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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 20, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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pat jay sack sajak searches him. congratulations to him. thank you for being part of the real story. shep is reporting lou live from the fox news academic. >> right now, search planes are getting set to pick up their work in the waters off the west coast of australia. 1500 miles from land. their mission to fine what satellite photos show and determine if they're pieces of the missing jet. so many factors will work against them. it's been days since the satellite took the photos. searchers are also dealing with incredibly rough weather. big waves and a current that can carry debris hundreds of miles. that's not even to mention the inherent difficulty of scouring the sea for a brief glimpse of
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wreckage, one that could help answer the question what happened to flight 370. let's get to it. good thursday afternoon from the fox news deck. australian officials are now waiting for daybreak there continue search figure two pieces of what they believe may be debris the plane. it's dark there now and dawn is a few hours away. officials say a united states satellite that spotted the objects four days ago, on sunday, 3600 miles from where the plane dropped off the radar 3600 miles. farther than the distance between new york and los angeles. here's an image of a larger object. 24 meters across. you can't really make out much. catherine herridge is report anything might have used supercomputer.
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about the length of a semi truck with a trailer, and here's a smaller object which the investigators say is about 16 feet or five meters across. let's go over here to this map showing the southern arc of this territory. there will two arcs. the one to the north and one to the south. this is the area we can go. it's not too far them from the object0s location. south andwest of perth, australia, so just about right there. officials say that they sent out search planes yesterday but the weather was so bad, it was tough to see out there. they say these objects could be their best lead yet but they also caution all of us that they could just be debris from a nearby shipping route. >> we'd like to find something to give a bit of closure to family and relatives for the peoplen -- people onboard the
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flight. >> that's what the relatives of the 239 people on board the jet are hoping. if this debris is from the missing jet, then the waiting -- well, thevenot knowing -- the not knowing would be over and it would confirm their worst possible fear. loved ones who boarded a night flight to beijing and have not come home. catherine herridge is live in washington. now they're searching for these objects. anything? >> well, shep, it is a massive search on an historic scale at the ended of the earth after two large objects identified by the american satellite firm, digital globe, were found within 100 miles of the narrow and refined search area in the southern indian ocean 1500 miles from perth. with australia in the lead and support from new zealand and the united states, crews in the air and on rough seas battled elements in this extraordinary search and recovery mission. among the assets the world's
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most sophisticated surveillance and search aircraft,ing new the pea o'side don. skimming the water with radar and cameras amplifying the search but no debris was sighted. recovery officers familiar with the plane say it's the search's best shot. >> the best capable to see metallic objects on the ocean, identify them, advanced radars that are left field, and they will have the best chance. >> if the debris is confirmed, because it's in international waters, the investigation will automatically fall to the malaysians. the u.s. can join in as a second party but there is no scenario given the facts as we know them today that would allow the u.s. to take over the investigation. >> one of the possibilities they told us is that one of these objects is a cargo container
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that came off a ship in a busy shipping route. >> that's one of the theories making the rounds today. this is a very busy ocean corridor, and trash can take the form of cargo containers. either lot lost over the sides f the vessels or pushed over with refuge from the vessel in any event when you look at the dimensions, cargo container is about 40 feet in length so doesn't seem to match up with the longer object that we're looking at, which is close 2080 feet in the waters. >> thank you for that and all your great reporting in the midfulle of the night. taken rose is here, licensed commercial pilot, been part of search teams. looking for debrises from other plane crashes, including the continent tall flight that went down in 2009, and in addition to the 2001 crash of american airlines flight 587 over new york city. it's nice to see you. are we in a new place today or sunset?
