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tv   The Five  FOXNEWSW  March 8, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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hello, i'm andrea terrentino. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york, city and this is of is "the fiv. a lot of americans are fed up with our government. they want to feel great about our country today rick perry gave them atoda voice and some encouragement with this firey speech at cpac. >> get out of the health care business! get out of the education business! stop hammering industry!amme let the sleeping giant ofg american enterprise create prosperity again! my fellow conservatives, the future of this nation is upon you! it belongs to you!
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>> there is a reason why america is the greatest country on earte and it certainly isn't because of our government. it's because of the people.le. something this recent cadillac ad reminded us of. >> why do we work so hard? for what?? for this? for stuff? other thinks countries they work, they stroll home, they stop by the cafe. they take august off. off. why aren't you like that? why aren't we like that? because we're crazy driven, hard working believer, that's why. those other countries think we're nuts. whatever. were the wright brothers insane? bill gates, les paul? ali? but i digress. it's pretty simple. you work hard, you create your own luck and you got to believec anything is possible. as for all the stuff, that's the upside of only taking two weeks off in august. >> it wasn't just that ad. there has been a j growing tren where advertisers and businesse are choosing to put these pro-american ads out there.
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we talked about the ram truck, god made a were faker ad from the last super bowl. mike rose ads airing at wal-mart which are very pro-business and work. the ad business must havee ad figured out this is what peoplea want. >> they do constant market research. every single day to find out what are your consumers going tr want to buy? w what is speaking to them? so to me, i t think they'vey followed the market, followed the money and figured out that this is how they are going toet, attract more customers to their shops or to the showroom in order to buy new products. >> eric, the left is going craz, over this cadillac ad.zy they're calling it americanad ugliness and rush limbaugh, youn buddy, reacted on radio today. take a listen. >> gee, another rush -- >> here you have cadillac and their ad agency and what are they using to sell this thing? the american dream. the old adages, hard work, success, climbing the ladder.
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work hard and work hard and you don't think about vacationsdon' first. you think about your work. something you go out and you do it and yeah, you acquire stuff. and there is nothing wrong with acquiring stuff. and there is nothing wrong with improving their lifestyle! the left is just livid! >> eric, what's wrong with acquiring stuff? >> that's what we're all follow the money, thank you. the pro capitalism. dana is right. the pendulum is swinging back to this patriotic american consumer who wants to buy stuff.ho but i got to tell you, that will probably play out in 2014 wi election. that ad wasab perfect. i was grip to do that ad until the very end. you know what happened at the very end? he pulls the plug out of the electric cadillac. i'm like no! no! let's go withno gas guzzlings-gu american, pro oil big cars. that would have been perfect. >> but you know why it's great?
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'cause basically it's a prius for men. don't buy a prius. that's for whoever. >> maybe that was their's nod to the left. th >> yeah. the commercial isn't the controversy. the controversy is that there it a controversy about saying this, that the message is somehow unique or s unusual. if the ad's message is seen as shocking, then so should be good manners and proper hygiene. these are things wer grew up. what's controversial really is that we live in a country thatia is run by a snide kabal that whys patriotism leprosy. that's why this is shocking. by the way, neil mcdonough is a great actor. >> he probably had to keep his voice down, which lookhe's in hs the lefties in l.a. didn't hear him filming that. >> in case yous missed rush limbaugh's radio program, you can always watch the five and you won't miss anything.
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there is nobody elseiv to put o. here to talk about this. the other thing is that cadillai commercial, anybody who watchesn "justified," that's the dude that got his hand cleaved off -- sorry. my phone. that's the good old american patriotic song. >> made in china. >> probably is. but one thing about this is that is amazing, you look at the, wal-mart ads -- we're not going to show that, right? i'm trying outturn the damn thing off. here is the thing, wal-mart runs an ad showing american workers at work, this is the company responsible for shutting down more manufacturing in this country and sending it to chinay than any other company in the t history of this country. >> they employed more americans than any company. >> not in those kind of jobs they don't. >> what's wrong with those jobs. >> that's in china! >> that's not true. >> there is>> almost 2 million workers in america.
