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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 5, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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of treated men had their t levels restored to normal. talk to your doctor about all your symptoms. get the blood tests. change your number. turn it up. androgel 1.62%. fox news alert. new hope in the search for flight 370. a chinese ship reportedly detecting a pulse signal in the southern indian ocean. not clear yet if it is linked to the missing plane. but a top australian official says the electronic pulse is at least consistent with those of an airplane's black box. hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm gregg jarrett. it's early morning in the search zone. the battery inside those black boxes set to expire very soon. once they do, the pinger signals will cease, making it even harder to find the missing
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plane. now a fleet of ships and planes, even a british nuclear submarine, are combing the waters, racing against the clock to confirm if the signal is deed from the doomed flight. david piper streaming live from bangkok, thailand, with the latest. >> reporter: hi, gregg. it's now over four weeks since the malaysian airlines jet went missing. there does seem to be the real possibility that they may be able to solve the mystery now. according to the official chinese news agency, a chinese patrol ship detected pulse signals in the southern indian ocean. the sounds could be from the plane's black box. the ship detected them in an area outside today's search area, about 1,000 miles west of perth, australia. the chinese report, which is believed to come directly from the ship, said the pulses were on the same frequency as those that will be sent from the plane's black boxes. chinese television earlier reported some of its ships have been moved to the new location, but didn't say why. there have been so many false
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leads before, though. and a chinese report says it's still not clear if the pulses came from the black boxes. >> cannot confirm the pulses de la hoya effected belong to the black box. the information compiled is being analyzed by china's maritime rescue center and they're waiting for professional confirmation of the nature of the signal. >> the australian authorities, which are leading the sea search, are likely to send ships and planes to the area sunday. they have said the signal the chinese ship detected is consistent with that which is transmitted by a black box. they also stress there is no conclusive evidence yet the pulses came from the plane. and, of course, they will be struggling later today with bad weather, which is moving towards the search area. >> david piper streaming live from bangkok, tie land. with more on the search for the black box, we're joined on
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the phone by ken christianson, an aviation consultant and president of integrated aviation solutions. ken, what were your thoughts when you first heard this report and what are your thoughts now? >> my initial reaction when i first heard it was a little suspect because that data needs to be confirmed independently and without any debris field, how did they know to put it in right there? that acoustical sensor needs to be extremely close, within a mile and a half to three miles, depending on what kind of underwater locator beacon they're looking for. for them to just place that in water and get that data, i would like to see that. >> so you'd like to see that. is there anything else you would need in terms of confirmation? >> well, we're one day out of the 30 days.
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that's 30 days is advertised for the underwater locater beacon to keep transmitting. usually you'll get extra days, so i fully expect that to last a few extra days. once you locate that, then you have to get a ship over there to actually put a uuv or underwater unmanned underwater vehicle, to actually go town and they have cameras and able to identify any aircraft wreckage down there. >> you continue. >> if that pinger is truly from the malaysian 777 and then wherever the pinger is, that's where you're going to locate the cockpit voice recorder or the cockpit voice recorder. >> in terms of range f that is the pinger, how far off would they be in terms of their search? does it narrow the search at
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all? >> if they're, in fact, picking up those pings from that specific aircraft, underwater locator transmitter, they would have to be right on top of the wreckage. >> that would be very good. i mean, so you're not saying that you're sort of cautiously optimistic. you're saying i need more information, more confirmation. we've had some early reports saying this is at least a decent sign. but you're saying no, i need to wait and see. speaking of wait and see what would happen if this were to be a location of the black box, if we are to find that black box, what would we learn from the black box? what would it tell everybody? >> well, when you say -- the black box, you're talking about two black box. one being the cockpit voice recorder, and one being the flight data recorder, or the fdr. one is the verbal communications within the cockpit via an area mic inside the cockpit. and also air traffic control
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radio calls that come in and leave the aircraft. that has about a two-hour duration. so if nobody was communicating, that tape will probably be blank, unless people were talking inside the cockpit. the next data would be the flight day it recorder, fdr. that has about 15 hours of data on it. that's all the parameters of the aircraft, engine rpm, speed, if the aircraft was pressurized or not, if they had an inflight fire or not, what the attitude and altitude and air speed of the aircraft and the condition of the engines. this would be vitally important to reconstruct post forensically the flight of the aircraft. this could be plugged into any flight simulator, 777 flight simulator and then you could recreate the flight and see exactly what happened to it. >> okay. in the meantime, still some