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>> i really don't think so. i think it's just another piece of information that can good either way. it was a deliberate act or mechanical failure. >> what i don't get is, they keep telling us that satellites can read our license plates, and this one, on sunday, picks this up, send it to governments, put a super computer on it, four days later they tell of its existence and we can't tell what it is. >> that's exactly it. they were scanning a big area so that showed up. we can certainly read license plates but you have to know where you're looking, and we don't know where we're looking just yet. >> so it's as if you took a very wide shot maybe with your iphone to be a simpleton, and then you took it to the photo shop and zoomed in and they can't find it again to get another shot. >> right. it's a big ocean, currents are moving and winds are blowing, and even when you know exactly where wreckage that big is, you really need to be right on top of it to see it. waves and white caps play games
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with your vision, and ultimately it's the eye ball that will identify it. >> an engine would sink like a dumbbell. >> absolutely. >> but the wing itself, which is a little over 80 feet long, would float if intact, and this is 78 feet. >> it could. especially if it had fuel still in it because fuel is lighter than water. so it would float. or an air seal, would float it. time is not on our side in terms of seeing wreckage on the surface. >> they describe to us a debris field this morning early. they didn't use the words debris field. they said this large piece of substance and then a lot of little bitty pieces, this in a vacuum would be tonight this sort of debris field. >> it would. and hopefully that's the case because it will give us answers and hopefully lead to the black box so we can understand what happened in the last hours of
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the flight. >> we learned from air france the black boxes and debris field can be very, very far apart. >> when when you know where to look. >> if you were in charge, would this be -- i know. it's hard to know because we have such beside information from the start from the malaysians. >> yeah. to me that's the most frustrating thing about the whole process. it's just not -- not to pick on malaysians. i'm sure it's their first encounter and unfortunate they had to teal with it but there's lot of good resources, ours, australians, know how the drill is done, and i think could have availed themselves of the resources earlier on. >> once the sun comes up maybe we'll learn more. >> there's been a lot of false leads, debris, oil slicks. so what do you think about this new satellite clue? more credible? tweet us@'m shep news team.
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>> the crisis in ukraine has taken a big turn. russia is firing back at the united states. not physically but they've done so after president obama announced punishment to russian officials including somebody very close to vladimir putin. now their russians put their own new rules of the road in. >> cops say a teenager made it past security, climbed too the top of one world trade center and tike -- took some selfies. ♪
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the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. continues fog news channel coverage of the missing malaysian airline flights in a moment but i want to get this in a quick update on the crisis in ukraine which has taken a dramatic turn. russian is now, as it puts it, retaliating against the united states, imposing punishment on u.s. officials and lawmakers. this happened minutes after president obama announced he is slapping more penaltieses on senior russian officials, including president putin's chief of staff. >> today we're moving, as we said we would, to impose additional costs. >> russia banned some u.s. officials and lawmakers from
12:13 pm
entering russian territory. among those noted harry reid and house speaker john boehner. the german chancellor, angela merkel, says the european union is getting ready to hit russia with more punishment over the annexation of crimea, and the g8, the group of the world's biggest economies, plus russia, well, merkel announced today it is dead. the g8 suspended indefinitely. president putin was supposed to host the next g8 mutting in june in sochi. ed henry is live with the latest. clearly president putin was listening to president presidens remarks. >> he was. this is the opposite of what president obama was happening just one among ago yesterday when he told reporters this is not some cold war chess board back and forth with putin. in fact, we're seeing that cold war chessboard and putin trying to check mate the president after the president came out today and he has heard the
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criticism the first round of sanctions were weak, and this time he went after in of putin's economic advisors, his personal banker, specific sectors like energy and mining sectors in the russian economy, all because the president says this time it's going to hurt. hissen. >> this is not our preferred outcome, these sangses would not only have a significant impact on the russian economy and could be disruptive to the global economy. however, russia must know that further escalation will only isolate it further from the international community. >> you have conservative critics saying this has been too little too late, the president should have moved quicker to get these tougher sanctions in bottom line is you have some of the republicans who were targeted, like john mccain, mocking putin's response. putin sanctioning john mccain and harry reid and white house
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aides. in fact this quicks one from john mccain, said, i guess this means my spring break in siberia is off. shep? >> ed henry in the briefing room. thank you. let's turn to p.j. crowley, professor at george washington university. what do you make of this? >> i think john mccain has exactly the right attitude. >> just blow it off. >> well, obviously -- i don't think this is a resumption of the cold war. we're not talking about nuclear weapons but we are talking about imposing real costs, not only the united states but in particular the european union, on russia and putin's cronies. theñi president has rightly movd the goalposts. we have to recognize for moment we won't be able to reserve the russian move into crima, but this is intended to try to make sure that putin does not go further and if it
12:16 pm
