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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 23, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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you here next week. a rapidly developing situation this ukraine. as the newly installed acting president has announced plans to form a new government by tuesday. welcome to america's news headquarters. you are looking live now, this is the capital city kiev. ground zero as they call it for weeks now of chaotic and deadly mass protesting that has fueled a change in power. and just a pu miew minute ags ad that russia has recalled its ambassador to ukraine for, quote, consultation. amy kellogg will join us by
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phone. she's live in moscow. amy, what does that mean? >> reporter: well, mines that russia is very concerned and they have already voiced this, harris, but i think the bottom line is that russia thinks that the you ukranian opposition is not keeping up its part of the bargain, this deal that was signed two days ago witnessed by the europeans and the russian deputy and then also between the two sides. russia feels that ukraine, the opposition, has fast forwarded basically illegally going ahead with all of these measures which the ukranian ousted president yanukovych calling for a coup, basically they felt russia believes that the new parliament needed to wait for the signature of the president before it took over the constitutional powers that it had claimed and that the basis for all the decisions we've seen in the last 48 hours. the new acting president was
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voted in today. he served for a short period as head of security services and former deputy prime minister. and parliament voted on a lavish bill to os yanukovych you caming reportedly traffic jams on the roads leading for it yanukovych's whereabouts are still unknown. >> we're hearing about the palace and how offended people were. there were some really expensive stuff, not only just the palace, but the former regime had its hands on. >> reporter: you yeah, we've been talking a lot about the whole issue of corruption. and the tug of war.ou yeah, we'n talking a lot about the whole issue of corruption. and the tug of war.u yeah, we'v talking a lot about the whole issue of corruption. and the tug of war. yeah, we've talking a lot about the whole issue of corruption. and the tug of war.yeah, we've talking a lot about the whole
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issue of corruption. and the tug of war. the matter of corruption is at the heart of all this. because the leaders were very corrupted. so essentialseeing this which y denied he ever had was breath taking. there is a boat on the lake, lots of lavish furnishings. and people were horrified that he was living this way when his salary was something like $120,000 a year. >> okay. amy, just real quickly before i i let you you go, has the violence ceased? >> reporter: yes. well, yes, in large part, it has. the presence of police and riot police has gone from the main square in kiev. however, there have been clash misdifferent parts of the country, between the east which is more pro russian, those have not been terribly violent, but they are indicative of the fact that the country is it have tdo
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potential to be split. they're urging it not to go that way, but it's divided loyalty and complicated historical combination of elements that make up the country. so that is exploding in little pockets over the country. >> amy kellogg doing a beautiful job of laying it out. we'll talk more about the split, too. amy, thank you very much. we've been told the white house is monitoring the situation very closely in ukraine, already warning russia over any military enter veinter. i i wonder what that conversation was like. mike, what is the latest from the obama administration? wonden was like. mike, what is the latest from the obama administration?wonder was like. mike, what is the latest from the obama administration? people aren't receptive to any red line comments. >> and john kerry continues working the phones. kerry called lavrov again this morning and we're told expressed strong report for the ukranian parliament names an acting
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president and prime minister and moving quickly to stabilize the country. today the susan rice also weighed in. >> the escalation of violence, we want to see constitutional change. we want to see democratic elections in very short order. and the opportunity for the people of uhe crepe to cokraine together. >> and raice said the united states is on the side of ukranian people. >> we are hearing, though, very deep concerns from members on capitol hill. what are they saying? >> definitely. and there have been calls to work with the european union to help ukraine move forward with western values. senator bob corker, the top republican on the foreign relations committee, says the u.s. should do everything possible to ensure ukraine remains one country and their territorial and political integrity is maintained. senator john mccain has an eye
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on loss cmoscow? >> i think the message has to be sent to you putin let the ukranian people determine their own future. and a partition of ukraine is totally unacceptable and we need to act immediately to give them the economic assistance that they need based on reforms that will be required, as well. >> and mccain predicted it will be stuff sledding in ukraine. >> all right. and more on this a little later. president obama making another -- and i just said it -- red line type comment with regard to ukraine. but does the u.s. have any say in ukraine's future? dr. wally farris will weigh in on the situation when he joins me a little later. > fox news alert. a tornado warning north of the daytona 500. they have been giving weather warnings out to the people in
