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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 4, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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diseases. anybody else? >> done, done, done. going once, going twice. don't forget to set your dvress. we'll see you tomorrow. "special report" is up next. disastrous predictions for obamacare. millions will lose or quit their jobs, and millions more will lose their health insurance. this is "special report." good evening. wrp shannon breen in for bret baier. new statistics on the immediate future of the president's health care plan has obama supporters scrambling for cover. number crunchers are making dire predictions about losses in the very areas the health care plan was supposed to bolster. employment and coverage. ed henry has tonight's top story. >> a fresh blow to president
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obama's health care law as the nonpartisan congressional budget office chopped their estimate of first year enrollment numbers down to 6 million people, and the dbo declared the new law will lead to over 2 million fewer full-time workers in the next few years as consumers choose part-time work with generous government subsidies over full-time jobs. >> honestly, it's not a surprising report. all the anecdotes you hear about the country are that premiums are going up and jobs ar lost. >> white house officials disputed that by noting the report does not say actual jobs will be lost. despite republican claims that employers will cut workers because of the law's regulations. instead, cbo projects workers themselves will choose to keep working but log fewer hours and stay in a part-time post now that they get government subsidies for insurance. >> might be somebody who used to work 60 hours because they needed health insurance and that was the only job that offered
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it, and now they can get a different job at 35 hours. >> left unsaid by white house economic adviser jason furman, employees working half as many hours will have a smauer paycheck at a time the president says he's pushing policies to lift incomes. >> presumably, that family is going to have a lot less takehome pay and less money to put back into the economy. >> but we just described that example -- first, it's a hypothetical example. >> it's your hypothetical. >> that is completely fair. again, it's a choice they're making. this doesn't -- they had something before, which was a 65-hour job, and maybe no health care and no great health care options. you now give them a new option they didn't have. a brand new thing. >> that brand new thing -- generous subsidies and enroll america is now employing two animals to get more humans to sign on. ♪ enroll today
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>> with an eye on the 2014 midterms, republicans had new ammunition for their long claim that the cost of the health benefits will hurt the economy in the long run. >> they can say anything they want, but this number is a lot worse than anybody thought. >> though the president insisted to fox new's bill o'reilly that government is not growing out of control. >> we have not massively expanded the welfare state. that's just not true. when you take a look at it, actually, the levers of support that we provide to folks who are willing to work hard, they're not that different than they were 30 years ago, 40 years ago, or 50 years ago. >> the white house also touted that the cbo report has good news, including the so called risk corridor provisions are doing better than expected. they claim they will turn to an insurance industry bailout. they claim they're turning a profit. >> now to your health care
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coverage. if you made it through the first round of policy cancellations under obamacare, you still might not be in the clear. jim ingle tells us a lot more of you will learn if you like your policy, that doesn't mean you can keep your policy. >> president obama delayed the inevitable by postponing the employer mandate by a year and urging that cancelled individual policies in 2013 be extended into 2014, but the reprieve ends this year for both the president and millions of policy holders. >> it's going to be millions of people, and it's probably going to be tens of millions of people, but one thing we're sure of, there will be more cancellations this fall than there were last fall. >> and people will probably be getting the cancellation letters about the time they're going to the polls in november of 2014. >> andy and his family in louisville, kentucky, were facing a tripling of their costs until their insurance company let them extend their policy for a year with the president's blessing. >> with respect to the pledge i made if you like your plan, you
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can keep it. there is no doubt that the way i put that forward unequivocally ended up not being accurate. >> or long lasting. 6.2 million of 17 million plans on the individual market were forced into obamacare, leaving most of the other 11 million renewed early to expire later this year. >> i don't think there's any doubt that in the individual health insurance market will ultimately see at least 80% of all existing individual health insurance policies canceled. >> and people in the small business community are going to receive notices from their brokers and insurance plans that their old plan is being ended, and the new plan has to comply with obamacare. >> this massive shift is no surprise to officials who projected back in 2010 that the requirements of obamacare would force millions of kanlsilations. one analyst extended the midrange predictions for 2013 to the end of 2014, showing 76% of small employer plans would be forced into obamacare, along
