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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 1, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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we were out here meeting with cable providers. we'll see you on monday because at this time we have a special on the benghazi scandal. have a great weekend, everybody. welcome to "hannity." tonight the obama white house has been busted. there is undeniable evidence they from the president on down lied to you, the american people about the lethal attacks in benghazi that killed four innocent americans and engaged in a coverup after the lie. that's how we begin the news night which is why tonight, i'll call out the man who will do and say anything in an effort to advance the political agenda. >> when i go stand up at the podium in front of the white
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house press core, i never lie. i never say something i know is not true. >> oh, really? it's him. white house press secretary jay carney is nothing but a complete and utter laughing stock and it continued today after administration will admit this is a premeditated attack in ben g -- benghazi. >> you can ask the intelligence committee of the current assessment of what happened. what we know is there was an attack, that there were extremists involved and four americans were killed. we have been saying that from the beginning, again, if you look at the language provided by the ic to members of congress and the white house, that's what ambassador rice stuck do. >> that duck wave and cover routine was the beginning because carney went further by attempting to accuse republicans and the fox news channel of unfairly poll lit sizing this
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horrific tragedy. here is an exchange he had with our own ed henry today. >> you're being cautious on 9/12, why on 9/14 ben rhoeds is saying this was inspired by an e-mail. >> do you need a copy of the cia -- >> read them out, go ahead. >> the only thing in that e-mail is a cut and paste from the talking points which much to your disappointment and your boss' disappointment turned out to be produced by the cia. >> let me clear something up for you, mr. carney, as the rhodes e-mail proves, the president and top aids were concerned about the poll litical fallout of the terror attack. when it comes to our coverage, i would think that the self-proclaimed most transparent administration in history would agree the american people, and
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especially the families that losted loved ones deserve to know the truth. today, that comes on the heels of yesterday's disgraceful performance and that's when jay carney said with a straight face ben rhodes and his e-mails about susan rice's sunday appearances was not about benghazi. >> that document we're talking about today is the overall a environment in the muslim world. i can say it again and again and i know you can keep asking again and again, this document was not about benghazi. >> see what i mean? that's called saelling your sou for pot llitical purposes. they knew this would be the focus of the interviews with susan rice on the five sunday shows, and yet, carney goes before the nation with a straight face and his little condescending manner to tell a bald-faced lie and this continue as pattern of lies for this
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administration, especially when it comes to benghazi. let's go back a few months when carney told us again and again and again that the white house had nothing to do with altering the talking points on this deadly terror attack. remember this? >> the cia drafted these talking points and redrafted these talking points. the fact that there are inputs is always the case in a pras se -- process like this but the only edits were non-subspintive. the cia made edits to the talking points and produced the talking points. >> just a lie, a provable lie. 100% not true and an arsenal of talking points to prove it. they knew this wasn't true, also. >> this is a fairly volatile situation and in response not to united states policy, not to,
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obviously, the administration, to the american people. it was in response to a video. we found the video that has been so offensive to muslims to be disgusting and reprehensible. reaction to the video was the per s per sip tating factor in protest and violence. >> remember baghdad bob? he would be proud. time magazine's former time reporter tried to rewrite history when he said this. >> were we trying to play down the fact it was an act of terror, again, hollow claim when the president himself called it an act of terror when the talking points referred to the participation of extremist i think understand understands what extremists means. >> this presidential mouth priest is delusional or
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well-trained pathological liar, someone that gets caught in a lie but instead of telling the truth, admitting it, he enters a an alice in wonderland world and black is white, lies are truth and truth are lies. this is the latest scandal he's tried to cover up. he's laid out the benghazi lies. let's remember what he told the american people, remember the enemies list where they tried to harass and intimidate, this is what he told then. >> i'm making clear now, activity in cincinnati, when i answered that question was very specifically about, as i just said, lying to irs employees in cincinnati and scrutinizing 501 c 4 organizations by using tea party and patriots. >> and selling obamacare, mr. propaganda, said this. >> if you have insurance provided by your employer that
