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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 27, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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tonight. >> are you concerned that america's influence in the world, your influence in the world is on the decline? >> a new poll says most americans still believe president obama is a strong leader, many descenters are confused. we'll explain the situation. the agency most remote agency annualized the areas one area of the ocean measuring 400 square kilometers were able to identify 122 potential objects. >> searchers closing in on possible debris from the missing jetliner. we will update you on what the u.s.a. is doing to solve this intense mystery.
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also tonight, why is stephan seagull palling around with the putin. and dennis miller with thoughts on the russian tyrant as well as the missing plane. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why americans are confused about president obama. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. a new poll from cbs news says 53% of american adults believe president obama has strong qualities of leadership. 45% say he does not. that's actually up three points from last november's poll. how can that be possible with all the problems in obamacare and the dire situation overseas? once again today the president got nowhere with our european allies who are reluctant to punish putin for seizing the crimea. nevertheless president obama put a happy face on him.
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>> i want to commend the eu for the important steps that have taken already to make sure russia feels the cost of its behavior in ukraine by implementing freezing assets and designating individuals for sanctions as well as canceling a number of engagements with russia. >> talking points wants to be clear there is no reputable foreign affairs expert that says america being tough on putin. no one with any credibility is saying that why do most american adults according to cbs think the america's leadership is strong? two fold. first the poll taken among adults, not registered voters, not likely voters, just folks. the truth is many of us are blatantly ignorant and lazy. we simply will not pay attention to the world around us. we get our information from other people who may be as dumb as we are. i'm sorry to be so blunt. but that's the truth. apathy in america is through
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the roof. second, idealogues, as are a ran that arianna huffington admitted last night never turn against their guy. same on the left and the right. president obama can count on core support who put above reality. facts american healthcare in trouble. poverty a mess. overseas america has lost credibility almost everywhere. in the face of those facts, a 3% of americans still believe barack obama is displaying strong leadership? it's almost unbelievable. and that's the memo. now for the story joining us for reaction is kirsten powers. how do you explain the 53% number, kirsten? >> it's actually pretty consistent from the same poll when you asked hem in november. you you saw a similar gap saying he strong qualities of leadership which is actually slightly different than saying he is a strong leader and his approval rating. so it's roughly the same gap as we saw in november.
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>> all right. so you are parsing qualities of leadership to leadership. i don't do that see, i think when people are asked a poll, that they are not mit professors. they are hearing the word leadership and he they are going yes or no. >> i don't think that's right, bill. i think what they are doing is they are thinking in terms of whether they like the qualities of president obama, which we see consistently even when people don't approve of his job performance. >> give me an example. >> consistently say. >> give me an example because i'm not getting it so educate me. what quality of leadership leads to an affordable healthcare law that is absolutely a mess? it's his signature issue. so what quality of leadership leads us there? kathleen sebelius, a total moron, still in charge. all right? and we're going to get with her tomorrow about she said she guaranteed. i'm sure you know this because you are on the bet baier show and to be on that show you have an high iq you have to to be on the "special report" show. kathleen sebelius says there
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is no way on earth we are going to delay the individual mandate. guess what what's delayed, kirsten? >> well, you are asking me a different question. are you asking me if i think he has been a good leader? that's an entirely different question. i'm saying i think when a lot of measures are asked does he possess qualities of leadership they think he has some qualities of leadership. >> what is that though? >> is he a give orator. >> he has turned the economy around. >> he hasn't. >> the economy is turning around. >> no it is not. >> yes, it is, bill. >> i will prove it i will prove it median wage is down and continues to fall. that's the economy. how much you are earning. >> no. there are a lot of other factors in the economy. for example, the real estate market turning around. there are other factors in terms of -- the unemployment rate dropping. there are things that you could say that point to the economy turning around. but, that's not what we are talking about. the point is the other thing i want to say is in terms of all adults versus registered voters there doesn't tend to be huge difference. >> but there is.
