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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 2, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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cleaned up the alcohol. thank you to the man cave. >> happy super bowl, everyone. >> as if the lazy boy lounges weren't an indication, what a day. they are getting ready to take on the seahawks at met life stadium in new jersey. new york is taking a little credit for this. this is different than others because the parking lots are not packed with tailgaters and swarms of security teams patrolling the ground. we are going to have a safe and very happy super bowl.
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welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm jamie colby a little denvered out. >> you are ready with the orange and i have the seahawks. welcome to america's news headquarters. security will be a top priority until the last second to kickoff the scoreboard. they are going to be back searching on the trains and buses at stadium gate as well as bomb and drug-sniffing dogs. the fighter jets can be scrambled from nearby atlantic city. police say they are confident the measures will take everyone safe. everyone can enjoy the big game. >> you keep going-over your plans and want to make sure you are tight. they have done that. a lot of the things they are worried about as far as the weather. how are we going to do it in and out. it has been taken out of the
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equation and feels like miami compared to the last week. >> brian has been there all morning and at met life stadium right now. finally, jamie. they are taking the tarps off the field. that's it behind me and they are beginning to rake the field again. part of the reason is they want the field as dry as possible. it is not real grass and it is real dry. the only participation until tomorrow which would be fine. normally this is blue or green and it's about seattle and denver. come on over here and just to get a sense of where a few people are down here. right up the middle. brian err lacquer played the outside. they are not wearing make up. over there is the network with so much more going on. let me give you an exclusive that i showed and more for you
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two. this is what i get if you pay about $2,600 for a ticket. you get some gloves. you get a warm welcome. you get this. you get a little radio to listen to the game. a warmer, and you get some ear must haves. in terms of the game, i have to show you that you get tissue too because most people's noses run in this type of weather. in terms of the game itself, last night at the nfl honors, i was able to talk to people about what they expect to know a lot about football and what they expect and how the game will play out. >> from a physical stand oint being able to be physical at the line of scrimmage. they do it all coming down to the end.
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i do see denver getting this one out. >> they are really, really good, but peyton manning is really, really good too and has so many weapons. >> it will be a close football game. the best weapon is if you are seattle, you want to keep peyton manning off the field. >> you do what the giants did keeping the bills off the field. they kept running the ball. i think it's going to be good. the biggest question i have is where does jamie and eric watch the game? do they watch it together? >> they are not saying. what do you think is going to happen? >> you know what, i really believe this is our first overtime super bowl. these two teams have so many strengths, they are the finest individual teams and they are not just hot, but deep and talented and the right two teams are in the finals. we are tied and play an extra session. this is not like a power outage,
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but because thankfully at 40 or 35 degrees, it's powerful for the people who come out and they have to do it olympic style. mass transportation. you are walking up to the stadium and you are not driving. i guarantee this. at the end of the game, you are going to say that was a heck of a game. >> we love you, brian. he always has a great take on things. usually a city with an indoor stadium, you don't have to worry about the temperatures. today the temperature will be outside what it is inside. 50 degrees or higher at this time of year to host the super bowl. we will see what we get. this season they are making an exception and holding the game here in the new york area. other cold weather cities, could they be considered in the future? here's roger is fox news sunday.
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>> most decisions are made by the owners. 24 or 32 teams have to agree to waive that rule. they did it because new york is special. this region including the jersey river playing the game is the number one market. we have a new stadium that we thought was a great base for this game. >> joining me now from met life stadium, chris wallace. full disclosure. i have gone to games and won trash bags to stay warm and dry. that's part of the game. it's going to be warmer than people expected. they won't be wearing the ear must have, right 124. >> no, it's very balmy here. it was really cold. now the temperatures were in the 40s by game time in places like atlanta and houston earlier this
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week. it could have been and having said that, to give you a sense of how lucky the nfl is. they are expecting several inches of snow in the new york area. 24 hours makes all the difference. the nfl does control everything. >> have to get in and get out. that's the plan for folks coming to the game. there is so much excitement there, but also for you. you are not in washington. you are there where the action is and have incredible interviews not with the usual beltway boys and girls, you have real all-stars today. >> listen to this lineup. if i sound excited it's because i am. we interviewed this morning live the nfl commissioner. we talked about the weather and the stayed of the game and the expansion of the game, maybe a team in london and obviously safety issues. then we tell the peyton manning
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story about after the four neck operations and whatter terrible shape peyton was in. the broncos run the team and had to make the decision whether or not to sign him. he may not have an nfl arm. i took my life into my hands and interviewed the fox nfl team and michael strahan and johnson and long. the power player of the week, troy i don't know how they are going to bring it back to washington and help me interview the senators. >> i think this should be your new gig for it. i met victor cruz friday. that was very, very exciting. these guys have a lot of charisma and it will be a great show for you today. we are excited about it and great to have you here, chris. >> thank you so much. next week back to the beltway. >> it's okay.
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that's interesting too. a special day for you. great day for america. take care. definitely don't miss the interview with nfl commissioner. you learn a lot about the league now and where it's and what is riding on today's game. 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. don't forget our own bill o'reilly, the big interview. he sits down with president obama. it's an exclusive and will air around 4:20, 4:30 during pregame coverage and i know you will be tuned into fox news channel all day. except when you are coaching. >> super bowl madness is not doing much to deflect from the firestorm of chris christie and the growing scandal over the lane closures at the george washington bridge. they have been denying the government knew about the
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closures at the time. that is the allegation from the lawyer for david wildstein. the former port authority official and ally who claims the governor did know the evidence exists according to his lawyer to prove it. the governor's office sent out an unusual mail denying the governor new that e-mail exists. he sued over a local school board election and accused by high school social studies teacher of exceptive behavior. they had tenure as mayor and he was the blogger known as wally edge. he had a strange rabbit of registering web addresses. bottom line, david would do and say anything to save david wildstein. the governor's office praised from the port authority last fall. it comes as a massive amount of
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material came from the committee that is due tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. this will only ramp up the public hearings scheduled to be held in trenton in just a few weeks. >> the answers will come. >> maybe. >> soon. >> a break down to the peace talks in syria's civil war. so many people have suffered. what will happen now and how will the use respond to claims that syria is handing over a chemical weapon. they will weigh in on that for us, next. >> thousands of journalists are making their way to sochi to cover the winter olympics. a majority of them may not have anyplace to stay when they get there. why? we will tell you about that and whether or not it will be resolved in time. next. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya!
