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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 13, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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i'm stuart varney. you can catch me weekdays on varney & company 11:00 a.m. eastern sharp on fox business network. paul is back next week. hope you can join us then. ♪ a fox news alert. i'm arthel neville. we're getting reports of multiple shootings at a community center in overland park in kansas city. opening fire in kansas city. this is happening, keep in mind, before the shooter is then going on to an assisted living center which is nearby. this report is coming one day before pass over, which begins tomorrow at sundown. joining me now from the phone, former d.c. homicide detectives rod wheeler is here. rod, when you first hear this, you've got multiple shootings at
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two separate jewish communities. what comes to mind. >> first, i can tell you law enforcement right now as i speak are trying to put the situation in a control situation meaning they want to be able to identify everyone who may be involved in the shootings. from what i understand, and i've been following this closely, because as you know, arthel, this is a fluid situation actually going on now in overland park, kansas. they are trying to figure out if it's one individual who is a shooter or more than one. they are also looking at this from the perspective, is this a hate crime, are there other individuals out there. these are questions law enforcement is trying to figure out now. just so viewers know, overland park is an upscale area, i'm very familiar with that area. a lot of traffic in that area. it's south of kansas city. it's right off interstate 35, so there's a lot of traffic in that area as well. so these are the kind of things
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law enforcement is trying to figure out, there are any more victims. of course, who is this individual, are there more than one individual. >> of course, rod, we say this is fluid. we're not sure. we hate to give numbers but early, early reports saying one, possibly two people dead at this point. i want to point out, you talk about how populated this area is, happening 1:00 p.m. local time, currently 2:30 there in kansas city central time, the jewish community center of greater kansas city in has particular facility, which is where the first shooting was reported, this happened inside a theater where you had teenagers auditioning for kansas city superstar play there. naturally if you have kids there, you have parents there. parents are not there, if they hear this sort of report they are going to want to run there to check on their children. what do you say to the people of kansas city who want to look after their loved ones but also
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remain safe themselves and not get in the way of this fluid investigation. >> exactly. that is so important, especially now in the early part of this investigation. the police at this point, arthel, they aren't exactly sure, as i said earlier, how many people are involved in this, how many injuries there are. ha there have been a number of reports. you hear this when situations are fluid. the important thing for parents to understand and to realize now this is very fluid. because of that you have several police agencies, not just the local overland park police department, which is actually a pretty large police department. i'm very familiar with those folks. you also have the state police involved and probably have notified fbi because this may have the trappings, if you will, of a hate crime because of where these things occurred. the other thing that's very important for the viewers to understand is there's two separate crime scenes at this point. one, as you indicated earlier at the jewish community center in
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overland park, huge center, nice location, i've seen it myself. as a matter of fact, it's next to the hotel i stay at when i go out that way. and the shooting occurred at a jewish location not far from there, extended assisted living place for seniors. both locations are crime scenes. you have law enforcement agencies at both of these locations trying to gather as much information as they possibly can so they can identify the person or persons responsible for this horrific crime. >> rod, we're showing a map there. it looks like these two facilities are about three blocks apart. for those of you who are familiar, as rod is, with that area, i want to get very specific and let you know the jewish community center is located at 115 and jewish shalom living center on 123rd. if you're familiar with that area in overland park, kansas,
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you're family familiar where it is. the jewish community on shalom is on lockdown. >> the police are trying to determine whether or not there are any other shooters in the area. if they are, they are trying to figure out who they could possibly be. by the facility being on lockdown and this being an assisted living facility, what that simply means is that no one is going to be allowed, arthel, to go into that facility. obviously loved ones can contact their loved ones in the facility by telephone. until they can get this situation under control, no one will be allowed in or out of that facility. the main thing police is trying to figure out now is whether or not anybody is safe, are there any more victims and who the person could be responsible for this event. >> before i let you go, i want to give you a note just sent to me, spoke to the dispatcher with
