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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 25, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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crash when she was 13. samantha smith warmed up the cold war 31 years ago today. we could use help from russia today. they've tanked or stock market. we will have continuing coverage throughout the day. >> oregonians may fly on their own wings but is covered oregon about to fly off with your money? welcome everyone, aisle chase payne. this is "your world." is covered oregon's to fly the coop? now taking steps to dump the troubled obamacare exchange and join the federal one. what happens to the more than $300 million that it got to create it? a covered oregon official saying the state won't have to return the money because it's a government grant and the state can decide how to use it. the former florida congressman alan west says is wrong. colonel, welcome to the show.
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>> good to see you, charles. how are you doing? >> good. this is just nuts. they can't put together a web site, they got $300 million of our money, and now they get to do whatever they want with it? >> well, it's very interesting in that it was just a week ago on thursday that president obama came out and said, in an unannounced press conference, we had 8 million people signed up and that the debate about obamacare was over, and that it is working. but if you look at oregon, they have not had one person signed up. you just talked about the $300 million there and now the federal government is going to have to take over and run the exchange. how much additional money -- how many more millions of dollars will that include? it's not just what is happening in oregon. we also see problems in maryland, we have problems as well in massachusetts. the hard part is we're moving mg into the implementation phase.
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and to in the enrollment phase, the bars they said have the been able to eclipse and take the victory lap but the things that are so critical they don't know. even though if if order a book on amazon right now, i'll get it tomorrow morning because they know they got paid. how come we don't know this information? >> well, that's part of the most transparent administration. i think it's because they don't want us to know the real information. there is no true definition of what signup means and when you go back and think about it, not using common core math but they started off by saying they needed seven mental by the end of march to sign up. we know by the beginning of october because there were some insurance plans that were not compliant. so of the eight million, how many of those individuals indivo
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got re-signed back up and how many of those on medicaid. >> we talk billions and trillions but getting back to the situation in oregon and the money that u.s. taxpayers forked over, 300 million plus, do we deserve to get the money back in can we get that money back? >> we absolutely deserve to get me money back but a that's part of the incompetence in washington, dc and this federal government. march 2010 when obamacare was passed, and we were told it would only cost 940 billion. one of the great homework projects you can have on the business is to where where we are four years later with the cost of obamacare. it would be astonishing for the american people and taxpayers. >> you're not going to get any disagreement on that. having said that, we're going into the mid-term elections. feels like democrats are strong enough to run away from this. is it still wise to dismantle this or is it fixable?
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>> the most important think is, number one, talk about the parts you can support. if parents want to kind their children on their insurance coverage until their 26, that's fine. we have to look at the solutions for the preexisting conditions. i would more so support the high-risk pool the federal government could establish. let's look at the other 2,600 payments that are worthless. what we're talking about with obamacare is 159 new government agencies and 20 new taxes. that needs to be scrapped. that's not going to fix or healthcare system. >> colonel west, have a great weekend. talk to you soon. >> thank you. >> another obamacare delay, this one for patients in a high-risk pool. 38 delays and fixes. guess who is paying for them? you are. aetna is reportedly warning of a possible double digit premium hike next area and cites on the fly changes to the healthcare law. to bob kusack who saw this
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coming. you tried to warn us. >> we talked to insurance executives, really not partisan. i don't have a dog in the political fight. they said because of the changes look for premiums in some states to either double or triple. so, we wrote about that a couple months ago. democrats didn't like it. that's why democrats on capitol hill, the ones up for re-election, are north -- are not spiking the ball like president obama because this could be the next shoe to drop. it's an unpopular law. democrats say it's going to become more popular. the premiums is the next big story. >> a lot of changes have been made willy-nilly to aetna's point on the fly. this is earning season in the stock market. we already heard complaints from united health and even general electric, the president's partner and political economic crime, if you will, has even
