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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 6, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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about .07 of a percent, but the nasdaq is off, like, 1.3%. it's been a rough day in the market. neil cavuto will help us understand why as his program begins ruth now. >> thank you, shepard. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. is time running out for lois learner to come clean? moments from now the house could be controlledder to holding the former irs official in cop tempt. she is accused of misleadings investigators and. to greta an how she sees this playing out. >> i think she has a lot of trouble, because certainly the republicans have the numbers to put the rule together to send this to the floor to have the vote. so it's difficult for her to survive anything but a contempt determination. her lawyer, who who ahave nope 30 years, made a huge -- blunder when he allowed her to make the
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statement in may. she waived her fifth amendment right then she wanted to reclaim it but it was too late and now she is stuck in a situation, either she testifies, she doesn't want to, or she takes the contempt, which is a likely outcome this week. >> now, greta, the other option her lawyer raised was he could go before the house and testify and talk to these days. think that's the right reserved for heads of states or convicted criminals or both. >> or lawyers that make big mistakes. in their advice and are now trying to do just about anything to prevent the -- what is going to happen. >> so, now, obviously i was thinking -- you corrected me -- a deal was in the making for immunity but you said they we about far more interested trying to provide that to the folks who work roped her. do you have enough inclining that is what has been going on and might still be going on? >> i've seen none of that so
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far. none of it. because the republicans are going full speed away. so that indicates to me no deal. she is the key person on this, and typically in an investigation, you don't give your key target the immunity deal. you give it to everybody who worked for her, around here. she clearly is the main target here because she head of the division that was -- that gave out the tax exemptions to nonprofit groups. so she is clearly the target. i'd be surprised if share working out a deal unless she can name someone higher up the food chane. >> if she can't do that and just wants to run out the clock -- many argue this is all about running out the clock -- what do you make of that starring? >> if she is held in cop tempt -- contempt, the matter is referred to the u.s. attorney's office for a grand jury investigation whether it's criminal contempt or not. the u.s. attorney here works for the attorney general of the united states, eric holder.
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if eric holder decides he doesn't want to push this ford forward, he can stop this. not much congress can do if eric holder things the prosecution shouldn't go forward. it would make lot of people unhim a but prosecutors after day exercise judgment what they shook they should go forward on or not because we have limited resources and they think some cases don't have value and there's the political undertones that the run republics would say it's a totally political move is eric holder blocks it. >> what becomes of this if he done go any further and this is going no further, she is in the clear. >> well, i guess. so except she will then be beaten up, batted around and the subject of so many political ads and so much between now and the mid-terms. >> what does she care? >> probably not because she gets the pension. probably not. although, look, she is a lawyer.
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i imagine she worries a little about her rap pew addition. doesn't want to be the asterisk of the one who refused to talk to congress. i don't think she wants to go down in history as the one who at least is it accused of doing something very dastardly, tarring people with whom she doesn't agree. >> greta, thank you very much. you'll have more this evening. the white house is keeping a seven-page benghazi e-mail fur wrap and fox is the reason why. the same fox the white house is bent on discrediting. take a listen. >> i was watching fox news and they said that is horrible. >> much to your disappoint and your boss has disapotentialment. >> those who are watching certain news channels that -- on which i'm not very popular. >> don't get my most favorable coverage on fox. >> i know he is watching us. i know it. to catherine her rage with -- herridge with new information.
