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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 10, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it to look like me and then took out a knife and stabbed it continually. >> he's not happy about colbert replacing letterman. he said he knows how to wield the knife. tell me what you think. we'll see you tomorrow night at 9:00. watching. i'm megan welcome to the special audience edition of hannity. beach destinations for the most coveted week of the year. that's spring break. with all that fun in the sun, there's excessive drinking and drugs and partying and more. we sent the hosts of fox and friends down to florida to see exactly what's going on on spring break with your kids. >> this is panama city beach,
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florida. one of the many destinations in the country where college kids go on spring break. >> what kinds of things are you seeing? >> we're seeing boobs, weeds, twerking, everything. >> somebody snorted cocaine. >> in public? >> in public. >> what's the craziest thing you've seen? when do people start drinking here? >> literally, right when we wake up. >> when is that? >> 10:00 a.m. >> that's the mission, to get
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drunk. >> i've seen people smoking marijuana right now at the beach. >> have you gotten arrested for it? >> no. >> what time do you guys start drinking in the morning? >> 6:00 a.m. >> i have vodka and red bull and i'm getting crunk as a mug. >> are you drinking right now? >> what does it look like? >> did you get arrested? >> no, he tried to fight me and i fought him back. >> joining me now for reaction is our studio audience. we have sex on the beach, drunk drunkenness. >> where are their parents? somebody can be there to
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withhold things when they see this activity happening. a lot of parents get their kids consent. their parents are saying yes. i don't know if that's because parents don't know actually what's going on. i hope when they see this feet a -- footage, it's an eye opener. >> did anybody ever pay you to go spy on kids on spring break? >> no. what i'm looking at here, you can go to any college on a thursday or friday night and you can see the same thing. i'm still on that investigation of that girl that disappeared at indiana university. it's like every weekend. they prep themselves up all yearlo yearlong. when they hit spring break, it's everyone worse. this is a real issue. i have a son in college.
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i drove all the way up there 4.5 hours. hookah is the new thing. >> i went to auburn university in the south. spring break was huge there as it is here. you go off to college. your parents can't be there holding your hand every step of the way. what's next? education. cops need to be in shops. cracking down on fake ids. cracking down on bars in spring break destinations in las vegas or florida and not let them sell to people underage. >> the laws are different. there is no, you have to be 21 in order to drink. that's why they're going to
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these other places. >> how many have been to spring break? be honest. you didn't go? >> no. i was a boring nerdy kid. >> right. >> spring break has been a thing since girls gone wild. since there was a movie in 1983 called "spring break." social media, we didn't have that back in 1983. >> it's interesting that you say that. there was a girl that was totally naked over the weekend. guys were touching her and now it is posted all over instagram and twitter. that girl is going to have to live with that the rest of her life. is that going to impact her emotionally as she gets older? >> they have done studies. my mother sent me to
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centervilleage. do you know what that is in florida? it's like for 80 and up. >> you know where the highest percentage of std is, right? that's not made up. i was tending bar at 17 while i was in high school, closing the bar, and then going to high school. >> this is endemic to america. all hell is breaking loose. these are democratic voters. eric holder wants felons to vote. they're going to have a voter registration in daytona. >> lynn, your reaction to that. either one of you. >> my reaction is that parents
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today really need to get a grip on what's going on. it stems from home when the kids are young. i just think what is happening today with society and kids is out of control. >> you know, the thing i worry about and this is the serious side. by the way, if you lookov over here, we have some of the equipment for spring break. this is a beer pong. by law, we have to have great american beer. i just started my own beer on the program. we used to take can openers and you would shoot a beer or whatever it is. now they have these funnels. here's the dangerous part. what happens to the kids that take drugs and they od or the ones that get alcohol poisoning? how many of you here -- do you know kids who have gone to the hospital? i do. i remember kids that did a lot of drugs when i was in school.
