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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 27, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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personalized medicine today, folks, here on "sunday house call." thank you, doctors. that will do it for us. >> thank you for watching. we're here every sunday on the fox news channel. >> and much more information on the doctors facebook pages. bye-bye. a surprise move from palestinian leader mahmoud abass now denouncing the holocaust. yet despite his remarks prime minister benjamin netanyahu remains steadfast in his opinion. if there's any hope of a lasting peace with israel, israel defense minister will be joining us. the midterm elections are just a few months away, and now the gop field has a good chance of gaining control of the senate. can the momentum remain with the fallout over problems with obamacare continuing to raise concerns over whether it will benefit our nation's overall health care system. you'll hear from republican
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senatorial committee jerry mo ran. and the backlash continuing over donald sterling's alleged racist remarks now causing big concerns in the nba. it's even getting reaction from many big names including the president. >> when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don't have to do anything. we just let them talk. and that's what happened here. >> we're going to explore the fallout with sportscaster and fox news -- live from the nation's capital starts right now. but first we begin this hour with the big celebration. it's being called the day of four popes. close to 1 million people filling st. peter's square and spilling over into the streets of rome to witness a historic first in the roman catholic church. just a few hours ago pope francis presiding over a
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ceremony elevating pope john paul ii and pope paul xxiii to sainthood. we bring you up-to-date on the special chapter in the church's history. amy. >> reporter: yes, uma, four popes because two popes were n canonized in one ceremony. and pope francis and pope emeritus benedict xvi which is historic in itself. that's why, uma, so many people, crowds, camped out on a drizzly wet night, a chilly night in rome just to get a good position to watch all of this history being made. and the crowd was truly global. there were people from all continents on st. peter's square. different faiths even represented. probably one of the most poignant moments was pope francis embracing his predecessor, pope emeritus benedict xvi.
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it just said unity, continuity and that's really what the ceremony was about canonizing the pope who set out to modernize the church and also the one who then took that church to the street. now, here is a time lapse look at the pilgrims bursting forth after dawn to try to secure their spots inside the square with a little human wall of security to prevent a crush. now, as much as there were lots of pilgrims participating for pope john paul ii, many young people were out today. probably it is said due to the popularity of the current pope. >> there seems to be a great deal of excitement especially among young adults. this is a new era for them. the church has a different face for them thanks to pope francis. they're looking now at what preceded him? who preceded him? what's this modern history of the church all about?
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>> reporter: that modern history, uma, but also a lot of european history and talking about pope john paul ii having lived under nazi occupation, under communism, having been very important in terms of the struggle against communism not just in poland but in all of the eastern bloc. and then john xxiii who was a sergeant in world war i who had a very interesting and rather humble poor childhood but managed against odds to rise to the position of pope and also to be really a truly innovating diplomat for the catholic church. all of that getting relived, talked about, re-learned and that's exciting for the faithful and frankly for much of the world. uma. >> amy, thank you so much for that report from rome. on this historic day what does double canonization mean for the church and its followers? joining us now currently the
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president of the united states conference of catholic bishops. welcome, sir. great to have you here today. >> uma, it's so good to be with you on this historic day. thanks for having me. >> we are honored to have you here, sir. this special ceremony means a great deal to so many in the church. this is a once in a lifetime experience. do you feel that by elevating these two men to sainthood that pope francis is trying to balance the conservative legacy of john paul with the reforming veal of john? >> well, i have to say that there are similarities and of course differences of each. i think he's saying these are real people, they're real people who strove for sanktity. and many many ways you're right they're different. john xxiii of course elected when he was 76, very pastoral. john paul ii very strong, courageous, but in both cases very humble men. i think pope francis is saying, hey, sainthood is open to all of
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us. it's not -- there's not one mold so to speak. >> very interesting. and you know what makes this even more remarkable of course is that for the first time the church is elevating two popes to sainthood in the presence of two living popes. what runs through your mind as you reflect on this moment? >> well, of course it's the great foundation of the church. every one of the popes of course refers to jesus christ because christ is the foundation of the catholic church. and the holy fathers both those who just become saints and the two, pope francis of course and pope emeritus benedict, they are in deed people who are the -- follow the person of jesus who is our foundation. i think it's exciting. and of course pope francis is so charismatic and caught the attention and the hearts of the whole world. >> for those of us who are not catholic, tell us why this tradition which goes back 2,000 years is so special and
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important to the faithful. >> well, in many ways we need real authentic witnesses. we need people to imitate. and of course we don't have to remind people that saints are not perfect people. they are people who were born just like all of us. they lived good lives. they had struggles. they had joys. but in many ways they opened themselves humbly to god's plan in their life. and the saints in the church are those authentic witnesses in communion and heaven who not only pray for us but give us living examples of how we can follow christ in our own lives. they are great authentic examples. >> how do you respond to some critics in the church who question the speed with which john paul has been canonized. >> in many ways both popes the initiative came from the people.
