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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 22, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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fomenter when writing in. thanks for watching. ms. megyn is next. remember, the spin stops here. i'm megyn kelly live in new york with late breaking fall out from a big supreme court case. plus -- a new ranch showdown in the heart land as the feds try a land grab in texas. wait until you see how texas is responding. plus, more than 40 people shot in a single weekend in the windy city. >> one of the things we need to do is change our gun laws. >> now they are blaming guns. is that fair? senator rand paul live from chicago. and then the radical rant from an angry professor. >> racist, my soj nis, money grubbing people.
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>> his wild attack on conservatives and the wild story of what happened from a student there for the melt down. on "the kelly file" right now. developing tonight, new fallout from a controversial ruling from the u.s. supreme court. upholding michigan's voter supported ban on using race as a factor in college admissions. affirmative action in the michigan college system and perhaps beyond is now over. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. the 6-2 decision, one of of the justices rekuzed herself, sparking fierce reaction tonight. justices in the majority say this is not about resolving the debate over affirmative action everywhere. it's about allowing michigan voters to set the rules in their state. tonight supporters of the ban are praising the decision as a victory. opponents and those who disagree with the majority of the supreme court view this as racist.
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we have heard it all day today the. my next guest challenged the law and did not prevail. george b. washington is the lead attorney for the pro affirmative action group known as by any means necessary or b.a.m. thank you very much for being here. we have heard from a person in your group, the national chairperson of b.a.m. calling it a racist decision. do you agree? >> absolutely. what this decision does is allow a white majority to tell black and latino parents that they do not have the right to fight for their own children to go to university of michigan the through the same procedures available to veterans, rural students, alumni kids and everybody else. le. >> let me jump in. how so? the opponents say all the voters in michigan did was mandate race neutral admission standards. >> but what this this does is
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say anybody can ask for consideration of veteran status, of rural status, alumni status, any factor to facilitate admission of their children except the people who are host discriminated against -- black and latino students. the only reason it passed is two of every three white voters voted for it. 9 of 10 black voters voted fens it. the reason it passed is there are more white people than black people if michigan. >> let me jump in. it's more helpful to the viewers if we have a back and forthen. >> sure. >> those on the other side say then reason vets can ask for that preferential treatment and alumni can ask for preferential treatment is nothing in the constitution requires nonracial district manager -- nondiscrimination. i'm not getting at it articulately. the constitution requires we not
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discriminate by race. those who oppose affirmative action believe that's discrimination on the basis of race. >> they are dead wrong. it takes into consideration the inequality black and lath know student face in the same way military preference or anything else looks at the inequality those students face. you're the people who are most discriminated against cannot fight for the program that is allow them in. that's what the 14th amendment is to to prevent. >> if they got special consideration for vets or alumni would you be okay with the decision? >> no. because that's not what they did. they selected out those groups that are most unpopular among some people and they said, you alone cannot get your children in. we are not happy with that. >> they didn't say that. they said you can't have preferential treatment. there is not a preference for children of minorities.
