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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 1, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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this is my dad. somebody like my mom. my grandfather. i'm very pround of him. her. them. this is "the kelly file." and welcome to a special edition of hannity. we'll be joined by a lively studio audience. how the president's policies have brought this country to a tipping point, we begin with liberal constitutional professor jonathan turley who said it best on wednesday on capitol hill. >> the president has, in fact, exceeded his authority in a way that is creating a destabilizing influence. the rate at which executive power is being concentrated in our system is accelerating. and frankly, i am very alarmed
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by the implication of that power. i believe we are at a dangerous tipping point for our system to be in. i believe that your response has to begin before this president leaves office. no one in our system goes it alone. >> there you have it. so how exactly is president obama overstepped his authority and created this constitutional crisis? here's how. take a look. >> protecting our first amendment rights are vital to who we are. >> attorney general eric holder defended the obama administration's contraceptive mandate. >> if they refuse the mandate, refuse to violate their first amendment, refuse to violate their religious beliefs and refuse to pay the fines, what consequences will bishop campbell first? >> allies in congress said today they want answers and action. >> someone needs to be held
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responsible. someone needs to be imprisoned, someone needs to be prosecuted. >> the white house is also on defense over holder's claim to congress that he had never been involved in any possible prosecution of a reporter. the attorney general himself signed off on labeling fox's james rosen a possible criminal co-defendant. >> that is a chilling action against the news media. >> the federal government wants to know how and why the news media selecting which stories they cover. >> who wants the government deciding whether coverage is fair? >> there's no doubt that if the fcc is breathing down their neck, they're going to do what the government wants. ises this administration is bent on aiming and targeting those they don't like. >> and we bring in our studio audience for reaction. has the president overstepped his bounds, hands up high.
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who says no? you're a lawyer? >> yes. >> how did that happen? >> mistakes happen every day. >> so the president can change the health care law on his own, doesn't need to go to congress. why do we have congress? >> you asked the question are we at a tipping point. there are some odd things that take place in the constitution on the subject of executive order. clearly congress is given the power to do these things. however, there are additional provisions that allows the president expansive opportunities in certain emergency circumstances. the other is -- >> wait a minute, 27 times we've changed obamacare. is that an emergency? >> president obama ran in 2008 saying that he opposed all of these executive orders, that he wanted a government by and for the people and wanted a transparent process. why did we have a revolution and get rid of king george if we now have president obama just signing off. >> you're crossing the politics with the question. the question is, can he do these things?
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you're politically it is a retreat. but when you get to the legalities of it, so far he hasn't come anywhere close to a constitutional crisis. >> i disagree. i think it's disgraceful that the united states is giving speeches saying if congress won't do this, i'm going to do it by executive order. >> i see individuals on a regular basis across the country, tea party individuals and other political events, people are tired of this runaway government that we are under. nsa spying on us, irs intimidating people. we are totally at a tipping point and americans are tired of it. >> what about republicans, monica crowley? they have the power of the purse. they don't seem willing to take the president on if he's changing laws or says we're not going to enforce the immigration law or remove the work requirements for welfare. then targeting conservatives. >> there are a few strong,
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courageous republican voices like senator ted cruz in the house, but they are few and far between. i'm not sure that the republican leadership understands what they are up against here with this president. this is not your father's or grandfather's democrat in barack obama and frankly nancy pelosi and harry reid. what they seek to do in the words of president obama is fundamentally transform the country. transform the very nature of the american character, and the american democratic process. and i'm not sure the republicans understand what they're dealing with here. and if they do, they're not willing to take it on. >> i think they're timid. i think they do understand these things but they're afraid to take him on for fear of backlash. >> i think you're right. we don't have a select committee on benghazi or the irs. all these scandals that you speak are of real, but they have faded away. the republican party has only one philosophy, which to me is
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bankrupt. let obama self-destruct. don't have a positive message and hope we win the election. >> i am disappointed the republicans did not have a positive vision agenda that says, if you elect us, we'll do one, two, three, four, five. yes? >> there's two issues here. first, there's the violations he's making where he's overstepping his bounds, like the issue of the first amendment violation, delaying mandates, obamacare is put into place and then he illegally violates the law that he himself helped pass. on top of that, there's the issue of we can't believe a word he says. you get to keep your doctor, keep your insurance. this thing is going to save you money. all the lies together with the violations. >> why do the american people take it? >> i don't know why. >> go ahead. >> i'm going to give you an alternative reason. i wrote an article recently, and i quoted a senior policy