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police confirming two shootings we've been reporting. dispatcher did say one person dead, did not comment on any possible injuries or deaths there. again, a very fluid situation there at jewish community center of greater kansas city as well as village shalom assisted living center now on lockdown. rod wheeler, i appreciate your time. would you stand by in case new developments take place while on air here. >> absolutely, arthel. >> okay, rod. thank you. we move on now to another fox news alert. rush calling for a meeting of u.n. secretary or security council at 8:00. it's going to happen tonight. this is a very dangerous situation developing right now in ukraine. the country's acting president saying it will launch a, quote, large scale anti-terrorist operation there against russian gunmen raising the risk of a possible military confrontation
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with moscow. earlier pro russian militants taking over this station in eastern ukraine leading to a gunbattle with ukrainian special operations forces. one ukrainian officer killed. at least five others wounded. meanwhile in moscow, at least 5,000 people holding an anti-kremlin rally. look at, this major crowd there denouncing russian state television coverage of the crisis in ukraine. some of the protesters carrying ukrainian flags. jessica is joining us from moscow via skype. what do you know now? >> we're hearing the latest, basically the interim president of ukraine coming out to, as you mentioned to say they will launch full scale against demonstrators, very strong words from him because basically ukraine has been threatening off and on for weeks to use force against pro russian
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demonstrators. apparently he's very upset now because one ukrainian security officer was skilled and other separatists were also killed today when the terrorist operation was launched 90 miles east of russia. we're also understanding now there were some 100 demonstrators that had basically taken over police barracks and buildings including children and elderly. once they learned ukraine was going to launch this operation many dispersed. unfortunately we do have casualties. the kremlin is saying all along they have nothing to do with demonstrations happening close to its border. as we know there are tens of thousands of russian troops lining ukraine. moscow says it does not want piece of ukraine. as you remember crimea voting it would join russia, russia saying it had nothing to do with that as well. it has been meek in trying to
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control the situation. these comments today are absolutely the strongest yet. ukraine has been very reticent, because as a lot of world leaders has come out to say nobody wants a war with moscow. world leaders are expected to meet this week. they are meeting this evening to address a situation. it's very tense, very fluid. also the demonstrators out marching today in moscow, about 5,000 of them, we heard earlier reports about 10,000. they are basically very upset because there's a big propaganda machine out of moscow basically showing television footage showing russians in crimea and also eastern ukraine are going to face personal attacks by the government in kiev. they are calling the government in kiev fascist. a lot of people in moscow are very upset because they say that is not the case. ukraine has not had a chance to install its own government and try to get control of their own
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country before moscow basically swooped in and caused all this havoc. so people here are very upset. i had a chance to see a lot of this footage that's on russian tv and it looks like something out of world war ii. a lot of tanks, guns, we must protect our comrades. you are facing a lot of threats from kiev, from the fascists there. so they are correct in saying it is propaganda. now, the big question is if this really is going to be launched, a full scale operation, like the acting interim president said, pro demonstrators, pro moscow have until 5:00 time tomorrow otherwise will face assault. if that happens, it's really going to be a tense situation because then moscow has the opportunity to do what they say is protect their own interest and it could, quite frankly, lead to war. >> that's the last thing we want to hear. jessica golloher, thank you for that live report from home.
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here at home lawmakers paying close attention to that developing situation there reacting to the latest unrest in ukraine you just heard about including republican senator john mccain. listen. >> we ought to at least, for god's sake, give them light weapons to defend themselves. so far this administration has not only not done that, they won't share intelligence with the ukrainian government. i can tell you from my conversations with people in the government, they feel abandoned by us. rightfully show. this is shameful. >> meanwhile vice president joe biden will be traveling to ukraine a week from tuesday where he will meet with government leaders and focus on efforts to stabilize the economy. we'll see if that time line continues. meantime national transportation and safety board said there was no evidence that the fedex truck was on fire before this week's deadly bus crash in orlando --
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or in oakland, california. ten people there were killed on thursday when investigators say that fedex truck crossed a freeway median and sideswiped a car before crashing into a bus that was carrying high school students on a trip to visit college. we are closely following developments out of kansas city as first reported. we are hearing reports ofmultip community center there. we're going to keep you updated as we learn more. keep it right here on fox news. my name is jenny, and i quit smoking with chantix.
