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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 5, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld, along with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckle, eric bolling, and dana perino. this is "the five." with aapologies to gwen, here's where we are with ben ben. the decision to blame that video, it was a political one. each the libs admit it now. they also say the republican outrage that follows that's political too. on a liberal world you can never call they will on their scandals. when you catch them red handed, you are as bad as they are.
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the dems are saying only we can play dirty. but political wars happen when the media gives up its job to seek the truth. imagine, if they had sought the truth from the start, then journalism would prevail would politics. it's the same with climate change, when one side is so clearly biased, polar ice caps become polarized. politics is now a team sport because the rest is corrupt. so what's the new spin on benghazi? hillary is a victim. this benghazi is just too much for this delicate flower who i seem to remember once dodged a fire fight in bosnia. wait, was that real?
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i say if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, but that would be sexist. >> we have a serious issue with bob beckle. >> you are not expecting me to talk about my apartment, are you? >> well, it's a new york -- this is what i want to get over here too. get me that studio. >> if you have time to go through that, that's fine. first of all, can i say something about this whole issue. let's leave aside the bed bugs -- >> bob has bed bugs. >> what happened friday, i heard a lot of people who got in touch with me and i want to clarify what i said. i'm not apologyizing what i said was, i didn't care about four dead americans, of course i do. what i said was i was the first one to come out and say it was a terrorist attack when it happened. i was the first one, democrat, as far as i no he that said it
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was a political attack during the campaign. four dead bodies have been turned into a political act they can play off. i don't care about the republicans. i could care less. i think any democrat that shows up at the committee, it's a sham and it's a shame that republicans would use these people for political points. >> that's not why people were mad at you. >> you are ashamed that republicans would use this for political purposes. the whole thing on friday was it was a coverup and yes it was okay. it was political. >> i didn't say -- >> no, you did. >> you didn't start it. >> i said on friday -- let me ask dana -- >> i can clarify and i remember and sat and i read all the tweets. >> hence the bed bugs.
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>> poor jasper. and it wasn't jasper. >> no. >> bob, what you said that made people mad and maybe you didn't mean it was the specific line that no one out there in america, no viewers, no people out there, care about this issue. and there are a lot of people that care about the issue and that's why they were mad, with the suggestion that they don't care about either what happened to the people or being lied to by their government and that they want to get to the truth. that's what they were mad about. >> and the reason whymad is the media presence other than fox and some other folk that are actually doing anything. when you have the prevailing mentality now it's no big deal, dude. the public gets angry because they are saying they are going to get away with this. isn't that right? >> i happened to sneak into the party at the correspondents dinner.
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he literally thinks, tommy vietor. he doesn't think he did anything wrong. you looked at american people and said dude, it's not a big deal. it was a two years ago. you dismissed it as would think bob was dismissing on friday saying it doesn't matter to the american people. it does matter to a lot of people. >> but i want -- >> i would like to say this. i think you got a little worked up. i know your heart is in the right place and i think you are trying to make it right here and i commend you for being stand up for that. >> that might be a newhart. >> he has multiple hearts beating right now. >> let me make this one as quickly what you are saying. i hear what you are saying, dana, i think if the impression was i didn't think the american people cared that these people
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were dead or that they got lied to during the campaign. what i said was i accept the fact that it was a terrorist fact, that they plit sized it. i accept the fact that the video thing was not a part of this thing, it was used as a coverup, but i don't know -- there's nothing in that that's an indictable offense to everybody, we got so many other problems in this country, it's time to move on. >> if a republican was in office, you would say hang them up. >> well, that may be true. >> that's true. >> here's why i do think it matters, as we get more and more information and the american interests, i guess it was, they wrote a piece i thought was very good it gets it right now right down to the timeline at 10:30 p.m. on the night of the attack and the phone call between hillary clinton and obama. that's a question of judgment and character of our government
