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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 31, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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. so don't forget to watch the super bowl, there is a big super bowl game happening this weekend. thes welcome to hannity from times square. this is a fox news alert. a former port authority official says governor chris christie of new jersey knew about the washington bridge closures in september. joining us now is eric shaw. >> hello, sean. governor chris christie's office said he did not lie. but a lawyer says he did. he said he never knew about the order to close the lanes until the operation was over. the person who oversaw the
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closings and took the fifth, he says governor christie is not telling the truth. in a letter, he says, quote, evidence exists, as well as tying mr. christie to having knowledge of the lane closures, during the period when the lanes were closed. contrary to what the governor stated. mr. wildstein contests the accuracy of various statements that the governor made about him and he can prove the inaccuracy of some. >> i had no knowledge of this, of the planning, the execution, or anything about it. i first found out about it after it was over. and even then, what i was told was that it was a traffic study. >> and tonight the governor's office said the letter supports him. the statement does not address if governor christie knew about the closings at the time. in part, they say mr. wildstein's lawyer confirms what
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the governor said all along. he has no knowledge of the closures. the governor denies mr. wildstein's other assertions. the lawyer's letter does not accuse of governor of knowing the plan was part of a payback scheme. but you know this will only start ramping up more. public hearings are expected to start in trenton this in just a few weeks. >> eric shaw, thanks so much. more with the panel coming up in the break. joining me now, larry fitzgerald is here. jim grey is also with us. he's going to be broadcasting along with larry and tom brady, right? >> that's correct. >> and this man, tiki barber. any tiki barber fans? [ cheers and applause ] >> how many fans say denver's going to win?
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seattle? who's got seattle? >> nobody thinks seattle. how many super bowls have you done? >> this is 36, sean. >> pretty amazing. >> a blessed life. >> you never get sick of this? >> no, it's a lot of fun. >> marv leavey said it best, where would you rather be than right here right now? he said it to his team. they didn't win, but he was right with the statement. >> tom brady said he wouldn't be watching, he was going to be with you. >> he wouldn't be watching, but he'd be listening. >> all right. tell us about this. as a player, is this game different, i was talking to fran tarkenton, he said to me, it's just like any other game. is that true? >> no, it's not like any other game. the preparation, the excitement. you try to stay in your regular routine, but it's impossible. you look out the window, the people outside the hotel. it's not like any other game. >> tiki, you love football.
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>> of course. >> it's new york. there's no greater stage than playing a super bowl in this city and it's not a regular game. there's people you haven't talked to in years that come out of the wood works. larry and i have been on the stage, we didn't get a championship, but it gets very, very hard to focus. the team that focus the best is the one that's going to win mp. >> for example, peyton manning this week, a lot of press and all this -- >> i can see you are jumping on the bandwagon. >> are you saying denver is not going to win? who throws for 5,000 yards and 55 touchdowns? >> statistically, but statistics will lie. stats lie to you. every quarterback that has led the league in touchdowns has not won the super bowl. defense wins games. but i do believe denver will win. if it's not weather, it's hard to stop peyton manning. larry's team did it.
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they beat the seattle seahawks. >> in seattle, you were the only team that beat them in two years. right? >> we had a great game plan that came together. our defense played lights out that day. offensively, we had a couple turnovers, but we stuck together. i believe seattle will win this ball game. >> i got something funny, if you look behind me, you can see the uprights, if you pan out behind me, and the uprights there, i'm going to try to kick with your teammate a field goal. are you betting with me or against me? >> i don't think you're going to be able to do it. >> i guess it's about 25 yards. >> you take the jersey off -- >> i'm keeping the jersey on. >> what do you think? >> i don't think so. >> you're betting against me! >> i saw how you did with thizman. >> i'll give you 100 to 1.