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>> but let's understand what they mean by preference. the test and grade standard. that's not a gold standard. the universities vary that for all kinds of purposes. what they are saying is you can vary it for anybody except those people who are most discriminated against. that's why shanta calleded it racist and why it is. >> george washington, thank you for your service to our country. >> thank you. >> i'm sorry. i had to. not everybody has that name. the decision has drawn sharp criticism. you heard some right are there. here is reverend al sharpton earlier. >> tonight's lead -- a devastating blow for equal opportunity. today the supreme court upheld michigan's ban on affirmative action at public colleges. the 6-2 decision sets a dangerous precedent on protection for minorities and
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has wide-reaching implications for race in america. >> brit hume. i don't watch his show. maybe he does every newscast that way. boy, oh, boy. run, brit! >> that's a compliment to call that a newscast. >> look, the national review online had an editorial piece today speaking to my last guest's condemnation of the situation in which many minority college applicants find themselves. what they said tonight was the fact that nonwhite students do relatively poorly under race neutral admission is an indictment of the k-12 education system. for that the progressives have themselves to blame, they said. >> that's a good point. the other point is if i'm not mistaken this bans gender
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preferences. that would affect presumably women most of all, and they are white and black. so how is that the racist? it's not. the problem here is the problem all along of. when people hear "affirmative action" they have come to resist it. over time they thought this was an attempt to make sure there were qualified minori minority applicants they were found and given the opportunity to go to the schools. people now understand this is not just that. it's racial preference. it is a form of racial discrimination. it is the use of racial discrimination. i think it strikes people as unfair and kind of upside down. i think that's why that ballot measure passed so overwhelmingly. is the american people who were fair-minded enough to elect an
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african-american president -- and he carried michigan. this is the same electorate that voted barack obama for president, i guess, twice. voted for this measure to ban affirmative action or racial preferences in hiring in certain situations and school admissions. >> do you know what other state did it? 8 to 11 states have done it and one is california. california is in line with michigan on this. the question is whether they are racists, too. is this the wave of of the future? that state by state they will pass these buy laus and eventually we have no more affirmative action? >> that's the direction things are going. that's the door opened by the supreme court today which is to say to states and other political entities if you want to legislate or act on this in whatever way, we are not going to stand in your way by declaring a ban on affirmative action violate it is 14th amendment of the constitution. when you think about it, it makes sense. john roberts probably spoke for
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a great many americans when he said seven kweergs in a different case the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race which is what racial preferences do. >> 6-2 the court sided with him today. >> steven briar was many in the squormt and he's no conservative. >> we thought the swing vote would be justice kennedy. he wrote the opinion. but briar, a reliable member of the liberal wing joined with the conservatives on this. good to see you. >> hank you, megyn. >> developing tonight a deadly and violent holiday weekend in chicago raising calls for gun control. at least eight people were killed and 40-plus injured in a string of shootings in the windy city. among the wounded, six children. the sale of guns is completely banned inside chicago city limits. the head of the police department said it's not enough. >> we need help with the gun
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laws. the national averages for gun violence, we are way above it as far as murder by gunshot goes. >> one of the things we need to do is change our gun laws to make sure that our strategy of more police on the street -- kids, guns and drugs off the street, is as effective and coordinated as we can be. >> kentucky senator rand paul is live in chicago tonight, there for a school of choice event which we'll get to in a minute. the city of chicago was under siege as recently as a year ago. they seem to be going a little bit in the right direction. then came this weekend which was devastati devastating. now they blame the guns. your thoughts? >> i think we have a problem. there is a horrific violence. it's hard to get your mind around it. it's more of a sickness of spirit than ownership of guns. in fact, if you look at the rules and the laws, the cities that have the most significant gun control seem to have the highest violence. so, yeah, there is a problem.
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there is mental illness with some of the shootings. there is also just a thuggishness that's out of control that no longer knows right from wrong. it's something maybe beyond government. it's spiritual. people need to be taught right and wrong, there needs to be an influence in their lives and a police presence. it's not as simple as banning guns. they have tried in d.c. and chicago and it hasn't worked. >> there is a push to be a role model and pushing for improved community activism and reaching out to inner city youth to lift them up out of poverty. your thoughts? >> absolutely. it's a complicated problem. it involves poverty, unemployment. it also involves lack parental
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guidance, church guidance, pastoral guidance. in louisville we had violence in louisville, kentucky. there is increased police presence but there are organizerses from the community saying -- going in trying to tell the kids there is another way. there is hope. that's one of the things about the school of choice event i went to. it was an all girls' school. there is really hope. you can see many the eyes of the young ladies ta they will be the leaders of the next generation. there is hope for them. it's hard to imagine how people can oppose charter schools, school of choice. i can't imagine people on the other side of the equation. >> do you make of -- we were talking about the supreme court ruling about how some want to push for affirmative action for certain people of color. yet the others on the right have argued today in the national review, as i pointed out, what
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we need to do is improve education standards in k-12 education. they believe those are held back by, in particular, unions. a group praised by the left. >> to those who disagree with the ruling they should be asked, do you agree with charter schools? are you for vouchers? in chicago and illinois we have been trying to get scholarships passed by the state legislature. the democrats have uniformly opposeded scholarships for poor children to go to public and private schools and for charter schools. this is all being opposed. that's the real answer. you want equality, education is the great equalizer. you have to start at a young age. you have to be for innovation. so many people are so beholden to the establishment that they are opposed to it. >> senator paul, thanks for being here. >> thank you. the white house hosted an event with the children of some of the country's most powerful and wealthiest families. marc thiessen is here.