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>> this has been going on for a very long time, sean. this has been going on since the beginning of college basically. the reason why it looks worse or feels worse, one, we're getting older. >> right. go ahead. >> but also, it's because of these. i can record anything at any time. i went to panama city in1992. >> i've been down there. >> you know all those places, right? >> julia, what do you think? by the way, she is a former miss new york. >> currently. with social media, this is on the internet. with this economy, it's really hard to get a good job. >> do you think the kids are
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thinking about social media right? >> they should be. in this economy, the job marketing is challenging. they're going to be experiencing that come time for graduation. >> joanne, what do you think? >> the thing is with millenials there's two words to keep in mind. you only live once and fear of missing out. social media, i don't know, really brings that to the front. >> now we use social media. we go on facebook and we actually look at this. if we go on there and things aren't right, you could lose a job. >> what do you think? >> the problem is i have patients come in who have been -- they have actually come
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in practically dead because the people they're coming in with aren't awake yet. >> it's not only ecstasy. it's molly. >> the problem with molly is it sounds innocent. i had a patient who said, i can't believe molly did this to me. >> what did it do? >> it put her in a coma. she was in a coma for about four days. when she woke up, she said, i can't believe molly did this to me. >> there are -- one in four or binge drinkers. there are three that are good influences. it effects all kids, but it is
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still a minority of kids. >> we as adults we think we can control our children, but when our children are 18, all we can do is pray our daughters don't go down there. >> let me disagree with you. in most cases, those kids don't have the money to go to cancun or panama city. if you want money for college, you're going to play by my rules. >> my daughter, there's no way in hell she's going through. but my son, i hope he has a great time. >> i write about celebrities all day long and i'm analyzing song lyrics 24/7. we have to get our celebrities to stop saying, i'm not a role model. you are a role model. they thing about syrup and
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molly. kids think, why don't i try it. >> what's happening is it's taking everybody a lot longer to grow up. so we have this emerging adulthood. you have these kids that really are in an adolescent state of mind. they're impulsive. their judgment is poor. even if you do have good parents that are giving you good values, if you are around your peers that are misbehaving -- >> they're going to misbehave. how many women in the audience agree with gavin that the boys get to go and the girls get to stay home? are they proud of what's going on in their backyard at
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their beach? first we take you on a ride along with the brave men and women who are protecting the kids down there in florida. our audience will be back. they'll respond as well. stick around.
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welcome back to our audience edition of "hannity." she was done in florida and she spent an entire shift riding along with the bay county sheriff's department to see just how out of control things are getting. >> that's the last one. it was quiet and chilly and then
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all hell broke loose. there was a gun sitting right under the armrest. this year was more physical than year's past for whatever reason. officer safety, stay out of the crowds, make sure you're backing each other up. >> you know we try to enforce every aspect that we can. some things you just can't get to. we can't get into the middle of a crowd and deal with something. it's an officer safety issue.
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i there's probably a year's worth of crime in a week period. our arrests go sky high. last year's spring break we arrested close to 700 people in that period. just last week, we were already at 500. we'll probably go over that amount this year. anytime you get a 200,000 to tourists who want to come and party and relax, it's a huge issue. >> how much have you had to drink tonight? >> [ inaudible ]. >> place your hands behind your
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back, okay? >> they're intoxicated beyond their capabilities. you'll have people prey on them. >> the people that come in to prey on the college kids, college kids get drunk and scream and have fun, but we have the other factors that come in. there are guns, rape, robbery, and pilferers. that's what we have to do with more than anything. >> they're out here partying and they party too much and they end up dying. >> it's unfortunate, but every year we work investigations that can include alcohol poisoning, dui accidents. it's very unfortunate, and we try to combat the problems that
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we've seen. >> we had someone that fell eight or nine floors that actually lived that hit a tree. >> we turn back to our studio audience. you heard about the 100 milers. you have a group of people there from surrounding communities. they're there, they know the spring breakers and they're there to prey on them. >> being a parent today is hard. we cannot win. my niece was there last year. she kept texting me. she was kind of scared she was going to be busted. she was down there with 16 other girls staying in a two bedroom condo with one bathroom. that's where the drama came from. we can't say no. parents before could say no. now you have to explain.
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>> i can say no. >> you have to explain yourself. >> i don't have to explain anything. you went to spring break. where did you go? >> i went to south beach. i didn't do it like that. i probably had a drink or two. >> you went before social media exploded. >> i think people are doing things in excess because it's not like okay. it's the same thing with overeating and dessert. my kids have a piece of chocolate every morning. >> you get caught up in that environment. come on. let's do a shot. >> the police are arresting the people who are abusing the law or breaking the law and the kids who are being sick or overdose at that point in time are taken to the hospitals.
