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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 9, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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it was not poisonous. check out the tweet from point guard moe williams admitting that the blazers were pretty darned scared. the snake got released safely back into the wild. shepard smith reporting from his southern news desk in mississippi. >> it's 3:00 in the east coast, 2:00 p.m. here in oxford. the russian president vladimir putin with a new move ticking off the world, visiting crimea and getting self-righteous. the reaction from ukraine on how the united states plays all of this. plus, the cimurder case. why did his lawyers call that self-defense? let's get to it. now, live on fox news,
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shepard smith reporting. a huge act of defiance from the russian president, vladimir putin. president putin making his first visit to crimea to show that he and he alone controls that territory. president putin arrived to celebrate victory day which marks the soviet union's defeat of nazi germany. western leaders called the move illegal which by law it is. the secretary general of nato says president putin's visit is inappropriate. the russian leader seems confident the territory is firmly in his grasp. >> translator: i am sure that 2014 will go into the history of our whole country as the year when all the citizens here, the people resolutely decided to be together with russia.
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>> just hours earlier president putin presided over a massive victory day parade. russian journalists called it the biggest victory day celebration in 20 years. the parade featured thousands of troops and huge missiles. more deadly fighting has erupted in the east of ukraine. ukraine's interior minister says 20 militants who he called terrorists and a police officer died today after dozens of gun men attacked the police station. the interior minister says government troops and police managed to fight off the gunman. he has also promised not to let ukraine turn into a, quote, burning buffer zone where death will become the norm. >> reporter: ukrainian government officials are marking victory day today but to some it is looking more and more like a
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defeat for kiev. ukrainians and russians fought together in the army that beat nazi germany but now they are doing battle. kiev never recognized russia's annexation of crimea. they condemned the visit today calling it a violation of international law. today here victory day was marked but much of the pro-russian crowd might have been thinking about their own victory in a referendum to be held here on sunday on whether or not to break away from ukraine and maybe join up with russia. more on the hot spot town. local officials are telling us the death toll looks lower than that claimed by the government and as often happens here ukrainian military reportedly pulling out after they cleared the building.
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there is word of more trouble brewing tonight. the trouble here far from over. >> live in eastern ukraine. bill richardson, former united states ambassador to the united nations. where do you see things right now? >> well, it's a tender box. obviously putin's inappropriate action i believe is aimed to stoke the passions in ukraine to give the russian separatists basically more leverage. i'm not sure he totally controls it. i think what he wants to do is have this referendum that is happening sunday organized by the pro-russian separatists to have a victory. but polls show that it can go either way. what i think he is trying to do is disrupt the ukrainian presidential elections which are scheduled on the 25th. i think his aim is to basically
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say with this disorder and this violence i am going to need to intervene. my hope is that is not the case. but, you know, this totally inappropriate action of using the world war ii commemoration with this separatist effort in crimea is beyond pail. the guy is a rock star in russia now after being in the 40s. so he is emboldened. and when politicians get emboldened by very, very positive polls they sometimes take risks that in the end might bite them. >> what is the best western play here in your opinion? >> in my opinion it is sanctions. now, the nato secretary general, basically the leading country of nato besides the united states is germany. now, hopefully strong sanctions,
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if there is continued illegal acts by putin are going to follow on the economic front. russia is already hurting economically because of the sanctions. capital is leaving. there is all kinds of trade, commercial trade being disrupted. so there is a cost that russia is having right now. there is an international -- >> can't do it without germany, they got a stomach for it? >> germany has to participate in strong sanctions. >> will it? >> i believe putin -- putin is reaching a point where i think angela merkel and others that are very dependent on natural gas from russia are going to have to take some strong steps. and i think the united states, also, has been effective so far in pushing for sanctions. but, again, you never know what putin is going to do next. the danger is that emboldened by
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these polls and the disruptions in ukraine the almost anarchy there, it's kind of made for him to say i'm going to have to intervene to restore order. hopefully it doesn't mean more annexation. but it could happen. >> annexation. interesting. bill richardson live with us. thank you very much. americans who serve this country reportedly died while waiting for this country to help them. medical workers accused of keeping a secret list of vets waiting for treatment. new demands for answers coming up on "shepard smith reporting" right after this. ♪ why do results matter so much? it's probably because they are the measurement of everything we do. for a wireless company, results come down to coverage speed and legendary reliability.