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here it. >> tends to be more of a difference between likely voters. >> wait. here is the new fox news poll that was just handed to me. just given it me, all right? same question. remember, the a 3% strong leadership qualities is from cbs news. here is fox news. the question: is obama strong and decisive leader? okay. a little bit different. >> not the same question. >> 43% no -- yes. 55% no. so, here, it's reversed. >> it's not the same question though. >> this is among registered voters. these are people who, you know, at least pay attention enough to sign their name and say i want to vote. you know, the others are drifters, i don't know what they are. >> but it's not -- it's not the same question. to ask whether someone has strong leadership qualities is not the same as asking whether they are strong and decisive. >> i am never going to get that. >> i think that people -- i'm not saying that i would necessarily -- >> -- how would you answer the question you, kirsten
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powers. >> if someone asked me does obama have some strong leadership qualities? i would say yes, he does. >> is he a strong leader. >> i will be the pollster. >> do i think he has been a strong leader across the board? , no i don't. i can point to areas where i think he has been a strong leader. >> anybody can do that anybody can can point to areas of a human being who is basically a narrow do well. he makes a mean pizza. you don't always do that. >> they can say president obama has kept us safe. >> by the parsing that goes on in your mind. >> president obama has kept the country safe. a lot of people would say that's a strong leadership quality, you know, and they think that -- they may even go so far to say they think is he a strong leader. but i don't think that was the question. i don't think they were being asked whether he was a strong leader. >> in this poll they were. fox news poll it is absolutely is president obama a strong and decisive leader and overwhelmingly the answer is no. >> it's a completely different question. >> so you believe that the polling people, the people that are getting called up on this poll, made the distinction as you did
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between qualities and real snrip see, i don't. >> i do. yeah. i would be interested to see if cbs asked the fox question what kind of results they would get. >> they should. because this is misleading. barack obama himself, i agree with you on two things. number one, we haven't been -- we haven't had a terror attack and he has done a good job with the drones, every place else is a mess, afghanistan is a huge mess, a huge debacle. putin is running wild, okay? north korea is setting off missiles, iran is going to try to get the nuke. in fact, the president has to go to saudi arabia because they are saying you know what we don't trust you anymore. we are going to get our own nuke, being -- to the nth degree. we are seeing a lot of things unrattle here. you see that. a lot of things are unraveling in year six. okay? >> i actually don't think a lot of those things that you attribute to obama. north korea has been north korea for as long as can i remember they are emboldened. >> no they are not. >> they are not bolder?
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>> as problematic as they have been under preceding presidents. i think a lot of things that people blame president obama for are way outside of his control. i think most americans recognize that. >> all right. kirsten, thanks very much. next on the run down, tell you hot cowards are in europe. very blunt, blunt segment. later, miller on the president european trip and missing airliner. the factor is coming right back.