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1.6 million american workers. >> they sell stuff that's made in china. >> you know why?e 'cause the minimum wage laws.w >> the >> the minimum wage laws. the jobs that you are so concerned about right now, they go to places like china. >> isn't it multi culturallism versusus patriotism? we talked about the coca-cola ad, which was also controversial because it seemed like it was trying to appease all cultures rather than maybe be a little more pro american. >> we've talked about this.cont the consequence of identity politic, which is driven by the media and the royalty on campus is to fracture a company, thery slivers of "anchormanry" victimhood. i think maybe this is an encouraging sign that these slivers are i coming together e under the new umbrella ofng patriotism. that would be nice. u but i'm not holding my breath. i think if the liberals wanted this commercial to be made, it would be by this car -- buy this a but ohm if you think you're no
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better than anybody else. >> the ad was played on "good morning america." and they did not know at the table that "good morning america" desk, how to even reace to this type of patriotism. i'll get to youwatc react. >> what's wrong with taking more than two weeks off? you're made to be felt guilty because you're not work hard? that's ridiculous.ou' >> i agree. >> sad. >> none of those people at thatn desk got to where they are today with the european -- and i can say this, even the mediterranean work mentality. >> i would love to take two weeks off. it's just not going to happen right now in my life. that's not where i am at thishap point because i would rather bei here with all of you. >> what would you do? >> i'd go to africa and help young people. >> that was my answer. w >> the cadillac piece is that i just know that if i want to havw a cadillac, i'm going to have to work really hard for it.or i'll have to budgetge
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appropriately and i think on the electronic piece of it, that isf kind of where the market is going. people like the idea, newe consumers that are able to actually afford a cadillac now, want to have that kind of environmental responsibility as part of a product that they wouldre buy. so i would love to have the twol weeks off. i would also love to have a ha cadillac. that can't necessarily happen all in the same time frame. >> you're talking about the people -- some people are frozen in the 50s who don't want electric cars. >> you just pointed your fingea at me. i like the idea -- the problemer is we can't make an electric car. we're incapable of doing it. toyota is close, but we can't do it. these crap carbus we're putting out, i'm just telling you, wet, don't have the technology.a the battery is this fat, all the way up to the middle of the car. >> this is an ad for general motors, the company that was saved by barak obama.the the american car company. that's good. and by the way, last month
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175,000 jobs were added, the obama recovery. take that. >> how many people were long-termma unemployed? >> savings went up --went >> wait, wait, wait. >> that's not the case. >> you can't just throw that out there, it's incorrect. we had 175,000 jobs creeked in an economy that should be cre created 350,000 per month and unemployment -- the rate went w up. the structurally unemployed is elevated, bob. the labor force is to minute -- it's the smallest it's been in 40 years. >> not getting better. >> people working part-time f jobs. you guys are all saying becaused obamacare. >> oh, my god. say >> no, no, no. >> time more people are at temp agencies than ever. >> less than 40 hour a week job0 went down. >> why? >> because obamacare helped.s >> why is that the case? because of obamacare. >> no, no. >> because of obamacare, bob. >> i said they went down. >> bob, the labor force is the
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lowest -- >> i know you guys probably p don't do this because iert has something to do with pro-obama,s if you at the break get me facts about what happened to part-timo workers. g >> please. let's do that. >> why did the white house have to change the formula to calculate the unemployment rate? why did they have to do that?th >> why not? >> i rest my case. they're telling me to go.hy on that note, much more to come on "the five," including our facebook free for all. send in your questions for us to answer right now at you may have them answered on air. the growing outrage over the decision by new york city's mayor to ax charter schools that helped students to succeed.di details on that when we return. comcast brought millions of people closer
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to nbcuniversal's coverage of the biggest olympic winter games ever, with the most coverage of the most events on every device. and the most hours of streaming video on the nbc sports live extra app, including the x1 platform from xfinity. comcast was honored to bring every minute of every medal of nbcuniversal's coverage to every screen. so what's next? rio 2016. welcome to what's next. comcast nbcuniversal. >> one of the most powerful democrats in the country hasats officially declared war on charter schools. new yorkar city mayor de blasio eliminated funding for three of those schools last month. a move that left nearly 200scho
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harlem children educationally homeless. how did the parents of0 these displaced students feel? take a look at some of the ads f that are running in new york city. >> i love charter t for the sime fact that i need the help. i was grown up in the era where it takes a village to raise a child. this is my village. >> we need chartermy schools to continue to keep on going. they are doing a great job for my kid and thousands of parents of the kids.pare >> as regular students, we'rear going to give you the greatest education. we need these politicians to keep our schools open. >> i voted for de blasio, but i didn't vote for you to take my child's future. >> allll right. andrea, i'm going to start with you. new york politics expert. de blasio said he was going to do this.e b in some ways you might say, okay. he won by 85% of the vote, even though the participation rate was h low. so maybe did these parents kindi of end up with the government that they chose? >> i don't think they know what they were voting for becauseheir these charter schools in new