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variables in play. ken, thank you so much for your time. aviation consultant, thanks. >> my pleasure. despite threats, millions of people in afghanistan casting their ballots today to choose their next leader. president obama says the afghan people are taking full responsibility for their country as the u.s. gradually withdraws its troops. conner powell streaming live from kabul, afghanistan with the latest. conner? >> reporter: gregg, it's way too early to declare this a successful election, but it seems to have gone far better than most people were expecting, especially in comparison to the flawed election in 2009. more than 7 million afghans today turned out to vote for a new president to replace outgoing president hamid karzai. karzai has been in power for more than a decade now, but is limited in terms of terms of how long he can be president here if
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afghanistan. so he's constitutionally barred from running again. there are eight candidates running to replace karzai, with three major ones. all three of the men have promise to do what karzai has refused to do, which is improve the relationship with the united states and also assign a -- sign a long-term bilateral security agreement with the united states. that would also then, once it's signed by the new president, would allow the pentagon to decide and to announce how many troops they will leave here in afghanistan. most likely it will be somewhere between ten and 15,000 american troops here to help the afghan security forces, to train them, to support them and fight al-qaeda and the taliban that are still here in afghanistan. but the election here is the really big story. there are still concerns about fraud and ballot stuffing. that was something we saw back in 2009, particularly after the vote. they all started to reappear --
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the election commission here says they have a grip on the fraud and they will continue to work and sort through the ballots and they will get rid of any of the fraudulent ballots. but there is some concern this still isn't a perfect or clean election. but with 7 million afghan, particularly an increase in women and also young afghans voting, this is being hailed as a real step forward for this country. >> it's about 2:40 a.m. kabul time. conner powell reporting in afghanistan. thanks. investigators now say they may never know why a fort hood soldier went on a deadly shooting rampage. specialist ivan lopez killed three and wounded 16 of his fellow soldiers before taking his own life on wednesday. army officials have said a fight may have sparked the rampage, but the military has not established a concrete motive. we are learning more about the victims of the shooting. rick leventhal live now from fort hood with more.
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first, it's been three days and we understand that they're still processing the crime scene, right? >> reporter: absolutely, arthel. it's a meticulous and very difficult task for the investigators who are inside the gates of fort hood right now continuing to process the crime scene, photograph, document and collect evidence from that sprawling scene which covers the size of two city blocks. the army criminal investigation division, texas rangers and the f.b.i.'s evidence response team are still on post there carefully documenting and mapping the area. also today we heard from two congressmen whose districts include fort hood, john carter and roger williams were here at the base. they visited with some of the wounded, including major patrick miller, who is from new york. he was shot in the abdomen and here is how congressman carter described what miller told them. >> i heard the pop, pop, pop of gun fire. he immediately realized that he needed to get three of his people into a closed office as he could.
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as he was ushering them in, all of them in uniform, as he put it, he got shot in the gut point-blank. >> reporter: that soldier was still able to call 911, arthel, which is one of the reasons why the mp's and police were able to get on scene as quickly as they did. >> no doubt they're heros. rick, can you tell us more about the men who died? what do we know with them? >> reporter: three men who all served in combat zones overseas and came home only to be killed on their own base. they include sergeant danny ferguson, 39, of florida. he had just returned from afghanistan. according to his fiance, he blocked a door to keep lopez from reaching a room full of soldiers. sergeant timothy owens, 37, a husband and father who served in kuwait and iraq. he attempted to calm the shooter, but was shot six times -- five times in the chest. then sergeant carlos rodriguez, 38 of puerto rico. he had just served 20 years in
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the army and planned to retire soon. as for the shooter, ivan lopez, the army confirmed that he had deep psychological issues. he was dealing with depression and anxiety and sleep disorders. the army says there is no evidence that he saw any combat or was wounded during his four months in iraq, but lopez still claims some sort of ptsd. there are also reports today that he was angry about being denied a leave of absence to attend to family matters and that may have sparked a shooting. i spoke to general mark millie a short time ago. he did confirm that is one thing that investigators are looking at, arthel. they may never know or truly understand what set this soldier off. >> all right. rick, thank you very much for that report. rick leventhal. most of the country is now getting a much needed break from extreme weather. but there are some threats of storms popping up, especially along the gulf coast.