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adviser, saying if the congress doesn't get this stuff done, then the president will. except you know whose adviser it was? ronald wilson reagan's. >> i was in the nixon administration the last time we were accused of having an imperial presidency. >> she was only 12 years old. >> but the difference is the media was in a different place. the media criticized. the media took seriously their job as a watch dogs of liberty. now what do you have? the president does whatever he wants and the media are likened applauding everything he does. >> i agree. >> i think that's slowly changing. but historically, presidents have had a very adversarial relationship with the press. why people don't care? because they see that people
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don't -- politicians in washington don't hear their voice. they're about themselves rather than the people. there's few public servants that are in it for the people and we need to elect more of those. >> the republicans seem to have made a decision, generally speaking with the exceptions monica mentioned -- >> they want power. >> are they as bad as the democrats? >> some of them are, absolutely. >> i don't know about politics. but i know that philosophy and ideology matter. i don't believe president obama is the devil. that's breaking news, and you can crucify me for that later. >> headline, he's not the devil. >> but what i'm very concerned about is ideology and philosophy that go against basic moral principles that jewish, muslim, christians and even nonbelievers can agree on. for example, respect for life. one simple example, the bishops
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of the united states of america had one of the greatest programs for helping women who were being trafficked. you know what the health and human services did? they said we're going to take away all of your money, but it's for good reason. the reason, is even though you've been the most successful group in stopping trafficking of women, you're not offering them abortion. so you know what? all federal funding is gone. that's ideology and philosophy that's transformed the nature of our country. >> that goes to the contraception mandate. they can spin this any way they want, but it's really the catholic church, catholic hospitals. >> in boston, they're no longer in the business, in the ministry of adoption. why? because unless they send children to gay couples, they no longer get any of the services. they're out of it.
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washington, d.c., the same thing. that is a fundamental change in the way the united states of america operates as a country. >> we'll take a break. coming up next, tonight right here on "hannity" -- >> it's driven by budget considerations. he would much rather spend the money on food stamps than support for our troops. >> our audience will weigh in on what military cuts mean. that's coming up after the break. n of "hannity."
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comcast was honored to bring every minute of every medal of nbcuniversal's coverage to every screen. so what's next? rio 2016. welcome to what's next. comcast nbcuniversal. welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." the defense secretary announced a proposal to shrink the army to preworld war ii levels, in other words, gut the military. the decision by the administration is raising major national security concerns. >> american dominance on the seas, in the skies and in space can no longer be taken for granted. >> he would much rather spend the money on food stamps than a strong military or support for our troops. >> it's like canceling your fire insurance to prevent fires. >> tying our own hands and the
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hands of future presidents. >> what we're trying to do is solve our financial problems on the backs of our military. >> you are for big government except when it's about the military. >> i'm for spending more money on troops and less on equipment. >> i'm for more money for the enlisted men and women in their paychecks and benefits. >> we bring back our studio audience for what this historic decision is going to mean for our country and why this is another example of the president's policies bringing america to a tipping point. let's talk about this. you want to weigh in? >> you want to know who was chairing on monday when hagel made that announcement? russia, china, iran. obama is cutting our troops to preworld war ii levels, and after two wars come to an end, absolutely, there's going to be
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cuts that have to be made. they always do when wars come to an end. but you make smart cuts. you make ones that aren't going to have serious adverse repercussions on our national security, which is what we heard from hagel. >> judith, this is your main issue, and the one we probably agree the most on. if you listen to hagel, the point is coming where america is not going to dominate the seas and space and the military and i'm thinking if the united states doesn't dominate, then who will? >> let's just raise the white flag you and say okay, russia. the fact that this was done in the middle of the ukraine crisis, when the united states is supposed to demonstrate resolve, is mystifying to me, without any preparation whatsoever. it was just by fiat. and he's cutting stupidly, he's cutting money to the troops so they have to take the food stamps. they're already on food stamps. i do not get this at all and i don't support it.