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this one in texas. less than two weeks ago we watched federal agents face off against a nevada ranchen and his supporters over grazing rights. now some texas ranchers say the bureau of land management is trying to seize their property as part of another proposed land grab, this one of 90,000 acres. teddy henderson sayses the land is his, fair and square. >> how blm can say, hey, this isn't yours though it was patented from the state. you have paid taxes on it. our family paid taxes for over a hundred years on this place. we have a deed. but they walked in and said it wasn't ourses. >> dana lash, good to see you. this rancher, not unlike cliven bundy lost. he went to court. now what he's saying and other texas ranchers are saying is the feds are coming back. they are not happy with just
6:18 pm
what they got 30 years ago. they are coming back for more. about 90,000 acres more. >> it's a bizarre story. i don't know what makes the bureau of land management think they will have an easier time in texas than nevada. it's a little different from the bundy situation because his was private property and he had a climb claim of mineral rights. this is legit private property. they have had the deed in the family for generations. they have paid taxes on it this entire time. the bureau of land management thinks they can come in with new regulations and claim the land. for what purpose, i'm not sure. i don't know why they don't just allow the ranchers to say, okay, we have land in texas. we have some land in oklahoma. are there you go. this will substantially change the border in texas as well. it's bizarre. >> strange to think that another dispute is popping up over the
6:19 pm
ranch and where the boundaries are. the blm says, look, we are not considering expanding our land rights. they say expanding which has ranchers saying that's the key word. they are claiming they own it all though we have been farming it, ranch it. it doesn't belong to the feds. >> absolutely. you've got the point exactly. again, they own the land. they have the deed to it. it was given to them. the bureau of land management is trying to argue the state of texas had no right to give deed to the ranchers. i beg to differ with this. this is a state issue. again, that is bureaucratic entity trying to supplant state sovereignty. the sate has sovereignty and the president's bureau of land management wants to ignore this. >> for people who are concerned about it, i want to leave them with this. the oklahoma blm issued a statement on this. i want to put people at ease. they said, the need for the
6:20 pm
oklahoma field office resource management plan is to respond to the new also policies included but not limited for demand for resources, increases in conflict between competing resource federal vals and land uses and others since the rpms. the overall objective of the effort is to provide a planning approach oh assist in updating the decisions of the rpms. got it? >> if you put it through the b.s. filter it sounds like there is something on the land they want. that's what i hear. >> don't worry. that will clear it up. thanks. >> thanks, megyn. >> bureaucratic double speak. still ahead, why the white house gave special treatment to the very select group of wealthy kids. and then, we'll have the story behind the radical rant from an angry professor not happy with republicans when we speak with the student who recorded this.
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>> it's possible the republicans will take over the senate as well as the house. and we will live in a very different country if that happens. i mean, colleges will start closing up if these people have their way.
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6:25 pm
eric? >> meg en, no decision yet on whether the united nations will side with the united states or with iran when it comes to allowing him into our country. today the united nations committee on relation with us, the host country. they met behind doors a as the u.s. and iran laid out the their positions. they complained about u.s. visa delays accusing the u.s. of violating international law and the principles of the united nations itself. countries including cuba and north korea supported iran which called this a test case for the u.n. tran >> translator: the united nations has responsibilities. in order to protect its credibility it should convince the host government to keep its commitments. >> last friday president obama signed the bill ta bars abduli
6:26 pm
from getting a visa because of his role in the hostage crisis. he said he was only a translator at the time. he was accused as being part of a 1993 political assassination of muhammed nagdi who was shot to death this rome. the ambassador was never charged in the hit and iran has called the allegation nonsense saying he's a seasoned and well known diplomat. the opposition group, the council of oh resistance of iran said involvement in hostage taking, espionage and terrorism is not unique. it is common knowledge virtually all of the so-called diplomats sb in one form or the other involved in such criminal tifts. >> the international community must reject it. the united states must reject it. and telling them you can have elected officials, appoint diplomats and not terror masters.