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meteorologist janis dean live with that. >> hi. yes, the gulf coast, we have our eyes on because we could see the potential for hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes, also looking at an unsettled northwest and some showers and thunderstorms cropping up over the great basic. but the gulf coast, we could see in excess of four inches of rainfall over the next 24 to 48 hours as this low develops out of the gulf of mexico. you can already see some of those showers blossoming along the coast here. take a look at your future radar as we head into sunday and monday. incredible amounts of rain in a very short period of time. this area doesn't really need to see the rain. we don't have a drought situation. so any more moisture on top of saturated ground is going to cause some flooding. look at what we could see in excess of four inches of rain, even more than that, eight inches possible for parts of southern mississippi and, again, this is going to be a very short, fast-moving storm system that's going to drop a lot of rain in a very short period of time. so four inches plus in the areas
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that you see shaded in red and the oranges and yellows, over three to four inches, up towards the mid-atlantic in the northeast, we could see the potential for flooding here as well. then the threat for severe weather, including hail, damaging winds tonight, and isolated tornadoes along the gulf coast. rather this is sunday's warning. and then into monday, up toward the mid-atlantic and the southeast coastline here. we'll continue to monitor that. we're warming up. 50s and 60s, even 70s along the gulf coast. and gregg, just for you, i'm so happy to report this, look at new york city. 50s, even 60s by friday. pushing 70 degrees! woohoo! >> that's right! >> i need to break out my break silver shorts. >> right on! all winter long, it's been here is another winter storm. this is ah, spring. >> you say it so well. it's very refreshing when you say that.
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have a fresca with that. anybody drink that anymore? >> no. >> i don't even know what that is. >> no, i do. do you know what tab is? >> oh, yeah. very big in the good old days. coming up, a big shift on monday in politics courtesy of the supreme court this week. we're going to look at a fallout as we head toward the mid terms. a res accusation mission on the high seas. what this u.s. navy warship is doing to try to help save the day. >> also breaking down the numbers on obamacare. is it too soon to celebrate? our political panel is going to decide what they think. >> it's their constituents and that tells you that it's not about policy. it's about politics. and we should have never had a deal about politics. if you want to move big things in this country and solve big problems, you got to do it on a bipartisan basis. this bill never had any bipartisan support and that's the reason that it's going to
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time for a check of the headlines. chuck hagel sitting down with japan's prime minister. hagel's meeting is the first stop on s six-day tour to
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reaffirm ties with the u.s. a u.s. navy warship now heading toward a crippled sailboat hundreds of miles off the mexico coast to rescue a one-year-old child who fell ill. the boat was owned by a san diego family who was on a trip around the world. the archbishop of atlanta announcing he will sell the $2.2 million mansion he moved into just three months ago. wilson gregory says he will use the proceeds before the needs of the community there in atlanta. president obama calling health care enrollment a success. he actually called them sign-ups, saying 7.1 million americans have signed up for private coverage, but critics point out it is still not clear just how many were previously uninsured or how many lost their insurance coverage to begin with because of the affordable care act. jehmu green joins us.
3:21 pm
dede joins us, former campaign aide and white house aide to president george w. bush. good to see you both. i sort of hinted at it a moment ago, the president chose his words, jehmu, very care apply. he said 7.1 million signed up. and he used that word because he likely knows that substantially less are actually enrolled because you got to pay a premium first. and then you have to consider that there is a ten to 25% dropout rate from those who make it. couple of payments and then they stop paying because, gee, i got to pay my water bill and the car broke down and so on. so i mean, you're talking about a lot less then 7.1 million. come on, the president was being a little deceptive, wasn't he? >> gregg, i think we want our president to choose his words carefully. >> no, we want him to be honest. >> always what i hear from
3:22 pm
conservatives, it sounds a little bit like the guy that dede used to work for on election night. >> oh, come on. >> hemming and huhing. and i'm talking about my fellow colleague from austin, karl. come on. yes, you have to get a bill first to pay for it. >> why not be straight about it. 7.1 million have signed up, but it will be a lot less because people don't actually pay their bill. why not be strayed with the american people? why the slight of hand? >> i think we all have to be straight because first, you have to get a bill to pay it. and the real facts that matter, the numbers that matter is that the share of americans who are insured is up and the cost of health care is down. that is what is most important. that -- >> are you forgetting that 14 million affected by canceled policies due to obamacare? >> before obamacare, gregg,
3:23 pm
17 -- people actually kept their plans for more than two years. >> dede, close to 7 million plans have been canceled, but there is more people on one plan than just one person. so you're talking about 14 million americans who have been affected by the cancellations. jay carney just utterly belittled that and called it a sliver of the population, yet the president's 7 million is a big deal? come on. >> well, obviously obamacare is doomed. it just is. obamacare is doomed. so i'm going to be straight with you. you want straight talk? that's where we are. because guess what? this 7 million for one, unless ernest and young is telling us the numbers, i don't believe it because why should we? because obama lied about keeping your health care. this is all political. they're worried about the mid terms. guess what? the mid terms are also doomed. so it doesn't matter. it's an epic failure. >> i don't know. that might be an overstatement.