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you like, nothing changes for you. the president was clear about a basic fact. if you had insurance that you liked on the individual market and you wanted to keep that insurance through 2010, '11, '12, '13 and on if you wanted it and it was available, you could. >> the founders and framers believe the standard was supposed to be different, the integrity of the president mattered almost as much as anything and leading citizenry was an act of betrayal. they were right about that and much, much more. so much more it matters in america when a president and members of the administration lie and lie and lie repeatedly. in the final year of world war ii, franklin roosevelt ordered a blessing by john adams carved on the stone fireplace of the state dining room where it can now be
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seen today. this blessing comes from something adams wrote to his wife on november 2nd, 1800, i pray heaven to disstow the best of blessings on this house and thereafter inhabited. none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof. today in america a dishonest man rules under the roof of the white house and john adams has got to be spinning in his grave. jay and former clinton special counsel davis. good to see you. >> hi, sean. >> hi, sean. >> we went round and round about whether they were alone and depends, we have been told a series of lies here and we can prove them. i'm asking you as a democrat, in light of what john adams wrote his wife that day in 1800, does any of this bother you? you find difficult to swallow,
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jay carney's propaganda? >> i don't share your belief, you're entitled to your belief -- >> they are called facts. >> got to let me finish. >> it's a fact. >> are you going to let me finish. >> go ahead. >> you had plenty of time in your opening. >> i don't believe jay carney did not lie and i have one fact you did not address. i read the 13 versions of the talking points beginning with version one that the cia said it drafted that was circulated and went back and forth over 13 different versions. >> i did, too. >> one sentence never changed in all 13 versions, fact, the cia wrote the words this was a spontaneous demonstration, that's their phrase, and then it ended with triggered by cairo protest. fact, that was written by the cia was not invented by the obama white house or state department. if there was a mistake and there was in the intelligence
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assessment about this being a spontaneous demonstration, we know that was wrong -- >> here is the problem, here is the problem with your -- >> it is not a lie. >> here is the problem with your spin -- >> mistake and lie. >> the station, to get to that point that you're talking about, they ignored the stations chief. the people on the ground in libya and they decided to write it out of virginia and on top of that, we have the november 28th, i have tape of jay carney saying no, no, the only change we made was from consulate to diplomatic facility because that was the only thing we had to do. now we know with the speaking e-mail -- hang on, jay the white house was involved in the talking points. >> let me say something else here. there is no explanation legitimate for this. jay carney is lying, not telling the truth when he says this e-mail was not about benghazi because this e-mail became
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public only because our friends at judicial watch filed a lawsuit asking for documents related to benghazi, the court ordered them to be released and the state department produces this e-mail, which is response to the benghazi attack. so administration can try to change what it means, but the fact is the words speak for themself. that's number one. >> all right. >> number two, lanny, they handled this wrong from the beginning. certainly we knew three days later, obviously, immediately this had nothing to do with the video. some are continuing to keep the narrative going and do not take your advice, lanny which is come out, tell the truth, tell it often and directly. they still haven't done this. it is spin control and they are institutionally incapable of self-correcting. that's the reality. >> i'm not asking for equal time but i would like to respond to the two points and the last one you made. number one, the fact is
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unrefuted that the cia wrote spontaneous demonstration triggered by cairo protests -- >> but not a video. >> but that cairo protests were in fact a response to the words video but you don't deny -- >> i got a fundamental question -- >> on the point about ben rhodes, give me a chance to respond, ben rhodes is involved in prepping people for sunday shows. the largest question in the middle of a presidential campaign is whether the benghazi tragedy should be attributed to something lacking in the white house policy, and his point in prepping someone for a sunday show is no, this tragedy was not about a failure of our policy. it was a tragedy -- >> so your -- >> wait -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> that's what they were trying to do. >> we have more on this coming up next, thank you, guys, tonight right here on "hannity".
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>> i'll say diversion, benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. weren't we talking about something else? >> why aren't we talking about something else? is she kidding me. i wonder what the families of the four dead americans think. the mother of one of those killed in benghazi join us. that and more tonight as "hannity" continues. ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!" "action!" my guests are "nathan, which dish is better?". now i say you can have it all with our new seafood trios! red lobster's new seafood trios is three times delicious!
