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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 9, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> it is friday may 9th. the house approving a select committee to get some answers on how the white house handled the benghazi attack. >> there has been zero accountability and there are four americans dead. >> will democrats play politics with the deaths of four americans? why we could find out today. >> congress demanding answers from the head of the va about why our veteran he is are dying while they sit on the secret wait list. >> i thought one thing i had i could depend upon my country to take care of me when i get older. i never knew we were going to
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get this. i am not going to die like some other men have. >> this as more problems are uncovered at another veteran hospital. >> mcdonalds raising eyebrows with a major menu change. how the fast food chain is hoping to spice up your next order. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ good morning. it is friday, you are watching "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. you made it through the week. thank you for starting your day
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with us. we begin with a show down on capitol hill. a select committee probe in benghazi. it could be a partisan battle. >> this could be a bipartisan committee. >> house democrats will remeet a few hours about whether to have a select committee to investigate benghazi now that the house voted last night to establish that select committee. 7 democrats sided with the majority making the vote 232 to 196. house minority leader nancy pelosi was thinking of boycotting the panel she p didn't like the 7-5 ratio. some republican law americas have been criticizing for insinuating the investigation into the death of four americans is purely political. one took to the floor last
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night. >> they found the gun fire the most important step in the procedures to supervise the execution of your orders when americans were fighting for their lives in benghazi barack obama did neither he sent no forces and didn't say supervise the execution of his orders. >> the big question now is what decision will democrats make an hour from now it is more difficult to predict. >> on the other hand the problem is democrathere is no one there provide different questions. maybe you only one one person on the committee. >> one person is perhaps a compromise but democrats say they want to be there to respond to republicans and stand up for the administration especially when they called former secretary of state hillary clinton to testify. ainsley and heather back to you guys. stay tuned.
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>> thanks elizabeth. the benghazi select committee is aimed at answering lingering questions about what happened before, during and after the terror attack that killed four americans. but fox news contributor charles krauthammer says it is a risky move for republicans. >> this is 2014. the winds are ripe for republicans approaching the election on all of the major issues obamacare, the economy, set backs abroad. all of this the issues are on the republican side. benghazi hearings can only distract from this at best. so far from being a advantage for republicans this is a high risk operation. >> despite the risk krauthammer says it is worth it. >> hillary clinton says what's the difference? why did this happen at this late
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date? the difference is the difference between truth and false hood between allowing the administration to get away with auk successful stone wall and deny ing them that success. the reason to do this is a sincere desire to make sure there is accountability. there has been zero accountability there are four americans dead. >> they will remain front and center during the mid term election season. >> right now an american search team is on the ground looking for these nearly 300 missing nigerian girls kidnapped by a terrorist group the. the girls are probably split into smaller groups and moved into other countries. they are not on the state department's terror list. former secretary of state hillary clinton's boss keep them
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off the list. >> i find it hard to believe secretary clinton wasn't involved in this decision. in any department of saturday the secretaries of state are involved in a lot ofecisions even if their name svenlt on a memo. >> if boko haram had been on the list the treasury department could have gone after them as well. the network and operations would have been closely monitored by the state department. >> major new developments in the house fire that happened at the retired tennis star's house. investigators now say all four family members found inside were shot. the gun recovered registered to the father darren campbell. police are investigating the possibility of a murder suicide. surveillance video shows he was buying $600 worth of fireworks sunday paying cash. he also bought several gas cans.
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the fire at the house was started on purpose. >> the hunt is on this morning for a potentially armed and dangerous fire. the picture investigators think it guy could be hiding in the mountains santa cruz mountains or yosemite valley in california. he's accused of killing sara douglas an escort he met on-line who also lives with him. fleming was an italian chief teaching at the state department of forest story atry and fire prevention. he has been fired for not showing up to work. >> the house veterans affairs committee voted to subpoena the va secretary. he has said yet another va hospital is accused in a similar scheme of heighting treatment delays. fire right now, to say that is an extreme under statement.