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and that is why that matters, and surely they get closer to the truth. i don't know if it's an indictable offense, but the question of who pushed the video is not just about the video itself. it goes to the larger problem. >> yeah. i want to throw to a sound on tape from fox and friends. sheryl attkisson on the strategy to marginalize benghazi. >> the keywords they used such as conspiracy and dilutional are in any opinion clearly designed to try to controversyize a story. to some danger that's be successful but i think primarily that don't want to look at this as a story in the first place but i see that as a well orchestrated strategy to controversial a story they don't want to hear about. >> i thought i had evidence of
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this. >> there there's been plit i sized. there's no conspiracy here at all. >> what do they talk about, benghazi, pelosi. it's all diversionary. i couldn't care personally about them. >> obamacare seem to wane a little bit. they go back to benghazi. >> if we weren't about politics, we would be talking about the 200 plus missing girls in my jeer i can't, the outbreak of world in south sudan. there's so many issues around the world that could use a little attention. >> i truly love my brother sitting right here. i pulled a shrimp out hifs throat once, i would do it again. however, it's very interesting on friday the whole dust up
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happened, you went down that same path. turning debate from what really went on to benghazi and a coverup, the coverup to followed to 200 dead women in africa somewhere and then you and i got into it because i said stay on topic. why is it when gwen and maybe some other democrats are trying to change the subject, look over here, there's a shiny object over here? is it concerted? are you part of the concert? >> i don't -- listen, do i think that this thing is -- first of all, do i believe that this investigation, this special committee is a sham, yes. do i think it was a conspiracy in some form or another to deal with the presidential campaign, i've already said that, yes. the question i've got, what i don't care about is staying and listening to this over and over and over again. >> why not? >> what you just said necessitates what you don't like. if you say this is an effort to win an election, it necessitates the outrage that follows. >> doesn't it make perfect
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sense? why wouldn't you care having acknowledged all the things you have, why wouldn't you want to get the bottom of it? okay. they did it. they are playing politics in the big league. that's why i'm happy trey gowdy is going to be asking the questions. >> the most important here is the new spin, the new spin which is that hillary clinton is the victim. she might not run. >> this is terrible. this is terrible. >> it's true, though. so this morning i wake up, the first thing i read is a piece that says if hillary decides not to run for president, michael hirsch decides not to run is because republicans have disgusted her in the media and she doesn't want to deal with them. she doesn't want to talk about
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it. she and the president are the only two who can truly answer the question who pushed the video. there's a way we could figure this all out. you could even forego the special committee, if they would release the president's daily intelligence briefing. let the republicans and democrats look at those. if the video is mentioned in that, there's a high, medium or low probability or not mentioned at all, we will have our answer. >> you really think that the republicans are doing this for the good of the country or are they politicsizing is to cover up for obama. >> can i make -- can i make one other point? allow me -- no one on the left has admitted that the coverup is for politics besides you. >> there's one other thing that we haven't really discussed. not only who pushed the video but who gave a stand down order. who said don't go help -- remember, two died originally, two more died seven hours later.
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we need to fill in that timeline. >> that's a significant time gap. >> why was there a stand down? because it was called a demonstration and not a terrorist attack. if there was a terrorist attack, there would be no stand down, if you call it a demonstration, you can't send people out, right? >> it's very strange they continue to tell the story about the video so long and now they are trying to cover it up. >> they actually could solve this very easily. there is president -- precedent for it in the 9/11 report. do you want to see the information i was given? it's just the same thing that -- >> great point and they are not doing it. >> they did say in the video what difference does it make? >> it actually goes to something that you would be interested in, bob. did the order come down from above because they were afraid to blame muslims, because they were fearful of the islamaphobia-phobia, that would
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upset you? >> yes, it would upset me. in the middle of a presidential campaign, i think that was the thinking. the thinking was -- >> it was not worse to you that hillary clinton told the father of one of the dead americans that they were going to get the video maker? that's -- so she's basically furthering the lie. >> if she knew that the video was not a part -- >> how did she know that? how do they know? that's all they have to answer. >> they won't answer, they know they are guilty. they are going to avoid the whole issue, obfuscate so you don't point that they are the bad guys on this. they want it to go away and create other issues. >> this was prior to osama bin laden being taken down, the thought was is president obama going into the re-election soft on terror. a lot of people were -- was it after? >> yeah. >> i take it back. >> but a great point if it were true. >> the bed bugs got him.
