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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 8, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> it's not bad. >> it's different. >> it's not a chocolate. >> it's not a chocolate bunny. >> that's it for us here at the five. be sure to set your dvr so you don't miss an episode. see you tomorrow. "special report" up next. top senate democrat harry reid claimed the sequester has already cost more than 1.5 million jobs. the new math brings the total down a bit to just one. this is "special report." >> good evening, i'm bret baier. washington, d.c. is taking fuzzy math to a new leve despite 0 pock lipt ick warnings about the man it dated across the board government cuts known as xwesequestration, the real damage was to the truth. james rosen tells us about the
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amazing contradiction between rhetoric and reality. >> they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. this is not an ab instruction. people will lose their jobs. >> they have projected 750,000 people will lose their jobs if this sequester takes effect. >> we have learned that the sequestration already has cut 1.6 million jobs. >> from leading democrats came a virtual avalanche of dire predictions about what would happen if the forced budget cuts known as sequestration went into effect. well, they did go into effect, but those predictions seem today to many wildly off base. >> there certainly is a disconnect between the predictions of doom and the actual reality. there were almost no job cuts in the public sector, and in the private sector the job numbers are showing very substantial growth in jobs. >> reporter: indeed, a new report by the government accountability office found last month 23 executive branch
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agencies largely inoculated themselves from sequestration by moving money around, furloughing workers and delaying hiring to the point where, as the gao report shows, only one agency cut staff to cope with sequestration last fiscal year, and that was by precisely one employee. >> so it's not a surprise to me that the gao has now gone back, looked at that and come to an entirely different conclusion than that which was being presented to the american public from the administration. >> reporter: and the private sector? well, listen to the white house touting the april jobs numbers last week when little could be heard about the dire effects of sequestration. >> our businesses have now created 9.2 million new jobs over 50 consecutive months of job growth. >> what i'd place weight on is the trend, and we've added 2.4 million private sector jobs in the last year. that's a pace of 200,000 a month. >> reporter: given that even house speaker john boehner, the ohio republican, was predicting that sequestration could cost thousands of jobs, perhaps it's no surprise that the latest
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harvard institute of politics survey released last month found the composite trust index which measures mao millennials ages 18 to 29 regard major institutions from the president to the congress to the supreme court, military and u.n. has sunk to just 31%. a five-year low. >> it brings cynicism among the general public because they have difficulty reconciling the rhetoric of politicians with the reality surrounding the economy. >> asked about the gao report, a white house spokesman talked about a budget report from last year saying 800,000 additional jobs would have been created had the sequester been avoided. >> james, thank you. more on this with the panel. so was the sequester a good thing or bad thing? let me know on facebook, baier or on twitter. the head of the veterans affairs department says he is not
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quitting in the wake of reports that dozens of vets died apparently waiting for treatment in phoenix, arizona. national security correspondent jennifer griffin tonight with some very tough questioning about what went wrong. >> reporter: refusing to resign the beleaguered department of veterans affairs secretary eric shin sec ki spoke publicly for the first time about the unacceptable wait times and mismanagement at a v.a. facility in phoenix, arizona, that alleged loy led to at least 40 veteran deaths. >> all of this makes me angry. whatever we have allegations like this, until they're founded, i didn't come here to watch things happen this way. i waim here to make things better. >> reporter: shin sec ki who was appoint nd 2009 and oversees the second largest budget in the federal government ordered a nationwide face-to-face audit of v.a. facilities in the wake of several brewing scandals at v.a. hospitals where phony wait lists were created and records ordered
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destroyed by veterans affairs officials. republican lawmakers abdz the american legion have called for shin sec ki to resign. a subpoena was issued for all e-mails pertaining to the phoenix scandal. >> the last few weeks have been a model of v.a. stone walling which precipitated the need for this subpoena. >> secretary shin sec ki took eight days to respond to the committee's request in early april for him to order evidence preserved regarding the phoenix scandal, eliciting bipartisan outrage. >> we have over the past years asked the v.a. for information that has not been forthcoming. frustrations remain high among committee members. >> reporter: but some top republicans have stopped short of demanding shin sec ki resign. >> i'm not ready to join the chorus of people calling for him to step down. the problems at the v.a. are
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systemic, and i don't believe that just changing someone at the top is going to actually get to the solutions that many of us are looking for. >> reporter: senator marco rubio who serves on the senate veterans affairs committee has introduced a bill giving shin sec ki greater authority to fire people. >> you have to be able to fire people who are not doing their job. you can't do that for mid-level and upper level managers in the v.a. >> the white house says the president still has confidence in secretary shin sec ki who is slated to appear next thursday before a senate hearing to address the scandals that apparently led to dozens of preventable veteran deaths. >> jennifer griffin, thank you. the head of the house ways and means committee says the irs has finally agreed to turn over all e-mails regarding lois lern lerner, the former irs bureaucrat at the center of the investigation into the targeting of conservative groups for extra scrutiny. yesterday the house voted to hold lerner in contempt for refusing to answer questions