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if you remember in 2005 when john paul ii died, at his funeral it was the people who said make him a saint quickly. so that sentiment came actually from the faithful who were able to understand his level of sanctity, his holiness and wanted him declared a saint. that i think is what the motivating factor was. >> archbishop so good to have you here today. thank you so much for joining us with your reflections. >> great. >> all the best to you. i know this is a very important special day for the church. >> well, thank you, uma. >> all the best. turning now to the tensions in ukraine. with news that a group of european military observers has appeared in public for the very first time since being taken prisoner by pro-russian insurgents in eastern ukraine with their captors watching. now, those men are saying they have not been mistreated but are giving no indication as to when
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they may be released. this as growing concerns over whether russia will continue to defy the international community and move ahead with its own troops. let's go now to ukraine where leland vister is standing by wih more. >> reporter: uma, just in the past few minutes we have learned from the pro-russian stronghold that one of those international observers was released on medical grounds. we're not sure exactly what the circumstances were, but there's a spokeswoman for the pro-russian militia that says none of the other observers are going anywhere. today they were paraded out in front of the media at a press conference of sorts. the leader of that pro-russian separatist militia called them, quote, prisoners of war, and was holding them and wanted to exchange them for some of his supporters being held by the ukrainian government in kiev. so far no deal on that front. the russian foreign minister has said that he plans to try and help get these guys released.
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once again though it appears the russians promises have not been made good on as this has been status quo as this crisis continues. day three right now of the standoff between those well-dug-in pro-russian militia. they are well dug-in, well-armed and control a number of the key buildings there. also a couple of armored personnel carriers guarding that city, not laying siege is the ukrainian military that has tanks and armored personnel carriers. so far they have not made a move, really, to try to get in there and fight. one of the reasons they say they're not doing that is the threat of civilian casualties. the pro-russian separatists are growing bolder and trying to widen out their footprint in the town of donetsk, which is the regional capital of eastern ukraine. they already control one of the regional parliament buildings. but just in the past few hours main television broadcast facilities.
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they say they want ukrainian state television channels off the air and want to put on pro-russian tv channels. they've done this in other locations as well. we're waiting to see if they're able to broadcast those pro-russian channels on local tv. the question going forward is if and when the ukrainians are actually going to make a stand. they didn't in either or in donetsk in terms of trying to take the separatists on. we're marching closer and closer every day to the may 11th deadline, that's the day the separatist militias say they would like to hold a referendum here in eastern ukraine about becoming part of russia. sort of a satellite state of sorts is what they have described. this all comes under the umbrella of the russians who said they are willing to use force not only to protect their citizens in eastern ukraine, but also their interest evading. they're willing to send some of the 40,000 troops they have on the border right now here in to this part of the country. uma, back to you.
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>> leland, thank you so much for that update from ukraine. now back in this country, turning to a developing story in a fire storm heating up against donald sterling, the owner of the l.a. clippers, for his alleged highly charged racial remarks on audiotape in a conversation with his girlfriend. >> it bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. do you have to? the little i ask you is not to promote it on that -- and not to bring them to my game. >> that audiotape obtained by the tmz website has set off a big controversy within the nba and among various african-american groups. at this time as an investigation is now underway to determine the authenticity of that tape and if it is indeed sterling's voice. in the meantime, there are already calls to kick sterling out of the league, boycott l.a. clippers games with nba great magic johnson even saying that sterling should sell the team.