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york city have over 90% minority students, over 70% low income students, and this is not an issue that is limited to newth york city. this isis why this matters. this is a national issue because progressivism is back. we thought bill clinton killed it. bill clinton to his credit wasaa proponent of charter schools, but the progressive wing hascr come back in a big way in new york city with de blasio and this exposes them for what they are, the way they're going aftex charter schools, which have excellent birks the way. the progressives are not about making people's lives better. they're about making lives equally terrible. okay? they're doing it one school atta time and one child at a time.ild and even the democrat in new york, her philosophy is kids first, unions, you can wait incu the back.'s that's not bill de blasio and that's not this wing of the democratic party.ill >> we go out at night with nets and look for little poor kid and take them. >> bob, this is exactly what you're doing by hijacking their education. >> those ads are very powerful and they've -- i watched someuni
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local news and local programs and so i've been seeing these ads and it's actually becoming a national issue for the democrats. de blasio is down to 39%own approval. >> i would not call him quite one of those powerful democrats in the country because maybe thn most powerful in new york maybe. this is going to shock you, i think he's i think he's cow towing to the teach's union. there is no fiscal reason to do this. there is every reason because,o look, the standard test scores are 85 or 90% for the kids in the school versus something like 9% in schools that they're going to have to go to. when you find a situation, when there are bad schools, charter schools need to be the alternative. and friends in the teachers union, you got to give it up. >> why not find a way, eric, from a business perspective if you were the mayor? why not find a way to take something that's working likef that and expand it rather than shut it down is this. >> bob's right. directly back to the people who voted for him and probably financed his campaign and saidpr i'm going to push back on thesep charter schools because i owe the unions.
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hat tip back to you, teacher unions especially. bob, listen to what you said. if it's working issues if the yu charter schools are outperforming the public t schools, then maybe we should look at it. guess what? they're outperforming charter schools.tper they're outperforming public schools. >> my only problem with charter schools is when youtp expand it out to places where they do have a good public education program -- >> so then what? then what? so don't do it there even though the charter school would outperform a public school eveno in the suburbs? >> they got private schools. >> that's not the issue. located.e co- theysu have the floor of a charr school and next floor is ahey public school. and they get the money from wall street! >> they should pay fore education. >> i'm going to go to a sound bite, tens of thousands, over 50,000 students are on the waiting list to go to charterdet schools in new york city because as a parents were saying, they want a choice.
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greg, i want you to talk about the fight between bill de blasio and the governor of new york, andrew cuomo, who basically said i'm taking the other side ofm ta this. he's pretty serious about t it. let's watch them both. >> the education industry has said the same thing for decades. more money, more money, more money and it will change. we spend more money per pupil than any state in the nation. s we're number 32 in results! it's not just about putting more money into public school system. it's trying something and that's what charter schools arech all about. >> all right. you like this development. >> yes. it's interesting, should i mr. cuomo ask himself to leave new york city or new york, he said new york had no room for conservatives, he just became one through an act of common o sense. the greater issue is why did the greatest city in the world under two decades of incredible strength and leadership handreng power over to an abject moron?
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let's like building am beautiful jet and choosing a pogo stick as its pilot. he's a left wing lurch. he's harming more children thanf blind -- the reason is because they aren't his kids. this reflects every liberal politician who kills school choice while sending their brats to private school. >> he's only been in office for a couple months. you could probably give him a little slack. >> he's already run out of slack. >> he is evil and his school chancellor -- this progressivism is evil because it's about money and power. and you know what a school chancellor said? she said these kids are on theie own. >> you know -- >> these kids are on their own. >> clearly here is what he did. he took de blasio, he realized de blasio was on the ropes in a corner and what cuomo did was very smart. cu
2:21 pm
this is going to be my first venture towards the 2016s presidential run. i'm going to distance myself from the far left wing of theeft party. i'm going to go a little centrist and here is a great opportunity. boy, was that smart. >> let's keep in mind, charter schools were started in north carolina by a democraticlina governor. democrats whoocra are governors that favor --prog >> this is a war in the democratic party.vouc andrew cuomo is part of the of clinton wing -- i gave bill clinton credit. cuomo is up for reelection this year action so he's very smart. he's thinking now before he's thinking 2016. i just don't -- you guys must be fighting it out in the democratic party. >> 'cause you guys are into the cages. >> can you show that picture of the children again, the kids being affected? there was a nice mosaic. >> greg is in there.