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the stands. this is playing out right now. what is the situation on the ground? >> so we had a tornado warning earlier in and around the daytona 500. people were told to seek shelter immediately. rainfall rates up to 4 inches an hour, so a lot of rain, a lot of lightning. the good news is the tornado warning has been lifted, but we're still seeing some thunderstorms in the area. it looks like we have a severe thunderstorm just south and west of daytona. and you can see the heavy rain showers moving through the region, so obviously the race is delayed. we're hoping people have been in shelters because the storms continue to fire. the good news is the tornado warning is over. but we'll still see the potential for showers and thunderstorms as well as lightning in the area. so fluid situation. we'll certainly keep you up-to-date, but we have tens of thousands of people here at the daytona 500. and we were speaking with rick
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earlier and the warning was north of the stadium, but they're taking all precautions and people are urged to stay in safety. >> and i'm watching here in the studio here a little bit of what is happening on big fox right now and the skies look really, really dark now as they try to get it under way and keep it on schedule. thank you very much. we'll check back as the news warrants. a reported setback in the efforts to free bowe bergdahl from the taliban. he's been held prisoner since 2009. the taliban released a statement today saying talks with the u.s. have been suspended. american authorities were reportedly proposing a prisoner swap. bergdahl for five taliban prisoners. the state department has refused to acknowledge, though, any negotiation that 34might have bn going on. federal prosecutors plan to bring home one of the most dangerous drug lords to america to stand trial. joaquin guzman was arrested yesterday with the help of u.s. agencies and some of his open
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security guards that turned on him. are the nos say guzman's drug empire reaches as far away as europe and australia. the national governors association is gathering in washington this weekend and it's the the second day of its annual winter meeting today. one of the main talking points there we understand are federal policies versus states' rights. and this evening the governors will attend a formal dinner at the white house and will return tomorrow to meet with the president. among the governors currently meeting in washington, scott walker of wisconsin. today on "fox news sunday," chris wallace was talking with him about e-mails released this past week. those e-mails are raising questions about just what governor walker knew or may have known about public staffers of his office working on political campaigns during government time. here's what he had to say about it. >> if you look at the facts, this is old news.
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this was a case closed last month. a democrat spent multiple years looking at all this information, 27,000 plus pages. looked at a team led by a democrat in milwaukee county and last year in march he announced the end of that case. it's old news. >> and after years of investigation, walker has never been charged with any crime. so you've seen the commercials. what is in your wallet the? how many credit cards do enough your wallet right now? a new report finds americans are once again digging deeper into debt. what is behind this new borrowing binge? the end. lovely read susan. may i read something? yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup. 340 grams.
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americans are borrowing again at an alarming rate. after the so-called great recession, we saw consumers tightening their belts and pairing down their debt responsibly. apparently that is officer. the federal reserve in new york is now finding debt levels are rising at the fastest rate since 2007. bren brenda butner, why? >> there are two reasons. one well for the economy, one not. consumers are more confident. they're done hunkering down, they're ready to spend. they're confident about the which i. and banks are loosening their credit card limits, so they figure they will take it in. the second one is not so good. americans are running on empty. we have high unemployment, we have stagnant wages, we have obamacare which is making them pay out more in premiums. so they have no choice but to use credit card debt and to take
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on center loans, for example. >> so what will the down side look and feel like? we know a few years ago it was part of the problem in the great recession or so-called that people didn't have savings to fall back on. >> yeah, it's very scary actually. because half of all americans have more credit card debt than they do emergency savings. so if they lose their job, they will have to just pile on with more debt. and you're exactly right, that is why the bubble burst, people using too much debt. >> i don't want to punish the banks for this because they're doing what they do to make money. but are they luring people in with the ridiculous deals of 0% up you're 50,000 years old is this. >> no, in fact credit has been really tight for a long time.up this. >> no, in fact credit has been really tight for a long this. >> no, in fact credit has been really tight for a long time.ti is this. >> no, in fact credit has been really tight for a long time.p is this.
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>> no, in fact credit has been really tight for a long time. ys this. >> no, in fact credit has been really tight for a long time. they're only loosening up on credit card limits. the biggest category last year was student loans. and these are low credit profile borrowers. that means they may probably default. and they may not get a return on investment the. they may graduate from college and not be able to pay off the stuff. >> and that in turn actually hurts the lending institution. brenda, thank you very much. bulls and bears every saturday morning, 10:00 a.m. right here on fox news channel. a new government is getting ready to form in ukraine. but what can the united states do to encourage democracy taking hold there in a country split between its ties to europe and its ties to russia? is this the bacon and c is n corn chowder.