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with 55% of large employer plans. >> that is going to be a big story because there are a lot more people with employer sponsored insurance than individually purchased insurance. >> they wanted the old plans to end because they didn't comply with the new rules and regulation, and now they're forcing everybody into plans that do comply. >> raising the question of whether employers will drop their plans because they're too expensive for them and workers. if you think there was an uproorback when only 4 million plans got canceled and forced into obamacare, wait until the numbers rise to 50 million or more, which is why the president may opt for yet another delay. >> thank you. for many holiday shoppers, the biggest bah humbug of the season was learning that their personal financial information was stolen by hackers. today, lawmakers grilled the chief financial officer of the most widely effected store and we're told there's not much out there to keep it from happening
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again. here's doug mckelway. >> it is a war on american consumers and businesses being waged through cyberspace. its recent victims include 110 million customers of target stores, 1.1 million at neiman marcus, and new breaches revealed in recent days by michael's craft stores and marriott hotels. >> what we have seen so far may be just the tip of the iceberg. this is truly disturbing. >> target learned the hard way that hackers are often one step ahead. >> we have put up fire walls, malware detection, intrusion capabilities and data retention rules. >> they're often unaware until the damage has been done. >> the specific type of malware comparable and perhaps even less sophisticated than the one in our case, according to our investigators, had a zero percent detection rate by anti-virus software. >> last month in atlanta, a russian national pleaded guilty
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to crafting spy eye, a malware he used to transfer money out of victims' bank accounts and into accounts run by criminals. >> they sold the software, including specially made versions of the malware to at least 154 of his criminal clients who unturn used it to affect an estimated 1.4 million computers around the world. >> that fits a pattern. last month, a mexican couple was arrested in texas holding 96 counterfeit credit cards. police believe they purchased the data from the target stores breached. congress is working on a bill to replace a patchwork of state laws. it would require companies to report any breach to the company and the customers and it may also require a chip for pins. chips embedded in credit cards provide another layer of security, but this war is shifting. >> it's in the cloud, in software that sits in the cloud on mobile devices, so the threats are exploding, but so
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are the attacks surfaces. >> experts warn consumers also need to be proactive, checking accounts frequently and reporting unusual activity. they also suggest using credit cards instead of debit cards. >> we'll talk about with the panel more about what you talked about with congress doing more. >> orrin hatch calls the idea of giving bonuses to irs employees after last year's targeting scandal outrageous. the tax agency is reinstating the bonuses which will be about 1%. the acting commissioner and the wienl charge of screening tax exempt groups resigned in the wake of revelations that conservative groups were subjected to more scrutiny. >> the dow gains 72. the s&p 500 was up 13. nasdaq finished up head 35. >> a big chunk of your taxpayer money will go to the farm measure bill. it made it through the senate
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and is on its way to the president. mike emanuel explains while the bill received a lot of votes, it doesn't have a lot of fans. >> the ayes are 68. the nays are 32, and the conference report is agreed to. >> the senate passed a bipartisan compromise of a five-year, $956 million farm bill which took three years of negotiation. it's expected to reduce the deficit by $23 billion in the next decade, including cutting $8 billion in food stamp funding by correcting a program misuse. >> we think we have tightened it up so it will not affect the payments to those who are truly eligible and those who need the help, and yet it will make sure the taxpayers are treated fairly as well. >> the chair of the senate agriculture committee says this deal ends indefensible spending after many years of trying. >> we have finally ended direct payment subsidies which are given to farmers even in good times. instead, we move to a responsible risk management
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approach. it only gives farmers assistance when they experience a loss. >> yet one critic called the measure a marriage of convenience between welfare and corporate welfare. >> the farm bill is really two bills. one that spends about $200 billion to subsidize the agriculture industry. and another that spends $750 billion on the public assistance program previously known as food stamps. >> and others seem skeptical of what's in the fine print of a 949-page bill. >> sadly, rather than a blockbuster of fiscal sanity, taxpayers are going to be saddled with what looks to be another rerun of missed opportunities to reform federal agriculture policy. >> jay carney called it very positive, congress worked in a bipartisan way to get this done. the president is expected to sign it friday in michigan. shannon. >> mike emanuel live on the hill, thank you. up next, president obama says he is the key to the fox news channel's success.