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. >> the media is running into a
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logistical snafu already. olympic organizers have a problem with housing for the press. many arrive and found they had noplace to stay according to the sochi organizing committee. only six of the nine hotels rated for media in the mountains outside sochi are fully operational. thousands of journalists are expected to arrive ahead of friday's opening ceremony, wondering where do i go? >> now to the incredible human catastrophe that is syria. that ended with nothing to show for it. even a plan for giving aid to those who were suffering. this comes amid accusations that
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syria is stalling over chemical weapons. talking to the contributor to the un and the american enterprise institute joins us. good morning. >> they say only about 4% have been handed over. is this going according to planned? >> it's going to the assad regime's plan. it was predicted right here with you on your show. the syrians use the chemical weapons's agreement to buy time and gain legitimacy. the slow motion process of removing the weapons they declared and i underlined the phrases, we don't know what they had. it's part of the script that takes maximum advantage politically and militarily for the government from the deal last summer.
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>> secretary of state was on the policy of engagement with criticism. what's gone so wrong? >> speaking of the negotiations in geneva, the syrian delegation under the minster did essentially the same thing that they are doing on the chemical weapons, the snow lotion sfauling game. as of now, the syrian government is doing better militarily and the opposition coalition is engaged in warfare and had lots of casualties between the al qaeda affiliates and the other elements. from the assad government's perspecti perspective, the more this drags out the better. this was entirely predictable. there is had never going to be a negotiations that results in the assad regime leaving as long as russia and iran continue to back assad as they have done for the last three years.
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as the obama administration doesn't understand three years ago and doesn't understand today. >> you say the administration doesn't understand that, but he called for the red line on the use of chemical weapons. where does it go off the tracks with the white house and dealing with assad? >> they made a lot of mistakes. if they were serious they should have moved much earlier to back the ap sigz militarily. that was never going to happen because obama knew that if you crossed iran in syria, he would never get negotiations. as a result we had three years of confusion and e 85tation and contradiction and indecision that leaves us where we are today as we started out with a human tragedy that grinds along. >> the people are cutoff from humanitarian aid.
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they are dropping barrel bombs from helicopters, killing people. how can this stop? >> it's just to show how bad the negotiations are and why it's unlikely it will stop, they couldn't even reach agreement on a temporary ceasefire for humanitarian purposes in the key battle areas even to get civilians out. that reflects the assad regime and the inability to turn the thing around. this is not over militarily, but if we come back for another round of geneva negotiations next month or the month after, it's not going to make a difference. >> what happened to the step with russia and russia backing assad and iran? russia backing ukraine. they are there on the left. the famous reset button. what happened to that. >> this is part of the obama
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administration's increase and legacy in failure. it's a long list dealing with russia that let's face it, it's still one of the leading states with enormous petroleum and natural gas reserves. this is a big issue and they have been wrong from the beginning. it will be something that hillary will have to answer for if she decides to run in 2016. >> we will continue with this and the talks supposedly again starting february 10th. we will see if anything can happen to stop this horrendous situation. thank you as always. >> thank you. >> one can certainly hope. meanwhile richard sherman and peyton manning are playing in the super bowl, but will the weather be a factor in today's game? it's looking nice right now, but we will have a full forecast for you whether you are there or watching at home. next.
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. that little rascal, punxsatawney phil said more weeks of winter. today at the big game, i have a good feeling about this one. i will check with rick who scored a spot at the stadium. how are you feeling, rick? take your jacket off. >> i am almost ready for it. temps around three all morning. really nicely and it's going to be a pretty spectacular day. they are to imagine that day had the first outside game and the cold weather climate that they
7:25 am
thought we would be dealing with told temperatures and the coldest ever kickoff in 1972. that was in new orleans. that would be broken with this. not going to be the case. look at the weather map. this is a high temperature of 50 degrees. it's going to be nice for a lot of people after all the cold weather we have been dealing with. by the time we get to kickoff. we will be looking at mid 40s at half 250i78 for the btime perfo. the thing that is incredible about this is the temperatures are looking so good. look at what is about to happen to the area. we go back to the maps, we want to show you the snow that will be coming in during the overnight hours and much of the day tomorrow and much of the year has seen three inches of snow. we will be talking about a rough day in the airports tomorrow for people who have come to town and trying to get out of here. we will be seeing the game get
7:26 am
in fine. this is part of the broader system you can see on the map. folks in texas, the icing going on in the dallas area, we will see areas in six to ten inches of snow. it's happening just after game time. >> we hope everyone is all across the nation. >> it's a fountain of youth. the doctors will throw up the net on the new warning from the fda. sunday house call in a few 9. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current
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. now time for sunday house call. >> i'm jamie colby. welcome to all of you as we welcome the chairman and professor of urologist at the chief of robotic surgery. >> doctor mark segal is the author of the inner pulse with the secret code of sickness and health. welcome as always. >> great to have you here. >> of course. >> this week, an amazing warning from the fda. the agency is not now looking at the risk of stroke,


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