destabilizes ukraine. >> one thing that seemed almost certain when we were reporting from crimea was that angela merkel was not going to mess with the energy ties she had and that great britain would not mess with the financial ties. angela merkel shocked a lot of people. >> yeah. 30% of germany's natural gas comes from russia. i think this is where we have an important energy card to play in the succeeding years. for the past several years we tried to diversify europe's energy sources so it would not be subject to blackmail from russia. i think we need to continue to explore that in greater detail over time, replace russian gas with american gas. i think that's a conversation that has already started between the united states and europe. >> i don't know who is winning politically around the world except to say that putin's numbers are way up. if this is for domestic
12:17 pm
consumption, at least for the day it's working well for him. >> sure. no doubt. he is a hero in russia. he is a hero in crimea. but i'm not sure that this is going to be all peaches and cream for vladimir putin. think of what he has done. he said that even a makeshift referendum -- russia will respect the will of the people. there are some very restive states wind greater russia that are watching this carefully and saying, self-determination for crimea, what about chechneya. so he might have opened up a herenet's nest. >> anybody thinks the sanctions will have an effect, frankly is wrong. his economy was already in trouble. it's a one trick pony, that economy, and it's not looking up. >> and that's crucial here. obviously there's a far greater integration between the russian economy and the european economy than the united states. there are cards we can play and the president announced a few of
12:18 pm
those today. but it's really important that if the oligarchs and oligarch money continues to have a free flow around the global economy we'll fail. if we're able to make business much more difficult for them, ultimately putin will feel that. >> p.j., nice to talk to you. thank you. >> always a pleasure. >> the search for the clues in the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370 would be difficult under the very best conditions. but the weather is bad, and that introduces a whole new set of complications. one storm made things tough for search teams yesterday. we'll see whether the weather with cooperate as we wait for dawn to break over the southern indian ocean halfway between perth, australia, and antarctica. that's where you're searching in miles deep water. and you're not even sure if anything is there.
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welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. a 16-year-old guy managed to ghetto this of of the new world trade center tower at the site where thousands of americans died. he shouldn't have been able to do that and there are lot of very unhappy people about it. a firing and it's a mess. what you got here? >> this actually happened on sunday at 4:00 in the morning. police say the kid somehow snuck through a hole in the fence -- >> a hole in the fence. >> a hole in the fence, got in the building, took an elevator to the 88th floor and then took the stairs to 104, which is the very top of the building, and then he somehow snuck past a sleeping security guard and then made his way up a ladder, got to the antenna, and then construction workers spotted the
12:23 pm
kid and then that was it. but the new york post, which our parent company owns, says the guard has since been fired. >> what is supposed to be one of the most secure buildings in new york city. >> breaking news now. there's a briefing underway at the pentagon. we're on to the missing malaysia airlines jet. >> i think the president made this clear, secretary hagel has made it clear, we're going to stay with this as long as the malaysians need our help. >> a couple russia u.s. military business. last week secretary hagel said that the air ukraine -- russian -- >> sorry. we change topics. we have a crew of producers in the back room watching this.
12:24 pm
>> crews looking for flight 370 say weather is becoming an increasingly major concern. it made things very difficult yesterday. we're talking about rough seas, strong winds, powerful counts. it's stormy but that's normal for the indian ocean. rick is in the extreme weather center. is it possible to predict there like you do here or is so it isolated you can't do it? >> it's different predicting it there because there aren't things nick buoys and that kind of weather data. it's all from the satellite. we know that the weather in this spot is consistent year-round. he had a storm track that brings one storm after the next. in the southern hemisphere they move in an opposite direction than the northern hemisphere. that storm brought the cloudiness and rain idea now we have clear skies for a little
12:25 pm
while, forç"maybe up to 48 hour. there's high pressure controlling it. this is a model derived forecast but by the time we get to sunday, local time here, another storm moves in. you can see these tight black lines there. that's wind. that green is rain. another storm develops right behind it. sunday into monday, and to tuesday. so, the weather -- we have a little break. everytime you get the break the swells couple down a tiny bit. this is a very, very rough area of the ocean, and this pattern doesn't change all year long, just a sheers -- series of storms. >> friday morning sunrise a couple hours what. what can you tell us about the currents? >> we know the general ocean currents. in the indian basins here, it's a counterclockwise direction so that's what your general drift direction would be, and that's underwater. but the storms you see on the surface or above the water move
12:26 pm
the wind and the water around and they create a lot of small little, we call them eddies, just little clockwise circulating motions of water and stuff can get trapped in there. you might thing the debris will move from west to east, deblew below the surface will da that but on the surface, that could get caught in one of those little eddies and won't make the directional move in the same way and it's one of the reasons why the area has so much debris caught in there. there are a number of little eddies that the stuff gets caught in bus there's so many storms that move across the area. >> interesting. anybody who is water rafted knows what you're talking about. >> the u.s. military using the most state-of-the-art aircraft. coming up a look at the high-tech fleet trying to solve the mystery of the missing jet. we're fast approaching the bottom of the hour and the top
12:27 pm
of the news from the fox news deck.