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>> alison? >> the lack of awareness of what this means to american families. when there are not sufficient troops to fight what's going on, and when suicide in troops is taking more than those are being killed is a huge problem. we're having a smaller troop force go out there with the families? we already know what can happen when you do deploy -- >> hagel admitted it would put american troops at risk. he said that. >> this is a reflection of the obama administration's priorities. obamacare creates two new entitlement programs when we're looking to make cuts? i say cut the program -- well, it's begun now. >> democrats are willing to take on $7 trillion in debt. why do i think this void is going to be filled by a country that is not sympathetic to democracy and human rights, et cetera? >> because you're aware of history. this is exactly what happens in these sort of instances. robert kagan, with is brookings
2:18 pm
institution, he had a striking critique of this policy about the administration, which is pivoting to asia, and we're now focused on region to region military interventions. that by itself is a destabilizing effect. >> the president has a very dismissive attitude towards american exceptionalism. this president, philosophically going to your point, i don't think shares the concerns of this panel and a large majority of the americans. >> go ahead. >> we've seep this movie before. after vietnam in the carter administration -- >> called the peace dividend. >> we cut our military systems, we retracted our position in the world and what happened? the end result of that is when our american diplomats were taken hostage in tehran, we could not mount a successful rescue mission.
2:19 pm
we had five helicopters that were mired in the sand. we couldn't even rescue our own. so flash forward. when i was in the pentagon and reagan administration, we were horrified by what we found. we had ships that couldn't sail because they didn't have fuel. we had airplanes that couldn't fly because our pilots hadn't had enough training hours. for every tank that was operational, there was one sitting next to it that was cannibalized for spare parts. but the single worst thing is what we found with our young men and women, the junior enlisted personnel. they were on food stamps and it showed. it was america's recruit from the world. reagan got it back, but it took years. >> he called it the gap of vulnerability. monica, is america going back to vulnerability? >> we are certainly in retreat and retrenchment. again, this is part of the fundamental transformation of the nation which he spoke. a big part is moving america away from super power status to grand status, and the fact that
2:20 pm
the most sufficient way you move the u.s. to that status is gutting the military. hagel announced part of something that's already been under way, with massive budget cuts to the u.s. military. >> we're going to take a break. we're just getting going. we'll come back and coming up next tonight right here on "hannity" -- >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> the bill was passed. we know what's in it. coming up, we'll explain how obamacare has brought america's health care system to a tipping point. that and much more as we continue. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers,
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and absolutely delicious. predibut, manufacturings a prettin the united states do. means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done. welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." president obama's signature domestic policy achievement known as obamacare has proven to be nothing but a failure. from the endless website
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problems, rising premiums, millions of canceled health care plans across the country, it's safe to say obamacare has brought the american health care system to a tipping point. >> after all the votes have been tallied, health insurance reform becomes the law. >> the website is designed to be consumer problem. >> i keep getting this error page that won't let me progress past verifying personal information. >> they can't get on either. no luck. >> the health insurance is good. the prices are good. i have been as clear as i can be under the reform i've proposed. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. >> centers for medicare and medicaid services estimated obamacare would reduce the number of people with employer sponsored health coverage by about 14 million. >> people who like their policies are losing them and this is a real burden on the economy. >> a staggering number of older
2:26 pm
from their insurance plan. >> a lot of young people think they're invincible. but young people are knuckleheads. >> we bring back our studio audiences. the president said if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period. and the average per year is going to save $2500 per family per year. >> and he probably shouldn't have used those words. >> probably should. have used those words? >> do you know how much he thinks america is exceptional -- >> what does that have to do with my question? >> he thinks we're so exceptional we should not have 40 million people without health insurance. i am self-employed. for years i could not afford insurance. for years i had a preexisting condition that stopped me from getting health insurance. so yes, we are exceptional and we are so exceptional that we
2:27 pm
are not going to let people die without health insurance because they can't afford it. that's what this is. >> 31 million americans will still not have health insurance under obamacare. >> we're moving in the right direction. >> moving in the right direction? >> frankly, the problem is we're not really seeing a timeline from the democrats. we keep hearing we're going to fix it. the problem is, i've talked to a number of members on capitol hill, i spoke with nancy pelosi and asked when is this fix it going to happen? >> when the republicans come to the table. >> once again, we're not hearing a timeline. >> i don't want us to get tied up into too much rhetoric here. he says 4 million people, when hhs says 4 million people, those people are not coming to doctor's offices like mine and getting taken care of. even if they have a new policy, we can't figure out as