2:22 pm
>> this was an issue in which the left were attacking the right, this would be a deck of race cards.ght, >> oh, yeah. >> these are the 194 studentssra that are affected by the three shutting down. the other reason i think it's a national issue is even in dc where president obama decided not to extend the dc voucher program, pretty much have pitted the parents against the democrats and so we have aats. national issue. bob, is cuomo a vice presidential possibility for clinton? >> being vice president is being governor of new york is sort ofc a step down. i think what he's banking on --k i think he's probably right. you saw it yesterday, sanders, the senator from vermont, put his toe in the water a littleom bit. nobody is going to let hillary clinton run by herself. if she stumbles, if cuomo is inf the race, he'll have enough, money to stay in, he might picku it up. >> jerry brown.jerr jerry brown. >> okay. next, the uproar in the muslim world over the biblical film thr
2:23 pm
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♪ ♪ the seven fastest minutes and one spirited host. today atheists, muslims and weed. firstst up, should pot ads be allowed to run on television? check out this ad for a doctor'k group that will air on come cast cable that they say promotes safe smoking of medicinal marijuana. >> you want sushi? i gott sushi. i got the best sushi. this area is dry, man. you know that. nobody is selling it but me.w i got tuna.ain'
2:28 pm
salmon. i got shrimp. i got the finest sashimi this area has seen in years. i got everything. even in californiare rolls, bab. >> you wouldn't buy your sushilo from this guy. so why would you buy your s marijuana from him? >> these ads are scheduled to air on amc, bravo, the food>> network and w comedy central. i understand target market for a couple of those comedy central and food network, but the rest not so much.ce interesting ad. >> he must smell terrible. >> you get the point?he >> i got it. >> what do you think of it? do >> not persuasive to me because fortunately i don't have any, illness that needs it. unless it helps dry eye. the ads that worked on me were the psa's, this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs. i truly believe that's what would happen to my brain. >> i can truly believe it to bed true 'cause i can speak for it. >> what do you think of these i ads? >> i think it's bad. iib think -- you're not allowedo advertise for alcohol. you can do beer.r.
2:29 pm
>> you can do liquor now. >> no. >> you definitely can't dor. cigarettes. >> but the point is, i think y o idea of going out there and advertising for marijuana, even greg is in favor of legalizing s it. i used to be. i'm not now because it's so powerful. thing for's a bad kids. >> you can advertise for liquor. you just can't be actually drinking >> right. >> have you ever seen anyy vodk? >> yeah. lots of tequila ads. what you're talking about is interesting. the problem with modern advertising is they've abandoned subtlety and the code words. when i was a kid, running on a beach in white pants meant a feminine hygiene product.te but i didn't know that! i didn't know that. >> so you kept your white pants on. >> 'cause that's the way adsnts work. they didn't tell you what it's about. now every ad tells you about erectile dysfunction. they put it right out there.ut sex, sex, sex. now we say exactly what it is. i'm for the good old days when i
2:30 pm
have no idea what they're h selling to me. >> like the cartoon camel. they were -- >> your thoughts on whether weed should be advertised on tv? >> no. i think there is the freetv, market, but there is also the smart market. i don't think people who want to get their weed need help. they don't need advertisements. they know where to get it.d two, i think they shouldn't advertise at all 'cause it will cause backlash. >> moving from smoking weed to smoking hot mad.d. here is a heated exchange between our own megyn kelly and some moronic atheist who claimed a cross that caused when the world trade center fell is causing atheists headaches. >> is it ingenuous to claim atheists in your group areo suffering dispepsi i can't and headaches as a result of seeing that cross included in the museum? >> no, no. >> that's true. what happens when they see it? e
2:31 pm
>> our for -- for that religious attack to be compounded by religious discrimination by our world trade center memorial, i'm not surprised they're suffering symptoms. >> walk me throughgh it. when they see the cross -- >> it's not about seeing thee cr cross. it's about the ex including of everyone else. abo it's not about looking at a cross. >> from experience, that cross gave a lot of people a lot of hope. your thoughts? >> i have dispepsia o from watching that they're just doing this to beist annoying. if they meant that, they would go after the museums in new york that have religious art. this is a legitimate piece that's part of the 9-11 memorial. they're going this to be completely annoying. they're annoying people. >> this guy needs -- remembers the exorcist? he needs an exorcism for the cross is what this guy needs. by the way, this guy probably could use some of those ads >> that greg didn't like.