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only said the video narrative should never have been pushed by anyone, he also said this. >> there are accounts of time, space and capability, discussions of the question could we have gotten there in time to make a difference? the discussion is not could or could not of time, space and capability. the point is we should have tried. >> while the general was declaring under row that the military should have intervened that night, nancy pelosi was trying to dismiss any and all benghazi conversation, take a look. >> i'll say again, diversion subdiffusion, agabenghazi, benghazi, why aren't we talk about something else? i know what i read in the press about those e-mails that were consistent with what is put out there before. i don't think there is anything new there. >> i can name four reasons why we're talking about this and they are the victims, the people
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that lost their lives that night. here to respond the mother of sean smith, one of those killed, pat smith, great to see you again. i wish as always under better circumstances, what is your reaction to the fact seems to be the smoking gun e-mail. the white house told us one thing, that they weren't involved and we see and have the evidence that says they are. as the mother of somebody killed that night, september the 11th, what is your reaction? >> i've got a pretty strong reaction on that. first of all, i keep flashing back on my son receiving the telephone call that says sorry, there is no help coming, you're on your own. and i could picture his face as he was about to die. and why didn't our government, our military go in to help him? nobody cared enough. they were covering their butts
7:18 pm
for something. i don't know. this is how i feel. i'm very strong on it. >> now you met the secretary of state, if i'm not mistaken, did you not? >> yes, i did. >> and you met the president, did you not? >> yes, i did. >> what did they tell you when you met them? >> they said it was the fault of the video and that i said please, i got to know what happened. they said they would get back to me and let me know. they did not get back to me and disacknowledged my existence. >> you told me once before that your son knew about the request for added security before all of this ever happened, isn't that true? >> that's very true. he -- i talked to him the day before this happened. he called me and he says, mom, there is people from our security force, i guess higher
7:19 pm
security force taking pictures. he said something bad is going to happen. he said something very bad is going to happen. he asked for more security and again, he got turned down. >> you saw -- >> i want to know why he got turned down. what was the reason? they got to have a reason for it. nobody has given me any yet. nobody wants to give me any because they are covering, they are, i don't know why. >> no, i think you do. i think they are covering up. so this e-mail from ben rhoeds comes out and this is coming from the white house advancing a narrative and preparing susan rice for the five sunday programs with a story that we know they knew wasn't true. what do you want to say to the president about this and maybe hillary clinton? >> well, to both of them and to panetta, all of them told me within two inches of my face,
7:20 pm
within two inches saying i feel for you, i'm sorry for you, this shouldn't have happened the way it did but it did. it was a problem of the video and we will double check and get back to you. we'll let you know what happened. they stuck with the video even knowing at that moment that it was very, very untrue. >> all right. pat, again, sorry for your loss. earlier today, senator john mccain took to the floor to address the revelations and address this matter. take a look. >> the time has now come for a select committee. the time has now come because these talking points raise more questions than answers. it is time for a bipartisan, select committee to investigate the entire benghazi fiasco and tragedy and it needs to be done soon. >> here with reaction, kentucky
7:21 pm
senator ran paul. senator, are you convinced that we were lied to, that pat smith was lied to, the country was lied to to coverup in anticipation this might hurt their presidential ambitions? >> i agree with senator mccain there needs to be a select committee on this. the thing about this, it appears as if from the new e-mails that the white house was poll lit sizing this from the very get go. that they were concerned about their reputation, they were concerned about spin, but they really weren't very much concerned about the truth, and it is sad to hear from those who died and from their families to hear about the fact that it appears that they still, even to this day, high understanding is that former secretary of state clinton is still talking about the movie, blaming it on the movie. really, there are questions that need to come out. >> now, if you go back to november 28th, and i'm really looking at jay carney because he's up to his eyeballs in the lies and said then that the
7:22 pm
state department and the white house has made clear that the only adjustment they made to the talking points were just minor and that they changed the word consulate to diplomatic facility because consulate was inaccurate. doesn't this ben rhodes e-mail, doesn't that prove otherwise that they were up to their eyeballs in this and he lied about it? >> yeah, because it's more than just each individual word being parsed. it's about the tenor and tone of the e-mail that says we need to blame it on the video. we need to do this. it was about really, if you read the e-mail, like a hollywood producer would do in se whag do you want the general feeling to be from this, and the feeling needs to be this is not terrorism. it occurred on the anniversary of 9/11, but it's not terrorism and they wanted to get forward this is about a protest caused by a movie. it was a talking point, a way to orchestrate spin and not a way to get at the truth. >> last question, you have come