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the "washington post" shows he will testify before congress next week and it was quite heated. yesterday we saw the house subpoena document oos the other day to see what happened at the hospitals had. this may go well beyond what happened in phoenix when many veterans were placed on a waiting list. some may have is died waiting for medical care. some on capitol hill say this may all come down to this. >> the fact is in the six years as secretary there's no time left. if you can't change an agency in a fraction of that time you are not going to do it in a year or two more. that's the really sad truth. that's not what he didn't a good man, it is that he failed. >> he does have his supporters here on capitol hill. he said in an interview threats no indication at this point that he is going to step down. heather? >> doug luzader live for us this morning from washington. thank you. >> thanks. another story for you this
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morning. families of september 11th victims are blasting the decision to story mains in the unidentified victim in the ross pos tory of the museum. they are planning this as the remains are moved. the museum says the unidentified remains will be kept behind a wall and families will schedule viewings in a private room at the repository. the family would rather see them entombed above ground in the adjacent memorial plaza. >> some of the storms packing high winds and heavy rains hitting the flames. in dallas, texas, a tough lesson to learn÷tm"÷ for five boys res from rising waters. >> several tornadoes reported in minnesota. but officials say there was no major damage or injuries and then over in utah 11 plains were hit by lightening while he were trying to land at salt lake city international airport. no injuries and the planes were not damaged.
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>> are we expecting more severe weather today? let's check in with maria molina. >> the five boys had to learn a tough lesson because they were skipping school. >> right. they were skipping school when they were caught in the flood waters and had to be rescued. that's a tough lesson across parts of texas. we are expecting more severe storms anywhere from texas to parts of the midwest across states like indiana and parts of illinois. this is a widespread risk for today. we are looking at a small chance but it is there for large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. over the weekend it is going to remain unsettled across parts of the center of the country. on saturday places like oklahoma city and st. louis could be seeing severe storms and by sunday yet again from texas up until illinois you are looking at the risk for severe weather. have a way to get the warnings out there through out the day and the next several days. as we head into the weekend as well the same storm system will be packing a punch in terms of heavy rainfall. we are expecting 6 inches of rain across parts of the gulf
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coast. i want to take you to denver, colorado quickly because out here across the rockies we have a big storm moving in and that means cold temperatures and a look at the forecast for mother's day sunday into monday we are talking snow out here and it could be accumulating a little bit down to the mounta mountain>> 43 degrees. >> we are going to have unhappy moms. >> thank you, maria. you pay want to wait before the selfie. claims that photos never really do disappear. we are here with your top business story. >> is that a shocker, really? snap chat agreed to settle charges it deceived customers about the disappearing nature of messages. snap chat apps never notified users when a recipient took a screen shot of a snap and saving
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it. video snaps were not endripted. the company collected information on user's contacts without asking them for permission. as part of the deal they must implement a privacy program monitored by an outside privacy expert for the next 20-years. no fine has been announced. ke8 log kellogg no longer advertising natural. it is paying $5 million as part of an agreement for use of words like all natural. they are increasingly being questioned by consumers. mcdonalds is shaking it up literally. they are testing seasoned fries dubbed shaken flavor fries. the seasonings garlic, parmesan, zesty ranch and spicy buffalo. you buy the fridays then y -- in
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you shake the seasoning on yourself. then you can decide how much you want to put on it. >> the do it yourself fries is what i am calling it. >> food stamps for guns? we report you decide. >> ladies, it might be time to nip the nagging in the bud why it could actually kill your husband. >> nothing i ever do is good enough. passenger: road trip buddy. let's put some music on.
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she violated constitutional rights. this is criminal in nature. it is serious and we want to find out how far this goes. we will follow the e-mails. she used a fake name or private e-mail account and cput irs business on the account much like the epa administrator did. that could have potentially compromised the confidentiality of tax payer information. >> republicans have been demanding documents for months now. the irs commission tore says it could take years to produce everything. >> a new twist in the cattle battle at the bundy ranch in nevada. people who pointed guns at officers during the standoff last month. the government had been rounding up the cattle over unpaid grazing fees. that was called off over a safety concern. >> neen people are hurt in a
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crash at the grand canyon. a tour bus hit a sedan causing it to hit a van. the cause of the crash under investigation. >> it is time to brew on this. food stamps for guns. a new hampshire representative says welfare recipients should be allowed to buy guns with the ebt guards. >> tax benefits recipients have the right for shooting or even fence. they have the right under the second amendment to do so. >> democrat timothy horton's response spanning the purchase of guns with an ebt card. should welfare recipients be allowed to buy guns with their ebt card. send comments to facebook exi r twitter or send us an email at
