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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 28, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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he believed it was essential. i don't disagree with him and i accepted his resignation this afternoon. walt? >> earlier you talked about the -- [inaudible question] >> i'm sure. i'm sure. lisp, as i said all along, we will respond and cooperate profitly -- appropriately with all requests, and as far as i've been told, we have sent over 50,000 pages of documents to the legislature so let them work through that and see if there's anything else they might need. in the back. christine. >> putting aside the -- on december 9th you testified that the statements -- [inaudible question] >> no, i joked -- christine,
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stop. you have to get the facts right if you're going to ask me a question. i made the joke on december 2nd. not on -- not after -- excuse me. excuse me. not every pat's testimony. what your question? >> you were aware of what was going on, yet you joked about it and never -- >> again, again, christine, i'm not going to answer a question whose premise is absolutely -- well, i understand. it's nice you eventually got to the question. the premise of the question is so unfirm i'm not answering it. [inaudible question] >> i think the report laid out
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the facts as the investigators found them. and however anybody wants to interpret those is up to your particular interpretation. yes, ma'am. [inaudible question] it's not over yet. do you have an estimation when you feel this is behind you, and how has all of this impacted your confidence? >> well, i have no estimate on when this will be behind me because i don't get to decide. in exclusively when it's behind me. i can tell you that i think, as you have seen over the course of the last, you know, six or seven weeks, i'm back to work. i'm out there, meeting with the public, doing my job, i'm working with the legislature on important pieces of legislation that they're dealing with. just as late as yesterday doing
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that. and so i can only do what i can do. i can't control everything. and so the judgment of when this will be behind me is not left purely to me. but what i can do is just do my job, which is what i'm going to do, and live my life, which is what i'm going to do. in terms of my own confidence, there's no question this shakes your confidence. and if it doesn't shake your confidence, then you're arrogant. some people that i trusted and relied upon let me down. and as a result we let down the people of the state of new jersey. of course that shakes your confidence. but in the end, what it's resolved me to do is get better, and i've said any number of times for those of you who cover the town hall meetings regularly, never promised i'd have a perfect administration. there are going to be mistakes made by human beings. myself included. what matters is how you respond to those mistakes and how you act, and i hope that, as we go forward, we can avoid this type
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of stuff, because this has not been pleasant for anybody. starting with the people who are caught in that traffic in fort lee, from the 9th to the 13th of september. and everybody since then. it has been an unpleasant situation and continues to be. so i'll just continue to do the best i can, continue to cooperate in the places where it's appropriate for me to do so, and most importantly i'll continue to do my job, and hopefully over the course of time, some of that confidence lost will be restored, and we'll be based upon the work you do and the results you produce, and that's what is most important. [inaudible question] >> i don't know the answer to that question. not something i deal with. that's what the attorney general's office deals with so you should direct your questions to the attorney general's office because that's not something i know. melissa.
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[inaudible question] [inaudible question] >> i don't -- listen. the facts are the facts, melissa. read the report. they can't make up facts. and i've read the report. every one of the factual assertions the they make is footnoted and backed up by documentary or testimonial evidence from interviews. that just can't be manufactured. and so in the end, like i said, i've got relationships, personal relationships, with most of the major law firms in this region who can handle this type of task.