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ironically next month the naacp was set to present sterling with one of its highest honors, a lifetime achievement award. today, the group's interim president is saying sterling will not be receiving that award. given this latest development with sterling and the recent racist tirade against him, nevada rancher cliven bundy is well about the african-americans who he believes were better off as slaves, we want to hear from your thoughts about race in america. is it time that we had a national conversation on race? let me know what you have to say about this. you can tweet me or to our show. i will read some of your remarks a bit later in the show. well, we have yet to formally hear from any reaction from clippers owner donald sterling about his alleged racial rant on that audiotape. coming up, you will hear from sportscaster jim gray about his reaction and what action may be coming from the nba. and later, we'll talk a
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welcome back everybody. with this fox news alert president mahmoud abass in a
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rare move is now calling the holocaust "the most heinous crime in modern history." these remarks coming on the eve of the holocaust remembrance day. but israeli prime minister netanyahu saying his remarks cannot be reconciled. earlier this week netanyahu telling fox news that the peace talks can't resume as long as abass is in line with what israel and the west view is a terrorist organization. >> i was hoping he would embrace peace with israel, instead he chose a pact with hamas. that effectively is what is killing peace. i hope he changes his mind because the only way we can move forward is to have partner who is are committed to living with israel and not killing the state of israel. >> joining us now with more reaction, deputy defense minister and author of "israel, the will to prevail," danny denon. what's your reaction to remarks made to abass about the
10:19 am
holocaust? even if he denounces a holocaust, how can he reconcile his alliance with hamas as a well-known terrorist network that calls for the destruction of israel and denies the holocaust ever happened? >> uma, i think it's hypocritical to say what he just said today in this very special day for us. look what he's doing. he's signing an agreement with the hamas, a terrorist organization. i want to remind you on 9/11 the hamas leader of the world celebrating, dancing on the rooftops of gaza while fighting to get people out of the buildings. and what happened when you killed bin laden? the hamas organization was the only organization to condemn the u.s. so you cannot in one hand say you are sorry about the holocaust and on the other hand sign an agreement with a terrorist organization which caused to this very day to kill
10:20 am
the jewish people in israel. >> do you think this was abass's attempt to appear to placate western opinion due to the fact that the peace talks have broken down over his decision to have this unity deal with hamas? >> i think today many leaders do not understand what he just did. in the last nine months we were negotiating with the palestinian prime minister netanyahu willing to pay a heavy price, even release convicted terrorists, i personally opposed this but the prime minister was willing to go ahead in order to keep the negotiations alive. nobody can understand why he chose to join hamas today, why he chose to go with the same people who attacked israel sending missiles and fire rockets on israeli citizens. i think he feels panic, that's why he's doing what he's doing today. but if he chose to go with hamas, he needs to know israel will not continue to talk with him. and even the u.s., the u.s.