7:23 pm
out strongly about defunding palestinian authority that lined themselves with hamas and you're demanding what i think should be demanded and that is that they recognize israel and their right to exist as a state. where is that going at this point? and i noticed apaq came out against it. >> the destruction of israel. they joined together with fatah that runs the palestinian arauthority. we give them several hundred thousand dollars a year of precious money and we say israel has the right to exist as a precondition to get the money. i think that's the least we can ask. i ask for unanimous consent to past the bill. my question is why? you give money to the palestinian authority and hamas even though they are calling for
7:24 pm
the destruction of israel? this is a big battle and i've been in it for a year. i'm going to make sure no american dollar goes to any country not act income a way in our best interest and to countries that don't recognize israel's right to exist. >> senator, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. tonight right here on "hannity". >> it's hard to prevent the american people from creating wealth. it's an achievement to make the economy grow. >> who is to blame for the economic news? he's here with the answers and later tonight, we have some heavy hitters in the house, brian, kirsten, dana here tonight for the great, great american panel as we continue and more of ainsley's report straight ahead. in their lifetime. ♪ ♪
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>> it's hard to prevent the american people from creating wealth. it's an achievement to make the economy grow this slow. 44% of the jobs created since the recession ended five years ago this coming june are in food services, retailing or low-wage entry jobs. this is happening when we're in this revolution of energy independence and collapsing energy prices. it's astonishing reverse achievement. >> the words from bloomberg editor mike mckee and george will after the commerce department revealed that the u.s. economy slowed to 0 .1% growth in january and march. what is to blame for the bad number? rushing to the defense of the president as usual, jay carney did what he does best and spins the news and said that obamacare is the reason for any growth at all. oh, really? watch this. >> the fact of the matter is and the gdp report makes it clear
7:28 pm
that it is consumer spending on health care that helped drive economic growth in the first quarter. >> all right. so that was yesterday, but the disappointing economic news did not end there because today the labor department reported that weekly jobless claims rose unexpectedly by 14,000 to 344,000, which is pretty unbelievable. here with analysis, dr. charles, how are you? >> i'm great, pleasure to be with you. >> you know, first, let's get to the carney aspect of this because, you know, whatever the lie, whatever the spin is, doesn't matter how far over the top he goes with it, does he get to stay after now the smoking gun as you called it with benghazi? >> oh, he'll stay. i'm enjoying the comedy because let's take what he said at face value. let's say it's true that's the reason we got any growth at all is obamacare. unless you can show me that americans are healthier today
7:29 pm
than they were one quarter ago, what he is saying is for the same health care we have to spend more. so the main complaint about obamacare is american medicine is the most expensive in the world without the necessarily significant difference in outcome, well, what he's telling us, admitting to us is that obamacare is just made that fact worse. >> well, here is one point that the new york post put out today. if the commerce department didn't reduce its inflation rate, that they used to headache a gdp calculations from 1.6 to 1.3%, well, that means we would have had a contracted quarter, which means -- >> what we had -- >> that makes me question if they fixed the numbers here. >> look, the numbers are so bad that you don't have to fix them. this is a flat line. if you're a doctor standing by your patient at the hospital, that's on the heart monitor, you reach for the paddles, and you plug it in.
7:30 pm
now, you know, this administration has these jump starts, the great stimulus of '09, the biggest spending bill in history and then there was the second stimulus and remember, we have a -- we have a monetary stimulus going on as we speak year after year, the fed has been pumping $1 trillion into the economy and still, we flat line. you know, people look for these explanations. right now the great fashion on the left is a book by a frenchman blaming it on something in capitalism. i don't know about you, but i lived in the '80s and '90s, and 2000s, there is nothing intrinsic about flat lining and growth and equality. we have a simple proposition, an administration that believes in higher taxation and heavy intrusive regulation. that is your explanation. that's the start and finish.
7:31 pm
you take away the burdens and take away the uncertainties and the american economy will grow and that's what it is trying to do despite administration. >> and the debt and back in 2005, the financial times pointed out that the international comparison program thought that china's economy was less than half the size of the u.s. this happened. they were about to over take us. this happened in nine short years that this is going to happen. what does that tell us? >> it tells us that 1871 was a pretty bad year. but look, you know, it was inevitable, china has got four times our population. the way that they jumped ahead of us or going to jump ahead of us today or this year instead of half a decade is because of a change in the calculations. by the imf. so they are using a different kind of measure.