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complained about this. so, it's obvious that the costs are going to be so much more than anyone anticipated. >> and that's the biggest thing. the $8 million number was a good headline for the white house. no doubt about that. but at the same time it's going to be -- obamacare will be judged by how it affects you and how it affects your family, and if you're paying more out of pocket, for services maybe that you don't want, that is not going to be good for this administration, not good for democrats on capitol hill. so, now, different states will have different premiums. so watch which state goes up because that's going to play a big role in the fight to the finish. >> there's a clock ticking here, if you will, and these new premiums come in over a period of time. do you think they'll come in before or after the mid-term elections? >> well, you know, we have seen with some delays what this administration -- whether it's obamacare or keystone, that certainly politics have been at play. i think these premiums are going
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to have to come out. what we're hearing is it's going to be coming out this summer, they can't delay it. but then again, you always hear of these things, these delays, leak the employer mandate, former white house press secretary robert gibbs say that may not happen. i expect them this summer and that makes democrats nervous. >> it should. it's making me nervous. >> are taxpayers getting snookered? remember the 10% tanning tax that got snooki hot and bothered. o'supposed to help fund the he healthcare law. now the money is not coming in as expected and taxpayers are getting burned. another one of these things we knew it was ridiculous but is turning out to be even worse than the worse-case case scenario. >> a lot of the assumptions that went into crafting of obamacare have proven be false. we heard about one, it will get more popular over time.
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the law has been consistently up popular since june of 2009. there's the idea it would reduce people's premiums. of you like your halve plan and your doctor, you can keep it. it would reduce the deficit. this so-called -- the tax on tanning beds, is bringing in less than half the revenue they projected. that's a small piece of the trillion or two trillion dollars they were hoping to bring in to help pay for all the new spending in obamacare. but all else equal, if they're not bringing in as much revenue as they projected, then obamacare's impact on the deficit is going to be even worse. it's going to -- the deficit will be that much higher because that projection was off. >> from day one it just felt like such a ticky tacky tax anyway. more or less the tanning salons were the only ones without a government lobbiest. the greater point is anytime you make something more expensive you get less. when you tax it, you hurt it.
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so anywhere they have thrown out taxes and extra costs you have to assume they're going to take in less money, and where can they get this money from? >> they're getting it where the get all -- too much of their money, they're borrowing it. there's an implicit tax on future generations by just issuing treasury bills and spending the money, kicking the can down the road and letting some future generation or future politicians worry about that. so, the problem with the claim that obamacare was going to reduce the deficit was that -- was always there is uncertainty involved and they're going to be a political process that would go to work on all of the elements of obamacare. boost spending higher, push revenue measures, taxes, downwards and leave us with bigger deficits, not smaller. >> and we're told if we get rid of it will raise the deficit. it's crazy.
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another drunk passenger causing a scare in the air. now there's a push to limit drinks on planes. is that going to fly? and is the obama administration handling this russian crisis all wrong? see the tweet that has brett baher in disbelief. he is here. >> putting up a walls and it's like i try and i try but i can't get through. >> you mean like obamacare web site? announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number? scottrade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade.
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an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. those three important reasons are why i'm shooting for something better. eliquis. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor today if eliquis is right for you. [shouting] >> it happened again. another drunk passenger causing a major scare in the air. this guy tried to break into the cockpit of a virgin australia plane. why does this keep happening? trace is on the case. trace, i got to tell you, this is nuts. >> yeah. it was 30 minutes beforeane was,
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when the guy, the australian plumber, started banging on the cockpit door. he wanted medication that was inside his suitcase but it was actually in his seat back pocket. the captain had already pushed the million button notifying the air traffic controllers the plane was being high jacked. the airport went into fuel hijack mode. the drunk or drugged peak was handcuffed and held for the remainder of the flight and greeted by armed guards. not the first drunk driver. remember jenny lauren, on a flight from barcelona to new york, she threatened a flight attendant and the flight attendant told the pilot and the pilot diverted the plane. she went on to plead guilty. just last week, guy on a southwest airlines flight tried to open the door in mid-flight. open the door in mid-flight.