2:32 pm
the point here is atheistsere have -- i feel a little sorry for them.or they're the hardest thing to describe. they just can't do it. it's wrong. >> why do you keep saying hard? do you have problemy? with that? >> let's move on. dana, again, more intolerance by intolerant people who claim to be tolerant.t >> yes. i think that the world trade center should be just off limitd from the nonsense and imits understand that they've got a loft issues and they bring up a lot of lawsuits. but i think on this one, let this one go. >> i have a lot of respect for atheists because they're in the minority here and they deserve to b e but they don't do themselves any favors chasing insidiously stupid outrages. which i also have to ask, would you ever challenge islam if it o was an islamic symbol? they're complaining about this, but not about the anti-mohammed film make who are is in jail. they should complain about thati >> very good transition, from the world trade center to the muslims who seem to havetrad
2:33 pm
intolerance for everything thinking..r way of here egyptian censors want the film "noah" to be kept away because they say it's, quote,cl irreligious. >> you don't know your king. >> there isn't anything for you? here. >> i i have made it -- you stand alone and defy me? >> i'm note alone. >> they also banned "the passion of the'v christ" for the same reason. morere muslim intolerance, huh, bob? >> these are supposedly secular states and that means you ought to be able to put something on in a movie theater that's not under sharia law.o i think it's a waste of time anything and it was handed down in a bad but leaving that aside -- >> i'm trying to figure out what is not an affront to islam? they should put out a book of everything that offends them. i think they already have and it's called the encyclopedia.
2:34 pm
everything offends them! religion shouldn't have low self-esteem. you should be confident youruch faith can welcome skepticism or welcome other faiths. it seems kind of >> that was my point. i said if they don't trust theit people. >> i was looking at youre notes and i stole >> you did say it better than i did. i agree. >> what hehe said? >> yes. >> what aboutt you? >> i agree with greg. a smiley face is an affront to islam. a pointing of bob beckel is an affront to islam. i do think we should start selling t-shirts. but islam is the most intolerant religion in the world. >> they should ban -- >> they turn on people who turn on islam and they kill them. even worst than people who aren't islamic in the first place. >> i would like to apologize fo bringing up that commercial.
2:35 pm
>> yeah. >> i have your burning questions answered in our facebook friday free for all, that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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♪ are you ready? it's time for our facebook free for all. send in your questions. now we're going to answer them! the questions are in order. for eric from melissa c, are you going to run for any officeor between now and the 2020 president election? bec any office. >> dogog catcher. >> i don'tr know. depends. that's a long time. i have six years to figure iture out. >> oh, no.
2:40 pm
>> you would run in new jersey?. >> for what? >> senate. congress. >> i don't know. >> what else do they have theree governors. >> dog catchers. >> all right. >> he's evading the question.. have it shown in the record. andrea, what's your favoritedrea movie of all time? leave out the exes. >> gosh, i don't know. "legally blond." >> really? that was a good movie. excellent film. i liked her better ini ca "elections". >> i liked "silence of the lambs." >> we never knew that, bob, 'cause you like movies about food.ovi >> dana, what is your favorite book of all time? >> "the joy of hate" by greg guu filled. >> you can still get that inin paperback. >> i have lots -- i have a pretty voracious reader. >> that means you read a lot.y >> my favorite book last year was charles krauthammer's book r "things that matter."