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". seven, that's the number of house democrats voting in favor to form a committee to
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investigate why four americans died. trey gowdy is heading the committee. we don't know who else will be appointed to it. adam kin singer on the record last night. >> i don't celebrate what we did today. this isn't exciting for me but it was something with sobriety we have to look at in somberness and say we need to look at the bottom of this. the administration is not giving congress the answers it and the american people deserve. >> that is the task congressman goudy faces right now. a former special operations pilot says he knows what it is like for the men on the ground waiting for help as they fought for their lives. he says the second attack at the cia annex could have been prevented. >> the military pilot i was told in survival training your country will never leave you behind and it will move heaven and earth to come get you if you find yourself behind enemy lines. i wonder why 1,061 miles away at
2:24 am
an air pass in italy and how come between the first and second attack there was 7 hours and at no point was there an f-16 ahead doing a show of force or anything else that could have stopped a second attack. i hope we get to the bottom of that. look, i know military men and wo woman won't have moved heaven and earth to make it happen. >> new reports of the la clippers owner donald sterling reacting to the scandal in town a lifetime ban from the nba. >> you think i have love for everybody you don't think that. you know i am not a racist. >> the nba banned him after a racist rant during a conversation with his girlfriend. other owners trying to fast track the sale of his team. he is not going down wut oo fight. >> you can't force someone to sell property in america. >> meantime sterling's wife said
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she doesn't want control of the team but does want to keep her 50 percent stake. >> we are stepping into water's world. >> here's a look at jessie water's most memorable encounter. >> what are you doing down here? >> i moved down here in 1999 and i am wasting time. >> i have been here about 8 years. >> you know who i am? i am waters. >> what are you doing right now? >> i am going to smoke this gas mask: >> i can't breathe in this thing. >> you are hilarious. >> pay no attention to the man behind the kurr dan. >> what she wants is a man not a whimpering little boy. >> you think this is a ruse to see your classmateclassmates?
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>> if i can get 20 minutes to relax when i get home. >> you think that i nag you? >> that's all you do. >> why nagging could actually kill your husband. fox and friends first continues right now. >> >> it is friday, welcome to the end of the week. it is may 9th. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. 30 minutes to the top of the hour. a show down on capitol hill the house of representatives a house
2:32 am
committee pro investigation into benghazi. >> there is talk it will be a bipartisan committee but will that happen? >> we will see. we could have more indication when house democrats meet a few hours from now. we areing this gb discussing whether it be one or five or no democratic lawmakers. the house voting to look at the committee with democrats siding with the majority making the vote 232-186. house minority leader nancy pelosi was thinking about boycotting the family. she and other democratic lawmakers say the ross process has not been fair. >> they have been decide equal access to witnesses aged republicans have leaked transcripts, excerpts without any official committee consideration. how is that bipartisan?
2:33 am
oo republican lawmakers have been criticizing democrats for insinuating the investigation into four americans in benghazi is purely political. many remain focused on the investigation at the moment and not on the numbers. >> on one of the channels libya's head of state was saying it was a terrorist attack. ambassador wright said it wasn't. this is a web you receive when you first decide to deceive. the decision to deceive came from the white house. >> democrats may want to be on the panel to respond to republicans and stand up for the administration especially when they call hillary clinton to testify. heather, ainsley back to you guys. >> america's first team on the ground in nigeria is looking for nearly 300 missing girls kidnapped by the terrorist group
2:34 am
boko haram. nigerian president says the girls are probably broken up into smaller groups right now and in other countries. it is linked to al qaeda but is not on the state department's terror list. former secretary of state hillary clinton fought to keep them off the list. >> she didn't want to recognize boko haram as a terrorist group because she was afraid of the d diplomatic consequences. the lesson she needs to learn when they commit terrorism there's no ifs, ands or butts and need to respond accordingly. this will be every single time it will come up. >> the fbi, cia and more than a dozen lawmakers called for the group to be added to the terror watch list but clinton refused. >> some major new developments in the deadly house fire that happened at retired tennis star james blake's house in tampa. investigators saying all four family members found inside they were shot. the gun recovered inside the
2:35 am
home registered to the father darren campbell. police are investigating the possibility of a murder suicide. new surveillance video shows campbell buying $600 worth of fireworks on sunday paying in cash. he also bought several gas cans. the fire at the house was started on purpose. >> the delay because of last week's botched execution. the 180 day stay of excuse for charles warner to allow them to see what went wrong. he died 43 minutes into his execution after a heart attack. >> the house veterans affairs committee voting to subpoena the va secretary. doug luzader is live in
2:36 am
washington with another va hospital accused in another similar scheme of hiding treatment delays. >> he is going to testify before congress next week. that is something to watch for. in the meantime yesterday we saw a subpoena issued by congress to the va. turn the documents over. they have been accused of foot dragging as far as that is earn ked. president obama has confidence in shinseki. as the president made his way to several fund raisers he was met in san diego with a protest. a group of veterans saying the situation has been miss handled. we are learning more about what it is like to go through this from a veteran's point of view. >> one thing i have is my