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in the impact segment tonight. president obama went to a world war i patel field and met with a variety of western leaders. ing in much was accomplished at least he is out there and he is giving speeches that putin is a bad guy. i mean, i want to mention that that's important. to mr. obama's credit he does seem to want to punish putin but our so-called
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allies are not stepping up. >> russia's leadership is challenging truths that only a few weeks ago seemed self-evident. that in the 21st century the borders of europe cannot be redrawn with force. >> joining us now from washington dr. michael reuben author of the book "dancing with the devil" the perils of engaging rogue regimes. i want to be very clear about this. i think president obama would like to punish putin, but he doesn't want to go it alone. that's my assessment here. do you concur? >> i do concur. the european union has been put to the test, unfortunately and they have been found lacking. we really do hearken back to donald rumsfeld and his quip about old vs. new europe. >> should president obama do it alone. he could tell american banks, voice, is a ter master card, american express don't accept
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rulings. he could cancel contracts and do a lot of the things unilaterally, should he do that? >> he should, bill. you know when saddam hussein invaded kuwait, margaret thatcher told george h.w. bush don't go wobbly on me now, george. unfortunately angela merkel is no margaret thatcher and president obama is no george h.w. bush. >> we will get to merkel can and the other cast of characters in europe in a minute. you agree with me that president obama, number one, could and number two should impose sanctions on his own if these european people are not going to help. you agree with that right? >> i do agree with that yeah. >> let's go back to the leadership question that we discussed with kirsten powers. the perception that president obama has leadership qualities, in your mind is that the same thing as being a good leader or was kirsten right in parsing it out? >> being good with rhetoric doesn't make you a leader. it makes you full of hot air if you are not going to put
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that leadership to the practice and unfortunately what barack obama has established on the world stage is that he is an empty suit. >> all right. but he sounds good and he is articulate and a lot of people as kirsten does buy into that. let's get with merkel. she is the most powerful leader in europe, the jerry chancellor angela, i guess they say over there. merkel. right? she is the most powerful? because germany is the biggest economy, right? >> exactly. so merkel made "time" magazine. i think number one shallow number two doesn't really care anything about germany and her own position. am i wrong? >> you are not wrong and germany is not alone in this. germany has always taken mercantile policy. they rarely stand on principle. it's not just vladimir putin. they were one of the biggest leaks when it came to iranian sanctions as well.
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>> they didn't help out in the iranian sanctions. they wanted to do business with the mullahs. all right, now, britain, they were great in the iraq war and the afghan war. they helped us out a lot. cammeron, the new prime minister, i mean, he is wobbling here with russia. i know russia bought up all of london. they got all flats and they got a lot of monday coming in there cammeron doesn't seem to be, as you said, well margaret thatcher here. >> well, you are absolutely right there. because what prime minister cammeron fears is that if he sanctions russian money, it's the russian and the chinese money which is really bolstering up the london real estate market. he doesn't want that bubble to bust. unfortunately what all these european leaders forget is the status quo isn't tenable. if vladimir putin's appetite is ensacial. ultimately the price of doing nothing higher. >> they don't see it that way. they will see this burn itself out. putin as freidman wrote in the "new york times" today karma will get him against the forces of nature and it
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always collapses, whatever. now, france, kind of help out in a few places. libya. but holland, is that how you say it? >> france he is wobblably guy too against putin. >> >> right after the russian army. the russian military seized 5/6th of ukraine's navy. hollande isn't taking off the table of idea of selling russia two helicopter carriers 1.6 billion-dollar deal. what he has done instead of scrab the deal, he has just clayed it until october to consider it, putting it after elections. that shows you just how unprincipled some of these western european leaders are. >> all right, so bottom line is unless putin does something else, which he may, and even then i don't know if you're gonna get germany, britain, and france to ever help you out in any meaningful way. i will give you the last
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word. >> indeed, you are absolutely right. here is where it is important that we have new york and certainly the baltic countries. the foreign minister of poland are showing that it is important to stand on principle especially staring down vladimir putin. >> they don't have the power that the other three have and that's the problem. >> you are right there. >> okay, doctor, thanks as always. directly ahead james rosen on what the u.s.a. is doing to solve the jetliner mystery. carl cameron on whether congress will define president obama and build up the military in the face of the russian threat. that report moments away.