7:32 pm
the fact is that inevitably if you have a billion, 1.2 billion people they will out pace us in the gross output. that's not news. what is news is that ours simply has stopped growing. that's unusual. it's not the growth of china. the stopping of the growth after half a century post world war ii, look, in every recovery since 1960, half a century, the average growth is over 4%. with obama it's half of that and again, no mystery and i think that the country has a sense that all of these, you know, pretenses, excuses, you go weather in the first quarter, of course, everything ultimately is george bush and what isn't bush is global warming i suppose. everybody understands it in the end. this is a very heavily intrusive government, and they know the
7:33 pm
american economy has a genius for expansion and growth. let it go, particularly in energy. >> i agree. i'm the exact same page with energy. thanks for being us with. >> pleasure. >> coming up next here on "hannity". >> follow the n brba's example. >> of course harry reid had to chime in. now that the nba banned sterling. should the nfl get rid of the redskins? stop what you're doing, we hope you set your dvr to record "hannity" the series so you never miss a great show. we'll continue. i've helped mane in the last 23 years, but i needed help in quitting smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix varenline is pron to help peop quit smoking. chantix reduced the urge for me to smoke. it actually caught me by surprise. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking, or mood,
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7:39 pm
>> how long will the nfl continue to do nothing, zero? as one of its team bears a name that inflicts so much pain. i urge daniel snider to do what's right and remove this degrading term. >> here with reaction, brian and also he's radio host, natikirst powers up from d.c. she abandoned us. thanks for being with us. >> i hope you come back. >> you don't mean that. >> i do. >> i'll never go away. i want to be on the number one show. you made me hat home and grilling hannity was your idea. >> hazing hannity. >> let's take a look at for example, look at joe biden for a minute and a montage of him. roll that tape. >> delaware, the largest growth
7:40 pm
in population is indian americans moving from india. you cannot go to a 7/11 or dunkin donuts unless you have a slight accent -- i'm not kidding. >> better than anybody else. you don't know my state. my state is a slave state, the eighth largest black population in the country. >> we got the first sort of main stream america who is articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking guy. i mean, that's it. >> they will put y'all back in chains. >> put y'all -- main stream, the president is articulate and clean. >> that's just joe. >> that's just joe. you don't want to defend this? >> no. >> rush limbaugh says sean hannity, kill me --
7:41 pm
>> he said these things. it was fairly controversial. he has been raked over the coles for this stuff previously i feel like we have even probably discussed this multiple times. >> that was probably a bad dream. the double standard is getting to a lot of people, dana, and they are frustrated because democrats advance the narrative conservatives are racist. i'm tired of it, i know you are tired of it. i don't know where you sand. >> you want to talk to the girls, go ahead. >> i wrote a piece about an openly gay republican running for congress against scott peters, who is a freshman democrat. my point is, not perfect but has grown in its inclusion and tolerance and acceptance and someone like him is being more supported by the republicans in the area, rather, and the lgbt's actively working against him. so my question was, who is really the most tolerant here.
7:42 pm
>> hi, brian. >> in terms of the question, what donald sterling said is inexcusab inexcusable. when you open the phone and look at the e-mail and talk radio, most people say yeah, it's bad. why the outrage? about free speech? i said wait a second, are we trying to define what he's saying or marginize what he's saying? people don't like the fact he was railroaded. >> what about this guy benny thompson, democrat doubling down -- >> out of control. >> i mean, it's outrageous. >> yeah, i think it's outrageous. i don't -- >> i know you do and i believe that about you but it's not main stream for the democrats. their main stream fall back position is to say republicans are racist, right? >> i think so. that's worked for them in the past. i don't personally believe this but there is a feeling that the group thinks, yes, republicans
7:43 pm
are intolerant and racist and i think benny thompson, it's not new what he said, these are comments that he's made over time. >> why doesn't the country pay as much attention to that as the owner of the clippers, real quick? >> benny thompson came out and doubled down and said yeah, he is an uncle tom. why is it okay for you to say it? because i'm black and basically you're white. it's unbelievable he seems to get a past and has no problem saying it. >> it would be fun to see them have a debate. i'd pay money to see that. >> thomas doesn't need to be in the presence of a biggot like that. >> i agree. and i hope he doesn't pay attention to this stuff. >> he's been through a lot over the years, sadly. >> kirsten, welcome back to new york. >> thank you. >> we'll have ainsley's installment, how we're betraying our veterans and a great update, one of the stories we told you, it appears our reporting is making a huge difference and some people have been put on
7:44 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." we continue the investigation into reports that dozens of veterans died while waiting for
7:49 pm
treatment at a phoenix veteran's affairs hospital. here is ainsley's earhardt's report. >> a husband, father, grandfather, to america, a soldier, vietnam vet. deb says his life was cut short because of the failure of the phoenix va. >> to tell the story. >> mel was not feeling well, so he went to his pry haimaririry physician at the va and told her that his bladder area was hurting really bad, and that he was passing blood in his urine, and she told us both three times, she said blood in your you a urine is nothing to be concerned about. >> reporter: then you went to another hospital?