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>> new details are coming to light today about administration efforts to develop, a quote, media strategy after fox news reported on september 20, 2012, the intelligence minute knew within 24 hours that benghazi was a terrorist attack. the fox report ran counter to the president's statements and senior administration officials and was the subject of a feign-page e-mail chain partially released to judicial watch as part of the lawsuit. the president's deputy national security adviser, john brennan, and presidential communications advisor, ben rhodes, who e-mail linked benghazi, were all part of the discussion. >> so this report from fox news would run counter to what the obama administration was attachment attempting to put out there as their position, and there was a contrarian newspaper report thatalign with their position and they were clearly reacting to it in a way that
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would help to reinforce their position. >> the contents of those e-mails were withheld because government lawyers told judicial, watch, quote, the release of this information could chill the frank deliberations that occur when state department and other government officials are formulating public responses to address sensitive issues. what is worth noting is that two days later the administration put out this lengthy press release through the office of the director of national intelligence, the nation's top intelligence officer and guess on at length to explain how they went from a spontaneous event to premeditated terrorism. whatting significant its that press release makes no mention of the video having a role as to what we see from the data now, i that almost all of the threads about the video lead back to the white house and the state department as well. >> amazing, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> is the white house trying to
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drag this out as part of a general theme, along with the irs mess? is this the larger legal strategy? just run out the clock and hope people get board to tears. let's ask our legal eagles. michelle, what do you think? >> i think that the administration at the time was trying to paint this as a well-controlled situation, that they did get the intelligence they wanted. it wasn't necessarily miscommunication and that was because they had a serious election coming up. however, it seems to me that the other party is now doing the exact same thing, with trying to prelong miss lois learner investigation. so both parties are guilty of dragging out and creating committees and wasting taxpayer resources on these investigation that really just overshadow the true issues that americans really do care about. >> but to the legal strategy of running out the clock, or doing anything that does add to the time here, is there a method to that? either you bet on people getting
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bored or prosecutors losing their prosecutorial zeal? >> i think there is some merit to the strategy of just dragging things out, particularly in is a case like lois lerner where the longer the focus on her, the higher the penalties, the more pressure on her, more for her career and permanent life. >> maybe it's a big campaign issue but fritters away after november. >> i think it does because what we're seeing here is a lot being made, really probably without a core of any kind of real -- >> when it comes to benghazi we're getting changes in the story and different e-mails. does any of that stick or does the administration's argument there's nothing new here make people think, we're just beginning to sniff around, i -- even though the e-mails are different. >> it's not that we shouldn't be investigating with the zeal.
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however the focus is on the wrong place. we're not trying to protect americans from terrorism. we're trying to throw stones across the aisle and that's not helping anybody. american citizens are the victims of these terrorist attacks. that's where the focus needs to be. it's the working man that is the victim. no one in the trade center had the secret service protecting them. what are you doing to help innocent victims -- >> don't that get you -- put your lawyer side aside -- that even though afforded such protection, let down or weren't protected -- >> that's not their fault -- >> -- might not be deliberate but someone dropped the ball and we need to know who it was, the u.s. ambassador was killed. >> the focus is on e-mail. >> e-mails that indicate lies barrack i. >> but a the lies are whether or not the person on then talk show said the right thing. >> you don't find it egregious that it was misrepresented and
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that they lied about what was the -- >> what i find is egregious is these ridiculous stones being thrown you. knew this -- >> who is more offensive to you. >> boat parties. >> i agree. both parties are equally offensive. >> you don't believe win someone like a ted cruz tells me on the show yesterday, i'll pursue this through 2016 and if i am elected president, i will pursue it. >> i think once he is elected president that will be the end of pursuing everything because then the democrat does the same that because that's the sim. the system is martially the fault of both parties where the new reality is to attack everything with a prosecutorial tone even when it's not warranted. >> room for raising questions. >> but the problem -- what we're seeing here, is we're seeing a zeal with the hope that at some point there wail be some imagine:moment we discover
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something that will prove everything and it's not happening, and when it doesn't happen we don't see the party involved relenting. >> are you seeing this through the prism of someone who says this is no big deal. >> i think they're both big deal -- >> but your so cynical bat government -- >> what other choice do you -- >> hold everyone's feed to the fire. >> i want focus where it belongs. this is not the super bowl. >> you just mentioned people in the world trade center and what was afforded them versus these folks. these folks who had security presumably had protection -- >> no, what i'm saying -- >> someone drops the ball. >> i want to get to the bottom of parties working together to stop terrorism -- >> if the strategy working? is dragging out working. >> keeps people talking. >> and keeps people distracted and keeps people aligned with party alliances.