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and so in the end i decided note to worry about that stuff for reasons, one, because i you'll be criticized no matter who you pick, and, two, i warranted the best possible i could fine to get to the bottom of this and get she answers, and as a result this is what we have gotten in the report that was issued, and i think it's a report that is thorough and exhaustive and will stand the test of time. michael? [inaudible question] >> i didn't hear the first part. [inaudible question] >> my intention was to not turn the whole place over at one time. and what i wanted to do was have some measure of stability to get set in -- acquainted, accustomed with the place, and then move to try to come to an agreement with david at some point as to when
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he would move on. so, it wasn't to try to get him to stay four years. i knew david wanted to go. he made it clear. i said get me a chance to do things in an orderly way. you're too important an presence at the chairman to do all this at once. let me get rid of the underlying staff first and then deal with what you need to do moving forward, and obviously events that intervened caused the plan to go differently. [inaudible question] >> i think in the short term it has to be an elevation from someone inside. then i'll work, is a normally would, to try to find a replacement, and we'll go from there. i just got the call about two hours ago. so, initially from what i understand from counsel, an initial elevation to the recommendations e -- resignation effective immediately will have
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to be done from inside the group of current commissioners, and to get a new person on i have to nominate and go through the advise and consent process in the senate. and that takes time so we'll have to have something to take over. don't ask me who. i haven't thought about it yet. there's a limited number of folks, the remaining five members of me commission and we'll see where we go from there. angie. [inaudible question] >> this miss press conference, not hers. [inaudible question] [inaudible question]
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>> no. i couldn't have. put him in the same position i didn't want to be in knives? to be accused later on of somehow trying to manipulate, coach, intimidate, someone who had been involved in wrongdoing? no. what you get with me is what you get. i cannot shed who i am. i am a former federal prosecutor. and when i thought about that choice, and i balanced the choice between whatever i might get from a conversation from someone ill know who has already lied to my face, versus a look at this later on where people could say that we tried to do something to manipulate, coach, do whatever, i decided the better course, the more prudent course, was not to pursue someone who had already not told me the truth when they had the opportunity to but to let her go. fire her. and then move on. because i think the risk of that -- i can only imagine the
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speculation that some of the more irresponsible members of your profession would be engaged in about what went on in that meeting between me and bridget kelly. i've been in this business for a long time. and i made that decision. that was my decision. and i have absolutely no second thoughts about it because i have no great degree of confidence that in fact i would have gotten anything different from her then than i did in december when these questions were asked of her. >> gov, you said you has been doing a lot of soul-searching over the last week. we heard -- some of the things david wildstein had done at the port authority and done these things supposedly in your name. you were both personal friends of the governor. i wonder, what did you find out about yourself and what are you changing? >> well, nothing that relates to the premise of your question.
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because the premise of your question is so riddled with inaccuracies that it's hard for know respond to it. -- hard for me to respond to it. david wildstein, is a said a long time ago, never was, and never has been, a close personal friend of mine. david wildstein is a close personal friend of big barone any, and it was bill baroni who brought david wildstein into the port authority, with my permission. but not at my suggestion. so, i know that you continue to try to report this and go back to every high school friend i had to get them to say, weren't they friends? and every one says we weren't. and yet you continue to have a question where the premise was he was my close personal friend, and she soul searching. what led to soul-searching was the fact that our administration disappointed the people of new jersey through the conduct of its members and that's the entire enemy press of what i
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tried to do as governor, is restore faith and trust in the government and he motivations of be people doing work on their behalf and when you fall short of that, that causes sole-search -- soul-searching, and what i have said, there's no question that now i need to be much clearer to people about what my expectations are. that i need to be even more direct about what i will permit and won't permit, and that's the extent that i didn't do and that i led any people to conclude this was appropriate, that's my failing, too. and so that's the result of my soul-searching over the last two weeks. who has not asked a question yet? [inaudible question]
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>> listen, i obviously believe that having david wildstein at the port authority was a mistake. let's just leave it at that. >> we know that at the town meeting -- >> i said phil. i meant bob. sorry about that. >> that's okay. >> one of the things that you know at the town hall meeting you were very proud of the fact you -- [inaudible] -- this makes -- just wondering, what is the role of the attorney general? is he relying on the federal government -- >> no that's not fair. i think to characterize the
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attorney general as piece of furniture is really beneath what you should be doing. the attorney general is doing an outstanding job,s. they're there to enforce the law. they're not there to act as an ethics adviser to the governor's office, and if you find that some where the statutes or regulations, point it out to me. >> to attorney general is not the lawyer for the state -- >> no, he is not. he may also have to provide investigative function at some later time. and so imagine that. imagine what you all would be saying at that moment? the same guy who is suppose -- may at some point have an investigation of his own, is helping us comply with the investigation of others. >> would you be opposed to an -- >> that's a wheel different story. i'm not getting into that now. let's see.