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about the matter. the u.s. military is taking part in the effort to find about 300 nigerian girls kidnapped by islamic terrorists. and we're learning tonight that then secretary of state hillary clinton's state department refused to put that group responsible on a list of known terror organizations. here is senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendall goller with details. >> reporter: as nigerians demanded their government do more to rescue more than 300 girls kidnapped more than a month ago, a team of americans headed to the region to help. >> our interagency team is hitting the ground in nigeria now, and they are going to be working in concert with president goodluck jonathan's government. >> reporter: secretary kerry's aides say more help is on the way. michelle obama tweeted a picture, former first lady hillary clinton criticized nigeri nigerian's leaders. >> the president of nigeria
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needs to get serious about protecting all of its citizens. >> reporter: but when she was secretary of state, mrs. clinton declined to designate beau boko haram, the group that claims the kidnappings a terrorist organization. that was left for kerry to do last november and his spokeswoman won't explain why. >> two years ago we did designate certain individual leaders but i don't have any other insight to provide on that. >> critics say valuable time was lost pressuring a group blamed for killing 1500 people this year alone in an effort to end western influences like the education of women and girls. idaho republican senator james rish says, quote, the failure to act swiftly has had consequences. sources say nigerian president jonathan who visited the white house in 2012 opposed the boko haram terrorist designation at the time. two months later, two dozen people were killed. in remarks to steven spielberg's
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holocaust remembrance foundation wednesday night, president obama seemed frustrated at not being able to do more. >> there are times in which i want to reach out and save those kids and having to think through what levers, what power do we have at any given moment. >> reporter: his can critics say mr. obama could do more but his reluctance to do so or take a tougher stand in syria or elsewhere has emboldened boko haram. his administration is under pressure to add the group to the u.n. al qaeda sanctions list, the state department hasn't said if it will do so. gret bret? >> wendall, thank you. up next, grilling the prospective person to head up obamacare. up on capitol hill, first here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. fox 25 in oklahoma city as the state's attorney general agrees to a stay of execution for charles warner who was scheduled
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to be put to death next after last month's botched execution of another inmate. fox 5 in new york with a preview of tonight's national football league draft at radio city music hall. this year much of the speculation involves which nfl team will select former texas a&m quarterback johnny manziel also known as johnny football. this is a live look at dallas from fox 4, the big story there a late morning rescue of five children caught by rising creek water during a round of thunderstorms. police believe the kids were playing near a drainage tunnel by the creek and were swept in by high water. they say they think the teens were swkinning school. that's the look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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the woman picked to be the president's new point person for obamacare is promising to take a
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fresh bipartisan approach to congress. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on tough questions for the prospective new cabinet member. >> i respect and appreciate the importance of the challenges before us. >> reporter: sylvia matthews burr well is the person to replace kathleen sebelius. >> will you be the health and human services for the american people or the ambassador of obamacare? >> it is my octoberive and as i've talked about in my opening statement, i'm here to serve the american people. >> last time she was confirmed unanimously. i'm assuming not that much has changed since that time. >> reporter: with so much controversy around sebelius and obamacare, the president picked
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burr well. >> do you think it's fair to give businesses it delay but not individual americans? and what further changes if any to existing law and regulations do you anticipate having to make before december 31 of this year? >> from the administration's perspective, what we are trying to do is common sense implementation within the law. >> reporter: she was also asked how many people who signed up for obamacare actually paid premiums. >> with regard to the specifics of the data that hhs has at this time, that's not something in my current role that i know. >> reporter: after many complaints sebelius was not forming coming about the health web site debacle and implementation of the law, there were several references of burr welk straightforward including one by lamar alexander. >> if it's good for mcdonald's to sell how many hamburgers it sells i would think it would be good for the department to advertise who's buying the premiums. >> reporter: john mccain and richard burr openly expressed sue fort foreher nomination
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although mccain called it a thankless job. >> that's why i advised her against taking the position at hhs. after all, who would recommend their friend take over as captain of the titanic after it hit the iceberg? >> unless burr well makes a major gaffe or there's some revelation, she should cruise to confirmation. bret? >> as you look live, what can you tell us? >> the special select committee would be seven republicans, five democrats. there's a question of how much democratic participation there will be. bottom line, we expect that democrats will vote with republicans, at least some democrats will vote with republicans, it should pass. this is of course the select panel that will be chaired by south carolina republican congressman tray gout di. bret? >> so far two democratic ayes. two major lawsuit against
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obamacare were heard today in federal court. shannon breem is here to tell us what they are and what this all means. good evening, shannon. >> good evening. >> what about that first case? what's at stake? >> the first one is a challenge by religious nonprofit groups to the hhs contraception mandate. they say this is the choice they're left with, either providing cost free contraceptive access in direct violation of their faith or signing off on a form that will authorize a third party to do that. they don't want to be complicit in something they can't condone. >> whether the government believes it is or not doesn't matter! it's the believer who believes. and it's the believer who has the freedom. so it's not up to the government to start parsing religious doctrine or telling us which ones apply and which ones don't. >> and today the government continued to argue what it has all along, that it's provided this optout procedures. if these groups would sign the forms they're no longer part of the equation. >> and the second case would go further? >> it would.