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>> it is a theme, we have our health care trifecta. massachusetts the latest state to say it's scrapping its obamacare site but a costs are out of sight. and ad to oregon going bust and maryland on the brink, and byron says the whole law is maybe stitching but maybe that was the plan all along. >> we know that a number of supporters of obamacare actually wanted to have a single payer government system. >> that's right. i remember well. >> like you saw in canada, like
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you see in great britain. president obama, he was asked. he said if i had it to do from scratch, i would choose a single payer. remember tomorrow harken, very liberal of the senate, in 2010 liberals wanted the public option as part of obamacare. harken said, we can't get that but don't worry. think of obamacare as a starter home. we'll just build small to begin with and then expand it later on, and then more recently we have had senate majority leader harry reid say that he would like a singing payer plan. so, i think we have a lot of democrats who view obamacare as really just the beginning and not the end of their healthcare reform plan. >> i've always thought, too the rage -- it would be a papp able rage -- that builds up among americans to see their premiums soaring and their options just cascading, would take it out of the insurance companies and would say there's got to be an alternative to this, and enter
1:17 pm
the u.s. government, which would be goofy but follow the frustration level people have when the government is the only option. >> it could be. i don't think the public is taking out their frustration on insurance companies because everybody realizes that the insurance companies have restructured their entire business to accommodate obamacare, and we have seen these three big failures in oregon, massachusetts, and maryland. remember those really irritating tv commercials in oregon? that one just failed completely. total, miserable failure. we have seen the failures inch other states it is working, and the bigger problem are not when obamacare is not working, it's when is working and people are encountering higher premiums, higher deductibles, narrower choices of doctors and prescription drugs. it's when obamacare is working that people are suffering. >> do you think that there's any
1:18 pm
political fallout, these are the -- real serious problems are states run by democrats and this maryland and massachusetts, and the conventional press have been calling it the demise of romney care and not obamacare. what do you think if this becomes a big hurdle. >> it's a problem for martin o'malley who would like to run for president in 2016. all the democrats not named hillary clinton are holding back. this is a huge, huge democratic initiative in his state, and it failed tear terribly. same for the governor of massachusetts who may have higher amibitions than governor. massachusetts is kind of a home of the health care exchange. those were built for romneycare. obamacare comes long, the idea is to meld the two system is which is too complicated in
1:19 pm
anybody to figure out so they have to start over. >> thank you, my friend, always a pleasure. we were mentioning mitt romney here. he has run for president twice. how about his own trifecta? how about the third time? meet the guy who is already pushing it now. good job!
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>> this is starting early. north carolina where the primary season is kicking off and the pressure is on for republicans? to hear politico to describe it, can the republican establishment finally tame the tea party and retaining the senate? i'm thinking myself, self, wasn't it the tea party that
1:23 pm
help secured the house for the g.o.p. in the first place. to patrick on a tricky dance here. >> it is a tricky dance. this is a big day because the north carolina primary, and you -- when you have -- we have other primaries. the thing for the republicans is, remember something. they should have won the senate last time. they were only four seats away. they lost two. and that has created the six-seat loss. they lost two of them, tea party, and the rest they lost last time were more establishment republicans, who should have won and who didn't in states that romney won. the problem for the republican party, it is like repeating the same disasters over again itch guess the person that's going to follow me wants to promote the disaster of another romney run, but the question for the republicans is, oh, my god, you have blown this before you can blow it again.
1:24 pm
>> what have they blown before? say what you will of tea partyers, they did make john boehner speaker and gave them the house -- >> oh, no, -- >> to veer off the reservation and loss of a couple -- come on. >> no, no, no, i'm not -- they won senate seats. they had really good candidates for. rand paul, that one example. they have had others and they won the house and they provided the energy. the establishment has never liked them. they blew two seats in indiana and mr. aiken and -- missouri. they blew montana, states where romney won big -- >> what if the focus is on republican -- i want to be clear with can focused on division among republicans and division among the democrats. and i'm wondering if that's very analogyus to what you experienced when jimmy carter
1:25 pm
was trying to fight off ten kennedy in 1980? >> we have divisions in the parties, the centrist center of the party and the far left wing. democrats have the potential division. they will unite around the senate races. the republican problem is the base. if the establishment comes
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>> what do you think about another mitt romney run? california scheming. what the state wants to do that could have voters paying more. but first --
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all right. companies are getting the urge to merge. bayer announcing a new deal with merck worth more than $14 billion. shares of merck falling more
1:35 pm
than 2.5% today but roughly half a trajectory dollars worth of deals in the works this year alone. time to whoop it up or hunker down? to charlie and melissa. >> i mean normally when you see a deal it's the sign of a stronger economy, they're willing to part with cash, acquire someone else but you have to drill down on the details. you look at bayer and merck, this could have been about paying less taxes. merck moved to by domiciled we bayer in germany, 10% less tax liability. an incredible profit right out of the gate. so you have to look into each deal. >> charlie. >> all deals when you combine two companies they look for economies of scale and tacks are clearly part of that. i've been covering m & a for a long time. i know right before -- >> that's mergers and acquisitions. >> i'm sorry. right before the you know what
1:36 pm
hit the fan in 2000 -- >> usually they're the -- >> you get a top. >> is this a top? he won't answer. >> twitter became public last year because they thought this year was the year that the fed would ease more than they're doing now, and that the market would start to crater. you got to think there's some thought, if we're going to do deal -- >> now is the time. typically the argument for doing it. >> that is the argument. ip os is the new thing we look at. >> companies going public. >> tremendous rush for companies to go public and cash out because they know this is -- >> a lot of the high-tech ones tallets delayed offers or see what happens to a -- maybe this is giving them -- gunner you mean high technology. >> yes. >> define every word we might as well define every world.