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but first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 5 in san diego with a story of a real-life castaway who says he survived more than a year adrift in the pacific ocean. wdrv in louisville with a debate, creationism versus evolution. bill nye will take evolution against bill hamm. tickets sold out in two minutes. >> this is salive look at denver from fox 31. the big story there, the rescue of a teenager held hostage for nearly 18 hours by a convicted criminal. police say their s.w.a.t. unit successfully freed the 13-year-old and the hostage taker was fatally shot. that's the look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. for over a decade
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president obama is taking the whole blame the messenger thing to new levels. he says fox news channel is responsible for much of the public discontent with his
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performance. fox news media analyst and host of fox news media buzz howard kurtz rehashes the interview. >> they clashed over health care and benghazi, but perhaps the most revealing exchanges between president obama and bill o'reilly focused on fox news with the president arguing he's the key to the network's business model. >> you think i'm unfair to you? >> of course you are, but i like you anyway. regardless of whether it's fair or not, it has made fox news very successful. >> but if i'm unfair, i want to know. >> what are you going to do when i'm gone? >> o'reilly was on offense from the opening seconds of the super bowl interview, and the president played aggressive defense. his game plan, hit back at fox by suggesting that o'reilly was pushing its pet conservative causes. we saw that when o'reilly said the president's ddetractors believed there was a political cover up on mbenghazi.
3:17 pm
>> they believe it because you tell them. >> we saw it again with the irs scandal. these kinds of things keep surfacing in part because you and your television station will promote them. >> for a president who once called irs targeting of conservative groups outrageous, fox is a convenient foil when it comes to deflecting questions. they have pursued questions of the irs long after the rest of the media has moved on. reaction to the combative interview split largely along partisan lines. huffington post, obama slams bill o'reilly. and in national review, obama to o'reilly, fox news to blame for irs scandal. final score, both men put points on the board. o'reilly proved again he could go toe-to-toe with the president. obama showed he could survive a visit to the fox's den, and unlike the super bowl, it wasn't dull. >> certainly wasn't. howard, thank you. many lawmakers are questioning whether the president's nominee to be the
3:18 pm
nation's top doctor is actually going to be another advocate for his struggling health care plan. james rosen with the inconclusive diagnosis on the pick for surgeon general. >> harvard and yale edgecaded, the doctor, the 36-year-old nominee for surgeon general, has served as an e.r. physician, run a software company, and cofounded the tax exempt group, doctors for america, an arm of the liberal think tank, center for american progress. the group's original name was doctors for obama. >> the bill is passed. >> and both it and murphy ardently champions obamacare, leading republicans on the senate health committee to express skepticism at his hearing. >> most of your credential it seems to me is a political credential. much of your work has been dedicated to electing the new president and advocating the health care law. if that becomes your principle purpose in the bully pulpit, that gets to be a problem. >> i want to focus on doing
3:19 pm
what's going to improve the health of the nation, the discussion over health care became very partisan, became holeeri polarized. >> to scroll through his twitter feed, however, is to spend time in the company of a ferocious partisan, one who in 2012 denounced mitt romney pfrs health plans as bad for patients and doctors and said romney's china policies sounds like the kind of bluster that starts war. still another murphy tweet read, tires of politicians playing politics with guns, putting lives at risk because they're scared of nra. >> i do not intend to use the surgeon general's office as a bully pulpit for gun control. that's not going to be my priority. as we spoke about, and focus is on obesity prevention. >> i appreciate the comments you made on second amendment rights. i'm glad you didn't list them in your priorities. one size fits all doesn't work for this nation, and a lot of different areas. >> republicans on the panel acknowledge they have virtually no chance of defeating murphy's
3:20 pm
nomination, which is supported by most major medical groups and most republicans at the meeting urged murphy to visit their home states after he gets in office. >> thank you. still ahead, another player in the new jersey bridge scandal is taking the fifth. >> but first, jihadists going to syria to fight the government. but when they're done, are they coming after us? [ female announcer ] who are we? we are thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nhts. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can s, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours.