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>> i'll go with you. >> you got 100? >> yeah. let's talk about the game of football. i've always been a jet-giants fan living in new york. he said he has some residual brain impact, brett favre has some residual. you ran as hard as anybody i watched in the game. >> still doing it. you know, the science is still in effect. we don't know how the brain reacts with the trauma. some guys have problems, and others don't. there's a lot going on with this issue in the national football league and the existential problem is something very serious. we all know the judge rejected the concussion settlement because they think it's not going to be enough money. so they think it's important to develop protocols and keep guys out. seven years ago, i got a concussion and i came right back in the game. now you don't do that and i think that's a smart move. >> i played ice hockey, had my
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bell rung a couple times. but it's almost like being in a car wreck when you get hit really hard. >> it is. i sustained a concussion earlier this year, and they wouldn't let me go back in the game. i think they're doing a good job of preventing guys going back in action when they're impaired. because it's been proven if you go back too early, the symptoms can come back and be worse. obviously there needs to be more research and development and better ways to protect the players. >> it was pretty compelling the evidence. you been around the game a long time. what are your thoughts? >> in terms of professional football, this lawsuit that's going on, but where is the baseline? at peewee, at high school, at college, and then you get to the pros. i just think they need to make some changes, roger goodell, and the competition committee, they're trying to slow it down. but you want to play.
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who wants to play when he's concussed? so they don't have it in everybody's heads, play, but you got to come out of the game. they want to show their manhood, and be with their teammates and it's a short period of time. and we don't know what the effects are. >> and the average length of a career in the nfl is four years. >> three and a half. but it's skewed somewhat and i think there's miscommunication about what that actually means. >> here's a problem. if you self-identify like alex smith did last year, your job gets taken sometimes. and the worst thing in the national football league is watching someone else do your job. you might not get it back. >> good point. i love all you guys. tiki, good to see you again. larry, so good to see you, man. thank you for being on the show. i'm going to be listening. you got tom brady. what about tiki, you're not putting tiki on? >> absolutely. >> all right. he'll be come to. >> he wants to come by, we'll
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put him on. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up, i had the super bowl bfrd. when we get back with ainsley we'll take you behind the scenes. i try to kick a field goal and ainsley will try to kick a field goal. as we continue from super bowl boulevard, we're in the times square in new york city and we'll continue. [ mom ] over the years, i've learned how to stretch my party budget. but when my so-called bargain brand towel made a mess of things, i switched to bounty basic. look! one sheet of bounty basic is 50% stronger than a full sheet of the bargain brand.
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>> welcome back to hanity, we're on super bowl boulevard in new york city times sqre. earlier today i got a look at some of the things to do on super bowl boulevard with ainsley earhardt. jay feely and tiki barber stays with us. you got to go down the to being on an? >> i did. it was so much fun. do you remember going to the state fair and you got that burlap sack? >> yes. >> that's what it is. >> the speed takes your stomach. >> we have video of that. >> racing sheryl from the fox business network. >> who won? >> i won! ♪ >> we're in the middle of times square super bowl boulevard and it's cold out here, but this crowd doesn't mind. they have come from all over the country, having a great time.
10:14 pm
>> go, broncos, go! ♪ >> seahawks, number one! >> what about the cold? are you prepared? >> oh, yeah, we brought plenty of layers. >> we're used to it. >> it's warming up. >> it's so exciting to be here. >> we love sean hannity. my mother could marry you, she loves you! >> this is the super bowl tob ogan run. it's 60 feet tall, 180 feet long and so much fun right here in the center of times square. i'm about to take on cheryl k caso casoney from the fox business network. >> one of you will survive and one of you won't. whoever sean wants to live -- >> which one do you want to survive? >> i can't make a choice. it's too hard. >> we're heading up. we're a little nervous. >> are you ready?
10:15 pm
>> fox news channel versus fox business. woo! all right, one, two -- go! >> woo! [ laughter ] >> all right, give it up for ainsley! [ cheers and applause ] >> it was pretty good. i think she cheated a little bit. got an extra head start. >> you were fighting at the end. so tiki barber doesn't think i can put it through the uprights. >> i got your back. i got your back. >> we have a bet. >> i got a hundred bucks to his $1. >> i like that bet. >> you kick, she kick, and then i kick. we're doing this behind us. real uprights, real football.
10:16 pm
let's roll tape. >> ready? >> why am i nervous? i'm not a great athlete. >> come on, give ainsley from cheers. >> you got to lock your ankle. >> you got to hit it down there. >> put it up there, ainsley! >> any advice? >> you can't go left. >> got to go right. >> jay feely of the arizona cardinals, come on, give it up! >> i'm stretching out. >> all right, come on, sean. how you feeling? how you feeling? >> i'm feeling great. it's money in the bank. you're going to do a lot better than i am. >> all right! >> come on, i want my buck.