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they don't know if he was drunk but his pupils were dilated. so unless he was getting his eyes examined good bet he was under the influence of something on the flight. >> okay, trace. like i said, nuts. now, calls are growing to limit the number of drinks served enodd planes. randy says it's absolutely ridiculous and lisa says, two drinks, that's enough. randy? >> why do you think that it wouldn't make sense -- listen two drinks, that's the limit. we avoid this nonsense. >> michael jackson said it best, one bad apple don't -- >> how about three or four. >> in 2013, 750 million people flew commercially. united states aircraft. we're talking three out of 750 million? >> i was on a plane a few months ago and the guy behind me was so blasted out of his mind, the
1:16 pm
threw if everyone. it smelled bad. how many things go unnoticed and ruined the entire flight for everybody. >> the arrest is in a vacuum those isolated incident are terrible. i wouldn't want to experience it. but to now give flight attendants the added responsibility of baby-sitting a adults and figuring out how many drinks you should have? that is just inappropriate and well beyond the scope of their duties. >> except they're no longer serving meals throughout the flight. they have the time to administer sobriety fests. >> that's the problem. it's not the people drinking. they don't -- >> that's part of the problem and bad manners to knock on the door of the cockpit. that's rude. >> and it's also crazy. >> i hate that. it's not okay for people to get drunk and disorderly on a plane. this is not a subway. on a subway we expect people to be drunk and throw up. not on a plane. i used to have to wear gloves
1:17 pm
and dress double good on a flying. >> lisa, randy has a private jet so he is just kind of guessing about all of this right now. >> never on it again. >> never had a drunk problem, never had anyone drunk on the plane with you? >> boys, boys, place nice. >> never, ever, ever, never. >> i really think there is something to be said for letting the flying crew do a little maintenance, call it baby-sitting, whatever you want. i don't care. the fact is that for the safety and comfort of the 200 people on the plane, one bad apple is really going to ruin your day. not to mention somebody wearing shorts, which is a whole other thing. >> you're talking about it from an etiquette point of view. >> etiquette is very important and not to be underrated, but flying together is also a kumbiya experience. we're all in it together. we all want to land safely together. if there's somebody who is throwing up or banging on the
1:18 pm
cockpit or behaving in a bad way, it does affect everybody. there's no privacy on a plane. >> randy do we have to wait before something ugly happens before people say, maybe one or two bad apples but worth the limits. >> i hate the term slippery slope because it's overused but the reality is why not just shut down air flying. if nobody goes on a plane we don't have to -- >> those are pretty distinct options. get drunk or don't fly the plane. >> otherwise what are you left with? 750 million people fly. why don't we worry more about people who are drunk when they drive on the road and kill people. >> pardon me. pardon me. just because we're concerned about drunken people on a plane doesn't mean we're not concerned about drunken drivers, either. we are accord about people being drunk everywhere and being harmful. >> you're putting the -- again, the flight attend danes --
1:19 pm
attendant inside the didn't. >> they're in that position. >> dealing with a drunk. stopping someone from getting drunk might be easier than dealing with them afterwards of lisa, teach randy a couple things about etiquette. >> i need it. >> what do you think? should there be drink limits on flights? we want you to tweet us. we'll read your responses later on. has boehner gone bonkers? instead of talking up his own party, did he just throw the republicans under the because? >> here's the attitude. oh, don't make me do this. oh, this is too hard. pe e. my golden years will not just be gold plated. i had 3 different 401(k)s. e*trade offers rollover options and a retirement planning calculator. now i know "when" i'm going to retire. not "if."