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[inaudible question] >> asas far as kevin o'dowd, my support has never with -- waverd because i new how he worked and the efforts he took to try to get to the truth and bottom of this. so my pouter of kevin is unwavering. i wasn't going to resubmit his nomination in the midst of all this while a report was pending, but kevin and i will talk now that the report has been issued, about the future, and whether that's something he still wants to pursue. we have been occupied with other matters. so, we'll sit and talk about that. as far as i'm concerned, everything i said about kevin on the day i nominated him to be
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attorney general applied just as much today as it did then. and i've answered the question about bill stepien a number of time soyuz don't need to go back over it. i chronicled on the 9th my reasons for severing my relationship with bill, and there's nothing new to add to that beyond what i said on the night -- 9th and what i said in response to matt's question. heather. [inaudible question] >> my decision was that all you would do is ask me about this, and i didn't have the facts i needed to be able to answer your questions. so i wasn't going do sit up here and play dodge ball on your questions. this is really not a heck of a lot more complicated than that. you know me, i've held regular press briefings throughout my administration. i'm not afraid to answer questions from any of you. the fact its if i know what
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you're going to ask and i don't know the answer, why would i submit myself to that? doesn't make any sense. so that's why i didn't do it. and it's amusing to me when you write stories what you think you're entitled to. i think you're entitled to the answers when i get them, and if you're just going to yell these questions to me every up to hall i'm -- up town hall i'm at -- im not stupid. i was going to answer these questions as soon as i had answers to give. when i gave answers before, when i thought i had complete information and i didn't, it turned out to be a big mistake. one of the things i've learn is to try to not make that mistake again, and yet i will hold regular press -- we'll quibble over what the word regular means but we'll hold regular press briefings. yes. >> mentioning your confidence about -- [inaudible question] >> i asked him directly and said he had no idea what he was
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talking about. [inaudible question] >> matt, any -- matt, anything -- this is for all of you -- anything you ask me which asks me to speculate on what david wildstein was thinking or what bridget kelly was thinking, i'm not going to answer because i don't know, and i'm not going to bet into speculation game because it will just put in the a spot where i'm throwing stuff out there against the wall when i don't have a factual basis for it. all i can tell you, i will answer. in and around that time. -- what he knew about the bridge lane situation, did he have any involvement, prior knowledge, authorize it or approve it and the answer was no. i don't remember if i asked him about that particular piece on that day or maybe in the day or days after that. but i clearly asked him at some point very early on, and he said he had no idea what he was talking about. yes, in the back.
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[inaudible question] >> i'm certainly not saying they can't do an internal review. if they want to they can. if the commissioners want to do an internal review, that's within their purview. the they they have already saido the inspector general. but i'm not -- this is not to be exclusive. but what i think the report's recommending, you need a group of people who have not been involved in the port authority. and one thing i find about what the port authority is up to now, they bring back -- recommending bringing back a whole bunch of former executive directors who created the situation in the first place. let me tell you, this isn't the first time that the port authority has been involved in incidents that grow out of the inherent conflict between new york and new jersey.
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and so i think bringing in the very people who helped to lay the foundation for this problem, to examine the problem, doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. i think that's why this type of independent commission may make some sense in the end, let's be clear, this is going to have to be -- if anything is changed, it's going to have to be something i work on with governor cuomo, and the fact is i haven't had any conversations with him about this yet. so, he and i will talk. we have a good relationship. and i think the idea of splitting the port authority into two may have some real merit to it. i've only been thinking about this for the last 24 hours, so i don't want to jump to conclusions but certainly has merit to consider and something i'm sure will be part of a lot of conversations i'll have with our friends in new york over the course of the coming weeks. kelly? [inaudible question]