2:41 pm
and i did work on it. for the full disclosure thing. i thought that was great. >> all right. >> i'm sure not cool will be on my list.s >> it better be. bob, what happened to your swear jar?hat >> well, since i've not sworn much since delay switch in here, and you might in have noticed as you were watching the show last week,iced they delayed one of our segment, because our producer, our executive producer became a woos and i said sit, not what he thought i said. i'm learning, you know. even an old dog can learn old tricks. >> new tricks.>> >> new tricks. >> you're a fan of any trick. sorry. >> preferably two or three. >> i apologize. for me,? greg, what's youri workout regiment and do you wha follow a strict diet? >> good question. >> yes, i dod four hours of donkey calf raises shirtless and instead of weights, i use the body resistance of anybody i happen to meet in a shelter. i no. i just go in the stair climber r and i write my notes for the
2:42 pm
show and 15 minutes of weights and the atkins diet, even though i know it's not so great. atkins diet makes you lose weight. >> and you drink a lot of wine. >> which is good for the heart. >> you're allowed that onh atkins? >> i don't think so. >> i don't thinkoo so either. >> it's called the gutfeld diet. >> that's fruit.hat' wine. >> exactly. it is fruit.. i that's true. well done. eric, this is from victoria. what are your favorite friday dinner menus during lent? >> i guess pastas. sushi. i tell my wife -- in fact, forwi christmas, that's what she gave me. five sushi t dinners in a row. i think i got one. >> my mom would make frozen fish sticks every friday. >> public school because of allh the catholics. >> can i point out, dana still thinks she's going to get me to eat meat. >> i'm asking the cattlemen association for their help.mi >> that's only half of it.
2:43 pm
>> andrea, how many rush concerts have you attended? how many albums do you have? would you considera accompanying me to tahiti? from kay rove. johnhn s. >> two. all of them. and yes. >> interesting. to the tahiti piece? you >> yeah, i'd do tahiti. >> dana, from georgia h, do you miss the west from a small town wyoming girl, happy face. >> i love the happy face, thank you. yes, i do miss the west a lot. i think about small town america a lot, especially when i'm on a subway platform waiting three times for a train to go by so that i could actually get only g one. but i like small towns. but i like i like beaches. i like mountains. >> you like everything. the only thing you don't like are mean people. >> i don'ton like mean people. >> she likes fireplaces and walks on the beach. bob, this is from steve b, if
2:44 pm
you went on vacation for a week, would you -- if dana went on not vacation for a week, would you baby-sit jasper? >> not on your life. i would take jasper immediately to a pound where i'd pay the money to have him stay there. >> oh, god, i thought you were going to say something else. >> one of those places, somebody puts $150,000 a week to put a a dumb dog in. >> it's a doggy hotel.d >> all they do is crapal everywhere.ywhe it's terrible. frozen ground.t's >> okay.eah, anyway, for me, from angel, what do you do when you aren't on tv? i think i got this last time. it's the same question. i do nothing.othi i have no hobbies. >> let me answer for you. so you write. >> yeah. >> you drink a lot of wine. d >> yeah. >> and you hang out with your wife. >> yeah. >> and -- gym. to the >> watch "justified." >> yeah. >> and "house of cards." >> you left out the charity work that i don't do.
2:45 pm
>> and art films. >> yes. and art films. >> is there one for bowls? >> yes. it's national cereal day. what was the breakfast you grew up on and what do you havehave today? >> honey comb and fruit loops. yogurt today. >> cheerio. cheerio. annette funicello lowe was the first one who advertised it. >> i never liked them becausean the kids in my class had cheerid breath. >> it's a bad smell. >> i got to sit next to your wine breath. go ahead. >> captain crunch with crunch berries. now just >> i love captain crunch. this is a very difficult question for me because i loved all of it.ov lucky charms, sugar bear, oatmeal. >> sugar bear smelled like skunks. that l sweet, gross smell.t, they're telling me to go. fruity pops. >> i like quisp. does anybody remember that?