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talk about a mock shock. speaker boehner talk immigration but ripping into republicans how they're happening -- handling it. >> here's the altitude. don't make me do this. this is too hard. >> washington examiner's brian york says it is a mid-term election year. shoup tell boehner that it seems like byron that the speaker of the house is -- i don't know -- seems like almost every other day he sticks his foot in his mouth. is he just falling down this perpetual well? >> this one is really bad. you have to know that john boehner tells his membership --
1:24 pm
there are 230 republicans in the house. he is their leader. he tells the leadership we're not going to do anything on immigration reform until the obama administration can be trusted to enforce the law. republicans hear that and hear never. then we find out that boehner has gone before donors in laughings and says he is, quote, hell bent on passing immigration reform this year. and then now on the tape you just played, he goes before a group in his home district in ohio and makes fun of republicans, basically says they're too lazy to get any of this done. that is not the way to build unity in the republican caucus, and also sends a message to democrats from boehner saying, i really want to get this immigration thing done but i have to deal with the crazies in my party. it's bad. >> he went on to say, quote, we get elected make choices. we get elected to solve problems and it's remarkable to me how many of my colleagues just don't
1:25 pm
want to. they'll take the path of least resistance. golly. he is really layering it on. we hear about this war within the republican party and we know there's some people being called rhinos and the tea party and there's so much infighting that he the mid-term elections are an afterthought. >> for the moment they are. what is interesting is when boehner says something like that, that again just completely disrespecting his own people, and you have to remember, earlier today, nancy pelosi, the democratic minority leader in the house, sent out a tweet that says speaker boehner you want to pass immigration reform? bring it up and it will pass. so, she is essentially calling boehner's bluff if he is just saying the republicans are too lazy to get this thing done. >> well, there's no doubt about that, he has left the flank open.
1:26 pm
also, do you think this may embolden -- some rumblings from thard -- -- do more things on their own withrespect to immigration? >> well, it depends on whether they really believe that john boehner would actually help them at some point, and so far, despite everything he said, he has not done anything to help the administration pass an immigration reform measure, to pass the big one that was passed last year by the senate. we know that president obama is doing a lot unilaterally. we know that jay johnson, the head of the homeland security department is studying a variety of executive actions the president might do to ease deportations and other things requested beside the congressional hispanic caucus. we know that's going on. we don't know how extensive he president's actions will be. >> you mentioned nancy pelosi. how much are the democrats salivating over this latest gaff? >> every time they see
1:27 pm
republican misunity it's good for them. there's no doubt. they would like to see more disunity, i think, between the republicans -- especially on this immigration issue. you have to remember there are some republicans in the house who would like to pass this, not a huge group but if you add them to at the democrats, perhaps it would be enough to pass that. they would love to create pressure on john boehner to bring something up. >> byron, have a great weekend. you do some great work. we appreciate it. and i goss a feeling we -- i got a feeling we'll be talking about there is more. >> to republican congressman whether boehner will see any backlash on this. representative, there's a tremendous amount of infighting, publicly, behind closed doors within your party. when you start to see this kind of stuff, it feels like -- boehner got a lot of credit for pushing back on some of the intransigence within the party for beating back this certain loud voices in the party. do you feel like perhaps he has
1:28 pm
taken this too far, at least in the public? >> well, anybody that wants to declare war on the tea party, whether they walk it back or not, wants to have our party in the house walk away from the promises they were made, the pledge that he had us make, is going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory come next november. it is outrageous. i don't know of anyone in our party who has been saying basically, boo-hoo, it's too hard. charles, the hard thing in congress is to stand up against moneyed interests and say, no. we are going to follow the law, 60-plus% of hispanics want us to secure the border. we were elected by our constituents to secure the border and to see that is done,
1:29 pm
and we're going to do that before we have any kind of immigration reform bill, and to have to stand up constantly to mild leadership, nobody i know is saying, it's too hard. it's not too hard to just go along and get along like the speaker wants us to do, and keep doing chummy deals with harry reid and the president like this speaker has done. what is tough is standing while all those about you are losing their heads. of course, you know, to paraphase kipling, if all those about you are losing their head you're probably the reason they're losing their heads. that's a paraphase. >> i want you to listen. i want to play the clip again because it's really hard to fathom. let's take a listen to it one more time. >> here's the attitude. oh, don't make me do this. oh, this is too hard.