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washington beat segment tonight, if anyone can solve the mystery of the malaysian jetliner it's the fbi. >> i get briefed on it every
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morning, i have teams working literally around the clock to try and exploit that. i don't want it say more about that in an open setting but i expect it to be done fairly shortly. within a day or two to finish that work. >> joining us now from washington ace correspondent carl cameron and james rosen that work, that's the breaking down of the pilot similarity and i assume cell phone calls and stuff like that. is that what director comey is talking about, rosen? >> that's right, bill. is he talking about the flight similarity that the lead co-pilot on malaysian airlines flight 370 o, a 3-year-old smarry had installed in his home, a hard drive from that similarity was delivered to the fbi lab in quantico, virginia. and the technicians are trying to see if they can recover files that were cleated from that hard drive and alsos whether captain shaw practiced any unusual or even suicidal movements oon that similarity. it's one of part of the overall u.s. effort in assisting for the search for mh 370. we have dispatched planes and ships and undersee
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listening device sonar equipment. the latest word from the region just in is that air base defense and space, europe's leading commercial satellite firm has furthered new images that were taken on sunday that appear to show more than is 120 objects floating in the water southwest of australia. investigators called these latest images the most credible lead that they have yet. >> all right. this is the outfit by the way we refresh everybody's memory that provided the information to the malaysian president who went out and said, lock, based upon this information, which is credible, we believe that the plane crashed in the indian ocean. now, the fbi is both in kuala lampur, they're there. and then in quantico they moved all of the hardware there. i guess by the end of the week, rosen, we should know something firm about the pilot's intent something. >> well, if that intent is registered in his computer activities at his house, yes, then it stands to reason we would know something. the fbi has also said to be
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soon to be intear gaght the estranged wife of captain shaw. and that also could produce some clues. >> i'm sure they are looking at his cell phone records and all of that. they have to be doing that all right now in new york city today. the son-in-law of usama bin laden was convicted of terrorism. it took like 20 minutes for the jury to convict him. ' what is he convicted of, rosen, exactly and what's he going to get? >> after six hours of deliberations, usama bin laden's son-in-law was convicted in manhattan federal court of conspiracy to kill americans, conspiracy to provide support to al al qaeda and providing support to al qaeda. this is because he served as the chief's spokeman recruiting videos after 9/11. he was captured in jordan last year. so far the highest ranking al qaeda figure to face trial on american soil since 9/11. he conditioned the charges. is he facing most likely life in prison. >> and six hours is 20 minutes in real life with the jury because they should
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have deliberated further but he was guilty as sin from the beginning. >> in jurors prudential terms you are correct, yes. >> okay, rosen, thank you very much. let's go to cammeron now. cammeron, you are still awake after rosen. >> i'm here. >> okay. good, the military deal, now, you might have seen in my talking points last night, cammeron, if you want to be a good reporter you have to listen every night to what i say. >> don't we all? >> and i said that this is now got to go back to congress and they have got to rethink cutting the military because you have got this big threat from russia now, which is going to do combine with iran and other things. is that possible? will they start to rethink? i understand there was testimony today by the nation's top general owe deeper know in front of the house committee, tell me about that. >> we are talking half a trillion dollars in mandatory budget cuts. as you say, bill, just yesterday the army chief of staff ordinary order near
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row. this f. those cuts go through. mr. obama scaled back the strategy in 2012. it had been for years an ability to win two wars at once. well, under mr. obama's administration now that goal is an ability to win one war and deter only a second aggressor. so, with things like russia annexing crimea and russian troops on the border. syria and iran a mess. afghanistan a mess and on and on it goes. listen to just. so cuts that are gonna have to happen unless they can come up with some sort of emergency fix. the army right now is shrinking from 520,000 to as hue as 420,000, that's a fuel 20% drop in matter couple of years. the marine corps is going to have to did you tell 20,000. air cavity carrier may be demissioned years ahead of schedule to save a few bucks. the navy could scrap the tomahawk and hell fire missile programs. bottom line is congress passed these cuts, the president signed them, so they have to write a new law and get it signed but despite all this trouble
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around the world, gridlock at home makes it impossible for anybody to get much done in washington. and it's an election year. >> harry reid and the senate probably wouldn't even put it up for a vote. >> republicans -- most republicans are saying that something has to be done to avoid. this the pentagon is waiving every red flag it possibly can can. and democrats say they would like to change but they have control of the senate. >> it will be interesting to see if it becomes a campaign issue this year. remember if the republicans take back the senate, harry reid is out of there. >> right. >> so he wool see, gentlemen, as always, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves on this evening. a gang of 200 teenagers terrorizing the town. we will show you what happened there. then, miller on putin and the jetliner, the d-man should be in rare form tonight and we hope you stay tuned to t
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unresolved problem segment tonight. mob violence that is sweeping across america. last saturday night in louisville, kentucky, a gang of young people ram paged through the city. >> it only took a few minutes for teams to descend on a downtown convenience store. >> as soon as we started seeing him coming over, he tried to lock the door. >> but the clerk at the market was too late. surveillance video shows the mob trying to force entry and police say they even punched the man several times round the same time police say a group of teens assaulted a woman while she waited in traffic. bloody and beaten, she came to the gas station to find help. in all police say there were 17 incidents that night. but so far, only two people have been arrested.