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this one is aimed at getting rid of the law altogether because of the way that it came to be. the plaintiffs' tern argued today that this originated in the senate, the health care law did, but it tha it's a revenue generating revenue and based on the origin nation clause in the constitution, that kind of measure can only come from the house. >> what this congress did in passing the affordable care act is plainly unconstitutional and any ordinary person knows that the house of representatives alone has the power to create tax bills, not the senate. >> what the senate did was take a totally unrelated house bill, gutted it and dropped the health care law in. that was the vehicle for getting it passed. the government's attorneys argued today that the senate amended the original house bill and say there's no constitutional requirement that senate amendments be jgermane t the underlying house measure. we should say something about the three-judge panel. one was a president clienten appointee. the other two are brand-new to
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the bench, appointed by president obama. you may remember mike alluded to this earlier, they were put through after senate gemt democrats -- it took fewer votes to process them through the confirmation process. already some of the attorneys in the case are assuming they're going to lose. they say the supreme court is their real goal. >> we'll follow it. thank you. stocks were himmed today. the dow gained 32, the s&p 500 lost 3, nasdaq dropped 16. mobile messaging app snap chat has agreed to settle with the federal trade commission over charges it deceived customers. snap chat lets users send photos, videos and messages that disappear in a few seconds. but the ftc says snap chat failed to tell customers that others could save their messages without their knowledge. still ahead, why is monica line lewinsky talking now?
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pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine say they will go ahead with sunday's referendum on autonomy or even independence, ignoring a request from russian president vladimir putin to postpone it. greg pal cot is on the ground tonight in eastern ukraine. >> reporter: eastern ukraine in the grip of war, check point after check point manned by pro-russian activists wielding guns bats and other weapons going through vehicles holding their ground. dmeers by ukrainian soldiers are stationed as well, sometimes clashing with rebels. tensions that can only grow worse in the coming days following the decision by separatists to go forward with a
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planned sunday referendum on independence for the region. this despite a public call from russian president vladimir putin to put it off. some think he wants to distance himself from more trouble. here in slauf yauns, the sesht center of the move, they were surprised at the more convict sill area tore tone from president putin. a door was left open and a determination was expressed to continue to fight on. >> >> translator: we are not military, this pro-russian spokeswoman says, we are just defending our land. they are attacking. another woman didn't want to go on camera but had strong words to say about the kiev government. >> people of our town wants peace, but we only see the violence and the aggressiveness from the authorities in kiev. >> reporter: a sign of concern in the area, long lines of people at banks, after growing skirmishes and some bank closures, people here are apparently worried about losing their lives and their life
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savings. regardless of what putin and the rebels are saying, kiev says it's pushing forward with its efforts to rout out insurgents. there's more fighting today around the city hall in the eastern city of mario pol. as authorities expect more unrest from separatists tomorrow, the russian anniversary of the defeat of nazi germany in world war ii. in slauf yauns, eastern u vain, greg pal cot, fox news. europeans and americans are celebrating today the 69th anniversary of the end of world war ii in europe. french president francois hollande laid a wreath. the war with japan ended four months later. german lawmakers want to talk to nsa leaker edward snowden. they're conducting an investigation. please join me this weekend for
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a special hour, fox news reporting the nsa's secret war. who's the enemy? we'll look at an agency in crisis and take you to a place rarely seen, the nsa's top secret operational center. we'll talk to all sides of this issue. you can see it saturday at 10:00 p.m. eastern and sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. if you think gasoline is expensive, you will fall out of your chair when you find out what you are paying for green jet fuel. and is sponsoring a race car worth your tax dollars? the grapevine is next. mpressive. over 400,000 new private sector jobs... making new york state number two in the nation in new private sector job creation... with 10 regional development strategies to fit your business needs. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york... with the state creating dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. become the next business to discover the new new york.