10:21 am
gives more than half a billion u.s. dollars a year. i don't think he will continue to get that money if he's continuing to work with hamas in gaza. >> some say the reason hamas is now ready to have this unit pact with the palestinians is that the organization has become weaker. and critics were arguing that prime minister netanyahu is using this development to give him a reason to back away from the peace talks for good, that he doesn't really want to negotiate to have two states. what's your response to that? >> i think we see now the real face. we see today it's easier for him to walk with hamas rather than to sit and talk peace with israel. secretary kerry came many times to israel, met for hours and look what happened. in a minute he decided to put it away and to go to the terrorist organization. and even a country like egypt
10:22 am
condemns hamas. the only state that actually is happy about this union is iran because iran knows hamas now can be very active. and that's the only one who happy about this agreement. i think that the u.s. and the european must be very clear that they will not support, they will not send money to the p.a. if he choose to be with hamas in the same government. >> a very difficult situation indeed. danny danon, thank you so much for joining us today with your insights. turning now to politics and the upcoming midterm elections. republicans are looking to keep control of the house and gain control of the senate pushing issues that take aim at obamacare and other issues that republicans believe will create some momentum against their democratic rivals. joining us now the national republican senatorial --
10:23 am
>> uma, my pleasure. >> why are you and your colleagues more hopeful that the midterms will be good to the gop hopefuls this time around? >> well, uma, i've been listening to your program waiting to come on the air. and all the issues that you've discussed with your guests this morning and the news that you've reported sure indicates to me that the need for leadership in this country is so great. and so many challenges our country faces both domestically with the economy, with the affordable care act and health care, but internationally as well. and, again, at every instance that the topics that you've talked about this morning who is leading our country matters. and i think the american people are desirous of a change. in fact, you've seen national polls. the one i saw this morning, "new york times"/cbs news, 63% of americans say our country -- they believe our country is headed in the wrong direction. and that translates into the possibility they're willing to give republicans a greater role to play in setting the stage and
10:24 am
providing the leadership for the direction our country goes. >> now, as i understand it you believe states like alabama, arkansas, louisiana and north carolina are vulnerable this time around. what's the strategy to bring those seats over to the gop? >> well, uma, in all instances across the country i think jobs, the economy, people's security, how they feel about themselves, and their family, their family's future is front and center. and yet they've seen nothing. this senate, this president has done nothing in the three years that i've been a united states senator to move the country's economy in the right direction so people have a better chance at a better job, more security. we have states in this country that are up for election with democrat incumbents and we have a number of open seats. the seats i think you mentioned are ones in which we have democrat incumbents who at 96, 97, 98% of the time, sometimes 99% of the time have been lock step with president obama and his policies.
10:25 am
and those policies are not important. and they're not taking the country in the right direction. so places like alaska, places like arkansas, louisiana, north carolina are ones that republicans have good candidates. in fact great candidates. and have the potential of certainly carrying the election six months from next sunday. >> how do you see obamacare playing into this debate in the way that will resonate with the american people? because obviously a lot of people are frustrated with many aspects of the implementation of obamacare yet people are looking for some real fixes here and not simply just criticism about the plan. they want to see some real solutions. >> no, i agree with that. and i think republicans have and need to have plans for improving our health care delivery system. but i will tell you obamacare creates so many challenges, so many problems both on the economic side as well as the access to health care side of the equation that serious
10:26 am
changes, alterations, have to occur. but it doesn't mean that republicans believe that our health care system today is perfect. and i think we have to deal with the preexisting condition, for example. those are things that matter. a number of republican senators have combined their efforts to create new suggestions, new plans for dealing with health care. but i think the overriding think about the affordable care act is that the president and democrat senators did not tell the truth when they spoke to the american people about its consequences. and now many of them are saying, oh, these unintended consequences, we didn't know this was going to happen. unintended consequences are still consequences that are so damaging to the country. and the idea that americans were told if you like your health care policy you can keep it, if you like your physician, you can keep him or her as your physician. so this -- those things weren't true. and they transcend the idea of health care. americans can put up with the debate, a different attitude and approach to what we need to do with health care, but they expect every elected official to tell them the truth. and that has not happened time
10:27 am
and time again with what democrat senators in defending their votes and certainly in president obama in supporting -- continuing to support obamacare. and most of our democrat candidates that are up for election in 2014 continue to defend and support obamacare despite what has occurred that demonstrates its significant challenges and problems to the american people to everyday folks. >> senator, i know there's a lot riding in this election. and of course the american people are looking for accountability on both sides of the aisle from democrats and republicans. so this election is going to be one that's going to be quite pivotal. i appreciate you joining us today with your insights. >> great. we have wonderful candidates. that's what america needs is good candidates who will serve the country well. >> thank you, senator. well, the heart of america is bracing for severe weather. the forecast is set to be the worst this year so far. and what's the story behind this offroad road rage?
