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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 6, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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have missed at and follow us on twitter as well. we are back here next sunday morning, 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. eastern with the latest buzz. this hour, there are new signs of hope in the search for flight 370. now a total of three signals have been picked up from the bottom of the indian ocean. the chinese ship detected two of those signals on friday and an australian ship carrying sophisticated deep sea sounding equipment reportedly heard the third signal in a different area yesterday. of course the big question right now, trying to find out if those signals do indeed come from the missing plane's black boxes. hello, everyone, and welcome to "america's news headquarters." >> i think the families are not the only ones hoping that those
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pings mean they have found something. they are encouraging developments tempered by a dose of caution. we want to be careful with this. time is definitely not on the side of the multi national search effort. ships and planes are racing to confirm that the sounds that are coming from flight data recorders, if they are, they have to get there before the beacon batteries run out and those signals fall silent. david piper is streaming live from bangkok, thailand, as he has been on this story. david, what's the latest? >> reporter: yes, there are those fresh signs that the international search operation may be closing in on where that malaysian airlines jet is. a chinese ship has now reported twice detecting those pulses in the southern indian ocean, and each time they were, we understand, in the same area. but the second time the pulses were heard saturday, they were described as fleeting. the pulses are reported to be on the same sound frequency as those that are sent from black boxes on a plane. the australian coordinators of
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the sea search are describing the sounds the chinese ship detected as an important lead. >> this morning we were contacted by the chinese authorities and advised that late yesterday afternoon they had redetected the signals within just two kilometers of the original detection. this is an important and encouraging lead. but one which i urge you to continue to treat carefully. >> the australian authorities are also keen to stress nothing is conclusive yet, and an australian ship has also reported picking up an underwater sound in a different area, about 300 nautical miles away. the ship is now investigating the sound before joining the chinese ship in investigating the pulse it's detected. they are part of a huge international search operation
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that today involved 12 aircraft and 13 ships looking in three areas, over 1,000 miles west of perth, australia. of course they are racing against time because those batteries of the black box is expected to run out any time. >> david piper live for us. we will check back for you. there is new news about this third ping. thank you very much. eric. a u.s. navy warship is reaching into action, reaching a disabled sailboat to rescue a sick toddler at sea. they were responding to a call for help from the boat. it's been taking on water hundreds of miles off the mexican coast. the parents and their two young children started sailing to the south pacific when their 1-year-old fell ill. get this, four california air national guard rescuers actually parachuted into the scene to help stabilize that little girl. >> amazing work they're doing there. the white house is just announcing that president obama and the first lady plan to attend a memorial in texas on
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wednesday. there will be church services held to remember the victims of last week's ft. hood shooting. families in the community are working to cope with the latest tragedy to hit that base. meanwhile, investigators are still processing an active crime scene, trying to discover why ivan lopez may have opened fire. four soldiers, including himself, died and 16 others were injured. rick leventhal joins me live from ft. hood. rick, how are they coping on base? >> reporter: it's a very, very tough situation as you can imagine, jamie, and it's a rainy, gloomy sunday here in killeen, texas, which is a tight community that revolves around ft. hood. there are tens of thousands of civilians who are on and off this post every single day, so when something happens here and tragedy strikes, of course this town rallies together. at many churches across killeen, texas, the focus shifted to the
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victims, the survivors and their families. at the first united methodist church of killeen, the pastor led the congregation in a prayer for the fallen, lighting four candles for the three victims and for the shooter, singing songs such as "amazing grace." church members hugged and cried, seeking comfort and peace. >> tragedy is never the last word. this community knows that because they have experienced it and they know that god will see them through. but the resilience, the support of each person in the community, the support that the military is able to give in situations like this, i believe that this community truly knows and lives that the tragedy is not the last word. >> reporter: meanwhile the army continues to search for answers as to why ivan lopez snapped. witnesses say he was upset over a leave of absence request. that he went to an hr office seeking a form for time off and was told to come back the next
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day. instead he stormed out, retrieved his handgun and opened fire, first on a supervisor and shooting others randomly before eventually killing himself. as of yesterday morning the extensive crime scene was still being processed by the army's criminal investigation. we are not sure whether that work is continuing today. certainly this weather cannot be helpi helping. >> and rick, the president and first lady coming? >> reporter: i think it means a lot to the soldiers and community here. he spoke very powerly in 2009 after that tragic shoot think it's important to the people that the president be here this week. >> we appreciate you being there. i know it's been a hard week for anyone who respects the military as much as we do. thank you, rick. best to you. jamie, to iran now and preventing a possible nuclear bomb. negotiations will resume in 48 hours in vienna between tehran and the six world powers.