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welcome back to the fastest 7. you know the drill. some sights and sounds from the white house correspondents dinner saturday night. a usually self-deprecating president did that and also took some shots at fox and also delivered some jokes at republicans. >> let's face it, fox, you'll miss me when i'm gone. it will be harder to convince the american people that hillary was born in kenya. these days the house republicans
2:19 pm
actually give john boehner a harder time than they give me, which means orange really is the new black. >> that i liked a lot. >> as soon as he delivered that line -- >> i laughed outloud. >> something is the new black in fashion. it's also a name of a new show of women in prison. >> i thought he was funny. he's got very good timing. i give props where they are due. i had a great time. it might have been the wine. it seemed to go over well. i think joel mchale was a little funny, except he was a little mean on chris christie. >> president obama, self-deprecating is kind of fun. he can deliver a joke. >> let me first of all say how desperately badly i feel about not being there and i cried all
2:20 pm
day because i missed it, but i'm glad you stood up for us. >> what did you do instead? >> i went to a real comedy show. >> did you watch any of the dinner? >> no. i've just seen the clips, the highlights. no, i did not go. >> you were featured. >> very prominently by the correspondents association. >> they asked me if i would say a few words of what i think the word that they did, which i admire. >> you were on the thing. >> she was part of a historical video that they put together and it was really great. that was good because you represented "fox news" very well and it showed us in a prominent way in a respected position with you working here. they didn't bash on fox at all. they ripped on msnbc and cnn. >> they kind of screwed us on
2:21 pm
table locations. >> the best joke obama delivered was obamacare. i mean, that was the punch line for everything. when he brought sebelius out there to help him fix the website, she had become essentially, her massive incompetence became a sight gag. she's now a 7-figure punch line. a joke they trot out each time. what a sad group of chuckling toadies. >> we didn't like that one. >> he called for a screen that didn't come up, and then he made a little bit of joke, he goes let's fix this and he brings out sebelius. >> can we show president obama blowing some boogers? >> what has he talking about? >> i don't know. i think it's code. because i can watch it forever. you are putting it on repeat. >> when you are on a basketball
2:22 pm
court and you have nowhere else to go with that, you kind of just do that. you. >> you talk about my bed bugs. i never did that on a basketball court. >> it doesn't matter where the tables were. we had great people at our table. we had tony romo. we had rick springfield. >> comedian rob schneider spoke up against fashism. >> democracies don't end well. we are sliding very fast toward fascism. i do think you can look at a government and go, wow, it's out of control now and if you do criticize or tend to be not directly along a liberal stand,
2:23 pm
then, yeah, you can get murdered. >> so we asked if a strong stand against obama-nomics hurts your chances? >> what is he doing now? >> this guy has to get off the ideas of government. why did you pick that today? >> that's a story for another time. i fear it's going to kill his burgeoning film career. >> i'm wading for david spade come out and you are going to have him and chris -- >> john lovett. >> i think i got the gist of his point. i don't think it's going to hurt his chances in hollywood as much as it used to be a problem. for example, your brother, bob,
2:24 pm
is going to be on a great new show starting this summer. that wouldn't necessarily have been possible before when there wasn't as much competition as there is now and opportunity for lots of different -- >> you have to have money to do it. jon voight wasn't able to come as a conservative until he was able to. >> this is awesome. immensly popular series 24 will come out tonight. here's a little bite. >> i got this from the cpu. what are they? >> design schematics, some kind of multichannel override system. there's ten modules. it's drones. you were right, jack. >> but let's not forget our favorite 24 scene ever. >> this is the boldest
2:25 pm
diplomatic move we've seen in a season. >> the president is certainly betting her legacy on the success of these negotiations. >> okay. >> actually, it is. >> you are a fan of the show. xing i love 24. that's the first show i ever tivo 'd. i worked at the white house at the time. on saturday, we would watch three or four right in a row. the sequel is usually not as good as it was before. >> it's like getting back with annex. >> the great thing about jack bauer, he would do everything to save a life. he's a relic, a toy in the attic. what's he going to do for 24
2:26 pm
hours? file requests for information. he can't kill anybody. he's got a request. >> terrorism was a much bigger deal when this thing was launched. >> he's got pullity zer. >> they really want to get my attention, he should call upon the u.s. marshalls and all of a sudden nick sear y will show up in london and they will blow people away. >> and use the president from scandal. >> they would have guests from the bread -- brady bunch or the part ridge family. >> or they could have guests from the five on 24. >> they would have "the five" as a news -- >> and jack would be looking at
2:27 pm
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well, a former marine heading out to meet some buddies for dinner took a wrong turn at the border and now sits in a mexican president for nearly five weeks, sergeant andrew tahmooressi has been held on weapons charges. if convicted, he faces up to 21 years in prison. here is his heartbroken mother explaining her son's ordeal. >> he said mom, i got lost. i made a wrong turn. i need you to know that i'm at the mexican border and the mexican officials have
2:32 pm