10:17 pm
come on, come on. >> i've got to be honest though, it wouldn't have happened if not for this guy. >> you're with fox news, i had to aim you a little right. good things happen when you aim right. >> i used to play soccer and you'd hook it. what's the pressure like, one second left in the game. you're watching your kicker. >> by the way, i watched jay do this. >> you live your life for this moment, especially the super bowl. and your career can be defined by how you do in this game. adam vin terry, maybe the best of all time because of what he did in this game. so the pressure of that moment is massive because your whole career could be defined by this moment and you can't allow that to distract you from your actual goal and the focus of the process. like i said to you, lock your angle, follow through. >> so when you're kicking a field goal and your team's
10:18 pm
relying on you, you're just being mentally tough and do what you do every day. >> you can't allow your mind to wander. >> what do we have to do with ainsley? >> i need some help. >> we need a lot of work. >> her goal was not to get injured. >> i could have done it. i just didn't want to show off, sean. i just didn't want to beat you. >> i barely made it. can you kick a field goal? >> you are the example of why they want to eliminate the extra point. i'm just saying. >> oh, man, cold. i grew up a fan of tiki barber, and he's knocking me right down. >> all right, predictions for the big game, what do you got? >> we were the only team to go into seattle the last two years and beat them. and i think they have the defense to be able to contain the receivers of the broncos. i think they'll give peyton problems and seattle's going to win the game. >> no, no. [ crowd booing ]
10:19 pm
>> who do you got, ainsley? >> this is my man. >> you going peyton. >> i love peyton. i love the family. they're such nice people. and he's one of the best quarterbacks that's ever played the game. >> i agree. >> nfc west world over there. that's why we went with the seahawks. i like peyton here and the broncos. i think peyton's going to come to eli's stadium and win it this year. >> all right, here's my prediction. i'm not even going to give you points. i've got denver, peyton, i think it's a destiny year, 55 touchdowns, over 5,000 yards, i got denver by ten. check back on monday. we got a busy night on super bowl boulevard. a lot of crazy events. up next, dan esh di susa is here
10:20 pm
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we hope to see you then.
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and welcome back to "hannity," my next guest, conservative filmmaker and author, dinesh d'souza, was the latest filmmaker to be targeted, allegedly to have violated campaign finance laws. now, remember, his indictment comes after the irs harassed conservative groups last year and after the disgraced tax agency recently placed extra scrutiny on a group of conservatives in hollywood. now, joining me now, dinesh d'souza, welcome back to the program. >> good to be on the show. >> all right, i'm sure it is not fun. you're now in the legal process, what can you tell us about it? >> well, as you can imagine it has been quite a week. i will say i can't really talk about the case. but i will say that i'm determined to continue my work.
10:25 pm
i'm he c i'm making a big film called "america," i just want to say i'm marching full speed ahead. >> do you believe, and this is not particular to the case, but do you believe this is about being targeted because you're a conservative? >> well, i will say that the film "2016" was a film that does seem to have gotten under president obama's skin. and the reason for this, it was not just a critique of obamacare or policies. but i in a sense went into obama's world and also into obama's mind. there i was at the obama family homestead in kenya, i interviewed his brother. and of course, we advanced a thesis of this is somehow kind of a messed up guy, regarding
10:26 pm
his father, an autobiography. there was a rant against the film on barack obama's own website. so we know the film rattled him and upset him. and whether this is the kind of payback, it remains to be seen. >> all right, it will be interesting to watch this, targeting conservatives. i think over time more information will come out about that. one of the things about his background that i focused on back in 2007 and 2008, not only the reverend wright. but bill ayers, he gave speeches with him, was only asked one time about his relationship with him, and said he is some guy in the neighborhood. you got to debate ayers last night. and we got a piece of the tape. let's roll it. >> you started out as a revolutionary -- well, you started out frankly in the osama bin laden mode. you tried to bomb the pentagon
10:27 pm