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>> more headlines. we start with a couple of notes on the economy. the labor adapt reporting new unemployment claims jumped last week to 320,000 economists say that's close to prerecession levels so suggests a stable job market. on the housing front the national association of realtors is reporting sales of existing homes were down four percent in february. the sixth drop in the last seven months. analyst says the winter weather kept buyers from going to open houses but sales picked up in the south and west. >> the first lady, michelle obama, arrived in beijing today, kicking off a week-long visit to china. she is traveling with the first daughters and her mother. aides say she plans to avoid
12:30 pm
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>> continuing coverage on the search for the malaysian airlines flight and the united states and australian air forces using advanced aircraft to search this area in the indian ocean. look at these high-tech planes. this is a p8, and it's essentially a heavily modified version of a boeing 737 and it's designed to find submarines. this is a picture taken yesterday of the guys actually going out in the search, inside the cockpit during yesterday's search mission. new zealand and australia are using similar planes.
12:33 pm
this is a p3 orion, one of the top marine patrol air craft. militaries can use that jet from submarine hunting to monitoring shipping lanes. this is the c130 hercules, the australian air force uses this aircraft to drop marker buoys in the water. this is one of those buoys being dropped out. they keep track of the ocean current. the experts onboard are still facing a really very remote search area. to say it's in the middle of nowhere is the understatement of the day. look how far away this possible debris is in relation to where the plane took off. call la lamb pure. this -- kuala lumpur. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon to what degree is the pentagon certain or how cautious
12:34 pm
are they about what this is and the it? >> well, shep, u.s. officials tell us that the lead seemed credible enough from the satellite images and that's why they moved their state-of-the-art p8 there to help. the alleged debris field is halfway between australia and the antarctic a, senior us officials tell me this is the best lead they have had so far but did not come from u.s. military or intelligence assets. the australians obtained these satellite images from the american satellite company digital globe. the images were collected on march 16th, on sunday. it it took them a while to real wise what they half. they shared the photos with the u.s., australia, and new zealand experts note it was not countries like china and the 21 satellites beijing said it repurposed to help with the
12:35 pm
search. >> probably an exaggeration to say the chinese are using 21 satellites to cover this one issue. may not even have 21 satellites capable of dealing with this particular issue. >> and if they do have that many satellites, shepard, and if those satellites are looking, it's doubtful they would share that information with the u.s. and australia. >> makes sense. if the united states send mortgage assets there or do they have what they're getting? >> there's only one american p3 orion aircraft, as you mentioned. that's being used in the bay of bengal. that plane was hampered by the san indonesians. this flight finished a ten-hour flight, spending three or four hours above the alleged field bud did not see anything. it's set to take off again at 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight there are no u.s. navy ships in the
12:36 pm
region and would take days to get one there. there are no planes to send any u.s. ships. >> jennifer griffin, thank you very much. took four days for malaysian officials to act on satellite data, showing flight 370 flew for several hours away from the original search area. investigators eventually used that information to help establish that northern and southern search corridor. analysts say they're seeing a pattern here of countries involve in the search withholding or holding back potentially critical information. john busse is here, the former tokyo bureau chief in hong kong. they're -- their re electric tenancy is not surprising. >> this is a reflection of many
12:37 pm
things. they had this information on he 12th or 13th and didn't talk about it until the 15th. they were sitting on it and saying they were analyzing it. they didn't want to release information before they had verified everything and consulted with the americans and with the chinese. now, how much of that is correct and how much is just internal bureaucracy in a neighborhood where really nobody likes each other. so there's incredible suspicious and the malaysians don't want to do the wrong thing. so they sat on the information while the vietnamese and the chinese and everybody was searching in the wrong area. >> regarding the new pictures from the american satellite company, based in colorado. we asked them to come out here and talk to us but they're not doing that. we can only assume here that what they did was they had these big, wide pictures and used a supercomputer to zoom in because we're led to believe these satellites can read our license
12:38 pm
plates. >> we're led to assume a lot and the satellite company said it's an ongoing investigation and we're not going to talk. so the satellite companies in colorado -- they do suffer the government, they do stuff for the government and for commercial use and presumably they had resolution enough that it was worth deploying this level of assets. now, the photographs we see, looks like a blob there. it's very hard read. a lot of trash, massive amounts of trash in the indian ocean, the pacific, and atlantic, that gets together and looks like a solid object. they must have been able to have resolution that went to the point it was worth them putting these assets on that particular project. but are they going to tell us exactly how cleanly they can read something? whether they can determine a piece of wreckage in the photograph? they're not going to tell us that. >> thank you. >> some breaking news just coming into us. this from gibsonton, florida, on