10:28 am
helmets off nascar brawl. find out why these racers are so fired up. plus, the fallout over the alleged racist tirade by l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. sportscaster jim gray will join us on his take on the brawl making headlines. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to youroctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain. it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. if your doctor decides viagra is right for you,
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welcome back everybody. let's take a quick look at some of the stories making news right now in our fox news flash. pope john paul ii and pope john xxiii are now saints in the rowman catholic church. pope francis presided over the double canonization. and made more historic by the
10:33 am
presence of emeritus pope benedict. today, palestinian president mahmoud abbas. benjamin netanyahu saying it was aimed at appeasing. preliminary results released yesterday show that neither of the front runners have won a majority. former foreign minister abdullah abdullah received almost 45% of the vote followed by the ex-finance minister with about 32%. and forecasters are warning people in the plains and midwest to brace for possible tornadoes and hurricane force winds. the national weather service says the risk of tornadoes will rise through the day in an area stretching from nebraska to northern louisiana. and that's a quick look at the stories making news right now. the nba is now investigating alleged racial remarks tied to
10:34 am
l.a. clippers owner donald sterling who reportedly went on a tirade over photos with his girlfriend in a recording posted on tmz. a man reported on that audiotape is supposed to be sterling who is heard questioning why his girlfriend posts photos on social media of herself with african-americans. he then goes even further. >> how about your whole life every day you could do whatever you want, you can sleep with them, you can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. the little i ask you is not to promote it on that and not to bring them to my games. >> now, anger, frustration and calls for action now coming around the nba which says it is investigating the situation. sportscaster and fox news contributor jim gray joining us now live from los angeles with more on this fallout. jim, let's talk for a moment about what's at play right now. what's your reaction first to this news? >> it's despicable, it's
10:35 am
shameful, disgraceful and doesn't represent the way the nba operates. he's totally outside of it. and it's shocking. even if you know everything about his history and the lawsuits that he's had, the settlements with housing discrimination with the justice department, the largest ever, it's still in this day and age with the man who owns an nba team who has whatever the percentage is, 80%, of the people he employs for the team are african-americans, for him to have these feelings and these statements, it's beyond alarming. >> the nba's still saying it's trying to verify if this tape is actually authentic. but that aside this news comes at a time when people are probably really shocked to hear that these remarks are coming from an owner who was set to get the naacp's highest honor. >> how that can possibly be that it's going to be a second lifetime achievement award by that organization, that's very difficult to figure. as far as the voice tape, i've
10:36 am
heard donald sterling's voice thousands of times. it sounds like it to me. i'm sure they'll have audio recognition and get to the bottom of that real soon. i'm quite certain the nba and its commissioner, adam silver, who took over for david stern, will do the right thing. he knows the outrage and knows this is totally unacceptable. he wants to have due process, all americans are entitled to due process, but this has got to be done in short order because the players, the fans, the media, the sponsors and everybody involved is outraged by this. and he should be suspended indefinitely. and then they should take the rest of its course due process during the summer. and if there's any way to push him out of the league, it's long overdue. >> the timing is unfortunate of course because this is happening through the playoffs. what impact do you think this is going to have on the team members? >> well, you really have to feel very badly for doc rivers and chris paul, the ahead of the players association and blake griffin, who's a wonderful player. all of them, j.j. reddic, doc
10:37 am
rivers said all of the players, white and everybody very upset about this. they're working their whole lives to try to win a championship. they have a goal in mind here. now the owner of the team is trying to derail that because he's making these terribly insensitive and offensive comments. so you have to feel very bad for them. i'm not quite certain if it will spill over on to the court. every team wants to eliminate the distractions. it's pretty hard to eliminate your owner, but i'm sure they will do their best to have a mindset to go out and play the game. it's going to start at 12:30 pacific time in golden state and come back here to the staple center on tuesday. that's going to be a circus. donald sterling will not be at the game today. the commissioner, adam silver, has said he's agreed not to show up. hopefully before tuesday the commissioner will have his ruling and decide what he's going to do going forward. >> certainly a huge fire storm of controversy. jim gray, thank you so much for joining us. i know you'll follow this very closely. >> thank you, uma. now another story that had lots of folks talking.