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it's putting a terrible strain on the resources of these areas. >> they do not have the manpower. >> right. >> it's like a scene out of the movie "noah." >> seriously, there are a lot of young people out there that are not doing stuff like this. there are hundreds and hundreds of kids who are doing good things. this last summer, they had a couple of hundred kids building homes that were destroyed by hurricane sandy. >> i'm not worried about that. >> unfortunately, we sort of generalize there, but there are good kids out there doing good things with their spring breaks. >> one second. republicans are at home. democrats are the drunks. men and women are equal, but we're different. we don't get pregnant and we're
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a little bit bigger. if i had a college son, i'd say here's a hundred bucks go have some fun. would you ever tell your daughter that? >> before all hell -- hold on a second. how many ladies want to respond to gavin and bill? i'll get to that i promise. >> to the person down there who said spring break began in 1983 with the movies, it began long before that. >> for those at home, he's a liberal. he was smoking pot in the 60s, listening to the dead. >> we both know what we were doing when we were that age and we survived. sadly, some kids will not survive. the police know they're coming for spring break. most of these kids survive. some of them get carried away. most of them don't. we have to take a break.
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we're going to see exactly what happens when your kids get locked up literally like a dog cage and the portable jail cells. later, the mayor, the police chief, the city manager of panama beach, they're all here to respond. that and much more. are they proud of what's going on in their backyard? straight ahead. you are feeling exhilarated with front-wheel drive. you are feeling powerful with a 4-cylinder engine. [ male announcer ] open your eyes... to the 6-cylinder, 8-speed lexus gs. with more standard horsepower than any of its german competitors. this is a wake-up call. ♪ this is a wake-up call. why relocating manufacturingpany to upstate new york?
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or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor about other medicines you'rtang. call your doctor rht away if you have muscle pain or weakness, fl unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin eyes. these could be sig of rare but seris side effects. crestor! yes! [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about crestor. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca y be able toelp. all right. welcome back to our studio audience edition of "hannity." spring break leads to allot of arrests. instead of the cops hauling them off to jail one by one, in bay county, florida, they have started bringing the jail to them. you have portable cells and booking stations that are set up
10:26 pm
just blocks away from the beach on spring break. gavin got this started. billy cunningham came to his defense. you say it is different -- the parents, it's okay to send their sons. >> men and women are different. i don't know if you've seen them in the nude. they have totally different genitalia. the worst thing that can happen to them is a gun is pulled on them and their wallet is stolen. >> hang on. hang on. >> the problem with women is rape. the women there are human garbage whose parents don't love them. >> who is raping the women? it's the men. who is getting arrested?
10:27 pm
in the footage, it's only men. >> they bring in guns -- >> hold on. as a mom of two young boys, kids today at a young age need to go on what's going on with social media. it needs to be taught at a young age the severity of this. i went to syracuse university. it was a party school. today what is happening with the social media, parents need to start a young age. >> you would give 100 bucks to your son. >> i know it is politically incorrect, but boys are different than girls. we don't get pregnant. >> hold on. whoa, whoa. one at a time. >> that is true. the end result there -- oftentimes the responsibility
10:28 pm
falls heaviest on a woman. it is about female empowerment. they don't feel like they're being degraded. they feel liberated when they do this. >> what about what gavin and billy are saying, that boys can go? >> so listen. if you're telling me that you only think it is the girls like me, human trash, do you think guys only hang out with their boys on spring break? they want girls there too. at the end of the day -- >> everybody needs to get heard. >> it has to do with the values that you're given and the peer pressure and the ghb that is put in unknowing girl's drinks at the end of the day. i don't think a girl is going to date rape me. i think a guy is going to date
10:29 pm
rape me. >> don't send your daughters there. >> that's unrealistic that you're not going to send your daughters to spring break. >> is there a double -- >> there is a double standard. >> should we be more protective of our daughters? >> i have a son and a daughter. i would be just as worried about my son as my daughter. >> would he get raped? >> i have two sons and two daughters. i can speak on both behalves. i worry about my daughters drinking more. i worried about the poor guy they were going out with because women are more aggressive than men. >> one at a time. yeah. go, go, go. hang on. >> however, we're not talking about predatory behavior, but