2:28 pm
physic am i listed in that policy? no, you're not. you're not listed on metro gold plus. let me see if i can get on that. i don't know if that network will include me. in the real life of the doctor's office, this is even more of a mess than people not being insured. they're not getting care. >> i agree with what you're saying. it is a mess. but back to doug's point earlier, the problem for the republicans is they haven't come to the table and offered anything positive. >> in fairness, individuals have, but as a party, they have not coalesced behind a single plan, that's true. i think that's a mistake. >> it's a huge mistake for the republicans. >> i have the answer -- >> you've got to run for answer, sean. >> medical savings accounts with portability. buy across state lines, competition, and you take care of preexisting conditions. >> republicans have to coalesce around an answer and we haven't seen them do that yet. >> i think both parties have
2:29 pm
failed here. it's true what you're saying. i hear sort of people on the left talk about this very gingerly. it's not perfect, yeah, it's not perfect, it's horrible and they didn't implement this properly, from the contraceptive mandate through the entire plan. what better way to prove the conservatives right than not have your website work. it's been a disaster sense the beginning. >> jessica? >> i go back to the point you made earlier that right now the republican party is the party of no. even just today, boehner came out and said because he's got 126 members with 126 different ideas about how to either -- as he said, either fix or change or alter the health care plan, that we currently have with aca, nothing is going to get done. this is what's been happening over and over again in congress. it's why we have the executive orders and everything else. there's a gridlock, there's a deadlock, and there's got to be
2:30 pm
some answers. >> keisha? >> there are problems with obamacare, it's not a fantasy. we just saw harry reid go to the senate floor and say this was all made up. >> everybody is lying. everybody that lost their plan is a liar. >> we have a democrat in the white house, we have democrats controlling the senate and the senate majority leader doesn't believe there's a problem. >> the reason why i think there's no solution on either side right now is because we're not in a position of pointing fingers anymore. i think president obama is not the first president to start something new or give our country something new that it failed. that happened. so we need to move past that. >> you say we have to move past that, but wait a minute, we're talking about -- the thing that's most frustrating and father, back me up here from a moral stand point. my kids do something wrong, i expect it. but it's when they say, i didn't do it, she did it.
2:31 pm
as of july 2010, we know that the white house debated whether to tell the american people the truth because they knew people couldn't keep their doctor or plan and they decided not to tell us. >> he's suffering from that now, because his reputation, his ratings in the polls have gone down. >> you talk about suffering. just earlier today, i received an e-mail from a friend of mine in mississippi who lost his insurance because of obamacare. he was out jogging, got hit by a car. he's laid up in the hospital right now with severe injuries, does not have insurance. churches are having to raise -- sir, please. churches are having to raise money to take care of his medical cost. i would like to see harry reid tell this man laid up in the hospital that he doesn't have health insurance and it's all made up. >> take us out. >> this isn't an accident. the way that the law itself changes health insurance.
2:32 pm
that's how the law is designed because they're mandating government levels of coverage and benefits. of course you're going to lose your insurance. that's the design. >> our tax dollars are going to be bailing out the insurance industries. humana announced they're going to get $450 million. >> we're in the wrong business, all of us. coming up next -- >> everybody has got an obama phone. keep obama as president, you know? he gave us a phone. >> how did he give you a phone. >> if you sign up, if you're on social security, you got low income, you disability. >> so this president and his handouts like obama phones, responsible for our nation's growing entitlement culture? that's coming up next. minimize .
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welcome back to this special edition o hannity. president obama and his administration have encouraged americans to depend on the government. so is america right now at a tipping point when it comes to its growing entitlement culture? take a look. >> barack obama is the best food stamp president in american history. >> food stamps give me an opportunity to focus more on a career. do i have to apologize for the way the system is set up? >> obama has no interest in reducing the debt. the priority is to increas entitlements. >> everybody i know has an obama fo phone. >> it's just very difficult to beat santa claus, especially if the alternative is being your own santa claus. >> contraception can cost a
2:38 pm
woman over $3,000. that's practically an entire summer salary. >> you're more of a big government guy. >> bill, the point is, we have not massively expanded the welfare state. >> we bring back our studio audience. before i get to everyone here, you're dying, okay. let me put up on the screen americans receiving food stamps. we now have 47 million americans, that's a lot of people, a lot of lives being impacted. and americans living at or below the poverty line, almost the same number. joe biden, when he wasn't kissing barbara walters this week on "the vie," he made the statement about how obamacare frees up women not to work at dead end jobs and they can stay home and take care of their children. watch this, because i think this goes to the heart of what the left believes today. >> this is about freedom. how many of you are single women