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ordered a nationwide review over how it handled health care after allegations that dozens of patients died while waiting for treatment. demanding they turn over records relating to an alleged secret wait list. lawmakers say that list has disappeared. some veterans' family members claim the veterans hospital in phoenix is trying to cover up the existence of this wait list. now we are seeing exactly what this slow treatment meant for men and women whos sacrificed s
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much for our country. as many as 40 veterans died while waiting. one of them pedro valdez, family members say he waited a year for an appointment with a lung specialist. he finally got one and died the next day. >> i don't understand. this man gave up years for his life to fight for his country and remained loyal to the end and they let him die. >> today there are veterans waiting for care. one vietnam vet says he has liver cancer and has been waiting months to see a doctor. >> i'm like i don't want to die because of some waiting list. >> the investigative process has so far been bipartisan. a few republicans are calling for the head of the v.a. to step down although john boehner says he is not ready for the secretary to step down. chris, this sounds on the
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surface terrible. >> there is no question it is terrible when you are talking about two sets of list, one which was the official set of lists and then the real waiting list which indicated that people were going to have to wait for weeks or months to get treatment. and then this report, a lot of this not fully confirmed yet that dozens of veterans died. can't imagine anything worse. these people are willing to risk their lives for our country and end up dying at the v.a. hospital at home. it is a big deal here in washington, too, i can tell you. real outrage about it. first of all, members of congress and the administration obviously revere these veterans. secondly, politicly they are in a very important voting block. now you are seeing subpoenas both in the house to try to get all of the records to see did this happen in phoenix and did it happen at other v.a. hospitals around the country? and also the senate controlled by the democrats has called the
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head of the v.a. to testify. he will be testifying in the next week. >> do you wonder if this is going to get into the bigger picture? it is not a new story that veterans say they are not getting the care they deserve. the stories of long waits and imperfect care are not new. >> no. absolutely not. i mean, the v.a. has had lots of problems for years. now we are talking life and death problems. there is going to be an investigatio a really thorough investigation. there is going to be an audit of everyone of the 800 plus clinics that the v.a. offers around the country. and i think it is interesting as you pointed out, some people are already -- a lot of republicans calling for him to be fired or to step down. on the other hand you have boehner, john mccain and the veterans of foreign wars saying lets wait. frankly, that seems like a
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sensible thing. let's find out the extent of this and the degree to which he should be held accountable for. >> what has he said for his part, if anything? >> he says that he is as outraged as anybody else and didn't know about it and wants to get to the bottom of it, that this is completely unacceptable. he ordered a complete audit of the entire direct clinic health care system of the v.a. which is going to take a few weeks. we are talking about over 800 of these clinics and things. he is trying to get out ahead of this. that is going to be a hard thing for him to do because this didn't come out from the v.a. it came out from some whistle blowers. >> we will be watching for you this weekend on sunday. we will have john campbell to talk about the terror group behind the kidnapping of hundreds of school girls. chris will be with congressman
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she'll nag you to death.