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austria has reportedly received a threat to kidnap two of its olympic athlete. the guard rn reports it warns of a plot to kidnap bernadette shield and janeane flock. several countries have received threatening letters. olymp, officials have downplayed
3:24 pm
the danger. >> hamid karzai has been holding secret peace talks with the taliban karzai has refused to sign a bilateral security agreement with the u.s. for after the american troop withdrawal. his options are take on the taliban his own or make a deal. >> russia is promising that syria's government will take part in the second round of peace talks. that gives us a taste of how serious the conflict might be for the homeland. >> we are concerned about the use of syrian territory by al qaeda organization to recruit individuals and develop the capability to be able not just to carry out attacks inside of syria, but also to use syria as a launching pad. >> tonight, senior foreign affairs correspondent digs deeper into the issue of syria importing extremism and
3:25 pm
exporting terror. >> it's called by officials a huge magnet for extremists. the uprising in syria against bashar al assad has become a battle ground for islamist groups with links to al qaeda attracting jihadists around the world, including this man. experts say he's from the u.s. and in this propaganda video, he says he wants to defy all infidels, including americans. according to experts, he's one of 70 americans in syria. the numbers are even bigger from nearby europe. 412 from france, 366, uk, 300, belgium, 240 from germany. >> i believe these guys will ultimately pose potentially quite a big threat, yes. >> blow back from battle hardened jihadis returning from syria has western officials on high alert, nowhere more than the uk, where home grown terrorists kills 252 in the london transport blast. elsewhere, where passports are a
3:26 pm
threat to america, too. nigel was the counterterrorism chief at the time of the 9/11 attacks. >> it wouldn't be the first time it happened. 9/11 was planned out of hamburg. >> using europe as a base. >> exactly. >> fighters returning from syria to the uk regardless of claimed intentions can be arrested. citizenships yanked. 16 were blocked in january. authorities are also counting on in fighting between militants. zawahiri announced al qaeda is coming with one group for being too extreme. >> the ambiguity of being a foreign fighter in this conflict are becoming slightly harder on the ground. >> one more thing working in the authorities' favor, some of the jihadis never get home. over 20 britons have been killed in syria along with reportedly the american we showed you. he's said to have died shortly after making the video. shannon. >> thank you, greg. a kinder, gentler vladimir putin in the run-up to the
3:27 pm
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[ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. now, some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. for the educators at one colorado school, the concept of a day celebrating the usa gets a failing grade. the ft. collins high school student council planned america monday to kick off winter spirit week, but the students told
3:31 pm
them, administrators rejected their plan because it might offend non-americans and make immigrants feel uncomfortable. it's shocking, one student said, there are men and women fighting for our country and we should be able to celebrate that and be proud to live in a country where we're allowed to vote, the right to free speech. they won't even let us celebrate it. pajama day and twins day got the green light, and observing cinco de mayo is still mandatory. after some debate, they have allowed my monday, where students can be patriotic to any country. >> the national republican committee fooled them into giving money to the gop. they made donations on websites like this one, at first glance, looks to support ann kirkpatrick's bid, but take a closer look. it's to defeat kirkpatrick and other candidates like her. the nrcc is offering refunds to
3:32 pm
anyone who made a donation by mistake but says democrats are clearly nervous about these effective websites. they don't want voters to know the truth about their candidate's disastrous record. >> the nrc is doubling down, launching more websites like and vladimir putin, known for his demonstrations of machismo, showed his softer side as journalists descend on russia, he visited a persian leopard. he entered the cage and said we liked each other. the katd unfortunately did not have the same affinity for the journalist, scratching one and biting another. ouch. while many people in new jersey and elsewhere are doing plenty of talking about the bridge scandal surrounding chris christie. several of the people who actually know what happened are refusing to talk. eric shawn has the latest from new york. >> now three are taking the
3:33 pm
fifth. first it was david wildstein, the former top port authority official who refused to talk when he appeared before the new jersey state assembly transportation committee last month. then former top christie political aide and campaign manager bill stepien indicated he will clam up, too. now fired christie deputy chief of staff bridget anne kelly who ordered the tie-up, will also keep her mouth shut and is refusing to hand over everyone. her lawyer writes providing the committee with unfettered access to among other things, mr mr. kelly's personal diaries, calendars and all of her electronics equates an unlimited invasion of her privacy and would also potentially reveal highly personal documents. it will not protect them against possible criminal federal charges. >> it doesn't affect the criminal investigation by the u.s. attorney. the other thing, the legislature may very well call them in and
3:34 pm
make them tame the fifth amendment on television. generally speaking, if you take the fifth amendment, everybody thinks you did it. >> unequivocally, no. >> governor christie continues to insist he knew nothing. appearing on his monthly ask the governor show, he also faulted the media. >> it's just a game of gotcha. when did i first learn about this or that? well, the fact of the matter is, i have been very clear about this. before these lanes were closed, i knew nothing about it. i didn't plan it. i didn't authorize it. i didn't aprieve it. i knew nothing about it. >> governor christie has said his office has been subpoenas about the situation, and also tonight, he did not answer any questions at all when he appeared before a sandy funding press conference in new jersey. reporters tried to ask him about it, but he refused to comment. shannon, back to you. >> thank you for the update. another nuclear test cheating scandal in the military. this time, it's the navy.