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(gnome) go and smell the roses. now the grapevine. think filling up your gas tank is painful on your wallet? imagine $150 a gallon. that's how much the u.s. government funded by you, the taxpayer, shelled out for jet fuel made from algae. the going rate for regular jet fuel, around $2.85 per gallon. the government accountability office, gao, says the biofuel was bought for testing purposes as part of the faa's goal for the aviation industry to use a billion gallons of alternative jet fuel annually by 2018. the gao expects the price would be lower if the fuel were produced and purchased on a larger scale. but until then, alternative jet fuels remain too expensive to be a viable substitute.
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in 2012 for some perspective, the air force came under fire for paying $59 a gallon for alcohol-based jet fuel. the national guard has spent almost $100 million since 2011 to be a nascar sponsor. critics say the guard receives almost nothing in return. "usa today" reports in 2012 nearly 25,000 people cited the nascar sponsorship as a reason for seeking information about the service, but not one of them signed up. missouri democratic senator claire mccaskill, a self-proclaimed nascar fan, calls the sponsorship a waste of taxpayer dollars. the national guard defends the move, quote, a strong branding effort is a good value and helps create a fundamental awareness of the national guard as a career option. other military branches have canceled their sponsorships, citing cost and difficulty in measuring results. finally, be careful what you wish for. chicago democratic mayor rahm emanuel has been a proponent of
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traffic cameras but apparently did not warn his motorcade drivers about them. local reports say the mayor's plates have racked up 20 violations since 2012, including running 17 red lights. the mayor defends the cameras as a safety measure but has told his drivers to slow down, saying no one is above the law. this is the fox news alert. as you look live on the house floor, the house has just formally approved a resolution to create a select committee on benghazi. the vote was 232 in favor 186 against. seven democrats voted with republicans to approve that resolution. republicans will control that panel. house speaker john boehner has already named south carolina congressman tray goudy as the chairman. names of the other members are expected out friday. the smoke is starting to clear a bit from monica lewinsky unexpected and sudden return to the public stage.
3:33 pm
the former bill clinton intern and mistress is talking about her life in "vanity fair." we have more on possible motivations. >> reporter: to critics long -- the timing of monica lewinsky's piece is curious. >> i really wonder if this isn't an effort on the clintons' part to get that story out of the way. >> voters have long since factored this into both bill and hillary clinton. if it didn't matter much in the late 1990s and it turned out not to, it certainly is not going to matter 16, 17, 18 years later. >> reporter: in the article, lewinsky writes that as one of the internet's first victims of shame, she feels used by the lecht and the right. quote, which when i was made a scapegoat, i was the unstable stalker, a phrase disseminated by the clinton white house, the dim witness floozy, the poor
3:34 pm
innocent. or when a cache of memos was recently uncovered at the university of arkansas archives in which a hillary friend quotes the then first lady who praised her husband who, quote, tried to manage someone who was clearly a narc tune. one clinton associate claims that such characterizations fade with time. >> it was a threat in 2000 when she was running for senate in new york, educated women in particular who were very much like hillary and agreed with hillary with a lot of issues were frustrated and some of them angry that she didn't leave the president. i don't think it's an issue anymore. >> indeed that 24-year-old intern in the blue dress is now 40. president clinton is 67, soon to be a grandfather. and an entire generation of voters to young to remember the lewinsky affair may have more pressing concerns come election day 2016.
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bret? >> doug, thank you. the wife of los angeles clippers owner donald sterling says she will exercise her business rights regarding the team. shelly sterling talked exclusively with fox's jim greg. she says the nba has not displained her at all and that she plans to attend the team's upcoming playoff games. donald sterling was barred for life from the league and may be forced to sell after racist comments were made public. warnings of hundreds of thousands, even more than a million and a half, lost jobs from sequestration turned out to be, well, greatly exaggerated. we'll talk about it all with the panel after a quick break.
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. .