2:37 am
country to take care of me when i get older. i never knew i was going to get this cancer. i am just like, i don't want to die because of some waiting list like other men have. >> these va facilities are accused of setting up a secret waiting list and then going -- then some of the veterans faced one delay after another to get the medical care they need. a number of allegations that some of the veterans died while waiting for care. we are learning there were a number of facilities that may have acted in a similar manner. >> some of the stories are so heart wrenching, too. doug luzader have a great weekend. >> thunderstorms tracking high winds and heavy rains hitting the plains in dallas, texas. a tough lesson for five boys who were rescued from rising waters while skipping school. several tornadoes reported in minnesota and utah. 11 planes hit by lightening
2:38 am
trying to land at salt lake city international airport. what is next? maria molina p standing by. there is lightening and thunder here as well. >> that's right. it was coming down heavy this morning across parts of new york city. there is a lot of moisture across the lower 48. we are in a very unsettled weather pattern here. take a look at the forecast. the storm system yet again to produce severe storms across parts of texas into indiana and illinois. more unsettled weather saturday for parts of missouri eastern parts of oklahoma and kansas. by sunday another widespread risk to see more severe weather from texas to parts of iowa and southern wisconsin with large hail damaging winds and tornadoes possible. because a lot of these storms are going to be going over the same areas we have a risk for flash flooding localized in some areas. parts of the gulf coast that is what you could be looking at potentially more than six inches of rain. there are a couple of watches into the area. take a look at texas a hot one
2:39 am
94 the high in dallas. north carolina a hot one as well with a high forecast to reach 90 degrees. >> those are all down there in north carolina. >> jumping straight to summer. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> families of september 11th victims are blasting this decision. have you heard about it? to story mains in the repos tore row of the 9-11 museum. they are planning a protest tomorrow. they say the unidentified remains will be kept behind a wall so families can schedule viewings in a private room at the repository. but the families would rather see them entombed above ground at the adjacent memorial plaza. a press briefing on the defense department to raise minimum wage. the navy is asking to exempt on base fast food workers from the president's federal minimum wage increase because it will force restaurants on the base to close. the navy's stance echoed opinions of large corporations
2:40 am
saying raising the minimum wage will actually kill jobs. shocking picks that the nfl draft. number one my man no surprise. >> in the 2014 nfl draft the houston texas browning. >> from one game cock to another i am proud of south carolina's number one pick. he had been the number one pick for months. and manzel it to wait for his time in the spotlight. taking him as the 22nd pick in the first round fulfilling the team's need for a quarterback. >> congratulations to him. there are brave dogs that you will have to see here. perhaps the bravest ever. two bulldogs breaking their enclosure when they saw a black bear stroll over to the bird feeder. they ran right up to the bear and surrounded him. the standoff lasted only a few seconds as the bear considered
2:41 am
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>> welcome back. house lawmakers investigating the irs targeting scandal. low ryes learner in contempt of court the irs agreeing to turn over all of her e-mails and communications as evidence. republicans saying lerner's actions went beyond reckless and
2:45 am
criminal. >> we believe she violated people's constitutional rights their rights to due process. that is actually criminal in nature and so this is very serious. we want to find how far this goes. we are going to follow these e-mails wherever they lead us. >> re pub cans have been demanding the documents for months. the irs commissioner said it could take years to produce everything. >> now the tunnel machine having trouble doing just that. bertha the largest tunnel digger in the world is broken down underneath seattle's waterfront and cost $125 million to repair it 45 million more than a brand new digger would cost. it is the $35 million highway project the year long delay isn't their problem. the contractor says they shouldn't have to pay it either. that means taxpayers cover up the breakdown costs. the court will make a final decision on who is responsible. >> science may be a few more
2:46 am
years away from developing this. take a look. >> they ever released this video showing the new laser weapon taking out a boat by burning through test hull from a mile away. they can shoot rockets and drones right out through the sky. lockheed martin says the laser is cheaper to use than regular munitions. >> today's job market is more competitive than ever. you probably all know that. how can we get ahead? is we have the fastest growing jobs in our future. >> good morning lori. >> good morning, ainsley. calling all brick masons. that is one of the jobs that kipplingers has the best
2:47 am
potential for increasing demand and higher pay. they look at stress levels and putting to the the list and found the most promising professions involve a lot less pressure. so they will grow by 35 and a half percent over the next 10 years. rile now the average brick mason earns 47,000 a year. demand is expected to rise 20 percent over the next decade. financial advisors physical therapists and health specialty professors round out the list. the latter two ideal for people interested in the medical industry but also want to work regular hours. >> lori rothman live for us this morning in the the business channel section of our building. thank you so much. >> have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> the time is 47 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away but how many can save you from a stroke? we have the answer.