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>> i gave them anything they asked for. >> like what? >> my cell phone and e-mail accounts, and -- being interviewed? a number. i don't remember exactly. anytime they asked. they called and asked and said we need x amount of time to review certain matters with you ask you questions. i said, fine, and cleared my calendar and did it. don't remember exactly how many times? i don't remember. it's been over -- started all the way back in january and it's continue through very near the time they issued the report so i don't remember exactly how many times and doesn't matter. the bottom line is whatever they asked, i said, yes. and however long they wanted, i tried to give them. and if they needed more time, at another time, i gave them more time in the end, my desire from this was for them to get all the information they needed to be able to put forward a comprehensive, exhaustive report, which i think is what
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they have done. so it's incumbent upon me to do it myself and i did. [inaudible question] >> yep. [inaudible question] >> seriously, i'm up here trying to very carefully answer your questions, and i don't know whether you can't take notes or you're not listening, but for you to characterize my last answer is, i didn't want to ask her because i didn't want to know, is so awful that its beneath the job you hold. what i said was, i made a
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decision that, given the likelihood i had of getting honest answers out of bridget kelly, given she had lied to me weeks earlier, versus the appearance it would create in a later inquiry that somehow i attempted to coerce, influence in any way intimidate this person and her story, that i made the decision that the cost benefit analysis of those two weighed on the side of me not having a private meeting with bridget kelly in the aftermath of these revelations. that is far -- >> well, this is interesting. it appears the photographer has fallen asleep or the governor has lost hit head -- now we know the photographer was sleeping. we heard their this. there's news out of this. 23 minutes past the hour from the fox news deck in new york. governor christie of new jersey
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in a rehabilitation mode after the scandal that has taken place in new jersey, and the news out of this is david samson has resigned? the chairman of the port authority of new york and new jersey, appoint by governor christie himself, as powerful an ali and as close an ally as governor christie has had. he runs the organization, the port authority of new york and new jersey, created by congress in 1921. runs all the bridges, all the tunnels, all the airports, seaports. including in that is the train friday new jersey, the world trade center site. new jersey transit, and, of course, the george washington bridge, and to call it powerful would be an understatement. so david samson was the head of that. he resigned today. we learned that from the governor just moments ago. david samson is one who had sent out e-mails after this thing happened with the slowdown of the traffic and the closing of the lanes, that seemed to take
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on the person who ended the traffic tieup. he seemed in these e-mails to be upset about this. when the 360 page report came out from governor christie's lawyer, the one on which he is relying for this, david samson, the just-resigned head of the port authority of new york and new jersey, did not speak to them. the report does not say he refused to do so. it just says he did not. that's the man who is tied up in all of this and now has just resigned and has not spoken in these investigations. the other people he was mentioning, david wildstein and bridget ann kelly, those two to longer have jobs. david wildstein, who he says shouldn't have been at miss job and was brought in by somebody else, bill baroni, david wildstein went to school with governor christie and his job was made for him and he is out. bilge jet ann kellis the one who
12:26 pm
wrote the miami -- e-mail that said, time for traffic problemes in fort lee. bridget kelly and david wildestein have asked for immunity. the accusation has been that those are the ones who would know, they and david samson are the ones who would know exactly who knew what, when and where, and none of those people have spoken to any of the authorities about which we have mention today. bridget ann kelly, david wildstein, and now the resigned david samson. all of those -- well, on the sidelines and not part of the report, which the governor says exonerates him. david lee miller is outside the state capital in trenton, new jersey, an interesting afternoon. >> indeed it was, shep averaged perhaps if this was a major motion picture you could call it the three faces of governor christie. at times he was humble, apologetic, and also at times very, very combative with some of the reporters. he said that this has been an
12:27 pm
unpleasant situation and then he add, it continues to be so. the big story of the afternoon, though, as you mentioned, the resignation of david samson. he is 74 years old. he has expressed an interest in stepping down to pursue other things in the past. the governor said he wanted him to stay on until after this re-election, but now it appears that he is going to step down. the governor has accepted his resignation about two hours ago. in terms of what else came out of the news conference, essentially an affirmation of the find office the vindicate -- vindicating the governor, and the governor said he embraced many of the recommendations in the report. here's some of what he said just a short time ago. listen. >> as for the recommendations, i'm fully embracing the reforms. it's been my revolve to learn from this and do whatever we can to be better.
