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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 29, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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multiple skrer row sis. we cannot verify that. i hope you enjoyed the show and you're learning to be a more healthy you. we begin with a fox extreme weather alert. i'm greg jaret. we are following some fas-moving and dangerous weather in the south. let's go straight to janice dean live in the fox extreme weather center. >> it's been a very active afternoon across sections of central and south florida. tornado watch is expiring at 5:00 p.m. local time, but they just issued the severe thunderstorm watch down towards south florida until 11:00 p.m. local time. we don't have any watches -- sorry, any warnings right now, but we did have earlier tornado warnings around the orlando area. so we will carefully monitor
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this region, and through the evening and overnight hours, this is the area we're going to be watching for the threat of severe weather. not only tornadoes but large hail and damaging winds. in march, the tornado probability is right here in the sunshine state with the highest probability in central florida, which is where we had the tornado warnings earlier today. we also saw tornadoings early this week in california. and in the mississippi valley, in towards florida and the southeast. now it has been very, very slow in terms of tornadoes this march. typically the average january through march is around 178 tornadoes. we've only had 57, not including the ones we saw today. as we get into april and may, things start to perk up. looking across the west coast where we saw the earlier tornados this week in california and the northwest where we had
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been dealing with record breaking rainfall. this is the radar estimate of precipitation over the last 48 hours. in some cases several inches. and just north of seattle, the potential for landslides and mudslides exists not only this weekend but into next week. >> janice dean, thank you very much for the update. speaking of which, new developments now in the massive and deadly mudslide in washington state. officials there saying they're all but giving up hope of finding survivors. now one more body has been located, bringing the total to 26. crews have only been able to recover 17 victims. and one week into the search, 90 people are still missing. dominic has the latest from washington. >> reporter: making the job all the more challenging is the bad weather we're having this weekend. there was a break in the
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recovery effort today, to mark the exact moment the mudslide happened exactly a week ago. at the site of the recovery is where people paused for a second to think about what happened and those that the community lost. but also people did exactly the same and the mayor spoke eloquently about how it affected absolutely everybody and that there was in fact widespread inescapable grief. >> we have been thrown into a situation that affects each and every one of us, and will continue for some time tomorrow. >> today, they've been taking out sniffer dogs to try and locate more bodies and victims amongst the mud there. when the dogs do get the scent, however, they do react very quickly. the excavators going through the mud stopped working straight away, the crew then goes in with
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shovels and chain saws to see if they can get access to the buildings beneath the mud. we understand that there will be an update on the death toll at 4:30 local time. that's 7:30 eastern time. we don't know whether there will be that significant increase in the death toll the authorities have been promising us for two days now, as we were discussing earlier. it's 26 bodies found, 17 only officially identified. but this weekend, they're expecting much higher numbers. it's tragic stuff. >> how heartbreaking is that? we'll check back with you. thank you very much. more than 100 after shocks hitting california's orange county after a 5.1 magnitude quake rattled the los angeles area last night, damaging homes and businesses and displacing more than 80 people. the earthquake also triggering a rock slide, rupturing water mains, knocking out power and
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catching fans off guard at dodger stadium during an exhibition game against the angels. >> a little tremor here in the ballpark. i'm not sure if the folks felt it, but we simply felt it here in press box row. a tremor, and only that, thank goodness. >> this is the second quake there in just two weeks. no injuries have been reported. >> harsh weather putting an end to another day of searching for the missing malaysian jet liner. a chinese plane spotted several objects in the ocean, but the ships that recovered them say they were not part of flight 370. the objects were floating in the new search area in the indian ocean about 1200 miles southwest of perth, australia. david pfeiffer with the latest
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on this story. david? >> reporter: yes, we've had more sightings of those objects in the southern indian ocean today, but as you said, no confirmation that any of these objects are deprix from the missing plane. the chinese aircraft, which reported the sighting, said the objects were red, white and orange. china surnltly has two ships in the search area with more on the way. more bad weather is also forecast, though. the location has changed after satellite data suggested the plane had been traveling faster, thus burning more fuel. the new location, nearer perth, allows planes to search longer. earlier in the week, authorities said the new data showed there was no chance of anybody surviving, as the plane must have run out of fuel and crashed in the indian ocean. today, the acting minister seemed to contradict this, by
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suggesting there was still hope. >> no matter how remote, we hope beyond hope that we will find survivors. no matter how remote, i'm always hoping against hope and i'm praying. also in any remote manner, has always been to find survivors. >> reporter: this, of course, has given families of the passengers and crew fresh hope. many of them have been very critical of the malaysian authority's handling of the search and investigation. and despite it being 22 days since the plane went missing, they continue to hang on to their belief that their loved ones could still be alive. of course, the crucial fact is, greg, there is no sign of the plane yet. back to you. >> david piper streaming live in
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thailand, thank you very much. a land mark department store engulfed in flames, leaving fire investigators digging for a cause. we'll tell you where. plus, with the signup deadline for obamacare two days away, fox news polls showing a majority of americans are fed up with the president's health care law. >> there's estimates all over the law suggesting as many as three quarters of the people who signed up for the exchanges, maybe as few as a quarter of them, where people who had insurance, lost their insurance because it didn't satisfy the obamacare criteria. attention! the owner of a vehicle, with a bumper sticker, "turrible" your lights are on. you wanna get that genius? not mine. on the passenger seat, there is a collection of charles barkley highlight dvds. must be a big fan. and the license plate reads "sir charles."