2:48 am
>> why the grooms men are stripping out of their suits and heading for that water? but first let's hand it over to brian kilmeade. >> you always tell people to put their clothes on this guy is taking it off. this is opposite. >> if you we-- if you are weari something get naked. go back from commercial and see if they are listening. here's what's on the show. democrats boycott the benghazi select committee. we are digging into that with democratic congressman jerry connolly. see if he hops on. am nicki fitness wears tight outfits because she is in shape. sh how to work out with your baby even if you don't have one. kevin mccarthy talks about new living. geraldo rivera is an action hero will be here. chris wallace isn't but he's smart with a deep voice. a rod shaving his legs i pray it is not on our show. roll out in the animation and see if the girls have clothes
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a g.p.s. bracelet that tracks your child's every move. it was invented by a group of dads who wanted to make sure their kids are safe at all time. they report coordinates directly to your phone and are accurate within 15 feet. some parents say itç is a good way to keep your children or keep them as parents from being too overbearing. >> the freedom we saw as kids, we want our kids to be able to have that. >> it is a bracelet you can remove. it has a panic button on the bracelet that can be triggered by the child. >> nagging can take a toll on any relationship but some more than others.
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>> all i ask is that show a little bit of appreciation! that i get 20 minutes to relax when i get home instead of getting nagged the whole time. >> now a study claims naggingç can actually kill. danish researchers say it can more than double the risk of death in middle age. men are apparently at a higher risk because they keep that stress pent up inside. an apple a day might not be enough. two apples is a different story. chinese researchers say eating 200 grams of fruit a day, about two small apples, could cut your risk by 32%. if you smoke and drink don't worry, health are held up even with those factors. >> two nearly naked groomsmen in australia run into the ocean to save a fishermen. it was caught on camera of course. anna kooiman joins us in the studio with more on
2:54 am
this amazing story. >> do i have everyone'sç attention? the bride and groom just tied the knot in a beach front ceremony. as the wedding party posed for pictures they saw a small boat overturned. without thinking twice the two groomsmen swung into action to save the fishermen's life. the entire rescue was caught on camera by wedding photographers on the beach as well as a drone camera taking aerials of the ceremony. after pulling the man to safety the groomsmen returned forç photos, this time in their skivvies. the bride said she didn't mind them getting the attention. the fisherman was a bit shocked and exhausted but said to be doing okay this morning. the bride and groom are on
2:55 am
their nine-day honeymoon in fiji. >> that made for great after-pictures though. before the reception, hopefully they got dressed again. >> hopefully not. >> that story gets better and better. thanks so much. food stamps for guns? one lawmaker thinks so. going, going, gone. whereç this massive sink hole opened up in the middle of a busy street.
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time now to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. birthdays are going to be a big affair for this family in texas. ann and joshua hall just had quadruplets born on their father's birthday. next the bad. she could be the worst neighbor ever. happy with the people living next to her so she'd
2:59 am
their trailer bulldozed. now charged with criminal mischief. >> next the ugly. a giant hole created in russia. the sink hole being blamed on heavy rain. a new hampshire lawmaker is fighting a bill that would allow people to buy guns with their food stamps. billy says i am prosecond amendment and all gun rights, however e.b.t. cards are for food. >> christina says absolutely not. the program was developed to help folks at poverty level or below to buy food to sustain their being.c: i remember a time when folks were embarrassed to even pull them out to pay for their food. >> jean says strongly believe in the second amendment but if those on welfare can afford to buy a gun with their assistance
3:00 am
money, they apparently don't need the money to live on. thanks to everyone who responded. someone here made a good point. they're called food stamps for a reason. >> we hope you have a great weekend. thanks for joining us. have a great day. we'll see you on monday. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is friday, mayç 9, 2014. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. seven democrats breaking rank and approving a select committee to get answers on benghazi, but will the others choose to boycott? probably not. but they aren't interested in answers and we're going to tell you what they do want instead. >> and welcome to the hotel sharia? the guy who owns the iconic beverly hills hotel adopted the brutal sharia law that says it's okay to stone people to death. now the biggest names in tinsel town are calling for a boycott of the beverly


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