3:35 pm
the service's top admiral said an investigation is looking into cheating on written tests relating to training on nuclear power reactors. about 30 senior enlisted se eeds are implicated. the air force is investigating alleged cheating by dozens of personnel who operate land-based nuclear missiles. >> millions who have lost their health care coverage. millions more may lose their coverage and their paychecks. the latest on obamacare with a panel when we come back.
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the cbo report is certainly not pretty. if you're interested in creating jobs in america, as we know they estimate up to 2 million fewer jobs will be created as a result of obamacare. honestly, it's not a surprising report. all the anecdotes you hear all across the country are that
3:39 pm
premiums are going up and jobs are being lost. >> this number itself purports -- is about effectively choices of people. and third, it doesn't reflect the full set of factors that go into it. >> all right, that is the white house, and also the senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell, reacting to the news from the cbo, a nonpartisan office that scores the impact of obamacare on the economy, on jobs. you saw the sides. let's talk about it with our panels. steve hayes, julie pace, and tucker carlson, host of fox and friends weekend. among other things. you have like ten different jobs. thank you for making time for us. >> i want to start with you, julie, because you were in this briefing today. and we saw the cbo numbers earlier today. essentially, they say 2 million plus fewer people will be working as full-time employees.
3:40 pm
now, the white house says that is because of choices, because they have options to work fewer hours and have subsidized health care through obamacare. jason furman, people don't see a lot, but an economist from the white house, was on the front lines there. you were in the briefing. explain. >> so, there was an interesting hour or so at the white house today after the cbo report came out, where you had a statement from the white house, a background call with senior officials, and then jason furman, the president's top economist come to the briefing. basically what you have are two different ways of characterizing the report. if you talk to republicans, they say there will be 2.5 million jobs lost over a decade because of the affordable care act. if you talk to the white house, there will be 2.5 million people who have a choice to leave. they may be people who decide to stop working all together, who may decide to go from full-time work to part-time work, either way, over the next decade because of obama care, you're going to have about 2.5 million people who are not working full
3:41 pm
time. what we couldn't get an answer to today is what is the economic impact of having that many people go from full-time to part-time or unemployment? >> because you have to think this out, that there are fewer people working, fewer people paying taxes. less of a base there to draw from, and more people now on subsidized health care. but tucker, you know, jay carney said today this is an opportunity for people to spend more time with their kids, to have different work opportunities. i believe it was jason who said if you go from 65 hours a week and you only are keeping the job because you want the health care benefits, now you have a chance to do something. >> i don't know why i'm laughing, it's so appalling. you ought to be excited about that because there's a whole world of opportunity. subsidized opportunities are one thing people are going to rely on, but there are a whole pan aply of public assistance options that are ballooning. disability is the sleeper, i would say. risen dramatically, seems like a third of america is on disability. food stamps, housing vouchers,
3:42 pm
all the rest. there's a cost to not having people have full-time work. this is devastating to the democrats' prospects in 2014, devastating to the country, i would say. you heard mitch mcconnell say it was predictable. i don't know if anybody predicted the cbo would come out with such a stark report. 2 pite 2.3 million jobs? really? it's shocking, i think. >> steve, we heard the news and then we heard the translation and the white house, of course, what are they going to do? this is the president's signature legislative achievement. of course tharx rr going to talk about it in the most positive tones, but there are some asking, is this continuing a pattern of denial about things that have happened that are negative on the white house's watch, whether you want to talk about fast and furious, benghazi, the impact of the numbers from the cbo, but what we hear is it's either not a big deal or it's a positive deal. >> i'm not sure it's a puzative deal. i think julie accurately described the way the white house has been forced to spin
3:43 pm
the numbers. the problem is the spin just doesn't work. either we're going to have 2.5, pick your number, 2.5 million fewer people or full time equivalent in ten years or people working the equivalent amount of fewer hours. that's not good for the economy. it's not good in any possible way. and while i was watching this exchange, i kept thinking of poor nancy pelosi. you remember nancy pelosi made this prediction years ago, months ago. think of an any where they could be an artist or a writer and not worry about keeping their day job to keep their health insurance. she was mocked for saying that, and it's true. this is now the argument the white house is getting behind and embracing. the problem with the white house's choice is while it's true that some people may choose to work less and be able to get health insurance anyway, so many americans aren't choosing to subsidize people working less, and for those people, they don't