12:39 pm
the west coast. here's what i have on this. it's near tampa. fire rescue crews working to help this person trapped in the mud in a water-filled hole. fire rescue crews are helping this person. the scene is near big bend road and waterset boulevard. the man is trapped down here in his truck in a hole that is 30 by 30. 30 feet by 30 feet. crews are working to keep the truck from sinking further, which is why we have seen a lot of activity around this hole as we've been watching. so they brought in -- you can see these workers, some white shirts and folks in construction garb, and they brought in these pieces of plywood. they're using that to try to keep the mud from sinking further. they have a lot of sinkhole problems in this part of florida. we have reported on them and you've seen them for years. now they have a guy in a truck who is stuck down in there, and
12:40 pm
frankly, it's really hard to see exactly what they're getting. you see this, that's water and this guy is bringing the water out by hand. these over here seem to be just sort of supervising but somewhere down in there is a man in a truck who is stuck and we don't really know at this point whether they've been able to get air to him. it's our understanding that would be the first thing they do, is make sure he has way to breathe down there. they're working with great haase, as you might -- great haase. the concern has been -- as you see these guys with the shovel taking the mud out. as the mud comes out it settled from the walls of this 30-by-30-foot hole. so you take a little bit out and more falls. so they're using pieces of plywood here to try to hold the mud back and get this guy out. this watery hole right here tells us a lot of this story. we don't know whether a water
12:41 pm
main has (or hit the water table. florida is very low, especially in this area. so it could be they hit the water table. they have these cubes coming in -- tubes coming in, and we can assume like a vacuum in the garage, suck the water out to get the man out. they have ladders running down into the hole. been able to put flywood around out it to get a working station. this big hole, 30-by-30, you stand on the sides, on the mud, it's just going to cave in, so they're making themselves areas to work. this is -- i don't know -- with this vehicle here on scene, with this on scene, and that was digging the hole and the guy fell in. we don't know the circumstances, and our local stations there don't know as well. i believe these pictures from wtvt, fox for tampa and the
12:42 pm
tampa bay area. this is the area i've been told where all of this is happening. i told you the name of the town. hillsborough county and the name of the town is gibsonton in hillsborough county and this is the intersection. so big bend road and waterset boulevard, and in one of these corners they're working on a construction site and they're digging to construct something. i don't have any idea what. and now they've got a very difficult task on their hand of trying to get this man and his truck out of there. some more people have now come up to the scene. they had this ladder going into the hole. the chopper is flying up above, and i would assume now they're sort of racing against time to get in the man out. it's our understanding they've been there for quite some time. the fire department is there who
12:43 pm
are working on this scene. this is where we're talking about, here's tampa on the west coast. sarasota, all in this area. so it's right here in hillsborough county. and, man, they have been at it for quite some time. and lots of concerns here for other workers as well. so they've shored it up. it's not like their unaccustomed to dealing with sinkholes in this area. sadly they have to do that frequently because of development and so many irrigation and runoff water issues that are inherent in florida life, but now you can see they're talking out what it is you're going to be able to get accomplished here. you can only fate couple of guys in the center of it, so they have large piece of equipment there, plus hoses which we assume they're trying to use to suck the water out, and this man digging with his hands, and we know that there is a man in a truck down below there, and
12:44 pm
frankly they're working right now to get him out. these pictures from wtvt. fox for the tampa bay area. 17 minutes before the hour. we'll have continuing coverage of this and the search for malaysia air flight 370, right after this. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ is as much about getting there... ♪ it is being there. ♪ [ birds chirping ] away is where the days are packed with wonder... ♪
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some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. >> we're continuing to follow breaking news out of the tampa area. the town is gibsonton, florida, and they have a hell of a situation. the call came in at 2:30 this afternoon eastern time, an hour or 15 minutes or so, of some sort of collapse around a construction site at a major intersection. they have a huge backhoe that has sort of chain or some kind of harness attached to it that we believe is holding up a mans' potentially the truck, which is right below here. there's a man in a red truck who has to get out of there and they've got lots of folks on scene trying to make it happen.