7:50 pm
>> we went to another va hospital and mel was diagnosed on october 17th, 2011 -- >> reporter: a different va hospital diagnosed him? >> yeah. >> reporter: so the problem was the va hospital in phoenix? >> yes, it was. then we realized that he had the bladder cancer but we decided we would go to the mayo clinic and see whether or not the va would out course his operation and met dr. ferinni there willing and able to do the surgery. he said mel, you're very sick but we can fix you. it took the va in phoenix seven months to approve the outsourcing for him to go and get that surgery. >> reporter: so after seven months he goes to the mayo clinic to have the surgery, and was it too late? >> yes, it was. the doctor opened him up and said, i'm sorry, but the cancer spread to the lymphoids already and went downhill.
7:51 pm
>> reporter: tony row served his country as a lieutenant in the air force. he says he's also received inadequate care at the phoenix va. what is going on? >> diabetes, actually right now my ribs are being healed from broke and never treated and same with my left foot. it's horrible. i'm afraid to the go to the va. i in addition to tony's many ailments he has trouble breathing because he only has one lung. an operation and his wife say could have been prevented if the phoenix va didn't drag its heels >> i was told that she felt they misdiagnosed it because they decided to monitor me instead of treat me. i'd still have my lung and won't have problems i'm having now. >> do you agree with this doctor that said there is a secret list? do you think your husband was on it? >> yes. i do think my husband was on the secret list.
7:52 pm
doi believe there is a secret list you said you think your husband might have been the last person on that list? because he died a month ago. >> a month ago. yes. he was probably the last person. >> do you feel like there is a secret list at the va? >> considering that i had a large lesion in my lung in 2007. only because i was coughing up blood yes. i do believe that. >> his wife is concerned for tony ask all american veterans. >> he served his country. it upsets me when they just don't care about these veterans that just, it's bad. it's really sad. >> i had a nurse practitioner look me in my face in an exam with her left hand flipped my hair and told me i liked like the wild man.
7:53 pm
i am not a safe yanl. i do not have to have a military hair cut at all times to be a patriot. i love my country. to be treated like that and be told that? i was stunned and flabbergasted. >> he served our country. he's strong. yes. to feel defeated, to want to beat your cancer. then, at the end cancer gets to you because the va, the country he served let him down. >> right. i can't afford to have tony die on me. i just can't. i want them to make sure they take good care of him. >> the thing that gets me is that they will say to you, to your face, that it's an honor to serve you. they don't treat you well. >> he felt betrayed now, he'll never get to hold his sixth grandchild. mel is gone. he was looking forward to that.
7:54 pm
>> now, earlier ainsley told us about joe darling and her husband, dan. he was a vietnam war vet that broke his back in december. and joe explained how the windy yoe was dose closing for her husband's back to get fixed and she couldn't get an appointment with the va. joe contacted our producers ask said after the story aired, her husband got a call from the va and he now has an appointment for next week. i hope we have more good news stories still to come. and tonight we received word that three employees at phoenix va have been placed on administrative leave in light of the allegations. we'll bring you latest as soon as we get. that stay with us. but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on.
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before we go we hope you'll record "hannity" the series. start your day with ainsley and fox and friends team 6:00 to 9:00. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> the point is we should have tried. that's another saying goes, always move to the sound of the guns. >> but the u.s. military did not try to save the american ambassador to libya. today, a congressional company tries to find out why. we will tell you what happens. >> clarence thomas saying weighs an uncle tom, what did you mean by that? that certainly wouldn't be, you know, appropriate if it was coming from somebody who was white. >> but i'm black. >> a congressman from mississippi called supreme court justice clarence thomas an uncle tom. where is the media outrage? maybe the guy should own a basketball team. laura ingraham is on it. >> had you a guy who repeatedly raped a 14-year-ol


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