1:30 pm
>> is there any way we can say this is tough love within the party, the leaders, to your point, trying to usher in the troops and make them be smart about this? >> it is difficult, and i can see now maybe why dennis miller liked the term "tammy fay boehner." that is not what anybody is saying. what is hard is standing up. nobody is saying, oh, no, it's too hard to do an immigration bill. are you kidding? we need animes -- an immigration reform bill but until the border is secured we'll do nothing but lure more people across our border into sex trafficking, into deserts, possible loss of lives. we have to demand the border be secured. then we'll do an immigration reform bill, and if our speaker pushes this issue through, if our majority leader, or majority whip, help in any way push something through, i think they
1:31 pm
can pretty well kiss any leadership because i'm telling you what, there are enough of us, if they do this, that will vote against anyone who takes this position. we may not elect a speaker but we can keep any of them from ever being speaker or -- in our lifetime. >> the bottom line is, speaker boehner would not have that job if it were not for the tea party part of the proposal. >> thank you, charles. thank you for understanding that. >> pretty simple math. i appreciate your time. i just -- maybe you guys can sing kumbiya together and get this together. the mid-terms are so important you can't fumble the ball at the one-yard line. thank you, sir. >> and, charles, when people say we want you guys running the same play, my answer is, when my quarterback calls a play to run to the wrong end zone, i'm not blocking for him. >> at least tackle him.
1:32 pm
this administration's idea is looking tough, right here? looking tough in the face of russia's vladimir putin? brett bayer the state department tweet not sitting good with many. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there.
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today we are focusing on a serious issue, troubled relationships. >> putting up walls and i try and i try but i can't get through. >> you mean like obamacare web
1:36 pm
site? >> all right. that's funny. how the united states is dealing with russia is no laughing matter. take a look at this tweet. from state department spokesperson jen stacky, quote, the world stands hash tag united for ukraine. let's hope the kremlin will live be the promise, hash tag, end quote. the administration is having a tough time looking tough. this didn't help. >> it didn't and got a lot of responses on 2010er, a ton of people kind of snarky response, and basically this twitter battle developed with russia in which russia and the embassies around the world for russia started tweeting out positive things about russia using the hash tag that the u.s. state department had set up. united for ukraine. russia isolated and that prompted this tweet from jen. the tweet's response to that, here's one, i remember when
1:37 pm
teddy roosevelt said, walk softly but carry a big hash tag. all kinds of stuff. and basically the bottom line here, charles, is that the u.s. is finding it tough, i think, to look tough against putin, who is clearly on the move in eastern ukraine. >> the sabre rattling has not stopped. the markets have been a little volatile but is there some way they can change this around? feels like this administering -- i'm not trying to pick on them but from pajama boy to this stuff, they don't have that tough-guy element anywhere within the administration that sort of sic on these problems. >> clearly the president has said himself that the military option, and moving military into position, is off the table. so, then you take that off. they believe, the administration believes, by stepping up these economic sanctions it will truly
1:38 pm
have an affect on the russians. the russian stock market is down, investors have left but there's not a real punishment for putin because he seems like he factored this all in and when you have secretary of state kerry yesterday saying the window is closing on russia as far as threatening additional economic sanctions and then you look what is happening on the grounds with russian troops on the border of ukraine, i think there's a disconnect there the win dove may be closing on the west to be able to stop putin. >> also, the president admitted, without the help of our allies, these sanctions may not work or may actually backfire. >> and europe is the key here. they are the lynch pin. if they're not bought into the economic sanctions, they're not going to happen, because it really hat to be across the board with all the european partners. >> i know germany have given it lip service but the fact its they not have an option to buy
1:39 pm