10:30 pm
we're also thinking about people who are amped up. guys get amped up. they get into bar fights. there was a guy who went on spring break and he got into an altercation and died on the spot. it took five years to bring that guy to justice. everybody is at risk. >> you know your kid, whether it is a girl or boy. know if they can handle it. i went on spring break. my participaents trusted me. i know how to take care of myself. we know people put things in drinks. don't put your drink down. >> i would just say don't send your kids, period. you can talk to them about other alternatives like service trips or a family vacation or rent a house with your girlfriends. >> good point. >> you said the worst thing
10:31 pm
pregnancy can happen? the last time i checked death was worst thing that could happen. >> every intercourse at spring break is some kind of a rape. women should not be there. >> gavin, we got a break. we'll come back. coming up, you'll see how out of control things get. we'll talk to the police chief and the city mayor of panama city beach. they'll join us on national tv straight ahead. ♪
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welcome back to our audience edition of "hannity." you've seen from our reports how out of control things are when you let your kids head off to spring break. we went down to panama city beach, florida, one of the many spring break hot spots. here are the police chief and the mayor and the city manager. madame mayor, we had you on report saying you were shocked by what you saw going on on our report. you were really shocked? >> well, good evening, sean. i was just kind of shocked to see it on your show. we've been a spring break destination for about 60 years. over the years, our culture, our ways of life, our ethics have changed, and so have our spring
10:38 pm
breakers. this is something that we're just facing that's different. >> it's different why? because it's gotten a little out of control. isn't there advertising that goes along with this that you want the kids to go to panama city beach? >> the city doesn't market the beach at all. what we do as a city is provide services, infrastructure, and protection. they spend very little money advertising spring break. now the merchants who benefit from it do. >> fair enough, but you were very aware of the things we were showing on our report. none of that should have been new to you. you're aware of what's going on on the beach, the arrests, the hundred milers, all of that, right? >> yes, we are. and those are certain areas of the beach. there are other areas of the
10:39 pm
beach that so many of the things that were shown are not happening. that's not the kind of activity we like to see our kids do. >> police chief, welcome to the program. it was very obvious that you guys were under manned and what can be for you guys a pretty dangerous situation. tell us from your perspective how bad it is dealing with large a number of kids? >> we deal with this. we prepare for this all year round. after every spring break, we start planning for the future spring break. we bring in the florida highway patrol and the bureau of alcohol tobacco, and firearms. the area you went to has the largest nightclubs in the world.
10:40 pm
some of that environment is -- the actions that i saw in your video, that's an environment -- >> from what i was able to see, you guys are doing a great job with the resources you have under difficult circumstances. is it true every year there is usually a fatality? there's one kid that ends up dying? >> we had one this year that was involved in a dui accident which took his life. he was a young man. those things do happen when you have 200,000, 300,000 kids here. i'm proud of all the men and women working out in the trenches. >> it's obvious you guys are doing a great job. i have no criticism whatsoever of the police department. i think you guys are doing the best you can and helping to keep
10:41 pm
the community safe and the kids who go down there. let me ask the city manager a question. knowing that this is coming every year, is there anything you think the city ought to be doing to help protect them more? maybe giving the police department more resources, maybe warning the parents more what's happening? >> some of the things we really like to do is inform the students who are here to travel in groups. so we encourage the students to walk in pairs at minimum or groups, back each other up. you want to travel safely. we have officers -- i have talked to spring breakers who have said we don't have to turn around more than twice to find an officer somewhere. we want to make sure they can see there is safety with them. >> then you have to worry -- i
10:42 pm
know, chief, you have to worry about these hundred milers, those people coming in to prey on those kids. that's a big problem, right? >> they know there will be large groups of kids in certain locations. that's something we prepare for. we put extra officers out there. i'm very proactive. i've been in law enforcement for 27 years. it's something we plan for. they come down here to prey on the spring breakers. so my officers get out of their cars and we walk amongst them. they know anywhere they turn around they're going to see a police officer in a uniform. >> maybe i'll be down there next year and we'll do a live show from the beach. maybe we'll see you then. thank you-all for being with us. coming up, we're going to bring back our audience to get their reaction.