10:38 am
we see tempers flare all the time in nascar, but it's rare that a helmets-off punch is caught on tape. nascar fans got an extra show at the toyota owners 400 when driver marcos ambros punched fellow driver casey in the garage after the race. the altercation coming after an incident between those two drivers late in the race. a nascar official says the fight will be reviewed. well, veterans affair official in arizona is accused of keeping a second set of books to hide the fact that dozens of veterans died waiting for care. now she's linked to a similar case in washington state. how can this happen in our country when we're supposed to protect our heroes? we're going to ask our panel coming up. stay with us. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor
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if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. for 24 hour support, automatic refills, and free home delivery, enroll at it's the nexium you know, now delivered. welcome back everybody. turning now to a controversy with iran in the spotlight now at the u.n. after winning a seat on a committee dedicating to protecting women's human rights. iran was elected to that spot despite its repressive history angering human rights activists and the international community. fox news contributor anthony and joe, a senior political strategist with the chatteren group join us with reaction in our studios. welcome to both of you. great to have you here. angel, tell me for a moment about this move and why it has set diplomatic community in a
10:43 am
huge flurry? >> well, this is the first time i've ever agreed with an obama appointee, the u.n. ambassador said that it's absurd that you have iran, cuba and sudan elected to this committee. but, uma, the bigger picture here is has the u.n. outlived its purpose? instead of stopping genocide around the world, actually it's been made into a form and staged a theater for our enemies to come to our land and actually speak against us and spread their propaganda. >> joe, do you think at this point the u.n. has outlived its youthfulness to the point when it comes to talking about human rights and goes ahead and puts iran on a committee that clearly it has done nothing in its history of late to do any protecting of women in its country? >> well, i think iran's appointment on this, this was an uncontested election unfortunately and they have been on this committee for about four years already. and what is most disappointing that no one from the age of contingency steps up to run against them.
10:44 am
so if you read the ambassador's tweet, they were unopposed. and i think what this points to is some reforms that are needed at the u.n. i don't think the u.n. has outlived its legacy. they are here to stop conflicts, provide a venue in which people can have open debates and discussions. >> we have mahmoud ahmadinejad comes to the state and our taxpayers go to protect him. even when you had hugo chavez, you had congressman from harlan saying you don't go on television talk about my president. they're supposed to unite the nations. are they uniting the nations? >> this event was unprecedented. he's been denied the nominee for iran, the permanent nominee, access. he denied their visa saying you can't come into the country. >> you're talking about the u.n. ambassador. >> yes. it's their permanent representative. and this is the first time we've
10:45 am
done this and it's because of his involvement in iran -- >> i have to add that came after a lot of pressure, particularly -- >> absolutely. >> -- from people who said this just can't happen. >> sure. but also unprecedented move. >> also you have a conservative from tennessee and sanctions dealt on iran, so we're having this country going to commission on the status of women. we clearly they don't agree with our civil rights or our freedoms. >> okay. i got to move on now to another controversy that's really has a lot of folks upset in our country about the way we take care of our veterans. the fact that this veteran center in arizona kept a separate list for those who needed care and people actually died. this is time now people are saying call for action. that there needs to be a clean sweep in the v.a. what do you say to this, angela? >> a call for action should have been a long time ago. it's just not with this
10:46 am
administration. we can talk reagan administration, bush's administration. uma, these are warriors that protect our nation so we can talk freely. and the fact that they have to wait a year to actually go and get service is a travesty. but also the fact too when you have the government shutdown, you had world war ii veterans that couldn't go to the world war ii memorial. i think it's a travesty not only what happened in arizona but also all across this nation. >> absolutely. >> joe, do you think the president needs to clean house now and go ahead and start having heads roll on this one? because people are saying this does not happen in america. it should not happen in america. >> yes, as one of the richest nations in the world and a nation that honors our veterans the way we should and want to, it should absolutely not have happened ever. but angela's right. this has been going on for decades. and it's so tragic. and it's very, very unfortunate. and i do believe these people will be brought to justice on this issue. there's an investigation as we all know going on now. i truly believe that there's going to be some serious,
10:47 am
serious hammers brought down on heads for this one. >> it's just not dealing with this and the care for veterans, you have discrimination across this country. in dallas, texas, you have a v.a. hospital that would rather hire low-quality foreign doctors instead of our u.s. doctors on u.s. soil. >> yeah. it's a problem. i know this is going to be something we're going to be investigating for a while and certainly we're goinclose watch. guys, i'm out of time. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. coming up, a fascinating study on women in the workplace. why confidence may trump competence. we'll tell you why. >> because girls are being raised to be too perfect. they're not failing enough. >> how messing up could help women move up. that's coming up next. stay with us. what if a photo were more than a memory? what if it were more than something to share? what if a photo could build that shelf you've always wanted? or fix a leaky faucet? or even give you your saturday back?