2:39 pm
with children in a dead end job, you're there because of your health insurance? you would rather have the opportunity to spend the next couple of years with your child until they get -- if that was your choice, until they get into primary school. you're now trapped in that job because if you leave, you lose your health insurance. now you'll be able to do -- make an independent choice. >> wait a minute, i want to stay home. that's my choice. >> but sean, i -- >> is that america? that's not the america i grew up in. >> you know what? i don't think that anyone should have a sense of entitlement. most people don't know my story. i grew up in new jersey, i put myself through college and law school. so no, you should not be able to sit home. you should pull yourself up and do what you have to do. >> this is the vice president of the united states of america
2:40 pm
saying you can stay home whoc. t who is going to pay for all this? >> it is so insulting to women to say that. you don't get to say there's a wage gap but then say you just wanted to stay home all along. >> that's a good angle on it. >> the president continues to make it rational to enact and behave in ways right now that insure poverty and dependency in the long-term. >> i was raised to work. >> you want to know what's insulting about this? while obama and his administration are looking to expand the entitlement culture, he's cutting benefits and pay to our military and families. many of them have paid the ultimate sacrifices and their families are having to deal with that. >> everybody who works will pay for that woman's choice to stay home. father, i went to catholic
2:41 pm
school for 12 years. they didn't like it, but i went there. but true story, i was taught that every person was created by god. i believe that with all my heart. and that every perp was born with talent, and that work was part of what we are as human beings, we're supposed to give back. we're supposed to use our talents for other people. is that now changed? >> i agree 100%. i'm going to play devil's advocate. maybe the vice president was saying in this case, you know what? what if getting out of a dead end job and knowing that you have another type of insurance so that you can get a better job is an opportunity? wait, wait, sean, let the devil talk for a second. that's the devil's advocate. but i think where president obama went off the rails here is
2:42 pm
including the catholic bishop, but so many others, evangelicals and others, wanting health care for everyone. and he could have used them as advocates and partners. instead, what he did, he said i'm going to do it my way and i'm going to make sure that religious people are not able to protect their religious liberty. that's the problem. >> monica, go ahead. >> when they talk about we're going to liberate you from work, we're going to free you. it's all about freedom. when it's nothing of the sort. what they're trying to do is direct people into government dependency. >> absolutely. >> americans have valued the freedom to self-determine, to determine what they want to do. and just the entitlement culture, which has been happening over the 20th century and started by franklin roosevelt. this has been happening for a
2:43 pm
long time. it was predicted 150 years ago, that too much radical freedom is going to cause people to say, tell me what to do. >> i don't know why people aren't shocked at this. are you shocked at that? >> people may be getting a sense of personal responsibility. a lot of my patients are in jobs they don't want to be in. but maybe they feel good about taking care of their family. >> when i was a cook and a di dishwasher -- >> not everybody on the left agrees with this. i think work kills people's souls. that's number one. number two, nobody wants to focus on solutions. all that money you're seeing on food stamps is an easy way to make it smaller. you have 14 different programs going on, overlapping. >> i have a better solution. >> i don't like your solution. >> my solution is, if we could
2:44 pm
get the government off the backs and the necks of energy companies, as i have interviewed more people in the energy world, there is more energy combined in this country, shale, oil, gas and coal than the entire middle east combined. >> take us out. >> most women wish they had the luxury to stay at home and raise their children. but what the vice president is talking about is not the luxury to stay at home, it's doing it on other taxpayer's dimes. subsidies for families -- [ all talking at once ] >> if you stay home with children, you know you are working more than any of us who are working full time jobs.
2:45 pm
>> i know it's hard work, but look, she -- >> why describe it as not working and relaxing around? [ all talking at once ] >> what's more important? >> i love your daughter, she's a sweet heart. >> my husband and i built a lifestyle where we both had to work, so you do what you have to do. >> i've got to break. we'll take a break and come back. coming up next -- >> it's not that i want to punish you, i just want to make sure everybody who is behind you that they got the chance, too. i think when you spread the wealth around, it's good. >> some say it was a slip-up in 2008, but 5 1/2 years later, we have proof that president obama is waging a war against the so-called rich.
2:46 pm
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2:50 pm
continues to use class warfare rhetoric and vilifying the so-called rich. >> we actually tend to trust each other less when there's greater inequality. >> he's playing the class warfare card. >> stretching point. >> i've never in my life seen more people look at each other's income or -- >> the president in spotlighting it brings up the conversation and everybody inherited their money. they didn't earn their money. >> you talk about everybody paying their fair share, americans who can afford it should pay their fair share. >> the idea that we raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires, raise taxes on owners of private jets. that that is going to somehow make a difference in america's debt is not only misleading, quite frankly, it's disappointing.