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all right. welcome back to our studio audience edition of "hannity." we've been talking all about panama city. the kids wear this hat. >> it is now hands free. >> is that right? >> wine, soda. >> hands free. that's obvious. you have the tube where you can suck on the beer anytime you want. this is, i think, soda. what we used to do was open it up and call shotgun. that's advanced. >> i did go a southern college, but i did not do this at home. if we want to reenact it, sean, shall we? okay. >> there's a lot of water there.
10:49 pm
>> put your thumb on it. and then -- >> whoa! >> all right. everyone claps. there you go. these obviously are tube shots. >> tube shots. usually they're handed around so everyone can have one. usually it's a mixed drink of sorts. >> is this like a sweet drink? >> yeah. >> this is not something bill has done in his life. beer pong. >> from 20 feet away, you're supposed to throw it. if the ball goes in the cup, you have to shoot that cup. there you go. >> it will go in and the beer in
10:50 pm
there, you would shoot it. >> we're fine. there are supposed to be ten cups here and now there's tournaments. teams descending. >> there are beer pong bars that advertise. >> now you're even. thank you for -- chloe had the hardest job, but she did good with that. you're talking about, what, a shot of beer? >> or vodka. >> if you're playing and it is a long game, you could be doing in the course of an hour how many shots? >> 20. >> three or four beers per hour. >> i like a beer, especially in the summer. ice cold. that takes out all the fun of drinking a beer. >> the problem with something like this is you're drinking it so quickly.
10:51 pm
you're judgment is immediately impaired. you don't feel like yourself. it's not a smart move. then if you're getting behind the wheel of a car and you're drinking more, not a smart move. >> never do fireball shots or these. they seem sweet. they're in a cute little test tube. >> it's not just the kids doing this. i got introduced to this as an adult. it is parents doing this as well. >> so you are doing this still today? >> no. thank you for that one. the kids are probably doing this because they've seen their parents doing it. >> i know parents that have smoked pot with their kids. what are you thinking? >> exactly.
10:52 pm
>> they're not thinking. >> everybody has cell phones. this photo on facebook isn't going to help you get a job. >> we got to take a break. coming back, our closing thoughts with our studio audience after the break. ritis . but if you have arthritis, this can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain, and improve daily physical function so moving is easier. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain. and it's not a narcotic you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death.
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welcome back to "hannity." we turn back to our studio audience. we have some final thoughts. gavin, you want to start anymore trouble. >> yeah, let's start some trouble. i think there's a great opportunity for a small town to make a lot of money. the cops are not overwhelmed. there's a myth about social media. the only problem here is that parents are allowing -- are not
10:58 pm
having a good enough relationship with their daughters and letting their daughters go. i think what we've seen here in panama city and across the country is what happens when parents are not parents. they're raising -- for the boys, they're raising sexual predators and these young ladies who are disgracing themselves is just outrageous. it is time for parents to start parenting. >> it really comes down to parents. >> to end things on a positive note -- >> you know a lot about beer pong, by the way. >> a conversation for another time. there are fraternities that are banning pledging because of all the dangers that go along with hazing. >> on behalf of high school seniors everywhere, thanks for
10:59 pm
that how to video. >> they can get alcohol poisoning. >> one kid gets alcohol poisoning a year. >> come on. >> i think the sheriff in your interview had a great point about a buddy system. men should have a buddy system. >> they should have a buddy system for crying out loud. >> i think it's great we're keeping this here in this great country. don't go to cancun. stay here. >> sean, talk to your kids before they go. let them understand you know what goes on there. you tell them, listen to me, i trust you. i'm not going to be there with
11:00 pm
you. maybe it won't stop them. >> thank you all. give yourselves a big hand. thank you for being with us. got to go. have a great night. this is a fox news alert. h.h.s. secretary kathleen sebelius is resigning. president obama accepting secretary sebelius' resignation in the wake of the rocky obamacare rollout. tomorrow the president will nominate her replacement. ed henry joins us. ed? >> greta, obama line is there is two major reasons for. this number one, you talk to senior administration officials, they feel like they have turned a corner on both the web site fixes but also have over 7 billion signups. they think that provides an opportunity for a pause here and obviously a change in leadership. we have been expecting if this for a while. a week or so ago the president had the. rally about the 7 million


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