6:27 pm
>> even if the members of the committee agree with iran, legal experts say it's doubtful we can over rule the decision. back to you. >> thank you. a college professor goes on an anti-gop rant in class. a republican student records it. now that he's been caught the professor said he's sorry. wait until you hear what he told the student privately. that student joins us live. plus why did the white house roll out the red carpet for a hundred of america's most privileged children and why is no one else reporting on this? marc thiessen is next. i've always kept my eye on her...
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i want to be clear. we're not trying to push
6:31 pm
financial reform because we begrudge success that's fairly earned. i mean, i do think at a certain point you have made enough money. >> that was president obama almost four years ago talking about wealth in america. the beginning of a long campaign against the fat cats, the so-called 1% and income inequalitiment imagine the surprise when folks read this weekend how the white house rolled out the red carpet in a special event for some of america's wealthiest and most privileged young people. marc thiessen is a former chief presidential speech writer and american enterprise institute fellow and a washington post columnist. so they had the marriott off spring and many other billionaire children to the white house even though they don't like the fat cats. but the children apparently are fine. why? >> p this was the white house summit of liberal baby billionaires. these are not the billionaire
6:32 pm
industrialists. they are the heirs. the kids who will inherit their money. when obama said you didn't build that he's talking about them. but they get an invitation to the white house to sit down and meet with white house officials and have a summit on important issues. the 19-year-old kid who is a georgetown freshman who spoke in a panel has important views on human trafficking. >> other billionaire children need to hear from him. >> exactly. >> this was not covered. you didn't hear about it until the washington post covered it a month later or a week later -- after the fact. >> mm-hmm. >> if a republican held an event like this, if george w. bush did this. >> or mitt romney had held an account of baby billionaires what the democrats would have done with it? of course. the new york times covered this almost a month later. they did it not in news but in the fashion & style section. the person they chose to cover it was jamie johnson, an heir to the johnson & johnson fortune writing about himself. >> let me guess how that went.
6:33 pm
>> the white house host as summit of young billionaires and the person the new york times chooses to cover it is a young billionaire. >> you argue that you could see some bias in the coverage. >> of course. imagine -- compare it to the new york times's coverage of the forum in nevada a month ago. that was described as a meeting of elite gop campaign donors an a de facto audition. when republicans meet with billionaires it is an audition. when democrats meet with billionaires, it was a discreet invitation only summit hosted by the obama administration to find common ground between the public sector and the so-called next generation. >> group hug. one of the participants, liesel pritzker simmons who just inherited half a billion -- good to be liesel -- was concerned about it. there she is between the guy in
6:34 pm
the red sweater and the guy with the glasses. she said they didn't hit them up to fund-raise. it wasn't about fund-raising and glad handing with future billionaires. >> it would be illegal to do fund-raising at the white house. it's federal property. i guarantee you, liesel, you will get a call from the dnc soon. i promise. ♪ you are 16 ♪ going on 17 >> then the description of some of the billionaire children. here's one that the times, zack russell. an eloquent 26-year-old whose grandfather worked with russell investment. he's not a supporter of the obama administration but spoke with with an air of cynicism about the process. quote, their head of public affairs contacted me and said let's talk. and so we'll talk, he said. i'm more concerned about the off spring of our billionaires than what the white house did.
6:35 pm
we'll talk. have are your people call my people. good to have a billion dollars. >> one kid named patrick gauge, a 19-year-old freshman from georgetown, the heir to the carlson hospitality fortune. he spoke on a panel. described as an industry leader in enforcing measures to combat trafficking and involuntary prosecution. a 19-year-old freshman did that. amazing. >> what was this about -- getting donationses to the party? >> of course. this is all about fund raising. both partieses court wealthy donors. don't pretend it was a high minded meeting of young philanthropists to connect them with each other. with all due respect to obama they don't need him to connect. they are well networked as the it is. >> right. they all went to the ivy league schools. it was a bunch of junior ivys together. i can't find the quote. made me want to barf. good to see you.