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18-year-old archie and his juvenile counterpart. the two were seen pulling a gun out of a trash can at the big four bridge. >> joining us now from louisville, thomas mcadam and attorney who is very familiar with the case. so, i mean this is kind of frightening, you have got 200 kids running around main part of louisville looking for trouble. is that what it was? >> yes, that's what happened. this all stemmed from a stabbing two weeks ago. two teenagers were stabbed on a city bus by an old man, and one of them, a 14-year-old boy died. and some so there was kind of an uproar over it. >> was it a white/black thing? was the old man white. >> no the old man was black and so were all the teenagers. and so what happened saturday night was there as a flash mob, essentially of kids getting together on social media to assemble at our water front park near --
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we have got a big bridge that crosses the river, it's a walking bridge. it's for pedestrians only. they were gathering there as kind of a memorial service and it just sort of got out of hand. this the grand jury, the jefferson county grand jury met today and dismissed the charges against the old man after they saw the surveillance video from the bus it was pretty obvious that about 10 kids jumped on the bus and surrounded this guy and were just kicking him and beating him. >> so he was defending himself according it to the grand jury? all right, now -- >> -- he pulled a knife out, right. unfortunately one of the boys died. >> on saturday night the victims, there are 17 victims. some of them still in the hospital. they were both black and white. so it wasn't a racial thing even though the perpetrators were primarily blacked, right? they attacked other blacks? >> that's true. the first victim was a 13-year-old black girl who was attacked for her tennis shoes. they took her tennis shoes off of her. but then there were a number
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of different people that there were attacked both races. >> now, i understand this isn't the first time this has happened. that maybe, you know, this stabbing has gotten people upset but this has been going on in louisville for quite some time and the city fathers they don't want to hear about it. >> they don't want to talk about it because we have invested a lot of money in our downtown and developing the river front and we have a big tourist industry with the derby and various celebrations downtown. so, unfortunately, the administration, this administration and the predecessors have tried to sweep it under the rug. we have a computer site that shows where crimes are committed in the city and if you look at the water front area, it's crime-free. there are no little green dots or red dots for assaults and burglaries and so forth. and it's because the police have told me, that they have been informed by their higher ups not to report crimes that occur at the water front park. and.
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>> i believe, you know, you have got a lot of this we saw in t. in norfolk, virginia a couple years ago. they were doing the same thing, trying to tamp the story down and media doesn't cover it 17 victims and two arrests? what were the police doing? these kids were out there for quite some time. two arrests? >> well, we had v. one of best police forces in the country in louisville. i don't want to put this blame on the police. we don't have enough policemen the mayor announced today that he is stepping up the patrols, we are going to have some policemen on horseback. the city is spending $250,000 to put some surveillance cameras down at the water front park. so, these are all things certainly steps in the right direction. but, obviously, police presence is the best deterrent for this type of behavior. >> two arrests are all that carnage that went on last saturday night is kind of amazing. courtroom, thanks very much. we appreciate it when we come right back, it will be miller time. wild one this evening.