2:46 pm
>> brian kilmeade, do you notice? brian kilmeade grew up onn quisp and the company sent him a box of quisp cereal this week. >> they have rivalries. but it's all captain crunch. >> frosted flakes. >> ideal i talking? because it's national unplugging daylight that's next. could you live aat day withoutt blackberry or cell phone? bob? stay tuned. ♪ ♪ this is a fox news alert. they are just about to announce the winner of the cpac straw poll in maryland. let's take a listen. >> in his own words why he did this. >> as many miff friends know, i started my career here in the nation's capitol as a newspaper
2:47 pm
reporter. and i've seen how journalism can make the country better, especially in times of crisis like it is today. without a political agenda, they serve our country well by holding the powerful to account. i saw this as a young reporter covering president john kennedy. and throughout the cold war. when great media institutions alerted the world of the dangers of communism. but today the profession has been hijacked by elitists who wish to impose their point of views. i want to help change that. so that's why there is a summer internship at the washington times so young reporters can learn from experts at a newspaper that's doing great and running for three decades. to my friends at the washington
2:48 pm
times, go get em and you can help make america great again. >> thanks, jim, for your extraordinary generosity. with the endowment from the times, i'm proud to announce the two young journalists who will work this summer as paid interns, paid interns from the washington times. and i'll announce those now. they're khloe johnson from american university in washington, d.c., meghan great from oral roberts university in tulsa. and samantha scorzo from hillsdale college in michigan. >> now bringing in carl cameron who is there in the room as we await for them to get to the results of the straw poll. what's the feeling like there, carl? >> reporter: , well, we can tell
2:49 pm
you that when they read the results, rand paul, the senator from kentucky, will be the winner with what i'm told is 31% of the cpac ballots cast. there were more than 20 candidates on the ballot. there were nine focus 2016 potential candidates on it. i can get to you 14 or 16 potentially viable contenders who may run. how you get to 20 puts in vice presidential candidates. they're announcing the winners of journalistic contests. in just a minute, they'll run off the roster of who came in second and third and fourth and fifth. it's important to know rand paul won in 2013 and back then, the number two, runner up number two was florida senator marco rubio. a lot of folks have suggested that he may slip in the standings a little bit because there was a strong speech delivered by texas senator ted cruz to launch the cpac conference this year on thursday
2:50 pm
morning that another texan, governor rick perry, gave a stem winding speech. in both cases, really advocating conservatives crack down. so they're about to introduce republican pollster who is one of the men whose firm has been doing the straw poll for cpac for years. this year they did it with electronic ballot. very modernized. so let's listen in as tony now reads off the numbers. >> 28th year that we've done the straw poll for cpac. it's a long time and congratulations to all 6 you because from the first one we did, we can fit everybody watching in one small room. now we couldn't do that today if we had to with so many of you participating. this year as in past years with the straw poll, we had the straw poll began being taken on thursday morning at 7:00 o'clock when registration opened and the straw poll was supposed to close at 1:00 o'clock today, but actually kept it open a half hour later 'til 1:30.
2:51 pm
and this year we had 2459 people participate in the straw poll, which is actually slightly more than we saw four years ago at this time for the cpac straw poll. so give yourselves a nice round of applause for participating. we had respondents from every one of the 50 states in the united states, and only registerrants could vote. they were all the people you have on your badges. you have little codes and instructions on how to do it. boy, has it changed from going from doing it by paper and putting in ballot boxes to now where everybody can do it on their ipad and iphone at the kiosks throughout. it makes it easier. i'd like to thank my partner, david lee and james lee and travis tunis who have been here making sure this operated well and we got the results counted right. i get to come in at the end and just do the glory job of presenting the results. without further ado, let's look at some of the results from the
2:52 pm
cpac straw poll. so the type of registrant, 40% were individual. 42% were students. very similar to what we see in past years. 5% were participating organization and 4% were the participating organization. age, cpac continues to be dominated by young people. as almost one in two of the participants in the straw poll was between the ages of 18 and 25. however, we had a third of them that were between the ages of 26 and 55, and 20% that were over the age of 55. so slightly up from past years with some of the more mature audience of the cpac members. in terms of gender, we had 63%
2:53 pm
were male. 37% were female. very, very much in line with what we've seen in past years. in terms of what drives people who attend cpac -- now let's understand, the cpac straw poll is not a quantitative survey in the real sense of what you may read about in newspapers. this is a sampling of people from all 50 states who are at the forefront, at the forefront of the conservative movement. they're the people who go knock on doors. you're the people that make the phone calls. you're the people that go stand in shopping centers and hand out brochures and literature for candidates and causes. so this is representative of what you, the front line think. not every conservative, but the activist, the ones at the front line. and here you see that more than three in four of you say that the most important, your ideology is driven by individual free doom and reducing the size and scope of government and its intrusion into individual
2:54 pm
citizens' lives. by the way, that number has been consistent now for the past several years. when we look at one of our favorite people in washington, only kidding -- you can see we did a little time chart here and went back and looked at how president obama had faired with cpac respondents in the past. and as you can see, back in 2012, there were actually 19% of the people that said they approved of the job he was doing. well, today in 2014, it is virtually unanimous that everyone disapproves of the job he's doing, although i do have a question. do we allow the media to vote? because 2% said they approve of the job he's doing. no, not the washington times. i wasn't talking about you. but more troubling for our friends down on capitol hill is look at the ratings the republicans in congress got.