12:28 pm
to be a better governor, to be a better staff, and to be a better administration. >> reporter: the governor said that he cooperated as much as he possibly could with investigators. he did not see any conflict of interest, he said, with the law firm that led the investigation, and he also said today that it is perhaps a small element of the terms he used in any future candidacy that he might have. and lastly, shepard, the motive for all of this. so, what was the possible motive in shutting down some of the lanes leading to the busiest bridge in the united states? the governor said, simply, he doesn't know, he doesn't have a crystal ball. but just something that he still wants to pursue. there are still so many unanswered questions, this as the news conference continues taking place now for nearly one hour. >> david lee, the governor's last bit of indignation there was over the question of how he
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handled his then-chief of staff or deputy chief of staff, bridget kelly. the reporter asked him the question did you not ask her the details pause you did not want to know the details? that has been the accusation from the governor's detractors that, bridget ann kelly -- the governor never asked her, what was that about? and reporters wondered, is it because he knew exactly what it was about because he was in on it from the very beginning. there is no information to indicate that was the case. but there have been lots of questions about why he didn't ask bridget ann kelly what what up there and he has given the same answer from the beginning. >> reporter: the governor also said he respects the rights of individuals not to testify to take the fifth and what is really nothworthy here, bridget ann kelly and a flub of the other -- number of the other key players chose not to cooperate with this investigation. critics, many democrats, say it was nothing more than a white
12:30 pm
wash that cost more than $1 million. if you do the math, it's $2,700 a page. some felt that by cooperating they were adding credibility to a document that in the mine minds of some does little to answer what went on here. >> doesn't get to the people who were involved in itself at all. david lee miller in new jersey, thank you. doesn't have anything from david samson, who is a close personal ally and powerful friend of -- and lobbiest -- white house law firm did a lot of lobbying. the governor never spoke about this. bridget ann kelly, who write, time for some traffic troubles no talking with her. she won't, and david wild stipe, whose job was invented for him and went to school with the governor, who the governor says , nothing from himver been in either. is a mentioned those two are asking for immunity from the federal government. in exchange for their testimony about who knew what and when. that immunity could be key. we'll talk to chris wallace about that in just a moment.
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>> more headlines. general motors has order evidence its dealerships to stop selling some 2013 and 2014 chevy cruz compact cars. a spokesman did not say why. investigators looking into a re-call of older gm cars linked to ignition problems that triggered some 31 crashes and killed three people. >> president obama arrived in saudi arabia and met with king abdullah. the president said it's not abandoning its allies. the turkish government is defending its decision to block youtube one week after it cut off access to twitter. days ago, audio that apparently came from a private government
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those three important reasons are why i'm shooting for something better. eliquis. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor today if eliquis is right for you. 24 minutes before the hour now on "shepard smith reporting." history tells us that when politicians found themselves surrounded by scandal, they cocoon for a while, get their act together and then come out with a rehabilitation tour. governor chris christie's just began today and now that the news conference is over, just ended, he will fly to las vegas to meet with sheldon idleson, a billionaire power broker in the republican party, ahead of a decision whether to run in 2016. he said today he doesn't know yet. chris wallace is here now from washington, with capitol hill behind him. is that fair characterization of this? the rehabilitation tour stop one was in trenton, and now we have to see what shelton idleson
12:37 pm
says. >> this is about trying to turn the corner. governor christie was saying, look, there was this exhaustive investigation, months, by former federal prosecutions, then tens of thousands of documents, countless interviews, looking at our personal and private e-mail accounts and they cleared me. and he acted as if they cleared him. we got the full christie at various points he wasern earnest, regretful. very combative with report ores itch stopped counting a half dozen times he told reporters their questions were editorializing, full of assumptions, riddled with inaccuracy. one poor fellly at the end he said either you can't take notes and weren't listening and called his question awful. i have a couple of questions about this effort to say he has turn the corner. one is that kind of confrontation, which used to seem some charming, now that we know about what happens in fort
12:38 pm
lee and the closing down of the bridge lanes to the george washington bridge i'm not sure people will be charmed by the attitude. and in addition, he can say all he wants how this was an exhaustive investigation, shep. it was an internal investigation. it was his lawyers that he paid for -- >> actually, the people of new jersey paid for it. taxpayer money did that. >> that's right. but my point is, they can be former federal prosecutors but they were hired by his office and while he may say this clears him, the fact is, as he pointed out several times, the state legislature is investigating it, the federal prosecutor, the u.s. attorney is investigating it. and i think a lot of of people are going to say until we hear what these independent investigations find, and especially until we find out what the two key figures you innings mentioned, bridge yet kelly, and david wildstein, at the port authority, they're the