3:24 pm
>> just slightly. >> 330 million people live in this country. what do you think 7 million is? >> jehmu, the president did brag this week that premiums have risen more slowly since obamacare was passed, right? >> yes. >> isn't that what he said? >> yes. >> that's not what he promised, is it? >> no. >> didn't he promise that they were going to go down for an average family of four was going to go down $2,500? hasn't happened, has it? >> before obamacare, premiums were skyrocketing and that -- >> that's not what he promised. answer my question. >> he lied! >> that's not what he promised. >> maybe he got his words mixed up. i don't care what his words were. >> i care about the hundred million americans who no longer have to fear that they're going to -- no longer have to fear that if they get a catastrophic illness, that they will lose their health, that they will go bankrupt. we have finally put the
3:25 pm
insurance companyies under control. people will not give up -- >> it's bad policy. it's all about politics. it's about the mid terms. >> this is going to get ugly. on the day obamacare passed, 60 million americans were uninsured. and the president promised, he said, you know what? we're going to cure all of that. >> you can keep your health care. >> no, we're going to cure all that. universal coverage for all americans, he said, would be the result of obamacare. well, 7 million have gotten coverage. >> it's not even right. >> at the beginning -- the numbers change all the time. this is all about politics. this is a doomed policy. obama knows it and they're trying to save the mid terms. 7 million is ridiculous. come on! you're blaming bush again! i can't even believe this. >> this is just the beginning.
3:26 pm
failed policy. >> 7 million out of 330 million? it's not even right! >> how do i make a paper plane out of my notes here? the only thing that's doomed is this segment. >> you have to come up with a new -- >> obamacare is the titanic. it's over. >> here is my jet. this is doomed. so is this segment. thanks very much. >> wow. a landmark supreme court ruling this week making some of the biggest changes to campaign fundraising rules since the 2010 citizens united case. what it means for the big political parties and everyday americans. plus a chinese ship reportedly detects an electronic ping in the indian ocean. is this a breakthrough in the search for flight 370 or just another false hope adding to the misery of the grieving families
3:27 pm
of the 239 people on board? >> i know that until we find the plane, many families cannot start to grieve. i can promise them that we will not give up.
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fox news alert on our top story. it is daybreak sunday in the search area for flight 370. that will greatly aid multi-national workers scouring the indian ocean where china's state-run media says one of its ships detected a pulse signal which could be from the plane's black box. one hopeful sign the signal reportedly has the same frequency emitted by flight data recorders. now investigators want to find out if they are on the right track or if this is just another false lead. molly henneberg live in washington with more now on what exactly the chinese are saying
3:32 pm
they heard. >> reporter: they're saying that the chinese ship deployed a black box detector into the water in the southern indian ocean and picked autopsy pulse signal, a ping. 37.5 killohertz. that's the same frequency emitted by the flight recorder. one of the air force planes spotted white floating objects in that search area. malaysian authorities say they're trying to verify this report. military and civilian planes and ships from several nations, including china, australia, britain and the u.s., are searching parts of the indian ocean where that plane may have gone down. arthel? >> there is a healthy dose of skepticism about this right now. correct? >> absolutely. first of all, because it came from chinese state-run media reports. instead of from the international coordinator of this search. air chief marshal. houston said today that he had been advised of the chinese
3:33 pm
reports, but so far there had been no confirmation that the ping and floating objects are related to the missing jet. one fox military analyst says the chinese should have gone through proper channels with this new information. >> could have been reported to air chief marshal, houston. he should have sent out people to look and see if they got the ping again. they should have done more due diligence because now they've enthused the whole world and clearly, the parents and sisters, relatives of the survivors and we're in a position where if it doesn't, it is going to have a great impact, i believe, on the credibility of the search. >> reporter: the batteries on the flight data recorders are supposed to last for about a month. the plane disappeared march 8 and today is april 5. so time is of the essence for attorneying for flight 370: arthel? >> indeed. thanks. you heard general tom mcen
3:34 pm
ernie. he seems skeptical. is this really the break they've been waiting for? joining us, jonathan gillian, former navy seal, former federal air marshal. are you, too, jonathan, a bit skeptical of this report? >> i think if this actually pans out, this is going to be about the equivalent of a hail mary pass into a football game. i think that it's a promising lead, but it's just another lead none the less. when you don't have enough assets out there to repeat whatever technique you're using, it causes a lot of these issues. >> those assets, as many as they seem to be, really pale in comparison to the vastness of this search area. we talked a short time ago to an expert who said, look, this ping locator would literally have to be on top of the wreckage and for them to have just dipped it