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putin and the missing jet. miller is next. @w@wowowpg÷÷owg
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thanks for staying with us, i'm boiler in the miller time segment tonight. let's get right to the sage of southern california who has been following president obama's challenge to putin in europe. joins us now from santa barbara. all right, miller, go. >> i think it's a win-win, billy. i think both men get what they want. i think putin is in the old world. he wants power. i think barack obama feels a little sheepish about our power. he wants to get off the medal stand with stuff like this is he not -- god know ifs iran gets a weapon they will move up into the top spot because they are nuts
1:40 am
enough. obama gotten what he wants and putin has gotten what he wants here. >> so you believe that barack obama wants to diminish the power of america? >> well, billy you say every night i hear you almost saying he is too smart. he must have a play. he doesn't have a play, billy. he doesn't have a play, man. this isn't jujitsu thing. this is the way he sees the thing. our only hope in the future is russia and china both go after the same pieces of meat like crimea. wipe each other out and maybe we come into the number one position. at this point like i said i think he wanted to get off -- and it's time for him to stand in front of a banner saying mission accomplished. eye just thankful he keeps biden out of it if he plugs that kinsey over there we could all get vaporized. putin year is going to be on dancing with the stars. at this point putin is in obama's head. like that dennis weaver film called -- keeps looking over. putin truck is behind him. banging him in the back. scaring the living hell out of him.
1:41 am
he isn't going to do anything. we are just going to run a little faster. just the way it is. >> now, do you like merkel and germany? do you like her? >> i think putin's dress better than merkels. the hun? what's that -- either at your throat or at your feet. listen, they have a bad track record. they can't jump into a war again unless somebody is, you know, bungee jumping off a building in berlin. they can't go back in. >> they can help out a little bit. you know. >> yeah. >> and then we have got france. he may be selling putin some carriers. >> if poland wants to scare the hell out of putin have him wake up like the horse in the godfather. >> he moved to moscow or did something over there because he didn't want to pay taxes. >> he ate moscow? he has put on a few pounds. i heard that he and marie osmond are going to do the weight watchers commercial
1:42 am
together. >> here is my marie osmond this time i'm serious what were the other times. she looks good though miller in that spot. >> listen. >> donnie gets sick. >> i'm a little bit rock and roll and you are a little bit country. >> if she gets sick in vegas i'm ready to go in and sing one bad apple or whatever that dopey song was. let's get to the missing plane as you know miller because you called to congratulate me. i was one of the few people right on the planet what happened to it now they haven't ceased. it's still an hour on think got doe bree. we can't find debris doing an hour on debris that hasn't been found. and you say? >> i called to you congratulate you on the genius about talking every night about not talking about it that is a beautiful move. that's like hitchcock with the mcgoughen. look at o'reilly is he beautiful. he has a two for her. he is he dipping it both ends. he is talking about not talking about it every
1:43 am
night. that's why you are a fricken genius right there, billy. listen, i saw cnn today. don lemon said his theory is amelia earhardt was flying the plane. that's how whack they have got. don lemon fight guess pierce morgan job. you haven't seen a black hole until you have seen the ratings in that slot. all right, pal? my bet is still on the bald muslim guy with the dent in his head who is having problems with his wife, problems with his mistress, and problems with malaysia. maybe i'm old school but that's at the front of my brackets what's happening over there. >> that seems to be explosive combination. >> muslim, bald, white dent, white. missing his country. >> are you really doing brackets out there on this? that's pretty insensitive. >> it's it the malaysian brackets. listen, billy, the world on a day-to-day basis is absolutely crazy. and, you know, anything you talk about, somebody is going to get pissed off at
1:44 am
you. all i'm saying is if i had to bet what happened there, fuse fire, decided to croak himself standing there trying busy with chicks in the cockpit. if you are asking me and i look at it go bald dent in the head, muslim problem. country problem. seems like a no-brainer one more question real quick. when you see the state of the world, miller. all right? how do you cope? >> i'm going to object to this. i shrug. listen at some point i care about the collected. i'm 60 years old. i got 20 years left. how many moron days am i going to spend looking at a moron like nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, harry reid. by the way harry reid is not his name. that's a description. how many days am i going to waste with these jerks
