussions dropped 15% from 2012 to 2013 all thanks to efforts to better protect players' heads. it's still just as dangerous to be a sideline reporter. watch this. >> here it is, back-up quarterback chandler harnish throws and pam oliver, wham. chandler sure felt terrible. our camera operator behind him. a nice little hug. a moment there. >> that hit left pam oliver with a serious concussion it took
11:46 am
weeks to recover from. i just want to tell viewers you did not watch that when we were playing it on the screen. >> i've seen it one time and it was by accident. it's just one of those things that was regrettable. it was just an errant pass. it's just one of the things that affected me more than i thought it would. >> so at the time i remember hearing about this and watching it. everyone said oh, she looks like she'll be fine. the thing about concussion is, it comes about later. what happened to you? >> that night i got hit, i've read about concussions, i know players that have had concussions. one of the things that concerned me was falling asleep. that's all i wanted to do. reading about a giants offensive lineman, they would wake him up every two hours. so my husband will call every two hours. i slept sitting up.
11:47 am
>> wow. >> i just didn't know what to expect but i knew something was wrong. >> you did suffer a concussion and you were out for a while. what do you make of this report? it's such a huge deal. >> it is a huge deal. >> now they are saying they are trying to lessen this helmet to helmet contact. do you think they are making a difference? >> i think players are understanding that's what they have to do. they have to follow the rules. a lot of players don't play like that. they like to head hunt, hit with the crown of their helmet. that's what's been made illegal. the tackler or running back. a lot of these guys, a power runner like adrian peterson, he's having to learn a whole new style. little things like that are probably having an impact. a lot of people may say anything that want about concussions, but is there an independent company to look at it as well. >> the record is not yet fully known yet. >> we wanted to have a little
11:48 am
fun with pam. >> go ahead. >> you've had eight super bowls. we want the big game challenge that everyone can take if you go to fox big game challenge online. so let me see how you do on the big question. what will be the result of the coin toss, heads or tails? >> tails. >> do you say that because it usually is? >> no, i say that because i like taillights. >> how long will it take her to sing national anthem, under 1:42 or over. >> she's opera, they are deliberate with eenunciation. >> i'm with you on that. which team will score first in the game, denver or seattle? >> that is probably going to be denver. they can really move that ball. >> get past seattle's defense. >> exactly. >> what will the first commercial after the opening kickoff ties, cars, beer, soft drink, or other?
11:49 am
>> i think other. i think it will be something in the category of go daddy or something like that. >> all right. maybe they are saving budweiser for later. all right. what will be the first song by bruno mars, "locked out of heaven. or "when i was your man." >> i'm going with "when i was your man" because that's the only song i know. i love him. i'm going to sneak out and see it, sneak out and see a little of it. >> glad you're back on the mend. have a fantastic game on sunday. >> i love to watch you. >> thank you so much, pam. coming up on the show, fbi confirming those suspicious letters found where pam is going to be near metlife stadium tested negative. two days before the super bowl, following the story for you. imagine this, a woman drops a camera into a deep lake.
11:50 am
how she got it back with thousands of pictures still intact. this is for you. ♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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11:53 am
we're learning new details about the developing story throughout the hour. a security scare near the site of the super bowl. suspicious letters found at several hotels containing a mystery white powder. rick is live in times square, home of the super bowl boulevard. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this is the kind of white noise that police have to respond to every single day. we often don't hear about it because it's usually nothing. but in this case because of security at super bowl xlviii, when you have seven hotels that
11:54 am
received suspicious packages or letter with a white powder inside and police respond and hazmat teams respond and the fbi roz joint terrorism task force shows up there's going to be news reports and that happened today. all this stuff was in fact harmless. there will seven envelopes sent to the seven hotels near metlife stadium in new jersey. all had a harmless household product like corn starch or baking soda inside the envelope. so a whole lot of nothing here but of course the police and the fbi and -- take these things seriously and had to check it out. they did. turned out to be harmless. >> i wonder if somebody can be charged with that -- >> absolutely. >> they can? what would they be charged with? >> absolutely. well, insome sort of terrorism-related charge. making a threatening -- sending a threat through the mail is a charge. could be a state charge or a federal charge. >> okay. what about giuliani? the former mayor of new york received one of these letters.
11:55 am
was there any link or just coincidence? >> i couldn't tell you whether they're connected. his office in manhattan did receive another package of some kind, envelope, with white powder in it that turn out to be harmless. this kind of thing happens almost every day according to law enforcement, and and they respond, check at it out. it's a pain but they have to do it, and there's a lot of scrutiny here for super bowl xlviii and a lot of eye balls. so, when the stuff happens now we'll hear about it. again, seven envelopes, seven hotels, turned out to be nothing. >> all right. developed so quickly. just less than an hour ago was the first we were reporting it. rick leventhal, thank you for the update. seems like everyone -- and we mean everyone -- has an opinion about who will win sunday's super bowl. broncos or seahawks? but the animal kingdom is choosing. >> put a tv in the tent while
11:56 am
we're tearing down, and i've actually watched fast football s with our elephants. one would go for the seahawks and one for the broncos but who wouldn't cheer for peyton manning? he's low fat too, and has five grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i -- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? oops. [ female announcer ] as you get older protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... 50% of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good e. [ major nutrition ] ensure high protein. ensure. nutrition in charge!
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need some help making picks for the super bowl? here's a few guys who can help you out. this elephant putting his money on the broncos, and eli 8th is on a roll. this year he's going with the seahawks. and what's a super bowl sunday without the puppy bowl. rescue days playing in the scrimmage. you can catch it on animal planet. >> no surprise. lots of you are outraged at the utah grade school that tike a. school lunches from dozens of kids and through them out bus they're accounts were low. broken allen says, lessen for the kid, even as adults
12:00 pm
sometimes we get it wrong. thank you for being part of "the real story" today and every day this week. i'm gretchen karlson. have a fantastic super bowl weekend. see you back here on monday. shepard smith is going to report live from the fox news deck. hi, shep. >> thank you. might the american exchange student amanda knox have to return to italy to serve decades in prison? one day after the italian court or whatever it was, upheld her murder conviction. and did her former boyfriend try to make a run for it? it's bad for the biebs when the guy coming to your defense is the crack-smoking mayor rob ford. and the story behind this remarkable photo of north america's mayor. so let's get to it. >> good friday afternoon to you and yoursto shining sea. first, quite a sight this bunch.


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