12:39 pm
two people most involved, and until they say whether they talked to christie or not, whether he told them or not, a lot of people are going to say, i'm not convinced yet. >> he needed a happy stack of black and white to take to sheldon in las vegas because without sheldon he can't do this. >> but i still think that a lot of people, both regular voters and viewers and also the smart money in the republican party, is still going to say, look, i'm glad that randy mastor, the guy you hired, gave you a clean bill of health, and he acted more like a defense attorney. but until we get the clean bill of halve frost the general assembly and federal prosecutor you're still hanging out there. >> the question here this treatment of bridget kelly, a
12:40 pm
lot of, whichizes many said was mighty sectionist and mighty unfair. >> well, don't know bridget kelly. >> i don't either. that's the accusation, doesn't go well when democrats are trying to say there's a war against women in the republican party. >> there is an effort to paint her -- at one point they talk about her personal relationships and that she had a relationship with somebody else who was fired, and that maybe that affected her judgment, and the slightly -- is she crazy and unbalanced? which isn't said about david wildstein or the other people in this scandal. so, yeah, i know that it has caused quite a stir. why did this investigation by chris christie's law firm decide to go off so personally on bridget kelly. >> as this investigation goes, what happened today was not a period, and i would venture to guess it's not even going to be seen as a comma in the grand scheme of this investigation. they've got investigations
12:41 pm
running on all tracks. we'll watch for chris wallace this weekend on fox news sunday. we'll have the latest on the malaysian plane crash or disappearance of with the house intelligent committee chairman, mike rogers -- a lot of interesting stuff on mike rogers. >> he is going to quit and try to take our job by going into talk radio first. so lots to talk about. >> time to make some money. the congressman's first sunday show interview since he announce he'll require next year to host his own radio show. chris will show him the ropes this sunday. coming up, new sightings of possible debris. the changes that has taken place in this plane search are nuts. 700 miles away, closer to australia in much calmer water, and now they say they've found things not just from satellites but from planes planes and one e found it, went away, came back
12:42 pm
in found it again, hundreds of miles from where the crews were looking. if the isn't the spot, they are most likely back to square one, but maybe it is. we'll have the latest and all the detail. plus, if they do find the debris from the jet, what's happens next? and how do they recover the critical black boxes? that is all ahead. we're on plane watch next from the fox news deck. we asked people a question, how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last. i was trying to, like, pull it a little further. [ woman ] got me to 70 years old. i'm going have to rethink this thing. it's hard to imagin how much we'll need for a retirement that could last 3years or mor so maybe we need to approach things dferently, if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪
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>> investigators say they're examining photographs of objects in the matter inside the brand new search area for the missing malaysia airlines flight. that area is roughly 700 miles north and east of the spot where they had been looking for more than a week in the southern indian ocean. since the plane vanished march 8th, investigators have used a wide variety of technology. they say some of it has helped while other leads have turned out to be false. but satellites have clearly played one of the biggest roles
12:46 pm
in the investigation. first, tracking devices helped experts draw potential northern and southern routes for the jet. after further analysis searchers ruled out the known path and focused on the southern indian ocean. a series of satellite photos surfaced showing debris. despite days and days of searching the crews didn't find a thing. as for the new search area, australian officials say they've turned to a different technology. they say analysis of radar data shows the plane was flying at a faster speed than they originally believed, which means it. >> would have run out of fuel more quickly, which leads us to the spot where they're looking. the think they're much closer today, but i've said that before. we have an ocean explorer with us to talk about the search, christine. but first, lea gabrielle, a lot of countries are using
12:47 pm
technology in unprecedented ways. >> there's that technology that so-called satellite handshake with the aircraft used to determine a possible crash location, but what is key is finding actual pieces of at the aircraft and that's where this other technology is coming into play. for example, mayy p3s and p8s have been sweeping the search area thunderstorms traditional mission is to hunt for suba massachusetts marines and also using a long-range surveillance aircraft. they have señors that are able to find objects that have a different temperature than their surroundings. maybe a piece of metal heated by the sun floating in the water. once an air craft crash site has been found, the u.s. naveyear owned pinger locator can be towed behind ships to find black boxes and this blue fin 21 is essentially minisubmarine. this is normally used by the navy to hunt for mines but can