in. they just get so much or their natural gas and oil from russia that they just don't simply have an option. they're crawling out of a devastating recession. >> right. germany is 20%, maybe 17% natural gas from russia. there's not an app alternative here to match that or take over that. so there's real concern in those european nations about what the impact will be on them. meantime, putin is moving. it's happening. and this is a huge story that i don't think we can overstate. the impact, the geopolitical impact in that part of the world, and eventually for the u.s. >> and to your point, think so far we have had a lot of fun with it, made fodder with it and the crazy things on social media have had me cracking up but this is serious, and maybe at some point we'll take it more seriously because, to your point, vladimir putin doesn't take us seriously. brett, thank you very much. >> be sure to catch brett on his
1:40 pm
special report tonight. in fact, every week night, at 6:00 p.m. >> with russia defying is the defense department revamping the missile shield defense? to jennifer griffin at the pentagon with the latest. we forgot about the hold missile shield. it that back in play? >> well, charles, remember, back in 2009, when president obama scratched plans developed by the bush administration to put ground-based missile interceptors in poland and a sophisticated radar system in the the czech republic it was seen as a gesture of good will to reset relations with russia. now some members of congress want president obama to put missile defense on the front burner again. quote, the obama administration has been unable to counter this escalation of putin's aggressive posture. instead, they have been defensive, unsure, and unable to change putin's course of action. skeptics say this is not the correct tool to stop putin in
1:41 pm
eastern europe. >> i don't think it makes any sense to think of missile defense as an appropriate response. vladimir putin for all his ridiculous behavior this year is not threatening to fire missiles at anybody. we know missile defense might make him a little angry and might make us feel good for payback but it really isn't the kind of thing that's going to deter him from going into ukraine. >> president obama, according to the white house, did not scrap missile defense in europe but shifted it to other systems. the sea-based sm3 aegis system. putin is using conventionalground troops, not missiles to threaten his neighbors. charles. >> thank you very much. if you don't have paris hilton to wash your car, how bat car that cleans itself?
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bottom line, ask your doctor about linzess today. central space praising for severe tornado outbreak this weekend. to our meteorologist how bad
1:45 pm
this could get. >> one day to get through. this is an exiting storm off the east khost but a tornado watch in effect until 9:00 p.m. tonight and there's one cell around halifax has dangerous looking representations and what was a tornado warning to the south, north of kingston. that is tonight. then we move our attention to the next storm, going to be pulling into the plains all weekend long and strong storms will develop ott -- on sunday. then shifts farther towards the east on sunday, and this red area is the bull's eye. if we see any large, violent tornadoes, it would likely be sunday, but we can't rule it out on saturday. we need to be prepared. and monday moves farther east, and across the mississippi river valley. tuesday, moving east. we have not had a lot of severe
1:46 pm
weather, not a ton of tornadoes, well below averages. this weekend could make up for that. >> thank you very much. take a look at the right side of this car. pretty soon you might be able to kiss the car wash goodbye. to digital trends auto editor nick james on the very first self-cleaning car. a self-cleaning car, self-driving car. pretty soon, just wake up and the car will come get me. i like this one. how true is it? >> depends on your definition of self-cleaning. definitely -- >> or clean. >> right. it's an technology that repels water and oil. so, it doesn't clean itself but never gets dirty. >> oh, well, i mean, almost the same difference. doesn't it collect dust or just really keep the show-room shine all the time? >> it looks like from nissan's testing in europe it keeps that
1:47 pm
showroom shine all the time. the paint actually dries a hazy white translucent, so only ideal for white cars, but looks like it stays pretty clean pretty long. >> i got too tell you something. this is absolutely amazing. listen. maybe it puts a few car washes out of business, but to me, you mentioned nano technology. i remember ten, 12 years ago, that would solve all our problems and is starting to live up to the early hype. >> who would have thought it would come down to pain and keeping you off your hands and knees the driveway. >> do we have a timetable when this may get to the market, when people watching this and don't want to spend saturday afternoons washing the car, may be able to get a car? >> nissan isn't saying right now if and when it could come to the market place, but it sounds like they're seriously considering it as a dealer option for new cars.