3:35 pm
in the water and suddenly and magically come upon the wreckage, he said is really far fetched. what do you think? >> you know, gregg, investigators always long for that magical lead to solve the case. dna came along and changed a lot of cases in a very similar fashion. but you're talking about the same amount of chance of identifying a dna before dna was invented. for them to put the probe down right there, it's a one in a million shot. but i think one good thing about this is that australia appears to be changing a little bit about the way that they word these things when even though china announced australia and the actual chain of command is wording it different, but cautious. and before -- i just think they were giving completely false hope to the families. >> i'm not suggesting that those on board this chinese ship
3:36 pm
misheard what occurred in the water. they may have heard something quite well, very much the same sort of frequency, but there are a lot of noises down there, aren't there? >> there is. and again, i've been saying from the very beginning that we -- i think we've missed another opportunity to really have a good foreign relation type of atmosphere here. we have so many assets planes, refueling planes, several that we can put out there and ships that we can have out there helping in the search. we just don't have enough assets out there so that we can repeat this quickly. and when you you're doing an investigation and you get a break where you get a lead, you need to be able to repeat whatever that is with that technique before it goes dead. the same thing with these satellites and looking at all these images. >> finally, jonathan, given the breadth and depth of the indian ocean and given the evidence
3:37 pm
demonstrating where that plane went down, it's all together possible that it may never be found? >> i've been saying for about a week or two now that it's becoming less and less likely. it's going to become i think after the pinging goes down and the batteries are dead, it's going to become an amelia earhart story, unfortunately. >> thank you very much for being with us. appreciate it. >> pleasure to be here. we have new numbers on the deadly mud slide in washington state. the county medical examiner's office identified 29 of the 30 victims. an additional 13 people are still listed as missing. today the number of searchers digging through the mud and twisted debris is approximately 450. last night hundreds of people gathered in washington state, including the governor, for a prayer service honoring the victims, families and the dedicated rescuers affected by
3:38 pm
last month's deadly slide. political divide over a campaign set of contributions after the supreme court votes to eliminate certain limits on just how much you can donate. what the impact is on private money and free speech when we come back. >> they enabled more citizens to be involved, more citizens to contribute to the candidates and causes that they believe in. that's good for america. this is a great decision.
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it sounds orwellian, a large, powerful and unprincipled government crushing individuals for a reason or no reason at all. innocent people becoming the enemy. well, is it happening in america? fox news goes in-depth on a one hour documentary entitled "enemies of the state." among those targeted, harold hamm. that gentleman who discovered the vast bakken oil and gas fields. he tried to tell president obama how the renaissance in oil and gas could make america energy independent. two weeks later, the justice department brings criminal charges against his company. the crime? killing a bird. tonight on fox news, the story of harold hamm and others and their fierce battle against the all powerful government. "enemies of the state" tonight at 10:00 p.m., again sunday at
3:43 pm
9:00 p.m. eastern. individual donors can now give to as many federal election candidates as they want, as well as political action committees and even political parties. that's because on wednesday, the supreme court voted to strike down limits on total contributions. the 5-4 high court decision now clears the way for more private money to enter the system. joining us now is susan estridge, professor of law and political science at usc and fox news contributor. hi, susan. >> hi, art. >> were you surprised by the decision? >> no. i called these ones. gregg and i have bets sometimes as he'll tell you. i make bets with him. i could have called this one 5-4. i thought it was coming. but i still think it's not a good decision. lot of people think it's a party line decision. republicans against democrats 'cause the five republican appointees were in the majority and the four democrats were in
3:44 pm
the says -- dissent. the billionaires won, the rest of us, we did not win. >> so how is it going to affect political campaigns moving forward, do you think? >> oh, you know, it's already an arms race and it's already the case, quite frankly, that candidates spend more time raiding money than they -- raising money than they do anything else. it's already the case, whether on the left, you got george soros. you got folks on the right. we got billionaires out there pumping money into the system and most of them, frankly, have business interests on one side or the other, you know, that they're trying to promote. and now they get the blank check and we'll have even more money flooding into the system. and spend more time with politicians courting billionaires and billionaires. having enormous power and access. >> let's get back to the people.