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these cuts are not smart. they are not fair. they will hurt our economy.
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they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. >> these are harmful cuts with real world consequences that will cost jobs and hurt our economy. >> 750,000 people will lose their jobs if this sequester takes effect and stays in effect. those are real world consequences. these are real people. it's not political leverage. >> we have learned that the sequestration already has cut 1.6 million jobs. >> well, just some of the sound from top democrats. there was house speaker john boehner who wrote an op-ed in the "wall street journal" saying this about sequestration. a week from now a dramatic new federal policy is set to go into effect that threatens u.s. national security, thousands of jobs and more. in a bit of irony, president obama stood tuesday with first responders who could lose their jobs if the policy goes into effect. well, the gao, government accountability office came out with this report. and in a little seen footnote on
3:40 pm
page 51 is this gem. one doj component, the u.s. parole commission, implemented a reduction in force of one employee to achieve partial savings required by sequestration in fiscal year 2013. one person lost their job as a result of sequestration. what about this and the bigger picture? let's bring in our panel, tucker carlson host of fox and friends, ron foreign yea, charles krauthammer. tucker? >> who is this guy? who is this one guy? >> we tried to find him today. >> the poor guy. deep in the office of redundant services, the department of pointlessness. everybody else gets to keep his job. this has to affect his self-esteem. i think this actually hurts both sides, the tape that you showed, it's almost unbelievable. 1.6 million. >> have already lost. not are going to. have already. >> we have learned.
3:41 pm
but on the other hand there were also republicans saying sequestration is a meaningful reduction in government. and the truth is, government never gets smaller for reasons that social scientists really devote more time to figure out. you are literally more likely to die on the job than you are to be fired from the job if you work for the federal government. that hasn't changed despite republican efforts or apparent republican efforts. why is that? it's a basic mystery of life in washington. i bet charles has the answer. >> ron, it's important to point out there are still democrats and republicans who think sequestration was the wrong way to do it, across the board cuts, not being able to move money around the way they thought was going to be moved around. but these 23 agencies moved it around and only one person lost their job. >> that's the perverse irony here. this was supposed to be the epitome of dysfunction in washington. all these people were going to be laid off, all these programs cut. our government can't even do wrong the right way. that's how bad we are right now.
3:42 pm
>> there were going to be lines at the airport because all of these people were going to be laid off. there were going to be problems along the border. remember secretary napolitano and the white house briefing room. it was a snowball. i remember talking about it on the panel many times. >> right. look, you really can't improve on this as a matter of comedy. what commentary can you offer when you have the clips you just showed. and i do love the fact that harry reid had learned that 1.6 -- it's the kind of thing where you want to say to harry, name one. and it would be this one guy. but, look, it's a very important lesson. even though there was not a reduction in the work force, there was an absence of hiring. so at least you are not getting the normal inexorable inevitable increase in hiring.
3:43 pm
but they did spend less money. i mean, the one thing we do know is for those two consecutive years we had two years of first time since the korean war when there was an actual cut in discretionary spending, which is an achievement. now we know how to do this. you take a meat cleaver, everybody was saying this is the wrong way to do it. you have to cut spending with a surgical knife. no, a surgical knife is too small. this is a mountain of waste. and for that you need a front loader. so you go at it in a fairly irrational way, but it does turn out that if you leave it to the agencies, they will be able to move the money around and decrease overall spending i assume by eliminating pieces of or at least the spending of these departments of redundancies. >> the pentagon spent some of that smaller pot of money on jet fuel made from algae. >> and this is what tom coburn
3:44 pm
has pointed out. every time you want to cut democrats are saying orphans are going to end up in the snow, the border will be open. it's ridiculous. everybody understands billions are wasted absolutely stupidly every year. and if you could start with that, you could have enormous reductions in spending. but the way to do it is to mandate the reductions in advance and then you say you do it. to the agency. >> in other words, they have flexibility. >> and they'll do it in the end if they have to, if that's the law. >> harvard composite trust index, this gets to the broader since about where people's thoughts are about government, especially young people as they look at this place. take a look at the dive on this chart. just in that one span right there, 31%, that's significant. >> if you go back to the mid-'60s, '70s, you'll see a steeper and longer decline. it's heading off the table.