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it's part of efforts to reach a comprehensive agreement by late july. to limit iran's controversial uranium enrichment activities in return for lifting billions in economic sanctions. the u.s. ambassador, and former ambassador to the united nations joins us now as he does every week at this time. ambassador, hello. >> good morning, how are you? >> good to see you. what do you think could come from this third round of negotiations that start on tuesday? >> interestingly in the past few days, the iranian side has been giving all kinds of positive messages about how much progress has been made at technical level talks, which could mean one of two things. either the united states and europe are making more concessions to the iranian side which would certainly make them feel good or the iranians are doing what they have been so successful at in the past, giving the impression of progress to keep the
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negotiations going. remember, as long as these negotiations continue, the sanctions are suspended and indeed more and more iranian/european trade deals in particular are being consummated, helping the iranian economy. so i think from their point of view, they're going to try to put the best face on it. the concern i have is that maybe it's the first message that's right, that the united states and europe are making even more concessions to bolster and legitimatize iranes nuclear weapons program. >> what are the standards here? how far apart are they and what should we look for? >> in the first several rounds of negotiations, the subject matter was really very, very limited, focused essentially on uranium enrichment capability and certain associated issues like the iraq heavy water reactor. there were no discussions about the actual weaponization program, the development of the weapon itself and nothing about limiting iran's ballistic
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missile programs. there's been no evidence since then that those issues have been put on the table. in fact by limiting the scope of the discussions, both the west and iran have allowed the prospect for iran's enrichment capacity to be legitimatized and blessed under the guise of iraning of a peaceful nuclear program. if iran gets that, as they have temporarily as the sanctions have been lifted, they are on a way to a nuclear weapon basically at the time of their own choosing. >> they're not destroying anything or getting rid of centrifuges, they're really unplugging stuff from the wall and not letting u.n. inspectors in to one of the military sites. what do you expect will happen july 20th when they're supposed to have the deal finished? >> the chief european negotiator has already said she didn't think they could make that deadline and i suspect that's right. i think from iran's point of
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view the longer these negotiations go on, they are by the terms of the deal itself extendible for six months beyond that july deadline, the better off they are. even if we got to the end of a year of negotiations and the five permanent members of the security council in germany said there's no hope here, the idea that you could turn a light switch and have the economic sanctions come back into place just isn't going to work. the iranians have scored a huge break-through. it's in their interest of continuing the illusion of making diplomatic progress for as long as they can. i think that's the game they'll play this week in vienna. >> talking about the illusion, look who they want to send to the united nations, we have his picture from linkedin, apparently he was a member of the student group that took over the american embassy in 1979 and held our fellow civilians and diplomats hostage for 440 days. ambassador, what does his pick, his choice mean to us? >> well, it shows the ayatollah
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in tehran have nothing but contempt for the obama white house. they know this is an insult to the united states, it's a thumb in our eye, but they also know that the white house is so fearful of doing anything that might upset these vienna negotiations that they will allow this diplomat in to represent iran. they won't try and stop it, even though i think they have got grounds under the u.n. headquarters agreement to do it. and they'll flaunt this guy around the united states and in the media to show how they have been able diplomatically to wrap president obama around their little finger. >> and we are still waiting to see if the state department will stop that visa. ambassador john bolton, always nice to see you. to another mideast development and that is egypt. presidential elections are set for next month and a former general is widely expected to win. this as the country has been plagued by terrorist attacks by
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islamist militants targeting police and civilians. he took power last year from mohamed morsi who's now on trial along with other members of the egyptian brotherhood political party. they call it a dictatorship, but supporters say the change reflects the will of the egyptian people and are calling on more help from the obama administration in the face of the continuing attacks. >> i would like washington to support the egyptian people, egyptian army in getting rid of the terrorists from sinai and they should do this immediately. washington and the united states were always fighting terrorists, all over the world, so this is one of the american principles and they should stick to it. >> secretary of state john kerry has said he will decide in the coming weeks whether to completely restore washington's $1.5 billion military aid package that was partly
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suspended to protest morsi's ouster. secretary of defense chuck hagel is offering harsh words for china today. during his visit to japan, why he says china must show better respect to its neighbors. and the search teams are working overtime. they're trying to determine the fate of malaysia airlines flight 370. we'll look at all the steps that could be taken to make sure this search and another search in the future is done in a way that is acceptable to our government with congressman peter king next.