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injured. the shooter reportedly opening fire at the jewish community center of greater kansas city. there's the pictures there. we understand we do have one person in custody. this is a very fluid situation so we have not confirmed at fox news just yet. when we get that confirmation, i will bring that to you. that first shooting happened at 1:00 local time. it's currently 2:46 in overland park. the shooter then moved over, the suspect moved to an assisted living center called village shalom, what you're seeing here. that village is currently on lockdown. again, i want to remind you this report is coming one day before passover against tomorrow at sundown. another story we're working here at fox news, safety concerns have led federal officials to end a showdown with a nevada rancher. they are calling off efforts to round up his herd. this is after tensions turned into a heated fight over states
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rights and federal land use policy. now, william la jeunesse with more from bunkerville, nevada. seems to be calmer behind you, but you tell me. what's the scene there? >> definitely. the media side is over. for the few still here, the bigger battle is not. that's despite a victory celebration here last night and a very tense day on saturday when hundreds of protesters, self-described patriots, militia, sympathizers, confronted and demanded bureau of land management rangers as well as contract security release his cattle from holding pens. when they refused tensions escalated as dozens of state, local police, s.w.a.t. teams arrived, rushed to the scene hoping to prevent a shoot-out. both sides, according to witnesses, had guns pointed at each other. as this picture shows, one of
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the protesters had a rifle in the sniper position aimed at agents before guarding the so-called trespass cattle. a former arizona sheriff understood the position of both sides and worried about what would happen next. >> we were actually strategizing to put the women up front. if they are doing to start shooting it's going to be women televised being shot by these rogue federal officers. >> blm said they are investigating. the show of force worked. they had their own trained militia and there would be no winners if anyone pulled the trigger. that said, blm decided to stand down and give up the cattle in the interest of public safety. in exchange protesters agreed to let them leave without incident. after seven days of a possible 30-day operation, the bureau of land management released all the cattle it spent days rounding up
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with helicopters and contract cowboys. the bundies who see their livestock at cattle and family rejoiced. >> those cattle are ours. they stole them from us, and they realized it. they are our cows and they got to come home to the place they have lived all their life. >> one calf was dead, several other, the family tells me, were lame as a result of being pushed by helicopters. the family is now up in the area you see behind me looking for damage to property, fences, water tanks and so forth. arthel, as much as nothing changed, it has. the government contends they are putting them there illegally, and he, cliven bundy, doesn't recognize the authority. >> william, thank you. we want to remind you we're working on a fluid situation out of kansas city. one person is dead following two shootings there in overland
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park. reports of a gunman opening fire at a jewish community center. we're on top of this story for you. we're going to keep you updated as we learn more. it is currently 2:49 in kansas city. back in a moment right here on fox news channel. frequent heartburn? the choice is yours. chalky. not chalky. temporary. 24 hour. lots of tablets. one pill. you decide. prevacid. ♪ 24 hour
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fox news alert, we can now confirm one death and two shootings at two jewish centers in overland park, southwest of kansas city. no word how many are injured. the shooter reportedly opening fire at the jewish community center at greater kansas city. that was happening at 1:00 this afternoon, a couple of hours ago. then the suspect moved over to an assisted living center nearby called the village shalom.
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it is currently on lockdown. both these facilities about three blocks apart. this report is coming one day before passover begins tomorrow at sundown. brian is following the story from our new york newsroom. brian, i think you have information in terms of a possible shooter. >> we do. right now police department confirmed to fox news we do have an arrest, a person in custody. we don't know if that person is male or female. our local fox affiliate ute there wdif has a report from an eyewitness. a man who said he was entering the jewish community center with his son with what and to him to be a shotgun. he turned to his right and saw a man standing outside his car with a shotgun and heard it go off. he said somebody was laying on the ground and he sent his son running. that's an eyewitness report we have from outside the jewish community center. all this started, we got first
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report about 1:00 p.m. local time, 2:00 p.m. eastern time here that there was a shooting outside of the jewish community center. as you said, they are only a mile apart between the jewish community center and a mile apart. we don't know if the person was able to gain access inside of either jewish community center. reports we have right now, happened outside the jewish community center and shortly after at the village shalom assisted living center three blocks away. again, we have one person in custody based on these shootings and we are working to get more details as to what unfolded. so go ahead, arthel. >> no. i wanted to remind everybody that particular shooting happening at the jewish community centers of greater kansas city, brian, happened
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inside of a theater where some teenagers were there auditioning for the kansas city version of superstar, which is why the parent was there with his child hearing those early reports of what happened there. so brian, again, this is a very fluid situation. we want to remind our audience we're going to keep you updated through the the afternoon on this breaking news story here on fox. thank you to brian and his producers. for now i'm arthel neville. keep it here on fox news because we will continue updating you with inform is a as it comes into our newsroom. in the meantime, though, stick around because a healthy you and carol alt is up next. i'm marcel neville. thanks for joining. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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