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the president needs to up his game and spend a clear public message to putin not to interfere in what is happening in in ukraine to let the ukrainian people determine their future to ensure that there is no interference in their sovereignty and i think this is an important time for him to do that. >> russia and moscow and putin will continue to pressure ukraine and the trump card they own is natural was, gas provides gas for these countries and when putin doesn't like their political behavior he cuts it off or raises the price out of sight. so he has the power to pressure. we have to do everything we can to encourage ukraine to move forward peacefully toward democracy but understand putin has been a threat for many decades. >> and that was senators kelly ayotte and dick durbin. she didn't mince words, says the president needs to up his game,
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and helping the eastern european country of ukraine move toward democracy away from russia's grip. russian president vladimir putin has held ukraine hostage time after time turning off the oil pipeline to the country to get what it wants from ukraine's government. both senators ayotte and durbin agree military boots on the ground are not an option and up to 24 hours ago the ukrainian government was not taking our phone calls. an author of the coming revolution, doctor, good to see you today. >> thank you. big question about this. the president needs to up his game, what do you think that she means? >> whatever the president has to do and he has to do many things and some things he should not do, we need to understand the politics of ukraine. this is not a country swinging between the west and the east.
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there are two cultures inside ukraine, 70% are pro-west, catholic, have a different political culture but still the 30% pro-russia, some of whom the 30% are ethnic russians. we need to cop some date what happened in kiev. that part of the country is going to move towards the west but making sure we're not going to trigger a civil war between that part of the country and what is perceived as pro-russia and ukraine. >> in your op-ed you say there are two ukraines. do you think they'll split in two? >> it all depends what we do to help them. if we focus on supporting the new kiev government a president to march on to the east what's going to happen is simple to see, putin is going to move in, russian force also move in. there are many interests in eastern ukraine, if we consolidate democracy in western ukraine we may find a negotiation between both. >> that's interesting.
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i think you're optimistic because we don't have best relations with the ukrainian government, the one that left and we don't know about the one coming in and the russian government. it's almost like pie in the sky. how do we influence anything that's going on over there? >> if we're going to talk about washington that's a different planet. the ideas i discussed are about the ideas best to do there. but we are failing in many places, not just with the ukrainians you just mentioned, in syria, in venezuela, in egypt, we need a major change, here in washington so we can flow there and help others about it. >> u.s. support does that come in the form of money? maybe that will make them listen to us. >> i think the senators are right but before we cut the money we need to sit down with kiev's new government and use the money not for corruption. remember the former prime minister was jailed one of the reasons was for corruption. we need to sit down and make
12:54 pm
sure they have a road map to europe and fund that. >> what's interesting in that part of the world often we see the military come in as the interim government or have some movement. do we have any idea the army and ukraine what side of it they're on? >> that's the biggest question of not only the day but of the month. the ukrainian army was part of the soviet army, has some dangerous strategic weapons. the army is distancing it self, trying to see if there is a political accommodation, if there is a split and a confrontation we'll be witnessing a very dangerous situation in ukraine. i hope not. >> i want to ask you about the situation of timing, they'll have elections in kiev and the russians getting involved today, the olympics are wrapping up, they're pulling their ambassador aside wanting to talk to the ambassador to ukraine. will we see can russia get more involved in the coming days?
12:55 pm
>> reading the map will tell us a lot. there is an eastern part of ukraine that has the most important maritime outlet for russia, the entire southern fleet of russia is out of the sebastopol port. if we help everybody to start negotiations them we can avoid russian intervention. >> quickly before i let you go, how powerful is russian president vladimir putin right now? >> he has been very powerful until this. he could make a big mistake if he sends in the troops but he could reemerge strong if we can solve it diplomatically. now he is under pressure. >> now he is under pressure. >> exactly. >> dr. faris helping us navigate as we go forward, thank you very much. i want to remind everybody, too, because you did such a good job of this, keep an eye on what happens in terms of kiev and this new government taking hold,
12:56 pm
and whether or not democracy will happen there, but don't take your eyes off the eastern part of the country. we'll have to find a way to talk to the russians sounds like from what the good doctor has been telling us. out of the corner of my eye they're running highlights from the daytona 500 where they have had some very nasty weather move through, tornado warnings have subsided for now, but them they're under a severe thunderstorm warning, not far from that big track where the daytona 500 is being played. now we have it up on the screen to show you. we are watching this situation over the next hour or so as well as what's happening around the world. i will see you back here at 7:00 p.m. eastern with fox report weekend. it's been fun to sit in. carol walsh is next. curity solur information safe & secure. century link. your link with what's next.
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