12:48 pm
so far they have the not been successful. we have no information on this man's condition. we know the fire crews are working to get him. he was reportedly trapped in that truck just after 2:00, 2:30 this afternoon. a 30 by 30-foot hole there. the concern is that the truck will sink further, which is my understanding why they brought in this backhoe so they can use that, attach it to the truck, and while they have the truck attached to this huge piece of equipment, they can dig the water and mud and everything else from round the side. they brought in some sheets shef plywood for people to stand on. i was listening to the chopper reporter from wtvt, our chopper and one we can listen into, right in the booth? so if we can turn that up, i'll be able to monitor that. the natural sound from the microphoned in the chopper.
12:49 pm
i understand there's nothing there now. so digging continues, and as you can see they got a lot of personnel but you can only get so many up to where the truck is, where this harness has been placed from the backhoe. a lot of people having discussions over what this proper way to go with this. those are the uniforms of hillsboro county police, i believe, or look like them. it's possible they're construction workers or something else. the chopper from wtvt has been zoomed in tight. on occasion they have pulled out and we have been able to see there are a couple of dozen people at this site at minimum. and we can only assume they're racing against time here. if they have the truck well harnessed and it's our understanding from the locals they do -- as long as they can hold the truck in place and continue to get the mud out from beneath it, then everything in
12:50 pm
theory should be fine. the problem is this truck was sinking while they were working on it in the early going. so, for all we know they brought in this large piece of equipment to hold it up. these guys have been doing most of the manual lasher around the truck, and some have been coming in and out during the process. you can see this canvas tie they've been working with here, and then these green hoses, we presume, to try to get the water out of there so they can try to free this man. i mentioned it's been going on since 2:00 this afternoon, and a heck of an operation it's been. trace gallagher is watching as welch this sinkhole in -- i don't know it's a sinkhole but it's possible a construction accident filled up with water but it's a difficult process there, trace. >> and you go back to ay all the sinkholes we covered from our time in florida, you go back to one main theory there's so mach
12:51 pm
water, the water table is so high, the ground is undermined, which is why they want the green hoses to suck the water out and make sure the truck and the man doesn't go any further down. >> we'll keep watching it. continuing coverage after this. . oh hey, neill, how are you? [ male announcer'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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continuing coverage. hillsborough county, florida, and the dramatic rescue attempt. we have been reporting that the officials on scene originally believed there was a red frock truck and this man was stuck in it. that's what they reported to us and believed on scene. they're e that's not right. there's one man who is trapped, and it was a very difficult situation for a while. here's what we have. see the man standing here with the fire apparatus on? right on the other side of him there's a man who is stuck, and see the back of the front -- the front end loader, there's a
12:55 pm
cable attached from that to this man whom they're trying to rescue. his leg is stuck under a pipe. the hole caved in. the water began filling up in there, and during this process, they started trying to remove the sides and get the water out as they're doing right here. now with little buckets, it was all happening so fast. so they used the large piece of machinery to hold the man up. they don't want him to lose his leg bus -- but he is trapped. there's no red truck. there's a man trapped, and these identifies are trying to free him. he has held up well because he has a harness on him now and they're using this large piece of equipment to keep him there. we have seen him from time to time. he appears to have some yell low clothing on but they tell us he is in good condition, able to breathe find, and is not severely injured, at least not at the moment.
12:56 pm
just trapped. and now all his buddies are working to get him out. we'll tell you what happened on this day in history and send you off to "your world." [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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into small, mageable steps. because when you plan for tomorrow, it helps you live for today. can we help you take a small step? for advice, retirement, and life insurance, connect with axa. >> in 1966 somebody walks into a museum in london and stole the world cup soccer trophy. it was solid gold, worth almost 50 ground. the thief walked out the front door. the mystery ended when a dog named pickles found the trophy in a london garden. two decades later thieveswide -- thieves swiped the trophy again and it's still missing. >> when the news breaks out we'll break in, "your world" coming back. while we were in commercial, they made a lot of progress with
1:00 pm
this guy. he is right behind here. the workers seem to be lifting him out. they tell us he is in good shape and think once they get him out of there he will be fine with a story to temp -- to tell. >> spring has sprung, and democrats frantic, voters are set for some spring cleaning. welcome everybody, i'm neil could suit testimony this is your your. the calendar might say string but to hear nancy pelosi talking about health care, feels a lot like november. >> this is a remarkable achievement for the person people, and should there be ways we need to improve it? let's discuss that. but let's not pull the plug. on the good health of the american people. >> she is urging democrats, embrace the law even if what they promised is not the law. >> everybody will have lower


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