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there is such a thing as your partner nagging you to the grave. that is according to a new study out of europe. researchers from the university of copenhagen found stress caused with arguments of family and friends lowers your immune system and triggers high blood pressure which doctors say can lead to heart disease. researchers say men are twice as likely to die an early death because men tend not to tell friends and family about their problems instead leaving everything inside. the study's author writes we found men were especially vulnerable to frequent worries contradicting earlier findings suggesting women were more vulnerable to stressful social relations. researchers followed about 10,000 people for 11 years. a medical director at the university hospital's case medical center in cleveland, ohio. nice to see you again, thank
12:20 pm
you. >> how are you? >> i can't imagine that anybody is stunned that you can be nagged to death. it is a little more serious than i would have thought. >> i don't put a great deal of prudence on this. number one, 50% of the people who died, died of cancer. so we have to put those out. so it really is not as big a number as they say. and i had some concerns about some of their -- i don't know, their science. let me say it like that, their science. >> we all know the more stress, the more difficult for your body. your body doesn't need a lot of excess stress. you need to manage stress as best you can. having somebody nagging you pick up your clothes and clean your room on and on will wear on you, that's for sure. >> we know that toxic stress starts in childhood. there are really good researchers doing that kind of
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work. we know that children who are mistreated, children who are hungry, children who are homeless, children who don't have supportive families, it starts in childhood. so you could also say people who don't have great self-esteem pick the wrong kinds of people. and then they often pick people who are a lot like them. i tell my young female friends who want to talk to me about the men in their lives that you may be attracted to somebody who is not good for you but you usually don't stay with somebody who is not good for you. if you stay with somebody who is not good for you then you have a problem. >> so this is as much about picking the right partner as it is anything else? >> it is about picking the right partner. i do agree with the study that women tend to discuss what is on their mind more than men do. i agree with that. the study also says that your
12:22 pm
friends, only 1% of the people say their friends caused them to be stressed. that is because you get rid of friend that cause you stress. you don't keep those people in your life unless you have a need to be mistreated. if you have low self-esteem you do things like drink, drugs, like not get enough sleep, like overeat, like not exercise. all of those things lead to early death. i'm not sure that what they are calling conclusions are really more than associations. >> that makes sense. happy mother's day. i hope you have a great weekend. >> thank you. i am going to play golf and beat my husband. >>. [ laughter ] that sounds perfect, metaphorically speaking. now great news out of mcdonald's. first time i had french fries with aggressive and cheese was
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if you are already one of netflix's 36 million subscribers you will pay $8 a month for two years. the company claims it needs more money to pay for more programming like house of cards. the nba has decided on a new interim ceo from the l.a. clippers. former city court chair richard parsons gets the job after the league banned the owner donald sterling for life after a recording surfaced of sterling telling his girlfriend he didn't want her to bring black people to clippers games. the nba is trying to force sterling to sell the team. if that happens his estranged wife claims she wants to keep the ownership. the nba has picked richard parsons as the clippers interim ceo. americans are arriving in nigeria to find the kidnapped
12:25 pm
school girls or try to as we get word that nigeria knew the abductions were about to happen and didn't do anything to try to stop it. plus, a vegas dancer told a room mate she was going to watch a show "dexter" when she became a victim of a vicious killer, her ex-boyfriend who hacked her body to pieces. the details from the murder trial and why he claims he was trying to protect himself. that's ahead. [ dennis ] it's always the same dilemma -- who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera. but zach'sot it covered... with allstate renters insurance. [ female announcer ] protect your valuables
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in a closed door meeting democrats considered their role in the new committee that house republicans swore in to look into the task. speaker john boehner says creating this select committee puts one group of lawmakers in charge of investigating the deadly assault. analysts say it gives them the
12:28 pm
power to call anybody to testify. house minority leader nancy pelosi says she is negotiating with over how many democrats will join the panel and says republicans are engaging in a political stunt. the gop calling for seven republicans and five democrats with goudy acting as chairman. the attack killed four americans including our ambassador to libya. "shepard smith reporting" continues right after this.
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12:30 pm
the nigerian government knew in advance that terrorists were about to attack the school and did nothing to stop it. that is according to a report. that led to the kidnapping of nearly 300 school girls. the leader of that extremist group has threatened to sell
12:31 pm
them as sex slaves. an american group arrived to help search for the girls today. according to the state department there are no plans for the united states to lead a rescue mission. >> they will be providing technical and investigatory assistance, advising in military planning and operations and assisting in intelligence and information and obviously as needs are assessed if there are needs for more we will continue to assess that. >> families of victims are clearly getting more frustrated with their government by the day as they wait to get the girls back. the news from the pentagon this afternoon, what is the u.s. sending in help? >> the pentagon and state department spokesman have been clear the help does not include armed military units. >> we are not talking about u.s. military operations in nigeria to find these girls.
12:32 pm
that's not the focus here. the focus is sending subject matter experts that can help advise and assist the nigerian authorities in their search for these girls. >> admiral kirby said six of the eight u.s. military advisers just landed in nigeria today. they are experts in communications and intelligence. as he said these are logistical advisers to the government. there is no talk of sending drones. the nigerian government would have to request drones and haven't done so. >> close to a month since the kidnapping. do we know why the u.s. is just getting involved? >> basically because the government has to request help. the nigerian government had a warning but didn't send soldiers to protect the girls. parents have been protesting
12:33 pm
that the government did not move faster. it was three weeks before president said anything about the kidnapping and wasn't until this week that he accepted the offer to help. >> no question we are racing against the clock here. we had made repeated offers of assistance and it was only just this week when the nigerians accepted the offer. within 48 hours people were moving to get there. >> but, again, this is not an armed military team and there is no talk of sending a unit of special operators to hunt the head of boko haram. that team has not found koni after two years of searching. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. a dancer accused of murdering his ex girlfriend, chopping up her body and shoving it in tubs of cement.