3:44 pm
have a choice. >> i mean, what is the end game here? because the president in his interview with bill o'reilly said, when pushed on whether people -- this is becoming a more dependent society, he said, no, people are pursuing things for themselves. this is a nation of people who work hard and do those kinds of things, but it seems like the entire argument was this allows people to work less if that's what they want to do. this will help them to work less. >> if you're a red state democrat, if you're mary landrieu, mark begich, mark pryor, this is the argument you don't want the white house to be making because you can already see the ads being made by their republican challengers. the president is going to be meeting with senate democrats tomorrow at their retreat, and i think this is going to be a big focus because this argument did not help those red state -- the red state democrats politically. >> the ultimate elysic argument. it really is. the kind of argument that resonates in marin county. now that i sold my company, the ito has been more successful, i'm going to take me time.
3:45 pm
that's not an argument that people who work can relate to. the backdrop to all of this is immigration. we're looking at 2.3 million fewer jobs just because of obamacare, not because of the other factors in the economy, and the white house wants to double the number of legal low-skilled immigrants to the country. what is that going to do to wages for people who live here already? it's really an unsustainable -- you can't put the two together. >> the other backdrop is unemployment insurance. think about the argument the white house is making. basically more benefits can discourage work. that's precisely the argument that republicans have been making on unemployment insurance. the white house and its supporters have been poo-pooing. it's another argument that they want to turn to the white house and say you're making that here but you're not making it here. which is it in. >> we know november is a long way off. it's forever in politics, but there continue to be negative reports regarding the health care law, the implementation, how many people are covered, as jim ingle talks about, millions more may lose and get the
3:46 pm
cancellation notices than already have. there are so many parts of the law to kick in. does the positive ever overcome the negative? democrats say they're going to run on obamacare, and republicans will be running from it by november. >> they largely looked at this as i voted for this, i don't really have a choice. if you talked to them a week ago, they said the website is getting better and the enrollment numbers are getting better. maybe it won't be so terrible for me. what this report does to that argument, i think, it may change it a little bit. you may not see people actively saying obamacare, it's a good thing. they can't run away from it completely. >> final word to you, tucker. >> they know exactly who their base is, members of minority groups, single people, young women, and they're going to turn to the cultural issues to win back support. >> that's it on this topic. next up, are hackers getting easy access to your personal information?
3:47 pm
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3:50 pm
what we know today is that the breach affected two types of data. payment card data, which affected approximately 40 million guests and certain personal data -- >> the maximum number of account numbers in our stores at that time that were exposed to the malware was 1.1 million accounts. >> press is reporting that the malware that was reportedly used in the kneeman marcus and target breaches was sold to criminals overseas. so what we have seen thus far may just be the tip of the iceberg. this is truly disturbing. >> i'll say. none of that is good news. let's talk about if there
3:51 pm
are any plans to find out if there are a way to resolve major hacks during holiday season. steve, julie and tucker are back with us. steve, there was a lot of discussion at that hearing today that maybe there is a national solution, maybe the, you know, federal government gets involved. >> he will with of course there was discussion. that there would be a national solution because that's what congress does. they come up with national solutions. >> they intend to come up with national solutions. >> but there is always this compulsion for politicians. they think they have to do something there is a problem. politicians have to do something so at least they can go and send a press release or talk about it i think we may be seeing some of that here. the question, i think, there are two important questions. what can be done by government, if anything. and, two, who should be doing it the first question is hard to say. you talk to security experts and they will say the problem with the way that government approaches this is they want to build moats around everything. they suggest that private sector entities should build moats around everything. that's just the wrong approach.