12:48 pm
be programmed to look for wreckage. all of the satellite imagery. it would seem a lot of countries are using spy technology to work together. one analyst says, yes, but only to a point. >> you don't want to show your strengths but you really don't want to show your weaknesses. in this case i don't think we're using or disclosing our best satellite data and i don't think any other nations are doing that either. >> now, aircraft searching in the right area are most likely to find a piece of the wreckage first, and then they'll try to get a helicopter on scene to recover debris and figure out if it's part of the missing 777. >> continuing now, the new search area could make things much easier for crews looking for signs of the jet. the weather is so much better. experts say the conditions are not as rough as those in the southern indian ocean and parts of the area are much shallo
12:49 pm
if they recover pieces of the plane they have to find the air craft itself and the data recorder. the currents are different, the depth is different, and the skies are different. >> luckily. we have an area that's been reduced from 470,000-miles to 123,000 square miles as a search area, which is great. still a lot of ocean to cover. we do have ocean currents that are -- they're ocean currents. they are shifting the debris feel farther northeast, which is great because it's closer to land which will make it easier, shallower depth, 10,000 feet, and hopefully the debris field they're spotting is actually where they will be able to concentrate their efforts for the next few days, trying to locate these black boxes. >> the area by satellite and radar, they sent planes in, the weather is better. the planes, five of then planes found something. one of the -- they dropped buoys
12:50 pm
into the water where the area and is then the buoy will float with the debris. they use that method and a plane came back around and found it again so now ships are on the way. it's a big moment. >> it is, but they're going to locates the debris field, they're going to then get to the site, pick up the debris, examine it, identify it, collect data from that, and then put in the tpl-25, the toe pinger locator and try to pick up the found that at this point we're 20 day into it. the battery is running low. it's much shallower depth so we'll have hopefully have greater success. >> at some point whatever is floating will wash up on shore and that's going to happen for years? >> it could. we're looking at a potential impact area that could still be thousands of miles away. so even as much as we have this debris and they're going to give us answers, we're still going to be in search of this plane
12:51 pm
wreckage, and that could take a lot longer than finding these boxes. >> christine, hope they find it good to see you. our coverage continues right after this. female announcer: through sunday at sleep train's big gift event
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more now on the missing jet. still waiting to hear what officials are learning about the pilot's gear. remember, two weeks ago investigators took computer hard drives and a flight same -- simulator from the pilot0s home. "the new york times" reports it's another dead end, but an fbi spokesman says officials irstill analyzing the data. jonathan gillman is a former air marshal and navy seal you. can't get this information immediately. >> i like to explain it to people, because i'm not a computer expert, but all agents
12:55 pm
go through computer evidence response training at the academy. we have specific teams that are trained further in this, and when it's even a top priority, more than just a regular case, it gets sent to quantico. so they're going in, looking at these layers that would be similar to -- i explain to people, you have thousands of layers in, and the information is put randomly in there. the computer has a system to grab the information but when it's deleted you have to manually figure out the random ms., and it takes time. i don't think they're taking anymore time than would be normal. theye doing a systemic search, and it's just taking time. >> one of the things -- who knows what is on there if, for instance, the pilot had plotted a course at one point and flown it, similar to what happened here, and his jet in that simulation had gone down in this same place, well, we'd know what happened. >> we would.
12:56 pm
and that's the thing they're really looking for on the simulator computers. they're looking for what he had plotted before, any type0s of deviation from any planned flights, and then the home computers, if they have those, that's going to be just as telling if not more. >> everybody knows you can't delete anything. >> right. >> but that doesn't mean it's easy to get to. >> it doesn't. and when they're go at getting stuff off computers that are destroyed or the hard drive has been injured, but in this case it's just simply lee -- deleted. it takes time. >> when you look at the big picture here, besides the lack of coordination and all the back-tracking is there something they missed in the early going that would have changing? >> there could be. when you don't have coordination, when you have investigators that are alliances towards the malaysian airliner and not trying to discredit their state-owned airline, you have investigators that have an agenda, and that causes a huge amount of problems.
12:57 pm
>> good to see you. >> governor christie's news conference, kind of condensed things today but when news breaks out we'll break in because break news changes everything. i'm shepard smith in new york. quick commercial break and then "your world" with neil cavuto. help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of theountry's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. ♪
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