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landmark in des moines, iowa. almost all of the city's firefighters joining the effort to try to save the former yonkers department store, which was being renovated. general motors adding to its recall list 500,000 pickup trucks and suvs because cooling lines were not properly secured. a giant sinkhole opening up on detroit's west side. a road worker noted the ground started to give away. it's reportedly 30 feet wide and 16 feet deep. just two days away from the march 31 deadline to sign up for obamacare or face a penalty. but there are a whole lot of exceptions, including a pass on the penalties if you can prove or maybe just say that you've tried to sign up. this week, the white house trumpeting news that 6 million americans have signed up for the president's signature health care law, but brand new fox news
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polls show 56% of registered voters oppose the health care law. only 40% favor it. let's bring in jamie weinstein. i know has the support for obamacare down to 26%. a little different than ours. but look, these numbers, 6 million signed up. they're very careful at the white house to use that number signed up. that doesn't mean the people who are actually enrolled in obamacare, does it? >> it does not. in fact, it's like if i was going to and put some books -- 4 million or 6 million books in my checkout and didn't go check out. i don't own those people. so these are people that have picked a plan but haven't paid for it yet. we don't know the exact number because the administration hasn't told us.
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estimates is as many as 20% haven't paid their first month premium. it could belie greater than tha. but you can't be touting a 6 million number when that's just signing up, not enrolling. and you aren't enrolled in health insurance unless you pay. >> that doesn't include the 30% dropout rate that is average within the insurance industry. so even if some people make a first payment, they get a car that they have to fix, so they have to pay for that and they drop out and they just don't continue with their insurance. but the whole goal of obamacare, as the president stated early and often, was to provide health care for everybody, all of those people who were uninsured. the latest report i see is that the people who have enrolled or signed up for obamacare, 10% for previous previously uninsured. so they're not coming close to that goal. >> the administration hasn't released the numbers on this.
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there have been some firms to troy to get to the bottom of it, but the goal is to insure those previously uninsured. but if you're only insuring those that obamacare knocked off insurance in the first place, it's hard to count that as a success. i don't think it works that way. >> i read a report that said young people are not signing up because they think it's too expensive. it dove tails with this next poll, a fox news poll. wow, look at this. 65% -- i need my glasses. yeah, 65% think it's more expensive. 24% said less expensive. they're blaming the president, president obama on health care. look at these numbers. 40% give him approval, 57%
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disapproval. given the litany of broken promises, is it any wonder that those numbers are awful for the white house? >> it's not surprising. the cost of the obamacare plans is sky high. especially to those people who were thrown off a plan they liked and now having to get a plan that doesn't cover what they wanted it to cover. it's covering things they don't need. so it's not surprising that the poll numbers are below what the administration hoped for. but you mentioned that mckenzie study. basically, they tried to discover why people who were uninsured who wanted to get insured didn't sign up for obamacare. the number one answer by far was that it just costs too much. again, as you know, this is really called not obamacare but the affordable care act. it seems that most people think this is anything but affordable. >> look at the young people who were not signing up, as you mentioned in the mckenzie report. young women aged 27 will pay 57%
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more than they would have without obamacare. young men, same age. look at this, 97% increase because of obamacare. look, if the young people don't sign up to the 40% that they need, doesn't that skew the risk pool and mean that everybody's premiums are going to go up? >> i think there's no question at this point premiums will go up. the last numbers we saw on the number of young people that subsidize the old and sick were well below what the administration hoped for. last time it was around 25%. some people say more young people will sign up. but yeah, i think most experts say you're going to see the premiums go up next year 10%, 15%, maybe 20%. the premiums are already pretty high. so it's going to make it more unaffordable. >> good to see you as always. thank you very much. as the mystery deepens and the search widens for flight