6:36 pm
i'm envious because i would like a billion dollars. developing tonight a 10-year-old is abducted from in front of his home in atlanta to be released within a few hours. you won't believe how the kidnapper was con vintsed to let him go. >> he did it by singing. police say it may have saved the life of willie. he was in his front yard, bent down to pick up money when someone grabbed him, threw him in their car and took off. now listen to 9-year-old willie. >> i didn't know what he was doing until he, like, grabbed me. he drove me off to east point. he told me he didn't want to hear a word from me. so i didn't say nothing. >> he didn't talk. instead he started singing a gospel song called "every praise." willie said the man told him to shut up. but he sang for three hours until the man stopped the car and told him to get out.
6:37 pm
the boy ran to a nearby home, asked the homeowner to call his guardian. by that time police were canvassing the city and quickly picked him up saying the song saved him. now are listen to willie sing the song on a radio station. ♪ every praise is to our god ♪ every word of worship ♪ every praise ♪ every praise ♪ is to our god >> he was saying "shut up"? >> yes. >> everybody's heard it. willie myrick got to meet hezekiah walker, the grammy winner who wrote "every praise." police don't have leads on the suspect. they hope the sketch may generate tip this is the case. >> unbelievable. i love him. willie, i want to know you. trace, thank you. good for him. coming up, a college professor getting thashlnationa
6:38 pm
attention after a crazy rant. next, the student that brought the story to the world. and a teacher tells the youth of today the truth -- they're not special. the speech egos viral. >> you have been bubble wrapped, pampered. yes, cape able adults have held you, kissed you, fed you, wiped your mouth, your bottom, trained you, taught you, coacheded you, listened to you, counseled you, encouraged you, consoled you and encouraged you again. do not get the idea you are anything special. because you're not. ♪ [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals, so she could really turn up the volume on her dreams today...and tomorrow.
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an english professor from eastern connecticut state university has now had to apologize after an epic anti-republican rant in class. of course that apology only came after campus got ahold of the audio. here is a little of what professor brent terry had to share with his students. >> racist, mysoginist, money great britaining people have so much power. one thing is to go back not to 1955 but 1855.
6:43 pm
>> who is he talking about? alex smith is the college republican national chair. jason vili recorded professor brent terry's rant. jason, good to see you. you were sitting in class you heard your professor start going off about racist people and he was referring to whom? >> he was referring to republicans. at least that was what was implied. it was a creative writing class. he was talking about a poem that was themed and centered around racial inequality. this went to a discussion about the poem through a discussion more about social justice. that led to politics. i knew something big was coming so i recorded. >> how did you know? >> i knew because i have had smaller experiences with this professor in the past. i know where he stands politically. he starteded talking about social justice and how america
6:44 pm
today is, you know, the inequality in america is staggering and all this stuff from the poem. then he went into social justice. i knew -- >> you were right. >> i was right. >> he's come out with a statement after this went public. i will read it in part. he said i allowed my own political upons to color the discussion. i regret my language. my role is to keep the dethe bait lively and respectful. i didn't meet the standard and for that i am sorry. what did he say to you? i know you confronted him after class. did he apologize? >> i did confront him after the class. this was before i took it to the media. he didn't apologize to me. initially. what he said was through the e-mails he doubled down and instead of saying you're right, i'm sorry, i was out of line. essentially he doubled down and said, no, i'm right and the this ises why. really just argued with me. >> told you that you should have challenged him in the classroom
6:45 pm
which is difficult on matters of political eyding yolg. >> right. >> what was the name of the class? >> intro to tif wricreative wri >> so you should be debating politics. >> exactly. >> you have been following a trend on college campuses and this is not the first time. >> it's indicative of what we see saul over the country. bias takes many forms. often it's a snotty remark here and there. then we have rants. epic rants where we hear just how deep seateded the hatred is for the republican party and conservatives. what's funny is his rant was offensive to me as a republican and factually incorrect. all of the groups he named in his diatribe of the party, women, hispanics, young people. these are all people that the republican party is attempting to help by creating jobs.