1:45 am
running the country into the ground. i have got to live on planet dennis miller, baby. i'm pretty happy. has the world around me gone mad? yeah. am i going to lock my pod face on and get my wazoo out? yeah. the log is in the plume. i'm not looking to get out of it anymore. i just want to get a middle rear seat in a plastic pawnch choo and try to stay dry. >> the log is in the plume, everybody. >> in the plume. >> miller. >> in the plume. in the plume. >> got it. and we would like to thank everybody in charleston, knoxville, grand rapids, michigan, cincinnati, and buffalo, all of the bolder fresher shows there just about sold out. and cincy and buffalo have a few tickets remaining. get them while we have them. fargo, rapid city, a week from tomorrow ms. kelly, brian kilmeade andly see everybody out on long island, post college. it will be a blast. details in a moment. why is actor stephan seagull kissing putin's butt? we will
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? terrible situation in new mexico, albuquerque police confronted a homeless man, the result was lethal. >> do it. [gunshot] >> this video with the comments on it have sparked major backlash from the public and politician. it shows the deadly shooting more than a week ago of james boyd, a homeless camper with a knife in the foothills as he appears to turn away. >> do you believe this was a justified shooting? a justified shooting? >> do i believe it was a justified shooting?
1:49 am
yes. >> reporter: r.j. berry says the albuquerque police chief spoke too soon last friday. >> i think chief made a mistake when he was at the press conference and he was asked an honest question about what he thought was it justified or not, i thought he gave an honest response but i think it was a mistake. >> the mayor is correct. the mayor and i talked yesterday and i told him yesterday when we were talking that i thought my comments were very premature. >> right now the attorney general of new mexico is investigating. here to help us out with this, martha mccallen. this was a three-hour ordeal, correct? >> yes, they were talking to him for three hours where he was sleeping, camping, telling him he couldn't stay there. they had stun guns, bean bag guns they shot at him. there were at least four police officers out there. it appears in the video when you break it down that he's saying i'm going to come with you or something to that effect and he turns around to pick up his stuff. they say he had a knife and was
1:50 am
ready to go at them. he has in the past attacked police officers with knives and his fists and they were no doubt familiar with him. he had a very long rap sheet. >> but this is a low-level beef, right? he's just camping on a sglil he's camping on a hill, he does not have a gun and there's every reason they could have taken him without that kind of force. mental hospital is probably where that man needs to have been. >> we'll let the justice system in new mexico handle it but let you know what happens. now steven segal, the actor, and vladimir putin. >> i want to be polite and say that i probably don't know him very well. i would like to think that i know him well, but suffice it to say that i know him well enough to know that he is one of the greatest world leaders, if not the greatest world leader alive today. >> that sound bite happened in november, 2013, but here's an update. he said to the russian press
1:51 am
what? >> he said that he thought that our stance on the ukraine was idiotic. >> america's stance? >> yeah. and that he completely understands putin's push into that area to protect the russian-speaking people of crimea. >> protect them from what? >> you know, that's a good question. i mean they want their independence, he's claiming, and that he's protecting his military base there as well. he says he has every right to do that and it is very reasonable. >> so seagal is siding with putin and russia against his own country. i understand these comments were made from romania. >> he's shooting a movie there. he's a big star there. he and vladimir putin have somewhat of a love connection. >> figuratively. >> exactly. they're simpatico and he's the inspiration for a big fitness program vladimir putin has started. >> he doesn't look too fit, with all due respect. steven seagal. and what's going on with the hair there? i can't quite figure out the
1:52 am
hair. >> that's an elvis/john travolta do going. takes a lot of work. >> but you ladies are into the hair more. that's the bella lagosi look. now he's got a little hat on and looks better. so i understand you called and tried to get a comment. >> we tried to get in touch with him, yeah. >> what happened? >> he's unapproachable, unreachable. >> he wouldn't take martha maccallum's phone call? >> would you like to make part of the workout program they're starting in russia. they're fired up after 33 medals in the olympics, ready to take on the world with a national fitness program. >> no, i don't really want to do that. thanks for coming in. i appreciate it. if you find out about the hair thing, let me know. >> i'll let you know. >> that will definitely save you big money, a website. the tip moments away.