2:51 pm
>> would they rather put our entire economy at risk just to protect a few and benefit only the wealthiest americans of corporations. >> it's the kind of language that you would expect from the leader of a third world country, not the president of the united states. >> let me bring back our studio audience. jessica, i'm going to put you on the spot. don't be mad. the top 10% wage earns, what do think they make? >> overall top 10% american wage earnser,s what percentage of the bill? >> they pay the majority of the bill. >> 72%. the bottom 50% of wabge earners what do they earn? >> they pay zero. federal income tax. >> the main issue that there is
2:52 pm
here is that we have seen not just under obama's administration, during which we've also seen a horrible recession, going back to the '70s where we've seen this growing income inequality. the problem is that we've seen it before. when we saw it was before the great depression. when we had -- at the turn of the century, with lack of regulation. >> i think it's dedivisive and it's taken the focus off of solving the problem and it's put it on, that person has more than i do. that person has more than i do. and it sort of erodes the freedom that joe biden was talking about, that hard work that we feel. that's real freedom to me. so -- >> either party has a pro-growth agenda to create jobs. david camp's proposal on tax reform -- >> this week. >> yeah. it's dead on arrival. neither party wants to take it
2:53 pm
on because it involves taking on the special interests in an election year. neither party has a plan to grow an economy, to use energy independence as a goal to create jobs and strengthen our economy. bottom line, it's shame on both parties for talking about redistribution or cutting taxes without a goal which all americans share. >> k.t. and i were talking during the break. we would put every american back to work if we tapped every resource in this country. right now on my website i'm getting thousands of people jobs, paying 70, 80, 90 and $100,000 a year and they can't fill the jobs in north dakota. >> you're right, sean. and what you don't do is harm americans who are least able to afford energy. energy affects all households but with the regulations that are killing the fossil fuel industry, like coal, for example, the jobs that are being lost, energy prices are going up and you're harming those least
2:54 pm
able to afford higher energy costs. >> all right. short segment. we'll take a break and come back. also coming up, closing thoughts from our studio audience. coming up right after the break. please stay with us. least able to now you can create your own perfect plate of pasta at olive garden, with our new cucina mia menu, for just $9.99. choose the homemade sauce that tempts you the most. like our addictively creamy garlic asiago, devilishly spicy diavolo or garden-fresh primavera with roasted vegetables. all made from scratch and made to order. served with your choice of our new artisinal pastas including gluten free. new cucina mia is all about flavor, all about you, and all just $9.99. at olive garden, we're all family here.
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all right. welcome back to this special edition of "hannity."
2:58 pm
i think we're at a tipping point. we're overcome the attack on pearl harbor, a great depression. but 17 trillion in debt, the country is more divided now than ever. i worry about america's future because i think this president is a radical ideologue who has no ability to compromise. >> i've been listening to the conversation for the last hour because there are not solutions being put on the table when there is a legitimate policy, like looking at the facts that health care should not be tied to your job. that there are two parent households where the mother wants to go home and spend time with her kids and then you have a bunch of conservative kids here -- let me finish. saying that is a bad thing? this is all over hatred of president obama. >> it's not a hatred. >> that's not true. >> you're wrong here.
2:59 pm
you heard before a seconds ago, the republicans are not bringing anything to the table. even if they did bring something to the table, harry reid won't bring it up in the senate so it wouldn't matter anyway. >> sean, what concerns me, 70% of pastors in this country, majority of americans believe the culture war is lost and religious liberty is eroding. and under this president, we've had our military trained so that evangelical christ fens and catholics are an example of religious freedom. >> obama is taking it here on the chain tonight. he could be praised for something that he's going to focus on in his post-presidency, which is focusing on making sure that minorities have access to education and job training and it's not a big government program. it's a family-based program. might even call it a family-based initiative. >> the answers are not found in government. they are found in the hearts of the american people and the next generation is poised to put
3:00 pm
pragmatism over principle. >> that's your generation. i'm the old guy. >> you said you're concerned about the future. >> thank you, all. appreciate you being here with us. thank you for being with us and we'll see you back here real soon. hello, everyone. glad you could join us. >> topping the fuse this hour, a powerful win they are storm is pounding southern california giving much needed water but also causing massive mudslides. a live report on the torrential downpour. into plus, the obamacare home stretch. the pressure is rising as we enter the enrollment deadline month. we have new polls about what americans think about the law now as we debate its future. >> and were they punished for being


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