1:37 pm
>> i'm a man of the people. >> i'm a simple country boy. >> country being brooklyn. >> there are other times when you want to look at deals dealst a sign of the best of time. look at office depot and office max, they're going could close 400 locations, lay off lots and lots of people and that's two weak players who are collapsing because amazon is eating their lunch. >> and i would just say, there's two types of ways to look at the mark, as the market going up? it will in the short term, andown you see advice much mergers where they lead to layoffs, those are companies sitting there saying the economic -- long-term economic outlook might not be so good. higher costs because of obama kaz -- obamacare. >> owls comes back to you bashing the president. you're a hater. >> he makes it easy.
1:38 pm
comrade bill deblasio makes it easy. i say you beating up on him about the horse stuff. >> come on. >> don't you take a horse and buggy to work every day. >> every day. takes a long time. >> usually wears his tux. >> where are you going in this is where the filmed "home alone." disney is out with numbers that were slightly better than expected. the stock is flat but one thing is interesting, seems -- very busy, very big, that's not a cheap place to go. but we're seeing that people are opening up their wallets and spending for things they really want to do. isn't that a good sign for the question? >> without question. and anybody who has kids and has been to disney knows it's not a cheap experience without question. >> the turkey legs or al value. >> when things are bad they move to smaller parks.
1:39 pm
>> if never seen charlie at epcot. >> brought me there in 1971 or something. i will say this, bouncing off the bomb of the while cycle. >> you think the -- that could be the underpinning here. >> we are getting better but bouncing off such a low level it's hard to surmise that the economy is in massive improvement. wages -- >> the hater, they hater. >> a realist, telling the truth. >> okay, okay. someone didn't get the fair and balanced note. >> look at that stupid unemployment number or wage growth. >> or i can talk to you. >> i look at wage going to. i'm reading thomas burketteie's book by the way. >> i had lunch with him. thank you very much. buckle up and then pay up because a push to tax every mile you drive is shifting into high fear. gasperino is furious.
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common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i did not know what it was like to be a non-smoker. but i do now. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. forget what your paying at the pump. now every mile you drive could really cost you. to trace gallagher in los angeles with more. hi, trace. >> if california this trend setter watch out the rest of the country. this is a political, be careful what you wish for scenario. for years lawmakers have been asking to us buy more fuel efficient cars and now that we do, they then complain that those cars aren't using enough gas and cutting into the state's gas tax revenue. california has the highest gas tax in the country, but apparently it's still not good enough. so now, a bill in the to state legislature would charge drivers for every mile they drive. maybe beginning with like a half crept a mile and there oregon
1:44 pm
and washington are testing similar programs. so listen to the lawmaker proposing the bill, followed by a commuter. >> i do as washington and oregon has done in a much bigger state with much longer commutes, more impactful to our economy to make sure we find out whether it would work, where the public would like it or not. >> i'm very opposed. i drive to brentwood every day from burbank and i'm already paying more than i should be. >> most people don't like it. so if by the way it passes, the state would start a pilot program in a city yet to be named, and here's my favorite part. the program would be voluntary. at least until it's mandatory. so if all goes as planned, neil, we would voluntarily give the state of california roughly $100 billion a year, and don't forget, the gas tax doesn't go away. this is just in addition. a little extra money on the side. >> sure, all voluntarily, as you say, trace, thank you very much.
1:45 pm
>> get ready for an even bigger push to go green. the white house issuing a dire report suggesting the extreme weather events are manmade. to mark ma ran know who says, not so. you always know the pressure your under when you come here and all these people that e-mail me saying that guy doesn't get it. why is he trivializing it? >> this report issued tide trivializes science. when you have this report come out, and its sole purpose is to push the agenda you have to question the science, and people like professor pelky, university of colorado, extreme weather expert, says the report is wrong on hurricanes, hurricane declined 25% from 1900, yet they make scary predicts in a nutshell the report is summed up this way.