12:34 pm
somehow lawyers claiming the client was defending himself. the defendant pleaded not guilty to murdering his ex. she was a dancer in las vegas. she disappeared in december of 2010. her room mate testified that the exhad said she was going to watch "dexter" but never came back. police say according to the former room mate the performer choked his exand placed a plastic bag over her head and suffocated her. cops say room mates claim he helped get rid of the body. during opening statements yesterday prosecutors showed the jury gruesome pictures of the body parts. they say this guy was trying to juggle relationships with his ex and a third dancer before he snapped.
12:35 pm
the defense argued his ex used to stalk and threaten him and that is why he was afraid of her. i don't know how you make the jump from defending yourself to chopping her up and putting her in cement. >> this is a situation where you have the defense attorney is the captain of the titanic. we all know it will end a specific way. the defense is going down here. this case is apparently about self-defense according to the defense attorney. that is going to be really difficult to prove when you have a defendant who dismembers his aggressor and puts her body in several different locations. that is difficult to prove the elements of self defense. whenever you argue self defense the burden shifts to the defense. this is not that case. it's going to be really
12:36 pm
difficult for the defense to establish with the necessary burden of proof that she was the aggressor and he had to take the action that he took in order to save his own life. >> what they are trying to say is what happened after the fact is another matter. but the reason that he killed her was because he was defending himself. what he did after was to cover it up. it is just hard to make that separation for a jury. don't you run a risk when you demonize the victim? >> always. you always run a risk. and anytime you are arguing something totally unreasonable you make the jury feel like you think they are stupid. this is that case where you can't make an argument like this and expect 12 jurors to agree with you. it is not going to happen. this is the case of somebody who was trying to cover up his crime because he had consciousness of guilt. >> these photographs are going to be problematic for the defense, too.
12:37 pm
>> yes. absolutely. anytime you have a photograph that is this gruesome for the defense it is going to be -- it will enrage the jury and make them want to feel like there needs to be someone who has to pay for that. the only person able to pay is the defendant. it is always bad for the defense whenever you have these images that insight an emotional or visceral response from a jury. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. deadly fire in a mansion belonged to the retired tennis star was indeed part of a murder suicide. blake was a former olympian, one time ranked fourth best tennis player in the world. he rented this place out. the tampa pad to a family of four. police confirmed to fox news that the members of that family were the victims. cops say evidence shows the father shot and killed his wife and two teenage children and
12:38 pm
poured gasoline and started fireworks all over the house and lit the fire and shot himself. detectives at the scene first said they didn't find a gun on scene and now tell us they did and it was registered to the father. officials say the man bought hundreds of dollars of fireworks and gas cans over the weekend and planned it out. at this point there is no word on a possible motive. officials in georgia are looking for an 87-year-old woman after someone killed her husband and caught off his head and now say someone may have kidnapped her. investigators say it looks like somebody was specifically targeting this couple. that is coming up. first, we are tracking the threat of severe weather across several states, heavy wind and rain and hail are likely. thunderstorms from indiana to the mississippi valley. here in mississippi we are expecting about 30 hours of rain starting about five hours from now. forecasters say folks in the storm zone should keep an eye out for possible tornadoes throughout the weekend.
12:39 pm
our chief meteorologist has all of the details on the extreme weather. it will be extreme here in oxford. >> this is may. it is the peak of tornado season and severe weather season. that is what we have in store for today and all through the weekend. right now the rain very heavy across parts of mississippi and down towards new orleans and parts of south texas. get ready for big storms here and a lot of rain and maybe localized flooding. then we watch the next storm. expect snow from sunday and monday across the denver area and colorado rockies still talking about some snow. today the severe weather where you see the yellow parts of texas and mid mississippi river valley tomorrow the next storm ejects from parts of nebraska through eastern kansas, much of the state of missouri and towards oklahoma city. the biggest threat for severe weather on sunday. we could see a tornado or two all the way through parts of wisconsin down to texas. tornado alley that is what we
12:40 pm
are dealing with unfortunately for mother's day. "shepard smith reporting" will be right back. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. but if healthcare changes, if it becomes simpler...