surrounded my truck. i need you to know in case anything happens to me. i think both of us thought they would just let him turn around and go back to america. now he's chained by all fours strapped to a cot for 25 days now, uncertain of his future and actually feeling hopeless because of uncertainty. >> that's how frightening this is. it's too dangerous and volatile and now look at this situation, he could be facing 21 years behind bars. what is this family going to do? >> it could have been worse, though. he could have driven accidentally into detroit or vaps a va parking lot. this guy, we have to do something about this. we have millions of mexicans here illegally that we treat really well. we have one that accidentally took a wrong turn. i think they better make sure they don't arm him and get him
2:33 pm
back here. >> why is this even taking so long? >> we've treated illegal mvems who come in here pretty well. this is not the first time this has happened. last year, it seem to me there was another marine who was picked up with weapons. we had an antique firearm. i will say this having lived in texas and been durn the border many times, i can't believe you could make a wrong turn into mexico. he must have had a lot of stress on him because first of all you have to go past a u.s. border point and then to the mexican border point. >> he said there was construction and it was night and so he missed -- >> i believe it. i can barely get out of this building. >> it's a lot different when you near the mexican border because they clamped down on it so much. the guy was under a lot of stress. apparently he has a number of different emotional problems so maybe that's what happened to him. i would just say it's -- i don't
2:34 pm
think if you were in your right frame of mind you would necessarily drive across the border. >> it could have been an accident or forgotten that he had two registered guns at the time. he broke mexican law before doing it. it's just a matter of time before this guy gets his day in court. >> it's a tricky situation. when the stakes are high like this and the politics are involved, i just hope that the united states acts zies civilly and swiftly to do something on his behalf. otherwise, the longer this goes, the worse it's going to look. >> the mother said the state department has done pretty good job. the state department showed last time inability to work it out. it's in no one's interest to let this escalate. i would imagine the state department will be able to get this done, but he was across the border, and you have to respect
2:35 pm
that the mexican government has laws and they have procedures that they want to fulfill. chained to a bed by all fours is really obscene and -- >> don't knock it till you've tried it. >> you know -- >> that's another point. >> here's the thing also. this is a marine, he served two tours in afghanistan. he actually tried to escape. he's lucky he's not dead. he tried to escape, and heading up on to a roof and on to another one and he was stopped when they opened fire on him. >> he never should have been point with a general population with the criminals in mexico. most of them on the border are drug-related criminals. of course the guy was being threatened. >> john hammer was the other marine that was released with the antique gun. >> can you imagine if we enforce
2:36 pm
our laws the way mexico enforces theirs? >> we deport the maximum number we can deport each year. >> secretary of state john kerry is going to be in mexico on may 21st. >> i would imagine if the secretary of state is going there before may 21t as it it will be resolved before then. >> that was a really good block. big news over the weekend on condoleeza rice's controversy. she's pulled out of it after protests. details next.
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condoleezza rice won't be speaking anymore at rutger's at the commencement on may 8th following relentless protests. >> hey hey, ho ho, condi rice has got to go. >> why didn't they want her to appear, they blame her along with others during the war on iraq. she said commencement should be a time of joyous celebration, rutgers invitation to me has become a distraction for the university community at this very special time. i am simply unwilling to edetract from it in any way.
2:42 pm
they have then selected the former new jersey governor to speak. >> they are racist. >> and sexist. >> they might have had hillary clinton in there who supported the war, but they are absolutely racist. by the way, what a mob, what a cowardly mob. if there was a national vote on on college campuses, only liberals would speak. they are scared because of any competing opinion that might be different theirs. they would rather debate themselves because there's no way they could be wrong. they are debating their own stupidity. >> how classy of condi rice to bow out gracefully. there were others who criticized
2:43 pm
her are for not being brave enough to stand up to protesters. >> this is someone everyone should admire and welcome the opportunity to listen to because much can be learned from spending time with her, whether it's a commencement speech or any opportunity you would have to be in her company. i'm sad about this that there isn't more tolerance at american universities that they would react in a repugnant way. white wouldn't you applaud and just plawd and have her the opportunity to speak. especially if you want to to support women. >> some of the students were actually mad for ruining this opportunity for him. so p-i-s-s-e-d, i could scream.
2:44 pm
>> you spelled it. >> there's a couple of things that occurred to me. first of all, it's so people probably represent not a majority of the people on campus. >> they still exercise tirn yaen. >> they have every right to go out to march against anybody they want to march against. i think condoleezza rice has gone to universities and dealt with protests and let's go to rutgers for a minute. they voted to keep her and she decided not to go. by doing that, frankly she does leave herself up to a little controversy. >> i have an idea that i want to run by you, this would be good for universities everywhere. they would save a lot of money. let's just say that you have a vote, whatever social media, take your pick of what university students all across america, who is the one speaker they would like to hear.