1:46 pm
when current reality fails to alarm, make a bunch of scary predictions of the future and that's what they've done and the only way to save us from the dark future are climate policies, epa regulations, and next year a u.n. treaty in paris. >> i wonder, even the way the mainstream media treats it, we got to do something, and the general wire stories i read today and how the president would see pictures pictures of g snow caps and we have to do something and if not for the republicans we might have a shot. how do you counter that or do you say, pick and choose they're data when in the main stream media they pick and choose what data they report on your data. >> the snow pack. they looked at the snow pack in california mountains. president obama showed the governors this from after the year we had the blizzard in 2010. and is trying to say -- showing year to year variable as proof
1:47 pm
of climate. they're using record rainfall in one city in florida as proof of climate, when 0 on the larger scale, lit temperature show -- literature shows no trends in hurricanes or tornadoes -- >> if wore going to spend fraternals of dollars better do it on more than what we think is a good hunch. always a pleasure. one man, $100 million. this guy is held up at a saint for funding democrats in the name of climate change, but then i'm thinking about the koch brothers, they're evil for funding conservatives. so they're villains, that these guys and this hedge fund manager is practically the pope. what gives? tonight at 8:00 p.m. politicians say they want to make college more affordable. camille has an idea. why don't you first butt out.
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congress can't seem to tackle the nation's debt, but democrats want to help college graduates to tackle theirs. a bill is being introduced to allow students to refinance their loans. but this man says the government needs to get out of student loans. you think it's a bad idea why? >> i think it's a bad idea, just like joe biden has said, the
1:52 pm
government is giving a direct transfer to these universities. you don't get better class of biology when you pay $10,000. i don't think you have to have a spar tan bear rent when you go to academic boot camp when you go to university. >> i think you should. without foos ball. >> maybe so. if you get that, you ought to pay extra for it. >> it almost goes hand in hand, the increase in tuition in college. but what happens if we cut back on the amount of lending? do you really trust the institutions to cut back on their tuition? >> if they want to stay in business. granted, there are plenty of state-run organizations. it's not just the pel grants.
1:53 pm
there are direct subsidies from the states as well, if people can't afford, they won't go and have to focus on their prices and perhaps focus on academics instead of frivolous things. >> hey go build something awesome. >> now, we cover that over a course of a lifetime, the college grad is going to earn $800,000 as a result. that strikes me whatever bumps along the way initially, we shouldn't have to subsidize them to pay it back. >> sure. if they make the right choices. the program the government is talking about curtailing is one that actually incentivises to
1:54 pm
you to work for the government for ten years. >> the independents, it's a very good show. what is the difference now, think about this, what's the difference between a positive person and a negative person? let's just say the positive guy never thinks that his head is big. just full of brains. the power of positive thinking from parents who refuse to allow so much as a negative thought. i will explain. i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
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1:58 pm
conversation i was having with some family members. we started talking about teachers and how we generally remember the good ones, usually the ones who saw the good in you or maybe your kid. sometimes that's all it took. a teacher who took the time to discover maybe you weren't disruptive, maybe you were just creative, maybe you weren't indifferent, maybe you were just different and that teacher saw it and saw something special in you that no one else did, by seeing more of the good in you, less of the bad. i think those are the best teachers, but more i think they are the best people. those who see the half full glass of you and not the half empty glass, life has a habit of throwing back at you. i guess again i'm not saying anything profound here say the power of just being positive. down to the company we keep while we are here and as my irish mom used to say wouldn't you prefer that company keep you
1:59 pm
smiling. growing up, we used to joke that my mom was incapable of remembering a slight, and my italian dad incapable of forgetting one. i'm the head. she's the heart. my mom would laugh, always correct him, you got a big heart yourself patrick. after she passed away, i remember my dad marveling of all the people who showed up at her funeral. that says something about your mother. a few years later, just as big a crowd at his funeral. that says something about them both. especially hearing from a friend of theirs who pulled me aside and said neil, your parents sure made it hard to feel down, and sure made you laugh if you even tried. now, i don't know what my parents would have said about that, but i am pretty sure, even my dad, wouldn't complain.
2:00 pm
come to think of it, i'm positive about it. because they are the same ones who said my head wasn't big, just full of brains. go figure. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino, along with andrea tantaros, eric boling, and greg gutfeld, and juan williams. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." last friday, speaker john boehner announced that he was forming a select committee to further investigate the september 2012 benghazi consulate attacks. representative trey gowdy was named the head of that committee and yesterday named out his hopes for the committee. >> we need of a list of the documents to talk to and a list of documents. i'm not interested in


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