and the u.s. capitol. here is my question here to you. you talked totally different today. you talked about a teacher and educator, so my question is what happened to that old revolutionary? is he still alive or has he thrown in the towel? >> no, i actually feel i am a revolutionary, if by revolutionary you mean -- if what you mean by revolutionary is having a fully worked out program by which we can kind of imagine a different world and then overthrow a government and move forward. no, i'm not that. but if you mean i'm someone who is willing to dive into the contradictions, make sense of them. try to fight for more peace, balance, justice and sustainability, and try to move forward? sure, i still see myself as someone who sees the need for a fundamental change. >> you know, you raised a good point. he was involved in a group that bombed the pentagon, the
10:28 pm
capital, he never said he was sorry for those things. as a matter of fact, in "the new york times" september 11, he said i wish i did more. what was your impression of him? >> yeah, he not only said he wishes he did more then, but he said he wouldn't write off the policy of doing the same thing again under certain circumstances. and his wife, who was a co-conspirator with him then, they both became an established professor. and i think this is a way that the unrepentant radicals in the '60s achieve their goals but to do it through the classroom and shaping young minds. this is why i wanted to debate ayers on the campus, in fact, my
10:29 pm
own alma mate, dartmouth. >> all right, dinesh d'souza, thank you for joining us. >> why is it so hard to execute that competently? >> i don't know. >> all right, it is really bad for congresswoman nancy pelosi when jon stewart is openly laughing in her face. coming back, our great american panel will weigh in. tonight, much more here on "hannity."
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all right, barry white brings us into this segment, all right, nancy pelosi can't help
10:34 pm
it. she keeps putting her foot in her mouth. and last night on the jon stewart show, he made the house minority leader his main punch line. watch this. >> okay, we're going to set up a health care website that is an exchange, people are going to come to it. why is it so hard to get a company to execute that competently? >> i don't know. and -- as one -- no, and my question -- >> well, let me get the house minority leader here, i can ask her. wait, what do you mean you don't know? how do you not know? >> well, it is not my responsibility. >> all right, reaction from the great american panel, we have our panelist here, former ms. american kirsten hagelin, it is pretty bad when jon stewart is begging me to stay in new york and taking on nancy pelosi. >> yeah, i haven't figured out the begging you to stay in new york part. i know i'm supposed to defend
10:35 pm
her, this is not the worst thing nancy pelosi has ever said. >> first of all, yes, you have to pass the bill to find out what is in it. i have nothing to do with it. $600 million, six and a half years. >> the truth of it is, i wouldn't expect her to know how the site was built. i would expect her to know what was wrong with it at this point. >> what happened with jon stewart, this is him getting the jersey -- what do you call that play? >> the jersey boy -- >> do i win anything for knowing that? >> yeah, you do. >> sean hannity is disgusted, he is disgusted at the new york -- governor's intolerance. we must keep him. but how? nathan? >> sean, we know you're mad at us, and you have every right to be. occupy wall street, governor cuomo, the weird smell.
10:36 pm
new york has made a lot of big mistakes but we're going to change. just please stay. >> stay. >> stay. >> stay. >> we can't lose you, stay. >> yo, sean, man, you can't leave, we need you, dog. >> the city depends on people like you, sean, so we'll give you the perks you deserve. >> we'll name a street after reagan, hell, we'll name them all after reagan. >> this patriot is now running directly to sean's house. >> please, stay. >> stay. >> stay. >> stay. >> stay! >> stay mr. hannity stay ♪ what do we do if he is gone away ♪ who will we tax if his monies gone ♪ who will we impose socialism if he is gone ♪ >> it is interesting he took on nancy pelosi. >> no, what i love is the fact
10:37 pm
know a lot of millennials don't watch cable news, although they should. it was fun to watch, he got all up in her grill. if you watch the rest of that interview he not only gets on her about the health care law but also the corruption about the public officials, special interest. he makes herm admit that it is also the republicans and democrats. >> i don't think he wanted to attack her. i think she thought she was going into the safe zone, i think she thought the same thing. i think he was going to ask her safe questions -- >> she is a politician -- >> some of the things -- >> you know -- the talks points. >> stick to her talking points. she came out with an anagram. >> let me ask you this, we
10:38 pm