2:55 pm
2012, it was basically split. in 2013 by a ten-point margin you all said that you supported what they were doing, that you approved of the job. this year they are what we say in the business under water. 51%, a majority disapprove of the job the republicans in congress are doing. that's a number they need to pay attention to. how do you think we should fix the budget deficit? shock and surprise. 78% said cut spending. oh, the slide didn't go? oh, sorry. i went backwards. sorry. sorry. i pressed the wrong button. 78% said cut spending. 16% said raise taxes and cut spending. and 1% -- it's that media vote again -- that said we should raise taxes only. what do you all think -- yes -- >> while they're giving those
2:56 pm
statistics, let me bring carl cameron back into this conversation as we're waiting to find out who the winner of this year's straw poll is. i think you mentioned earlier that rand paul might be in the lead, not an official winner just yet. explain this is a politically binding vote, but important in terms of trajectory in terms of their political career, right? >> yeah. i can report from a very reliable source that rand paul did win and that it was 31% that i was told that he got. theoretically, that will bear out when it becomes official. it's not until they say so from the podium, just as it is until all votes are counted in a regular election. this is not close to a regular section. this is utterly meaningless, but symbolic import. rand paul won in 2013. that's a very, very big boost and wind in his sails. what seems to crew night conservative here's at cpac, and
2:57 pm
this is the most ardent conservative ideological gathering of the right that the country has here at cpac. it's significant in that they pick rand paul and they have said, as they have over years past, that what drives them is the pursuit of individual liberty, smaller government, and more responsive smaller and responsible government, specifically referring to the huge amounts of debt. rand paul certainly has been a champion of that. the libertarian strain of conservatism that he espouses is particularly popular with young republicans and young voters across the country. as it was when his father, ron paul, the former texas congressman who ran as a libertarian party nominee, always had a very, very ardent support of youth voters, at least in the rallies and in the campaign process. they didn't exactly show up for ron paul at the presidential polls, but very much active on the campaign and encouraging the ideas. it's caught on a great deal, in
2:58 pm
part because the tea party has been very successful at arguing a return to a more constitutional originalism than what democrats argue is a living document that can be subject to reinterpretation. so here we go. here are the numbers. let's see if we can move that in. >> texas senator ted cruz came in second with 11. ben carson came in third at 9. governor christie came in at 8. governor walker came in at 7. senator santorum at 7. and florida senator marco rubio at 6. there were 25 people on the list. not everybody scored more than a percent. so a lot of them are in the other and we had a whole slew of right ins. but none of those write-ins, and they ranged from jeb bush to calvin coolidge is making a comeback. but not all of them scored
2:59 pm
beyond 1%. so we clumped them all together. but again, thank you, thank you for participating. look forward to next year for an even greater response next year. >> reporter: so there you see the results from conservative political action conference, 2014 sponsored by the american conservative union, which is 50 years old this year. rand paul, and tea party favorite, winning cpac for the second year in a row. number two this time around, ted cruz, the texas senator and tea party fire brand with obviously a very, very well received speech. it was somewhat overshadowed by chris christie who got a warm reception and didn't come in as well as some expected. interesting that marco rubio, who came in second last year has dropped down now to 6 with the cpacers. he emphasized foreign policy in his appearance here, trying to broaden his portfolio in international affairs as he broadens his campaign persona
3:00 pm
and prepares to run for the highest office in the land. and interesting tonight, dr. ben carson, pediatric neurosurgeon, very, very popular republican who really rose to national prominence at the national prayer breakfast a couple years ago when he took on president obama very aggressively, made a spirited defense for the culture of life. he, too, a very, very warm reception coming in third place here. ben carson is not running for president. he has said he's flattered by those who are trying to draft him into the race and if there is a ground swell of american support, he would consider it. there are two or three draft efforts on his behalf that were very present here, lots of people walking around with run ben carson, run t-shirts and bumper stickers. clearly it had an effect, as was his speech effective. he did speak today. the rest of the candidates on the ballot are all done speaking last night. ben carson had the cpacers to themselves on the day of the final ballots were cast and comes in third place. that will get a lot of


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