3:45 pm
and i think we do learn two lessons. one you were just talking about charles and the other confirms the fact that we can't trust anything. we can't trust anything these guys and gals say in this city. republican or democrat, both sides in this case. they both claim there was going to be disastrous implications, and they were wrong. and they probably should have known they were wrong. >> there is this story chicken little, you know, the sky is falling. but eventually one time the sky will fall and nobody is going to move. >> but chicken little didn't have a constituency. constituencies is what this is about. when it comes down to it, every job is sacred. that's always the argument in washington. you should keep in mind every one of those jobs contains a voter. that's a meaningful component. but if you want to cut government, you have to cut the jobs. the average federal worker makes more and has vastly better benefits than his contemporary, his equivalent in the private sector. sot costs are on the back end
3:46 pm
here. you can't just furlough people, reduce jet fuel costs, you have to cut positions. >> but is this eye opening to the people who say, we can do this, we can cut in an effective way and not have the wrath of voters or the federal government? >> look, i'm not sure that it's the fear of the reaction of the voter. i think it's simply what's called the iron triangle, the constituencies, the lobbyists, the bureaucrats themselves exert that pressure. but one example of the sacredness of this spending is head start. everybody worships at the altar, you don't want to hurt the little children. but then the studies come out that show that there are no residual effects beyond the third grade and we are spending something like $8 billion a year on it. but nobody will touch it. >> it's only been 50 years. do you think it's fair to assess it after just 50 year snz. >> much too early to draw any conclusion. it's got to be at least a millenni
3:47 pm
millennium. >> the real problem for democrats is i could give you eight arguments why i think head start is a good program and they've all been under cut by the fact that the democrat party and republican party but especially democratic party said we couldn't make these cuts without the world falling apart. and nothing happened. this really under cuts the democratic argument that an activist government can make the world a better place. >> i should point out about the gao report, this is dealing with federal government jobs. it doesn't say how many jobs were lost in the private sector as a result of cut backs because of the sequester. if somebody lost a private sector job -- >> those are probably immeasurable. it's like the administration saying how many theoretical jobs were saved by the stimulus and the recession. now way to nesh that. the latest from harry reid on a host of topics, up next. ♪ ♪
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the koch brothers admit to not being experts in the matter. they certainly are experts related to climate change. that's what they do very well. they are one of the main causes of this. not a cause. one of the main causes. >>s one of the main causes of climate change. he's talking about charles and david koch, the conservative billionaires who obviously have been very active in politics. but in an interview with chuck todd from nbc, he koch. he was asked about this, and she was asked about sheldon edadels who's been putting his money into politics.
3:52 pm
>> they are two of the richest people in the world, and they are out to make money. that's their goal to add zeros to their billions. >> i know sheldon adelson, he's not in this for money, he's not in this to make money. he's in it because he has certain views. sheldon adelson is not in it to make money p. >> sheldon adelson is from nevada. we're back with the panel. what's going on with senator reid? he's saying a lot of different things on the floor and now this interview. with the koch brothers, the democratic party has its own billionaires who are secretly funneling money into campaigns
3:53 pm
in ways that maybe we should be cleaning up, and to take on the koch brothers is purely a political move that lacks credibility. when he's talking about adelson, there's one reason, the casinos there. >> charles? >> harry reid's pronouncement should be transcribed and all made into s.a.t. questions in which the question ask, can you spot the number of inaccuracies in one paragraph? the koch brothers, the two richest people, that's not true. to say they are the main cause of global warming is insane. the united states as a country is one of the major causes of global warming, in fact our contribution has declined. the biggest cut in the world
3:54 pm
since 2006 has been the united states. our levels of co2 emissions are now at the 1992 level. so you wonder -- he reminds me of the vice president, except that because harry reid never smiles, and is angry and aggressive and kind of mean, he doesn't get a pass the way joe biden does. he's sort of a pleasant hearty guy who's saying odd things, but everybody says it's a bidenism and they move on. but with harry, it's very hard to say it's a reidism because he's always trying to hurt folks with what he says. >> i'm sorry, but he's hurting himself. because he's right here, climate change is a problem, is a real thing. and the koch brothers are polluters. the problems are they're not the kind -- but stick with the facts. >> just how they do it.
3:55 pm
>> but stick with the facts. >> gotcha. >> here's the difference between reid and say vice president biden. with reid, he always goes to motive almost immediately. so he considers his opponents not only wrong but -- i would say specifically on the koch brothers thing, the -- is it useful as a political tactic? who's ever heard of charles and david koch. is this really going to move voters? the really is telling of the global warming cult. you are accused of crimes against nature, it's a form of social control. >> we have got it wrong, i'm sure there will be another panel that will mention cala methane.f what they get from alaska,
3:56 pm
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