started -- we talked a little bit about this ex- port authority official who says that christie know about the lane closures, if there was evidence it would be damaging. >> not necessarily, the article, i could go after christie with the article and defend him with the article. the fact that he might have known about it doesn't mean he knew why they were doing it. now, what is weird about it is why would the governor in the state know about lane closures unless he did know why they were doing it. >> also in the letter released by his lawyer, the lawyer seems to be defending christie, right? odd. he said that he would only testify if he would be relieved of any -- he would be immune, basically. but i think that rick is right in this. that in this article, even with these findings, there is no evidence that he knew the motivation behind the closures. he may have just been told that there was a traffic study being
10:39 pm
conducted. so even though this is supposed to be a bombshell article, i think it is a fake bombshell article. >> sure, evidence that republicans get hammered harder than anybody else. >> no, no, no. >> "fast & furious." >> a traffic jam on the bridge? oh, let's make some news. >> no, no, no, if it's a democratic governor you would be doing the same thing right here on our favorite network. >> we want to find out -- >> and guns going -- >> you know what, rick, i would like to get 50 million americans off food stamps and back to work. >> so would i, so would the president. >> we have 92 million americans not participating in the labor force, thank you very much, mr. obama, sir. >> sorry, no, doesn't work that way. >> i have got denver by ten. >> seahawks. sorry, look, i'm wearing green. >> i'm doing denver, because you said that. >> denver by nine.
10:40 pm
>> denver by nine. >> and i'm the only one on this panel? >> all right, we'll get to all of that next week. all right, guys, good to see you. coming up next right here on "hannity." all right, budweiser, they do it again, but will the king of beers be able to outshine all the other commercials for the super bowl? and the hall of famer fran tarkinton will join me on this special edition of "hannity." imagining, on expedia you can book any flight, car and hotel together and ve up to 20% wn you build your custom ip.
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. and welcome back to "hannity," we're live on super bowl boulevard right in the heart of the city on times square. the excitement is building, but for some people it is not about the game, but about the commercials that air throughout the game. i think it is safe to say that budweiser has done it again with the ad that has 22 million views on youtube, check it out. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:46 pm
only you know you love her when you let her go ♪ only know you have been feeling loved ♪ only hate the road when you're missing home ♪ only know you love her when you let her go ♪ and you let her go ♪ let her go ♪ oh, oh, you let her go ♪ . >> all right, back with us tonight, marketing expert, laurie reese, you cannot go wrong with that ad. how does it not break your heart? >> you can't, they took the best of the best with the puppy and
10:47 pm
the clydesdale. it is a visual that delivers an emotional message. >> i am buying budweiser just because of that commercial. >> well, you know, the cly clydesdales delivered beer during the prohibition. you see the clydesdale, the best. >> all right, my buddy, tim tebow, is doing an ad for t-mobile. and that is great about not having a contract. watch this. >> tim tebow here, everyone thinks i want a contract. but without one, i have done so much. without a contract, i have tackled the unknown. i answered tough questions. >> we can save the whale and talk to animals and we can bring world peace. >> bottom line, contracts are limited. yes, they are. switch to t-mobile and we'll buy you out of yours. >> all right, star quality. >> yes.
10:48 pm
>> i think a lot of people are like me and feel that tim tebow has been treated unfairly. >> oh, yes, he is very likeable, very likeable, and people heisman trophy, people love him, they can't see him playing football but they can see him in the advertising. >> people are going to watch that, too, because there are tim tebow haters out there but a lot of people really like him. >> you know, he shows a great side of himself, he can laugh at himself. he doesn't have a contract. what guy gets dropped by the patriots the last day? most people would be hiding in a cave, he comes out with a smile on his face. it goes along with the message, no contract, with tim tebow, t-mobile has no contract. >> all right, let's go to dannon, they have an ad out, it is john stamos and a couple of faces you might remember from "full house."
10:49 pm
>> you got something on your -- >> oops, i did it again. >> uh-huh. >> oh. >> take off your pants, greek boy, you heard the man. >> feel your pleasure. >> no, no, no, please, don't leave me alone with them. >> she wasn't good for us anyway. >> that was a good ad, right? >> great ad, you know, he has been the face of the brand since 2011. greek yogurt, this category is exploding to have a natural, healthy brand to be advertised on the super bowl with chips. i think america has come a long way. >> do you think more people will buy yogurt? >> because of the ad? >> more protein, tastier and has lower calories, with john stamos? >> nachos or yogurt?