1:48 pm
when i pressed nissan they at any time want to fifth us a timetable. >> nick, i'm going to ask my car, what's it problem? just complete a hail mary pass? while all eyes are on these players today. >> from cheers to jeers. these ladies putting down their pom-poms and taking the buffalo bills to court. do they have a case? i think the biggest value of truecar... was that it gave me... confidence to buy my very first car... and to walk out of that dealership... and know that i got a good deal. save time, save money, and never overpay. visit
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i can't wait to get to mattress discounters because the tempur-pedic bonus event ends sunday. choose $300 in free gifts, and, get up to 48 months interest-free financing with any tempur-pedic mattress. ♪ mattress discounters
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trwith secure wifie for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. are unions about to get sacked or score? tonight, on a vote today that
1:52 pm
could change college football as we know it. >> the poll is closed and that vote could change college athletics forever is over. and now comes the allegation that the university puts pressure on the players encouraging a no vote. >> a lot of them were communicating that by voting for the union that my teammates would be betraying the football family and northwestern. >> it would be allegations that northwestern engaged in unfair labor practices during the election campaign. that is simply not true. >> the ballots are uncounted. they were impounded and remain secret until the nlrb can hear an appeal to an earlier ruling. the vote today was whether they want to. it could be months now before we know the outcome.
1:53 pm
charles. >> thanks a lot, mike. it's game on for the buffalo jills. the cheer leaders are seeing suing the team they didn't pay them enough. do they have a case? to our legal eagles. i don't understand any of these cases when people work, they get paid and they turn around and all of a sudden they say you didn't pay me enough. >> these cheer leaders before they become cheer leaders get overly excited. they sign these contracts might be unfair. they get overly excited and sign contracts that after the fact -- >> would you argue that the buffalo bills took advantage of that excitement, listen, i want to be an nfl cheer leader and they somehow took advantage of them? >> not necessarily. maybe they couldn't afford attorneys at the time it came to
1:54 pm
the signed the terms. >> in the contract, it says they are independent contractors, they are only to be paid a certain amount. with all the time they put in -- >> they didn't know any of these stuff beforehand? >> no. >> all of these first time cheer leaders? >> no. i'm not saying that. they had to pay for their hotels, and makeup and hair, and there's all these demands on them by the franchise. they are entitled to at least minimum wage. the team is using that to pay them less than -- >> an independent contractor would pay for their hair and makeup and all of this -- >> this is free publicity for
1:55 pm
these women. this is free press exposure. >> if you sign up for a job and it turns out the number of hours that you are required to put in gives you less than the minimum wage, like $3 an hour by the time they amortize it out. they essentially get converted into employees of the team. because the demands and requirements of them are employees much more than would be required of independent contractors and that's where i think they have a win in their lawsuit. >> you know, it feels like you go into some of these things eyes wide open and you know what the deal is, and you want to be a great cheer leader. maybe you spent more on the makeup than you had to and then you want someone else to pay the bill? >> there's an assumption of the risk. >> you can take any job and think it's one thing and then the employer makes demands on you that are completely different than what you signed up for. >> let's see what happens, guys.
1:56 pm
this guy gets busted for getting drunk on a flight. is it time to ban booze? your tweets up next. i wish.
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
well, forget it makes snakes on a plane. why is drinking allowed on a flight in the first place? no smoking. no drinking. that's logical. lori says yes there should be alcohol limits. i have been on several flights where someone was obnoxious from too many drinks. mark raising another point. forget limiting alcohol. limit passengers. i want an empty seat on both seats next to me on every flight. i think everybody wants that one, mark. what good reason is there to get intoxicated on a plane? i'm a drichinger. and i'd be fine with a three-drink limit. i bet you would. the question is would enchs on the plane be fine with it. coming up tonight, fbn, it doesn't pay to be beautiful. there's a new workplace study
2:00 pm
that's turning a whole lot of heads, in fact a lot more than these ladies, does it help to be beautiful? we're going to have a great debate on that. i'm a right person to fill in for it. in the meantime, neil will be back on monday. have a great weekend. hello everyone i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckle, jesse waters who is turning on his phone right now and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." well, dozens of sick veterans died while waiting for health care at the va medical center in arizona. some senators are demanding a congressional investigation. a new report says that feds waited -- vets waited months even years and the va created secret waiting lists. >> they dismissed him like an animal. i be


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