3:45 pm
is it going to affect voter turnout? folks might say, look, money talks. no money, no voice. >> well, let me put it this way, art. if you don't like negative ads, get ready, because you're going to see just more and more and more negative ads. i think it's going to keep turning people off of politics in general and i used to do campaigns, the old rule was doesn't matter how many people investment just matters if you get one more than the other guy. i think at the end of the day, the real problem, art, is that organized business interests, organized labor, you know, they know how to play this money game and this gives them more freedom to play it. but there are lots of people out there watching who don't belong to any organized group. and aren't in a position to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to political committees. and you have to wonder what happens, one person, one vote.
3:46 pm
but if you're not part of the 1% to the billionaires club or the rest, your influence is so much less. i mean, there is no pac out there for poor kids. >> yep. no money, no voice. let's talk about this, you say that this violates the protection of political speech. how so? >> well, there is this debate that's been going on since 1976. we used to say, is money speech? obviously nothing is more important than participation in the political process. but i would also argue that nothing is more important than the integrity of the political process. and equating money with participation, which is really what the court has done, raises real doubts and questions about the integrity of the process. and so we have this mixed system now where there is still limits, you can only give $5,200. only, most of us can do that.
3:47 pm
-- $5,200 to an individual candidate. more than most people can ever give. but unlimited money through these various loopholes and i really do think that it undermines confidence in the political process. it leaves lots of people to say, look, i don't want to spend my time raising money. i'm going to retire. i'm not going to run. i'm not going to participate. and it leaves some people, or some interests that don't have money behind them without a seat at the table. >> seems like it could be lop sided for sure. by the way, did you say you bet gregg on this? how much money did you win? >> gregg, did we bet on this one? >> we didn't bet this one, but i have yet to win a single supreme court bet with susan. why? because you just heard her. she's so smart. she's smarter than i am. >> glad you said it. >> gregg's smart, but you're smarter, so you. >> better looking.
3:48 pm
>> no, no. i want to remind everybody, don't forget you can read susan's syndicated column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. gregg? >> all right. spring allergy season is on its way with so many over the counter remedies, look at these in front of me. how do you choose which one? i picked the purple one 'cause that's my favorite color. how can we save on allergy meds? coming up, stick around for that. ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore.
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switch to comcast business internet. then add voice and tv for just $34.90 more per month. and you'll be ready for tomorrow today. comcast business. built for business. spring time is here and it brings a lot of snivelling and sneezing and/:!sñ 20 percent of americans suffering from seasonal allergies fear not. consumer reports tested the popular allergy medication and here is lisa to tell us. >> hello. >> how do you know? dow need the allergy pills? >> it is when you can't take it the runny nose and watery eyes.
3:53 pm
and main things is your symptoms are so bad can lead to asthma and sinus infections. >> but, look, my daughters have allergies and in the store, you can fill a store with after the accident lerjy meds. you brought a few. >> there are dozens of them. we tested and looked at analysis of the newer ones. they don't make you drowsy and are not a stimullant. >> so what do we start with here. here's the thing they are equally effective. and you may have a personal preference. you may find that one works
3:54 pm
better than other. >> they are all good. >> and it comes down to shopping on price. this is all of these used to be a a lera and claritton and s zyrtec. now they are generic? >> how much is it versus that. >> this is just about 24 percent less. >> wow. that is a lot. >> and 21.99. and the store brand 16.32. and that is if you are shopping. the active ingredients are there. npop quiz in the end of the segment. clarittan versus eradin.
3:55 pm
and a cvs version. 19.50 for claritton versus cvs at $5. same number of tablets. >> and it is interesting. i will say this. we brought cvs and walgrowns. some of the best deals are at walmart and target. >> and here we have zyrtec and the generic. >> bottom line, it is 21.97 and this is a cvs 15.34. and all work. and depends on if you choose brand name versus the generic. >> what about the nose sprays and afrin. >> afrin is a decongest cent. but there is nasanex and it
3:56 pm
works well. >> thank you, lisa. that's going to do it for us. harris faulkner is up next with the fox report. have a good weekend, bye-bye.
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fox urgent china's news agency said a ship detected a pulse in the indian ocean. this could be a ground breaking development in the search for missing flight 370. 239 people vanished. and the intensity is to find the black boxes to find out what happened. australian officials say the pulse signals are consistent of an aircraft black box. so far no confirmation they are from the missing


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