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. an 88-year-old man turned up dead inside his home in georgia without his head, his 87-year-old wife missing. now the fbi is helping in the search. officials say friends found the man's body on tuesday in the garage of his home. that home is inside a gated community about 75 miles southeast of atlanta. authorities there say an autopsy shows the victim was already dead when somebody cut his head off. investigators say somebody may have kidnapped his wife. they say her purse, cell phone and the couple's car was still at the house. >> i certainly hope she is still alive but i'm not overly
12:44 pm
optimistic. >> investigators say there were no signs of struggle at all and no signs of forced entry which leaves them to believe this was not random. >> i just spoke with the sheriff there in georgia who says they have no idea where shirley dermen can be. investigators are looking for any clues in this bizarre case. the sheriff adds they are having a hard time tracking her down because of her purse and cell phone and car keys all left behind. >> i do not believe this to be a random attack at all. and i base that on several things. there was no evidence of forced entry or struggle or things like that. like i said, this is a neighborhood where we virtually have no crime. >> and the search for russell dermen's severed head continues.
12:45 pm
a cross word puzzle from last friday's newspaper had been worked on inside the home and the couple had not retrieved mail the following day. >> i know they talked with neighbors were any helpful? >> not everyone lives in theigated community full time. many just come to the homes for the weekend. so far no one has been able to offer up any information. >> we have always felt very secure. i have known a few neighbors who don't turn their alarm systems on. >> i am very shocked. it is a safe place to live. >> to hear something like that blew my mind. >> and the couple's three children had been on the scene helping piece together the last known whereabouts. a fourth child of the couple was murdered ten years ago but investigators don't believe the cases are connected. if anyone has information on this you are urged to call the
12:46 pm
putnam sheriff's department in georgia. more of the headlines from the fox news desk. >> officials of the united states postal service say they lost almost $2 billion during the first three months of this year. the post office lost a similar amount of money during this same period last year. take a look at this surveillance video from just outside los angeles. you can see the driver of the pickup truck hit a man and then dragged him about 100 feet before speeding away. this happened last month. the cops have released a video now to help catch the suspect. at last check the victim is still in the hospital. and an 88-year-old man drove his car right into the water west of seattle. you can see it was almost totally submerged. witnesses jumped in and helped with the rescue and eventually pulled him out before paramedics rushed him to the hospital.
12:47 pm
they say the rescuers saved his life because they acted right away. >> thank you. one state is taking new steps now to protect folks against a rise of violent attacks from bears. the details are next. you, my friend are a master of diversification. who would have thought three cheese lasagna would go with chocolate cake and ceviche? the same guy who thought that small caps and bond funds would go with a merging markets. it's a masterpiece. thanks. clearly you are type e. you made it phil. welcome home. now what's our strategy with the fondue? diversifying your portfolio? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*?
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this woman decides she doesn't like her neighbors. got a contractor to bull doze their mobile home. that's according to investigators in st. augustine, florida. they say the 62-year-old lied to the contractor, said she owned the home and that she wanted it destroyed along with the septic tank. they say she somehow had a key and opened up the home to show nobody was inside. investigators say the woman claims her neighbors were, quote, unsavory, and that she suspected they had broken into
12:51 pm
her car. she also said she believed she had done the neighborhood a favor by calling in a bulldozer and destroying their home. more from florida. thank goodness from florida. bear attacks are on the rise there. one violent attack happened last month when a black bear mauled a woman in her own garage. she said the animal bit her on the head and started to drag her away but she was able to escape. doctors later stitched up her scalp. wildlife experts say florida is seeing more bears and more people, which means the bears are more likely to sift through your garbage cans or show up on your backyard patio. steve is live in florida. what is with this sudden increase, or is it so sudden? >> it is sudden, and the violent ones are sudden as well. normally black bears are very shy. that certainly is changing. especially in this part of florida. where i am now, it's a competition for resources. the woods are valued by the black bear and real estate developers as well. when the two get close together,
12:52 pm
twee have a lot of bears going in garbage cans, going in bird feeders and the danger is they lose their fear of people. >> they're habituated to the food, they start expecting something. if that food is not providing to them as they're expecting, they're going to get irritated. >> i need help. >> irritated is really putting it mildly. this 911 call went viral. this is a woman who had her head in the jaws of a bear. she survived, but it's really changing the way people look at black bears in florida, shepard. >> how are they handling this, the officials? do they just go pick them up or what happens? >> shepard, once a bear gets really habituated or used to human beings, there's very little they can do. we had a bear come on this patio in this house i'm at now and fall asleep. that's how comfortable he was. all they can do is trap it and euthanize it.