6:46 pm
equal opportunities unlike the democratic party who is trying to -- >> his political views don't belong there. the university says he can do what he wants. this is a matter of the classroom. faculty has academic freedom to conduct their classes. it is not a university matter. they don't care, probably because he's espousing the same things he believes. let's listen to the second sound bite. more of professor terry and his views he'll continue to espouse if the university has its way. >> you want equality. you want racial equality. you want financial equality. you want to be able to use your education and go out in the world and make it better. but you would like to be able to get a job. all these things point toward being liberal. >> you have to be liberal if you want good things done. they try to convince students
6:47 pm
any other kois is a bad one. an illegitimate one. >> absolutely. what's good about this generation and this time that we are living is to longer can professorses hide in the ivory tower of sorts. they are held responsible by the advent of social media. students are able to pull out the iphone and record this. while he may not be punished by the university he will be judged in the court of public opinion. >> when you go back to class and have to face him again this is a man who will be grading your creative writing. how do you feel? >> i have his class tomorrow the at 8:00 a.m. i don't know how he'll respond. if he approaches me i will be respectful. but i will stand true to my morals and say, i did what i did. you were wrong for doing this. >> tell him we said hello. >> i will. >> good to see you both. >> tell him he's welcome to come on any time. the graduation speech that went viral telling high school
6:48 pm
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contrary to what your u-9 soccer trophy suggests, your glowing 7th grade report guard card, that nice mr. romgers and your batty awn sylvia. no matter how often your maternal caped crusader has come in to save you. you are nothing special. >> the message to the senior class, you are not special. the teacher who gave it expanding on his message in a new book "you are not special and other end couragements." >> and so this was so popular, went so viral that you thought it would be good to write a book because clearly people like me wanted to hear of your message. this wasn't a put down to students. you were letting them off the hook. explain. >> if a kid gets the idea that he's special or matters more than somebody else, every move becomes laden with significance
6:53 pm
and they becomephobic about failure. they become reluctant to take chances. learning suffers, so i was trying to relief them of the burden of specialness. i pointed out too it was the teasing beginning of the speech. >> i listened to the whole 12 minutes of the thing on youtube. when you -- since you are the father of four and you are a teacher yourself. >> yes. >> when you raised your own kids who are now teenagers, and how do you avoid teaching little junior because he's so special because that's what parents tend to do these days. >> they are special to me. they need to get the idea that that doesn't change things. the world will take them on their own merits, if they want distinction, they have to earn it. which is how it should be. >> you have a theory why we're so determined to convince ourselves and our children that we're special and they are special and you said in your
6:54 pm
special that it stems from our dread of our own mortality. what do you mean? >> well, we're here so briefly and when we're gone, we're gone for good, and it's reassuring to think that somehow my legacy will last or somehow -- and that my name or my influence will live longer than i do, and sometimes that's not the case, and if you would like to achieve any version of mortality, you got to get busy. it's not going to happen just because you are a nice person. >> and even if it is true, even if your legacy does extend beyond your actual life on this earth, who cares? i always think about my paul newman theory of life. he achieved so much. he still died. he's still in the ground notwithstanding his legacy and you spoke to that a bit. you know, saying what we need to focus on now, you talk about is the exhilaration of learning.
6:55 pm
not material advantage. >> invest yourself in the moment. very instructive to me was a lesson i saw at a school where i taught for 16 years. there was a giant among educators there, a man named mickey bauers. he retired and when he left, there was no mention of it. it was just like he vanished. that taught me a great deal. one has to make the most of one's time while one can. >> and it doesn't matter how many trophies you have on the mantel. if you enjoyed the game, if you learn something about the game. >> precisely. >> great to see you. good luck with the book. tell me what you think. go to kelly file. coming up just a bit on hannity. >> it's not a matter of supporting the rule of law. it's supporting force, you know,
6:56 pm
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here's more now from the book you are not special. the admission to college as a referendum on their worth of human being. i think the most important thing for parents to give children the room to be themselves.
7:00 pm
if you make grades the point, then learning suffers. i think the best thing parents can do is provide their children a happy household. that's great advice. i already bought the book. how about you? go to let me know. see you tomorrow. welcome to hannity. we have a jam-packed edition of the show. american, are you ready? time to roll. >> something about this bundy fellow is blinding hannity to all of the things that would normally drive hannity mad with rage. >> tonight on hannity, i respond directly to the late night jon stewart and his deceptive coverage of the bundy stand-off. >> can i bis causes new brain cells to grow. >> part


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