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welcome back, everybody. there are three pings that have been detected deep under the indian ocean and we still don't know if they have any connection to malaysian flight 370 and the
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fate of that plane, what happened. let's bring in now republican congressman peter king of new york, a member of the house homeland security committee. he also works in counterterrorism. congre congressman king, welcome. i asked you to come back because i want to ask you about lessons learned at this point. you were pretty outraged when i first spoke to you after this happened a month ago that the malaysian government didn't allow the fbi to come in immediately and have actress to the pil-- access to the pilot's simulator and all of the other details regarding the disappearance of this jet. >> yeah, i was outraged at the time and continue to be. the fact is that from day one and even before the flight took off, the malaysian government has failed to do its job. the reality is that allowing people as you find out now to randomly go on the plane with stolen passports, without checking with interpol, allowing the inspection to go ahead for
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four days before they told everyone that the plane had actually rerouted and gone in a different direction, we wasted three or four days going northeast rather than southwest. this is -- and then the fact that they didn't bring any international organizations in, other international organizations like the fbi, like scotland yard, like even chinese, australians, indonesians, they would all have the ability to combine together and work evidence. g go to the simulator and see what was there. look into the background of the people involved, the backgrounds of all the people on the plane. whether or not that would have helped, the fact is more often than not it does and we have to set a precedent for the future, that you have to have, i believe, international cooperation at every level once a disaster like this happens and before the disaster occurs, to have much stricter guidelines as far as allowing who's on the plane and who's not. >> so we may never know whether it would have made a difference,
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a significant difference in determining motive, opportunity or actually what physically happened to that plane. as a result, what can be done about it? would it take congressional action, the united nations? how can we make a country like malaysia -- and just to remind people, you taught us early on malaysia doesn't have any direct flights to the united states so we have no control over their security measures that are taken when people and cargo get on these planes. >> i think it's important that international covenants be arrived at, agreements that are binding between countries and companies involved. whether or not it's flying to your particular country or not, there has to be, i believe, more international agreement, accord on, for instance, checking with interpol to see who's getting on the plane and who's not. and how immediately communications should go out once there is a disaster where information is shared and it can be done in a way that will not
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reveal secret intelligence or methods and strategies of intelligence. but to, again, have the fbi look at the simulator. to have the australians come in and provide more information to the australians, the chinese, and it's only logical that the chances for recovery would have been done a lot sooner. >> before i let you go, i have to switch gears to north korea, continues to be a threat to the united states. defense secretary chuck hagel has said he's sending two more missile destroyers to japan. he wants better cooperation. does he have a shot? >> yes. i think secretary hagel is right. i think part of this is in response to what happened in crimea. japan is concerned that the lack of will -- the mixed signals the u.s. showed in crimea and the ukraine could also occur in the dispute between japan and china over the islands in the east china sea and also with north korea now, actually threatening more missile sites, tests.
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also the fact they have been lobbying mortar rounds across the border into south korea and it's important we stand up to north korea, stand up to china and reassure japan even though we did not do the right thing in crimea, we will in the pacific. >> i have to go, congressman, thank you. we'll be right back. i bought a car, over and tells you, and you're like. a good deal or not. looking at there's no buyer's remorse. save time, save money, and never overpay. visit legs, for crossing. feet...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to ma,
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and tomorrow you'll do even more. that's what comcast business was built for. slow dsl from the phone company was built for stuff like this. switch to comcast business internet. then add voice and tv for just $34.90 more per month. and you'll be ready for tomorrow today. comcast business. built for business. the fall of the berlin wall, the liberation of kuwait, these historic events all took place during the presidency of george h.w. bush and it's a very special weekend at his presidential library at texas a&m university. celebrating 25 years since that great american took office. shannon breen is live in college station, texas. shannon, you have seen 41 and one of his sons?
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>> reporter: yes, we have. former president bush 41 and the first lady have really enjoyed being here as family, friends and members of his administration have come back to mark 25 years since the start of his presidency. it's been fascinating to hear their stories about those events and how it came together. i did talk to his son former florida governor jeb bush this morning. we talked about a lot of things, but i asked him about his statement that he thinks the gop should get more comfortable campaigning outside its comfort zone. here's what he told me. >> campaigns ought to be about listening and learning and getting better, because you may actually win. and if you win, you actually have to do something. so i do think we've lost our way. and this is not a -- i would say that the democrats do the same thing, so i'm not being critical of my party here, i just think that campaigns themselves are reflective of this new america that's less connected with one another. >> reporter: of course i asked him about education, immigration
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and whether he plans to run in 2016. you'll have to stick around to find out, back to you. >> we'll find out, looking forward to it and a great weekend for the former president. thank you, shannon. as shannon just said, you can catch the rest of his interview with former florida governor jeb bush coming up in just over half an hour from now at 1:00 p.m. eastern. looking forward to that. and could beer really be used to reduce your risk of cancer? a lot of people want that to be so. researchers say soaking your next steak in your favorite brew might actually do that. the doctors are in for "sunday house call" next. we'll be right back.
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and it's time now for "sunday housecall." great to have you here. i'm jaime colby. >> and joining us is dr. marc siegel, the author of "the inner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness and health." >> dr. david samadi joins us as well, chief of robotic surgery. welcome, doctor. good to have you here. ready to get healthy, everybody? healthier? i wanted to ask you both about a condition that affects millions of americans because there's a brand new study that finds eczema that starts in


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