12:53 pm
you and your son mason have seen a number of bears. you lock up your garbage cans, you make noise before you go out, but your son has had a lot of contact with the bears. >> mason does seem to attract the bears. he was playing basketball and a neighbor saw a bear that was about 25 feet from him, but mason's back was turned and the neighbor said, son, there's a bear behind you. so he knew right away to just listen to what he said and come running in the house. >> southwest florida, 8-year-old, got to watch out for bears. shepard, back to you. >> you know in new york, especially in new jersey, in the winter time, the bears go away, they hibernate and show up in the sfring looking for food and looking for love, probably. i guess that's part of the problem there, or are the winters different? >> no, it's definitely the problem here, and they're educated people. they have clappers. they go out, they really take all the steps. they lock up their garbage, but one man said, you know, the bears are ten feet away, just waiting for me to bring out the trash. they know we're here, they know
12:54 pm
our routines. they're very smart animals. >> bears and gators, the trials and tribulations of life in naples. steve harrigan for us. call your county there. a high school senior is using twitter to try to get his entire art class out of a final exam, using twitter. he said if a picture of him -- or a picture of his art teacher and him gets 15,000 retweets, he and his classmeaates will not he to take the test. i think the tests are supposed to tell how well you have done. we're live with more on this. why 15,000 retweets? >> well, shep, he said he initially offered 5,000 retweets, but they have settled on 15,000. this is a tweet right here. this is in a high school outside austin, texas. the kid posted it on wednesday. so far, he's got nearly 9,000 retweets. his deadline as you can see on the chalkboard is noon, may 23rd. so far, a lot of other people are picking up on it.
12:55 pm
other students are making deals with their teachers and posting similar photos. pretty wild. >> all right, good luck on your retweeting. we'll be right back. man: i know the name of eight princesses. i'm on expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there. ♪ why do results matter so much? it's probably because they are the measurement of everything we do. for a wireless company, results come down to coverage speed and legendary reliability. so go ahead, stream, game or video chat. that's why verizon built americas largest 4g lte network.
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12:58 pm
transportation officials finally put in terms they could understand. new messages popping up saying changing lanes, use your blinkah. they say if they fail to use it, they'll get a fine. the signs will stay up through the weekend. for the first time in more than a decade, america's list of most popular baby names has a new number one. number five, william, then mason, jacob, liam, with noah coming out on top, edging out jacob's 14-year reign. >> for the girls,ava is number five, then isabella, olivia, emma, and for the third year in a row, sophia is the most
12:59 pm
popular name for little girls. the feds release this list every year right before mother's day, which is of course this sunday. don't forget. on this day in 1964, the jazz legend louis armstrong topped the pop charts with his hit song "hello dolly. quates in doing so, he knocked the beat ls from the number one spot. the fab four had been on top for three months and then came pops. hello dolly was such a success that cap records quickly produced an entire record around it. that album also rocketed to number one. armstrong was 62 years old when his raspy voice and flashy trumpet playing emerged vi victorio victorious. in fact, he still holds the record as the oldest artist to crown billboard's tap 100, but he first beat the beatles 51 years ago, today. when news breaks out, the
1:00 pm
fox news desk breaks in. hope you have a great weekend. and to you moms out there, happy mother's day. "your world with neil cavuto" is coming up next. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. republicans may be big on it, but when it comes to this benghazi investigation, count democrats out of it. now to the rep who is ready to rip. >> when i was leading troops in iraq in 2006, men and women who were being shot at and blown up by al qaeda, where was the outrage that they fund raised endlessly on the iraq war? where was the outrage that they viciously attacked our commanders. where was the outrage when they said soldiers were war criminals? where was the outrage when they said the war was lost? where was the outrage when they said only high school dropouts joined the army?