10:50 pm
>> women are watching the super bowl and they're advertising to women. >> women are watching, real housewives. >> and beckham is in his underwear in the ads, got to check it out. >> can hardly wait. just kidding. >> ♪ [ music ] >> are you doing all right there, fella? >> there are singing vegetables and chicken. >> yes. happen tz me all the time. >> last night we spoke what? $4 million for 30 >> right. 30 seconds >> now, the question we've shown
10:51 pm
a lot of ads do you think they get bang for the buck? >> if they get pr, they do. if we talk about it. people are watching. >> i think those five certainly did because they're talking about them. most of them? >> go daddy will get it. >> budweiser has 22 million you tube views now. right? >> i mean, budweiser has to defend the game. they're in the playing offense, they have to keep their connection to the game. >> i'm getting bud light just because that have. >> they just should advertise bud. the name. >> and coming up, nfl hall of famer has his predictions for the big game on sunday, that and much more as "hannity" continues we're in times square on super
10:52 pm
bowl boulevard. we'll continue. the conversation about her mortgage didn't start here. it began on her vacation in europe on the day she arrived in london. someone set up a bogus hotspot, stole her identity and opened some credit cards in her name. but she's not worried. checking her credit report and score at allowed her to better address the issue... ...and move right in. experian. live credit confident.™
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welcome back to "hannity". final thoughts on the faceoff i'm now joined by someone that knows about how to win in the cold. nfl hall of fame quarterback. >> who is going win this game? >> denver. >> i agree by ten. >> i am not sure by ten but peyton manning is having a banner year. in order for win t knock pat kron manning down. i don't think they can. this
10:57 pm
offensive line has been unknown phonesive line they're blocking well, i think they'll protect -- he doesn't need a lot of protection. he won't throw a pass over 15 or 20 yards, i don't think. on the other side, for seattle to win, they've got to knock peyton sdpoun have to run the ball with marshon lynch. and then, the nice thing about the field, and in the old days we played on grass fields, frozen fields this, field is heated nochlt ice. great traction so. these great athletes will be able to make the cuts and it will be great television. >> what do you think about sea hawk sherman? and comments he's been make something then, went after peyton manning and peyton responded saying yes. i threw a
10:58 pm
lot of yardage this year. 55 touchdowns. >> it was a great response. here is peyton manning probably lost some of his armth strength. makes no different he wins with his head and his brain. he's watched tape of the games. he'll find a way to go and dissect that defense. he needs help from offensive line. >> everybody does yes. >> next question. so we have jay feely you saw me kick my field goal. jay feely, i won't want to be the guy with a second on the clock, 48 yards out, i'm either a hero or a 0. he says he's seen people throw up in the locker room because of press and pressure you say no way. you're on the biggest stage in all of sports.
10:59 pm
why? >> i think kickers have that pressure. you know? they're out there by themselves the team has got the ball down the field. if they miss, pressure is on them. rest of the players have been doing this since they're kids. it's what you live for. they have prepared when you're preparing have you confidence. these teams have really prepared. that is why they're in the super bowl. two best teams in football nochlt nerves noshg choking. they'll be all out. >> all right. good friend of the program, good to see you, fran, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> all be at the game sunday and i'm going to be tweeting great pictures if you want to check it out. before we go this is the most-important thing you've go to do all week, set your dvr to record "hannity" so you never miss an edition. right here, 10:00 eastern. start your day with fox and friends first at
11:00 pm
5:00 a.m . thanks for joining us. denver by 106789 we'll see you back here on monday. this is a fox news alert. a super bowl scare, a suspicious powder mailed to locations around new york and new jersey. the target? several hotels near the super bowl stadium and the office of former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. and, right now, mayor giuliani joins us. nice to see you, mayor. >> nice to see you too, greta. >> all right. well the news broke this afternoon. i understand now that the powder that's been discovered has been discovered to be nontoxic. where were you? what did you hear? >> well, i was in my office. this was about 9:30, 10:00 this morning. i can't remember exactly when. and they discovered this package, letter. it was a card, actually, was sent to -- it was sent to my mi


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