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welcome back. we're getting a closer look at how perfectionism holds women back. that no matter how much they've accomplished, many women still lack confidence. through scientific research, experiments, and genetic testing and interviews with women, journalists have released the confidence code. the book argues that women pay a heavier social and even professional penalty hand men when they struggle with self-doubt. needless to say, this is creating lots of buzz.
10:52 am
>> it's true women and work does seem to be a buzzy one right now and how women can break through the glass ceiling or get to a higher level, whatever it is, but i also think there's something just intrinsically fascinating to people about confidence. it's something that everybody wants and everybody values. not everybody knows that much about it. i think it's something that people can relate to. especially this notion of are women less confident than men? is there a confidence gap? >> what prompted you personally to get involved in the project because a lot of people would see you as being someone very confident with a successful career. >> well, here's what is interesting. we have found that so many successful women aren't as confident as they seem, and i think it's true. i've had struggles with confidence in my career. i feel confident now, but certainly it's been a journey, and katy kay, my co-author and i, we realized there's this dark
10:53 am
spot we can't quite identify where we hear successful women saying we're not sure, i'm not sure i'm ready for that job. i'm not sure i should go for that promotion, and we started to dig into the data, and we found really interesting stuff. >> for example, that men tend to overestimate their performance and their ability as well. women continually underestimate. >> it's as though our barometer is totally off. by the way, when men over estimate, it's really what columbia university calls honest overconfidence. we're not man bashing. it's kind of great to some extent when it's not hugely overestimated. yet, hewlett-packard did a study that shows that women on average will put their hands up for a promotion when we feel we have 00% of the job qualifications. men will do it at 60%. >> why is that? what -- >> well, that's what we tried to answer. we really dug into some of the science. is it genetic, biological? is it the way we're raised?
10:54 am
we've had a little bit of all of it. i was shocked find out that confidence is partly genetic. 25% to 50%. >> it's in the dna? >> we did dna tests. some of the genes that they know now are associated with confidence, you can -- we don't really have confidence genes, as it turns out. there are also some biological factors that male-female brain differences, which is always controversial, but it's true. testosterone affects male brains in ways women don't have. testosterone pushes risk taking. that's a big part of confidence-building, taking risks. we also found that the way girls are raised today is hard for them not in a way we would expect. it's because girls are being raised to be too perfect. they're not failing muff. they're doing so well in school and they're mastering academia, but those aren't the lessons they need for real life. if you don't know about failure on any level, that can really hurt you done the road?
10:55 am
>> and if you are focused on being perfect, then you think that's your value. people pleasing, perfection, getting it all right. of course, you're not going take a risk. why would you take a risk? the stakes just seem too high. boys, on the other hand, they fail all over the place. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [male announcer] glucerna...
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>> we would ask the conversation on race. matthew writes, some are afraid to be the one to start the conversation. it's easy to be misunderstood. brad asks does the constitution only protect speech from people you agree with or also protect those who you don't. thanks for all of you who shared your thoughts with us today. one of the world's most notorious bachelors may be off the market. according to a report by the new york post, george clooney is
11:00 am
engaged to his girlfriend brush lawyer amal alamuddin. in and out numbered is premiering at noon eastern tomorrow. chris wallace. does a supreme court decision upholding race-based college admissions mark the beginning of the end for affirmative action? >> today this ruling say wonderful victory for the voters of michigan. >> with similar bans in several other states, what does it mean for creating diverse student bodies in our nation's public universities? jennifer rejection by the university of michigan inspired the case. debates of a rights attorney shanta driver who argued for affirmative action before the supreme court. then republican presidential hopefuls court pro-gun advocates. >>


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