2:45 pm
pay that one person one fee, have them do it on youtube and the universities don't have to spend any money on a commencement speaker. >> or poll the seniors that are graduating, would you want to hear from condi rice or former governor kane? which would you rather. i would rather hear what a smart, young successful african-american female who made it to secretary of state had to say, especially if i'm about to go out into the world, than, frankly, there are a lot of governor keens. >> colleges spend millions of dollars a year. >> they could save a lot of money with my idea. >> including snooki. >> how sad is that? if you are one of those students who is upset at the others for ruining your opportunity to hear from condi rice, she's written
2:46 pm
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there's an update open those 276 girls kidnapped in nigeria, a story that's finally got the world paying attention. tonight the terror group boko haram is threatening to sell the girls into marriage. the white house is doing what it can to find them. we tried to contact a country of muslim country's embassy. we called cair, the group that i usually jump on here on a regular basis. they issued a fairly strong statement condemning what happened here. their communications director decided to take it off on one of our producers and took on me personally and took on "the five." let me say this, mr. hooper, if you want to take me on, call me. you don't have to jump on a producer. that's a cowardly to go about it. anyway, having said that, still
2:51 pm
there has not been -- the nigerian president is working very hard to get these girls freed. i still don't get the sense that there's any muslim outrage. >> it's not a war on women. it's a wor on civilization. we have to admit that and many thank to islamaphobia-phobia, so many are fightnd by a creepy group of people. >> you are getting close to joining me on the fatwa. >> this is unconscionable. i'm glad some of the mainstream media is starting to cover it. it's an outrage. it's disgusting what happened to these girls, it was a gang rape and torture, many of the 200 are taken are said to be pregnant
2:52 pm
and escaped and went back to tell the horrors that they experienced. this should not be acceptable. the leadership has to come from muslims to say this is not okay. >> let me ask this question. is the silence in the muslim communities in the countries because they are afraid of these people or because they agree with them? dana, let me start with you. >> it could also be that they feel they are incapable and unequipped to be able to stop it. i mean, they are dealing with a population that lives off of less than a dollar a day and people are just trying to feed themselves. it's a whole different type of law enforcement and intelligence and military capability that we're talking about. i will note bob that the united states and britain have apparently said they have promised unspecified help. i home that means that intel or s.e.a.l. team 6 is actually on
2:53 pm
it and help them and talk about it later. >> these terrorist groups say they are going to sell these groups into slavery. who is going to be the buyer? where's the u.n.? the u.n. -- >> they are buying the girls. >> don't forget they are worried about climate change over there. >> they spend so much time on climate change and things that have no consequence. how about this one? >> maybe finally the media will start to stand up about this thing and it's been going on too long, these islamic terrorists are punks and they need to be brought to justice and you need to do it. one more thing is up next.
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[ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much.
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but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? one more thing, dana, kick it off, please. >> you are going to love this one more thing. i read this op ed in the wall street journal this morning. caleb rossiter who wrote it. what he's talking about in this piece is how he believes that western policies like in the united states seem more interested in carbon levels than they do in life expectancy, in particular in africa and that
2:58 pm
the policies here are so warped toward global warming that we are sacrificing lives all offer the world of people that actually could be living healthier lives while we also try to reduce carbon dioxide levels. why is this important? tomorrow, president obama is going to do interviews with meteorologists all over the country regarding the climate change report. >> this is a great story. it goes to show you when you put your mind to something, you can overcome just about anything and this is a story of lieutenant josh joshua fisher. he vowed to return to afghanistan. he's one of only 57 soldiers who have amputations who returned to active duty.
2:59 pm
and serving every day and he's back serving the country and he went through a lot of obstacles with oxycontin and other things and he overcome it all. >> it's amazing. >> one of russia's -- couple of sights from the white house correspondents dinner. barbara walters on the upper left of her screen, airian in a huffington. willie. and tebow. and usa today's favorite picture of al roker. >> doggie heaven. >> i feed -- >> i was going to see -- i'll give up my time. >> i was going to say i lost a friend today, my glasses. i got tri focal contact lenses
3:00 pm
and i can't see anything. i pulled a beckle. i hit my head on a massage parlor door on saturday. >> not a happy ending. >> "special report" next. house republicans call it their best shot at getting answers on benghazi. democrats laugh it off as election year politics. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. the house select committee to investigate what happened in benghazi on september 11th, 2012 is starting to take shape. leaving the white house and democrats on capitol hill with a dilemma. whether to cooperate or boycott the effort completely. house


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