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370, why the backgrounds of the jet liner's pilots are coming more and more into play. our next guest explains. >> we are concerned about is to know where our relatives are. as for the rescue operation, they keep changes. they said the plane was in the south china sea, then the indian ocean. and now they say they found some suspected wreckage from satellite images. these are all lies. we feel like we're fooled by all these lies all these days. ♪
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as the massive search continues now for the missing malaysian jet liner, we're learning new details about the plane's pilots and their lives leading up to flight 370. here now to talk about the international investigation into what happened, tom blank, former
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deputy director of the tsa. good to speak with you. >> nice to be with you. >> are we now beginning to learn there might have been personal issues that affected the competence of the pilot and his professional duties? >> well, it certainly coming into play. it looks as though we have a lead pilot, the pilot in command who was having difficulties in his personal life and the reports that that there were multiple reasons for that potential difficulty. that's certainly not a positive thing. it's certainly not indicative of the state of mind that you want a pilot in command to have when he's at the controls of an airliner with 239 people, plus crew aboard. for the other pilot, i think that there are in general some standards that malaysian airlines and the malaysian government, since the airline is a government airline, that they're going to have to answer for. and that is was this pilot at 27
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years old, was he too young to be fly not guilty that right seat? was he trained adequately? did he have enough time in the air? a third thing we learned from the crash is that from some asian cultures, there is -- the younger pilot is not welcome to speak up or to advise the pilot in command of certain dangerous issues. so whether or not the personal relationship in the cockpit was such that it was conducive to proper procedures, that's another question that i think has to be looked at. >> has the malaysian government and the airline itself proven to be incapable of competently handling this crisis? >> well, i think that's exactly the right word. i think you've seen that they are very ill prepared to manage it, very ill prepared of any kind of emergency response that's been adequate. you've seen their technical capability called into question as the data has changed day by
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day and by this time, week by week. so you have to call that into question. for some of the international aviation operations, it's regulated by a un agency called the international civil aviation organization. i think that one of the things that has to be looked at are iko standards high enough? are the standard training requirements that malaysians had in place under that regime, are they adequate? who oversees them? who does the assessments? how often are the assessments done? things like that really are going to have to be looked at very carefully. >> if the payments were responsible for what occurred here, if they're the ones who directed this plane away from their destination and out to sea and the deaths of everybody on board, how did they do that? do you have in your mind how
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that occurred? >> well, i call it a cockpit breach. either there were people that -- either one of those would pilots had nefarious intent, turned off certain communications equipment, the transponder in particular, and either programmed a turn to the west one hour into the flight or actually physically turned it. now, if that didn't happen, there was still a cockpit breach which would mean that someone with nefarious intent, maybe a stow away, maybe a member of the flight crew, maybe a passenger, somehow gained access and had some intent to either crash the airplane or use it in a terrorist event. either way, there was what we should call a cockpit breach, something happened that clearly procedures and processes are in place to prevent. >> all right. tom blank, thank you very much for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you.
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with more on the investigation into the missing malaysian jet liner, stay tuned to chris wallace tomorrow. he's going to be sitting down with the chairman of the house select committee on intelligence, mike rogers. that's tomorrow on fox news sunday. and that's going to do it for me. join myself and arthel neville just one hour from now on news inside america's news headquarters. "the five" is coming up next. hope you're having a great weekend. ed
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>> i'm andrea terrentino. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five". last month president obama made this declaration at the national prayer breakfast. >> promoting religious freedom is a key objective of u.s. foreign policy. and i'm proud that no nation on earth does more to stand up for the freedom of religion around the world than the united states of america. >> he said promoting religious freedom abroad is a priority fos america. now, today he is abroad in saudi arabia and a lot of people, including a bipartisan group of lawmakers, wanted the president


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