3:52 pm
you should be looking at more of an inside out approach. you have to rethink. this government is not, let's face it, at the forefront of these kind of innovations as often as not. that's number one, i think number two though, who should do it? we have had states passing these laws looking at this issue for quite a while. and obviously not doing the laws that the states have written haven't done the job, haven't prevented these attacks. it's the third and final question is are these attacks preventable at all and by and large it, seems the answer is no. >> all right. well, here is what one of the things we are hearing floated on the hill. judiciary committee chairman patrick leahy in the senate has introduced a bill that would empower the government to fine companies that fail to implement adequate privacy and security safeguards and i feel you twitching over here, tucker. >> the hutzpahs it's almost unbelievable. first of all the same people that designed and backed the obamacare web site are lecturing us about internet security? the government has got to be the most porous information
3:53 pm
system in the world is there a government system theant been breached by a hacker. bill clinton's phone calls with monica lewenski was picked up by -- if you can't secure air force one newman marcus. private industry has every incentive to keep this private and get fired. no one ever gets fired from the federal government. you will hear calls to build a new agency. a tsa for the web. unionize it really, i hope that somebody has the brass to stand up from the private sector and say back off, government. this is between us and our customers. it's not your concern and by the way, when you can secure the pentagon web site, which they haven't, come talk to me then. >> and julie, thought it was interesting something i didn't know before the hearing today target their top guy sitting there saying they testified they found about the breach estimated 100 million people from the government. that's how they found out. >> as a consumer, purely as a consumer, it's really scary when you heard a lot of the things that they were
3:54 pm
saying today. how does target a company that has millions of people coming into their store shopping using credit cards and debit cards not have a better system for identifying when there has been a breach. and what i also think is interesting is you still have this debate between the retailers and the banks. everyone is kind of pointing fingers saying e oh this is more on your end and this is more on your end. until we actually get to the point where everyone can kind of come to the table and agree on what the actual problem is, i think it's hard to see government stepping in and solving a problem that we haven't fully identified at this point. >> well, in contrast to the proposal by senator leahy, senator chuck grassley, ranking republican on judiciary said legislation should only focus on voluntary guidelines. steve, if that's all we get, what is the point of passing the law? >> well, exactly so that members of congress can go around and say that they have done something about it. and pushing legislation with voluntary guidelines it makes that point. i think it makes that point rather clearly. look, if they're voluntary guidelines. they are voluntary guidelines. there is no need to put in legislation. >> i do think that you know, a lot of what is happening
3:55 pm
today and what you are going to see in the next couple weeks is really optics. as i said as a consumer and i talk to my friends who are target shoppers and kneeman marcus shorpg. this is something people talk about. lawmakers feel they have to be doing something even if in the end the result doesn't change anything practically. >> really, we need to lecture about keeping the data of its customers private? really we are going to penalize you if you don't? are you kidding? amazon is huge because it does such a great job providing service and protecting the privacy of its customers. when they can assure us that the obamacare web site will never leak my private medical information to a russian cartel or chinese hacker then i think they have stature to lecture target on keeping its data private. >> does it change the way any of you think about shopping? >> yeah, i'm all cash now. i'm never going to use the credit card again. >> it has had the effect in the hayes household. my wife has spent a lot less time at target and that's really good for the hayes family budget.
3:56 pm
>> my father for years only used cash and now i'm starting it think is he was a smart man. >> people going to the store to use cash. >> do you? >> online shoppers. doing all those fun boxes wouldn't show up at my door every night. >> thanks, panel. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for update on the when super bowl and ground dog day fall on the same day. today we're going to play a little ge.
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finally tonight, sunday was a big day across the board. super bowl sunday, though some may not want to revisit that it was also groundhog day. well, some things just don't go together. >> look at this, joe. and the experience of peyton manning and how well they executed the line of scrimmage. you talk about it each and every time you watch the denver bronchos and a miscommunication on the first play of the super bowl. >> now the poor guy is is joe namath's ear muffs.
4:00 pm
>> thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. "on the record" with greta van susteren is up next. can we get one thing straight? do you know what is unfair? when someone promises transapparently, doesn't deliver and then starts blamings or. >> do you think i'm unfair to you? >> absolutely, of course you are, bill. we just went through an interview in which you asked about healthcare not working, irs where were we wholly corrupt. benghazi. >> i think he largely pretends that these are distractions that these are stuff invented by fox. >> with an endless distraction of political posturing and phony scandals and phony scandals. >> if he he think it's unimportant then is he delusional. >> these things keep on surfacing in