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its tip of the day once again we will save you big money in a moment. first bill o' always saves you money if you buy one of our very nifty t-shirts, you get another one free. we have a variety of slogans. the shirts are great, check them out. we'd like you to become a premium member. if you do, you get any one of my books free of charge. bill, your talking points regarding putin versus obama are grim but true. i fear that the president and john kerry are living in a fantasy world. that's the second letter i've read from lynn. she keeps it pihthy. bill, i never took you for a neo-conhawk in the pocket of the military-industrial complex. give me a break. i'm no hawk but i believe a strong military gives america a better chance to avoid war. frank, president obama seems
1:56 am
to be a student trying to solve a complicated algebraic problem when it comes to foreign policy. paul ryan's wishy-washy response to congresswoman lee implying he was a racist is clearly why these attacks continue. republicans don't fight back. >> bill, i hope you can get judge adams off the bench. sentencing a serial child molester to one year in jail is r reprehensible. >> we kngt be having 6-year-old girls or boys brutalized for years by monitsters and judges letting them off with light sentences. >> wendy, bill, thank you for exposing judge brent adams. i live in his county and agree he should be impeached and lose his pension. well, you and your friends should start organizing, wendy, that can be done. but you've got to do it out
1:57 am
there. gary, bill, i know of no other media person who fights to protect children the way you do. i'm impressed. another from morrisville, north carolina, killing jesus has enhanced my faith. i've read all of your history books, bill, and they have taught me much. kenny from cheyenne, wyoming. my son john is 8. really enjoyed kennedy's last days. then he will like the last days of jesus, ken, which comes out next tuesday. it's the kid's edition of "killing jesus" and i'm sending john a copy. we're sending it out to cheyenne. and this is a spectacular book for kids. this is the best book of all three. great pictures, great layout. and you know what, there's a lot of kids in america, they don't know anything about jesus. if you go to public school and you're not in a religious home, you don't know anything about jesus. you know nothing about it. so you parents and grandparents, if you know kids like this, pause it's an exciting book.
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it's not a religious book, it's exciting. but it does tell you about the most famous man in the world, which american children many of them don't know anything about. it's stunning. finally the tip of the day, money is tight, everybody knows that. so we found a website with really great deals on a ton of stuff. it is the upside, they can pinpoint money-saving bargains in your town. factor tip of the day, you might want to check out slick deals. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the factor website. >> it is thursday march 27th. too fast and too fierce. an explosive fire killing two boston firefighters. the latest on what fuelled the
1:59 am
flame. >> president obama and pope francis is face to face despite their differences. >> despite the danger more than a million cars recalled. a warning before you get behind the wheel. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> a live look at manhattan and our fox studios. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. i am patti ann browne in for ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for starting your day with us.
2:00 am
we begin with a fox news alert. a massive fire in boston leaves two firefighters dead. the firemen they were trapped inside the basement of a brownstone when flames fueled by high winds engulfed the house. a vet traferan firefighter on t scene said in 30 years he had never seen a fire spread so fast. it poured into boston's bravest. >> we lost two heros today. we watched the way the fire department worked today these two heros went into a burning building, got people out of the building. >> the two killed were 42-year-old edwin walsh on the right and 32-year-old michael kennedy. 13 other firefighters hurt the building destroyed displacing families from all 8


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